Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron Demands CBC Uphold Journalistic Mandate of Fairness

Patron Demands CBC Uphold Journalistic Mandate

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Feb 2021 Patron Demands CBC Uphold Journalistic Mandate Our public media broadcaster is no longer acting in the public interest. Canadian Nationalist Party Activism

Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron visited the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Headquarters in Saskatchewan on Friday to demand they uphold their journalistic mandate after completely neglecting coverage of their claim that the Government Of Canada has failed to uphold the democratic mandate.

The Canadian Nationalist Party was unconstitutionally excluded from the most recent 43rd Federal Election after requesting and being denied (ubiquitously and without exception) the liberty of hosting a public event and communicating their policies to voters after the issue of the writ (September 11th – October 21st, 2019). Not a single request made was honoured.

We maintain that this represents a failure of the Government Of Canada to uphold their democratic mandate.

In the resulting constitution lawsuit before the Court Of Queen’s Bench For Saskatchewan, the Court has ordered that Patron is not allowed to represent the federally-sanctioned political party he founded and continues to lead. The Judge has ordered that until someone other than Patron is appointed to represent his party, no further action can take place, and that failing to appoint someone else within 90 days may result in the outright dismissal of the claim.

The Court Of Appeal For Saskatchewan has now recently held that this order does “not dispose of the rights of the parties, in a final and binding way, with respect to any substantive issue in the action”.

The Canadian Nationalist Party has no intention of retaining someone other than Patron to represent them in the court of law at this time and to dismiss or delay a claim of such national importance would be an egregious denial of justice. It would also violate the inherent dignity of the human person and damage confidence in social and political institutions which are created to enhance participation in our society.

Last year, the Canadian Nationalist Party submitted a formal complaint with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Ombudsman, where we proposed an interview to discuss these matters and which has yet to receive any redress whatsoever.

By completely neglecting to cover these developments, Canada’s public media broadcaster has departed from their journalistic mandate and is acting in violation of their article of incorporation – specifically, The Broadcasting Act, 1991.

In response to this, last month we submitted a request with the Canadian Radio & Television Communications to revoke their broadcasting license rather than renewing it during the public consultation process.

The Broadcasting Act 1991, states clearly that the broadcasting system shall be effectively owned and controlled by Canadians, shall provide a public service essential to the maintenance and enhancement of national identity and cultural sovereignty, and should serve to enrich the political fabric of Canada. Additionally, where any conflict arises between the objectives of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, it shall be resolved in the public interest, and where the public interest would be equally served by resolving the conflict in favour of either, it shall be resolved in favour of a shared national consciousness and identity.

As a federally-sanctioned political party that has touted the importance of national identity since our very inception, we view neglecting to inform the public of our lawsuit which claims the Government Of Canada has failed to uphold its democratic mandate as a violation of The Broadcasting Act of 1991.

In recognition that this act is binding on Her Majesty The Queen, we also submit that the willful violation of these policies is grounds for civil asset forfeiture.

You can watch the Friday encounter at CBC Regina below: Video Player00:0007:04Video Player00:0009:07Video Player00:0004:10Video Player00:0001:55

We will continue to put pressure on our public media broadcaster until we are confident they are abiding by a journalistic mandate which is in the public interest and in alignment with The Broadcasting Act, 1991.

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