Freedom Convoy Rallies Outside Constituency Office of B.C Premier Horgan

Freedom Convoy Rallies Outside Constituency Office of B.C Premier Horgan

The Convoy payed a boisterous, not un-friendly visit to the  office of MLA John Horgan today Feb 22 2022. It was bright and very cold at noon hour as about 40 vehicles did a slow-roll through the parking lot a few times, at a little stripmall in Langford. 

Of course, the office was locked tight against listening to  ‘the rabble’.  So, folks pasted votes of NON-confidence on his window. An excellent, cheap spontaneous expression of DIS-approval.   Let’s do  that on every one of the 87 constituency offices of MLAs in B. C. !      The medium IS the message !!

I saw a poster this evening with the logos of the BCGEU and  CUPE, the big unions of gov’t. workers in British Columbia, promoting  rallies in Vancouver this week.
IF that’s  true , then the Horgan administration is in BIG trouble. The New Democratic Party being the labour movement in 3-piece suits.  If the NeeDiPpers have lost the support of unions, especially those employed by the gov’t.,   then they’re in death-spiral. 

When Carole James departed, the NeeDiPpers were at a loss. Horgan stepped in and managed to form a gov’t., doing OK as long as he contained his infamous “Irish temper”.    The Peter Principle, is people rise to the level of their INcompetence.  For at least twoyears, it’s been obvious that John Horgan was over his head, as Premier.  The presser last week  …where he peddled  the notion that “anti-vaxxers had harassed a health care worker‘,  calling  it “thuggery” … tells me he’s ready to blow a gasket.    Desperately making stuff up to deflect attention from our GATHERINGS on the lawn of the Legislature
I hope he does it publicly. It’ll be great entertainment ! A suitable climax punctuating the end of his disastrous performance.

Gordon S Watson
Justice Critic, Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians

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