The Anti-White British Courts: James Costello Sentenced to Five Years for Posting Pro-White Material While Pakistani Rapist of a 13 Year Old English Girl Gets Only Four

The Anti-White British Courts: James Costello Sentenced to Five Years for Posting Pro-White Material While Pakistani Rapist of a 13 Year Old English

From Patriotic Alternative:Statement about James Costello
In 2021, James Costello was arrested for a public order offence for “distributing material with the intention to stir up racial hatred”. In 2022, James became an activist with Patriotic Alternative.
An investigation kicked off which resulted in James being charged with 21 offences. These offences are public order offences and relate to him distributing books and recording audio books for the Creativity Movement. To clarify, James was not charged for his own words, but for distributing and publishing the words of the Creativity Movement, which is the religion that James ascribes to.

The Creativity Movement is a religion that was founded in America approximately 60 years ago and it often uses racial slurs in its teachings.

Unfortunately this week James was found guilty by jury trial for these offences. He is currently awaiting sentencing and has been advised that he could potentially be looking at 5-6 years, although we are hopeful that he doesn’t get that long.

With regards to attached photos: UK: —British court sentenced a Pakistani rapist to four years for raping English girl (13)
The same court sentenced an Englishman to five years for criticizing migrants and jews on his web.
Courts exist to punish White people for speaking out against crimes being done to us.

Here is the judge that just sentenced James Costello to five years in prison for “racist words”.
Judge Andrew Menary gave a paedophile who had Category A child p*rn images on his computer a suspended sentence!
***Trigger warning***
“The category A images he was in possession of included videos of the upmost depravity, including children as young as six months being forced into penetrative sexual activity with adults,” Mr Cockrell said, adding: “These were images at Girl Gets Only Fourthe highest end of seriousness.”


  1. [Statement from the Merseyside Thought Police.]

Man from Kirkby jailed for creating white supremacist website


A man who was a leading figure in a white supremacist movement and created a website full of racist material has been jailed.

James Costello, aged 38 of Old Rough Lane in Kirkby has been sentenced for five years for 19 offences of stirring up racial hatred.

In July 2021 several members of the public reported stickers found on a lampposts across Merseyside advertising a website called  The website was full of racist material.  Consequently Merseyside Police launched a criminal investigation to identify the persons responsible for the website.  This culminated in detectives and uniformed police officers executing search warrants and arresting Costello on suspicion of running the website.  During the search officers recovered vast amounts of racist material linked to the website.

Merseyside Police lawfully seized the website and replaced it a splash screen indicating that it had been seized by the police. A Twitter account also used to promote the site was closed down whilst the investigation continued.

The racist material found that Costello was a leading figure in the “Creativity Movement” which are a white supremacist racist movement who pay homage to the Nazi 3rd Reich.

Costello was arrested in August 2021 and again in September 2021 as part of the same investigation.  He was later charged on Monday 9 January with multiple counts of stirring up racial hatred.

Speaking after the sentencing Detective Chief Inspector Andy Milligan said: “Costello placed stickers across public sites in Merseyside with the intention of advertising this racist abhorrent website in the hope that he would recruit and radicalise people who lived in the area to the Creativity Movement.

“I would like to thank members of the public for reporting this racist website to us so that we could launch a criminal investigation. 

“I would also like to thank the CPS Special Crime and Counter Terrorism Division for working with us on this investigation so we could achieve this result.

“Our detectives worked hard to identify and seize the material whilst also identifying Costello as the main contributor to the site.  Specialist Merseyside Police cyber crime officers took control of the website and closed it, significantly undermining and impacting upon the global reach of the racist white supremacist organisation, Creativity Movement.

“The racist and offensive material uncovered by our officers was deplorable and could have caused serious tensions, anguish and violence in our community. 

“I hope this result show that online hate will not be tolerated and online offenders are not anonymous.  Merseyside Police take all such reports seriously and we will continue to work hard to unmask and prosecute online offenders.  This hate material will destroyed by our officers and anyone who creates it will be prosecuted and jailed for their crimes.”

If you have any information about any racist material in your area, websites or social media accounts please contact police @MerPolCC, or call 101. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or via their online form at: Give information anonymously | Crimestoppers (

Canada’s Border Thought Police Seize (Steal) Books From Former Political Prisoner Monika Schaefer

Canada’s Border Thought Police Seize (Steal) Books From Former Political Prisoner Monika Schaefer


Just a heads up. On returning to Canada Monika Schaefer was detained by Canada Border Services (the border thought police) in Calgary for three hours. They seized five of her books including  Government by Deception. They said the books would be examined for hate speech. [No, she didn’t land in North Korea, she landed in Canada. You know, with Trudeau’s lying Charter of Minority Rights & Lack of Freedoms.]

She had a Koran on her I think but they did not touch that, despite its obvious and open hate.

Canada is scary indeed.

“Evalion” & CAFE Interviewed by Global TV About Thought Police Seizure of Laptop & Personal Notebooks

“Evalion” & CAFE Interviewed by Global TC About Thought Police Seizure of Laptop & Personal Notebooks


Young You Tube sensation — 2-million hits — “Evalion” being Interviewed by Global Television’s Christina Stevens about her videos and her recent 8-hour detention by Canada Border Services Agency operatives and the seizure of her laptop and personal diaries and notebooks. Also, interviewed was CAFE Director Paul Fromm. CAFE, Canada’s leading free speech advocacy group, is assisting “Evalion” who turned 19 today, in dealing with CBSA. She was denied food for 8 hours and water for 7 during her ordeal. The program airs 5:30-6:30 Monday evening. Tune in to see whether this is a fair presentation or another media hatchet job..

Frederick Fromm's photo.
Frederick Fromm's photo.

‘GLARING HYPOCRISY” Update on Police Raid on German Dissident Alfred Schaefer

INTERVIEW: Police Seize Holocaust & 9/11 Truther Alfred Schaefer’s Computers, Papers, etc.

‘GLARING HYPOCRISY” Update on Police Raid on German Dissident Alfred Schaefer

(GLARING Hypocrisy) The above video is a 29-minute interview, recorded Friday, August 19, 2016, with Alfred Schaefer, a German-Canadian Holocaust and 9/11 truther and video producer. Early Thursday morning, Alfred and his wife Elfriede’s house was visited by two German criminal police officers who, after providing a search warrant, took possession of Alfred’s computer equipment (e.g., Mac, drives, iPad), various papers and even his iPod.

Alfred is the brother of Monika Schaefer, the German-Canadian woman who, alongside Alfred, produced the Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust video that has garnered much media attention around the world. GLARING Hypocrisy interviews with Monika are available here andhere, with additional GH coverage here.

As part of the above interview with Alfred, he discusses the video entitled, A Dissident Speaking Out – Gerhard Ittner, which he posted to his YouTube channel on August 14.

We suggest you watch this brief but potent discussion between Alfred and Gerhard Ittner, who was unlawfully abducted from Portugal and imprisoned for five years for denouncing the lies of the Jewish Holocaust. But — as we like to see here at GLARING Hypocrisy — the import of their discussion reaches far beyond the Holohoax into the present-day Jew World Order tyranny that has all of humanity in its crosshairs. Notably, Ittner had already sent Alfred’s video to all of the judges in Germany before the Schaefers received their home visit from the Kriminalpolizei.

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