Evalion — Teenage Videographer Held 8 Hours By Customs Censors — Interview With Paul Fromm & Brian Ruhe

Evalion — Teenage Videographer Held 8 Hours By Customs Censors — Interview With Paul Fromm & Brian Ruhe

Published on Oct 26, 2016

Evalion was held after returning to Canada and her diary and computer were taken and searched for “hate literature”: She was separated from her German boyfriend who was then sent back to Germany.

Evalion burst onto the scene in 2016 with over 20,000,000 hits on YouTube because of her edgy way of telling the truth about Adolf Hitler, Interantional Jews and other controversies.

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Here Evalion is interviewed by Paul Fromm, director of the Canadian Association for Freedom of Expression. The host is Brian Ruhe, a critic of Jewish power. All three are Canadians.


You Tube Sensation ‘Evalion’ Detained for Over 8 Hours by Customs Heavies; Personal Journals & Diaries Seized

You Tube Sensation ‘Evalion’ Detained for Over 8 Hours by Customs Heavies; Personal Journals & Diaries Seized

Evalion’  (pronounced ee-vay-lee-on) is the screen name of a very creative 18 year old Ontario girl who has taken You Tube and Twitter by storm with a series of engaging hard-hitting videos on race, political correctness and National Socialism over the past six months. Her videos have had over 20-million hits.  She has  an engaging voice and winning manner, mixed with defiant attitude that has won her a large youthful following.

And, of course, the usual Zionist enemies. She has been harassed and vilified online.

Perhaps, predictably, Canada`s political police, Canada Border Service Agency, which has subjected many other freedom fighters to degrading searches, seizures and long delays in the pursuit of `’hate’ or politically incorrect thoughts is now harassing Evalion.

On October 7,  Evalion  was returning from a visit to Germany. At primary inspection, she fully and honestly answered questions in her customs declaration.

She was then pulled aside for secondary inspection.  She was detained for over 8 and a quarter hours! She was denied food and only offered water in the last hour. Understand, she is just 18 years of age and was humiliated as male officers pawed through her private journals and leered at the contents.

As drug pushers and illegals streamed through, nearly a dozen CBSA officers at one time or another were all over this teenager. In the end, the burly defenders of political correctness seized and send off to Ottawa for further investigation: 
*  her computer — Lenovo Type 6474
* the computer’s power supply and case. What can an electrical cord and a case have to do with “hate propaganda”?
* Toshiba external hard drive
* Her white binder with blue notebook
* Her hardcover red, brown and gold book
* Her black ringed booklet and white cover
* Her single ringed booklet with multi-coloured cover

 She was not importing these items. They were hers and had been  brought from Canada.

 Her journals mostly contain her thoughts on life and romance. They are deeply personal. The border snoops had no reasonable or probable grounds for this seizure.

 Evalion says: ‘I feel violated by this experience and am appalled that grown men, who may have daughters my age, were crowded around and rummaging through my notebooks. These items were not guns or drugs.’`

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You Tube sensation Èvalion with CAFE Director Paul Fromm

The name of the game of the political police is intimidation. Evalion sought out CAFE`s help and counsel. We are assisting her in crafting a response to the political police to get her property back.

CAFE Director Paul Fromm commented: `Those jerk-off johnnies who violated a young lady`s privacy should be ashamed of themselves. Increasingly, Canada is a failing state whose government cannot adequately vet hordes of Syrians but are all over a young dissident. The cowards like to go after soft targets.”


Canada Border Services Agency — Political Police & Censors

Canada Border Services Agency — Political Police & Censors

Paul Fromm Appears on Voters’ Echo

* Exposes mail opening and harassment by Canada Border Service Agency
* two and a half hour harassment; opening laptop and cellphone; total invasion of privacy

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VoteFrederick Fromm's photo.

Voters’ Choice Host Bahman Yazdanfar with guest Paul Fromm, Director of the

Canadian Association for Free Expression

A Knapsack of Conservative Literature Scooped by Customs Censors

A Knapsack of Conservative Literature Scooped by Customs Censors

Is a speech by former U.S. Senator Jesse Helms (R-NC) about Martin Luther King “hate propaganda”? Some eager beaver censor wannabe at Canada Customs or Canada Border Service Agency, as it is now called, seems to think so. Activist Douglas Pearson was one of several Canadians returning from the July 6-7 annual conference of the Council of Conservative Citizens in Nashville, TN on July 8. He flew into Toronto’s Island Airport. His knapsack was ransacked and searched. What did the agent find? A pound of cocaine? A bag of smelly khat leaves, so beloved by Toronto’s drug addled Somali youth? No, nothing so dramatic. The agent found “literature.” When all was said and done, the snoops haul included: the Frankfurt School, a dvd produced by the Conservative Citizens Foundation; Communism With the Mask Off, a speech delivered in Nurnberg on September 13, 1935 by Dr. Joseph Goebbels; Pre-Emptive Ideology, Occasional Papers of the Citizens’ Foundation, Issue #7; The King Holiday and its Meaning, speech by Senator Jesse Helms, introduction by Samuel Francis; The Citizens Informer, Vol. 45, No. 1 (newspaper published thrice yearly by the Council of Conservative Citizens); The First Freedom, June, 2012, a newspaper; The Alabamian, May-June, 2012, a newsletter published by the Alabama Council of Conservative Citizens and CofCC Board member Leonard Wilson; and the Northwest Observer, Volumes #115 (February, 2012), #116 (March, 2012), and #117 (April, 2012), published by long-time U.S. writer Harold Covington.
This seizure #2012-4952-K27-0013 was made, presumably because the literature was considered “hate.” The suspect material then sent off to the “Prohibited Importations Unit” at 150 Isabella St. in Ottawa. If the material is deemed to fall under Classification D9-1-15 of the Custom Act – that is, “hate propaganda” – it will be seized. The victim can appeal through the bureaucracy. If the appeal is unsuccessful, the victim can take the matter to court. CAFÉ has considered this latter course on several occasions, but the cost might be $40,000 to salvage a $5 book. Should there be no appeal, “the material will be destroyed 90 days after the date of determination.” How are books destroyed? A good supporter of CAFÉ who had a copy of David Duke’s Jewish Supremacism seized some years ago, was told by a Customs officials that they were “burned.” So, our thought police practise book burning in Canada.

CAFÉ has fought the censorship provisions of the Canada Customs Act for 30 years. Persecutions and Customs censor vigilance wax and wane. In one orgy of censorship madness in the late ‘90s, Paul Fromm had a book bag with some 90 items, including Irish Fairy Tales, seized. He got almost all of the books back in the end. However, the thought policing powers of the Customs Act are an affront to free speech and the seizure of one’s property for “determination” is a violation of our rights to property, rights Trudeau’s Charter did not confer on us. Many Canadians have been deceived by this Napoleonic piece of sophistry. Anglo-Saxon law says the citizen has the right to do anything, except what is expressly forbidden by laws. The Napoleonic system says the citizen has only the rights conferred upon him by the State, The Charter’s rights are bogus, all subject to such “restrictions as are demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.” The continual gutting of our free speech rights under the Charter shows how weak it is.