Chanal Pfahl, a Teacher Questioning Critical Race Theory, the Latest Victim of Intellectual Censorship Within Ontario’s Education System

Teacher under investigation for speaking out against CRT in schools

Chanel Pfahl, a 29-year-old high school teacher is under investigation for very mundane comments she made about critical race theory on a private teacher Facebook group back in February 2021.

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More and more, we hear about these fringe ideologies making their way into our publicly-funded institutions and taking reign because anyone who dares question or speak out against them is guilted into submission by way of smearing, ad hominem attacks, or is censored and punished.

All of the above happened to Chanel Pfahl, a 29-year-old high school teacher, after she made a few very mundane comments on a private teacher Facebook group in February of 2021. Her comments were in response to a post made by a teacher asking for curriculum geared toward the political movement Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the doctrine of Critical Race Theory (CRT).

The basis of her comments was that teachers should model “kindness to everyone” and that they “should speak out against any form of discrimination that they see, including those brought on by anti-racist movements.” She noted that in places like Britain, it is illegal to teach CRT without providing “a balanced, opposing view.”

These comments resulted in the launching of a formal complaint against Chanel. She was ridiculed, ostracized and othered by her colleagues. An investigation was launched by the Ontario College of Teachers, which resulted in Chanel being suspended for one week without pay.

This punishment was not good enough for the complainant. They have now escalated the complaint, and Chanel is once again being investigated by her college for comments that happened over a year ago.

As a result, we have put Chanel in touch with top notch lawyers through The Democracy Fund, who are representing her at no cost to her. We are crowdfunding her defence here.

We have also created a petition to Stop CRT from entering schools. Through the Ontario Bill 67, the Racial Equity in the Education System Act, school boards will be required to create and enforce racial equity plans. They will also penalize anyone who is perceived to be violating this mantra. You can sign our petition to Stop CRT, send an e-mail blast to your local elected representative, and chip in to cover Chanel’s legal expenses.