Rand Paul rips into ‘leftwing cretins’ at YouTube after being suspended over COVID videos

Rand Paul rips into ‘leftwing cretins’ at YouTube after being suspended over COVID videos

Outrageous how the Silicon Valley censors can block even a United States Senator for criticizing COVID lockdown orthodoxy.

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Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky lashed out at the “leftwing cretins” at YouTube after he was suspended on the platform over videos he published about the coronavirus.

Update from the Adamson BBQ Legal Defence Fund

CAFE Director Paul Fromm pledges support for Adam’s fight to run his business and resist the Medico-Stalinist COVID tyrants.

Update from the Adamson BBQ Legal Defence Fund

Barry McNamar, OrganizerGood morning.

So I spoke to Adam last night while I was at the airport on my way home. He wanted me to thank all of you for your very generous support.

And, while he cannot post on social media, his lovely wife Allison can.

On that connection, we will be adding her name to the Fundraising Team so that she may take over the daily updates to all of you going forward.

It is important that you hear the day-to-day activities straight from the family.

A few lawyers have also estimated what it would take to bring this case to the Supreme Court and ensure that it didn’t bankrupt Adam in the process.

We have therefore set the final goal of this GoFundMe to $350,000. With your ongoing support, there is little doubt we will reach this goal.


Once the Adamson BBQ Legal Defence Fund hits that magic number, we will close the campaign down.

It is hoped that the family can continue to keep you informed after that happens.

This campaign has never been about the existence of COVID measures but the asymmetric way they treat big business and the little guy.

In short, governments have been frozen into inaction and have ceded control of this country’s greatest crisis to unelected, unaccountable health care bureaucrats.

These are folks who don’t have to face the voter, have no skin in the game and, with the loosening of federal and provincial fiscal checks and balances, unlimited funds.

Hand anyone with no skin in the game the lever of power, an unlimited budget and no concrete strategy and where is the incentive for all of this to end?

In public policy we call this a perverse incentive. They create a mish-mash of conflicting policy responses that serve no real purpose other than to prolong the crisis and hurt everyday Canadians.

Why? Because small business and the everyday worker can’t afford the expensive lobbyists that the big-box stores can. And the government’s policy response reflects that.

Big corporations have the resources to reach government and get these silly policies tweaked.

Thus we have Walmarts open while the family owned small business down the street is forced to pivot to pick-up or deliveries without the regular income available to scale it up to affordable levels.

Is that fair and equal treatment under the law?
Is it constitutional? Does some junior public servant at the municipal level have the right to lock a landowner or businessman out of his own property? Or force them to make their body and private health care records available with no evidence of a serious crime?

That’s where the Adamson BBQ Legal Defense Fund can play a meaningful role.

By putting these key legal questions before the courts, they can create order out of chaos and a sense of empowerment for the little guy.

And, ideally, they force a more reasoned and balanced approach to policies intended to keep people safe.

Anyway, that is what this effort hopes to change.

Political leaders have to lead, not just hand some poor public servant the file, an unlimited budget and hide behind them until the storm passes.

Because when this house of cards comes crashing down- and it will, who’s going to lose their job? It won’t be the elected fellas.

Thank you again. And thank you also to my young daughter for making me sound more eloquent than I really am. She’s been tacking away here for me from the beginning, making me sound intelligent.

Let’s get this effort over the top and change this country for the better!

Fight Back Against the Medico-Stalinist Tyrants in Ontario — Adamson BBQ Legal Defence Fund

$288,714 raised of $350,000 goal

Fight Back Against the Medico-Stalinist Tyrants in Ontario — Adamson BBQ Legal Defence Fund

$288,714 raised of $350,000 goal

Barry McNamar is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Adam Skelly.


Amidst the slough of politicians, media and citizen fear mongers supporting irrational COVID  “public health orders” that shut down small businesses while allowing corporate big-box stores to remain open… one small business is standing up for the rights of the “little guys” like you and me to get out and earn a living too.

Ontario’s Adamson BBQ has been opening every day to serve people lunch. And owner Adam Skelly is paying a high price for carrying that cudgel of liberty. Over the past 24 hours he’s been hit with numerous fines totalling tens of thousands of dollars for violating unconstitutional and draconian COVID “public health orders.”

All because he refuses to let your politicians—who are out there enjoying their fat salaries that we all pay for, wag their fingers at us and tell us we don’t have a right to earn a living too. After all, “we’re all in this together” right?

I don’t know him but I do know that guys like Adam are in short supply during this overblown COVID nonsense. And he deserves our support. 

So c’mon.

If we’re not going to be out there leading by example, let’s at least kick in $100, $75, $50 or whatever you can afford to help Adam fight this fight for us. 

If we’re not willing to kick in a few bucks to help Adam fight for our freedoms, then maybe we don’t deserve them. 

Don’t put this aside for later. Every fine, every police visit, every daily scolding by some fat cat politician is chipping away at Adam’s courage. Show him that he’s not alone.

Donate now.