THE BEST ATTENDED PAUL FROMM TOO-LATE-FOR-CHRISTMAS-TOO-EARLY-FOR-NEW-YEARS (and pf birthday)PARTY in a decade. Special guest — YOU TUBE sensation Evalion. German Christmas music by Dieter. People came from Hamilton, Caledon, Pickering and all around the GTA. The cowboy hat was filled with generous donations for the Canadian Association for Free Expression..

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Not that “anti-racists” (anti-racism is a code word for anti-White) or Social Justice Warriors are any strangers to violence but they have become downright hysterical since the Trump Phenomenon.
The Alternative Forum and the Canadian Association for Free Expression had arranged for a meeting with “Evallion.” The meeting was to be hosted at the offices of YOUR WARD NEWS. “Evalion”: is a 19-year-old You Tube videographer. Active for the past eight months, she has accumulated over 2-million hits on her sassy, opinionated videos. She has taken shots at the so-called holocaust, the Third World immigration and other forbidden subjects.
In early October, Canada’s thought police (Canadian Border Services Agency branch)  held her for over eight hours and stole (uh, “detained”) her laptop, power cord, computer case and several personal diaries and notebooks. B’nai Brith, among Canada’s most fanatical thought control groups, is on her case and is demanding a police investigation and prosecution under Canada’s notorious “hate” law.
She has also been the c\victim of serious Internet stalking and harassment.] At the last minute, she was so pressured (she is still a teenager) that she cancelled her engagement. CAFE meetings  never cancel.
However, when folks showed up tonight, they discovered that the offices of YOUR WARD NEWS had been the object of terrorist vandalism. The locks on both front and rear doors had been vandalized. The manager of YOUR WARD NEWS was unable to gain entry. And, as usual, there was the retarded sloganeering and tagging defacing the front of the building. [YOUR WARD NEWS has had its windows smashed so often that they are permanently boarded over.]
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Last week an unidentified  teenager was arrested in Ottawa for spray painting some nastiness on the window of the front door of a female rabbi and on a Negro church. A long parade of donkey-faced politicians rushed forward to denounce these acts. We won’t hold our breaths for any similar sympathy for the interference with CAFE’s right to hold a peaceful meeting.
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An interesting clue to the possible identity of the perpetrators came from a colleague who arrived early, at 4:30. He took a snap of the anarchist grafitti. He noticed he was being watched.  A man in his 20s, thin with dirty blonde hair was taking pictures and tried to take pictures of our colleague. He was being signalled by an older man in his 60s. he wore a red jacket, was chubby and had salt and pepper hair. Our colleague ducked into a neighbourhood restaurant. The photographer followed. When our colleague quickly left, the photographer also followed. Our colleague spun around and confronted the photographer. “Who are you? Why are you trying to take my picture?” he demanded. he is 6’3″.
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The frightened youth’s reply was: “I am just taking pictures. I want to be left alone.”



Unfortunately, due to threats from groups controlled and/or funded by ZioMarxist entities, Evalion’s rally at the Your Ward News office on November 22, 2016, will be postponed to a new date and new venue, announced only to a select group of people on a mailing list (the event time and location will not be made public).  The reason for the postponement and change of venue is to counter threats to Evalion’s personal safety.


According to Evalion, who is a strong anti-Pedophilia advocate, entities representing “Pedophiles”, a gentleman by the surname of “Picciolini” (who may or may not be part of this Pedophile group), and potential Pedophile operatives in “Antifa”, were planning on “ambushing” her at the event.  We regret any inconvenience caused by this postponement, but we trust that the community will support us in ensuring the safety of this young Nationalist videographer.



To Commemorate the 53rd Anniversary of the Assassination of anti-Globalist President John F. Kennedy, and to Celebrate the recent Election of anti-Globalist President Donald J. Trump, The Canadian Association for Free Expression Proudly Presents, and Your Ward News Mischievously Sponsors, the world’s first public rally featuring Evalion as Keynote Speaker:

* She is an international teenage internet sensation, BANNED by Twitter and YouTube after over 2 million video views in 8 months!

* She was such a well-known Nationalist celebrity at the time she was BANNED, that the story was covered by European television programs.

* Her clever, sassy, engaging YouTube videos on immigration, National Socialism, pedophilia, the “gay” agenda, and more, are awakening a new generation… and threatening ZioMarxist entities committed to maintaining their oppression of the general population.

* Most recently, she was the victim of Canada Border Service harassment, with unwarranted confiscation of her laptop and personal journals, followed by an 8 hour detention!

* She is the latest and most high-profile target of B’nai Brith censorship.

Evalion will speak on the topic of “How I Became a YouTube Rebel & How to Disseminate Our Nationalist Message to a New Generation”.

DATE: Tuesday, November 22, 2016. 8:00 p.m.

LOCATION: “Your Ward News” Headquarters

ADDRESS: 163 Main Street, just south of Gerrard. Toronto, ON.

It is a 5 minute walk south of Main Station on the Bloor-Danforth Subway line.

[ $10.00 admission fee at door. ]


York University Promises B’nai Brith to Ban YOUR WARD NEWS on Campus

York University Promises B’nai Brith to Ban YOUR WARD NEWS on Campus

YOUR WARD NEWS is a scrappy satirical newspaper with over 300,000 copies per issue which is published in the East End of Toronto. Its stiletto cartoons and articles target the politically correct like the radical environmentalists, Ontario’s free spending lesbian premier Wynne, local leftist politicians, Black Lives Matter, and two of its most determined critics, Liberal Party attack dog Warren Kinsella, and Ottawa lawyer, Richard Warman. The radical left has, over the past several years, done everything to shut them down. Their windows at their Main St. office have been broken repeatedly. There have been numerous complaints to the Toronto Police Service “hate squad” (the thought police) and there  is an ongoing investigation as to whether to charge them for publishing “hate” against privileged minorities. Complaints were made to Canada Post. The local of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, at one point in 2015t, refused to deliver the papers because the “hate” was too hot for their prissy fingers. Then, Richard Warman, a champion complaint filer, complained  to the Canadian Human Rights Commission against Canada Post which continued to deliver the paper. Last June, Canada’s Newfie Minister of Supply and Procurement Judy Foote, took away editor Dr. James Sears’ mailing rights. That totalitarian move (yes, in Canada, not North Korea) is now being appealed.
The latest assault on the embattled tabloid, Canada’s most spirited satirical publication since the demise of Frank Magazine, came as York University hopped to it when B’nai Brith complained and promised to ban distribution of the tabloid on campus. A November 3 statement from B’nai Brith gloated: “York University has vowed to stop the circulation of Your Ward News – a publication deemed by various human rights groups as anti-semitic, racist and homophobic – after copies of it were widely distributed on York’s Keele campus.   A spokesperson at the York University President’s Office told B’nai Brith Canada that it ‘will take appropriate steps to ensure that this publication is not being distributed or delivered to locations on campus.’ B’nai Brith alerted the York administration after copies of Your Ward News were found on official newsstands scattered throughout the Keele campus, including the Lassonde School of Engineering and the Central Square Complex.”On so many levels, the York Administration’s decision is disappointing and pathetic. Even if YWN were “anti-semitic, racist and homophobic”, so what? These are terms of abuse by those who don’t like to be criticized. These are political points of view. A university should be a forum for discussion and debate about ideas not a politically correct indoctrination factory, as many White students say York has become. The lack of commitment of the university to freedom of the press or the marketplace of ideas is scandalous.
The B’nai Brith statement insists YWN ” ‘has no legitimacy as a news publication, there is no reason for it to be distributed on campuses,’ said Amanda Hohmann, National Director of B’nai Brith’s League for Human Rights. ‘We are glad to see that York University has taken the appropriate step of removing it, and freeing up space to display legitimate publications of value for the student body.’” The arrogant thought police at B’nai Brith insist on determining who is a “legitimate” news publication. And, sadly, York University has bent to this outside pressure group. [However, exactly what “appropriate” (there’s that politically correct catch-all term) measures can be used to stop distribution on campus, no one seems to know.] I was recently interviewed as part of Global News’s smear attack on Evalion  (See  story above.) Interviewer Christina Stevens asked why it should be important to identify who is a Jew. Evalion did a video offering her thoughts on that issue. I said it was important as the Jewish lobby, as opposed to some individual Jews, regularly seeks to restrict the rights of other Canadians to talk. This being a case in point, You don’t hear of Italians or Icelanders lobbying for restrictions on free speech
As if to make my point, the B’nai Brith statement boasts:  “York University, which has a large Jewish student population, has been roiled by allegations of anti-semitism for years. In September, York dismissed lab technician Nikolaos Balaskas after B’nai Brith exposed his anti-semitic posts on social media.” So, after B’nai Brith went whining to the York Administration about the political views of one their employees, the poor wretch was promptly fired. This is not satirical but the chutzpah would be worthy of YWN‘s zany writers, B’nai Brith actually bills itself as practising “grass roots human rights advocacy”. Well, only if “human rights” does not include freedom of speech and freedom of the press. — Paul Fromm

York U Vows to Stop Circulation of Antisemitic Publication

Screenshot of Your Ward News

Toronto Jewish Lobby Group Enraged at “Evalion’s” Videos

Toronto Jewish Lobby Group Enraged at “Evalion’s” Videos

Ontario teen who called for ‘white’ Canada has laptops seized by CBSA

WATCH ABOVE: GTA teen who called for ‘white’ Canada has laptops seized by CBSA

 A A 

“Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler, Happy Birthday to you,” the voice of a teenager singing to Hitler is jarring.

Then the young woman in the video acknowledges how most people would react.

.I know what you guys are thinking right now, you are going, ‘Like, oh my God, how can you celebrate Hitler’s birthday? Hitler is so evil,’” she says.

That was just one of dozens of videos posted on social media by Veronica Bouchard,  [EVALION] * described by some ** as one of the first female neo-Nazi YouTubers. ***

The Greater Toronto Area woman may also be among the youngest — she just turned 19 this month.

Posting videos under a pseudonym, Bouchard uses racial slurs, calls for a “white” only Canada and blames increasing crime rates on immigrants and refugees.

Bouchard is angry that when returning from Germany, the Canada Border Services Agency detained her at the airport.

She said officers went through her personal diary, then seized her notebooks and laptop.

“They said, ‘We are investigating you for promotion of hate propaganda’ for what they saw I wrote,” said Bouchard.

YouTube shut down Bouchard’s account and has repeatedly pulled her videos off their site, but others have reposted them.

She said even the video where she sings Happy Birthday to Hitler shouldn’t be seen as offensive.

“I did it because it was funny,” she said.

She was asked if she thought it was funny to Jewish people whose families died in the Holocaust.

“I think if they had a sense of humour they would find it funny,” she replied. “I made that video to guide to another video where I talked about Adolf Hitler in a different [way], the German side of the story.”

Berl Nadler, Co-Chair for the Toronto Council of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs said while Canada isn’t immune to racism, Bouchard’s videos are more disturbing in that they are so “explicit” in their hatred.

“This is Hitlerian Nazi propaganda,” Nadler said “Not only is it ani-semitism, she hates everybody that isn’t her.

Bouchard said she doesn’t hate, she just believes races shouldn’t mix. She said she developed her views by growing up in the multicultural community of Markham.

Nadler’s response was pretty straightforward.

“Get an education, grow up,” he said.

Bouchard argued it’s about freedom of speech and that she should be able to express her opinion, even if it goes against popular opinion.

“We are very different, and that’s OK,” she said. “It shouldn’t be taboo.”


Typical of the media’s dishonest journalism;

* “Evalion” was interviewed under her screen name. She did not volunteer nor confirm her identity to the reporter. She is a teenager and has been subject to physical and online threats of violence. The lengthy Global interview has as part of its purpose to “out” her in the interests of outside and hostile powers.

** Evalion does not describe herself as a “neo-Nazi” which is a slur.

** Who are the “some” who makes this dishonest charge?

“Evalion” & CAFE Interviewed by Global TV About Thought Police Seizure of Laptop & Personal Notebooks

“Evalion” & CAFE Interviewed by Global TC About Thought Police Seizure of Laptop & Personal Notebooks


Young You Tube sensation — 2-million hits — “Evalion” being Interviewed by Global Television’s Christina Stevens about her videos and her recent 8-hour detention by Canada Border Services Agency operatives and the seizure of her laptop and personal diaries and notebooks. Also, interviewed was CAFE Director Paul Fromm. CAFE, Canada’s leading free speech advocacy group, is assisting “Evalion” who turned 19 today, in dealing with CBSA. She was denied food for 8 hours and water for 7 during her ordeal. The program airs 5:30-6:30 Monday evening. Tune in to see whether this is a fair presentation or another media hatchet job..

Frederick Fromm's photo.
Frederick Fromm's photo.

Evalion — Teenage Videographer Held 8 Hours By Customs Censors — Interview With Paul Fromm & Brian Ruhe

Evalion — Teenage Videographer Held 8 Hours By Customs Censors — Interview With Paul Fromm & Brian Ruhe

Published on Oct 26, 2016

Evalion was held after returning to Canada and her diary and computer were taken and searched for “hate literature”: She was separated from her German boyfriend who was then sent back to Germany.

Evalion burst onto the scene in 2016 with over 20,000,000 hits on YouTube because of her edgy way of telling the truth about Adolf Hitler, Interantional Jews and other controversies.

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Here Evalion is interviewed by Paul Fromm, director of the Canadian Association for Freedom of Expression. The host is Brian Ruhe, a critic of Jewish power. All three are Canadians.

You Tube Sensation ‘Evalion’ Detained for Over 8 Hours by Customs Heavies; Personal Journals & Diaries Seized

You Tube Sensation ‘Evalion’ Detained for Over 8 Hours by Customs Heavies; Personal Journals & Diaries Seized

Evalion’  (pronounced ee-vay-lee-on) is the screen name of a very creative 18 year old Ontario girl who has taken You Tube and Twitter by storm with a series of engaging hard-hitting videos on race, political correctness and National Socialism over the past six months. Her videos have had over 20-million hits.  She has  an engaging voice and winning manner, mixed with defiant attitude that has won her a large youthful following.

And, of course, the usual Zionist enemies. She has been harassed and vilified online.

Perhaps, predictably, Canada`s political police, Canada Border Service Agency, which has subjected many other freedom fighters to degrading searches, seizures and long delays in the pursuit of `’hate’ or politically incorrect thoughts is now harassing Evalion.

On October 7,  Evalion  was returning from a visit to Germany. At primary inspection, she fully and honestly answered questions in her customs declaration.

She was then pulled aside for secondary inspection.  She was detained for over 8 and a quarter hours! She was denied food and only offered water in the last hour. Understand, she is just 18 years of age and was humiliated as male officers pawed through her private journals and leered at the contents.

As drug pushers and illegals streamed through, nearly a dozen CBSA officers at one time or another were all over this teenager. In the end, the burly defenders of political correctness seized and send off to Ottawa for further investigation: 
*  her computer — Lenovo Type 6474
* the computer’s power supply and case. What can an electrical cord and a case have to do with “hate propaganda”?
* Toshiba external hard drive
* Her white binder with blue notebook
* Her hardcover red, brown and gold book
* Her black ringed booklet and white cover
* Her single ringed booklet with multi-coloured cover

 She was not importing these items. They were hers and had been  brought from Canada.

 Her journals mostly contain her thoughts on life and romance. They are deeply personal. The border snoops had no reasonable or probable grounds for this seizure.

 Evalion says: ‘I feel violated by this experience and am appalled that grown men, who may have daughters my age, were crowded around and rummaging through my notebooks. These items were not guns or drugs.’`

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You Tube sensation Èvalion with CAFE Director Paul Fromm

The name of the game of the political police is intimidation. Evalion sought out CAFE`s help and counsel. We are assisting her in crafting a response to the political police to get her property back.

CAFE Director Paul Fromm commented: `Those jerk-off johnnies who violated a young lady`s privacy should be ashamed of themselves. Increasingly, Canada is a failing state whose government cannot adequately vet hordes of Syrians but are all over a young dissident. The cowards like to go after soft targets.”