Ongoing Freedom Protests at the British Columbia Legislature — Gordon Watson’s Report & Commentary

Ongoing Freedom Protests at the British Columbia Legislature

In Victoria, the big anti-Lockdown EVENTS are over, for now.  Two years of weekly PROTESTation against Covid~mania has made us a fixture on Belleville street.  My banner IS THIS RED FASCISM ?    NO VAXX PASS  gets thousands of views.  About 50+ regulars show up for a couple hours on Saturdays.    Always a few new faces standing with us.     Lately, the Inner Harbor is at its touristy best — peaceful prosperous families and couples strolling on the grand lawn . A perfect soundtrack for this scene is the pop tune  “Saturday in the Park”  by the band Chicago.

On July 16th,  Deuce Days were underway … hundreds of  ‘32 Ford coupes along with many other vintage cars in showroom condition,  cruisin’ the streets,works of Art, reminiscent of the American Way of

From face-to-face interaction, we know that people are awakening from the trance.   Two years ago, the ratio of sympathetic honks and thumbs-up from passersby, was equally pro versus con.   These days, it’s 10 to one commending us with sincere  “thanks for being here”.     Authentic feedback from folks of all walks of life,  which the LugenPress sure does not admit.                                                                    

Expressing righteous indignation at the gates of the City, ie the Legislature building, is a godly thing to do.  Handing out the  Druthers  newspaper is very important.   Freedom of the Press belongs to those who practise it.  We are standard-bearers for millions all over N. America not cowed by the anti-Christ World Health Organization.  Evidence about how they prepared the grand, wicked conspiracy to perpetrate the SARS2Covid19 HOAX comes out daily.   We are not going away til we see ACCOUNTABILITY.   By which I mean criminal charges against the traitors in high places: Horgan, Farnworth, Dix, Dr Henry for COMMON NUISANCE,  criminal negligence causing death,  et cetera. If you can, come join us, noon to 3 pm, face to face socialization with real people is the antidote for angst induced by cyber-hearsay.                                                                                                                                      

Small tangible proof our efforts are worthwhile, is the success of the Tulip buttons.   Six months ago, Sophie came up with an image to be worn on a button,  discretely identifying contrarians.  Starting with a batch of 100, she’s since handed out over 10,000.                                                                     

The pathetic excuse for a newspaper in the capital city  ( calling itself the Times Colonist)  makes its living, suckholing to the NDP administration,  sneering at every criticism of their propaganda.   Of course, the TC receives a direct $ub$idy out of the public accounts of Canada.   So, its directing mind can find space for 750 words from one of the local religious racketeers deriding us as we protest Bonnie Henry’s nightmare.  And the TC prints Letters-to-the-Editor which get right out to the very edge of slander.   Not a word, though, scrutinizing the basis of the trouble.                                                 

After mockery, next thing the commies cannot stand, is,  their pride of place pricked by a competitor getting traction.  Necessitating the article about someone doing what the Free Press ought to do, challenging the Central Party Line.  The tone of a recent article insinuates that leafletting cars in a parking lot with anti-Lockdown information,  is all but illegal!!                                                                                                                                         

We are well aware of noises being made re more trouble scheduled for the fall.    
                                         well,  we aren’t having it   

If the Reds try that stunt again, there will be very serious push back.   What form will that take?    There will be a World Wide Freedom Rally in the 3rd week of September.    One thing I’m sure of, is The Plan marketed by Marcus Ray and Christopher James, is unrealistic.  Just stand back and let his delusion of grandeur come to its INevitable implosion.      Same with the lawsuit brought by Action4Canada naming a dozen branches of govt. as Defendants. When we see a ruling on that one, I’ll have more to say.    Particularly, its counsel Rocco Galati suing anyone uttering a discouraging word about him.  Meanwhile, do  NOT  contribute funds to Mr Galati’s  retirement fund via the accounts of Action4Canada UNTIL we see an accounting of what’s been gathered-in so far.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

                      Gordon S Watson

                           Metchosin    British Columbia

                              August  1st   2022 A. D.