PEGIDA Counter-protest Planned In Toronto

Going back to the Maoist madness of the early 70s when the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) would organize violent assaults on nationalist or anti-communist meetings, there has been an element of the far left that appropriates to itself the right to decide who can organize or meet. 
By the 1990s in Toronto, this role had been taken up by  drug-addled street thugs calling themselves Anti-Racist Action or ARA. They fought numerous pitch battles with the police, the Heritage Front and, on occasion in 1999, our monthly Alternative Forum meeting, famously seeking to stop a meeting with “Kennewick Man” expert and Asatru  leader Steve McNallen. [They did not succeed.] From time to time, the ARA worked with B’nai Brith who seek to squelch speakers and ideas through more establishment means of protest — complaints to venues and passing of anti-free speech laws.
It seems a nameless — not surprising for such cowards — group is seeking to attack a planned rally this Saturday by the Canadian affiliate of PEGIDA, the anti-immigration invasion group that has staged repeated mass rallies in Germany over the past year. The flowing message appeared on the website of Anti-Racist Canada, who claim not be be affiliated with the ARA. The Anti-Racist Canada (ARC) website is anonymous not surprising for such cowards! — and regularly slanders White Nationalists and other enemies of political correctness.
Is violence planned? That would certainly seem a fair interpretation of the language — “SHUT DOWN Pegida Canada” and “Bring flags, banners and noisemakers. … We will send a clear message to PEGIDA: ‘You will not organize in our streets.”
And once again, they prove our point: “Anti-racism is a code word for anti-White.” Europeans protesting the invasion of their lands are deemed “racist.”
Paul Fromm
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On Saturday, September 19th, the racist and xenophobic “PEGIDA Canada” are planning to make their second appearance on the streets. After a humiliating defeat in Montreal earlier this year, the far-right group will attempt to rally and march in Toronto, beginning at 1PM in Queens Park.

In Germany the PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, or Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) movement managed to draw tens of thousands to the streets in reactionary fervor against ‘Islamization’. PEGIDA Canada draws on the same tired nationalist rhetoric. They claim they are not racist, they simply are “protecting Canadian culture” by targeting Muslims and calling for tougher immigration laws.

Amidst the current humanitarian crisis on the borders and the broadening struggle for the rights of refugees and migrants, it is crucial we do not allow far-right groups the space to organize and mount a backlash. PEGIDA Canada is a new development in Southern Ontario and there is reason to believe this rally may draw more supporters and be better organized than their Montreal counterparts.

Join us on September 19th at 12PM SHARP to give PEGIDA the welcome it deserves – we will rally on University Ave and College St (Queen’s Park Station on the Yellow Line). Bring flags, banners, noise makers, and friends while we put our words to action and demonstrate our strength. We will send a clear message to PEGIDA and their would-be fellow travelers: You will not organize in our streets!


The Battle of Vancouver

062The Battle of Vancouver

Speech by Paul Fromm at 2000 Rally for Journalist Doug Collins (under attack by human rights commission). The meeting was organized by his lawyer Doug Christie. It was attacked by several hundred ARA crazies. The policing was minimal and terrible.

Free Speech Monitor, Number 197, May 2012

Number 197 May, 2012

Number 197                                                   May, 2012


Crown Clashes With Brad Love Over Parole Ban on Writing to Anyone

 NEWMARKET, March 13, 2012. It was almost as if she were baiting or mocking him, as the Crown Attorney repeatedly asked former political prisoner Brad Love: “Free speech is what this is all about. You think the courts were trying to criminalize your dissent?”

Yes,” the 53-year old old worker and inveterate letter-writer agreed.

Today, Mr. Love finished his evidence in a protracted three-year “breach of probation” trial that has seen him return to Toronto ten times for court appearances and his much interrupted trial before Judge Kelly Wright.

At issue was a brutal 2006 parole condition, item “r”, in a list of conditions which Mr. Love had to obey. He was forbidden to write to anyone unless they had granted permission to receive his material. In terms of writing, he was rendered gagged non-person.

The Crown explained what Judge Hogg was seeking to accomplish in 2006: “The goal was to craft a condition where you would not send these editorial comments unless requested.” Mr. Love would frequently send newspaper articles with comments written on them in magic marker.

Mr. Love was arrested by eight detectives at an Alternative Forum meeting, March 9, 2009 in Toronto, just after he’d finished a talk, ironically, on free speech. He had sent packages of news articles with his comments to the Canadian Jewish Congress, B’nai Brith, the Jewish Students Union and the York University Students Union in regards to the anti-Israeli apartheid week.

In each case, he testified, he called and got permission to send them his views. He’d say: “I saw the article about you guys and I love your radical views. I’d like to send you some of mine. They’d say, ‘sure.'”

“I’d phone them in regard to whatever news story prompted my interest. My interest piqued their interest,” he recalled. “I’d say, ‘Would it be okay, if I sent you some of my stuff?” and they’d say ‘sure.'”

Judge Hogg restricted “what I could say,” Mr. Love testified. “However, I believe I followed his guidelines

Judge Hogg, now retired, had a reputation for being a judicial radical. His order was “overbroad,” said Mr. Love’s lawyer, Peter Leckie.

Mr. Leckie, on re-direct, asked Mr. Love: “Do you feel you did anything wrong in terms of Judge Hogg’s conditions.”

Mr. Love responded that the groups who complained, only a small number of those who’ve received his commentaries, “are either over sensitive on this issue or have an ulterior motive.These groups publicize their beliefs,” he added, “but if they get some material with views they don’t agree with, they call the police. I like to question everything that appears before me in my country.”

In a testy exchange with Mr.  Love, the Crown said: “It’s about your right to exercize freedom of speech. It’s a huge part of what drives you as a person.”

“That what my grandparents fought for in two wars,” Mr. Love shot back. “No one should limit my freedom of expression. I’m 53 years old and I’ve seen more than most people,” Mr. Love added. “I take freedom of expression to the outer limits,” he explained.

Earlier, the Crown had acknowledged that Mr. Love, who reads five books a week and is terminally curious, was very intelligent and self-educated.

The trial, which could send former political prisoner and letter-writer Love back to prison, will hear the judge’s verdict on May 28. — Paul Fromm

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