Free Speech Supporters Demand that Rogers Rehire Don Cherry

Several dozen supporters of free speech from a number of groups, including the Canadian Association for Free Expression, the Canadian Nationalist Party and the Yellow Vests, rallied in support of fired broadcaster Don Cherry Saturday afternoon. The protest took place outside Rogers HQ, which owns Sportsnet and which fired the controversial broadcaster for pointing out last weekend that immigrants, who feast off Canada’s milk and honey and freedoms, should honour the veterans who fought to preserve these rights. Under the old Red Ensign, the flag of the Real Canada, they called for the reinstatement of this iconic hockey and broadcasting legend. Mr. Cherry is the latest victim of the “cancel culture” of political correctness.

Signs denounced corporate cowardice, the intolerant cancel culture and called for defunding the far leftist Canadian Broadcasting Agency that leeches over $1-billion a year to pump Cultural Marxist propaganda into our living room.

Replying to a Lying, Libellous Smear Piece in the Hamilton Spectator Demonizing Immigration Reform Protesters & Paul Fromm

Replying to a Lying, Libellous Smear Piece in the Hamilton Spectator Demonizing Immigration Reform Protesters & Paul Fromm 


Dear Jeff Mahoney:

Your smear piece (Choir raises mighty voice against hate at Hamilton city hall, from groups like Soldiers of Odin)
n today’s SPECTATOR, as regards me is fake news and a lie.


I have corrected the EXPECTORATOR on several occasions: I am a White Nationalist NOT a White Supremacist. There’s a difference.
In your puff piece about Anna Wilson, with utterly shoddy journalism, you didn’t interview the people she defames with labels like “haters’ and “fascists”. In one sentence you proclaim: “Not as long as there are “hate” buses climbing the curb, white supremacists like Paul Fromm spewing garbage on the forecourt.” I doubt the bus called itself a “hate” bus. I have never spoken on the forecourt and thus haven’t “spewed garbage” or anything else.
It’s not even clear whether the torrent of abuse are your words or Anna Wilson’s.
Opposition to our country’s immigration policies is NOT “hate”.
Calling the Yellow Vests and Soldiers of Odin “hate groups” is a lie and a libel. To the best of my knowledge, neither has ever been charged under Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code (“wilful promotion of hate”), let alone convicted. They are not “hate” groups. Some people, like Anna Wilson or you,  may hate their political views but that doesn’t make these people, myself included, “hate groups”.
Your article demonizes good concerned citizens. I have no problem with Anna Wilson and her friends singing to promote their vision of society. Certainly the same respect should be accorded to those with other perspectives. I, for instance, exposed the injustice of precious spaces in our homeless shelters being given to illegals, while Canadian born citizens huddled in lean-tos and tents last year along Hamilton’s railway tracks. This is love, not hate, love for our own people.
Your article is inflammatory. In my few visits to the weekly Saturday protests, the only hate I’ve seen is masked cowards of Antifa shoving and elderly protester and ripping her sign and several Antifa smashing at the back of my car. [This was captured on video.]
Paul Fromm

Choir raises mighty voice against hate at Hamilton city hall, from groups like Soldiers of Odin

Anna Wilson was becoming increasingly alarmed at the threatening and abusive ways, of hate groups at city hall gatherings. She turned to the collective power of song and music. So was born the Love In The Hammer choir.

OPINION 05:42 PM by Jeff Mahoney  The Hamilton Spectator


How does that saying go? All it takes for hatred to triumph is for good people to … not show up at Hamilton city hall on Saturdays and oppose bigotry, by singing out their love; love louder than loathing.

Fortunately for this city, there’s no chance of people like Anna Wilson and Nicole Smith not showing up. Not as long as there are “hate” buses climbing the curb, white supremacists like Paul Fromm spewing garbage on the forecourt, Yellow Vesters blocking light, or the Soldiers of Odin generally trying to intimidate.

And not as long as Maxime Bernier gets scheduled to appear at Mohawk College. The Love In The Hammer choir will be there too, at Mohawk College, singing in counter measure.

They will be singing — as they do — songs of acceptance, affirmation and protest. Songs like “Lead With Love and Resilience”, from the Justice Choir songbook. They will be singing to expose, by contrast to their music and informed voices, the utter noise, nonsense and disgusting drivel that passes for free speech among the far right and hate groups; expose it for what it is.

It was Anna Wilson’s experience of that viciousness, in word and behaviour, by the “haters” who appear at city hall, that inspired her to start the Love in the Hammer choir in the first place. The “hate” bus was the trip wire.

“Not a hundred feet from me this school bus, driven by a Yellow Vest supporter wearing military fatigues, was driven up onto the city hall forecourt toward a crowd of residents celebrating diversity,” she recalls. “It was like it was happening in slow motion.”

Frustrated at the challenge of channeling the feelings and anxieties produced by the confrontational nature of what was happening at the rallies, Wilson hit on the idea. Collective song.

And so started the Love In The Hammer choir. They’ve been meeting and singing at the rallies every Saturday since late August. And their popularity is growing, a way to sing back at the fear.

And the fear is there. After the hate bus, there were the Soldiers of Odin. And Fromm. People who aren’t at city hall at the Saturday anti-hate rallies often don’t see how bad the fascists are, says Wilson.

“No one feels safe,” agrees choir member and community advocate Nicole Smith. “They (the haters) use dogwhistle tactics, outward shows of patriotism,” like wearing seemingly innocent I Am Canadian T-shirts to create a semblance of normalcy but then sew conflict, hatred and aggressiveness at the gatherings. Smith adds she’s patriotic herself but would never use patriotism as a code for hating others.

And so people who are there protesting, rallying or simply celebrating diversity have been joining in the singing, adding their voices to the swell. Some are too shy or uncomfortable to join the chorus but nonetheless express their support and thumbs up for the positive feeling the singing brings to the weekly gatherings.

“How do we respond to the meat grinder of horrible ideas (and behaviours of the hate groups)?” asks Wilson. “Is there another vision (aside from direct confrontation)?”

Yes, they decided, and that vision is song, music and choral togetherness. “We wanted a space for something positive, something against the negativity,” says choir member Rachel Cuthill.

“Some people are asking why they don’t see as many children at the rallies as there used to be. The children were asking, ‘Why are those people yelling? Why are they (the hate groups) so mean?” There were also reports of one of the fascists spitting on the heads of one of the anti-hate rallier’s children. Cuthill herself says she heard a hate group threaten to “break the necks” of an LBGTQ+ woman and her child.

The choir members say they hope the music will help create a climate more hospitable not only to children, who can learn important values at such events, but others concerned about safety. Says Cuthill, “singing is something different from chanting. It implies caring.”

But, aside from that, the choir, with its many voices and instruments, can also create volume, against megaphones and hate speech.

“So we literally ‘deploy’ the choir,” says Jason Allen. He sings and plays guitar and mandolin with the group. And “deployed” they will be on Sept. 29 at Mohawk College, responding to Bernier’s controversial presence there.

The singing can also be exhausting, says Wilson, for they’re singing loudly, joyously and also for a long time. Often, they say, the offensive groups try to wait out the ralliers and show up at 12:30 or 1.

“It feels good to counter toxic messaging with songs of love. Our voices are stronger together. We will not let the hate go unopposed,” says Wilson.

And what about you?


I Have A Friend in Pennsylvania Who Has My Back

I Have A Friend in Pennsylvania Who Has My Back


Some years ago I bought a fancy “Dx” AM radio for my bride to use as she is an avid listener on AM radio. Our new location in Central Pennsylvania, up on a plateau, has provided an unexpected phenomenon for us – at night we experience amazing atmospheric “ducting” which leads to impressively long-range AM radio reception. And it’s consistent all year round. We can pick up Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo, Rochester, New York City, Boston, DC and Baltimore, Charlotte NC, West Virginia, and even occasionally, Las Vegas NV!


Several Canadian stations roar in loud-and-clear, some in English and others in French. Sure enough, we had a strong signal last night from good old 900-AM, CHML in Hamilton.


Last night [actually FRI 6 Sept 2019] she was treated to a lengthy telecast, a monologue from one reporter, talking about your efforts to address the Hamilton City Council and their efforts to prevent you from speaking. The coverage in the discussion was, of course, highly Leftist and in opposition to you. However, from listening closely my wife insists that the story, if followed carefully, would lead an enlightened listener to support your point-of-view, namely that you should be able to address that governance body, no matter how hostile they might be to your message.


After about ten minutes of this discussion the station signal faded away. But BRAVO to you for taking on the Pinkos-that-Be in the Ontario Bolshevik power structure, and for sticking to your guns. You now receive serious radio media coverage that can be heard in the Lower 48 States! We certainly support you. If we hear any further radio media coverage of your Free Speech efforts in Hamilton (or anywhere), we will share details. Well Done, Mr. Paul!


I also note the gushing satisfaction the Hamilton City Council has after denying both you and Yellow Vest spokesmen from having any say in their “inclusive” government. —

LGBTQ Rowdies Bite Pro-Gay Eisenberger in the Butt

LGBTQ Rowdies Bite Pro-Gay Eisenberger in the Butt


It looks good on Eisenberger. Last summer he spent $25,000 of our money painting rainbow crosswalks to celebrate this tiny minority of the weird. Here’s their thanks. Had I been elected Mayor of Hamilton, NO MORE CATERING TO THE LGBTQ agenda.…/hamiltons-mayor-angered-by-rude-wa…. It wasn’t the peaceful Yellow Vest protests he’s trying to ban that invaded his neighbourhood.

Hamilton’s “New Vision” United Church enables slander

Hamilton’s “New Vision” United Church enables slander.


Hamilton Against Fascism (did Mussolini get reincarnated?) held a meeting at a Hamilton United Church about “hate groups in Hamilton”. On a poster promoting this meeting were pictures of two real individuals at a Yellow Vest protest. One, former Mayor candidate Paul Fromm, is holding the flag. Neither man has ever been charged with or convicted of “hate”. The poster LIES! These sleazy antifa enabled by a church — yes, the one with the LGBT rainbow flag outside — are spreading fake news and slander!

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Secret Police Pounce: Dissent Is Not Allowed

Secret Police Pounce: Dissent Is Not Allowed


The European spring is spreading

Paul Joseph Watson | – DECEMBER 6, 2018

Police in the Netherlands have arrested the leader of Dutch ‘yellow vests’ movement ahead of planned nationwide protests against “political correctness” and open border policies this weekend.
According to De Telegraaf, at around 9:45am this morning, “police arrested an activist of the ‘yellow vests’ in Maastricht for incitement via social media.”
The same man was arrested during last weekend’s yellow vest demonstration in Maastricht.
According to another member of the group, who argues that the arrested man has only ever been peaceful, the arrest is an effort to intimidate other protesters from joining the movement.
The ‘yellow vest’ movement is an organic uprising of working European citizens irate at their government’s open border and high taxation policies.
Dutch citizens will again take to the streets this weekend in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Maastricht, Groningen, and The Hague to protest against “political correctness,” open border policies and left-liberal Prime Minister Mark Rutte.
The group is calling for a lowering of the age at which pensions can be received, a reduction in excise duties and, according to one protester, the revolt is a statement “against the hardening of society.”
“Freedom of expression is under pressure, we have to be politically correct. It is a struggle,” said Ms Deerenberg.

“With the demonstration, I want to show that we want a voice,” she remarked, adding, “The problem is that we are no longer being heard. A lot is being decided over our heads.”
Organizers have banned banners, flags, or face coverings/balaclavas, perhaps in an effort to deter left-wing agitators.
Following weeks of protests across France, some of which turned violent, the French government announced it would permanently cancel planned gas tax hikes.
However, the demonstrations were not just about fuel tax and protesters have vowed to hit the streets again this weekend.
As we previously highlighted, the bulk of the demonstrators appear to be lower middle class and working class people who live in the countryside and small towns who have been left behind by globalism.
Demonstrators have seen their cost of living rise while migrants from the Middle East and Africa continue to arrive at taxpayer expense.
Last week, demonstrators scrawled scrawled “Macron resign” and “The yellow vests will triumph” on the famous Arc de Triomphe monument in Paris, while Macron, whose approval rating has sunk to 23 per cent, was also pelted with an egg during a public appearance.