Finally, Some Lawyers Sounding the Alarm About Loss of Freedoms Because of the Medico-Stalinists’ Power Grab During COVID

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Lawyers across Canada, LSO benchers sign declaration calling for end of vaccine passports, mandates

Wednesday, November 24, 2021 @ 4:01 PM | By Amanda Jerome Share Print Tweet Email
A declaration calling for “the immediate end of vaccine passports and mandates” and a “public inquiry into the handling of all aspects of the declared pandemic” has been launched online, garnering signatures from over 31,000 citizens, including 250 lawyers, across the country.

“We are Canadian lawyers. In our country, civil liberties are under unprecedented attack. Governments, public health authorities, universities, public and private employers, municipalities, and businesses are trampling Canadians’ rights and freedoms. Our free society is at risk,” the Free North Declaration begins.

The declaration launched Nov. 12 by Bruce Pardy, professor of law at Queen’s University, along with Lisa Bildy, Stephen Penney, and Christopher Nunn, has also been signed by 10 Law Society of Ontario (LSO) benchers: Jorge Pineda, Ryan Alford, Murray Klippenstein, Alexander Wilkes, Joseph Chiummiento, Cecil Lyon, Scott Marshall, Cheryl Lean, Gary Graham and Jared Brown. It’s also been signed by Derek Sloan, former member of Parliament and leader of the True North Party of Canada.

Pardy told The Lawyer’s Daily that to date, the declaration has approximately 250 lawyer signatories and a little over 31,000 citizen endorsements.

According to the declaration, COVID-19 rules “restrict citizens’ abilities to work, shop, travel and socialize” and “erode civil liberties strategically, attempting to not run afoul of the law or to trigger protections in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms such as liberty and security of the person, the freedoms of association, assembly, expression, conscience, religion, and mobility rights.”

“Where Covid [sic] rules appear to have violated the Charter, courts have deferred to the state to take whatever measures it deems necessary, whether demonstrably justifiable or not,” the declaration added.

The declaration also claimed that “[I]n our system of law, no principle is more important than the right to control your own body and to make your own medical and health decisions.”

“An anxious populace, swept up in a deliberate campaign of fear, now believes that individual liberties upon which our liberal democracy is founded are dangerous and selfish. A growing collectivism that demands safety at the expense of autonomy shapes public policy,” the statement added.

The declaration noted that “[C]ourts have embraced the pandemic narrative, some taking judicial notice of the nature of risks of the virus and safety of vaccines to adults and children.”

“But the facts are anything but settled. Courts are supposed to be neutral. On Covid, as on any other contentious subject, their mandate is to find facts exclusively upon the evidence adduced by the parties in the courtroom. Instead, courts appear to have taken a side on Covid,” the declaration added, stressing that “[A]ccess to justice and the rule of law are now at risk.”

The statement goes on to explain that unvaccinated persons are “banned from juries, throwing into question the ability of all to obtain a fair trial heard by a jury of their peers.”

“Irrational policies born of panic affect no one more than disadvantaged communities who already suffer from lack of access to justice,” it continued.

The declaration further offered that COVID-19 vaccines “do not prevent people from becoming infected or from transmitting the virus to others, but only unvaccinated persons are banned or required to undergo testing.”

“People who have recovered from Covid and therefore have natural immunity are still subject to vaccination mandates even though the purpose of vaccination is to mimic natural immunity. Governments, public health authorities and employers advise that Covid vaccinations are safe, but pharmaceutical companies have been granted immunity from liability and no employers will accept legal responsibility for side-effects or adverse events, whether minor or serious, suffered by their employees who take a vaccine that they do not want,” the declaration added, noting that the “risks posed by Covid vaccines may be in dispute, but they are not zero. Particularly for children and healthy young adults, they may be riskier than the virus.”

“We fear the erosion of our free society,” the statement expressed.

“We question the single-minded fixation on a virus that poses little risk to most people. We protest the uncalculated harms that Covid policies are causing to people’s health, livelihoods, relationships, and mental states. We oppose the mass hysteria and anxiety that governments and the media are fuelling. Most of all, we object to the deterioration of our civil liberties and the failure of our legal institutions — legislatures, governments, administrative bodies, and courts — to protect them,” it added.

The declaration concluded by calling for “the immediate end of vaccine passports and mandates.”

“We propose a public inquiry into the handling of all aspects of the declared pandemic,” the statement added, noting that “Canadians should have control of their own lives and have the right to make their own decisions about their health, medical treatments, personal information, travels, and associations.”

Independent MP Derek Sloan Slams Censorship of Doctors and Scientists

Independent MP Derek Sloan Slams Censorship of Doctors and Scientists

MP Derek Sloan Raises Concerns Over Censorship of Doctors and Scientists June 17, 2021 Duration of video 30 minutes  

Independent MP Derek Sloan holds a news conference on Parliament Hill to raise concerns about the censorship of doctors and scientists as well as medical information related to vaccines. The Ontario MP has been highly critical of lockdowns that have been in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and also sponsored a petition questioning the safety of COVID-19 vaccines. He is joined by a trio of doctors and scientists.

Bill C-10 dies – for now – as Senate adjourns for summer without vote

Bill C-10 dies – for now – as Senate adjourns for summer without vote

By True North Wire – July 3, 2021 Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp Linkedin

The Liberal government’s internet regulation Bill C-10 has been put on hold after the Senate rose for the summer before voting on the controversial bill.

On Tuesday, the Senate decided to rise for the summer break, immediately halting all outstanding legislation which had not been passed.

If an election is called before Bill C-10 is reintroduced, the bill will die and a future government would have to introduce it again.

Bill C-10 passed its third reading in the House of Commons Tuesday morning by a vote of 196 to 112: only the Conservatives and independents Jody Wilson-Raybould and Derek Sloan opposed it.

If passed, Bill C-10 would have significant implications on internet freedom, as the bill gives the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) unprecedented power to regulate online publishers, including social media users.

Despite the Liberals’ efforts to push C-10 into law, the upper house refused to speed up the process. Both progressive and Conservative senators offered various criticisms of C-10, many saying they would not vote in favour.

On Tuesday, Senator Pamela Wallin pledged to stall C-10 until the summer recess could be called, saying the upper house is not obligated to pass government legislation without proper debate.

“The government has had six years to pass legislation it wants. It is not our job in the Senate to rubber stamp and give up our constitutional responsibilities just because they want fodder for an election- especially if it means killing free speech,” she said. 

Conservative Senator Leo Housakos told CBC that the Senate had no interest in rushing through a bill which, in his opinion, gives unlimited power to a government body to control the content Canadians can see online.

“The core problem with this bill is that it takes the regulatory tools designated for a small, fixed number of licensed TV and radio stations in the 1990s and attempts to apply it to the vast universe of the internet in the 2020s,” he said.

“In doing so, it gives the CRTC an unprecedented delegation of power with no clear framework or definitions as to how it will be used. This lack of clear limits on what can be regulated is a fundamental problem with this bill.”

MP Derek Sloan Raises Concerns About Censorship of Doctors and Scientists

MP Derek Sloan Raises Concerns About Censorship of Doctors and Scientists

June 17, 2021 Duration of video is 38 minutes  

Independent MP Derek Sloan holds a news conference on Parliament Hill to raise concerns about the alleged censorship of doctors and scientists as well as medical information related to vaccines. The Ontario MP has been critical of lockdowns that have been in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and also sponsored a petition questioning the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.

He is joined by a trio of trio of doctors and scientists.   COMMENTS   He is not the only one – Randy Hillier and others are doing this for months, but it’s great news that politicians are waking up. This is criminal. What is Doug Ford doing ???? He should be held responsible for all the lockdowns, fake numbers of deaths and people in hospitals and pressuring doctors and nurses to comply with this evil agenda. NVP  

What will it take to turn the tide ? those brave Canadian Politicians and Doctors that fight for our rights, fairness and truth need our support. How can we expect that after being told “fake covid propaganda news” for 18 Months that our Politicians and the MSM will ever retract on anything they have been brainwashing us with? When a few days ago US Senators had the courage to expose the “lies” and hold the ones responsible for the Covid Nightmare accountable, there was hope that maybe Canada would have enough politicians that would have the courage to do the same, instead anyone that speaks against the “planned agenda” is demonized, ridiculed, fined and fired from their job………..what kind of world do we live in ? forcing everyone to take the “Jab” demonizing anyone that does not want to be a “lab rat”. RR    

Attachments areaPreview YouTube video MP Derek Sloan raises concerns about censorship of doctors and scientists – June 17, 2021

Action 4 Canada, Vancouver Meeting — Special Guest Derek Sloan, MP

Action 4 Canada, Vancouver Meeting — Special Guest Derek Sloan, MP
Protecting faith, family and freedom
 Special Guest – Derek Sloan

You are invited to join the Action4Canada Team’s weekly Wednesday night meeting to learn how you can be involved and take action in your community. This week’s special guest is Derek Sloan MP.

Derek was a lawyer who decided to run for office as he felt he could be more effective as an MP. Derek was elected in October 2019 for the Conservative Party of Canada, as the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Ontario riding of Hastings-Lennox and Addington. Shortly after the election Andrew Scheer stepped down as leader and an election for the Conservative party leadership quickly followed. Derek ran but Erin O’Toole won.

After controversy over allegations of unsubstantiated racism and other nonsense Derek was removed from the Conservative Party and became an Independent.

Derek has much support from conservative-minded Canadians for his strong stand in defending the Canadian Constitution, Charter of Rights and Rule of Law. Derek is also a leader committed to protecting faith, family, and freedom. He is married and has three children.

This week’s meeting is on Wednesday June 16th, 2021 at 5.45pm Pacific/ 8.45pm Eastern.

Please register in advance for this meeting. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information on how to join the meeting.

Please consider a donation as we are a not-for-profit and rely solely on the contributions of our donors to support the work we are doing. Thank you, The Team
@ Action4Canada

Support Derek Sloan’s Fight for Personal Freedom & Democracy

Support Derek Sloan’s Fight for Personal Freedom & Democracy
Over the past 15 months, it has sometimes been difficult to fathom whether a Public Health COVID-19 policy has come about from rank ineptitude or abject tyranny. 

In the case of COVID vaccines now being pushed on children as young as 12 who do not require parental consent to get one, it may be one, or it may be both, but it’s definitely utter madness and it must be stopped!  Canadian children who have already had their lives ruined by lockdowns and restrictions are now having their health put at risk through coercion to take an experimental vaccine for a disease that poses virtually no threat to them at all. Many adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines, in both adults and children, are now being registered in Canada and around the world. 

Please sign my e-petition to suspend these injections for children under the age of 18 until adequate, peer-reviewed, published studies featuring long-term data can establish that these injections are safe.

The health of the Canadian people isn’t the only thing that’s threatened by the reaction of the political class to COVID-19.  Anyone who’s paying attention has to be concerned about the health of the country itself, as its one hundred and fifty-fourth birthday approaches. 

On Tuesday, the House of Commons voted on whether or not to adopt a Bloc motion declaring it irresponsible to hold a federal election during COVID-19. The final vote was 330 to 1, in favour of the motion. I was the only one who cast a vote against it. Click here. I was also the only one to vote against Bill C-19 put forward by the Liberals to amend the Canada Elections Act, allowing for the use of mail in ballots. They don’t call me an independent MP for nothing.

I believe that the right thing is the right thing, no matter how many or how few people are doing it.  I did the right thing in voting against that motion. Democracy is stronger than any virus, and any suspension of democracy, no matter how “temporary”, is the surest road to ensuring its permanent demise. 

As real and frightening as the authoritarian threat to Canada’s traditions of democracy and freedom have been during this crisis, the truth is prevailing.  Our U.S. neighbours, as they overcome irrational fear and return to normal life, are taking note.

Last Thursday, I appeared on ‘The Tipping Point with Kara McKinney’, on the One America News Network (OAN), reaching 35 million American homes.  The response has been huge, and in large part it consists of Americans shocked to learn of the degree to which liberties have been trampled in the name of the “common good” up here in Canada. 

It continues to be my privilege and honour to fight as hard as I can for those liberties.  On Friday, I rose in the House to question the government on the glaring double standard that exists when it comes to peaceful protests in this country. To hear the non-answer I was given, click here. While those who attend freedom rallies are vilified, and receive court summonses and harassment from the police, other types of protests, including the one attended by Justin Trudeau last summer, are allowed to proceed unmolested. 

Our Charter rights are the same for everyone. I’d like to know whether this government supports the rights of all Canadians or not. And if not, why not? Speaking of freedom rallies, I was lucky enough to have a busy Sunday full of them. 

There were 1,000 people in Aylmer, hundreds in Woodstock, and over 3,000 in Waterloo. It’s truly wonderful to be part of this movement as it grows.  This has been a harsh awakening, but more and more Canadians are waking up to the fact that we no longer live in a democracy.

Authoritarians are attempting to control every aspect of our lives through fear and coercion. More and more, Canadians are realizing how unethical it is to quarantine the healthy, to isolate children, to censor science, to shut down debate, and to destroy livelihoods.  It’s immoral to spread fear and panic and to promote experimental injections as the necessary price tag for getting our freedoms back.  Our freedoms were never theirs to take, and we must take them back, because they won’t be given.

  All along, they’ve called us selfish for fighting against lockdowns. That’s the biggest lie of all. It’s not selfish to want to be free, it’s only human. Those who would take your freedom are the only selfish ones.  The only rational and ethical thing to do now is to remove every single COVID-19 restriction and return to life and freedom again in Canada! That is what we must never stop fighting for.  Join me, and we’ll fight together, and never stop until we win! God Bless You and God Bless Canada. 

Sincerely yours,

Derek Sloan

P.S. When you donate to the Sloan Political Action Coalition, you help me fight for freedom, and you stand with me for truly Canadian values that are more important than ever!    
_____ Sloan Political Action Coalition · Canada
PO Box 57035 RPO Brittany Glen
Mississauga ON L5M 0M5

End the Lockdown Caucus: Group of Canadian politicians Calls for End of COVID-19 Lockdowns

End the Lockdown Caucus: Group of Canadian politicians Calls for End of COVID-19 Lockdowns

April 15, 2021

Duration of video is 50 minutes

Derek Sloan Randy Hillier at the 8 minute mark: Excellent on freedom Pastor Michael Thiessen at the 12 minute mark: Science has no moral authority Maxime Bernier at the 22 minute mark (he speaks in French from 18 to 22 minutes): Covid normal flu Questions at the 27 minute mark   At a press conference on Parliament Hill, independent MP Derek Sloan, People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier, Ontario independent MPP Randy Hillier and Pastor Michael Thiessen discuss the impact of lockdowns that are in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Their group, known as the End the Lockdown caucus, has been vocal in raising concerns about the effects of pandemic-related public-health measures.

Join MPP Randy Hillier & MP Derek Sloan & Pastor Henry Hildebrandt for Morning Service at the Aylmer Church of God

to me
Join MPP Randy Hillier & MP Derek Sloan & Pastor Henry Hildebrandt for Morning Service at the Aylmer Church of God –

If you are reading this email, then you are close by to the No More Lockdowns Stratford Family Freedom Event TOMORROW featuring me and Derek Sloan, MP of the End the Lockdown Caucus. We will also be in attendance at the Aylmer Church of God with Pastor Henry Hildebrandt for morning service. Service at Aylmer Church of God
Sunday, April 25th @ 10:30 AM < UPDATED TIME!

751 John St North, Aylmer, ON Family Freedom Peaceful Assembly
Saturday, April 24th @ 2 PM

55 Queen Street, Stratford, ON Join the many freedom loving Canadians taking a stand against lockdowns! See you there! Randy Hillier

Randy Hillier, Maxime Bernier & Derek Sloan form END THE LOCKDOWN CAUCUS

I’m happy to announce that I have joined other representatives from all three levels of government to form the End the Lockdowns Caucus. This national caucus is a non-partisan effort to bring forward and represent the views of Canadians who know that lockdowns cause more harm than the virus. 

Together, we will be giving a voice to the millions of people on the other side of the COVID debate in an organized fashion. There will be more to share in the near future as we begin this new journey, and we invite you to build a powerful voice and opposition.

If you are in elected office, join our caucus and have a voice; if not, contact your local representatives at all levels of government and of all political stripes to encourage them to speak for you by joining together. You can also sign our petition to support and endorse this great initiative here. Be sure to share this with your friends and family and encourage them to sign and share it as well.

I’d like to welcome our four newest members Paul Hinman, Mayor of West Lincoln Dave Bylsma, and Alberta councillors Glen Carritt and Jason Alderson. Already in a day we have doubled our caucus.

Within days of our announcement, the Ford government has now said that they will be easing restrictions in the coming days. They know we are organizing and they’re afraid. They don’t want to defend this in the courts, they don’t want to defend this in the legislature because they know they will lose.

Together we will speak loudly, clearly and end the lockdowns. 

Randy Hillier

Several former and current politicians have banded together to form a non-partisan organization calling for an end to lockdowns, which they claim violate Canadians’ fundamental Charter rights. 

The End the Lockdown Caucus was first announced on Thursday in association with the Liberty Coalition Canada. 

So far, the group includes Ontario MPP Randy Hillier, former Conservative MP Derek Sloan, former MP and People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier, Perth East Councillor Darryl Herlick and Centre Wellington Councillor Steve VanLeeuwen. 

“After careful examination and scrutiny of mitigation measures undertaken by all levels of government, it is now evident that the lockdowns cause more harm than the virus and must be brought to an end,” claimed a statement signed by the group. 

“We devote our energy and efforts to the just and compassionate objective of reopening our businesses, schools, places of worship, recreational facilities, along with the full resumption and expansion of efficient medical services. We desire to restore dignity and respect for all Canadians by safeguarding our representative democracy and its institutions, defending our Constitution, personal freedoms and responsibilities, whilst implementing focused protection for the most vulnerable.”