A NEW STATE RELIGION & THE END OF FREE THOUGHT IN CANADA — Paul Fromm & Charles Edward Lincoln Discuss Canada’s Proposed Law to Outlaw Holocaust Questioning

A NEW STATE RELIGION & THE END OF FREE THOUGHT IN CANADA — Paul Fromm & Charles Edward Lincoln Discuss Canada’s Proposed Law to Outlaw Holocaust Questioning
Will thinking Canadians be victimized by another minority flim flam?


If Holocaust Law Passes, Canada Will Soon Have A State Religion

If Holocaust Law Passes, Canada Will Soon Have A State Religion

Move over,Iran, and other theocracies, Canada may soon join you as a country with an imposed state religion. The many in Canada’s elite who loath Christianity needn’t fear: It’s not Christianity. And those who fear the aggressive conquering religion of many of our newcomers, Islam, can take comfort; it’s not Islam.

It is a self-serving tribal story called “the holocaust.” The CanadianPress reports: “Holocaust denial is to be outlawed in Canada, in a further effort to stamp out rising antisemitism. The federal government is set to make it a criminal offence to make a statement denying the Holocaust took place or condoning or downplaying the killing of Jews by the Nazi regime, except in a private conversation.

Ministers plan to use a bill enacting the budget to swiftly change the Criminal Code, budget documents show.”

What happened between Jews and the National Socialist government of Germany during World War II, would normally be considered a matter of history. An historical event can be discussed, debated or revised. When you are no longer allowed to discuss but must holler “I believe”, then we’re no longer dealing with history but a quasi-religion, where heretics or dissenters or even plain skeptics must be punished.

An historical question may be freely debated. For instance, did Abraham Lincoln like Blacks? Ironically, the Great Emancipator was a segregationist and did not think Blacks and Whites could live together and favoured a back-to-Africa programme after the Civil War. This is true but you may object and offer another conclusion and not fear jail or job loss in the U.S.A.

Should this despicable piece of thought control being snuck into the budget pass, you will not be free to dissent from the Hollywood version of World War II in Canada. Canada’s Jewish lobby groups, especially the misnamed League for Human Rights on B’nai Brith (as long a freedom of speech or belief are not considered human rights) have long campaigned to make their tribal history of WWII compulsory belief in Canada and dissent dubbed “holocaust denial” a crime. The thinking man or woman may wonder why, if an account is so manifestly true, that those with a contrary point of view must be criminalized. Do we jail people who deny that the earth is more  or less round?

The excuse for this restriction on free speech, free thought and discussion is the usual flim-flam of victimhood. The Canadian Press reports:  ” “Jewish Canadians comprise one per cent of the Canadian population yet are the target of 62 per cent of all religiously motivated hate crimes,” said Richard Marceau, vice-president of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs. “We live in a time of rising antisemitism.”

Firstly, these statistics do not refer to actual convictions. The term “hate crime”  means any incident — usually a mere posting on the Internet –that is critical of the group making the accusation. Hate speech is speech the accuser hates. From all the huffing and puffing aout rising anti-Semitism, you might think that synagogues were going up in flames and Jewish businesses being firebombed and individual Jews shot dead on the streets. No, you didn’t miss a news cycle. None of these things are happening. B’nai Brith has published its Annual Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents for over 30 years and,  unfailingly, every year reports more anti-Semitic “incidents” than the year before. Things are always getting worse for these hucksters of victimhood, who still manage to get such a seemingly hostile society to enact their legislative wishes and promote their pet projects.

As for burning or vandalized religious institutions, it’s Christian churches, 52 of them, that were the targets last Spring. Trudeau who is introducing this thought control measure took weeks to even mention these attacks. He disagreed with them but found them ‘understandable”.

Jews, according to StatsCan, are Canada’s richest minority. They are disproportionately represented in media, businesses and the professions. Their interests are solicitously listened to by politicians and the government. Whatever else they may be, Jews are not a vulnerable minority.

In fact, as the Canadian Press article points out the Federal Government is even providing special funding for Jewish interests.  MAO CENSORSHIP.jpg

“The budget set aside more than $70 million for initiatives benefiting Canada’s Jewish community. This includes $20 million for the relocation and expansion of the Montreal Holocaust Museum and $2.5 million to support the Sarah and Chaim Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre in Toronto.” Also, “Irwin Cotler is the prime minister’s special envoy on preserving Holocaust remembrance and combating antisemitism.

The budget earmarked $5.6 million over five years to support Cotler’s office.”

Why shouldn’t the wealthy Jewish community pay for funding the promotion of its own tribal history?

Justin Trudeau has long shown that he’s no friend of individual freedoms — except in the Ukraine, of course. Early on in the growing list of federal government COVID restrictions, members of his government mused about censoring “misinformation” on the Internet. In 2021, they brought in Bills C-10 and C-36, both of which involved severe restrictions on free speech. Neither became law as Parliament was prorogued  for the election.

“Those of us who support freedom of speech and freedom of thought have a real battle in the months ahead to fight this latest descent into tyranny and now into a state imposed pseudo-religion,” says Paul Fromm Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression.

Freedom Rallies in the Okanagan, April 9-10: Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton, Oliver, Osoyoos

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Freedom Rallies in the Okanagan, April 9-10

Coming Rally’s and Events

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More MSM deception & lies/omission

In an excellent interview, lawyer Keith Wilson for Brian Peckford and Tamara Lich, noted that when the gov’t obtained an injunction to prohibit the trucks from honking their horns in Ottawa, the Judge conceded that “…provided the terms of this Order are complied with, the defendants and other persons remain at liberty to engage in a peaceful, lawful and safe protest.” So in the face of a court judgment admitting that the truckers had a Constitutional liberty for their protest, the Trudeau Gov’t still declared an emergency, beat people, damaged their vehicles and denied our Constitutional freedoms in the process. Interesting how the MSM failed to tell Canadians that the Judge recognized that the truckers had the right to be there in the first place.

Only 9% of Canadians have caught COVID, 99% recovery rate

Not surprisingly, we have been promoting for 18 months that the Case Fatality Rate (CFR) that BC Public Health Officer Bonnie the Commie Henry relies upon, is not an accurate reflection of the seriousness (or lack thereof) of COVID-19. It is the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR), or the number of people that have died that were infected.

In Canada, at most, only .09% of Canadians have caught the virus, with a 99% survival rate, or. 0009%. Considering that a large percentage of infections are never reported, this increases the number of infected people and increases the percentage who survived!

The average flu IFR is about .01-.02%. For almost the entire past two years, the IFR for COVID-19 has been the same or lower than the flu.


Back pay?

More people are starting to return to work, with many getting back pay for their time off on unpaid leave for refusal to subject themselves to the experimental gene therapy treatment. Sadly, far too many people have still lost their jobs with no back pay and no call backs. Employers should be absolutely financially responsible to these people.


Horgan the Infected

Premier Horgan concedes he has COVID-19, but with “mild symptoms” because he is fully vaccinated. Hmmmm. These experimental injections were initially promoted to prevent transmission. When that became obvious as to not be working as promoted, they were claimed to reduce symptoms. Horgan and many others who were vaccinated, remain symptomatic and in a transmittable stage of the infection. This provides further evidence dispelling all claims that we need to be vaccinated to prevent others from getting it. Horgan is and can still transmit to others even with mild symptoms.

A cruise ship with 100% vaccination rate on board, recently was hit with an outbreak! So rather than admit that the vaccines don’t work…the CDC is recommending a 4th vaccine and 5th in the fall.


Masks = dumbed down children

Not that any mother really needs to be told this (well, maybe millions of mothers masking their kids do), a recent study confirmed that mask wearing by children has left many, if not most, “…struggling with crawling, using the toilet independently and making friends.” A further German study confirmed that reading skills have droped significantly with the mandatory use of masks on toddlers. Children born two years ago will only know adults with masks on. Is this normal? OR SAFE? Undoubtedly, it will leave our country with a large number of uneducated children as they grow older. By 18, they will likely have the education that we (+50) had by age 12. Is there any better way to destroy a country than be destroying their intelligence – and then invading?


More sports withdrawals

Recently a whopping 15 people have bowed out of the Miami Tennis Tournament, citing illness. People are asking why – but no one dares say it was because of the vaccines do they?



Freedom Rallies

It ain’t over till it’s over”

April 9, 2022

Dress Warm! +6 Temp brrrrrrr

Kelowna Freedom Rally

12:00 noon Stuart Park

Featured Speaker: Lorin

Thrive movement & Creating Community Connections


April 9, 2022 12:00 noon

Vernon Freedom Rally

12:00 Noon Polson Park

Join Darren for the Largest rally in the North Okanagan, and growing weekly!


April 9, 2022 12:00 noon,

Oliver Freedom Rally

1:00 p.m. Town Hall

Join the Oliver freedom activists who are now just beginning their local Freedom Rallies!


April 9, 2022 12:00 noon,

Osoyoos Convoy/Freedom Gathering

1:00 p.m. Road #2

Convoy leaves Vernon at 9:30 a.m.


April 10, 2022

Penticton Freedom Rally

1:00 p.m. Warren & Main St. in N.E. lot

Join Mary Lou for the largest rally in the South Okanagan, and growing weekly!


Further Abuses pf Human Rights in Germany: Publisher & Widow 93Year-Old Usula Haverbeck Sentenced to Another Year in Prison for Questioning the Hollywood Version of WW IIhttp://cafe.nfshost.com/?p=7524

Berlin appeal court confirms 12-month jail sentence against 93-year-old Ursula Haverbeck – video interview update

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Ursula Haverbeck (above centre) began her appeal hearing a few weeks ago where she was represented by Berlin attorney Wolfram Nahrath (above right).

On Friday afternoon an appeal court in Berlin confirmed the conviction and 12-month jail sentence against 93-year-old publisher and author Ursula Haverbeck.

Her ‘crimes’ involved expressing her opinions on German history, and asking ‘forbidden’ questions about the alleged murder of six million European Jews and the unique ‘mass murder weapon’ of the homicidal gas chamber.

Ursula Haverbeck (above second left) with supporters at her court hearing in Berlin last Friday: (above left to right) Dennis Ingo Schulz, Lady Michèle Renouf, and Nikolai Nerling

In the video below our correspondent Lady Michèle Renouf – who has been a friend of Ursula’s for many years and was in court for the final day of the appeal hearing – interviews Nikolai Nerling, known to German nationalists as the Volkslehrer, whose filmed discussion with Ursula formed the basis of one of the ‘criminal’ charges.

A further report on the case will appear here soon.

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The New Corporate Totalitarians: Air Canada HQ Won’t Accept Rebel News 200K Petition Against Vaxx Passports

The New Corporate Totalitarians: Air Canada HQ Won’t Accept Rebel News 200K Petition Against Vaxx Passports

Air Canada HQ refuses to accept Rebel News’ vax pass petition

On May 2, Air Canada employees currently on unpaid leave due to their vaccination status will be laid off permanently if the federal vaccine mandates for airlines persist.

Voir plus bas sur la page pour l’article en français.

While air travel restrictions are gradually being lifted in other countries, and vaccine passports as well as masks are becoming a thing of the past, we are seeing a vastly different reality at the federal level in Canada.

Justin Trudeau, even though provincial restrictions are being phased out, isn’t considering lifting health measures for air, sea and rail transport. On May 2, Air Canada employees who are currently on unpaid leave due to their vaccination status will be laid off permanently.

Matthew Macdonald, a lawyer for The Democracy Fund, took the time to explain to us what has happened and what is currently going on with Air Canada employees’ legal battle.

We also delivered our petition against vaccine passports to Air Canada’s headquarters in Montreal. Our visit there was very tumultuous — we were quickly escorted off the property.

This story is dedicated to the issues that Air Canada employees are currently facing.


Pendant que les restrictions au niveau du transport aérien sont en train de se voir retirer tranquillement dans d’autres pays et que le passeport vaccinal ainsi que les masques deviennent choses du passé, nous observons une tout autre réalité au niveau fédéral au Canada.

Justin Trudeau, bien que les restrictions provinciales soient graduellement retirées, n’envisage pas le retrait des mesures pour le transport aérien, naval et ferroviaire. Le 2 mai prochain, les employées d’Air Canada qui sont présentement en congé sans solde dû à leur statut vaccinal seront définitivement mis à pied.

Matthew Macdonald, avocat pour “The Democracy Fund“, a pris le temps de nous expliquer ce qui s’est passé et ce qui se passe présentement, au niveau légal, avec les employées d’Air Canada.

De plus, nous avons livré notre pétition contre le passeport vaccinal au siège social d’Air Canada, à Montréal. Notre visite là-bas fut très tumultueuse — nous avons rapidement été escortés hors de la propriété.

Ce reportage est dédié aux problèmes que les employés d’Air Canada font face présentement.

From REAL WOMEN OF CANADA — The Success of the Freedom Convoy and Lessons Learned  


ALERT Ottawa, Ontario                               April 4, 2022    
The Success of the Freedom Convoy and Lessons Learned  

Trudeau proclaimed a “Public Order Emergency Declaration” under the Emergencies Act on February 14, 2022 which resulted in the crushing of the lawful, peaceful protest of the Freedom Convoy 2022. Since then, the mainstream media has buried the entire episode because both the Freedom Convoy and the Public Order Emergency Declaration have raised too many embarrassing questions.   For example, why did the mainstream media behave as an obedient chorus for Trudeau’s lies and distortions about the protesters, which literally covered up the facts?

Why did the media fail to disclose Trudeau’s incompetence in his handling of the incident as well as his totalitarian response to it? Why didn’t the media publicly acknowledge the large financial and political support given to the Freedom Convoy by the Canadian public? Why did the media ignore the fact that the convoy was highly successful and was a turning point in Canadian history? Instead, the media deliberately missed the significance of the entire story and the important lessons that it disclosed. These include:  

1.   Trudeau- a Vindictive Politician   When Trudeau was elected Prime Minister in 2015, he portrayed himself as a politician with an open, sunny disposition. In the intervening years, this cover has totally evaporated, never more so than in his reaction to the Freedom Convoy. Trudeau and his propaganda machine, the mainstream media chorus, to which he pays millions of dollars annually, continually repeated Trudeau’s lies, name calling and misrepresentation of the Freedom Convoy, which attempted to demonize the truckers.   Trudeau did not just hate the truck drivers objecting to his agenda, he also intended to destroy them and deprive them of their civil rights by way of the Emergencies Act in order to teach them and others a lesson not to oppose him in the future.   The only emergency the Freedom Convoy created, however, was the public spectacle of open dissent to Trudeau’s policies, which enraged him. In other words, there was no “public order” emergency, only a “political” emergency solely caused by Trudeau’s own arrogance and incompetence.   Trudeau, together with Emergency Preparedness Minister, Bill Blair and Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino, claimed that the Freedom Convoy was foreign funded, that it criminally intended to harm Canadians, to interrupt vital supply lines, and was a national security threat. This was rubbish. These allegations were firmly denied by Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre (FINTRAC), Canada’s anti-money laundering agency. There was absolutely no evidence to support these allegations. The declaration of the Emergencies Act, which suppressed civil rights was a critical sign of Trudeau’s irrational desire to destroy all who oppose him, such as he did with regards to former Attorney General, Jody Wilson-Raybould and Liberal MP, Jane Philpott.  

2.   Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland: a cold-blooded ideologue   Chrystia Freeland cold-bloodedly ordered the freezing, without due process and a court order, of accounts held by financial agencies including bank accounts, crowdfunding platform services, investment firms, credit donors, loan, mortgage and insurance companies, security dealers for both the personal and corporate accounts of the truckers, as well as those donating to the Freedom convoy. She did so under financial powers crafted under the proceeds from crimes (money laundering) and the Terrorist Financing Act, legislation intended to target terrorists. This order created a panic, leading to many withdrawals, i.e. a run on the banks. The CEO of the Canadian Credit Union Association, for example, stated that hundreds of thousands, and on a few occasions, millions of dollars were withdrawn from the credit unions.   On February 22, 2022, the Department of Finance disclosed that Canadian banks had frozen nearly $8 million held by the truckers. Over 206 accounts were frozen. The RCMP had provided the “watch list” to the banks.   It is important to point out that this tactic to flag dissenters from government policies can be used to bring long-term financial ruin to those affected. It makes it difficult for them to hold a job, obtain housing, or even pay for basic needs such as food, medicines, and shelter. It was a huge, unjustified overreach by a Canadian government. Such an event has never been so ruthlessly undertaken in our history. Freeland’s directives created a dangerous precedent for future protests, which will allow governments to target individuals economically because of their political beliefs and their legitimate, lawful political activities.   Trudeau and Freeland have brought Canada into a new phase of governing: it’s called tyranny.   In carrying out the policy of freezing bank accounts, Freeland was like a snake hiding in the grass, unblinkingly waiting to pounce on Canadians with economic disaster if they dissent from her views. She has shown herself to be a dangerous and ruthless politician.  

3.   The Mainstream Media has Become Trudeau’s Servant   The generous financial support given to the media by Trudeau paid off in spades as evidenced by the media providing an obedient background chorus to Trudeau’s lies.   This was disclosed during a webinar, held on February 23, 2022, organized by the Ottawa think tank CANADA 2020, co-founded by Thomas Pitfield, a personal friend of Trudeau. The webinar was hosted by Anna Gainey, past-president of the Liberal Party of Canada (2014 – 2018). She thanked the media for their support during the protests, which reflected Trudeau’s false description of the Freedom Convoy and was appreciated by the Liberal Party.   Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez also participated in the webinar, also thanking the media for their support, stating, “… look at the role the journalists played” and promised more subsidies. He also stated, “I think there are even more things we should be able to do. We’re looking into that in the context of supporting the whole ecosystem”. He then went on to promise more media subsidies to do just that.   It is noteworthy that Minister Rodriguez, in 2019, sponsored amendments to the Income Tax Act, which were duly passed by Parliament, to pay $595 million in subsidies including payroll rebates to cabinet-approved media. In his praise for unnamed reporters, he did not explain what new subsidies were being planned as a reward for their Freedom Convoy coverage.   The Toronto Star   Among guests invited to the webinar were executives from the Toronto Star which had published exactly Trudeau’s view of the Freedom Convoy by completely misrepresenting it. The Toronto Star receives $115,000 weekly in grants from the Trudeau government. On March 19, 2022, the Toronto Star published a full 3-page article on the Freedom Convoy, written by freelance journalist and homosexual activist Justin Ling, entitled “Inside the Convoy”. It portrayed the leaders as dangerous, right-wing extremists floundering in conspiracy theories, exactly the description Trudeau provided. Ling also included in his article a supposed harassment of the LGBTQ community by the truckers. Ling never lets an opportunity go to waste to support his cause. His entire story never once stated the fact that the truckers were decent, hardworking, family people, unhappy with their exclusion from the political process, and that they were a remarkably multicultural group representing Canada’s diverse society -hardly “white supremacist” as alleged by Trudeau. The Toronto Star can no longer be regarded as a respected, credible publication since it has sold itself out to the Trudeau government.  

4.   The Exposure of Intense Opposition to the Ruling Left-of-Centre Political Elites   The Freedom Convoy exposed the intense distrust and opposition of the general public to the ruling elites. Many thousands of Canadians greeted the truckers in their journey to Ottawa, welcoming them, encouraging them, and providing generous donations. The GoFundMe platform, shut down by authorities, raised $10 million for the truckers. The platform testified before a House of Commons Committee that 88% of the funds came from Canadians. It testified that no Russian money was involved, as asserted by Trudeau and his obedient cabinet ministers. The Freedom Convoy was no fringe organization, but a reflection of the Canadian public, which was angry with the government. It showed that many Canadians are no longer willing to be ignored and their values and beliefs ridiculed and trampled on by the governing elites. The Freedom Convoy awakened a sleeping giant whose story has only begun.

  5.   The Freedom Convoy Served to Remove Provincial COVID-19 Mandates   The Freedom Convoy was formed initially because the truckers objected to the federal mandates requiring them to be vaccinated before crossing the US-Canada border. The protest however, grew to include concerns about the curtailment of basic civil rights relating to the fundamental rights of peaceful assembly, mobility rights, and freedom of expression that had arisen due to the government’s extensive mandates and restrictions during the pandemic.   These concerns touched a sympathetic chord with hundreds of thousands of Canadians, but internationally as well. Similar trucker convoys followed Canada’s example and were organized in the US, UK, Germany, and France.   As a result of the protest, the Canadian provincial premiers, as well as the political leaders in other countries, removed their COVID-19 mandates to allow a return to normal in their jurisdictions.   It is significant, however, that Trudeau, who has imposed the strictest mandates in the entire world, still continues to insist that his mandates continue in regard to domestic and international travel. Transportation falls under federal jurisdiction under s. 91 of the British North America Act (Constitution Act, 1867). The provincial mandates would have likely been removed at a future date, but not immediately, as occurred because of the concerns raised by the truckers’ Freedom Convoy and the broad-based support of the Canadian public.  

6.   The Freedom Convoy Changed Public Opinion   Nanos Research polling company released a survey of Canadians on March 15, 2022. The results indicated that Canadians’ concern for free speech and other freedoms was the second most common concern at 8.3%, behind the coronavirus at 13.1%, and followed by the environment at 7.3%.   Mr. Nanos said that this concern was raised unprompted during the polling. He stated that he has been polling for thirty-five years, and freedom of speech and other freedoms had never before been on the radar from a public opinion perspective. In a December 2020 poll, such concerns amounted only about 0.1%. According to Nanos, the jump to 8.3% in concerns for personal freedoms in this latest poll was due to the trucker protest. He says it looks like a noticeable proportion of Canadians, unprompted, are concerned about this and that the anger and distrust displayed by the protesters will likely have a long-term impact on Canadian politics.  

Conclusion:   It is clear that Freedom Convoy 2022 has made a lasting mark on Canadian history and that the media has refused to publish a story that is changing Canada’s political landscape. The Freedom Convoy has populist roots. Despite what the political elites maintain, populism is simply the voice of ordinary citizens. They know what is best for their families, and their communities, not the self-important politicians and bureaucrats who live hundreds of miles away in isolation. Government is the servant of the people. The public is not here to serve the government. It’s the other way around.     Real Women of Canada for the Family REAL Women of Canada is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-denominational organization, incorporated in 1983. We do not receive any government funding, nor are we funded by any other organization. We rely solely on the generosity of our grassroots supporters. We are deeply appreciative of your patronage.   REAL Women of Canada | info@realwomenofcanada.ca

Freedom Events in the Okanagan, April 9 & 10 & Vancouver Protest Against Globalist Bill Gates’ Visit

Freedom Events in the Okanagan, April 9 & 10 & Vancouver Protest Against Globalist Bill Gates’ Visit

We heard that these Newsletters take up to much space/data. Soon (very soon) we will have a website and newsletter system to spare you from this problem. Thanks for the feedback 🙂 

Thank you, Vlado Z. and Marcel Irnie for the photos and video in Osoyoos and Penticton on April 2nd and 3rd


Penticton4Freedom: Change is Coming!

“Democracy only works in a moral society.” Brian Peckford, is the only living signatory to the Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

We now realize that we must create that moral society from the ground up to replace the broken health, legal and financial systems and the corrupt, tyrannical government we currently have in Canada. For Penticton4Freedom, that means getting our own house in order first by being more specific about where we fit in the world of freedom organizations and focusing on our highest contribution to the movement, to our supporters, and to our country.

Our aim now is to complete the five key projects listed below:

1.       Identify Our Shared Values as a principled foundation for all of our actions

2.       Declare Our Vision – what we envision as a positive future society to live in

3.       Clarify Our Mission – the specific actions we take as our contribution to that broader vision

4.       Agree upon a Code of Conduct for our rallies and other public events

5.       Create a more inclusive Decision-Making and Organizational Structure and choose those to administer it


– RSVP if you wish to be included in the planning process for these foundational projects. Further discussion on Zoom tomorrow, Wednesday, April 6 from 6:30 to 8 pm.

– Please include your initial thoughts on any or all of the items above as well as where your primary interest lies.

AND A BIG THANK YOU to Julia for putting together our first iteration of these goals, to all who have already contributed to the building of this organization through voluntarism and to the idea pool to kick off these projects. Sending love!

Planning Meeting

Thursday, April 14th – 5:30 pm Potluck dinner. 6:30 pm to 8 pm Meeting

Agenda to follow. Lots of volunteer opportunities, a chance to have your say, and to propose your own initiatives. Please contact Mary Lou at 780-908-0309 if you want a spot on the agenda

Rallies at Richard Cannings’ office – Every Tuesday at noon
Meet at his office   301 Main Street (Nanaimo Square).

He is NOT representing the individual rights of his electors, according to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but violating them with his public announcements and votes in the legislature. Bring signs with appropriate messages. No foul language.

 ——————- o0o ——————-



  Miss a week and you miss a lot!   –       This Sunday’s speaker: To be announced in our Weekend Update edition on Friday.   OTHER ATTRACTIONS Come visit our friendly volunteers at the tables. Informative handouts. Druthers and other independent journals. Check out the other cool items at the table. Coffee and other beverages, thanks to Vicki and Joel and the Summerland Home Schoolers. Snacks and home-baked goodies thanks to Carole.  NEW! Pocket size Canadian Charter and Bill of Rights and Freedoms. Fits purse or pocket, easy reference right at your fingertips!   Remember that local chapter leaders, Wayne and Derrick will be there with current initiatives from Action4Canada, too.   RALLY LOCATION Meet in the parking lot at the NE corner of Main St and Warren Ave across from Tim Hortons. BRING TWO FRIENDS! Lots of extra parking at BCAA garage, the strip mall adjoining our regular parking area, Winners (across the street), or overflow mall parking opposite the Warren Avenue entrance to Cherry Lane Mall  

OK FALLS – Saturday, April 2 11:30 AM across from the Esso Station

 OLIVER EVENTS- Saturday, April 2 Town Hall ***NEW TIME 12 NOON****

  OSOYOOS EVENTS and possible Okanagan Slow Roll – Watch for more in Friday’s weekend update email.    KELOWNA EVENTS Weekly on Saturdays – Kelowna C.L.E.A.R. Rallies @ Stuart Park at the Bear 12:00 noon- Every Week! Longest running B.C. rallies! Visit https://clearbc.org/events for Kelowna and other city updates.  


Great Canadian Convoy to Protest Bill Gates

For those that would like to “Convoy” the tentative plan on Sunday, April 10, 2022, is to go for the day:

Bring appropriate signs.


Let’s make this week AMAZING!!

Mary Lou Gutscher


Penticton4Freedom@gmail.com p4f logo.jpgsignature.png

Chanal Pfahl, a Teacher Questioning Critical Race Theory, the Latest Victim of Intellectual Censorship Within Ontario’s Education System

Teacher under investigation for speaking out against CRT in schools

Chanel Pfahl, a 29-year-old high school teacher is under investigation for very mundane comments she made about critical race theory on a private teacher Facebook group back in February 2021.

Remove Ads

More and more, we hear about these fringe ideologies making their way into our publicly-funded institutions and taking reign because anyone who dares question or speak out against them is guilted into submission by way of smearing, ad hominem attacks, or is censored and punished.

All of the above happened to Chanel Pfahl, a 29-year-old high school teacher, after she made a few very mundane comments on a private teacher Facebook group in February of 2021. Her comments were in response to a post made by a teacher asking for curriculum geared toward the political movement Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the doctrine of Critical Race Theory (CRT).

The basis of her comments was that teachers should model “kindness to everyone” and that they “should speak out against any form of discrimination that they see, including those brought on by anti-racist movements.” She noted that in places like Britain, it is illegal to teach CRT without providing “a balanced, opposing view.”

These comments resulted in the launching of a formal complaint against Chanel. She was ridiculed, ostracized and othered by her colleagues. An investigation was launched by the Ontario College of Teachers, which resulted in Chanel being suspended for one week without pay.

This punishment was not good enough for the complainant. They have now escalated the complaint, and Chanel is once again being investigated by her college for comments that happened over a year ago.

As a result, we have put Chanel in touch with top notch lawyers through The Democracy Fund, who are representing her at no cost to her. We are crowdfunding her defence here.

We have also created a petition to Stop CRT from entering schools. Through the Ontario Bill 67, the Racial Equity in the Education System Act, school boards will be required to create and enforce racial equity plans. They will also penalize anyone who is perceived to be violating this mantra. You can sign our petition to Stop CRT, send an e-mail blast to your local elected representative, and chip in to cover Chanel’s legal expenses.

How Can Jason Kenney Be Considered a Christian or Populist When Yet Another Christian Pastor Derek Reimer, Arrested For Violating Injunction on Loudspeakers?

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How Can Jason Kenney Be Considered a Christian or Populist When Yet Another Christian Pastor Derek Reimer, Arrested For Violating Injunction on Loudspeakers

Over the past two years, amid stiff competition, the province of Alberta has earned the dubious distinction of having arrested the most Christian pastors in all of Canada.  Pastor Artur Pawlowski, Pastor James Coates, and Pastor Tim Stephens have all been behind bars for refusing to bend the knee to the litany of COVID restrictions forcing them to close their churches when people needed them most.  Premier Jason Kenney put more pastors in jail over the past two years than Communist China. (We even put a billboard up reminding Albertans of that.) 

There’s also Pastor Derek Reimer. A Fight The Fines alumnus who received multiple fines for carrying on his pastoral duties when the state considered that a “high-risk” activity. He beat those fines with the stellar legal help he received thanks to our viewers’ generous donations towards his legal fees. This weekend, Pastor Derek found himself in trouble with the law once again. He allegedly violated an injunction issued to the City of Calgary, which banned honking and loudspeakers. A move clearly meant to stifle the city’s weekly freedom rallies. We covered the rally this weekend and obtained footage of the arrest from one of Derek’s congregants shortly after it happened.

The attempts by Alberta’s political class to silence religious leaders and COVID dissidents from voicing their concerns against government overreach have been a blight on the province. Details are still short on the legal implications of Pastor Derek’s arrest, but we will be speaking with him soon for his personal account of what happened.  And while we turn our attention to Pastor Derek’s plight, Pastor Artur sits under strict house arrest conditions with the legal fight of a lifetime ahead of him.  To learn more about his case and to donate towards his legal fees, please click here or visit SaveArtur.com

Yours truly,  Adam Soos 

P.S. The mainstream media has turned a blind eye to the egregious assaults on our freedom of speech and religious liberty. Only Rebel News covers the crackdown on Canadian Christian pastors fairly and accurately. If you think that’s important, please consider donating right here so we can keep telling the other side of the story when others won’t.

A Small Victory For Unvaxxed Air Canada -Employees — Deadline for Firing Extended to November 1’http://cafe.nfshost.com/?p=7504

A Small Victory For Unvaxxed Air Canada -Employees — Deadline for Firing Extended to November 1 
Some members received good news today and we wanted to share it with all our Free to Fly family.
Air Canada employees who stood for health freedom by refusing injections, were facing termination May 2nd. The company, late this afternoon, advised they now have until November 1st to confirm their “proof of vaccination”.

A reprieve is welcome. Several points also come to mind:
We thank every professional, passenger, all our friends, and family who work tirelessly demanding an end to extortionary mandates and a full return to employment. This has been done with unions, companies, politicians and others. Active, relentless, and multi-faceted lobbying matters and needs to continue with Air Canada.

We do not thank Air Canada for the small righting of an egregious and very much continuing wrong. This does not return millions in lost wages and benefits, the sold homes, lost sleep, fractured relationships, damaged mental health and more.
Many of our aviation brothers and sisters have already been terminated and many more are still facing the same in the weeks and months ahead. Please continue the active, relentless, multi-faceted lobbying on all of their behalf.
The CLC mandate looms large and some wonder if it fits into this about-face by one company. Please continue raising awareness and pushing back on this critical issue. If you are unfamiliar with the CLC mandate, a short video here explains it.
The narrative continues to crumble globally and you are part of that change every time you speak truth. We have plenty of updates on this via our social media platforms below. Please join us there.
Greg and Matt