FINLAND: Suppressing Dissent Cops worse than an enemy during the War

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FINLAND: Suppressing Dissent Cops worse than an enemy during the War

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Despite being relatively mildly hit by COVID-19 flu-like virus, Finland has seen some of the harshest restrictions in Europe and has been living in a state of emergency for weeks. The restrictions have triggered protests brutally dispersed by the police.

Following the break-up of a demonstration against repression, Finnish MP Ano Turtiainen has said that he considers the Finnish police to be like an ‘enemy during the war’. He accused the law enforcement of not serving the citizens.

In a scorching Facebook post, the MP, who formed his own party since being expelled from the Finns Party for poking fun at the killing of George Floyd, wrote that in his opinion the police don’t protect the citizens, but rather safeguard the Helsinki regime of which they are a part.

‘I do not trust the police anymore. I treat them the same way I would deal with the worst enemy during war,’ Turtiainen wrote, referring to protests against coronavirus restrictions held in Helsinki last weekend. Turtiainen suggested that the world is at war and that he doesn’t think that the situation will be resolved ‘without worse brawls’.

During the weekend’s demonstration organised against the restrictions to combat the coronavirus epidemic, the police brought over 20 people into custody and fined an additional 10 motorists for operating their vehicles in a disturbing manner as part of the demonstration.

According to the Helsinki Police Department, the authorities received no prior notification of the demonstration, as some 300 protesters showed up. As of now, public gatherings of over six people are prohibited as part of the government’s claims to push down the spread of the coronavirus (and anti-regime protests).

Michael Walsh over 50 years of political activism has had many brushes with the law. He has been several times arrested and twice gaoled in Britain and in Spain.

‘The thing to remember is that a policeman’s job is unique. He knows that in the broad field of careers the status of his job is that of a leper set loose in society. For a start, a person with whom we can readily associate ourselves has the ability to be a doctor or engineer, a tradesman or a business person.

The intellect of a policeman falls short of even the lowest skilled job. Should the policeman or woman lose their job there is no meaningful occupation prepared to offer a job opportunity to an ex-cop except as an airport baggage checker, security guard in a shopping mall or employed to patrol a building site overnight. These jobs are low paid, insecure and lack respect.

‘On the other hand, the same person provided with a police job is well-paid, has a better pension than most, his job is hardly arduous or mentally challenging, and he or she gets early retirement thanks to the generosity of the state, which in effect has become his mother ship. 

Unsurprisingly, the policeman’s opinion of himself is on a par with that of the humble citizen whose head the policeman crunches with his baton. Public scorn for the cop reflects the image the cop sees in their mirror each day.’

To date, Finland has been relatively mildly hit by COVID-19, with some 870 deaths, but has seen some of the hardest restrictions in Europe and has been living in a state of emergency for over one year. Source

The Destruction of Stockwell Day

The Destruction of Stockwell Day

Be very clear: Canada is in the midst of an unthinking, hysterical cancel culture reminiscent of the insanity and destruction of Mao’s Red Guards. Active collaborators in this Cultural Marxist insanity are many  in businesses and government. There is a party line of approved victimhood from which no one may deviate. All that is missing is Mao’s Little Red Book. And let there be no doubt, no one, no one is safe.

From corporate director, corporate advisor and CBC commentator, former Alberta Treasurer and later Canadian Alliance Party Leader Stockwell Day, within 24 hours was out on the sidewalk — purged. Of course, no trial, no hearing, no due process.

“A former Conservative cabinet minister resigned from both the Telus board of directors and a business law firm after comments he made on TV about racism in Canada. Stockwell Day was on a CBC Power & Politics panel Tuesday discussing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s response to protests over the police killing of George Floyd, a black man in the U.S. Day said systemic racism was not an issue in Canada and compared people’s experiences of racism here to him being mocked for wearing glasses as a child.

Wednesday afternoon, Telus released a statement announcing it had accepted Day’s resignation from the board. ‘The views expressed by Mr. Day during yesterday’s broadcast of Power & Politics are not reflective of the values and beliefs of our organization,’ Telus said in a statement. Day had been on the board since 2011.” And what values would those be, pray tell. Making money? Clearly not defending free speech or diversity of opinion. Mr. Day, incidentally, was elected by Telus shareholders. He must have been put under intolerable pressure to resign.

“Soon after, Teresa Dufort, partner and CEO at McMillan LLP, released a statement saying the law firm had accepted Day’s resignation as a strategic adviser. ‘At McMillan LLP, we believe that systemic racism is real and that it can only be addressed when each of us — as individuals and organizations — commits to meaningful change,’ she said. ‘Yesterday, Stockwell Day made comments during a televised interview that run counter to this view.’” (Vancouver Sun, June 4, 2020) So, Stockwell Day, who was representing his own opinions, not McMillan or Telus, had deviated from the new party line of White Guilt. Does McMillan mean it too is actually racist? Is Teresa Dufort prepared to give up her position to some worthy Negro or Indian? But Stockwell must be punished.

Later, the CBC announced that Day had stepped down from his role as a commentator on Power & Politics,


When asked about systemic racism, here’s what the former Reform Party MP actually said: “We have to recognize that our system is not perfect in Canada. Yes, there’s a few idiot racists hanging around but Canada is not a racist country and most Canadians are not racist. And our system, that always needs to be improved, is not systemically racist. … Should I have gone through school and been mocked because I had glasses and was called four-eyes and because of the occupation of my parents?” Day asked. “Should I have been mocked for all that? No, of course not. But are Canadians largely and in majority racist? No, we are not.” (CBC, June 3, 2020) These comments were, of course, considered heresy. Straight White men are not allowed to feel pain or exclusion. Only privileged minorities are allowed this narrative.