Monika Schaefer Gets Some Books Back from Customs Censors Thieves, Some Must Be Appealed

Monika Schaefer Gets Some Books Back from Customs Censors Thieves, Some Must Be Appealed 

CBSA Notice of Determination: Some Books Good, Some Books Bad

Two of the five books seized from me at the Calgary airport back in April have been returned to me, along with a Notice of Determination. What follows is my letter of appeal.

2019 June 26

Prohibited Importations Unit
Canada Border Services Agency
c/o CBSA Mail Processing Unit
2215 Gladwin Crescent, Entrance C
Ottawa Ontario, K1A 0L8

RE: Seizure of personal books at Calgary YYC Airport on 2019/04/24
This is my SECOND written correspondence.

Regional control No. 2019-7011-K19-0001; PIU No. 2019-0041

I have received two of the five stolen books back, thank you very much. A Notice of Determination was sent with the books, as well as a copy of the Notice by mail. I am hereby appealing the Notice of Determination.

The returned books are:
⁃ Bungled: “Denying the Holocaust” by Germar Rudolf
⁃ Government by Deception by Jan Lamprecht

The books remaining in your (temporary) possession are:
⁃ The Commission by Richard Barrett
⁃ The Great Impersonation – The Mask of Edom by Pastor Eli James
⁃ Mystery Babylon: New World Unveiled Vol 1 by Eli James & Clay Douglas

I am asking, nay, telling you to send back the latter three books immediately. The seizure of those books constitutes theft. I did not consent and I do not consent to the theft of my books.

It is nobody else’s business which books I choose to read. I did not write these books. I wished to read them. They were my personal property. I did not have commercial quantities; they were single copies, not for sale. The attempt to control what I read or do not read constitutes thought control.

Singling me out at the airport in Calgary was an attempt at intimidation and pure harassment.

It is of great interest to me that the Notice of Determination has, as part of the generic form, a list which outlines exactly that which the “identifiable group” is guilty of. Why else would there be such a detailed and precise list? It proves the point, that there is such an “identifiable group” guilty of exactly those things!

The following is on the official classification (D9-1-15) form, with check boxes beside each item.


Alleging that an identifiable group:
▪ is to blame for serious economic or social problems
▪ manipulates media/trade/politics/government to the detriment of society
▪ is inferior/superior
▪ weakens or threatens society

Who is the judge of truth? Could it be that the very group which is implied by “identifiable group” is guilty of all those things, and that they have cleverly made it an offense to talk or write about it? Just a little food for thought for the servants of the system.

I insist that my books be sent to me without delay, at your expense. I also insist on receiving a copy of your entire report in this file.


Monika Schaefer

Che Okay but Not HH: Another Victim of Political Censorship at the Border

Che  Okay but Not HH: Another Victim of Political Censorship at the Border
WINNIPEG.August 31, 2108. Brandon resident Scott McDonald and a friend were detained for secondary inspection by Canada Border Services Agency on a trip back from Germany. In what was clearly political harassment, Scott’s luggage was searched and teeshirts and stickers to the value of over 200 Euro ($300) seized. His cellphone was stolen as well. His goods have been sent to Ottawa to the Prohibited Importations Unit — it was HIS cellphone, not an import — for investigation as possible “hate propaganda”.
Scott and his friend were wearing teeshirts with 88 on them. Some people interpret this as HH ( or Heil Hitler). That’s an interpretation. Otherwise they are just numbers. One wonders whether Scott would have excited any attention if he had worn a Che Guevara teeshirt. Guevara was a murdering, Negro-hating communist revolutionary. But probably such a teeshirt would not have been a problem nor should it be.
“This is not fair,” Scott says. “None of the stickers or teeshirts preached hate against anyone.”
While CBSA, under orders from Ottawa, is utterly unable to stem the flood of illegals across the Quebec border, they seem Johnny-on-the-spot to harass Canadians with possibly politically incorrect ideas.
Mr. McDonald approached CAFE for advice. Regretably, CAFE has had considerable experience over the past 30 years with Canada Customs and CBSA’s repeated anti-free speech campaigns.

Canada Border Services Agency — Political Police & Censors

Canada Border Services Agency — Political Police & Censors

Paul Fromm Appears on Voters’ Echo

* Exposes mail opening and harassment by Canada Border Service Agency
* two and a half hour harassment; opening laptop and cellphone; total invasion of privacy

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Voters’ Choice Host Bahman Yazdanfar with guest Paul Fromm, Director of the

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