Remembering A Free Speech Martyr & Christian Author, Malcolm Ross

Remembering A Free Speech Martyr & Christian Author, Malcolm Ross

A friend gave me his treasure trove of tapes and book and pamphlets among which are many recordings of CAFE meetings

I listen to a tape in short segments. 
I am most of the way through the talk given by Malcolm Ross June 25th 1998 “My 10 Year Battle for Vindication.”
I’m pretty sure I bought Ross’ book from you at some point. [The book is Cross-Examination: Christianity on Trial –– BY Malcolm Ross fired for his religious writings on abortion and other issues appealed to Canada’s Supreme Court in 1990. This rare book is available for $25.00 plus $10 postage from C-FAR Books, P.O. Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, CANADA.]

I will be turning the tape-recording in to a transcript. His explanation of the implications of the ruling of the Supremes is shocking a quarter of a century later — astonishing not a scintilla of genuine “evidence” that any real person felt they were in a “poisoned environment” in his classroom. Yet, the Supremes figured out that it was only reasonable to draw the inference  of such !!

This, I fear, is what’s going to happen to Bill Whatcott, if he goes through the meatgrinder again. The Bible itself becomes ‘hate literature’ if published anywhere outside some little ‘safe space’ of a building properly registered with the gov’t as a ‘charity’ for purposes of income tax receipts

Ross cites a book to do with the doctrines of modern Juda-ism in which the “Holocaust” is understood to be an essential part of that religion.

There isn’t one person in a million who grasps that. I sure didn’t

What that means for Canada, is,    after the recent amendment to section 319 of the Criminal Code, a person can be prosecuted for ‘blasphemy’ against the state-sanctioned religion,  if some one of the Jud-aic persuasion, feels his or her dignity has been impugned by his questioning the Hollywood version of World War II.

Gordon Watson

Report on Freedom Protests in Victoria Outside the B.C. Legislature

Report on Freedom Protests in Victoria Outside the B.C. Legislature

After taking a break the previous weekend we were back witnessing against the SCAMdemic  at The Legislature last Saturday .   The finish line for the tour de Rock bicycle race is our usual spot on Belleville Street.     So dissident voices would have been lost in that crowd.  I was content to see the usual quorum = 12 warm bodies by 2 pm on the 26th.   The rallies with big numbers of attendees are over but we’re still there for the fore-see-able future.    … summertime and the livin’ is easy. Langourous  safe, prosperous civilized Victoria. 

The photo is of me doing what I do.   Paraphrasing poet Steppenwolf half a century ago: God Damn the VAX Pusher man.  Since 1988, my calling is :  the Ministry of Condemnation.  In which the medium IS the message : i.e.  our presence at the very gates of the City, the Parliament building, condemns the Powers-that-Be provoking the conscience of individuals who walk and drive by.     And that irritation accumulates.  

Is it worth it?  Most certainly, yes.   People go crazy in herds. We are helping them to come to their senses one at a time.  The SCAMdemic was years in the making :  it will take years for us to heal from Boy Trudeau imposing martial law, because he got freaked-out by a bunch of guys parking their big rigs on his territory, ie Auto-Wa-Wa.    The tone of feedback from passersby tells the tale.  Three years ago, it was one-to-one — negative  versus positive reaction.  Now, a negative reaction is rare.   People stop to thank us and bless us every day.   The imaginary world of the Internet is powerful,  but not ALLpowerful.  Interaction at street level tells us that agreement with the general theme of the Freedom Movement is significant. My guess, is, conservatively, at least one quarter of the public is now, at least willing to consider that the PLANdemic was a HOAX. 

My own payoff, is handing out DRUTHERS  newspaper at the precinct of the Legislative Assembly. I rejoice in doing so literally right in front of the Charter of Rights sign supplied by Joseph Roberts’ COMMON GROUND.   Every copy put in someone’s hand, rebukes the fool, David Eby … once-upon-a time the head of the BC Civil Liberties Association … who, while Attorney General during the COVID19 nightmare, was conspicuous by his absence as we found out how Red Fascism works.  In a nutshell ;  WorkSafeBC was used as the  enforcement goons.   Commercial enterprises large and small did what they were told, or they were out of business that day.   If David Eby had any scruples, he’d hang his head in shame looking out the window at us asserting Freedom of the Press 100 yards away from the office of the Premier,  proving  :  The Free Press is the People’s Friend, the Tyrant’s Foe

The maxim is : the Lie is halfway ‘round the world before the Truth gets its boots on.  Preparing to negate the spell cast by Grand Witch Bonnie Henry took a while.  In the avalanche of books, one stands out.   CANARY in a COVID WORLD HOW PROPAGANDA AND CENSORSHIP CHANGED OUR ( MY ) WORLD.    Elizabeth Woodford has compiled a volume of utmost importance, irrefutable essays exposing the HOAX.     If they read it in good faith, this book is all that’s necessary to disabuse someone of the notion that there ever was any substance to the COVID19 myth.       Canary House publishing ISBN- 10 1739052536 

             we need signs

Part of the fun when we started three years ago was  hundreds of witty home-made signs blooming spontaneously.  Lately, we’re down to just a few.  One way you can support the Freedom Movement, is  sponsoring a sign that expresses what you want said aloud.    

High quality signage is easy to make. If you direct me to a meme / image on the internet that resonates with you, and send me a few bux$ I’ll use it to produce a professional sign at Staples.  Or, suggest a line of print = Ideally,  7 words or less.  We’ll hold them up at the Leg. and also at  Doktor Bonnie’s lair  = headquarters of the Min de Health on Quadra St.   I will then send you a receipt use-able as a deduction from income tax, via my provincial political party.  

I’m well-aware of the opinion that political parties are worse than worthless.  Yet, at its best, a party is a proxy and an Agent for personal participation in public life. Especially, it is critical exercise of freedom of expression  –  the Free Press and of assembly. Another way to be part of the witness against the PLANed-demon-ization, is, by funding DRUTHERS.  Send me a contribution, I’ll put it in the account of the Party of Citizens, and forward it to them. Then I’ll send the contributor a receipt useable for deduction from provincial income tax.  A similar transaction works for people who wish to support David Lindsay and CLEAR in Kelowna. If you have an idea for funding political activity via the P o’ C, run it by me.  If it’s legit. we’ll do it.

The Party of Citizens has a primitive page on FaceBook : Long name > Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians.     Much truth is said in jest.  Sure, it looks like a toy at this point in time.  But elections BC took us seriously-enough to register it last week.  On that page is a schedule of the bang you get for your bux$s.  any amount up to $100 translates into 75% deducted from income tax.  Or, if you want to go BIG, a banner is more like $400.    Worth $200 off income tax.  My contact info. Is at the end of this comment.  E~transfers will work to this e-mail address.

Information we get at street level, is in-valuable. The imaginary world of cyberspace has its place. But interacting with real human beings one-to-one has much different effect on our emotions, than sitting in front of a computer screen, in jeopardy of being overwhelmed by the latest fear-porn. For-instance: the rumor that “the masks are coming back”.  Well, first sign I saw when we started protesting, was  WE’RE NOT HAVING IT!.  At the start of their so-called Lockdown,  Public health Officer Henry and her cabal with the emotional plague … Dix, Farnworth, Horgan … proclaimed that a GATHERING  was illegal pursuant to COVID regulations.   We ignored them.    Other than discretely waving as they drove by our superspreader EVENTS the Victoria police never said  “boo” to us.

That contest was won on September 13 2020, when 1000 warm bodies showed up in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery.   Her “mandate” pretended that a GATHERING of more than 50 individuals was illegal. Half an hour before the thing was set to start, there were 100 folks on the public square.   I went up to the Police officer in charge and asked “what are you guys going to do?”    He said “nothing. The Charter is above the Public Health Act    direct quote.   Point being > that decision was not made at street level, on the fly by Sgt. Walter #1928.   It must have been made at the very top of the VPD.                                  The Man with the Gun is on our side.

So if the gang of Traitors  – lately doing business as the NDP administration –  think British Columbians will comply with that INsanity again …  they’re right out of touch. We withstood Bonnie’s witchcraft before and we’ll do it again.          

August 30th 2023 A. D.
                Gordon S Watson

#4   5177 William Head Road    Metchosin  British Columbia   V9C 4H5

telephone 250 39 1 1103 landline no textaugust 12 2023 003.jpg

Thoughts on Dominion Day, 2023 — Gordon S. Watson

Thoughts on Dominion Day, 2023 — Gordon S. Watson

to > my friends at the Legislature.

I won’t be down there, tomorrow Saturday July first

I presume that there will be many many folks all over the lawn of the Legislature so our message would get lost in the crowd.

Now three years to the day when I first attended a gathering of dissident voices there,  by no means am I discouraged from witnessing

We know that it took the perpetrators years, to manufacture the myth of the SARs2Covid19 thing, secretly.   What’s coming out  is   irrefutable hard evidence proving that it most certainly was a crime against humanity. My own calling  – and that of my friends who have the Gift of Government, is –  to tell the truth. 

The major breakthrough lately, is the Grievance Board of the Canadian Armed Forces ruling that the way forces personnel were mistreated during the Covid HOAX, was gross violation of Charter/ civil rights.  Immediately thereafter that declaration a lawsuit was originated in Federal Court with 300 Claimants versus His Majesty the King / the federal gov’t.  It will take years to grind along, with some individuals settling out of Court. Doesn’t matter. Good news, is the Plaintiffs have already declared they WILL NOT sign a non-disclosure agreement. 
the mills of the gods grind slow, but they grind exceeding fine

At issue in the case, is : evidence of harms caused by the Quackzeens.  Even though Victoria BC has a large military presence,   you didn’t read that in the Timely=Colonic newspaper, though, did you? !   Which is why our presence at  the Gates of the City / the Legislature  is precious.   Asserting our rights to freedom of Speech, particularly, the Press, and to association, with hard copy form via   DRUTHERS newspaper which is the Free Press The People’s Friend the Tyrant’s Foe. The internet is transient glimmers on a crystal ball or computer screen.  Hard copy lasts

Gordon Watson
Metchosin British Columbia

Smearing the Freedom Movement: “Their projection is their confession”

Smearing the Freedom Movement

Friends of Freedom

I know you have lots to do. Nevertheless, I recommend spending 20 minutes, scrolling-through the pdf at this URL
if you’re one of the dissident voices who understands that the SARS2Covid19 thing is an enormous HOAX,    then it pertains to you

The    Investigative Report “Vancouver Island Freedom Movement is a Hate Movement” is a  classic example of  the anti-Christs’ perverted rhetoric  … for no good reason but to smear / vilify anyone and everyone who sympathizes in any way, with  The Freedom Movement (c).

Reference to holocaust denial gives them away : what   they  fear, is :   Christians at the forefront of this authentic populist movement.  It impacts not just us in Victoria / Kelowna, but everyone who is seen repudiating the wicked-ness in high places in America. 

To long-time political activists  ( such as moi )  it’s comical. Petty, half-baked hysteria,  drinking their own bathwater…. proving  the recent adage “their projection is their confession”. In fact, of those who show up at gatherings big and small, at least 90% are White people.  So this is the opening salvo, locally, of President Biden’s campaign vilifying patriotic White nationalists, as >  The Enemy.   Echoing what Justin Trudeau said about him being glad to get rid of  “old stock” White Canadians.  

In substance, this screed is nothing but a grab-bag of whatever images + half-truths collected via the internet cobbled-together for propaganda purposes.  .  Very little first-hand effort.    But it implies that the Enemies of Freedom are worried-enough to bother with our tiny little group of dissident voices, as we gather at the Leg. every Saturday.   Expect it to be taken up by the media syndicate and printed as “Evidence” !

back in my anti-abortion daze, we used to say    “when you’re taking flak, you know you’re over the target”

Gordon S Watson

Freedom Protests Outside the B.C. Legislature — A Report by Gordon Watson

Freedom Protests Outside the B.C. Legislature — A Report by Gordon Watson

01    We’ve been bearing witness against the HOAX for two and a half years since the SCAMdemic blew in.   December 03 2022 was bright overcast, 42 degrees F with a chill wind blowing across the lawn of the Leg.  As usual on Saturdays, our group was there,  providing emotional support to folks dismayed by the official insanity.   Regardless of the weather,   it’s a sort of a party from noon to 3 pm or so.

02     Passersby honk and wave and walk up to thank us — evidence that the nation is coming to its senses.  Hearing  “God Bless you for being here” face to face tells us that, as small a thing as it is, what we do is important.    An occasional smirking snipe of “you guys are nuts”  is just water off our backs. 

03     Asserting Freedom of the Press is very important.   From time spent on the frontline of the anti-abortion fray [ 3 decades ago]   I know that the printed word lasts. It cannot be censored completely; it winds up in places you would never guess.  We’ve put thousands of copies of  DRUTHERS ; PANDEMIC PAPERS and  COMMON GROUND magazine in the hands of real people.

04    The 600 block Belleville Street in little Victoria is apparently clean and safe,  what remains of traditional White, Christian lawabiding.    Yet, it is a spiritual battleground at the very Gates of the City.   The studied ignorance of the herd in the most irreligious city in Canada was demonstrated December 10.   Bright sunshine 50 degrees F.  with 25 warm bodies gathered.   A male about 19 years old stopped in front of our gathering, saying “I’m so glad you guys are out here protesting for our right to take vaccines”.  In the moment before it dawned on me that he was mocking,      I held out a newspaper, saying “here’s some information you need”  He refused, sneering: “I know all about it”.  To which I countered: “Obviously you don’t. People are dropping dead all over the world from the poisoned needle. It could happen to you.”  He shot back “I hope it will”   direct quote.   As he scuttled away I shouted:  “You just pronounced a curse on yourself”    Minutes later, a man who goes by each week unloaded his venom.   Unfazed, my Christian friend let loose a volley of precise rebuttal. Amused,  I said, “and here I thought you were such a nice girl!”    No, the naysayers don’t stick around to dialogue.  Rather, many of them die suddenly, out of the public eye.  Cause of death un-reported by the “legacy media”.  They don’t come back and admit “anti-vaxxers” have been right all along.   As my mentor old Georgie Gordon used to say: “God’s fingerprints are all over this” Kidding her, I cited Second Thessalonians 1:6 “seeing it is a righteous thing with God, to recompense tribulation to those who trouble you.” 

05      The avalanche of information via the Internet, requires winnowing down.    Eleven minutes of  Gerard Rennick scolding Senators in Australia.    Irrefutable, proving they were not just derelict in their duty, but that they are complicit in Crimes against Humanity.   Watching him point the prosecutorial finger pronouncing    “Shame on you !”  is highly entertaining.    I urge you to find this video.  It’s on his FaceBook page, farther down a bit.  At this stage, demanding accountability is seen as  “the Ministry of Condemnation”.   The Ministry of Reconciliation comes later. 

06       Two weeks ago, MP Laurel Collins was the premier speaker at the protest convened around the Cenotaph, by Iranians protesting diktatorship in their country.  When Collins proclaimed that she and her government  ‘stood with them fighting for Freedom!’  I blasted her in my parade-square voice.  Below, see my letter which the Editor of the James Bay Beacon couldn’t find space to print


Gordon S Watson

Metchosin    British Columbia
December 11  2022 A. D.


To ; the Editor

          James Bay Beacon newspaper

One of the perks of living in James Bay, is, being able to drop in to the continuing master class in political science, convened weekly on the precinct of the Legislature.

Last Saturday was especially edifying.  A couple hundred people encircled the Cenotaph to protest against the regime in Iran.  Atop that column is a figure in the uniform of Canadian soldiers circa 1914 to 1918, when my grandfather fought at Ypres.  At its base is a plaque commemorating the Korean War in which my old man got blown up in jeep. He survived. His three fellow soldiers didn’t.  My mother served in the Canadian Army nursing sisters. Not to mention many aunts and uncles.   So, my family has payed the price in blood, sweat and tears for our citizenship.

Immediately beside the Cenotaph,  my friends and I have asserted our right to freedom of association … gathering every week to warn and inform everyone who will listen,  against the Covid-iocy , for  nigh-on 2 ½ years, on Belleville Street.   As their event got started, a couple of us went over and politely remonstrated with the leader of the Iranians … advising that they were treading on ground which is all-but sacred to those of us who have British military traditions.  Our concern was blown off with the excuse that they  “had a permit”.  

The Star of their Show, Member of Parliament Laurel Collins,  started in pontificating about “Freedom”.    She being one of the members of the House of Commons who endorsed the Emergency Act, which put the Dominion du Canada in a police state –   the contradiction was too galling for me to stay silent.   I exercised my right to speak.  Telling her loudly that,  rather than concerning herself with dictatorship halfway ‘round the planet,  she can start right here.  One of the Iranians came up and put his fist beside my face pronouncing he would  “take me out”.   Then grabbed me.    When I got out my camera to take a photo of him, in order to identify him, so as to lay a criminal charge,  the thug made himself scarce.   

My points being:  a more egregious personification of an hypocrite than MP Collins would be hard to find ; and,  Freedom of Speech belongs to those who practice it.

Gordon S Watson

Metchosin British Columbia November 20th 2022 A. D.

November 26 2022 at the Leg 001.jpg
Leg. protest Dec 03 2022 003.jpg
November 26 2022 at the Leg 005.jpg
December 10 2022 Leg. anti-vaxx protest 004.jpg

Enthusiastic Anti-lockdown Event Victoria BC Saturday Dec 19 2020 — A Report by Gordon Watson

Enthusiastic Anti-lockdown Event Victoria BC Saturday Dec 19 2020

About 200 folks gathered under the porch at the head office of the Ministry of Health,  encouraging each other as we dissent from the Central Party Line.   Victoria is famous for being mellow and so we were.   In high spirits in the pouring rain, exercising our right to assemble peacefully … from little papooses wrapped closely on their moms, children playing ‘mongst concerned parents / grandparents, to elders in our 80s, we hugged each other spreading good will,  dispelling KronaMadness in the most practical way.      

Among the excellent speakers, doctor Stephen Malthouse was the hero of the hour.    In 8 minutes he put the boots to the official non-sense.   
On the very doorstep of her office, calling Bonnie Henry a liar … going so far as to declare  “there is no real pandemic, This thing was pre-planned.   governments around the world are lying in lockstep”.    I urge you-all to locate the Malthouse open letter sent to BC’s Chief Health Officer.    Call Dr. Henry and demand she address the serious queries in it.   Saint Bunnie’s phone number is 250  952 2611  

For 3 hours, everyone in attendance was violating the Public health Order as well as Farnsworth’s Ministerial Order M425.    Yet –  other than a few passersby – none of us were muzzled.   Of course the mainstream media was conspicuous by its absence.   The scene of our ‘crime’ is about half a mile from the Victoria Police building, but not one of them showed up.   Days earlier, Premier Horgan had come out in petulant mode, fuming that provincial officials have been delegated to issue tickets against us bad citizens … antimaskers! antivaxxers!!  Heretics !!!  All that did, is,  confirm scuttlebutt that the RCMP are declining to issue Violation Notices in light of legal counsel that Covid regulations in British Columbia won’t stand scrutiny by a Judge.     

Linda Morken made several excellent points, quoting Sally Fallon, founder of the Weston A Price foundation: ‘Don’t grumble about a problem ‘til you can offer a solution’.  Everyone wants immediate remedy for the outrageous intrusion of Big Sister govt.  into our lives. But we’re going to have to put up with what Charles Maclean said in his classic work “Popular delusions and the madness of crowds” :   People go crazy in herds, they come to their senses one at a time.  Each speaker told us that our task is to kindly educate those entranced in the propaganda, so they can “untie the knot of fear in their mind’.  Other than bearing witness in our daily lives – particularly, by going around breathing freely and cultivating strong personal immunity   – we were pointed to Action4Canada’s big project =   taking on the validity of the Orders in Court via a constitutional challenge in Court. 

As seemingly tiny as they are, each  grassroots gathering across the continent and around the world, are having effect.  We are what George Washington called his “winter soldiers”  the men who suffered through the first winter in appalling conditions … the backbone of the first American revolution.   Those who show up at rallies, witnessing against authoritarian-ism, are every bit as important to our nation now.

We got hundreds of favourable honks / thumbs-up from motorists going by on Blanshard St.   This present administration has badly miscalculated the depth of opposition to its Covidiocy.    The  (NDP) are fat and sassy now, coasting in the glow of re-election to majority government.   That happened mostly because Dr Bonnie Henry cast her spell, daily, bewitching the electorate.   But when people realize the enormity of the damage, this authentic populism will get organized,  then this gaggle of  antichrists  will go down as the most unpopular govt. in BC history. 

The contrived jolly public face the Premier put on while electioneering brings to mind what they say in Poland : “he laughs. He has not yet heard the bad news.”   Most recently,  though, it’s the smirk peculiar to conmen, aka “duper’s delight”.   My take on Mr Horgan, is: he’s a local boy made good but that’s as far as it goes.   Capable of getting elected on his own turf, played his hand well as Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, but IN-competent at actually governing.   Stupified in the newsmedia glare,  he’s not the “brains’ of the NeeDiPpers.   No, he’s akin to the puppet clubs of “motorcycle enthusiasts” which the Hells Angels allow to operate on their territory … ie. Mr Horgan’s riding where the HA clubhouse is.   Big bluff Irishman Horgan is the mouthpiece of guys like Geoff Meggs, lifetime Trotskyite in a 3piece suit. 

Back in 1967, I made my way to Haight Street in San Francisco.  That summer, there was magic in the air… it really was peace love and good vibes, outwardly. I crashed overnight in one of the iconic Victorian skinny houses, then dropped in to the Digger house. What I encountered was the other, seamy side of the hippie culture. Local Negro petty thugs had mugged a couple of naive  white kids fresh in from rural America.    About 50 people were sitting around the front room, talking about what to do. Like something straight out of a movie, The Big Man who had been summoned from the local white gang, tossed a handful of bullets in to the middle of the circle,  saying “is it going to come to this?”  Simpleton that I was, I  gathered them up, handed them back to him. Then got-the-hell-out-of-there.   My infatuation with the hippie thing sobered-up right there and then.  Point being : we’re now at that same stage of the spiritual battle against KronaMadness.   The diplomatic Sitzkreig of the last 10 months ended with the image out of Calgary.  Two hysterical female cops embarrassing themselves in a textbook example of how  NOT  to carry out an arrest,  hints at what’s planned.      Faced with larger increasingly-confident displays repudiating the PANICdemic,  officialdumb  – comprised of individuals with the emotional plague** –  will turn the screws to enforce their delusion.  ** Wilhelm Reich defined such character as someone so emotionally-crippled they cannot abide anyone else enjoying life.   Mockery drives emotional plague types right around the bend.   Laughter is the anti-dote, so –  bring on the comic relief ! 

Thank you Brett Beckett for putting on quite the party, and!  to the guys who gave us live music. Let’s do it some more

Gordon S Watson

Justice Critic, Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians

Tyranny Defeats the Rule of Law in Oak Bay British Columbia

Tyranny Defeats the Rule of Law in Oak Bay British Columbia

The account below is a short take on what happened last Thursday night in Oak Bay … the mob shouted-down the guy who calls himself “Jenn Smith”

It was the watershed  moment in the contest to get out the information about just  HOW  crazy the trans-benders are

Its author – Dr Charles Lugosi – is one of the best minds in the British Common law world.

Gordon S Watson

Justice Critic

Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians

Tyranny Defeats the Rule of Law in Oak Bay British Columbia

By Dr. Charles I. M. Lugosi, SJD         May 5, 2019

Grassroots democracy is under attack in British Columbia in direct violation of the rule of law. On May 2, 2019, in Oak Bay BC, Jenn Smith was permitted by the local municipal council to give a public educational talk about the serious harm that can result from transgender surgery and from toxic drugs prescribed to teenagers who self-identify with a gender different than their sex assigned at birth by DNA.  Smith is an opponent of SOGI (Sexual Orientation Gender Identity) in BC schools, which is supported by the LGBTQ community, the BC Teachers Federation Union and the Liberal and NDP parties. LGBTQ activists and their allies now feel empowered to silence any opposition to SOGI as “hate speech,” in the wake of the Whatcott decision issued in 2019 by the BC Human Rights Tribunal.

The enemies of Jenn Smith view him as a traitor to their cause to promote transgenderism and put pressure upon the Oak Bay municipal council to cancel his talk. To their credit, Oak Bay’s leaders accepted sound legal advice, and ruled that the event was legitimate and lawful, in accordance with the values of democracy, the rule of law, and freedom of political expression, and permitted Smith to have his event.

The opponents of Smith rebelled against this decision. People who wanted to hear Smith had to pass through a large boisterous crowd of several hundred protesters that may have intimidated many who wanted to hear Smith. Various speakers from the LGBTQ community, took the opportunity to support SOGI. Dozens of Smith opponents, took their rainbow flags, drums and signs, and packed the small meeting room upstairs, leaving no room for people who wanted to sit and listen to Smith.  Someone blasted an air horn, others made very loud rattling noises, while another screamed vulgar profanities. Someone pulled a fire alarm that rang for a very long time. There was such a public disturbance that it was impossible to hear anything Smith had to say.

An elderly man responded to chants of “hate speech” by the crowd by yelling back back “free speech,” but that lone soul was drowned out. The bully tactics of the opponents of Smith became increasingly aggressive. A few of them became very angry, and appeared mentally disturbed.  There was no violence. In any other context, the police would have arrested those protesters under the Criminal Code for causing a public disturbance, trespass and mischief. In this context, by doing nothing to quiet the protesters, the police who were present, appeared to take sides with the protesters.

Throughout Smith was composed. Although it was futile, with great civility he attempted to give his presentation entitled, “The Erosion of Freedom: How Transgender politics in school and society is undermining our Freedom and Harming women and children.”

The Oak Bay police refused to clear the room of hooligans so that the talk could proceed. An announcement was made by a leader of the protesters that the police informed him that uniformed officers were coming, but that the meeting was to be shut down. This information resulted in jubilant cheers by the unruly crowd, happy that they had attained their goal to silence Smith.

The police apparently chose not to do their duties under the Police Act, the common law, or the Criminal Code.  Citing “safety” concerns as a sham pretext to do nothing, one police officer informed the event organizer that the event was forcibly closed by the police. To any objective observer, the police shamefully engaged in a gross dereliction of duty, by permitting hooliganism to triumph.

Suppression of freedom of speech by hooliganism, violates the rule of law.  Without the enforcement of mutual respect and self-control to listen without interruption, the right to freedom of expression and the corresponding right of willing listeners to hear the message, the very foundation of democracy is threatened. Civilized debate of opposing viewpoints can occur in a question period at the end of a presentation or in an organized debate between opponents. Good manners, social stability and enforcement of the rule of law are the hallmarks of a functioning democracy. Selective law enforcement that discriminates against those with a moral, political or social message, gives more than a legal license to bullies to silence political opponents: It enables the roots of tyranny to grow and flourish.