We have learned that Monika has been advised that she may be in prison for some months awaiting trial.

Her brother Alfred sent out this update today: “Yesterday we got a phone call from a “Social Worker” in the Stadelheim prison who is responsible for Monika.  She asked if we had received a letter from Monika yet. No, we have received nothing. These things are held back and they like to take their timeI

I just got a call from the Canadian consulate. There is good news and bad news. 

The good news:   Monika is in good spirits, I did not expect anything else. She is not completely alone, she is sharing a cell with another woman, I think this is changing often because she is in “Untersuchungshaft” detention awaiting trial. Her lawyer is the same lawyer that Sylvia Stolz has, a Mr Wolfram Nahrath. . Mr Nahrath want Monika to be taken out of the list of “Holocaust deniers” in this “group” charge. This list has a number of names on it including myself, Gerd Ittner, Henry Haffenmayer, and a few more. I have never seen this charge yet, so I can say nothing more about it. 

Lots of letters and mail is good, it embarrasses them and they get even more panicky.

I can not speculate what they may or may not do. I do know that so far I have stayed out of jail by being ever more brazen and screaming out their bad behavior all over the internet. They are not the monolithic entity that they like to present themselves as. We need to go full offensive with all guns a’blazing.” — Alfred Schaefer

What you can do to help Monika.

Send a letter or car to political prisoner Monika Schaefer. You may also include a few German postage stamps or 5 or 10 Euros for spending money.

Monika Schaefer

Stadelheim Prison

Schwarzenbergstr. 14

81549 München,



For the upcoming Christmas season, please remember our fellow German revisionists sitting in prison, being on the run, or being prosecuted. Send them a nice Christmas card or even a letter!
If sending letters into prison, abstain from any remarks that might lead to the letter being confiscated! “Illegal” statements can get our comrades into even deeper trouble.

These are our men/women “behind the wire.”

In the words of the old German folk song: “Die gedanken sind frei” (thoughts are free”).

Wolfgang FRÖHLICH (prisoner)
Steiner Landstr 4
A-3504 Kreims-Stein, AUSTRIA

Dr. Horst MAHLER (early release on probation)
Weidenbusch 13
D-14532 Kleinmachnow, GERMANY

Axel Möller (prisoner)
Kühlungsborner Str. 29a
D-18246 Bützow, GERMANY

Gerhard Ittner (trial ongoing)
c/o S. Rübel
Bessemerstr. 51
D-90411 Nürnberg, GERMANY

Vincent Reynouard (convicted, hiding in exile).
c/o Siegfried Verbeke
Italiëlei 203b, B-2000 Antwerp – BELGIUM

Dr. Sylvia Stolz (prosecuted)
Pfarrer-Grabmeier-Allee 10
D-85560 Ebersberg, GERMANY

Dr. Ursula Haverbeck (prosecuted)
Bretthorststr. 199
D-32602 Vlotho-Valdorf, GERMANY

Free Speech Lawyer Sylvia Stolz Threatened With Prosecution in Switzerland

Free  Speech Lawyer Sylvia Stolz Threatened With Prosecution in Switzerland
A great woman. Miss Stolz was sentenced to three years and three months  in prison for her spirited defence of political prisoner Ernst Zundel in 2005.
On November 24, she was a guest speaker at the 8th Anti-Censorship Conference held in Chur, Switzerland.  She spoke of the difficulties lawyers have in defending Europe’s new heretics — those who express doubts about the so-called holocaust. One can deny God, even deny science, believe in creatures from outer space, but to question Europe’s new state religion of holocaust is to invite persecution, heavy fines or prison. She reflected on the fact that “holocaust” is not clearly defined and that many of the tenets of this new religion have not actually been proven in court.
Well, all hell broke loose.  The organizers of the Civic Hall at which the meeting was held have been told they cannot rent it again. An investigation is under way to see whether any “far right” literature was distributed. In this video Sylvia Stolz explains that “far right” is widely used by the politically correct to label any nationalist who stands up for his “volk” or people. Now, there are calls for criminal charges of “casting doubt on the holocaust” to be laid against Miss Stolz and conference organizer Ivo Sasek. Already, a Swiss lawyer has filed a complaint against Miss  Stolz.
A politically correct Inquisition holds sway over much of Europe, where a new secular religion — another group’s tribal history, is imposed upon the populace. Anyone who suggests that some of the religion’s claims seem exaggerated or impossible is not argued with but prosecuted and jailed. Further, any lawyer too vigorous in the heretic’s defence faces jail or disbarment. A new Dark Age has descended over a Europe that grins like the village idiot (or, perhaps, more politically correctly ‘mentally challenged person’) and considers itself a champion of democracy and human rights.
In this video (English sub-titles) German lawyer Sylvia Stolz replies to her critics as rumours swirl that she will be charged (again) with ‘Holocaust Denial’ for a speech she gave at an anti-censorship conference in November 2012.