Freedom Events in the Okanagan, April 2-3 — Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton, OK Falls, Oliver, Osoyoos


Don’t miss these important dates!

And Remember to bring two friends with you!


Thank you, Vlado and Marcel Irnie for the photos and video in Osoyoos and Penticton on March 26th and 27th.


Planning Meeting

Thursday, March 31st – 5:30 pm Potluck dinner. 6:30 pm to 8 pm Meeting

Further discussion on the formation of an organizational committee for leadership and administration of Penticton4Freedom. Lots of volunteer opportunities, a chance to have your say, and to propose your own initiatives. Please contact Mary Lou at 780-908-0309 if you want a spot on the agenda


1.    Planning for a brighter future for Canada

2.    What to do in the meantime – current and new initiatives

3.    Update on code of conduct and formation of an organizational committee – words do matter.

Penticton4Freedom: Change is Coming!

“Democracy only works in a moral society.” Brian Peckford, only living signator to the Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

We now realize that we must create that moral society from the ground up to replace the broken health, legal and financial systems and the corrupt, tyrannical government we currently have in Canada. For Penticton4Freedom, that means getting our own house in order first by being more specific about where we fit in the world of freedom organizations and focusing on our highest contribution to the movement, to our supporters and to our country.

Our aim now is to complete the five key projects listed below:

1.       Identify Our Shared Values as a principled foundation for all of our actions

2.       Declare Our Vision – what we envision as a positive future society to live in

3.       Clarify Our Mission – the specific actions we take as our contribution to that broader vision

4.       Agree upon a Code of Conduct for our rallies and other public events

5.       Create a more inclusive Decision-Making and Organizational Structure and choose those to administer it


– RSVP if you wish to be included in the planning process for these foundational projects. Further discussion at our March 31 Planning, followed by a Zoom call the following Wednesday, April 6 from 6:30 to 8 pm.

– Please include your initial thoughts on any or all of the items above as well as where your primary interest lies.

AND A BIG THANK YOU to Julia for putting together our first iteration of these goals, to all who have already contributed to the building of this organization through voluntarism and to the idea pool to kick off these projects. Sending love!

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Rallies at Richard Cannings’ office – Tuesdays at noon

Meet at his office   301 Main Street (Nanaimo Square).

He is NOT representing the individual rights of his electors, according to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but violating them with his public announcements and votes in the legislature. Bring signs with appropriate messages. No foul language.


Miss a week and you miss a lot!   –       This Sunday’s speaker: To be announced in our Weekend Update edition on Friday.   OTHER ATTRACTIONS Come visit our friendly volunteers at the tables. Informative handouts. Druthers and other independent journals. Check out the other cool items at the table. Coffee and other beverages, thanks to Vicki and Joel and the Summerland Home Schoolers. Snacks and home baked goodies thanks to Carole.  NEW! Pocket size Canadian Charter and Bill of Rights and Freedoms. Fits purse or pocket, easy reference right at your fingertips!    image.png

Remember that local chapter leaders, Wayne and Derrick will be there with current initiatives from Action4Canada, too.   RALLY LOCATION Meet in the parking lot at the NE corner of Main St and Warren Ave across from Tim Hortons. BRING TWO FRIENDS! Lots of extra parking at BCAA garage, the strip mall adjoining our regular parking area, Winners (across the street), or overflow mall parking opposite the Warren Avenue entrance to Cherry Lane Mall  


OK FALLS – Saturday, April 2 11:30 AM across from the Esso Station

 OLIVER EVENTS- Saturday April 2 Town Hall ***NEW TIME 12 NOON****

  OSOYOOS EVENTS-   The Okanagan Slow Roll to the Osoyoos Border continues!! image.png
Vernon to Osoyoos and the border – Join in along the way! Saturday’s Convoy Vehicles from Salmon Arm will link up with the Okanagan Freedom Convoy in Vernon, then leave Vernon heading south at 9:30 a.m.
The first vehicles are expected to reach Penticton around 11:30 or shortly after and could take an hour or more to pass completely. Updates as we receive them.


Saturday, April 2 – Meet at 11:15 to show your support for the convoy at the end of the Parkway Channel.  There is lots of parking there immediately west of the bridge. If you have ever tubed the channel, you’ll recognize that this is where you get off the rafts. We’ll park there and cheer on the convoy as it goes by, then any who wishes can join the convoy at the end of the line.

Those who can’t make it to the meeting spot can still join the convoy from wherever you have an entry point directly into the shoulder lane so you can avoid having to cross lanes of traffic to join up.


 KELOWNA EVENTS Weekly on Saturdays – Kelowna C.L.E.A.R. Rallies @ Stuart Park at the Bear 12:00 noon- Every Week! Longest running B.C. rallies! Visit for Kelowna and other city updates. Featured Speaker: Marcus Ray The importance of hope  

Wednesday, March 30, 2022, 12:00 – 2:00 p.m. Support Heath Care Workers



Great Canadian Convoy to Protest Bill Gates

For those that would like to “Convoy” the tentative plan on Sunday April 10, 2022, is to go for the day:

· TENTATIVE 7:30 AM – Depart Penticton. Location TBA.

· 8:45 AM – Quick stop in Princeton

· 10:30 AM – Quick stop in Hope

· 12:00 PM – Arrive Vancouver Convention Centre, where Bill Gates will be speaking

· 12:00 PM to approximately 3:30 PM – Protest!!!!

· 3:30 to 8:00 PM – Drive back to Penticton

Bring appropriate signs.





Take Action Canada is looking for Support Line volunteers. Visit the Volunteer page here

Let’s make this week AMAZING!!

Mary Lou Gutscher

780-908-0309 p4f logo.jpg

Freedom Rallies in B.C., July 17-24

Freedom Rallies in B.C., July 17-24
July Summer Rally Events!!!
Kelowna C.L.E.A.R. rally on Saturday July 17, 2021 in Stuart Park from 12:00 – 2:00
Penticton C.L.E.A.R. rally on Sunday July 18, 2021 Warren & Main St. 12:00 – 2:00
Vernon Rally on Saturday July 17, 2021 @ Polson Park from 12:00 – 2:00 pm.
Kamloops Rally on Saturday July 17, 2021 @ Riverside Park from 12:00 – 2:00 pm.
Vancouver Freedom Rally Saturday July 17, 2021 @ 750 Hornby St. from 12:00-3:00Kelowna C.L.E.A.R. MEGA Rally and Word Wide Rally is on Saturday July 24, 2021 Kelowna Stuart Park 12:00-6:00 (rally details below)

Vancouver Freedom World Rally on July 24th, 2021@ 750 Hornby (Art Gallery) Speakers and March will be from 2-6 pm.
Music and Dance will be from 6-12 am.

Penticton CLEAR Rally Sunday, May 23rd

Penticton CLEAR Rally Sunday, May 23rd
We have 4 Guest Speakers coming to the Penticton Rally this Sunday! David Lindsay, Ted Kuntz, Beatrice Weir, and Priscille Belisle will be sharing their knowledge and expertise and experiences with you, so tell all your friends and make sure you come to hear what they will have to say! Penticton, your Freedom Fighting days have just begun. See you there!
Sunday, May 23, 2021
Noon – 2:00 PM Weekly Rally in front of Cherry Lane Mall.
Then join us at 3 – 4:30 pm in Gyro Park in Penticton to enjoy music and speakers, and a march along the lakeshore to spread the word.
photo 2021-05-16 22-36-40 photo 2021-05-05 23-08-30
We excited to see you there, CLEAR
(Common Law Education And Rights)

Dave Lindsay, C.L.E.A.R. Kelowna END THE LOCKDOWN Rally Leader Fined $9,000

Kelowna man fined $9,000 for COVID charges says goal is to “make an example” of him


Good move David—you have been fighting for all of us for such a long time—’tis time to take a moment to be helped!!!!—& these are the folks that will!!!

First Penticton END THE LOCKDOWN Rally, Sunday, November 22, 2020

1st Penticton End the Lockdown Rally

Hi everyone.  Despite Bonnie Henry’s recent “suggestions“, we are continuing to hold our 1st ever rally in Penticton this coming Sunday.  We will meet in the small park on Warren St. at 12:00 (see map below and on attachment) and I will introduce myself and bring everyone up to speed on our objectives and commitments for these rallies, which are so important.

I will have mask brochures to hand to people as well.

The details are in the attachment as well as information about tomorrow’s Kelowna rally, and upcoming Vernon, Vancouver and Calgary rallies as well. 

There has never been a more critical time for our rallies for freedom in Canada.  I really look forward to seeing as many people as possible on Sunday.  

We urge everyone, to bring at least one friend with you.  

The “New Normal” is:        JUST SAY NO!

In freedom 
David Lindsay


CAFE Director Paul Fromm Attends END THE LOCKDOWN RALLY in Kelowna

CLEAR Director David Lindsay
CAFE Director Paul Fromm

CAFE Director Paul Fromm Attends END THE LOCKDOWN RALLY in Kelowna

CLEAR (Common Law Education & Rights Initiative)Director David Lindsay has led weekly (Saturday) END THE LOCKDOWN Rallies in Kelowna, drawing supporters from throughout the Okanagan. CAFE Director Paul Fromm has attended three of these. Supporters are determined, like their counterparts in Toronto and Vancouver, to protest the repressive, junk-science based “new normal”, until the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

See everyone on Saturday, August 1, 2020 12:00 noon at Stuart Park! END THE LOCKDOWN RALLY IN KELOWNA

See everyone on Saturday, August 1, 2020  12:00 noon at Stuart Park! END THE LOCKDOWN RALLY IN KELOWNA

Hi everyone.  Let me begin by saying what an awesome event we had this past Saturday in Kelowna. With about 35 people in attendance, we had a wonderful walk down Bernard St. which is now closed to vehicles.  There was certainly a noticeably less amount of people there, primarily because of more fear mongering from Bonnie Henry two days earlier, where she issued another unreasonable, fear based order restricting activities in bars, pubs and restaurants.

However, whether some people agreed or not, with our huge signs and number of supporters, we definitely got everyone’s attention walking down the street.  This is something we will do again at some point in August. I think likely the 22nd, to allow time for people to ignore Henry’s ridiculous directives.  See the attached pix of some of our supporters!

During this rally, I described more negative and inflammatory actions by the B.C. media against us. Castanet reporter (if I dare call her that) Sarita Patel out of Kelowna, did a short interview with a woman named Grace Anderson, a downtown retail worker who claims to be an essential services employee, and found a brochure one of our committed freedom activists left at her business.

Ms. Anderson bemoaned our brochure, claiming that it was false, without of course specifying any errors, and which Ms. Patel reported in her story. No attempt was made to email us or solicit our viewpoint on the matter.  Ms. Patel told me that they would hear my side of the story prior to our Saturday rally by a different reporter as she was not working, but her supervisor Colin reneged on that guarantee and refused to interview me on the basis that he disagreed with our position.

This of course without either of them actually reading our brochure or doing any investigative reporting, because Ms. Anderson destroyed our brochure after taking pictures of it. Of course, Ms. Patel made no attempt to read it on Ms. Anderson’s phone.

Hearing only one side of a story and reporting it – is pure propaganda, not investigative reporting.

Consequently, I raised the issue to our group on Saturday of taking a ½ day during the week to rally at several downtown local media establishments, including the Courier, Global News, Castanet, CBC and CTV, in opposition to their lack of fair media attention to both sides.  This is exactly what Vaccine Choice Canada and others are doing in the Claim filed in Toronto recently.

Response from the group was overwhelming to say the least.

We have set aside Wednesday, August 5, 2020 to meet at Stuart Park.  We will then walk to each of these new media outlets for about 30-45 minutes each.  We will have several brochures and our Fact Sheet to hand out and hopefully get an interview with at least one of these MSM gov’t propaganda outlets.  We will also have all our signs available to get their attention.

Let’s swarm each of their offices with our presence and demand that they hear our side of the story and to put the really damning questions to Henry, Dix and………dare I say it, Fartworth!!

We need as many people as possible

for these rallies  especially for the media!

If you have been unable to make it out to previous rallies, NOW is the time to come out!!!!

Bring at least two friends!!!

I have started working on a Youtube video to set out all the info that I am aware of hopefully on all aspects of the COVID Scam, from the intentionally false initial models, to the testing procedures, to the statistics that are kept, and the masks issue.  This will be something that I hope will clarify for all those ‘on the fence’ to jump on board and see exactly what the Gov’t IS NOT TELLING US.

I am unsure how it will take to prepare as I will be doing a Powerpoint presentation, but I have started and will continue to work as I can to get it done.  I expect in about two weeks to be done (estimate only!!!).


A new group opposed to masks has set up in Ontario.  They have a few Youtube videos up as well.

I will try and reach out to them.


I want to bring to your attention a chart from the WHO, circa May 12, 2020.     

As you can see, the flu is markedly worse in many symptoms than COVID. So why Bonnie Henry, do you continue to impose unnecessary restrictions on our liberties and our social activities when this was never done for the flu even in its worst years?

In an article in today’s Vancouver Sun, Health Minister had this ominous quote attributed to him:

As we approach our B.C. Day long weekend, let’s acknowledge right now that it can’t be like any B.C. Day long weekend we’ve ever had.  This is our first B.C. Day celebration in our B.C. new normal.”

Use ‘Covid sense’ to stop the spread and stay safe

Van. Sun July 27, 2020  p. A11

Reading between the lines provides a frightening look into the future: there will be many more B.C. Day long weekends under similar circumstances as we see now, ie: this is permanent and will never end.

We cannot permit this to happen. Which leads directly to the real new normal that WE will practice.

The Real New Normal from now on, is:

Live normally and just say NO!

Do not fall into the trap of believing that it is only because of the Gov’t’s social distancing/masks demands that stores can now begin to slowly open.  To the contrary, it is directly because of the Gov’t’s actions that we have sustained tens of billions of dollars in economic losses, permanent job losses, unknown deaths and needless suffering from cancelled surgeries, and incurred further health care costs resulting from these cancelled tests and surgeries, and actually placed thousands of people’s health and lives at risk.  Communist PM Trudeau, Premier Horgan, Health Minister Dix, and Public Health Officer Bonnie Henry are the true cause of these problems and short of a public apology and immediate cancellation of the lockdown and social distancing policies, must be voted out of office next election, or fired for Ms. Henry.

 See everyone on Saturday, August 1, 2020 12:00 noon at Stuart Park!


B.C. Doctors Interview?

We need to get some B.C. doctors/nurses who are willing to speak anonymously, both visually and in audio, as to what is truly happening behind the scenes, from a medical perspective and a political perspective in the medical community.  We need to have local doctors/nurses providing accurate facts in relation to this issue.

If you know any doctors or nurses who would be willing to be interviewed anonymously, and with guaranteed power to review the interview prior to release, please contact me as soon as possible, and let’s see what we can arrange.  U.S. doctors are still medical professionals, but we need local facts to support our cause.

Doing a video of BC medical people would really strengthen our demands on Premier Horgan and allow us to attack them – instead of waiting while they attack us.  

If you know anyone “in the system” who can provide us anonymous tips and/or documents, we need all the help we can get.  Please let me know.


END THE LOCKDOWN Protest in Kelowna, May 23 — Huge Success

COVID-19   The Scamdemic Event of the Century

Following on the success of our past May 23, 2020 Kelowna rally, we are again organizing our next May 30, 2020 rally in Kelowna, B.C. at Stuart Park, 12:00–2:30 and longer if you wish.

A supplemental email will go out for people to help us with our Thursday, May 28, 2020 flyer delivery in Kelowna.  Our goal is to deliver 1000 flyers to homes in Kelowna, B.C. that have been prepared specifically for this delivery.  Let’s hope and pray that our efforts alert a lot of people to our upcoming rallies for them to support.

Global TV did a small segment on their news cast about this this past Saturday, and were kind enough to state that our rally will happen every Saturday.  Hopefully this too will alert people that it is not a one-time event, and that people can and must come out to support us this Saturday.  This will hopefully turn our to be some beneficial comments.

At this point, I really would like to stress our gratitude and appreciation for our friend Glen, who was kind enough to bring his amp and microphone, greatly increasing our ability to reach everyone in our group.

I would also like to stress our gratitude and appreciation for all those who have recruited others, either during our rallies or online.  Without your support and efforts, we could not have grown this far.  And our objective is to grow and obtain further community support.

May 23, 2020 Update

We had another awesome turnout to last Saturday’s rally in Kelowna, with over 70  people in attendance.  A number of people from another Kelowna End the Lockdown group with Deborah joined us at 12:00 noon at Stuart Park the previous week, and more joined us with Barbara’s group this past Saturday.  It was awesome to join with others to increase our presence and visibility.  

I’ve attached some pictures taken of our event as well showing just how big our attendance really was. Thanks to our friends at Free North Patriots, you can also see these pix at:

We now have a huge banner which you can see in one of our pictures.  This banner resulted in our messages being much readily readable to all traffic, and significantly more audible support!
I wish to again remind everyone to please bring as many friends and family members as you can.  Especially the younger adults and high schoolers, as they are the ones who stand to lost the most if any new normal is imposed.  They are the ones who stand to have their DNA recorded for life, who face the longest time periods of harm after forced vaccinations, who will not know the real meaning of true social interaction and many other stressful effects of these unconstitutional actions by our gov’ts.
We also urge you to reach out to churches and business owners and employees to join us.  They too are the victims of this fraud.  

If you can think of any solutions you wish to advance, including local solutions, please send them to me and I will make note of them to discuss on Saturday. 

As usual, our organizers will open our rally with some comments, suggestions and updates.
I think that it would be a good idea, depending on weather, to maybe spend a few minutes on the boardwalk handing out flyers and personally talking to people, before heading over to Harvey St. too.  We will have only a few people handing these flyers out to ensure that people do not get approached by more than one person.  Having seen the success of last Saturday, I think we should continue to make our presence known and get the support of as many people as possible, personally and from people traveling in their cars.

Attack – always attack!

B.C. Doctors Interview?

I put feelers out on Saturday.  We need to get some B.C. doctors/nurses who are willing to speak anonymously, both visually and in audio, as to what is truly happening behind the scenes, from a medical perspective and a political perspective in the medical community.  We need to have local doctors/nurses providing accurate facts in relation to this issue.

If you know any doctors or nurses who would be willing to be interviewed anonymously, and with guaranteed power to review the interview prior to release, please contact me as soon as possible, and let’s see what we can arrange.  U.S. doctors are still medical professionals, but we need local facts to support our cause.
Doing a video of BC medical people would really strengthen our demands on Premier Horgan and allow us to attack them – instead of waiting while they attack us.  

Any other ideas on how to attack them (legally of course), are very much welcome.

If you know anyone “in the system” who can provide us anonymous tips and/or documents, we need all the help we can get.  Please let me know.

Preliminary notes:

Please post the attached Circular and Flyer here to any Facebook account or website you may have, and send out to your email list.  Increasing our rally numbers is critical for our support.  Talk to your friends and family and lets get our youth out to this event as well — truly they are the ones must at risk. Thanks!!!

See Youtube and/or Bitchute videos with:  

Dr. Mikovits on exposing the false pandemic, Dr. Fauci’s history of corruption, success of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 and the dangers of wearing masks.

Dr. Rashid Buttar on the true medical nature of COVID-19, patents filed years ago for coronavirus and the people behind this, and the virus getting killed by Vit C and heat.

For the success of Vit C therapy in killing all viruses, check out this site of registered doctors from around the world:

Anti-Lockdown Protests Have Spread Across Canada


Anti-Lockdown Protests Have Spread Across Canada

in mid-April,  spontaneous anti-lockdown protests sprang up across Canada. People attending expressed concerns about many issues, but the attack on free speech was one of them. As reported last month, Privy Council President Dominic LeBlanc, a close ally of Justin Trudeau, had talked about legislation criminalizing spreading misinformation over the Internet about the  coronavirus that could harm the public. As contradictions in the government’s propaganda became obvious — at first, no restrictions on travel from China (if you made such a proposal, you were a “racist”) and the WHO said face masks do no good — many began to suspect they’d been deceived. Canadians have been terrified into accepting lockdowns, restrictions of their mobility rights, restrictions on their right to earn a living or run a business and even virtual banning of religious gatherings.

New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island restrict travel by Canadians to their provinces. In Ontario, one Shanker Nesathurai, medical officer of health for Haldimand and Norfolk counties issued a public health order (later rescinded when threatened with of legal action) banning cottagers, under threat of $5,000 fines from going to the cottages they own on Lake Erie. (National Post, May 16, 2020) The same issue of the Post showed a picture of menacing signage at Port Stanley on Lake Erie: “Beach Closed. Restricted Area. No trespassing under penalty of law!” So, people are banned from public beaches. Yet, sunlight helps kill viruses. Everywhere, swaggering authorities treat Canadian adults like morons, assuming they will not keep a distance from each other. These and a host of other abuses and illogical restrictions have motivated thousands of Canadians to protest. People are concerned about the arbitrary restrictions, the crashing of the economy, the federal gun grab, and the possibility of forced vaccination.

There have been weekly protests in Vancouver and Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Hamilton, and more recently in Kelowna. This list is only partial. The first Toronto protest, April 25, which drew 50 people provoked an angry Premier Ford to denounce the protesters, whom he hadn’t met, as “a  bunch of yahoos” who were “reckless”. His reaction is typical of many politicians who believe they should command rather than listen respectfully to the views of those who elected them. Four weeks later, the weekly Saturday protest had grown to 400 people. There were almost as many Red Ensign flags fluttering in the warm Spring sunshine as Pearson pennants. People shared many earned concerns — the loss of free speech, Trudau’s opportunistic gun grab, the fear of forced vaccination, and the general joyless herding of the population in a no service, neo-Soviet totalitarianism. Their signs help tell the story.

The Vancouver “No more lockdown” protests began two weeks earlier than Toronto. They started with 25 and by May 17, had swelled to 325. B.C. Health Minister Adrian Dix dismissed the protesters as people with “marginal views. Don’t allow people who are attempting to promote themselves by using the suffering of others to distract us. Don’t look at them, but focus on what we need to do together.” (CTV, April 26, 2020) A fellow NDPer Spencer Chandra Herbert went further and seemed to want the police to charge or ticket the protesters. Herbert, who is an outspoken lobbyist for homosexual rights, is himself homosexual and “married” to one Romi Chandra, stated: “”I’ve alerted the Ministry of Public Safety for their information, and reached out to the Vancouver police who have the responsibility for enforcing orders. I don’t want our community’s safety threatened by selfish people who won’t do their part to stop COVID-19.”

In Kelowna, led by longtime freedom activist David Lindsay under the banner of CLEAR (Common Law and Education Rights), “end the lockdown” protesters from throughout the Okanagan Valley rallied in Stuart Park, opposite City Hall, on May 7. Their numbers had doubled to 40 on May 16 and they plan to be in Stuart Park every Saturday at noon until the lockdown ends, as will the Vancouver and Toronto rallies.