I Have A Friend in Pennsylvania Who Has My Back

I Have A Friend in Pennsylvania Who Has My Back


Some years ago I bought a fancy “Dx” AM radio for my bride to use as she is an avid listener on AM radio. Our new location in Central Pennsylvania, up on a plateau, has provided an unexpected phenomenon for us – at night we experience amazing atmospheric “ducting” which leads to impressively long-range AM radio reception. And it’s consistent all year round. We can pick up Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo, Rochester, New York City, Boston, DC and Baltimore, Charlotte NC, West Virginia, and even occasionally, Las Vegas NV!


Several Canadian stations roar in loud-and-clear, some in English and others in French. Sure enough, we had a strong signal last night from good old 900-AM, CHML in Hamilton.


Last night [actually FRI 6 Sept 2019] she was treated to a lengthy telecast, a monologue from one reporter, talking about your efforts to address the Hamilton City Council and their efforts to prevent you from speaking. The coverage in the discussion was, of course, highly Leftist and in opposition to you. However, from listening closely my wife insists that the story, if followed carefully, would lead an enlightened listener to support your point-of-view, namely that you should be able to address that governance body, no matter how hostile they might be to your message.


After about ten minutes of this discussion the station signal faded away. But BRAVO to you for taking on the Pinkos-that-Be in the Ontario Bolshevik power structure, and for sticking to your guns. You now receive serious radio media coverage that can be heard in the Lower 48 States! We certainly support you. If we hear any further radio media coverage of your Free Speech efforts in Hamilton (or anywhere), we will share details. Well Done, Mr. Paul!


I also note the gushing satisfaction the Hamilton City Council has after denying both you and Yellow Vest spokesmen from having any say in their “inclusive” government. —  https://globalnews.ca/news/5854833/hamilton-paul-fromm-denied/