Kathryn Marshall: The cancel culture mob could come looking for you, too

Kathryn Marshall: The cancel culture mob could come looking for you, too

Due process goes out the window when it comes to cancel culture. By the time all the facts come to light, it is too lateAuthor of the article:Kathryn MarshallPublishing date:Jan 26, 2021  •  5 days ago  •  3 minute read

Cancel culture is a toxic practice that we should cancel, writes Kathryn Marshall. PHOTO BY SEAN GALLUP/GETTY IMAGES

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You know it is getting bad when even Mr. Bean is calling you out. In an interview earlier this month, Rowan Atkinson equated cancel culture with a “medieval mob, roaming the streets looking for someone to burn.”

It is an apt comparison.

Kathryn Marshall: The cancel culture mob could come looking for you, too
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In 2015, British journalist Jon Ronson wrote a great book called “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed,” where he explored public shaming on the internet and interviewed people who had been on the receiving end of the online mob. No one could have predicted how online public shaming would mutate into the ubiquitous and toxic cancel culture that has become so powerful today.

A medieval mob, roaming the streets looking for someone to burnROWAN ATKINSON

Cancel culture doesn’t just come for celebrities and politicians. It pursues regular everyday folk, too. As an employment lawyer, I have seen my fair share of unjust terminations. One aspect of cancel culture I find particularly troubling is how the mob goes after people’s jobs. This is no trite matter. It is one thing to call someone out and shame them on online. But to attack a person’s ability to put food on the table is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. It doesn’t take much pressure from the cancel culture mob to cancel someone’s employment contract. Employers, especially large companies, are terrified of bad press and the thought of trending on Twitter for the wrong reasons is the stuff of nightmares

A few angry emails and an unsightly mention in a BuzzFeed article may be all it takes to get you cancelled at work. Forget about an investigation or proper human resources protocols — there isn’t time for that. One of cancel culture’s greatest strengths is its speed. With social media and the 24/7 news cycle, the process of cancelling a human can take mere hours.

In any other scenario where a complaint is made against an employee, there would usually be a proper investigation process undertaken by the employer that could take weeks, maybe months. The employee would be permitted to present a defence and the full context would be examined. Termination for cause, which is the capital offence of employment law, would be a last-resort option.

A statue of justice is seen outside Vancouver’s law courts. Due process goes out the window in cases of cancel culture, writes Kathryn Marshall. PHOTO BY MARK VAN MANEN/POSTMEDIA NEWS

Due process goes out the window when it comes to cancel culture. By the time all the facts come to light, it is too late. The damage has been done and the mob is onto its next victim.

If companies would just keep their nerve instead of panicking and hitting the fire button, they could avoid potential liability from unjustly fired employees. The cancel culture mob usually loses interest after a few days, but the lawsuits from terminated employees linger.

A friend once asked me, isn’t cancel culture just the product of a free market, like consumer activism? The answer is no. Cancel culture is about power and control. It is a highly effective tool that gives a self-appointed and often small mob the power to control who has and doesn’t have a platform or voice. What it takes to be cancelled is completely fluid and changes almost daily. Cancel culture is the antithesis of free speech and the enemy of due process and fairness.

Cancel culture is the antithesis of free speech and the enemy of due process and fairness

The goal isn’t just to humiliate or to shame. And it certainly isn’t to elicit an apology. The objective is to literally remove a person from every semblance of their life — personal and professional. To destroy that person’s career, influence, respect and render them so radioactive that no company, person or employer will ever want to touch them with a 10-foot pole. In other words, cancelled.

There are always stories of a cancel culture victim months later, where some reporter has dredged up all the facts and evidence and tells the full story in the proper context. You read it and think — that was really unfair. And then you go about your day, while that person has to live the rest of their life with this humiliation plastered all over the internet.

Are there some people and groups out there who deserve to be deplatformed? Of course — this has always been the case.

But do the vast majority of people who have made a mistake or said or done the wrong thing at some point in their life deserve due process and a second chance?


Cancel culture is a toxic practice that we should cancel.

Trying to Ban You Tube Sensation Soph

Trying to Ban You Tube Sensation Soph

It’s all about “Soph””Soph” takes the world by stormOf Erik Forsell ,2019-05-17erik.forsell@nordfront.se6MEDIA. The 14-year-old American “Soph” is getting harder attacked for her Youtube videos. Jewish opinion makers hang out and harass her publicly. But Soph’s videos are spreading like wildfire across the West.


The now 14-year-old “Soph” has made about 40 videos since she started doing Youtubevideor videos three years ago. Now, Jewish lobbyists are trying to get her banned from Youtube, even though she considers herself too young to belong to a political camp, and therefore does not engage in ideologies but only on issues. Although in a video, she hardly attacks the bad effects of communism.

If she gets another note on Youtube, she is shut down, and you have to follow her on for example BitChute instead.

The reason why a child who speaks about political issues has almost one million followers is that she is extremely politically incorrect when, among other things, she criticizes how the adult society abuses children for their own lusts – because she does not avoid the necessary multicultural problems. But she addresses a wide range of topics related to social and social issues.

Unlike previous youths who were shut down from Youtube for their political views, as the Hitlerist Evalion, who later changed his boyfriend and at the same time changed ideology and instead became a Leninist, Soph pays homage to no ideology.

Important issues for Soph are how children are treated by the adult world, not least by oppressive religious systems such as Islam and Judaism that allow child marriages both abroad and in the United States. She also deals with the widespread pedophilia in the film and TV industry in her videos, as well as what woman power and ” white power ” mean to her.


The hat train has started
It is the video “ Be not afraid ” that has created a lot of media rubbish. It is a film in which she breeds Islam for the institutionalized pedophilia where girls of her own age are treated as merchandise and are given away to old disgusting men.

The video prompted the Jew Joseph Bernstein who is a writer for Buzzfeedto in an article go out hard against the young girl and criticize her for everything he could think of: Islamophobia, racism against black, spread fear of pedophilia and at the same time dress their arguments in “napkin thin evolution psychology. “.

But Soph has long been criticized for anti-Semitism, and that’s probably why she is loosely hanging in her social accounts.

In the video Child marriage is legal , she criticizes the fact that child marriage is legal in all US states except in Delaware. That state has an absolute limit of 18 years as the minimum age to enter into marriage, says Soph.

In the other states there are loopholes in the laws where children can marry “with the parents’ permission” which in practice means that families marry the children to old men.

At the same time, there are no laws that make it legal for the child to differ from his / her spouse, as she is not of age and thus is not legally permitted to apply for divorce.

Low in number, 167,000 children have been subjected to forced marriage in the United States between 2010 and 2017, says Soph, mainly in the weight of oppressive religious systems.

The worst countries in the world are Muslim countries in Africa and the Middle East, but other religious communities are also guilty of forced marriage for children, and these are also increasing in the United States with all foreign religious cultures.

In the Jewish state of New Jersey, 4,000 children are married between 1995 and 2012. Soph points out that in some Jewish orthodox associations, the marriage age for girls is 12 years, and that Catholic law allows for marriage to boys aged 16 and 14 years old.

– So, yes, one can say that common religious values ​​are about sexualizing their daughter as early as possible, probably to tie her to the fireplace before she can learn too much at school, and marriage makes it so much easier for men rape little girls, says Soph.

In the video she criticizes the Democrat and Orthodox Jew Gary Schaer as 2018 ensured that a law against child marriage in New Jersey was stopped from voting in just a few minutes before it was to be discussed.

He did so by referring to the fact that it would be offensive to “certain religious” societies, as even the previous New Jersey governor, Chris Christie , had said.


The prevailing double standard is difficult to deal with.
Many of Soph’s videos deal with the double standard of the adult world. Most annoyed is Soph on all comments about her youth.

“I’ve talked to peers in other schools who say that if they express something positive about Donald Trump , they get quarreled for expressing hatred,” says Soph in an interview with Alex Jones at InfoWars. Jones has already been banned from several Jewish-owned and controlled platforms on the internet.

– If I had been super-left, they had not called me “brainwashed” and “exploited”, and they would say that I know what I’m talking about, not that it’s just about teenage rebellion. Then they had kissed my feet. It’s really a weird double standard. As with types such as Greta Thunberg , they never say that she is exploited, that she is brainwashed [because she has “the right” message].

Alex Jones believes that Soph is unusually good at conveying and reaching out with messages.

“Soph is verbal and well-informed about things,” says Alex Jones, who says that he has talked to her parents and that they help her with perhaps ten percent input, but she is herself on her legs as she delivers her message.

Sophs currently most chased critics, above mentioned Jewish Joseph Bernstein, receive a lot of support from so-called anti-racists but are also hacked by vloggers like Paul R. Ramsey .

Bernstein recently published a tweet in which he urged his followers to kill a white heterosexual man on their way to work.

At Bernstein’s call for murder of white, Ramsey tweets in response that he writes an article on Jewish power and extremism and asks Bernstein for an interview on the subject.

With his videos, Soph shows that people of low age can have such sensible arguments as old men who want to maintain an old and Jewish power order.