Archbishop Vigano’s Brilliant Explanation of What We Endured During the COVID Coup

Following is a precis of the SARS2Covid19  episode, now  3 1/2 years since the attempted  W. H. O. coup d’etat. I am sending it ’round to folks I met while we were out on the street, raising dissident voices against  traitors in high places of government.

Myself, I am a staunch Protestant. Nevertheless, I have high regard for Archbishop Vigano as a man of good will.  His comments are  brilliant. He calls for those who facilitated it to be held responsible.

My maxim now, is,   what Solzenhitsyn said:

If we wait for  history to present us with freedom and other precious gifts,  we risk waiting in vain. 
History is us and there is no alternative but to shoulder the burden of what we so passionately desire, and bear it out of the depths.

meaning  it is up to us to re-vitalize the institutions of White Christian culture.

Gordon Watson

Video link to Archbishop Vigano speaking


Archbishop Vigano: Yes, thank you for giving me this opportunity to address you on this occasion.

And I share with you some matters regarding the present situation in the world and in the church.

For the past four years, we have been witnessing the implementation of a criminal plan of world depopulation, achieved through the creation of a false pandemic and imposition of her false vaccine, which you now know to be a biological weapon of mass destruction, designed with the aim of destroying the immune system of the entire population, causing sterility and the onset of deadly diseases.

Many of our friends and acquaintances have died or been severely damaged by the adverse effects of these experimental gene serums.

Many have discovered too late that they have been the victims of a global plan with a single script and a single direction.

What is even more serious is that this new Malthusian project of mass extermination, to which is added the will to control each of us through graphene oxide nano structures, has been announced to us for some time by those in the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum who conceived and implemented it.

The rulers of the western states, hostage to Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, have become accomplices to this crime, demonstrating their malice and premeditation by their behaviour of falsifying data on alleged infection, doctoring statistical data to attribute death and adverse effects to covid-19 but not to the gene serums, prohibiting effective treatments and imposing harmful protocols that have no scientific basis, banning autopsies and preventing accurate reports to authorities.

In this attack, unprecedented in the history of the human race, we have witnessed the complicity of all national and International institutions, the entire medical profession, and the media.

A social engineering operation has been carried out to manipulate consensus through terror threats, blackmail, and the violation of citizens’ most sacrosanct fundamental rights.

The Judiciary has been silent.

The armed forces have looked the other way.

The teachers and priests have zealously cooperated.

We are well aware of the perpetrators of this crime against God and Humanity.

Of course, the multinational pharmaceutical corporations have profited disproportionately from mass vaccination and they are now prepared to accumulate still more billions of dollars from the need for treatments against the turbo cancers that their serums have caused.

Those who peddle the vaccine and profited from administering this poison to pregnant women children and elderly, have funded the self-styled experts, paying them to propagandize false efficacy and safety through the mainstream media.

Multinationals have profited and due to the lockdowns they have taken the place of small businesses, restaurants and local shops.
Energy suppliers have profited and are still profiting out of the crisis created by the system.

They have made huge profits by the costs of electricity and gas that are forcing businesses to increase prices and close.

Those who took advantage of the restrictions to work from home, those who sold mask that were not only useless but actually harmful, those who provided plexiglass barriers and hand sanitizers, and those who manage the measurement of fever in public places also took their cut of profit.

Many of them who understood perfectly well what was happening preferred to remain silent so as not to miss the opportunity to make money off the lives and health of the rest of us.

But it’s not just money that is the motive for this crime.

Behind the motivation of many is the will to power of the subversive Davos elite, which aims to establish the New World Order.

The psycho pandemic has been a dress reaction for the attack they are now making against the economy, the social fabric and indeed the very life of humanity.

15-minute cities, digital identity, returning money and the destruction of agriculture and ranching all serve the same purpose stated in the agenda 2030 and the Rockefeller foundation’s great reset project.

The wars in Ukraine and Palestine have also the same purpose, to destabilise the international order, create permanent crisis, and fuel conflict that will impoverish individual Nations and feed the globalist Leviathan.

Gaza’s oil fields are tempting targets for those who want to appropriate them in order to keep Europe and United States under blackmail, especially when the same people are imposing insane energy policies in the name of a fake climate emergency.

Today the perpetrators of these crimes have a name and a face, their accomplices in governmental institutions are guilty of high treason and very serious crimes.

All come from the World Economic Forum and were students of his program called Young Global Leaders for Tomorrow.

Others like George Soros supported them by means of philanthropic foundations that fuel social strife, Civil War and colour revolutions around the world.

This Global coup d’état must be denounced and those responsible must be tried and judged by an international Court.

But above all it is necessary for all of us to understand that this all-out war against humanity is not motivated only by their lust for wealth and power but mainly by a religious motive, a theological reason.

This reason is Satan’s hatred: hatred of God, hatred of God’s creation and hatred of man who is created in the image and likeness of God.

Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros and their hundreds of servants whom they blackmail in government all hate God, and they hate life, which only God can give.

They hate love which comes only from God.

They hate peace, which can reign only where Christ reigns.

As Tucker Carlson said a few days ago, we are facing people who serve Satan and the Demons of hell.

Just as the normal people worship and serve God.

This is a battle in which body and soul, matter and spirit, are made the objects of mortal attack by men and spiritual powers.

But let us not forget that if our enemy avails himself of the help of infernal Spirits we have on our side the Lord God of all armies arrayed, Dominus Deus about and all the hosts of angels and Saints infinitely more powerful.

God is Almighty.

Let us never forget that.

He is father. He does not abandon his children in time of crime.

And therefore, I exhort you dear friends to fight this battle with the spiritual weapons that God places at your disposal: prayer, trust in the Lord and the awareness that this enemy will not be defeated where it is most organized and fearsome but by striking it where it is weak.

This weakness comes from his corruption, from his being subservient to evil from the (toll) of all sins that it has committed and still commits: sins against God’s little children.

Because the men and women who in these four years have submitted to enduring lockdowns, violation of their rights, job deprivation and social segregation are not willing to tolerate the crimes that this cursed network of perverts and paedophiles commits against children.

Therefore, bring to light and courageously denounce the network of complicity and crimes of politicians, bankers, actors, journalists, prelates and famous people who are united by their blood pact.

And the whole castle of lies and deceptions that they have hatched will collapse, dragging with it the entire Globalist plan, woke ideology, gender theory, the fake climate emergency and fraud and digital currency.

“Simul staben, simul caden” says the Latin maxim: “just as they stand together, so also they will collapse together”.

Stay strong therefore under the banner of Christ and in the army of God, who is Almighty and who won the cross, has already won the world that is now entering in his final stages.

Gather around the Lord, call His holy name and this will give impetus to your battle.

Remember the words of Saint Paul: “I can do all things through him who strengthens me”.

May God bless you all.

Charles Kovess: Thank you. Thank you, Your grace. That is that is most powerful important and thank you so much for sharing.
Stephen. Please say hello to the Archbishop and we got started because we had him at the start.

Stephen Frost: So Archbishop Vigano I’m so grateful to you for actually seeing my email. I thought you hadn’t seen it. But you had and thank you for coming on and standing with us and speaking to us today. That’s so nice of you.

Archbishop Vigano: Thank you. I will, just had that but I mentioned that several times in my intervention that also the church and in particular the Holy See had been infiltrated in this battle from the side of Satan.

This is the situation for that we need now to to for ourselves this and use this weapon spiritual weapons that I mentioned in my address. May God bless you.

Stephen Frost: Thank you.

German MEP Christine Anderson weighs in on Justin Trudeau, Klaus Schwab, and the ongoing attack on freedom

German MEP Christine Anderson weighs in on Justin Trudeau, Klaus Schwab, and the ongoing attack on freedom

‘Justin Trudeau should be ashamed of himself,’ said Anderson. ‘He is not a Democrat, he is utterly disgusting, and he is a disgrace to democracy.’

On Family Day, a celebration called Family Fringy Day took place on a private farm somewhere between Hamilton and Cambridge, Ont.

The guest of honour: Christine Anderson, the German MEP, who is a quite the celebrity in some circles in Canada given her on-going criticism of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Given the freedom fighters in attendance, Anderson was unsurprisingly given a hero’s welcome at the farm when she arrived as a passenger in a big rig. She was greeted with cheers and was quite moved by the display of both Canadian and German flags.

This primary purpose of the event was meant to commemorate last year’s Ottawa Freedom Convoy. At first blush, it seemed odd that this gathering took place on a private farm closer to Steeltown than our capital city. But then again, we’ve seen how the Trudeau Liberals react to peaceful protests that run contrary to their censorious agenda.

Which is to say, this government has no problem fining, arresting, and freezing the bank accounts of Canadians in order to shut down demonstrations that they dislike. Alas, it would appear that freedom of expression in Canada is on the endangered species list; many Liberals, no doubt, would like to see it extinct.

While we would like to report that a good time was had by all, when it comes to those on the left who look upon freedom as the new “f-word”, such celebrations are… triggering.

Case in point: check out the jaw-dropping story in Cambridge Today headlined, “Cambridge MP condemns ‘Fringy’ Family Day as dangerous.”

Dangerous? What in the world qualifies a peaceful gathering as “dangerous” in the weird mind of Liberal MP Bryan May?

Nevertheless, May questioned the “true intent” of Family Fringy Day and what it was trying to achieve.

May said:

From the very beginning, the Ottawa occupation and blockades were about anti-government sentiment, more specifically anti-Liberal and anti-Trudeau.

Gracious! Anti-government and anti-Liberal and anti-Trudeau sentiment? Yes, that was the very point of the protest.

It should come as no surprise that May, a loyal Trudeau trained seal, is so tone-deaf. During the outrageous response to the pandemic these past few years, people lost their homes and their jobs and their businesses and were also coerced into taking an experimental vaccine. And May wonders why demonstrators were “anti-Liberal” and “anti-Trudeau”? Give us a break.

No surprise that MP May not only condemned Family Fringy Day but also took a pot-shot at Anderson in his Cambridge Today interview. May stated that Anderson’s “ideology runs contrary to Canadian values.”

Really? Like what?

Luckily, we were able to conduct an interview with Anderson in order to receive a rebuttal to May’s nonsense. She also had plenty to say about the Canadian freedom movement.

Check out our exclusive interview with this German politician who has the courage to call out corruption and chicanery.

CAFE Joins 1,000 Freedom Fighters from Across Ontario for Reunite Ontario Rally in Queen’s Park

CAFE Joins 1,000 Freedom Fighters from Across Ontario for Reunite Ontario Rally in Queen’s Park

The Canadian Association for Free Expression was delighted to participate in the Reunite Ontario Freedom Rally in Queen’s Park. Our dozen associate3s added to the crowd of 1,000. Great speakers.

A Lament for a Nation, or Bye-Bye Miss Canadian Pie — The Loss of Our Liberties

A Lament for a Nation, or Bye-Bye Miss Canadian Pie

/ brianpeckford


                                                                                      To live with courage is a virtue               

                                                                                      regardless of what one thinks of the 

                                                                                     dominant assumption of one’s age.

                                                                                              George Grant

                                                                    Drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry

                                                                                        Don Mclean, American Pie

It is very hard to maintain one’s composure when speaking to ordinary Canadians about the disaster in the making that is Canada today. I have engaged personally and via email over the last two years with literally hundreds of my fellow countrymen from all walks of life on the subjects of the national debt, the deficit, the sunsetting of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the draconian and illegal Covid and vaccine mandates and the turbo maladies that flow from them, the various repressive bills sieving through Parliament, the vicious and lying government and media campaign against the Trucker Freedom Convoy, and the unconscionable behavior of the most vindictiveincompetent and unpatriotic prime minister in the history of Confederation.

With precious few exceptions—“precious” is a key word here—I have come away in a state of profound depression. Some readers of my writings as well as everyday interlocutors have accused me of pessimism, which may be true. I recall a remark of Leonard Cohen’s: “A pessimist is somebody who is waiting for the rain. Me, I’m already wet.” Sometimes I feel completely drenched.

I’ve found the great majority of my correspondents do not know the difference between the debt and the deficit. They draw a blank when I mention the Charter or the Nuremberg Code, let alone Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum, and the Great Reset. None have researched the deception or willful ignorance among our politicians regarding the Covid mandates and not one has examined the harmful and even lethal nature of the vaccines and booster shots. None I’ve spoken to have even heard of SADS—Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, which emerged post-vaccine

Bills like C-4C-11C-12 and C-18, which are dictatorial measures designed to muzzle and censor the average citizen, are little more than arcana unworthy of consideration. Most people are indifferent to, or approving of, the push for legislated mask mandates, “a result of a compliant populace,” Cory Morgan writes, “willing to shrug their shoulders and give up personal liberties with little complaint.” The government and medical profession’s targeting of parents who resist the sickness of transgenderitis in order to provide a normal life for their children does not appear to move many Canadians.

For the most part, they are not clear on the frivolous invocation of the Emergencies Act and tend to agree that the government was right in acting against the peaceful and legitimate truckers’ demonstration, to freeze bank accounts and to imprison Convoy organizers on the flimsiest of pretexts. 

Nor are they aware that Canada’s chief justice, Richard Wagner, a Trudeau appointee, has violated the principle of judicial neutrality in condemning the trucker protest, thereby putting himself, so to speak, out of court. They have taken the false flag operations against the truckers at face value and naïvely fall for the profusion of spurious Internet “fact-checks” demonizing the convoy—those “typical blue-collar folk, doing real work for a living,” writes Rex Murphy, “a representative group of Canadian citizens with relevant and pressing concerns.” 

Nor are they familiar with the Liberal finessing of the related Commission of Inquiry. Convoy lawyer Brendan Miller, for example, was removed from the Inquiry after asking embarrassing questions of the government and objecting to its redacted documents. And as expected, the hearing ended with the government presenting no relevant information, justifying its position, and relying on what Director of the National Citizens Coalition Alexander Brown wittily called, adapting a famous phrase from Hannah Arendt, “the banality of bureaucratic abuse.” The entire operation was an exercise in futility.

They do not know that Justin Trudeau has bought off the press with handsome tax rebates and emoluments, and most have declared their intention to vote for him again. Rampant inflation is laid at the door of Vladimir Putin rather than at Trudeau’s reckless economic policies, energy shutdowns, pandemic over-spending, skyrocketing carbon taxes, anti-farming animus, and record borrowing. They believe in the canard of global warming and they are still convinced that the unvaccinated are viral shedders, though we now know that the vaccinated are the major transmitters. And they are proud to be Canadians, “the best country on earth,” as all too many have proclaimed.

Aspects of what I regard as citizen failure are, of course, to be found almost everywhere, but rarely to the extent that we observe here. Ontario MPP Joel Harden put it in a nutshell on Canada’s Remembrance Day, November 11: “The most formidable check on all politicians are active and engaged citizens who are the lifeblood of any democracy.” We still have our heroes, but they are a visibly shrinking minority. The lifeblood is seeping away. In the words of John Mac Ghlionn at The Epoch Times, “the environment that Trudeau and his colleagues have created [is] one steeped in paranoia and suspicion. They have managed to turn a once respectable country into a surveillance state.”

In some respects Canada under Trudeau is gradually becoming a vassal state. 

As Major Russ Cooper, CEO of Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms (C3RF), observes, Canada is now intent “on appropriating offshore causes capable of displacing and denigrating the sovereignty of itself and its citizens.” It is outsourcing its independence “in matters of public health, our military procurement priorities and our own energy production” to foreign bodies and organizations, like the UN, the WHO and the WEF. “It would appear,” Cooper concludes, that “the prime minister’s declaration that Canada was the “first post-national state” with no “core identity” is the better indicator of just where the country is going.”

In thrall to the globalist agenda, Ottawa will introduce legislation to achieve net-zero GHG (greenhouse gasses), at a prohibitive cost to both energy and agricultural production. Yet, according to government statistics, Canada generates merely 1.5 percent of global GHG emissions. Needlessly decarbonizing the productive sector will eventually impoverish the country, as it did Sri Lanka, which seems increasingly to be the prime minister’s ambition. (The fascinating theory of abiotic oil, of course, is dismissed out of hand.)

Another of the scandals we are presently facing is called MAID or Medical Assistance in Dying. This new euthanasia program, which the World Medical Journal describes as “normalizing death as ‘treatment’ in Canada,” is affecting not only the disabled but the elderly, the poor and the homeless as well. Euthanasia, as Stephen Green writes in PJ Media, “the weeding out of undesirables by official means, has been a tenet of progressive ideology from the very beginning,” a system that “encourage[es] suicide over treatment.” 

Canada has become the contemporary poster boy for this outrageous regime. Put bluntly, people who no longer recognize the country they grew up in have only two options: to leave or to die. 

Thus, it comes as no surprise that Canadians are abandoning the countryin ever-growing numbers. Remaining in Canada depends on whether one considers it to be politically salvageable. For those who have settled elsewhere, the answer is a clear No. For these emigrants, this is not a question of weakness or moral defeat but of simple clarity. It can be said, to adopt George Grant’s injunction, that they are living with courage, for it takes courage to leave everything behind and begin anew in unfamiliar surroundings. They have taken the measure of the situation and do not expect a supine and stupefied citizen body to awaken to the reality of its condition.  

Canada is now an immigrant-ridden and fissiparous country, the majority of its people wallowing in obliviousness and proud, it would seem, of their deference to authoritarian dictate. Perhaps the only solution, if there is one, is prairie secession, the goal of the Wexit movement, which appears to be gathering some momentum. The prairie provinces would make a viable and prosperous independent country. Admittedly, it’s a long shot, but discontent is mounting.

Whether or not the movement prospers, there are encouraging signs of pushback against federal government ordinances. The provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan in particular have served notice they intend to resist Trudeau’s energy policies, the threat of a digital ID rollout, and the likelihood of renewed vaccine mandates and passports. Once the energy and agricultural backbone of the nation, and presently under the enlightened leadership of Danielle Smith and Scott Moe, respectively, these two provinces currently represent a silver lining in a massively dark cloud. 

But one thing should be obvious by now: we cannot go back to the status quo ante. The levee is dry.

David Solway is a Canadian poet and essayist. His most recent volume of poetry, The Herb Garden, appeared in 2018 with Guernica Editions. His manifesto, Reflections on Music, Poetry & Politics, was released by Shomron Press in 2016. He has produced two CDs of original songs: Blood Guitar and Other Tales and Partial to Cain on which he was accompanied by his pianist wife Janice Fiamengo. His latest book is Notes from a Derelict Culture, Black House, London, 2019.

Brave Chinese Take to the Streets to Protest COVID Lockdowns

Chinese Lockdown Protests Intensify In Rare Display Of Defiance

I hope these brave freedom fighters experience the exhilaration and fellowship that we did in Canada during the End the Lockdown rallies.

Red Chinahas imposed severe and egregious COVID lockdowns where people cannot hardly leave home. .  There has always been protests in China but this many spreading across China at the same time is a little bit different. It’s being compared to Tiananmen Square in 1989.

I have yet to hear the term “China Spring” so, at this time anyway, I don’t think it is the neocons at Foggy Bottom doing this.
At the bottom of this email I included an article of WEF founder Klaus Schwab, a Jew, stating that the Chinese communist system is the preferred system and with these recent protests coming out to the public, it helps to reveal HIS real motivations as a globalist.  With these protests the Chinese people are rejecting not just the lockdowns but the central government itself.

How it all turns out, it’s hard to say at present.  Is this meant to deter President Xi from moving on Taiwan or to encourage it in a Sino “wag the dog” moment. 


to Alan

So China has imposed severe and egregious covid lock downs where people cannot hardly leave home. Why, I’m not sure unless the “conspiracy theory” is true and that there are some “white hats” of some kind, Xi’s own people perhaps, that want to bring down the CCP in China but they need the help of the people to do so and one way is to make life so unbearable that the people have to rise up.  There has always been protests in China but this many spreading across China at the same time is a little bit different. Not organic, but organized. Being compared to Tiananmen Square in 1989.

I have yet to hear the term “China Spring” so, at this time anyway, I don’t think it is the neocons at Foggy Bottom doing this.
At the bottom of this email I included an article of WEF founder Klaus Schwab, stating that the Chinese communist system is the preferred system and with these recent protests coming out to the public, it helps to reveal HIS real motivations as a globalist.  With these protests the Chinese people are rejecting not just the lockdowns but the central government itself.
How it all turns out, it’s hard to say at present.  Is this meant to deter President Xi from moving on Taiwan or to encourage it in a Sino “wag the dog” moment. 

EMERGENCY – China Has Erupted – REVOLUTION!!!
EMERGENCY – China Has Erupted – REVOLUTION!!!

Zero-Tolerance: Chinese Lockdown Protests Intensify In Rare Display Of Defiance

Sunday, Nov 27, 2022 – 12:30 PM

Protests in China over President Xi Jinping’s zero-tolerance Covid-19 measures have intensified – expanding from Beijing and the far western Xinjiang region to several other major cities, including Wuhan, Shanghai, and the eastern city of Nanjing, according to video and photos circulating on social media.Zero-Tolerance: Chinese Lockdown Protests Intensify In Rare Display Of Defiance
Zero-Tolerance: Chinese Lockdown Protests Intensify In Rare Display Of D…”Xi Jinping, step down!”

The Mask Is Off: WEF’s Klaus Schwab Declares China A “Role Model”

Once upon a time, the Soviets had a tightly controlled network of internationalists known as the COMINTERN to promote their communist model to Europe and beyond.

As it stands now, the Red Chinese have gone them one better: They’ve got Klaus Schwab.

World Economic Forum founder and Chair Klaus Schwab recently sat down for an interview with a Chinese state media outlet and proclaimed that China was a “role model” for other nations. 

Schwab, 84, made these comments during an interview with CGTN’s Tian Wei on the sidelines of last week’s APEC CEO Summit in Bangkok, Thailand.  Schwab said he respected China’s “tremendous” achievements at modernizing its economy over the last 40 years. 

“I think it’s a role model for many countries,” Schwab said, before qualifying that he thinks each country should make its own decisions about what system it wants to adapt. “I think we should be very careful in imposing systems. But the Chinese model is certainly a very attractive model for quite a number of countries,” Schwab said.

Paul Fromm on the Great Reset & Trudeau’s Plans to Stifle the Internet — Talk Given at Vancouver, July 17, 2021

Paul Fromm on the Great Reset & Trudeau’s Plans to Stifle the Internet — Talk Given at Vancouver, July 17, 2021


The Post COVID Totalitarian Agenda — Mark Carney’s “Great Reset Dream” for Our Grim Future & Trudeau’s Anti-Free Speech Plans for the Future

* The Great Reset, the conspiratorial architects, Mark Carney and Karl Schwab

* A future of poverty, limited travel, few cars, little heat & less meat

*Trudeau’s imposed silence — Bill C-10(gagging the Internet) & Bill C-36 (preventing serious criticism of privileged minorities online)

COVID- 19 Is Not A Pandemic. It Is A Psy Ops For Total Control

COVID- 19 Is Not A Pandemic. It Is A Psy Ops For Total Control

by Peter Goodchild

These nurses are ‘leveling up’ their moves to Ciara’s hit dance challenge

COVID 19 is a rather unimpressive “pandemic.” The government is lying to you. Masks, lock-downs, social distancing – think about what they’re really doing to you. They don’t want to protect you; they want to control you. They use the standard formula for brainwashing: despair, deprivation, and dread. That’s what we have with our so-called pandemic. Not protection. Control.
There have been various “pandemics” over the last few thousand years. The 14th-century Black Death may have killed 200 million people, and that was when the world population itself was much smaller. The Spanish Flu of 1918-1920 killed perhaps 40 or 50 million people. In 1957 the Asian Flu killed about a million people, and in 1968 the Hong Kong Flu also killed a million. Neither of those events in 1957 and 1968 was a major news item. The big news of 1957 was that Elvis Presley was starring in two movies.

The main difference between 1957 and 1968 and now? Then: no masks, no lock-down, no social distancing, no global economy crushed down to Great Depression level, and no government by martial law. (By the way, one million is only one percent of one percent of 8 billion, the world population. No, that’s not a misprint.)

There are about 77,000 radio and TV stations around the world. Starting in early 2020, it seemed that all of them were talking almost all day about COVID 19. At the same time, political leaders started chanting expressions such as “the New Normal” and “the Great Reset.” It was hard to imagine what sort of organization would be big enough to jump-start such an operation as “COVID 19” and keep it rolling for such a long time.

The expressions being intoned were in fact the words of Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, disguised as a great new opportunity for humanity, but really a massive attempt at global dictatorship. Imagine a “lock-down” that goes on for the centuries.

Don’t let your own fear be used as a weapon against you.