​ Transgendered Threaten Protest & Jordan Peterson Cancelled Out of Ryerson

Transgendered Threaten Protest & Jordan Peterson Cancelled Out of Ryerson
Hi Students in Studies in Propaganda, 
I hope you are having a good summer.  Just to touch base, I will be doing “CENSORSHIP” in the Fall.
UNITE THE RIGHT was backed by the ACLU, the speakers were booked and approved months before.  Given permission by the Federal courts.
Soros money paid for the riot with “ANTIFA” so the Republican speakers would not be heard.  One of my students phoned me from Charlottesville and told me it was all actors in “ANTIFA”.  
Here in Toronto, Professor Jordan Peterson was booked to talk at Ryerson last Thursday (August 17).  There was violence threatened by the trans-gender group so that it was shut down.
It was so Orwellian now that anyone who desires a debate is called a NAZI.  So I will be talking most of the Fall on Censorship where it comes from and who is making the money on it and what is the real goal of the perpetrators.
I think lectures will start around the middle of October.
Sydney White
Investigative Journalist
Studies in Propaganda
Professor Peterson is a fierce critic of cultural Marxism and transgendered delusions insisting people call them by weird pronouns, depending on the state of their hormones on any given day.He produces a stream of fascinating and spirited You Tube videos.



Jim Rizoli interviews Paul Fromm, Aug 18, 2017, discussing the Tribute to Ernst Zundel and the manufactured crisis that is called CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, violence compliments of the Alt-Left.




The elites in our society, heavily committed to replacing White people and expanding soulless globalism are in a panic because of national activity and groups. Of course, these groups aer defamed as White Supremacists or neo-Nazis. “ A new “cyber dark ages” has descended upon the internet as Apple, AirBNB, Facebook and other tech companies have decided that Neo-Nazis must be banned from everything. Tech companies are the new “thought police” of America.

“[A]fter matching user names to posts on social-media profiles, [AirBNB] canceled dozens of reservations made by self-identified Nazis who were using its app to find rooms in Charlottesville, where they were heading to protest the removal of a Confederate statue,” reports Bloomberg News.

Uber is now telling drivers “they don’t have to pick up racists;” PayPal is revoking payment services to “sites that promote racial intolerance,” reports Bloomberg; and “Discover Financial Services, the credit card company, said this week that it was ending its agreements with hate groups.”

These corporate thought police will be remembered. A New Order will find ways to punish them for corporate irresponsibility and wholesale violation of White People’s rights.

Why stop at mere censorship? Neo-Nazis should be banned from municipal water, electricity services and private property ownership rights, too

Thursday, August 17, 2017 by: 

Image: Why stop at mere censorship? Neo-Nazis should be banned from municipal water, electricity services and private property ownership rights, too

(Natural News) A new “cyber dark ages” has descended upon the internet as Apple, AirBNB, Facebook and other tech companies have decided that Neo-Nazis must be banned from everything. Tech companies are the new “thought police” of America.

“[A]fter matching user names to posts on social-media profiles, [AirBNB] canceled dozens of reservations made by self-identified Nazis who were using its app to find rooms in Charlottesville, where they were heading to protest the removal of a Confederate statue,” reports Bloomberg News.

Uber is now telling drivers “they don’t have to pick up racists;” PayPal is revoking payment services to “sites that promote racial intolerance,” reports Bloomberg; and “Discover Financial Services, the credit card company, said this week that it was ending its agreements with hate groups.”

Neo-Nazis are offensive to every reasonable person, of course, but these actions beg the question: Do “offensive” people no longer have the right to participate in the infrastructure of modern society? And who decides, exactly, which people qualify as the most offensive and deserving of being cut off from the very society in which they live?

That’s why today, I’m calling for all municipal water services to be cut off from all racists, Neo-Nazis and KKK members. Heck, why stop there? Why should electricity services be provided to Nazi sympathizers? Shouldn’t local power companies cut off their electricity, too?

In fact, come to think of it, why stop at just Neo-Nazis? I think that in the name of “inclusiveness” and “tolerance,” water and power services should be completely cut off from those who do not worship transgenderism, praise Black Lives Matter and donate 10% of their paychecks to the Southern Poverty Law Center. And Amazon should cut off Prime memberships to Neo-Nazis, too, just to make sure they can’t watch free movies and stuff. (Come to think of it, how many Nazi supporters are also Netflix members? Gosh, Netflix should really cut off those sh#theads and make sure they can’t watch movies.)

In fact, let’s just be honest here. All Republicans, conservatives, Trump supporters and gun owners should frankly be denied the right to oxygen. Breathing should be criminalized for those who do not wholeheartedly agree with toppling all “offensive” statues, defacing Mount Rushmore, worshiping Obama and nullifying the 2016 president election. In fact, if you aren’t gay, transgender, lesbian, queer or “gender fluid,” you really have no right to exist at all. I mean, that’s where this is going, right?

Sewer services should also be cut off from all Trump supporters so they have to live in their own sh#t. And all gas stations should deny gasoline to anyone whose vehicle doesn’t carry a rainbow pride bumper sticker. In fact, let’s just ban use of all highways to anyone who isn’t a Leftist. Why should conservatives have the right to use public roads paid by “progressive” taxpayers, anyway?

F#ck it, let’s go all out here. All counties across America should deny “racists” the right to own private property. Why should “intolerant” people be allowed the right to own a home, anyway? After all, they might use private homes to hold “KKK” meetings or Bible study or something. This has got to stop! I say all county clerks should go through all the photographs of people who participated in Neo-Nazi rallies of any kind, and then seize their property. Hell yeah. That should finally achieve “peace” for our nation, right?

But then, why stop there? Let’s just burn down all the white neighborhoods just to be sure we get all the “racists.” Ban all credit cards for conservatives, then ban their cash, too, just to make sure they can’t actually buy anything. While we’re at it, let’s all just deny white people any right to work at any job whatsoever, making sure they can’t earn the cash to buy cars that they might use as ramming vehicles. And then deny food stamps for all White people, too, because why should obvious racists have the right to eat?

Oh, come to think of it, we should also ban white people from owning all cars, because those are weapons, too. From now on, all cars can only be driven by people of color. That’s how we finally achieve fairness, justice and equality, you see.

Once we ban all the water, electricity, oxygen, food, private property, internet access, money and jobs of all White people — and burn down their homes, post-birth abort their babies and silence their voices — we can all finally live in peace and tranquility in our new society rooted in “justice” and “equality.” Right? …Right?

Yep, all this will finally make America “tolerant” again, complete with all the imagined diversity that comes from totalitarianism and stupidity pretending to be “progressivism.” Thank God AirBNB, Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and PayPal are leading the way to the new society of tolerance and peace, because for a minute there, I was afraid things were getting out of hand.

Justin Trudeau’s Cuckoldry

Justin Trudeau’s Cuckoldry

by Tim Murray

Justin 'Pinkie' Trudeau

Finally the Mystery is solved.

Having watched PM Boy Wonder in office for almost two years now, many of us wonder why, oh why….

He swallows the entire LGBTQwerty agenda, without drawing the line at Ontario bill 89? A bill which, should it become law, could allow social workers to remove children from parents who reject transgender ideology.

Why he doesn’t criticize the University of Toronto for harassing Professor Jordan Peterson for standing up for Standard English and male/female pronouns?

Why he doesn’t threaten to cut funding to universities which will not guarantee free speech on campus or ensure that professors are not shouted down in the classroom?

Why he didn’t stand up for free speech and withdraw Motion 103 which if translated into law, will make criticism of an ideology — Islam — illegal?

Why, while attending a Mosque, didn’t he tell the imam that sharia law in regards to the rights of women, apostates and gays was antithetical to Canadian values?

Why didn’t he deploy officers, and if need be, soldiers, to border crossings where illegal migrants were pouring in?

Why didn’t he make a clear statement that he will protect and assert Canada’s sovereignty and secure the borders?

Why didn’t he say that covering one’s face at a citizenship ceremony or in any official, public event was unacceptable and counter to Canadian values? Why doesn’t draw the line at wearing niqabs?

Well, finally we have our answer. The mystery is solved:

Justin Trudeau

Paul Fromm Reports on YOUR WARD NEWS Postal hearings, August 9 & 10.

Paul Fromm Reports on YOUR WARD NEWS Postal hearings, August 9 & 10.

Coverage of the Board of Review hearings into the Canada Post interim order against YOUR WARD NEWS, held on August 9 & 10 2017, at federal government offices…

In memoriam Ernst Zündel

In memoriam Ernst Zündel

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Zuendel in 1968 with a full head of hair, and fluent in English and French as well as his native German, speaks at the Liberal Party leadership convention in 1968.  He called for an end to German-bashing movies on Canadian tv. Of course, he was ignored by the sheeple — and they voted for the toxic narcissist Pierre Trudeau.

I dedicate this blog to a special supporter, a friend in need who’s a friend indeed …. whereas getting help from others is, well, like pulling teeth. 😉

……Michael Hoffman on Zundel


Ernst Zündel: A Lover, not a Hater
Je suis le bouc.”  L.-F. Céline
By Michael Hoffman
Ernst Zündel (above, right) with his attorney, Dr. Herbert Schaller, March 1, 2010, just moments after he emerged from Mannheim prison for the first time in five years.
[All other photos and captions added by me, John de Nugent. I also translated this entire article into German: https://johndenugent.com/deutsch/german-nachruf-auf-ernst-zundel-das-war-ein-mann/]
Ernst Zündel died of heart failure on August 5 at his ancestral home in the Black Forest region of southwestern Germany, near Pforzheim, one day before the anniversary of the atomic holocaust in the city of Hiroshima, Japan. He was 78. He passed away seven years and five months after having served seven years in confinement in Canadian and German prisons for thought crimes committed as a publisher, broadcaster and protestor. To make the inquisition against this German human rights activist palatable to the public, his “crime” is monotonously described as “inciting hatred for years with anti-Semitic activities.”
In America the yahoos are stirred to outrage by the spectre of Islamic “Sharia law” coming to Mayberry, while they are oblivious to the Talmudic law and psychology which suffuses the U.S.A. Talmudic halacha is a two-tiered legal system: one law for the Holy People and another for everyone else. Thus it is written in Sanhedrin 57a, “Regarding bloodshed, the following distinction applies: if a non-Jew killed another non-Jew, or a non-Jew killed a Jew, the killer is liable for execution; if a Jew killed a non-Jew he is exempt from punishment.” 
By the same logic, if a Judaic incites hatred of Germans it is not a crime, it is a well-deserved act of retribution. Zündel spent his life fighting this corrupt double-standard. He did so not for philosophical or ideological reasons. Rather, he believed that relentless anti-German hate propaganda was a kind of psychological warfare and mental genocide which internally colonized the souls of the German people, radically reducing their self-worth and causing them to engage in self-destructive and suicidal behavior. 
His lifelong campaign to counter anti-German hatred and Talmudic bigotry has been transformed through the alchemy of media falsification into itself an act of hate, and it is at this omega point that Ernst’s persona has been frozen by the Establishment. “He was a hater!” That’s all we’re supposed to know, or need to know, about his life and work.
Having emigrated to Canada as a young man of 19, he became a sought-after graphic artist, working for national magazines. That he was a public relations genius is indisputable. In the 1960s he began placing advertisements in comic books, urging freedom for imprisoned Nazi leader Rudolf Hess, and for a volume about “Nazi UFOs,” the latter a publicity stunt intended to build the revisionist history mailing list he was gradually compiling. By the late 1970s, when the Newspeak distortion of the word “holocaust” began to be appropriated by the Zionist lobby and applied exclusively to the sufferings (both real and imagined) of Judaic people in World War II, Ernst began his counter-offensive, making contact with the academics and historians in the  burgeoning revisionist history movement that was questioning the “Holocaust” liturgy. 
By 1983 his mass mailings had become so extensive that the powerful Zionist lobby in Canada forced the government to ban Zündel from using the mail. He was forced to publish from a Buffalo, New York-area post office, hundreds of miles from his base in Toronto.
JdN: My location in Ontonagon, Upper Peninsula of Michigan; Toronto and Buffalo 
[JdN: The “Peace Bridge” between Canada and the USA — two brother peoples who, with the Mother Country are united by total Jewish servitude! ]
The Niagara Falls on the Canadian side
For publishing doubts about the existence of execution gassing facilities in concentration camps, he was indicted for distributing “false news.” He went to court in Toronto in January, 1985, in what would become known as “The Great Holocaust Trial,” having assembled a stellar legal and history research team led by Doug Christie [photo], who was at that time an obscure, upstart attorney from British Columbia, and Dr. Robert Faurisson, a French academic with a vast command of World War II revisionist history.
[JdN: This and the following photos and captions were added by me, John de Nugent]
Zündel’s own World War II-generation of Germans rallied around him. The large Victorian “Zündelhaus” in Toronto was filled with German people acting as defense witnesses in the trial and assistants in various capacities. There were also non-Germans across the spectrum, including Judaics such as the brilliant and eccentric Ditlieb Felderer, the inaugural forensic investigator and photographer of the Auschwitz-Birkenau slave labor camp. 
Ernst was not a provincial German. He was cosmopolitan and sophisticated, with broad tastes and sympathies. He forged alliances with everyone from Judaics disgruntled with the Israeli state and Judaism, to the former Attorney General of Massachusetts who would call Ernst in the middle of the night during the 1985 trial and offer him legal advice.
In the course of the 1985 trial the Crown prosecution called many “unimpeachable Holocaust survivor eyewitnesses” to the stand, in order to send Zündel to prison. Under cross-examination, each one was reduced to a quivering pile of fantastic or contradictory testimony that was essentially worthless. Rudolf Vrba, one of the first “major witnesses” to the alleged homicidal gas chambers, an “eyewitness” who was regarded as a pillar of “Holocaust” survivor testimony, was made to concede under oath that his book, I Cannot Forgive, could not stand up in court and was only an “artistic picture” of Auschwitz. Because of the embarrassing revelations elicited from these witnesses, no “Holocaust survivors” were called to testify in defense of Deborah Lipstadt in the course of David Irving’s libel suit against her (a fact noted by the actor playing the part of her barrister Anthony Julius, in the 2016 Hollywood movie, “Denial”). 

The most eminent “Holocaust” historian of the 1980s was Dr. Raul Hilberg. During the Great Holocaust Trial he was compelled to admit on the witness stand that there was no scientific evidence of homicidal gassings. “I’m at a loss” were the shocking words this “leading Holocaust scholar” uttered when asked by Christie to cite such evidence.
The resolute Zündel in his hard hat and Christie at a press conference
Ernst’s initial conviction on the ridiculous 1985 false news charge was overturned on appeal to the Ontario Court, citing presiding Judge Hugh Locke’s overwhelming bias toward the defendant.
Zündel was tried yet again in 1988; that trial is noteworthy for having produced engineer Fred Leuchter’s unprecedented Leuchter Report on the impossibility of mass chemical poison gassings in the facilities he personally studied and sampled in Auschwitz-Birkenau. Ernst published many tens of thousands of copies of Leuchter Report for circulation world-wide.
On more than one occasion we have referred to Ernst as the-man-who-was-perpetually-on -trial. He underwent court appearances over the ban on his using the Canadian mails, his two trials, the appeals, his immigration case in the U.S. and his trial in Germany, which led to his lengthiest imprisonment. The word “martyr” is derived from a Greek word for a defendant in court. The connotation is of a man or woman willing to defy authorities formally, and face to face. This was Ernst’s destiny.
On August 27, 1992, in a historic decision by the Supreme Court of Canada, which was a landmark victory for every Canadian’s civil liberties, the “false news” portion of the Canadian criminal code was overturned. 
There was a price to be paid for these successes, however. The Talmud is a book which has made a religion out of revenge. William Shakespeare had Portia finger it when she told Shylock in The Merchant of Venice that contrary to Shylock’s call for “justice,” the Christian posits mercy, because none of us can withstand God’s justice. The problem in making that type of argument is that the religion of revenge entails self-worship, and part of its megalomania rests upon giving God orders (cf. Bava Metzia 59b). Therefore, revenge, not mercy, is the order of the day for the Talmudists. Consequently, in 1989 Prof. Faurisson was horribly beaten by a member of Betar, a French Zionist terror group.
No one was prosecuted. On May 7, 1995 Ernst Zündel’s Victorian home and headquarters in Toronto was destroyed by arsonists. The police barely bothered to investigate. No one was prosecuted.
In February, 2003 Ernst was living peacefully in Tennessee with his German-American wife, Ingrid Rimland, when he was arrested for “violations of U.S. immigration regulations.” He was jailed for two weeks and subsequently deported to Canada, where he had “landed immigrant” status. Labeled a terrorist in a secret Canadian star-chamber court, the man who had never even had a speeding ticket and consistently preached non-violence, was incarcerated for two years on a “Security certificate,” under abominable conditions of solitary confinement, while fed wretched food, observed 24 hours a day with lights never turned off, denied proper writing and reading materials, and confined in a remote, high security facility.
JdN: He was accused by Canada of being friendly with Dr. William Luther Pierce, a highly respected former physicist and national socialist leader, who foundedand ran the National Alliance with a HQ in Virginia and later West Virginia
He was deported to Germany in 2005 where, a few weeks short of his 66th birthday he began serving five years in Mannheim prison for publishing questions about gas chambers in books and other media, including online on his internationally-renowned “Zundelsite” web page.
Upon his release in 2010 he lived quietly in a home in Germany that had been in his family for hundreds of years. Without complaint he cheerfully set to work personally clearing brush and trees and making repairs to the ancient homestead. He never whined. He had not been raised in a culture where “Oh, how I suffered!” was a standard of self-definition. He didn’t moan about his fate because he was a German of the old school, for whom the words inculcated from youth, Lerne leiden ohne zu klagen (“Learn to suffer without complaining”), were ringing in his ears until the day he died.
Prior to 2017, Ernst applied for an immigrant visa so that he could reside with his wife in Tennessee. Last spring, less than a week before his 78th birthday, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ruled on his application, as follows:
“[I]n 2007 the Applicant was convicted in Germany of 14 counts of incitement to hatred and one count of violating the memory of the dead. The Applicant was sentenced to an aggregate of five years in prison. And though a waiver of inadmissibility was possible — because of extreme hardship to Zundel’s elderly wife — the office concluded that there was good reason to deny the waiver: The negative factors in the Applicant’s case include his long history of inciting racial, ethnic, and religious hatred. The record shows that the Applicant is a historical revisionist and denier of the Holocaust, distributing writings, books, tapes, videos, and broadcasts to promote his views. The record indicates further that these publications agitated for aggressive behavior against Jews. Furthermore, the Applicant has been a leader in these activities for decades and has shown no regret or remorse for his actions.” 
…these publications agitated for aggressive behavior against Jews.” This is a terrible lie, backed by no documentation.
We should not be surprised. We were forewarned 2,000 years ago about “children of hell” (Matthew 23:15) whose patriarch was “the father of lies” (John 8:44). If Jesus were alive today, he too would be serving time in Canadian and German dungeons and banned from the United States by Homeland Security.
If you are German of Ernst’s generation then you have heard of, or read, Karl May, the novelist who celebrated the American Indian. In Canada Ernst hosted a parade of German combat veterans of World War II, from privates to officers. Having read the novels of Karl May, often among the first requests these men would make was, “Will you to take me to meet the Indians?” There are photos of these old soldiers shaking hands and riding horses with the indigenous people of Canada, with Zundel accompanying them. 
The Indians of North America are reputed to ask a question before they make any momentous decision: how will this affect the next seven generations? The question the Indians would pose if they were Germans — how will the admission of millions of hostile alien immigrants affect our children for the next seven generations?— is left unasked by 21st Germans, a majority of whom continue to support Angela Merkel, their posterity’s executioner, because she is good at managing the nation’s money.
Zündel was as much a holocaust survivor as anyone. In February, 1945 when he was not quite six-years-of-age, he heard the roar of the 367 bombers of Britain’s Royal Air Force, as its thundering fire bombs incinerated the German civilians of the nearby city of Pforzheim. He, his mother and siblings shook with fear, sheltering under a table during this holocaust, which we are not allowed to call by that name.
Pforzheim before 1945
Today…. modern and ugly…. The mountain, “der Wallberg,” is where the rubble was pushed, then the Germans dumped soil on top and planted trees.  
Every day it seems there is something else we are not allowed to say or think, and this is what we should expect ever more of, in a world of illusion that calls Ernst Zündel, “a hater.” He has been made a scapegoat by people who are themselves guilty of undying hatred. 

We have known few men who have loved our people and our civilization more than he did. It is not an exaggeration to say that he gave his life for love of them.

Copyright©2017 Independent History & Research
Michael Hoffman is the author of The Great Holocaust Trial: The Landmark Battle for the Right to Doubt the West’s Most Sacred Relic [published in French in 2016 as Le Grand Procés de L’Holocauste: L’Extraordinaire Aventure d’Ernst Zündel].

……My experiences

The great Ernst Zündel, whom I knew, died two days ago a heart attack (natural or induced, that is the question) in his native Calmbach in the famous Black Forest of Germany.

I rejoice in his wonderful karma, the result of a heroic, selfless life, committed to his race, his people and the truth. The angels now are giving him HIGH-FIVES! 


Way back in the 1960s he was  already getting active and actually was a speaker at, of all things, the Liberal Party convention in 1968, running for party leader! Zuendel got up and to the amazement of theblasé, denounced anti-German movies on TV. 😉 But he was a new face, and the now infamous Pierre Trudeau beat out him and the others.



Margi at Zündel’s place in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in 2006. We stayed there for a week as guests. 
Yours truly, taken by Ingrid Rimland-Zündel 
Margi and Ingrid, Ernst’s faithful wife, suffered the horrors of the “Hellstorm” as a German girl when the Red Army came in, and later became an excellent novelist in America. 
As he entered the Mannheim, Germany courtroom on 9 February 2006, I held up this sign from the courtroom audience benches, because 1) Margi and I were Barnes Review magazine writers (60 articles), and 2) Ernst was friends with the publisher thereof and his wife, Willis and Elizabeth Carto: 
A very surprised Zündel saluted. He had not expected an emissary of this American magazine, and had not seen me since 1987, on Carlisle Street in Toronto, 20 years before.
In that year, he gave me “the grand tour” of his Carlisle Street/Toronto HQ (recent photo)
I was working for Willis Carto, spoke perfect German, and Zündel was also impressed I could parallel-park a 16-foot American car, the Cadillac of a friend, across the street with four inches leeway. He came out and watched me do it in one try.  (Germans are always impressed by actions.)
His HQ was spotless, neat, and simply humming with busy volunteers — mailing out his videos and newsletters.
A terrible 1996 (((arson attack))), for which NO ONE was arrested despite constant kosher bomb/fire/death threats, devastated this building: 
The Jews openly distributed tracts calling for his murder: 
In 1984,the same tribe had devastated by arson the IHR headquarters in California of Willis Carto, for whom I did work 1987-93 and 2005-08. 
Oil portrait of Willis by our friend Pete Papaheraklis
Liberty Lobby headquarters was on Capitol Hill, in the former German-American Association Building
Both Willis and Ernst were in a way entrepreneurs. They started their own empires, organizing, running, leading… They understood how to run a business, even if non-profit, get the bills paid, churn out fast quantities of high-quality printed and video information, do it on time, and get it out the door into the hands of subscribers, supporters and the public.
Thus they were feared by the J-Team, more than all the myriad feckless, penniless idealists out there.
In both my first marriage, and later in my life with Margi, a paycheck from Willis Carto came on the dot. (And with Ernst Zündel and his Canadians, it was the same way — a professional operation.
 I did not know Ernst well, but as he showed me his Toronto staff and operations, you could see he was a man of great self-confidence, blue-collar on the surface, but brilliant, ebullient,  full of vim and vigor, enthusiastic and driven. His people respected him.
In 2006 and in 2012, first Margi and then I  got to also to know his initial lawyer in Mannheim, Sylvia Stolz, as well as lawyers Jürgen Rieger and Herbert Schaller.
Stolz and Rieger I spoke with them both at a restaurant after a session of the trial. Sylvia was physically carried out of the courtroom, and also removed by the judge as the defense lawyer — against the will of the defendant, Zündel — for saying Ernst could not commit a crime by “denying” the Holocaust, a proven LIE! Sylvia got three years herself for that — and lost her law license. 
Rieger died in 2009 at 65.  IMO he perhaps was  murdered by poison. He was a real German — a “tough cookie,” affluent, decisive, and clever. Here he is seen arguing with the police in Wunsiedel, Bavaria, where the annual Rudolf Hess memorial march was being held. Of course, the cops and leftists harassed our comrades. (Since then Hess’ grave, like that of Adolf Hitler’s parents, was simply destroyed.) 
 Going back to Ernst Zündel, I can say that his character was summed up by this famous poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling:

If you can keep your head when all about you

    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,

If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,

    But make allowance for their doubting too;

If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,

    Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,

Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,

    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:


If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;

    If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster

    And treat those two impostors just the same;

If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken

    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,

Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,

    And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:


If you can make one heap of all your winnings

    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,

And lose, and start again at your beginnings

    And never breathe a word about your loss;

If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew

    To serve your turn long after they are gone,

And so hold on when there is nothing in you

    Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’


If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,

    Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,

If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,

    If all men count with you, but none too much;

If you can fill the unforgiving minute

    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,

Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,

    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!



……Especially important blogs by John de Nugent



 Ernst Zündel
  and the wicked silence
 He gave his life so everyone could be free
or you can read this at
By John Kaminski
I can’t think of another person who has had a larger impact on the way people think than Ernst Zündel. By standing up to the powers that be, and with a lot of help from his friends, he got the Supreme Court of Canada to eventually and begrudgingly validate the truth of what he was saying.
He got Holocaust Revisionism verified as a real subject with real questions about the historical record, and about the lies that continue to be told that utterly distort the truth of the world.
Of course, the truth never matters when it opposes the designs of the ever present Deep State,
So far from being able to celebrate his landmark legal victory with his friends, instead Zündel suffered years of imprisonment (at least seven, that we know of) and a permanent ban on public speaking that lasted right up until a few days ago when a heart attack took him away forever.
And all this because they found him innocent!
The charges were all spurious, never clearly defined. He was initially charged with a hate crime for publishing a book by Richard Harwood (a pseudonym) titled “Did Six Million Really Die?” Two trials drew Revisionist experts from all over the world, and they demolished all the fictional Jewish claims. Somewhere along the line somebody blew up Zündel’s house.
(Since that time, officials at the Auschwitz site have lowered their supposed death toll from 4 million to 1.4 million, but using Jewish mathematics, commentators on the Jewish TV networks continue to use the 6 million figure.)
So after being illegally kidnapped in Tennessee, abused for two years in Canada (they never turned out the lights in his cell and made him write with a pencil stub), they shipped him to Germany for five more years in a prison system in which the truth is no defense because it has been declared irrelevant by law. Since World War II German courts have been totally polluted by perverted logic; so unjust are they today that Zündel’s lawyer Sylvia Stolz got five years for trying to defend him.
  The wicked silence
This is the great silence, the wicked silence, where the great powers declare what can be known and what cannot.
We are not allowed to know who our government murders surreptitiously, and we may not challenge the macabre Jewish death fantasies about World War II. Some 271,000 souls was the final camp death toll compiled by the Associated Press in 1946; some $28 billion in Holocaust reparations has been collected by Jewish judges as payment for suffering by survivors of the celebrated 6 million, which is a story the Jews have used to solicit sympathy for themselves since the late 1800s.
Even the grandchildren of Holocaust relatives can collect payments for the trauma they have experienced listening to their parents bewail the suffering they have endured
Because the Jews essentially control the media worldwide (the Rothschilds even bought the Associated Press a few years back), opposition to Jewish lies is seldom reported. The most important issues of our lifetime — 9/11 and the World Wars — were all precipitated by high powered banker finagling, yet virtually no reporting on this can be found in any of the mainstream newspaper archives.
What happened to Zündel and hundreds of his philosophical compatriots trying to rescue the unfairly besmirched reputation of Germany is now happening in America in Oregon and Las Vegas as people who believed they could depend on their Constitution, after more than a year in abusive solitary confinement and only doublespeak from the court, now believe otherwise.
One innocent bystander has already cleverly plea bargained his way to a life sentence, and all the others involved in the Bundy standoff of 2014 or the Oregon standoff in 2016 have undergone something truly appropriate for our new American Gulag, criminal abuse by private prison guards and preposterous restrictions by a power mad judge. Observers of this kangaroo court insist the government’s objective is to never let these people out of jail at all.
The legal situation in America now more resembles the Jewish/Soviet totalitarian model of government than a Constitutional republic, where no appeal against the lawless decisions of a criminal government is possible.
Just as Zundel and his lawyer could not argue against his sentence without breaking more German laws, the corrupt judge in the Bundy trial permits no analysis of the government’s behavior at all.
The complete takeover of Western ranchlands by the Bureau of Land Management may not be mentioned. Remember, the BLM goons were stealing and killing Cliven Bundy’s cattle over a controversial decision by the government to nationalize rangeland on which the Bundy family cattle had grazed since the 1800s.
This question has not been resolved in the courts, but for merely pointing out that BLM’s arbitrary seizures of Western lands, the Bundys and many of their faithful supporters face life in prison from a court system definitely disinterested in the welfare of ordinary people who get in the way of government corruption.
American courts are becoming more like Germany every day. And everywhere in the world free speech is disappearing if you don’t adhere to the principles of the Jewish bankers who now inarguably control every person’s destiny.
Media mindlock
What stands out to me in both the cases of Zündel and the Bundys and their friends is the apathetic response of the public to anyone who is at least making the attempt to stand up for the rights of all of us.
If they don’t see it on TV or read it in the newspapers it’s not really real to them. But worse than that, if they do see it on TV, or read it in the newspaper, they regard it as real. And this has given rise to practically every falsehood we believe in this life.
As the best known publicist for the truth of World War II, Zündel spent the last decade of his life unable to publicly address the issues most important to him. In his absence, however, the Revisionist message has sprung up like mushrooms all across the Internet and most especially on the Jewish-controlled Facebook.
The government that controls us now demands our complete silence about the crimes it has committed and the lies it has told.
Ultimately Ernst Zündel gave his life for our freedom. He refused to be cowed by Jewish lies, and returned the abuse he got from his captors with a stoic dignity that inspired his many followers. He paid a very high price for telling the truth.
No doubt authorities are pleased by the treatment Zündel received, and hope others will be dissuaded from emulating his behavior. Unfortunately for them, the opposite has happened. Inspired by Zündel’s example, the corps of truth tellers has expanded greatly and largely perfected its analysis of World War II, which proves there were no gas chambers, that Hitler only wanted peace, and that Roosevelt strong-armed all the countries in Europe in wiping out Germany once and forever, a goal which today appears to have been achieved.
In fact the real heart of darkness in World War II belonged to the Allies, in the torture of Dresden, the phony trials at Nuremberg and the premeditated starvation of Germans after the war. This is how the Jews rewarded the Germans for their hospitality. We Americans are feeling it now.
We all failed Ernst Zündel by not protesting with sufficient loudness his unjust treatment by corrupt authorities who are enriched by putting Jewish interests above the rest of humanity’s. This includes the entire U.S. Congress.
And we are failing now as men who stood up for the Constitution remain incarcerated under duress by corrupt politicians, held without bail for only protesting federal encroachment on private lands when no-bail is by law reserved only for murderers and traitors.
For the government to call these ranchers terrorists is truly the pot calling the kettle black.
All of us who believed what Ernst Zündel said and did is the real way honest human beings should act. Today this personality type is being systematically exterminated on all levels by a vicious campaign to replace us with a population totally unable to think critically and willing to go along with the crime if the salary is adequate.
However we slice it, as long as we fail to object to the abuse of others who are assaulted for trying to help the common good, we consign ourselves to a future governed by the wicked silence of people who are afraid to speak the truth, who have been intimidated for fear of earning the wrath of the people who rule them.
John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

Jim and Joe Rizoli Discuss Ernst Zundel in a Tribute, August 2017


Jim and Joe Rizoli Discuss Ernst Zundel in a Tribute, August 2017

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Check Out These Weird Tweets by Warren Kinsella, Latest Columnist for Canadian Jewish News

I sat in on the hearing today and was shocked when I got home and read the twitter account of Warren Kinsella and his related tweets from the hearing today. There’s good reason why my editor Dr. James Sears has referred to Mr. Kinsella as a pathological liar.

In his tweets from the hearing room today Kinsella referred to the Board members as “Cranky” and the lawyers who presented briefs today as “Neo-Nazi lawyers” and of course he referred to us as “Neo Nazi’s” and Mr. Paul Fromm as a “white supremacist” as part of his on going campaign to slander and libel the paper and anyone involved with it.


I consider Mr. Kinsella’s berating and mocking attitude toward the review process as detrimental and so have decided to send you links to the tweets he sent out today so you can be aware of what he is doing to derail this process.


===Lawrence McCurry===