Book Burning: Woke Canadian Schools Destroy Nearly 5,000 Books Deemed ‘Offensive’ to Indigenous Peoples,52

Book Burning: Woke Canadian Schools Destroy Nearly 5,000 Books Deemed ‘Offensive’ to Indigenous Peoples


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Schools in Ontario are facing backlash after burning or destroying books deemed offensive to First Nations, including classic comics such as Tintin and Asterix.

The book burning, labelled an act of “flame purification”, was first undertaken in 2019 by the Providence Catholic School Board, a French-language school board in southwestern Ontario that manages 23 primary schools and seven secondary schools.

According to a report from French-language broadcaster Radio Canada, the first incident saw books ceremonially burned, with the ashes then used as fertiliser to plant a tree. Other burnings were planned but halted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We bury the ashes of racism, discrimination, and stereotypes in the hope that we will grow up in an inclusive country where everyone can live in prosperity and security,” a video created by the school board for students said.

Suzy Kies, a so-called “custodian of indigenous knowledge”, defended the burning of the books, saying: “People panic over burning books, but we are talking about millions of books that have negative images of Indigenous people, that perpetuate stereotypes, that are really damaging and dangerous.”

However, more recent reports have alleged that Kies, who describes herself as “an urban Indigenous woman of Abenaki and Montagnais descent”, and has worked with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party as co-chair of its Aboriginal Commission, is actually not indigenous at all.

Radio Canada say they found that after searching historical records and consulting with First Nations councils, that Kies had absolutely no First Nations ancestors since 1780.

Dominique Ritchot, the coordinator of the French-Canadian Genealogical Society, said that Kies might have First Nations ancestors from the 17th century, a trait she shares with thousands of other French Canadians.  

Liberal Party leader and current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau commented on the book burnings, saying: “On a personal level, I would never agree to the burning of books.” But he also noted that it was not for non-indigenous people “to tell Indigenous people how they should feel or act to advance reconciliation”.

Trudeau relayed a similar message over the summer as dozens of Canadian churches were vandalised or set on fire in reaction to the alleged discovery of unmarked graves in Canadian residential schools.

Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole was less ambiguous in his comments, saying: “A Conservative government will be committed to reconciliation. But the road to reconciliation does not mean tearing down Canada. I strongly condemn the burning of books.”

Since the outrage over the destruction, the Providence Catholic School Board has announced it will pause burning books.

A spokesman for the board, Lyne Cossette, also expressed shock after learning that Ms Kies may not actually be indigenous, saying: “We were certain that Suzy Kies was of Indigenous descent… We had relied on her word.”

Open Letter to Canadian Government RE: CBSA Modern-day Book Burning

Open Letter to Canadian Government RE: CBSA Modern-day Book Burning

17FridayJan 2020

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I spent a few hours putting together a comprehensive list of all 338 Canadian Members of Parliament E-mail addresses, as well as over 100 Senators (the house of sober second thought), and sent them the following open letter on 2020 January 16. For background to this story, please see my last article from September 2019 here, and within that article are links to earlier articles about this Orwellian saga.


RE: Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) theft of privately owned books at Calgary Airport


On 24 April 2019 upon my return from the USA to Calgary airport, five books were seized / stolen from me by the Canada Border Services Agency. I had been flagged, and was harassed and detained for three hours.

I wrote three letters, May 3rd, July 2nd, August 12th, 2019 plus an appeal October 18, 2019 to the CBSA, in an effort to get my books back.

Two out of five books were returned to me, and the others were deemed to constitute “hate propaganda”, prohibited under Customs tariff item 9899.00.00 pursuant to section 58 of the Customs Act.

The 3 books which are still in the possession of the CBSA are:

  • The Commission   by Richard Barrett
  • The Great Impersonation – The Mask of Edom   by Pastor Eli James
  • Mystery Babylon: New World Unveiled Vol. 1  by Eli James and Clay Douglas

The explanatory form that was sent to me had the following boxes checked off, indicating what the so-called “offence” was:

Alleging that an identifiable group:

  • is to blame for serious economic or social problems
  • manipulates media/trade/finance/politics/government to the detriment of society
  • is inferior/superior
  • weakens or threatens society

There was no indication that it mattered or not whether these forbidden allegations were grounded in truth. Truth is not relevant here. It only matters that certain things (the Truth?) are not allowed to be said or read.

Ultimately I was supposed to PROVE that the stolen books were NOT “hate” by providing evidence that they were not hate. The absurdity of the entire debacle reached a level not possible in a sane society. Allow me to quote from my third letter to the CBSA dated August 12, 2019.

First, the deadline for rebuttal is impossible to meet. Your letter, dated July 16, 2019, took 9 days to reach me.[…] Your letter stipulated that you must receive, by mail, my evidence and arguments within 14 days of the date on your letter[…]. If my letter took as long to reach you as yours to reach me, it would already have been too late, and would have allowed a negative amount of time for me to, in your words, ‘submit evidence, regarding the admissibility of the material […]’.

The more serious matter is that the onus of proof is reversed. You say I should provide evidence that these books do not constitute “hate propaganda”. If something does not exist, it is a moot point to prove it does not exist. If it does exist, then the person alleging that it exists should prove that it exists. The onus MUST be on the accuser to prove their accusation. Your logic is false.

The next flaw in your case against me is that you have stolen the evidence! You have taken away […] the books that you deemed offensive. How am I supposed to gather and submit evidence regarding the “admissibility of the material” when you have taken the allegedly-offensive books away from me???

I have not read the books. I do not have copies of these books in my possession. You seized them. Explain to me how I am to gather evidence about an object that you have stolen from me.  Would these books not be the very source of “evidence” with which I am supposed to prove that they are NOT something that you allege they are?

As any logical-thinking man or woman can see, it is an impossible situation. It is as sensible as breaking both legs of a runner and then telling him to go win that race. Would that be a fair race? Or is the outcome pre-determined.

I could avail myself of what appears to be the only option remaining, that of litigation against the CBSA. However, it is not worth my time and resources to participate in this game, a totally rigged system, to get my books back. I do not wish to feed the proverbial beast.

It would of course only be done on principle, as the books are worth far less money than the time and resources it would cost to litigate. As for winning, truth and righteousness are on my side, but the entire so-called justice system is so corrupted that my chances of success are about as good as the runner with the two broken legs winning his race.

The Canada Border Services Agency is de facto an arm of the government. It is at best a sign of moral and ethical bankruptcy and at worst it is treachery and treason for you, as so-called government representatives, to engage in such tyranny against the people who you are supposed to be serving. The government no longer serves the people, but is serving an enemy within.

It is interesting to note that the Talmud has not been stipulated as “hate propaganda”, yet this Jewish holy book calls the Gentiles cattle and calls for our total enslavement. This double standard on which books are “permitted”, demonstrates who you are really serving. Your “Act” which prohibits certain books (and thoughts and spoken words) is a modern day book burning.

I challenge every and any one of you government representatives to rectify this situation. Get rid of the “thought and speech laws”. Have my stolen books returned to me.

In the meantime, I can and have replaced the books through other channels. I am sovereign of my domain and can decide what I can and want to read or not.

I am compelled to publicize widely, this Orwellian act of treachery by an agency which represents Canada at our borders. We truly are living in interesting times.

Monika Schaefer