The Internet Censors Chortle at Their Success With the EU

The Internet Censors Chortle at Their Success With the EU

We did it!!!!

Hours ago, the EU Parliament overwhelmingly voted in favor of the most ambitious regulation ever drafted to end the era of toxic social media.

We’re still in shock. 

We were up against some of the most powerful corporations in the world. But we were louder.

Donating in the thousands, flooding key decision-makers with messages, delivering powerful solutions in meetings, and publishing groundbreaking investigations showing the harms caused by Big Tech: the Avaaz community has helped shape history this week, together with other awesome groups out there fighting alongside us and brave lawmakers who decided to listen.

We’re not done yet, but if EU lawmakers stand strong in further negotiations, this could be the first wave of a cascade of new laws all over the world that finally put people before platforms and their profits: whenever Facebook, Youtube or TikTok would harm our societies at scale – from making dangerous disinformation go viral to spreading harmful content to kids or misusing our personal data — our democracies would be able to ensure they take responsibility.

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Social media has brought powerful innovation to our societies. But for too long they have been  able to evolve with literally just one goal: maximizing their profit, even if that meant radicalizing our societies, delegitimizing science or a rise in teen depression.

Now, thanks to this regulation which some have called a new constitution for the Internet, we can demand a future where technologies are shaped around common values, and protect our fundamental human rights, instead of exploiting our weaknesses.

Also, with so much disillusionment around politics, this regulation has shown Europe at its best. With almost all the demands from citizens, experts and civic society organizations landing in some way in the text just voted including:
Detoxify the algorithm— make the platforms take responsibility for the harms they cause to our societies, like the viral spread of dangerous disinformation;  Big sanctions — Face fines up to 6% of their global income, yes we’re talking billions of dollars here, if they don’t fix their systems;Open the black box — Allow independent auditors, researchers and civic society to scrutinize their actions and uncover their wrongdoings;Stop surveillance ads — Ban the exploitation of children’s data, and our political beliefs or gender choices, to target us with ads.

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For over four years Avaaz has been on the forefront of the public push to force social media platforms to tackle the harms they create. From the EU, to the US, or Brazil, we have reported on disinformation and its scale, commissioning polls on its harmful effects, evaluating platforms’ efforts to tackle them, and identifying their failures. None of this would have been possible without the Avaaz membership. It was a huge shared effort. But it paid off. And now we’re making history.

With deep excitement and determination,

Luca, Sarah, Christoph, Joana, Nadia, Andy, Rosie, Luana, Camille, Barbara, Sam and the rest of the Avaaz team

Rand Paul rips into ‘leftwing cretins’ at YouTube after being suspended over COVID videos

Rand Paul rips into ‘leftwing cretins’ at YouTube after being suspended over COVID videos

Outrageous how the Silicon Valley censors can block even a United States Senator for criticizing COVID lockdown orthodoxy.

NewsCarlos Garcia August 10, 2021 Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images Like Blaze News? Get the news that matters most delivered directly to your inbox.

Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky lashed out at the “leftwing cretins” at YouTube after he was suspended on the platform over videos he published about the coronavirus.

Petition to Stop Silicon Valley’s Censorship of Christian Voices

Petition to Stop Silicon Valley’s Censorship of Christian Voices

Big Tech’s brutal assault on free speech is appalling, and it is directed at you, me and anyone who stands for life, family, freedom or any moral value!

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Apple, Amazon, Pinterest, and other Big Tech companies have launched a worldwide crusade to censor voices like ours.

They showed the world just how far they are willing to go after they banned former U.S. President Donald Trump from all of their platforms.

And if they can censor elected leaders like Trump, they can do it to anyone…

…including YOU and CitizenGO!

What few people realize is, Big Tech’s banning of “unapproved” speech started long before Trump was banned.

That’s why I am asking you to sign this petition and help us pressure these Big Tech CEOs to stop censoring free speech.

Amazon, Google, and Apple conspire to bring down the conservative-leaning social media app Parler.

The US pro-family National Organization for Marriage was stripped of its online fundraising portal.

The rising pro-life conservative party in Spain, VOX, was banned from Twitter.

I could go on and on.

It’s clear that those in power at these Big Tech conglomerates seem to think they can use their oligarch control of online interactions to do as they please.

And with the growing effectiveness of CitizenGO in exposing the culture of death, transgender madness, and indoctrination of children in gender ideology, they will attack CitizenGO at any time.

But unlike others, I will not quietly cower and hope to be allowed to speak.

That’s because I know these tech giants are not as invincible as they’d like us to believe.

If you and I stand up to the Big Tech bullies, we can show them they will lose popular support, AND they will also lose billions of dollars in profits and suffer legal penalties.

This is something no CEO likes to tell their stockholders.

Right now, these social media platforms are some of CitizenGO’s most valuable advocacy tools, with our followers sharing our campaigns daily.

Our allies and CitizenGO have leveraged our over 15 million supporters to launch impactful campaigns, including:

  • Defending our own U.K. campaigner, Caroline Farrow, from malicious, unfounded lawsuits that sought to jail her for standing up for traditional family values;
  • Freeing Asia Bibi from anti-Christian persecution in Pakistan;
  • Standing up to corporate behemoths like Disney and Netflix who insist on promoting anti-Christian and LGBTQ ideology, even to very young children;
  • Exposing UN lobbyists who tried to force pro-life governments in Africa to support abortion or lose critical aid; and
  • Saving baby Tafida from heartless bureaucrats who sought to deny her life-saving medical care.

And these campaigns are only a small part of what our online presence has helped us accomplish.

But if radical Leftists like George Soros and some of the leaders of the Big Tech get their way, any group — even private citizens — could be banned from promoting our values.

Will you sign your petition to the Big Tech CEOs today, insisting they stop free speech censorship?

Big Tech claims their main goal is to fight hate and false facts.

But you and I know what the real goals of their leaders more often than not are: to weaken our defense of the unborn, free speech, the natural family, freedom of Religion and Christian values.

If CitizenGO members like you stand idly by, these tech giants could get away with one of the most significant assaults on free speech since the rise of the Nazis and Communists.

That’s why our petition to these Big Tech CEOs insists they uphold the ideals of a free and open public square which allows space for discussion and opposing ideas.

You and I must stand together to show them they will pay a heavy price in loss of popular support, lost revenue and legal penalties.

Tell them to stop the censorship of pro-life, pro-family, and pro-liberty speech and activism on their platforms.

Please click here to sign your petition to the Big Tech CEOs demanding to stop this assault on our voice.


Ignacio Arsuaga

The Great Censorship Purge Begins, Starting With holocaust Skeptics


The Great Censorship Purge Begins, Starting With holocaust Skeptics



want to inform you about the
with the HOAX DENIERS as
primary targets.

We who refute and deny the hollyweird version of the hoax are like the plug in a drain.  They target and remove us – ALL THE REST OF THE ISSUES GO TOO.  It’s like Diane‘s SAME SOUP ILLUSTRATION.  Just the Beginning.
I predicted this way back when, and it will soon be followed by other topics, like gays,women,abortion, whatever other the PC police will allow. Welcome to 1984!

The JEWS of the ADL and SPLC just BANNED Brother Nathanael from YouTube.
Every single one of my over 500 Videos there is GONE.  Jews are our misfortune.
“I will be posting on BitChute and my own Brother Nathanael Channel from now on.” +Brother Nathanael

The Recent YouTube Censorship S*** – Storm. 🙁
YouTube’s Censorship Policy Announcement

“NAZI’s” haven’t existed since 1945. What an “anti-intellectual” moron’s ad hominem false argument / statement.

IF  it’s such a stupid theory” (fact?), why is YouTube so threatened by Sandy Hoax proponents? Just sayn. 

Jim Fetzer’s Channel was part of YouTube’s recent communistic America-hating free-speech carnage.

If you like deciding things for yourself, here’s at least one Jim Fetzer back-up channel 4U:

IF  you like YouTube deciding for you, please ignore all these Jim Fetzer links. They know better. 

One of my favorite Fetzer presentations was his “False Flags on Five Fronts” presentation. WOW!

🔴 LIVE – The YouTube Censorship S*** – Storm

YouTube’s Scorched Earth Tactics & Vox Media Union Strike




Trying to Ban You Tube Sensation Soph

Trying to Ban You Tube Sensation Soph

It’s all about “Soph””Soph” takes the world by stormOf Erik Forsell ,2019-05-17erik.forsell@nordfront.se6MEDIA. The 14-year-old American “Soph” is getting harder attacked for her Youtube videos. Jewish opinion makers hang out and harass her publicly. But Soph’s videos are spreading like wildfire across the West.


The now 14-year-old “Soph” has made about 40 videos since she started doing Youtubevideor videos three years ago. Now, Jewish lobbyists are trying to get her banned from Youtube, even though she considers herself too young to belong to a political camp, and therefore does not engage in ideologies but only on issues. Although in a video, she hardly attacks the bad effects of communism.

If she gets another note on Youtube, she is shut down, and you have to follow her on for example BitChute instead.

The reason why a child who speaks about political issues has almost one million followers is that she is extremely politically incorrect when, among other things, she criticizes how the adult society abuses children for their own lusts – because she does not avoid the necessary multicultural problems. But she addresses a wide range of topics related to social and social issues.

Unlike previous youths who were shut down from Youtube for their political views, as the Hitlerist Evalion, who later changed his boyfriend and at the same time changed ideology and instead became a Leninist, Soph pays homage to no ideology.

Important issues for Soph are how children are treated by the adult world, not least by oppressive religious systems such as Islam and Judaism that allow child marriages both abroad and in the United States. She also deals with the widespread pedophilia in the film and TV industry in her videos, as well as what woman power and ” white power ” mean to her.


The hat train has started
It is the video “ Be not afraid ” that has created a lot of media rubbish. It is a film in which she breeds Islam for the institutionalized pedophilia where girls of her own age are treated as merchandise and are given away to old disgusting men.

The video prompted the Jew Joseph Bernstein who is a writer for Buzzfeedto in an article go out hard against the young girl and criticize her for everything he could think of: Islamophobia, racism against black, spread fear of pedophilia and at the same time dress their arguments in “napkin thin evolution psychology. “.

But Soph has long been criticized for anti-Semitism, and that’s probably why she is loosely hanging in her social accounts.

In the video Child marriage is legal , she criticizes the fact that child marriage is legal in all US states except in Delaware. That state has an absolute limit of 18 years as the minimum age to enter into marriage, says Soph.

In the other states there are loopholes in the laws where children can marry “with the parents’ permission” which in practice means that families marry the children to old men.

At the same time, there are no laws that make it legal for the child to differ from his / her spouse, as she is not of age and thus is not legally permitted to apply for divorce.

Low in number, 167,000 children have been subjected to forced marriage in the United States between 2010 and 2017, says Soph, mainly in the weight of oppressive religious systems.

The worst countries in the world are Muslim countries in Africa and the Middle East, but other religious communities are also guilty of forced marriage for children, and these are also increasing in the United States with all foreign religious cultures.

In the Jewish state of New Jersey, 4,000 children are married between 1995 and 2012. Soph points out that in some Jewish orthodox associations, the marriage age for girls is 12 years, and that Catholic law allows for marriage to boys aged 16 and 14 years old.

– So, yes, one can say that common religious values ​​are about sexualizing their daughter as early as possible, probably to tie her to the fireplace before she can learn too much at school, and marriage makes it so much easier for men rape little girls, says Soph.

In the video she criticizes the Democrat and Orthodox Jew Gary Schaer as 2018 ensured that a law against child marriage in New Jersey was stopped from voting in just a few minutes before it was to be discussed.

He did so by referring to the fact that it would be offensive to “certain religious” societies, as even the previous New Jersey governor, Chris Christie , had said.


The prevailing double standard is difficult to deal with.
Many of Soph’s videos deal with the double standard of the adult world. Most annoyed is Soph on all comments about her youth.

“I’ve talked to peers in other schools who say that if they express something positive about Donald Trump , they get quarreled for expressing hatred,” says Soph in an interview with Alex Jones at InfoWars. Jones has already been banned from several Jewish-owned and controlled platforms on the internet.

– If I had been super-left, they had not called me “brainwashed” and “exploited”, and they would say that I know what I’m talking about, not that it’s just about teenage rebellion. Then they had kissed my feet. It’s really a weird double standard. As with types such as Greta Thunberg , they never say that she is exploited, that she is brainwashed [because she has “the right” message].

Alex Jones believes that Soph is unusually good at conveying and reaching out with messages.

“Soph is verbal and well-informed about things,” says Alex Jones, who says that he has talked to her parents and that they help her with perhaps ten percent input, but she is herself on her legs as she delivers her message.

Sophs currently most chased critics, above mentioned Jewish Joseph Bernstein, receive a lot of support from so-called anti-racists but are also hacked by vloggers like Paul R. Ramsey .

Bernstein recently published a tweet in which he urged his followers to kill a white heterosexual man on their way to work.

At Bernstein’s call for murder of white, Ramsey tweets in response that he writes an article on Jewish power and extremism and asks Bernstein for an interview on the subject.

With his videos, Soph shows that people of low age can have such sensible arguments as old men who want to maintain an old and Jewish power order.