The Great Censorship Purge Begins, Starting With holocaust Skeptics


The Great Censorship Purge Begins, Starting With holocaust Skeptics



want to inform you about the
with the HOAX DENIERS as
primary targets.

We who refute and deny the hollyweird version of the hoax are like the plug in a drain.  They target and remove us – ALL THE REST OF THE ISSUES GO TOO.  It’s like Diane‘s SAME SOUP ILLUSTRATION.  Just the Beginning.
I predicted this way back when, and it will soon be followed by other topics, like gays,women,abortion, whatever other the PC police will allow. Welcome to 1984!

The JEWS of the ADL and SPLC just BANNED Brother Nathanael from YouTube.
Every single one of my over 500 Videos there is GONE.  Jews are our misfortune.
“I will be posting on BitChute and my own Brother Nathanael Channel from now on.” +Brother Nathanael

The Recent YouTube Censorship S*** – Storm. 🙁
YouTube’s Censorship Policy Announcement

“NAZI’s” haven’t existed since 1945. What an “anti-intellectual” moron’s ad hominem false argument / statement.

IF  it’s such a stupid theory” (fact?), why is YouTube so threatened by Sandy Hoax proponents? Just sayn. 

Jim Fetzer’s Channel was part of YouTube’s recent communistic America-hating free-speech carnage.

If you like deciding things for yourself, here’s at least one Jim Fetzer back-up channel 4U:

IF  you like YouTube deciding for you, please ignore all these Jim Fetzer links. They know better. 

One of my favorite Fetzer presentations was his “False Flags on Five Fronts” presentation. WOW!

🔴 LIVE – The YouTube Censorship S*** – Storm

YouTube’s Scorched Earth Tactics & Vox Media Union Strike