Derek Sloan Pledges to Repeal the Compelled Speech Bill C-16 — “Zee” and “Zir” Gender Identity Law

Derek Sloan Pledges to Repeal the Compelled Speech Bill C-16 — “Zee” and “Zir” Gender Identity Law

The one way to beat Justin Trudeau is to offer Canadians a real, clear alternative to Liberal policy in the next election. Not just a “Liberal Lite” version of what Trudeau already offers, but a genuine difference.

I am the one CPC leadership candidate who offers a real difference, and one example of this is the fact that I am the only candidate actively campaigning to repeal Bill C-16. I am the only candidate who has pledged to make repealing this atrocious piece of compelled speech legislation part of our election platform.

In 2017, the Canadian Parliament passed C-16, the Liberal government’s legislation that added “gender identity or expression” to grounds of discrimination in the Canadian Human Rights Act.

The concept of human rights, when first conceived, was intended to liberate people and safeguard them from arrest, censorship, and harassment by government overreach.

Unfortunately, we are in the midst of a culture war, and “human rights” have been weaponized to champion leftist “social justice” values and punish all those who dare to disagree with their view of the world.

C-16 is a prime example of this phenomenon. It gives those who call themselves transgendered and non-gendered the ability to dictate what others can and cannot say.

Forced speech is the most extreme infringement of free speech. It puts words in the mouths of Canadians and threatens to punish them if they don’t comply. Forced speech will force Canadians to say things they disagree with.

Protection from discrimination is not the same thing as wanting not to be offended. If we allow it to, this chronic political correctness will strangle free speech in Canada.

I’ll repeal C-16 because it restricts free speech, enshrines radical gender ideology into Canadian law, and severely infringes on women’s sex-based rights to private spaces.

The Liberals will attack me for this. Justin Trudeau will spew words like “transphobia” and “bigotry”, which are designed to shut down the debate. When he does, we’ll push back. Compelled speech is the opposite of the elemental Canadian right of free speech. Further, Canadian women shouldn’t have their safety threatened by any man who demands access to sex-segregated spaces just because he claims to “feel like he is a woman”.

I’ll keep telling the truth about C-16, and I won’t back down.

My fellow candidates don’t share my views. Peter MacKay and Erin O’Toole are fine with C-16 – they boast about their support for it. Leslyn Lewis claims to oppose it, and I believe her, but she has not made her opposition to C-16 a campaign issue the way that I have.

Sadly, the “Liberal Lite” element in our party will never recognize this threat to the freedom that Canada was built on, and they will never fight for the repeal of C-16.

They will never be able to appeal to Canadian voters who are tired of Liberal assaults on freedom because they don’t offer anything different.

By actively campaigning to repealing Bill C-16, I offer a clear difference.

That difference makes me the only candidate who can defeat Justin Trudeau.

If you want to beat Trudeau, I am the only candidate who you should choose as #1 choice on your leadership ballot.

Tory CandidateDerek Sloan Asks “Which Canadian big-city mayor has gone totally W-H-O?”

9:02 PM (2 hours ago)

Toronto Mayor John Tory is really excited about Ontario entering Stage 3 of reopening and bars and restaurants opening up again.

Actually, what he’s really excited about is slapping a whole lot of regulatory restrictions on them.

On Sunday, Tory sent a letter to Premier Doug Ford containing six recommended rules to be imposed on these establishments, which have absorbed a catastrophic financial hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Tory is calling for mandatory masks for all staff and patrons, earlier closing hours, occupancy restrictions, and for all patrons to provide contact information that is to be kept for 30 days, to allow for tracing as needed.

Wow! Where to begin?

Asking everyone for their contact information is not going to go over well. That’s a bit of a safety issue. They might get a lot of false information.

Again, as with the mandatory facemask rules, you have to wonder whether recommendations like these are really about protection—as is claimed—or politics.

Tory says that “experts” believe that masks keep people safer and that restaurants and bars pose a higher level of risk for the spread of the coronavirus.

Are these the same experts who were saying back in March that masks weren’t necessary outside of hospitals, and that anyone who suggested that the borders should be closed was a racist?

We all want to stop the spread of COVID-19. We’ve all made extraordinary sacrifices toward that end. No businesses have been hit harder than the hospitality industry. Many of them have closed and are never coming back.

In some cases, establishments built by generations of hard work and dedication are gone forever.

A recent Leger poll shows that a national average of 22% of Canadians will avoid bars and restaurants for as long as masks are mandatory there.

We all need our country’s economy to rebound from this setback, and bars and restaurants must be part of the resurgence. We don’t need politicians like John Tory making the hard road back even more difficult for them.

Mayor Tory’s recommendations are evidence of state overreach, which has reared its ugly head during this crisis. Using the pandemic as a cover, it imposes draconian limitations on our freedoms in the name of the common good.

Those who voice opposition are shouted down as selfish and reckless, and the statists consolidate their power.

Once given up, these freedoms will be difficult to regain.

John Tory is also calling for mandatory masks in residential apartment buildings.

Canadians who feel more comfortable wearing a facemask should be by all means do so, but masks should not be made mandatory.

Re-openings of businesses should be done responsibly and safely, but without being hamstrung by statists who, having had a taste of authoritarianism, are hungry for more.

I remain 100% opposed to making any eventual COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for Canadians.

I will continue to guard against any unjust limitations of our rights introduced in the name of public safety or other invocations of the “common good”.

Derek Slan Says NO to “cancel culture” & NO to “affirmative action”


According to a story in The Globe and Mail yesterday (“Ontario Liberals to change rules, lower fees to ensure more female candidates”), the Ontario Liberal Party has set a goal to become “the most open and equitable party in Canada”, and they have a plan to achieve that end.

Their plan is to increase the percentage of female candidates they field in the next Ontario provincial election to at least 50% of the party total by launching an aggressive search campaign, lowering registration fees for women only, and—if necessary—having only women run in the nominations.

I believe there’s a lesson in this for the Conservative Party of Canada: this is NOT how to do things.

Merit, and merit alone, should be the primary criteria when considering someone for a job, including the job of running for political office.

We should judge people on the quality of their talents and on the soundness of their ideas, not on their sex, colour, age, religion, or anything else.

And who should evaluate the merit? The local party members, in a democratic vote! Not the bureaucrats at CPC HQ!

Ontario Liberal Kate Graham has said that having more women in elected politics “leads to better decisions”. She’s wrong.

Electing better decision-makers will lead to better decisions, and we can’t assume someone’s ability to make decisions is based on their sex or race or religion, etc.

Letting identity politics trump actual ideas will lead to a stagnant culture and stifling lack of innovation. Eventually, it will destroy our democratic institutions.

Related to this, I was disappointed to hear Leslyn Lewis speak of a desire for “equality of outcomes” during the leadership debate. This sounds like Leslyn Lewis might actually support affirmative action, which I hope is not the case.

The idea that we can ensure equality of outcomes necessarily involves rigging the game—like the Ontario Liberal Party is doing—and letting merit take a back seat. At its heart, the very idea of “equality of outcome” is a socialist concept.

That’s why, in the debate, I corrected Dr. Lewis in asserting the non-socialist idea we must pursue, which is to provide equality of opportunity for all. Is Leslyn Lewis for any form of affirmative action either in government or in CPC candidate recruitment? You should ask her—and Peter MacKay and Erin O’Toole as well, for that matter.

But there is more to it than simply banning the practice of “affirmative action”. We also need to “cancel” the “cancel culture” in our party.

The CPC has, in the recent past, “cancelled” the nominations of candidates because of their ideas. In this leadership contest, for example, Richard Décarie and Jim Karahalios were both disqualified from the current leadership race because of positions they expressed.

There are numerous other examples of conservative-minded and other freedom-loving party members being denied the opportunity to seek local CPC nominations in the 2019 Federal election. No wonder thousands of CPC members have already defected to Maxime Bernier’s PPC.

In allowing the “cancel culture” to spread, our Party has not acted any better than the Ontario Liberal Party is planning to act by enforcing a candidate quota based on sex. The Conservative Party of Canada, if the name means anything, should set a perfect example in promoting free expression.

“Diversity” doesn’t consist of people of different sexes, religions, and races bound to express one narrow set of acceptable beliefs. True diversity entails a real variety of ideas expressed and debated in political parties and in the public square.

As Leader of the CPC, I will promote true diversity of ideas, both in Canadian society and in our Party.

Principled conservatives will no longer be “cancelled” at any level of the CPC, even if their ideas fall outside of the increasingly narrow scope of those tolerated by the “Red Tory” faction of our Party.

The triumph of identity politics has no place in the truly diverse CPC and Canada that we should all strive to promote. Under my leadership, there will be no “affirmative action” for local nominations, and no “cancel culture” either.

If you support merit over identity politics, please donate today to help our campaign continue to advance truly conservative ideas.


Derek Sloan's signature

Derek Sloan Member of Parliament

PS: I’m running for leadership of the CPC to stand up, without apology, for true freedom of sp

Call to Action to Defend Freethinking Immigration Critic Derek Sloan from Expulsion for Criticizing Theresa Tam

Conservative Party Pressured to Expel Derek Sloan from the Caucus It seems that the left-wing media and some anti-life extremist conservative MPs, such as Michelle Rempel (Calgary Nose Hill), are pressuring the Conservative Party to remove MP Derek Sloan as a Conservative leadership candidate because of his criticism of the questionable actions of Dr. Teresa Tam, Chief Public Health Officer.
Below is an email distributed yesterday by Campaign Life Coalition that discusses this matter. It should be read immediately and acted upon.

The left wing in this country, consisting primarily of liberal journalists in the media but even some red tory “progressives” within the Conservative Party like MP Michelle Rempel, is trying to pressure Andrew Scheer into expelling pro-life MP Derek Sloan from the Conservative caucus.   
And they are succeeding.
The media has been foaming at the mouth with fake outrage at their own false accusation that the socially conservative Sloan was “racist” for criticizing Justin Trudeau’s top health care bureaucrat, Dr. Theresa Tam, who happens to be of Asian descent, over her bungling of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Dr. Tam gave unsound and likely, lethal medical advice that may have caused the deaths of many Canadians. She parroted the talking points of the Chinese Communist Government-controlled World Health Organization (WHO), where Tam, not so coincidentally, also works in a top leadership position.
Trudeau’s “top doctor” – as the media likes to call the bureaucrat – actually:Discouraged Canadians from wearing face masks, saying that they don’t work;Advised Justin Trudeau not to shut down air travel from COVID-19 hot spots, including from Wuhan, China, were the virus originated;Repeated the false WHO claim that the virus was NOT contagious if people are not showing symptoms (it is)Covered up the Chinese state dictatorship’s lies and underreporting with respect to infections in that countryAt first, Andrew Scheer brushed off media suggestions that Sloan should be ejected from the Conservative Party caucus and blocked from continuing to run as a Leadership candidate, saying that he would not comment on Sloan’s critique of Tam. He said he’d leave it up to the party membership to decide who they wanted as the new Leader.  Good for Andrew, so we thought.
But after a few days of intense hounding by journalists, Scheer finally cracked, and on Monday April 27th he held a press conference in which he condemned Sloan’s perfectly appropriate criticism of Tam’s incompetence and blind adherence to scientifically unsound WHO propaganda. 
In the press conference, Scheer refused to say whether or not he would expel Derek Sloan.  CLC has been around the block enough times to know that means that expelling the pro-life, pro-family MP is definitely in discussion by Scheer and the Party.
And when one combines Scheer’s refusal to say he would not expel Sloan, together with LEOC’s shameful track record of disqualifying social conservative leadership candidates, first Richard Decarie and then Jim Karahalios, we are certain that is the direction that Scheer and the corrupt red Tory establishment is wanting to go.
If you’re a Conservative Party member or supporter, and you happen to have a Conservative MP representing your riding, please email and call your local MP and demand that they defend Sloan against any effort to either disqualify him from the Leadership race or to expel him from caucus. 
Find your local MP by entering your postal code here. Or even better, contact all 35 of the federal Conservative MPs for Ontario listed below. His Ontario caucus mates are in the best position to defend him.
RidingNameEmailPhoneAurora – Oak Ridges – Richmond HillMP Leona AlleslevLeona.Alleslev@parl.gc.ca905-773-8358Barrie – InnisfilMP John BrassardJohn.Brassard@parl.gc.ca705-726-5959Barrie – Springwater – Oro-MedonteMP Doug ShipleyDoug.Shipley@parl.gc.ca705-728-2596Brantford – BrantMP Phil McColemanphil.mccoleman@parl.gc.ca519-754-4300Bruce – Grey – Owen SoundMP Alex RuffAlex.Ruff@parl.gc.ca519-371-1059CarletonMP Pierre 692-3331Chatham-Kent – LeamingtonMP Dave EppDave.Epp@parl.gc.ca519-326-9655Dufferin – CaledonMP Kyle 499-3678DurhamMP Erin O’TooleErin.OToole@parl.gc.ca905-697-1699Elgin – Middlesex – LondonMP Karen VecchioKaren.Vecchio@parl.gc.ca519-637-2255EssexMP Christopher LewisChris.Lewis@parl.gc.ca519-776-4700Flamborough – GlanbrookMP David Sweetdavid.sweet@parl.gc.ca905-574-0474Haldimand – NorfolkMP Diane Finleydiane.finley@parl.gc.ca1-866-496-3400Haliburton – Kawartha Lakes – BrockMP Jamie SchmaleJamie.Schmale@parl.gc.ca705-324-2400Huron – BruceMP Ben Lobbben.lobb@parl.gc.ca519-524-6560KenoraMP Eric MelilloEric.Melillo@parl.gc.ca807-468-2170Lambton – Kent – MiddlesexMP Lianne 871-9773Lanark – Frontenac – KingstonMP Scott Reidscott.reid@parl.gc.ca613-257-8130Leeds – Grenville – Thousand Islands and Rideau LakesMP Michael BarrettMichael.Barrett@parl.gc.ca613-498-3096Markham – UnionvilleMP Bob SaroyaBob.Saroya@parl.gc.ca905-470-2024Niagara FallsMP Tony BaldinelliTony.Baldinelli@parl.gc.ca905-353-9590Niagara WestMP Dean Allisondean.allison@parl.gc.ca905-563-7900Northumberland – Peterborough SouthMP Philip LawrencePhilip.Lawrence@parl.gc.ca905-372-8757OshawaMP Colin Carriecolin.carrie@parl.gc.ca905-440-4868OxfordMP David Mackenziedave.mackenzie@parl.gc.ca519-421-7214Parry Sound – MuskokaMP Scott AitchisonScott.Aitchison@parl.gc.ca705-788-4406Perth – WellingtonMP John NaterJohn.Nater@parl.gc.ca519-273-1400Renfrew – Nipissing – PembrokeMP Cheryl Gallantcheryl.gallant@parl.gc.ca613-732-4404Sarnia – LambtonMP Marilyn GladuMarilyn.Gladu@parl.gc.ca519-383-6600Simcoe – GreyMP Terry  DowdallTerry.Dowdall@parl.gc.ca705-435-1809Simcoe NorthMP Bruce 527-7654Stormont – Dundas – South GlengarryMP Eric DuncanEric.Duncan@parl.gc.ca613-937-3331ThornhillMP Peter Kentpeter.kent@parl.gc.ca905-886-9911Wellington – Halton HillsMP Michael Chongmichael.chong@parl.gc.ca519-843-7344York – SimcoeMP Scot DavidsonScot.Davidson@parl.gc.ca905-898-1600
To be doubly-sure that you’re lobbying all the right people who may have the power to decide on Derek’s fate, please also email the Conservative Party’s National Council Committee members, and tell them you support Derek Sloan and that they must not pull another disqualification trick like they did on Decarie and Karahalios:
National CouncillorEmailJurisdictionMr. Scott Lambscottlamb@conservative.caPresidentMs. Shir Barzshirbarzilay@conservative.caOntarioMr. Simon Chapellesimonchapelle@conservative.caOntarioMr. Mathijs Van Gaalenmatthijsvangaalen@conservative.caOntarioMr. Bert Chenbert@bertchen.caOntarioMr. Wayne Bensonwaynebenson@conservative.caManitobaMr. Emile Mercieremilemercier@conservative.caQuebecMs. Valerie Assoulinevalerieassouline@conservateur.caQuebecMr. Jimmy Yujimmyyu@conservative.caQuebecMs. Marilyn Elliottmarilynelliott@conservative.caAlbertaMr. Steven Dollanskystevendollansky@conservative.caAlbertaMr. Barry Firbybarryfirby@conservative.caSaskatchewanMr. Robert Bathersonrobertbatherson@conservative.caNova ScotiaMr. Kevin Pricekevinprice@conservative.caNew BrunswickMr. Don Nightingaledonnightingale@conservative.caBritish ColumbiaMs. Sylvia Poiriersylviapoirier@conservative.caPrince Edward IslandMr. Karl Sullivankarlsullivan@conservative.caNewfoundlandMr. David Connellydavidconnelly@conservative.caNorthwest TerritoriesMr. Ted Lakingtedlaking@conservative.caYukon

We cannot allow the party establishment swamp to eliminate a third, socially conservative Leadership candidate! Therefore, I thank you for being pro-active in pre-empting that from happening. For life, family and freedom,

Jeff Gunnarson
National President
Campaign Life Coalition

Tory Leadership Candidate Derek Sloan Has Some Goood Free Speech Planks in Is Platform

Derek Sloan: Conservative. No Apology.


Today is Earth Day. More than just Earth Day, it’s the 50th Anniversary of the very first Earth Day.

That means that environmentalists, celebrities, and especially environmentalist celebrities, are celebrating by scolding the rest of us for living on the Earth and for not being as virtuous as they are.

And make no mistake, if you’re not on board with their radical, leftist, anti-life, unscientific climate-alarmist, ideological agenda, approved with great enthusiasm by the UN—and the WHO—you are not as virtuous as they are. Or so they say.

You’ll hear them screaming the same things this year that they said last year, and you’ll hear them say those things again next year. You can’t say they aren’t committed to recycling.

I, too, am celebrating Earth Day today, albeit in a slightly different manner.

I’m celebrating Earth Day by recognizing the wonderful countries that make up this earth, especially the country of Canada! I celebrate by proudly standing for Canadian sovereignty. As Prime Minister:

  1. I will get Canada out of the UN Migration Compact;
  2. I will oppose any legislation that enshrines the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) into Canadian law;
  3. I will stop Canada’s funding of the World Health Organization (WHO);
  4. I will stop Canada’s funding of international abortions; and
  5. I will revoke Canada’s signature from the Paris Agreement (of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change) and will repeal the federal carbon tax, which is meant to fulfill Canada’s “obligations” under this agreement.

I am also celebrating Earth Day by recognizing the families that make up our beloved Canada (and every other country on Earth) and the integrity of the invincible family unit, always besieged by corrosive leftist social ideas. The family is the irreplaceable fundamental building block of every free society. As Prime Minister:

  1. I will encourage a debate on abortion in Parliament and vote for whatever measures will help protect the unborn;
  2. I will always support human life, especially against those who push agendas of forced population control;
  3. I will always work to maintain the integrity of the Canadian family and the right of parents to make decisions about how their children are raised and educated, against the forces of state overreach into their children’s lives;
  4. I will oppose and repeal any legislation that prohibits so-called “conversion therapy”; that is, I will oppose and repeal any legislation that interferes with parental rights when it comes to protecting children from unscrupulous efforts of certain forces bent on changing the “gender” of our children.

Finally, I am celebrating Earth Day by standing up for freedom in our country and in our party. As Prime Minister:

  1. I will immediately repeal the “pro-gender ideology, anti-free speech” Bill C-16 because Canadians value free speech, not forced speech, and we recognize the fabrication and junk science that underpins this left-wing “gender ideology”;
  2. I will oppose left-wing, anti-free speech initiatives such as motion M-103, which contain the seeds of eventual “blasphemy laws”, laws that are not compatible with a free and democratic society; and
  3. I will continue to fight against the “cancel culture” in Canada, and within the Conservative Party itself. Our very own Red Tory, “Liberal Lite” faction, at every level of the party, continues to eliminate those who espouse views they find objectionable. This anti-democratic, leftist, elite persecution of the conservative grassroots must end.

Earth Day is far too important to be left exclusively to those who love the planet but hate the wonderful human beings who live here.

Do you agree, Frederick?

Vote now!

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Be fruitful and multiply!

And please be careful! Wear a mask when in public until we are through this COVID-19 pandemic.


Derek Sloan's signature

Derek Sloan Member of Parliament