Back when he was seeking the leadership of the Conservative Party, Andrew Scheer said he’d cut federal funding to any university that did not actively promote and defend free speech on campus. Bully for him! We applauded him, We noted how tyrannical Justin Trudeau is with his caucus. No dissent on abortion is allowed. All elected Liberals must bark the pro-abortion line or be expelled from the caucus or denied a nomination. No wonder Trudeau is such an admirer, like his father before bhim, of Red China,

Sadly, it didn’t take Andrew Scheer long to change his tune.  Lynn Beyak is a feisty senator from Northern Ontario. Last year she begged to dissent from the “residential schools were racist hell holes” politically correct line. That’s part of the Indians good, Whites bad, party line where any Indian shortcomings are blamed on White people, colonialism or Jacques Cartier. She pointed out that many of the poorly paid teachers who tried to give Indian youngsters an education were well meaning and did much good. For that, she was roundly denounced and her own party kicked her off the Aboriginal Affairs Committee.
However, Beyak received many letters from Canadians with on-the-ground experience who knew that the Ottawa White guilt narrative was largely nonsense. She did what so seldom happens: She gave Canadians a voice. She published their letters on her website.
Andrew Scheer demanded that she take one of those letters down. She refused. And now she’s out of the caucus.
The National Post (January 4, 2018) picks up the story: “ Sen. Lynn Beyak, who famously declared “some good” came out of Canada’s residential schools, was removed from the Conservative Party caucus after refusing to remove a “racist” comment from her website, Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer said Thursday . Scheer said in a statement that he had learned on Tuesday that Beyak had posted approximately 100 letters from Canadians in support of her position on residential schools to her Parliamentary website. He said the vast majority of letters focused on the history of residential schools, while others contained comments about Indigenous Canadians in general. The Conservative leader said he had asked Beyak to remove one of the letters that suggested Indigenous People want to get things for “no effort” and she refused, resulting in her removal from caucus. ‘Promoting this comment is offensive and unacceptable for a Conservative Parliamentarian. To suggest that Indigenous Canadians are lazy compared to other Canadians, is simply racist,’ he said.” What’s “racist” about that? The only valid question is whether it’s true or not. While there are many hardworking Indians, for whatever reason, anyone with Northern experience knows there are also many Indians with a poor work ethic. The point is: The comment is an OPINION. It’s debatable. It should not be banned..
One reason this country’s political elite of ALL parties is so out of touch with Canadians is there is a whole range of issues that cannot be mentioned. Suggest that the residential schools were an imperfect but well meaning attempt to bring a Stone Age people into the modern work and it’s: “You shut up!” Suggest that there may be something wrong with an immigration policy which will replace, ethnically cleanse, Canada’s European founding/settler people by 2050, if it’s not changed quickly, and again it’s: “You shut up!”
But Scheer was almost a moderate beside the Red Guard vehemence of NDP MP Charlie Angus who wants the Prime Minister to find a way to kick her out of the Senate. In “tolerant” Canada, some views just cannot be tolerated by the virtue signallers of political correctness: “Sen. Lynn Beyak — newly turfed from the Conservative caucus — is fundamentally unfit to represent the Canadian people, NDP MP Charlie Angus said Friday as he urged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to use his influence to get her removed from the upper chamber once and for all. In a letter to Trudeau following Beyak’s ouster late Thursday, Angus asks the prime minister to reach out to the independent and Liberal members of the Senate, among others, to convince them to ‘use the tools of the Senate’ to finally put an end to what he calls an “egregious abuse of public office.” (CANADIAN PRESS, Januaryy 5, 2018)’ .
So, giving voice to a politically incorrect OPINION is “an egregious abuse of public office” and anti-democratic!

Sen. Lynn Beyak booted from Conservative caucus over ’racist’ post on website

Andrew Scheer said in a statement that he asked Beyak to remove a ‘racist’ letter from her Parliamentary website regarding Indigenous people and she refused

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Senator Punished for Defending Residential Schools

Senator Punished for Defending Residential Schools
 So firmly is Ottawa in the hands of the Cultural Marxists of political correctness that even a senator can be punished for deviation from politically correct group think. The all-party line is that the residential schools whereby many Indian students were educated was a case of “cultural genocide” : Indians good; White people evil. Apologies and megabucks in compensation for having been educated are in order.

Along comes Northwest Ontario Senator Lynn Beyak who had the temerity to tell the Senate that many good things happened in these schools and the largely religious staff were self-sacrificing well-meaning people. “I speak partly for the record, but mostly in memory of the kindly and well-intentioned men and women and their descendants — perhaps some of us here in this chamber — whose remarkable works, good deeds and historical tales in the residential schools go unacknowledged for the most part and are overshadowed by negative reports.” (National Post, April 7, 2017) Interestingly, many Indians agree that they were given a start in life and placed on the road to a rewarding career by the education they received in the residential schools, “In particular, she focused on statements made by Cree playwright Tomson Highway, who told the Huffington Post in 2015 that “I have a thriving international career, and it wouldn’t have happened without that school.” (National Post, March 20, 2017)

“Assembly of First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde has also called for Beyak to be removed from the committee.” Rona Ambrose, the interim leader of the Conservative Party hopped to the minority demand and promptly stabbed the knife into her fellow Tory and removed her from the Senate Aboriginal Affairs Committee. “‘Ms. Ambrose has been clear that Sen. Beyak’s views do not reflect the Conservative party’s position on residential schools,” said Jake Enwhistle, Ambrose’s spokesman. (Huffington Post, April 7, 2017)

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Senator Beyak is not apologizing, nor does she intend to resign for expressing her opinion, as some critics have urged.

Instead she struck back, arguing political correctness is stifling discussion. The Toronto Star (April 6, 2017) reported: “Sen. Lynn Beyak says her removal from the Senate’s committee for indigenous people is ‘a threat to freedom of speech,’ and claims she is supported by a ‘silent majority’ of Canadians. … In a statement Thursday, Beyak bemoaned how it is becoming ‘difficult’ to have a ‘balanced, truthful discussion’ about all issues in Canada. ‘Political correctness is stifling opinion and thoughtful conversation that we must be allowed to have if we are to truly improve our great country,’ the statement said. ‘Too often, on a broad range of issues, a vocal minority cries foul and offence whenever a point of view is raised that does not align with their own.’

The duty of a member of the Senate is to discuss freely the issues of the day. Not so according to an Indian MP, NDPer Romeo Saganash: “Free speech does not apply to ‘people that celebrate genocide,'” he told the National Post (April 7, 2017) Of course, Senator Beyak wasn’t celebrating genocide, just trying to offer some perspective on what has become an Establishment guilt binge.