Petition to Stop Silicon Valley’s Censorship of Christian Voices

Petition to Stop Silicon Valley’s Censorship of Christian Voices

Big Tech’s brutal assault on free speech is appalling, and it is directed at you, me and anyone who stands for life, family, freedom or any moral value!

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Apple, Amazon, Pinterest, and other Big Tech companies have launched a worldwide crusade to censor voices like ours.

They showed the world just how far they are willing to go after they banned former U.S. President Donald Trump from all of their platforms.

And if they can censor elected leaders like Trump, they can do it to anyone…

…including YOU and CitizenGO!

What few people realize is, Big Tech’s banning of “unapproved” speech started long before Trump was banned.

That’s why I am asking you to sign this petition and help us pressure these Big Tech CEOs to stop censoring free speech.

Amazon, Google, and Apple conspire to bring down the conservative-leaning social media app Parler.

The US pro-family National Organization for Marriage was stripped of its online fundraising portal.

The rising pro-life conservative party in Spain, VOX, was banned from Twitter.

I could go on and on.

It’s clear that those in power at these Big Tech conglomerates seem to think they can use their oligarch control of online interactions to do as they please.

And with the growing effectiveness of CitizenGO in exposing the culture of death, transgender madness, and indoctrination of children in gender ideology, they will attack CitizenGO at any time.

But unlike others, I will not quietly cower and hope to be allowed to speak.

That’s because I know these tech giants are not as invincible as they’d like us to believe.

If you and I stand up to the Big Tech bullies, we can show them they will lose popular support, AND they will also lose billions of dollars in profits and suffer legal penalties.

This is something no CEO likes to tell their stockholders.

Right now, these social media platforms are some of CitizenGO’s most valuable advocacy tools, with our followers sharing our campaigns daily.

Our allies and CitizenGO have leveraged our over 15 million supporters to launch impactful campaigns, including:

  • Defending our own U.K. campaigner, Caroline Farrow, from malicious, unfounded lawsuits that sought to jail her for standing up for traditional family values;
  • Freeing Asia Bibi from anti-Christian persecution in Pakistan;
  • Standing up to corporate behemoths like Disney and Netflix who insist on promoting anti-Christian and LGBTQ ideology, even to very young children;
  • Exposing UN lobbyists who tried to force pro-life governments in Africa to support abortion or lose critical aid; and
  • Saving baby Tafida from heartless bureaucrats who sought to deny her life-saving medical care.

And these campaigns are only a small part of what our online presence has helped us accomplish.

But if radical Leftists like George Soros and some of the leaders of the Big Tech get their way, any group — even private citizens — could be banned from promoting our values.

Will you sign your petition to the Big Tech CEOs today, insisting they stop free speech censorship?

Big Tech claims their main goal is to fight hate and false facts.

But you and I know what the real goals of their leaders more often than not are: to weaken our defense of the unborn, free speech, the natural family, freedom of Religion and Christian values.

If CitizenGO members like you stand idly by, these tech giants could get away with one of the most significant assaults on free speech since the rise of the Nazis and Communists.

That’s why our petition to these Big Tech CEOs insists they uphold the ideals of a free and open public square which allows space for discussion and opposing ideas.

You and I must stand together to show them they will pay a heavy price in loss of popular support, lost revenue and legal penalties.

Tell them to stop the censorship of pro-life, pro-family, and pro-liberty speech and activism on their platforms.

Please click here to sign your petition to the Big Tech CEOs demanding to stop this assault on our voice.


Ignacio Arsuaga

Pinterest Bans ALIPAC With False Claims of Racism



[More techno giant social media censorship of immigration reform groups.]

For National Release | April 19, 2019

Please support our struggle against Silicon Valley censorship and attacks on civil rights by sharing this message by email and on (ALIPAC HERE) .. (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE) .. (GAB HERE)

(Raleigh, NC) After taking down ALIPAC’s folder titled “ALIPAC” last week, which contained memes opposing Amnesty bill S 874, Pinterest applied a full ban of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC’s account today after sending an email claiming:

“We have suspended your Pinterest account after finding multiple violations of our policies on hate speech, we suspended your Pinterest account. You will no longer be able to access your Pins or messages.
We don’t allow content that attacks people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or medical condition.
Thanks for understanding,
The Pinterest Team”

There were no memes or images that attacked any people based on race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, etc. in ALIPAC’s Pinterest account.ALIPAC is a racially inclusive national organization with strict rules against racism, where many of the group’s top volunteers and donors are black and Hispanic.

All memes and images contained in ALIPAC’s now banned Pinterest account were posted (AND CAN BE REVIEWED) on ALIPAC’s Facebook account (View Here) and Twitter Account (View Here). Both Facebook and Twitter have very strict rules against racist and hateful content and have not banned or removed any of ALIPAC’s Pinterest hosted memes except for one about Molly Tibbetts, which Facebook apologized for removing and claimed to restore. (Review Washington Times Article)

“We have dispatched a certified letter to Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann asking him to correct this wrongful censorship and deceptive claims by Pinterest employees and restore our Pinterest folders and account,” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “It is clear that someone at Pinterest disagrees with our politics and is using fake claims of racism and hate to censor us, influence the outcome of legislation and elections, and violate our civil rights!”

ALIPAC has been fighting a national battle against Silicon Valley corporation censorship, which violates the civil rights of American citizens and maintains a list of more than 94 conservative activists and groups being targeted by Facebook, Twittter, PayPal, Google, and now Pinterest. (View List)

Last year, ALIPAC’s 12 page report to Congress on Silicon Valley censorship (View) was entered into the Congressional Record by Iowa Congressman Steve King.

All of the memes ALIPAC uploaded to Pinterest are still visible in ALIPAC’s Announcements and Alerts section (View Here) going back more than 5 years.

Here are the latest memes ALIPAC uploaded to Pinterest since the ALIPAC folder was censored last week.