Senate Ethics Committee Recommends Sen. Lynn Beyak Be Suspended Again & Sent Back to Political Re-education Camp

Senate Ethics Committee Recommends Sen.  Lynn  Beyak Be Suspended Again & Sent Back to Political Re-education Camp

Senate Ethics Committee Recommends Sen. Beyak Be Suspended Again & Sent Back to Political Re=education CampThe following story shows just how far down the Cultural Marxist road we have come to Stalinism. The Senate Ethics Committee is recommending that Senator Lynn Beyak be again suspended (no pay, no benefits) because, it seems, her apology for posting letters critical of natives and offering another view of the residential schools was not abject enough. During her previous suspension she was to take a political re-education “anti-racism” course, at her own expense. Well, it appears that she did not change her views. She resisted being re-educated. The report scolds: ” Sen. Beyak failed to exhibit any willingness to learn and because of this the training provider did not provide the agreed-upon instruction in its entirety.”In other words, she did not change her views.

Make no mistake about what this means. Should the full Senate endorse the committee’s recommendations, they will effectively have subverted the career of a duly appointed Senator,. They will have un-appointed her or sidelined her because they do not like her political views. She will have been neutered — the Stalinists would have called it “liquidated” — and prevented from doing the job she was appointed to do. the implications of being sent off for  re-education are chilling. The Senate was established as a chamber of “sober second thought”, not as a rubber stamp for the social justice warrior fads of the day or the endless White-bashing that constitutes Ottawa approach to Indian issues.

Global News (January 31, 2020) reported: “

Sen. Lynn Beyak says the bad aspects of the residential school system has overshadowed the good.
Sen. Lynn Beyak says the bad aspects of the residential school system has overshadowed the good. Senate/

Sen. Lynn Beyak should be suspended again without pay, the Senate’s ethics committee recommended Friday.

Beyak’s colleagues ousted her from the upper chamber temporarily last spring after condemning as racist several letters she had posted to her website.

The Ontario senator had published letters supporting her view that some Indigenous people had had positive experiences in residential schools, which the Truth and Reconciliation Commission concluded caused generations of First Nations, Metis and Inuit children to suffer abuse and alienation.

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Some of the letters went beyond that, suggesting Indigenous people or their cultures are inferior.

Beyak’s suspension ended automatically when Parliament was dissolved for the federal election last fall.

Attempts to reach Beyak through her lawyer and her Senate office weren’t immediately successful Friday. In November, Beyak said she had met all the conditions to return to work.

She had removed the letters the ethics committee found most objectionable from her website, taken a briefing on the role of a senator, completed education programs on Indigenous history and delivered an apology, she said.

“I deeply respect the Senate and love working with my Senate colleagues. I pledge myself to uphold the highest standards of conduct and look forward to working hard for all of the people of Ontario and Canada,” Beyak wrote in a statement at the time.

But the committee concluded in a report released Friday that Beyak did not meet the conditions set out for her return, calling an apology she delivered insufficient and her participation in educational programs on racism towards Indigenous Peoples in Canada incomplete.

The committee agreed that the letters had been taken down and that Beyak had been briefed on her duties as a senator. But it wasn’t satisfied that she had taken her education on Indigenous history seriously.

“On the one hand, Sen. Beyak can rightfully assert that she attempted to complete the training that was provided to her,” the report says. “On the other, the training provider indicated that Sen. Beyak failed to exhibit any willingness to learn and because of this the training provider did not provide the agreed-upon instruction in its entirety.”

The committee also found that Beyak’s one-sentence apology for having been found in breach of Senate rules wasn’t good enough. The senators “cannot accept an apology that fails to show awareness of the wrong, fails to accept responsibility for the wrong, fails to sincerely apologize, fails to atone for past actions and fails to commit to take action in order to rectify the situation,” they wrote.”

Senate’s ethics committee recommends Lynn Beyak be suspended without pay

Senate’s ethics committee recommends Lynn Beyak be suspended without pay


[In Cultural Marxist Canada, in the reptilian grip of an alien ideology, no one, not even a Canadian Senator is safe. In the interest of public debate, allowing many, not just narrowly approved, voices to be heard, Senator Lynn Beyak posted letters critical of Indians  she’d received on her website. The Senate  Ethics Committee recommends that she be stripped of her pay for the remainder of this Parliamentary session and be sent off to political re-education school on racism. An independent thinker, Senator Beyak was earlier kicked out of the Conservative caucus because she had the temerity to state that the Indian Residential Schools, established to educate native Indians from far flung communities in an effort to take them from the Stone Age to the edge of the modern age in one generation, were not all bad and that many of the staff were caring and dedicated people. Her balanced view was heresy in Ottawa where the demonization of Whites is a moral imperative.

Press reports are too prissy to give us exactly what the offensive letters said. CBC News (March 20, 2019) gave  this summary: “Five of the letters contained racist content, suggesting that Indigenous people are lazy, chronic whiners who are milking the residential-school issue to get government handouts.” It sounds like small potatoes. These critical views, right or wrong, are widely held in Northern and Western Canada. Why should they be silenced?]

— Paul Fromm]

The Senate’s ethics committee is recommending that Sen. Lynn Beyak be suspended without pay for the duration of the current Parliament, over letters about Indigenous people she has posted to her website in March 2019.

The Senate’s ethics committee is recommending that Dryden Sen. Lynn Beyak be suspended without pay for the duration of the current Parliament, over letters about Indigenous people she has posted to her website.


The committee’s recommendations include that Beyak attend educational programs at her own expense related to racism toward Indigenous people in Canada.

The committee’s report also says the Senate administration should be directed to immediately remove five letters from her website if she won’t remove them herself.

The Senate ethics committee was tasked with recommending appropriate remedial measures or sanctions for Beyak based on findings from the Senate’s ethics officer.

The officer reported in March that the Ontario senator posted letters on her Senate website that contained racist content and therefore breached two sections of a code of conduct for senators.

Beyak could not immediately be reached for comment in response to the Senate committee findings.



Back when he was seeking the leadership of the Conservative Party, Andrew Scheer said he’d cut federal funding to any university that did not actively promote and defend free speech on campus. Bully for him! We applauded him, We noted how tyrannical Justin Trudeau is with his caucus. No dissent on abortion is allowed. All elected Liberals must bark the pro-abortion line or be expelled from the caucus or denied a nomination. No wonder Trudeau is such an admirer, like his father before bhim, of Red China,

Sadly, it didn’t take Andrew Scheer long to change his tune.  Lynn Beyak is a feisty senator from Northern Ontario. Last year she begged to dissent from the “residential schools were racist hell holes” politically correct line. That’s part of the Indians good, Whites bad, party line where any Indian shortcomings are blamed on White people, colonialism or Jacques Cartier. She pointed out that many of the poorly paid teachers who tried to give Indian youngsters an education were well meaning and did much good. For that, she was roundly denounced and her own party kicked her off the Aboriginal Affairs Committee.
However, Beyak received many letters from Canadians with on-the-ground experience who knew that the Ottawa White guilt narrative was largely nonsense. She did what so seldom happens: She gave Canadians a voice. She published their letters on her website.
Andrew Scheer demanded that she take one of those letters down. She refused. And now she’s out of the caucus.
The National Post (January 4, 2018) picks up the story: “ Sen. Lynn Beyak, who famously declared “some good” came out of Canada’s residential schools, was removed from the Conservative Party caucus after refusing to remove a “racist” comment from her website, Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer said Thursday . Scheer said in a statement that he had learned on Tuesday that Beyak had posted approximately 100 letters from Canadians in support of her position on residential schools to her Parliamentary website. He said the vast majority of letters focused on the history of residential schools, while others contained comments about Indigenous Canadians in general. The Conservative leader said he had asked Beyak to remove one of the letters that suggested Indigenous People want to get things for “no effort” and she refused, resulting in her removal from caucus. ‘Promoting this comment is offensive and unacceptable for a Conservative Parliamentarian. To suggest that Indigenous Canadians are lazy compared to other Canadians, is simply racist,’ he said.” What’s “racist” about that? The only valid question is whether it’s true or not. While there are many hardworking Indians, for whatever reason, anyone with Northern experience knows there are also many Indians with a poor work ethic. The point is: The comment is an OPINION. It’s debatable. It should not be banned..
One reason this country’s political elite of ALL parties is so out of touch with Canadians is there is a whole range of issues that cannot be mentioned. Suggest that the residential schools were an imperfect but well meaning attempt to bring a Stone Age people into the modern work and it’s: “You shut up!” Suggest that there may be something wrong with an immigration policy which will replace, ethnically cleanse, Canada’s European founding/settler people by 2050, if it’s not changed quickly, and again it’s: “You shut up!”
But Scheer was almost a moderate beside the Red Guard vehemence of NDP MP Charlie Angus who wants the Prime Minister to find a way to kick her out of the Senate. In “tolerant” Canada, some views just cannot be tolerated by the virtue signallers of political correctness: “Sen. Lynn Beyak — newly turfed from the Conservative caucus — is fundamentally unfit to represent the Canadian people, NDP MP Charlie Angus said Friday as he urged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to use his influence to get her removed from the upper chamber once and for all. In a letter to Trudeau following Beyak’s ouster late Thursday, Angus asks the prime minister to reach out to the independent and Liberal members of the Senate, among others, to convince them to ‘use the tools of the Senate’ to finally put an end to what he calls an “egregious abuse of public office.” (CANADIAN PRESS, Januaryy 5, 2018)’ .
So, giving voice to a politically incorrect OPINION is “an egregious abuse of public office” and anti-democratic!

Sen. Lynn Beyak booted from Conservative caucus over ’racist’ post on website

Andrew Scheer said in a statement that he asked Beyak to remove a ‘racist’ letter from her Parliamentary website regarding Indigenous people and she refused

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