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[Note: ” Meanwhile, other actors in this appalling tragedy thrive. The KOJO Institute appears to have received at least $100,000 from the federal government for offering three courses. But its list of clients reveals its reach to be long and extensive in Canada: TD Bank, the National Ballet School, Loblaws, the Ontario government, the RCMP, the CBC, Rogers, school boards across Ontario, and many others.” These organizations have subjected their employees to this White-hating hate propaganda. — Paul Fromm.]

Michael Higgins: School principal’s death is a stain on the conscience of this nation

It’s time to stand up against the woke zealots who destroyed Richard Bilkszto Author of the article: Michael Higgins Published Jul 25, 2023  •  Last updated 5 days ago  •  4 minute read 688 Comments

Richard Bilkszto
Richard Bilkszto, a highly lauded Toronto school principal who was an anti-discrimination advocate, took his own life on July 13. He had suffered a mental health crisis after being accused of white supremacy by a DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) trainer. The Toronto District School Board subsequently rescinded his work contract. Photo by Veronica Henri / Postmedia News

The suicide of former school principal Richard Bilkszto is an appalling tragedy and a warning that unless we stand up to woke, moralizing, antagonistic bullies who seek to shame Canadians then we are all complicit in such deaths. Advertisement 2 Story continues below


It is regrettable that the majority of sensible, pragmatic and well-meaning people in this country have been cowed into silence by the vocal, angry, shrill hectoring of ideologues who preach nothing but destruction: destruction of institutions, society, history and people. Read the conversation Have your say Leave a comment and share your thoughts with our community. Read All 688 Comments

All in the name of what? What vision do they offer? What better world do they proclaim? What glorious future awaits us once our guilt has been cleansed, our penance done? Except for the woke lecturers, our guilt can never be forgiven, our repentance never done and our remorse never enough.

Stand up to these people and you will be shamed, singled out and bullied. It happened to Richard Bilkszto, and if you take a stand it will almost certainly happen to you. Be aware of that and be prepared. Because the alternative to not taking a stand is terrifying and is already happening. We have become a nation where good people are afraid to speak their mind; where silence is chosen when colleagues are savagely abused by these hostile fanatics, and where people avert their gaze so they do not have to see what is happening before their very eyes. Advertisement 3 Story continues below

What happened to Richard Bilkszto is a stain on the conscience of this nation.

Bilkszto had been a principal for 24 years, previously taught at an inner-city Buffalo school, was said to be an exemplary teacher, and was working as a contract principal for the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) when he underwent a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) course in April 2021.

As described by journalist Jamie Sarkonak, Bilkszto had the courage and temerity to question DEI trainer Kike Ojo-Thompson, CEO of the KOJO Institute, over a claim that Canada was, in essence, a racist hellhole.

According to a lawsuit by Bilkszto, Ojo-Thompson described Canada as a “bastion of white supremacy and colonialism” where capitalism and the patriarchy were killing people. Canada was more racist that the U.S., she said.

It was all too much for Bilkszto, who spoke up. “To sit here and talk about facts and figures and then walk into the classroom tomorrow and say ‘Canada is just as bad as the United States,’ I think we are doing an incredible disservice to our learners,” he told the class.

According to the lawsuit, that’s when the shaming started.

That’s when the shaming started

“We are here to talk about anti-Black racism, but you in your whiteness think that you can tell me what’s really going on for Black people?” the lawsuit alleges Ojo-Thompson  said.

In your whiteness?

Another KOJO training facilitator told Bilkszto, “If you want to be an apologist for the U.S. or Canada, this is really not the forum for that.”

Ojo-Thompson added, according to the lawsuit, that “your job in this work as white people is to believe” — not to question claims of racism.

When did it become acceptable practice to pay DEI facilitators tens of thousands of dollars for sessions where they tell people: Shut up you racist?

But another disturbing aspect of Sarkonak’s reporting is this: “Nobody from TDSB interjected at any point to defend Bilkszto and stop the DEI trainers from berating a staff member, according to the court filing.”

Worse, Sarkonak reports, “After the class, a TDSB superintendent even thanked the KOJO Institute in a tweet for ‘modelling the discomfort administrators may need to experience in order to disrupt (anti-Black racism).’”

As if that wasn’t enough, Bilkszto was then harangued by superiors for his “white male privilege.”

Not surprisingly, considering he stood alone, was belittled by the moralists and betrayed by his bosses, Bilkszto went on sick leave. But the events plagued him, said his family.

“Unfortunately, the stress and effects of these incidents continued to plague Richard. Last week he succumbed to this distress,” read a statement by the family released last Thursday by Lisa Bildy, his lawyer.

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Corporate Canada and many civil institutions pay out millions to get someone to tell their employees how racist they are. And, unless you are Richard Bilkszto, employees sit there and take it.

Meanwhile, other actors in this appalling tragedy thrive. The KOJO Institute appears to have received at least $100,000 from the federal government for offering three courses. But its list of clients reveals its reach to be long and extensive in Canada: TD Bank, the National Ballet School, Loblaws, the Ontario government, the RCMP, the CBC, Rogers, school boards across Ontario, and many others.

Sheryl Robinson Petrazzini, the TDSB superintendent who thanked KOJO for “modelling discomfort,” has since gone on to join Ontario’s Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board as director of education.

The woke agitators might say that one man’s death means nothing when you are dismantling white supremacy and the patriarchy. But don’t listen to them.

Poet and cleric John Donne wrote in the 17th century that no man is an island.

“Any man’s death diminishes me/because I am involved in mankind./And therefore never send to know for whom/the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

Richard Bilkszto stood alone. And in the end he couldn’t endure. But what might have happened if one person had stood with him? Just one?

It is to be hoped that Bilkszto’s sacrifice serves as an example to others. And if we find ourselves not brave enough like Richard Bilkszto to stand up to the woke zealots, then let us pray we at least find the courage to stand next to people like him.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls.

Report on the First Two Days of David Lindsay’s Trial in Kelowna

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Please forward

Court Update

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

To begin, and most importantly…I am so grateful to all those who came out from all over the Okanagan for these court proceedings over the past two days….and even to those couldn’t be there but sent me messages and love and support.

Thank you so much for all your kind support.

I am sorry that many of you had to wait all day for court to start, and worse, that many had to leave without seeing anything. This unfortunately is the nature of court in B.C. where they double and triple book courtrooms without your knowledge or consent.

The two charges of assault originate from a protest outside the Interior Health building in Kelowna, on Aug. 19, 2021. Yup, that long ago.

The Crown is alleging I assaulted two guards by pushing into them to enter the building, after I was allegedly banned from the building.

Court began on Wed. March 1, and it was nuts from the beginning. About 50 wonderful freedom supporters showed up.  Sheriffs immediately set up a table outside of courtroom #9 to search people’s bags b/c the Chief Sheriff said more people arrived than last time. I objected and asked everyone not to go in. I initially refused to enter the courtroom and have my bags searched, and so the Judge issued an unendorsed warrant while was in the hallway. Crown Prosecutor Grabavac was apparently smiling to the gallery while he demanded Judge Cathie Heinrichs issue a warrant, which she so cheerfully did.

Sheriffs were going to use physically force on me to force me into court from my place in the hallway if I refused, so, being in this catch-22 situation, I went in and told the Judge we were not being searched, including myself. 

Case was adjourned due to some in custody hearings unexpectedly put on the Judge’s docket ahead of mine, from 9:00 – 10:30 – 12:30, then 2:30.   I had arguments with the Judge on the searches and she did not want to talk about them and claimed to have no power to stop them, which, being an inferior court, is likely correct.  However, the Chief Sheriff did tell me that he would obey any judicial order to let us in.

I am going to now have to look at filing another challenge in the near future so that we don’t have to be searched to go into courtrooms without reasonable and probable grounds to believe someone is carrying something.  In reality it is pretty stupid – I could be carrying a knife on me personally and they would never know because they are only searching bags. Me and my friend Gordy challenged these types of searches in Winnipeg and were successful.

After court started today the Judge trapped me – I could go into the hallway and get my stuff without bringing bags into the courtroom.

I told the Judge she could “talk to the hand” and that I was not going to participate in the court trial at all if I had to be searched.  Now, any appeal would have lost as an appeal judge would have claimed I could have got my material out of the hallway and not needed bags.  This however is wrong as I need to carry them to and into court in something from home…but I saw the trap coming, so went outside and got my stuff out of my bags. This only worked because I had people outside to watch my bags.  I told people to try and avoid coming into court with bags today and not be searched and gratefully they for the most part they agreed.  After lunch most people left their bags in their cars, and came in without being searched.

This was sad and took away valuably needed focus on the actual trial. This is so frustrating having to give up Constitutional rights and freedoms, to exercise other Constitutional rights and freedoms.

Crown put first cop on the stand today by video.  I begin cross examination tomorrow (Thursday).  Then Crown will put other cops and security guards on the stand right after – six in total.  Not sure if we will get done tomorrow so there may be another date set.

A brief respite from the seriousness of the situation happened when some shagged looking woman with a face diaper on in the front row, decided to let a ripper go and grace the front row with her foul odours. This sounded like she was sitting on a wooden chair and the sound was heard virtually throughout the courtroom. I saw this woman on Thursday talking to the Crown, and have some suspicions that she was there in some capacity for the Crown or Gov’t.

CBC reporter Brady Strachan asked for an interview. I set the boundaries up front…no pejorative name calling, labels etc. If he was going to interview a lawyer, he had to do one from our side as well. I believe the interview went well, though once again, his online article repeated previous myths about me without mentioning successes.

Castanet BS reporter Nicholas Johansen continued with his ongoing attacks against me without my side of the story of course. I attacked him in court during a break today for his ongoing writing lies and misrepresentations. He claims I have a “long, unsuccessful history in the Canadian court system”, without considering or reporting on people I have kept out of jail, 50+ charges I have had thrown out including nine (9) s. 238 Income Tax Charges 30 months ago in Ottawa, a successful s. 11(b) Charter application, a successful Constitutional challenge to courthouse security searches, many of the wonderful comments from the judiciary, sentence reductions, and further ignores the ongoing attacks by the Crown to keep me out of the court system from exposing their criminal activity. It is much easier to quote a corrupt judge(s) and other prosecutors, than examine facts.

I will keep you posted tomorrow night what happens!


Thursday, March 2, 2023

Things today began to look ominously repetitive of the previous day, when a supporter noticed at 9:15 a.m. that there were four other cases listed in my courtroom.

Fortunately, within 10 minutes they were transferred to other courtrooms.

Court began with myself beginning to cross examine a police officer who was barely involved in the incident. After being told by court staff that all I needed was a laptop and they had all the cables, I discovered that I needed MS Teams as this cop was down under vacationing at our expense.

Needless to say, ½ hour later, we got the video working but not the audio. After trying to cross examine without audio, I finished with the agreement that we would have him appear on another day when he returned, as we would not be finished today in any event. My cross examination took up virtually the entire morning in large part because of these digital issues.

Finally, the Crown brings on its first real witness, Taj Smith, a Palladin security guard who was one of three guards blocking me from entering the IH building on Aug. 19. I caught Mr. Smith wearing an ear piece behind his neck, which he said he forgot to take off this morning. It was not directly in his ear (getting messages as we caught a Federal witness doing last year with headphones), and he said he could not get messages from it. On we went.

I expressed some reservations to the Judge about having to give up my defences so early, but it appeared I had no choice. The Crown was objecting to every hearsay question I tried to get in. Other objections were on relevance, which I believe time will confirm that these questions were relevant to my defence.

The Crown had a silent interior IH video they put as an exhibit. Questions then flew around about what was happening in the video, which was clear, but the people were so far away it was difficult to see clearly unless it was directly on your computer screen.

I then put our first video into evidence. I began to run this video showing Mr. Smith and the other two guards, and what was happening. Mr. Smith confirmed that I was not violent, said no threatening words or made any such gestures, etc.

Then we get to the part where I introduced the video taken by Leo, one of our group volunteers. Despite the threats of initial objections, the Crown conceded to it being an exhibit.

This incredible video shows the truth, it was actually the guards who assaulted me. It was so visibly obvious that gasps from the gallery were immediately heard throughout the courtroom, who witnessed this video for the first time, even from 30 feet or more away.

Taj Smith tried to deny the video evidence, but my analysis of this video, second by second, clearly showed otherwise. When he continued to insist otherwise, I asked if he wished to take a break and go and obtain a quality pair of glasses to assist his vision (remember, he was only 5-7 feet from the screen).

The Crown jumped up quicker than an update by Microsoft needs to be patched, yelling I was berating the witness etc. to which the Judge of course agreed. But I did not back down and repeated that clearly, he couldn’t see the video because it was clear they assaulted me, or was deliberately lying.

This witness had to back down and/or agree with me on several other points of importance as well.

Smith further confirmed that if not for the order allegedly banning me from entering the building, I had a right of entry and he could not stop me, despite being authorized to use force under provincial legislation.

Shortly after we were done with Smith, the Crown’s second witness Jason Davis sat his lying butt on the witness stand. He began by repeating what the previous witness had stated when we ran out of time.

A date has been set next week for myself and the Crown to obtain another 2-3 days of trial time. If I were to lose, then my Constitutional Challenge that the RCMP have no jurisdiction in B.C. would be heard, including a further disclosure application, subpoenas and another minimal 3-4 days of trial time. This could conceivably take almost two weeks of trial time for something which, even if proven, is nothing more than brushing against someone on the bus, as everyone in the courtroom discovered for the first time today.

People are going to be really mad when they see how much money is being spent on this case and the politics behind it.

Examinations and cross examinations on this witness, the Interior Health witness, and three police officers, is going to be interesting for sure.

Thank you to everyone for your kind support in this waste of time, money and resource trial.

The best is yet to come!

I will advise next week of the further dates to be set.

In freedom


Conservative Candidate Roman Baber Slams Gov’t Propaganda Lies & Promises to Defund the CBC

Conservative Candidate Roman Baber Slams Gov’t Propaganda Lies & Promises to Defund the CBC

I know what real propaganda is. I lived under a communist regime for the first nine years of my life. 

Now I am seeing propaganda in Canada, in full force and like its definition – funded by Government.  

Look at this CBC news story from two days ago or see CBC’s tweet below. CBC wrote about an intelligence report that advised government that breaking up the Ottawa protest may lead to violence. Of course we know that this intelligence assessment was false. The protesters remained peaceful and not a single weapon was found near the site!

But instead of describing the intelligence assessment as false, or criticizing the Federal Government for its response, the CBC maintains the fear narrative and demonizes peaceful Canadians, much like the Federal Government that funds the CBC.This is precisely what propaganda is. Lies, funded by government, seeking to justify government action or political agenda. 

I will defund CBC on day one. I will spin it off and sell it before lunch time. And I won’t let Rogers or Bell buy it. I will end all bailouts and subsidies to the media. I’ll also end all the government advertising which kept the media alive in the last few years.

There is no free speech without free and independent media.I will end all financial dependency by media on government and challenge the radical left-wing ideologues that run it.If you haven’t already, I ask that you rank me #1 on your CPC leadership ballot and please help my campaign pay some bills at JoinRoman.ca.We’re in the home stretch and every dollar makes a difference. 

Yours very truly,

Roman Baber

Speaking Freely

Why I resigned from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Speaking Freely

Why I resigned from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Tara HenleyJan 3
Photo by Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

For months now, I’ve been getting complaints about the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, where I’ve worked as a TV and radio producer, and occasional on-air columnist, for much of the past decade.

People want to know why, for example, non-binary Filipinos concerned about a lack of LGBT terms in Tagalog is an editorial priority for the CBC, when local issues of broad concern go unreported. Or why our pop culture radio show’s coverage of the Dave Chappelle Netflix special failed to include any of the legions of fans, or comics, that did not find it offensive. Or why, exactly, taxpayers should be funding articles that scold Canadians for using words such as “brainstorm” and “lame.”

Everyone asks the same thing: What is going on at the CBC?

When I started at the national public broadcaster in 2013, the network produced some of the best journalism in the country. By the time I resigned last month, it embodied some of the worst trends in mainstream media. In a short period of time, the CBC went from being a trusted source of news to churning out clickbait that reads like a parody of the student press.

Those of us on the inside know just how swiftly — and how dramatically — the politics of the public broadcaster have shifted.

It used to be that I was the one furthest to the left in any newsroom, occasionally causing strain in story meetings with my views on issues like the housing crisis. I am now easily the most conservative, frequently sparking tension by questioning identity politics. This happened in the span of about 18 months. My own politics did not change.

To work at the CBC in the current climate is to embrace cognitive dissonance and to abandon journalistic integrity.

It is to sign on, enthusiastically, to a radical political agenda that originated on Ivy League campuses in the United States and spread through American social media platforms that monetize outrage and stoke societal divisions. It is to pretend that the “woke” worldview is near universal — even if it is far from popular with those you know, and speak to, and interview, and read.

To work at the CBC now is to accept the idea that race is the most significant thing about a person, and that some races are more relevant to the public conversation than others. It is, in my newsroom, to fill out racial profile forms for every guest you book; to actively book more people of some races and less of others.

To work at the CBC is to submit to job interviews that are not about qualifications or experience — but instead demand the parroting of orthodoxies, the demonstration of fealty to dogma.

It is to become less adversarial to government and corporations and more hostile to ordinary people with ideas that Twitter doesn’t like.

It is to endlessly document microaggressions but pay little attention to evictions; to spotlight company’s political platitudes but have little interest in wages or working conditions. It is to allow sweeping societal changes like lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and school closures to roll out — with little debate. To see billionaires amass extraordinary wealth and bureaucrats amass enormous power — with little scrutiny. And to watch the most vulnerable among us die of drug overdoses — with little comment.

It is to consent to the idea that a growing list of subjects are off the table, that dialogue itself can be harmful. That the big issues of our time are all already settled.

It is to capitulate to certainty, to shut down critical thinking, to stamp out curiosity. To keep one’s mouth shut, to not ask questions, to not rock the boat.

This, while the world burns.

How could good journalism possibly be done under such conditions? How could any of this possibly be healthy for society?

All of this raises larger questions about the direction that North America is headed. Questions about this new moment we are living through — and its impact on the body politic. On class divisions, and economic inequality. On education. On mental health. On literature, and comedy. On science. On liberalism, and democracy.

These questions keep me up at night.

I can no longer push them down. I will no longer hold them back. This Substack is an attempt to find some answers.


I have been a journalist for 20 years, covering everything from hip-hop to news, food to current affairs. The through line has always been books, which I’ve engaged with at every stage of my career and at every outlet I’ve worked for. In 2020, I published my own book, Lean Out: A Meditation on the Madness of Modern Life, which was an instant bestseller in Canada.

Books have always opened new worlds for me, introduced me to new perspectives, and helped me to make sense of humanity. I need books now more than ever.

During lockdown, when I wasn’t covering COVID-19, I spent a lot of time interviewing authors for a new book I’m working on. Their boldness and insight and humour saved me from despair. These writers gave me ideas on how to move forward, and how to maintain hope. Most of all, they gave me the courage to stand up — and to speak out. 

Here at Substack, I will continue the work of thinking through the current moment, focusing on non-fiction writing from around the world. I will post an essay on a books related topic every Monday, and a podcast conversation with a heterodox author every Wednesday. This will be free to all. A third post on Fridays will round up the most contrarian, controversial or overlooked new books and essays, and will be available to paid subscribers.

This work is entirely independent and entirely free from editorial control, allowing me to say the things that are not being said, and ask the questions that are not being asked. Lean Out is solely supported by subscribers. If you care about the world of ideas and value open inquiry, as I do, please consider a paid subscription.

And stay tuned for the first episode of the Lean Out podcast this Wednesday, featuring my conversation with Newsweek’s Batya Ungar-Sargon, author of Bad News: How Woke Media is Undermining Democracy.


Junior BakerJan 3Full disclosure: I’m 71 yrs old. I’ve voted Left/progressive for 50 years. I’ve been a dedicated CBC listener for about 45-50 years. I’ve raised 4 kids to be listeners (one, in fact, to be a CBC staffer). Recently I’ve turned the radio off, probably, 4-5 times a day as the interview/topic shifts into what I call “Identity Radio”. Everything that Ms. Henley says rings very, very true to me. I didn’t suspect the political shift she documents – I thought it was simply demographic and that (like my child) CBC staffers that really run the show (that get up at 4:00 am to produce, write, broadcast on air) are all in their 30s and 40s and simply see things a) more woke than me and b) black and white. I try to tell them, after 71 years, that there is a lot of grey out there, but…dead air.Virtually every show I listen to – national, provincial, local – looks for an identity angle or guest for interviews. Are you a First Nations poet/potter/performer? Is there a non-binary musician we can feature? Do you have an immigrant story (don’t worry – all my grandparents were immigrants)?Time after time over the past 2 years or so I’ve talked to MY demographic about it, almost all being progressives, and there’s almost universal agreement. A friend finally said it out loud: the CBC is in some kind of triage: it’s dumping our (older) demographic for a younger cohort. I suspect at the very top, and with gleeful agreement in the trenches, the decision has been made to ignore or disregard the (very) longstanding listeners, to attract the millennials.I’ve made my choice – I’ve retooled and spend a lot of time listening to internet radio now. Not CBC. And I feel an element, actually, of grief in that.


GUILTY NO MORE:There Are Much Better Explanations for the 200+ Deaths at Kamloops Indian Residential School

GUILTY NO MORE:There Are Much Better Explanations for the 200+ Deaths at Kamloops Indian Residential School  by Dan Murray – June 19, 2021


There are much better explanations for the 200+ deaths at Kamloops Indian Residential School. One very important explanation is that Canada had an alarming Child Mortality Rate.

In fact, even in 1915, BEFORE the Spanish Flu epidemic began, 27% of the population died in Canada as young children. One can assume, that this number was even higher amongst the native population. (See https://www.statista.com/statistics/1041751/canada-all-time-child-mortality-rate/)

Another explanation is that the Spanish flu which was rampant in the town of Kamloops had spread to the Kamloops Indian Residential School.  According to a news article published last week (Mid June 2021 in “Kamloops This Week”),  the Spanish Flu  had  by 1918 infiltrated the small town of Kamloops (which had about 4,000 people in 1918).

Hospital in Kamloops

There are much better explanations for the deaths at Indian Residential Schools” (Photo of Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops  Above)   Over the last two weeks of June, 2021, Canadian radio and television have been going hysterical over the discovery of 200+ bodies of Indian children at Kamloops Indian Residential School.  As any sane person can see, the hysteria is completely uninformed.  Almost all of the “explanations” given by the hysterical media imply that the children were murdered by Catholic supervisors at the residential school.  Where is the evidence for this? There is none. The overwhelming point is that the accusation is blatantly defamatory and that it has already led to the burning down of two Catholic churches in southern B.C.  and vandalism of Catholic churches in other locations.

Who are the defamers ? Obviously,  it is Canada’s media, particularly the CBC.   We offer four much more logical explanations for the deaths:   One explanation is that, for a number of reasons,  all of Canada had an alarming Child Mortality Rate at the time of residential schools.  In other words, non-Indian children  died in very high numbers all across Canada. Most of those children are now buried in Christian cemeteries (Catholic and other denominations). If skeptics want to unearth bodies to prove that point, they can go to non-Indian children’s graves all across Canada. There are at least tens of thousands of  children’s bodies that could be unearthed. What about going after the churches that the parents and children attended? What about blaming God for all of the deaths?  Do hysterical Canadians want to blame the churches that stand beside the non-Indian children’s graves for the children’s deaths?  That child mortality rate was very high in the early 1800’s, and remained high into the early 1900’s. Some of  those reasons are biological and some are  immigration-related. 

For an important, but largely unknown immigration-related reason, see this: Corona Virus Warning: How importing Chinese Labourers Led to the most deadly disease event in Modern history – Immigration Watch Canada (https://immigrationwatchcanada.org/2020/02/07/how-importing-

fact, even in 1915, BEFORE the so-called “Spanish Flu epidemic” began, 27% of the population died in Canada as young children. One can assume, that this number was even higher amongst the Indian population. (See statista.com)   A second explanation is that the Spanish flu was entrenched in the town of Kamloops and had almost certainly spread to the Kamloops Indian Residential School.  According to a news article published last week (Mid June 2021 in “Kamloops This Week”), the Spanish Flu had by 1918 infiltrated the small town of Kamloops (which had about 4,000 people in 1918).  

A third explanation is that Canada’s lazy, biased media, particularly the hysterical pot-headed CBC, has suppressed important facts and created a false “reality” which many Canadians have been deceived and socially pressured into accepting. In fact, many Canadians have been convinced that looking for more believable explanations is wrong.  That false reality fits with the CBC and private media’s perverted mission to portray Canada’s 400+ year-history as a time of endless crimes.   As any sensible Canadian with experience with COVID 19 would have concluded by now, it probably would have taken only minimal contact between someone from the town of Kamloops and someone from the Indian Residential School to start an explosive outbreak of Spanish flu at the Residential School. The following sentence from a 1918 Kamloops Standard-Sentinel article summarizes the wide effect of the Spanish Flu on the town of Kamloops : “Most homes in Kamloops had at least one case of Spanish Flu and, in some cases, entire families were laid up.”   A fourth explanation for the 200+ graves at the Kamloops Indian Residential School is that the 1890 epidemic of Asiatic/Russian flu and later epidemics probably had had similar effects on the town and on the Kamloops Indian Residential School. In other words, the Asiatic/Russian flu had probably killed a significant number of children at the Indian Residential School. It is also quite likely that in all the epidemics,  the supervisors at the Indian Residential School were overwhelmed by the epidemics and had to resort to rushed burials to control the spread of the diseases. In fact, a 1918 article that is cited in the “Kamloops This Week” newspaper article of last week supports that idea. That article states that both Municipal and Provincial authorities had been literally “overwhelmed” by the Spanish flu.   As hard as it is to believe, in the past few weeks, not one of the media has even mentioned these four very important and much more believable explanations for the 200+ graves at the school.  

The overall point we want to make about the reporting on the discovery of 200+ bodies at the Kamloops Indian Residential School, is that Canada’s media are extremely biased, lazy and irresponsible. All are clamouring for an apology from the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis.  If anyone should be apologizing to Canadians, it should be the loutish Canadian media. After all, Canada’s federal government gave our private media hundreds of millions of Canadian taxpayer money in subsidies in the past two years to keep them afloat.   Shouldn’t Canadians expect some sense of responsibility in return? Apparently, the subsidized media don’t think so. Therefore, to re-set its collective  brain, it would be appropriate now for Canadians to start a class action suit to recover the hundreds of millions in subsidies.

Let’s be blunt: For its  irresponsibility in the past two weeks alone, Canada’s private media and their perverted CBC counterparts,  both deserve to be thrown out on the street.   As for the CBC,  which continues to receive close to $2 Billion per year in subsidies from Canadian taxpayers, it has terminal cultural cancer. In its reporting on the Kamloops incident, it has completely betrayed its founding duty to protect Canada’s majority population. It deserves the utmost contempt of all Canadians. All CBC employees should have long ago had their life-support terminated. In fact, long ago, Ottawa should have converted CBC buildings to manure storage.  As a food-generating measure, the manure could have been distributed to urban residents who wanted to fertilize their gardens. CBC staff should have been forced to fill bags with manure. After all, they have been filling the “news” bags with manure for years. In fact, filling bags with manure would be the first productive work that most of these people had ever done in their lives. Also, storing manure in CBC buildings would would have also be a much more useful, appropriate and superior use of the CBC’s building space. As for Canada’s private media, many of them have long created their own financial problems as a result of also betraying the trust of the public. In other words, many Canadians have lost confidence in their reporting  and regard them as mere hacks. Like the CBC, they have spent most of their time trying to convert Canada’s population to extremely media-biased views rather than telling the truth.   For details on what happened in Kamloops in 1918 when the Spanish flu hit Kamloops, read the following: https://www.kamloopsthisweek.com/news/a-look-at-kamloops-during-the-spanish-flu-of-1918-1.24107151   For other very relevant information which you will not find out from the CBC and other Canadian media, see this material that The Canadian Encyclopedia has published on epidemics in Canada: Epidemics in Canada | The Canadian Encyclopedia   “Experts believe that five influenza pandemics have affected Canada since Confederation: 1890, 1918, 1957, 1968 and 2009. “The influenza pandemic commonly known as the Spanish flu developed at the end of the First World War. Its origins are debated. The first outbreaks of the disease occurred in the spring of 1918. The infection traveled back and forth between Europe and North America on the ships carrying troops fighting in the First World War. These troops then introduced the disease into Asia and Africa. The Spanish flu eventually killed about 50 million people worldwide (although estimates range from 20 to 100 million).   In Canada, about 50,000 people died, and all parts of the country were affected. The timing of this flu’s development was critical to the eventual success of the virus because there were many people traveling from one part of the world to another. The 1918 flu is widely recognized as the most devastating pandemic in history.  

“The name “Spanish flu” emerged as the result of media censorship by the military in Allied countries during the war. These countries suppressed the reporting of the viral infection and death of soldiers. However, in Spain, which was neutral during the First World War, the media widely reported the high incidence of death from the illness. The name of the virus became associated with Spain as a result.   “It was not until 1933 that researchers isolated human influenza viruses. This is one of the first steps in the development of a vaccine that can be used to prevent the disease.   “Canada was hit hard by the illness, from cities to the most remote communities.

More than 3,000 people died in Montreal alone, while Toronto lost about 1,600 to the disease. More than 8,700 people died in Ontario. There were 4,000 deaths in Alberta and 5,000 in Saskatchewan. Indigenous communities were hit particularly hard. At the time, the Department of Indian Affairs reported 3,700 deaths out of a total population of 106,000. Entire Haida settlements on the western coast of British Columbia were lost to the disease.   “Most Canadian communities adopted measures designed to contain the spread of the virus. In Alberta, people were required to wear face masks in public. In Regina, people could be fined for public coughing or sneezing. In Winnipeg, people could be fined 50 dollars for spitting in the streets and all public gatherings were banned. Canada first established the Department of Health in 1919 in response to Spanish flu.”

Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron Demands CBC Uphold Journalistic Mandate of Fairness

Patron Demands CBC Uphold Journalistic Mandate

Our public media broadcaster is no longer acting in the public interest. Back to Blog


Feb 2021 Patron Demands CBC Uphold Journalistic Mandate Our public media broadcaster is no longer acting in the public interest. Canadian Nationalist Party Activism

Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron visited the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Headquarters in Saskatchewan on Friday to demand they uphold their journalistic mandate after completely neglecting coverage of their claim that the Government Of Canada has failed to uphold the democratic mandate.

The Canadian Nationalist Party was unconstitutionally excluded from the most recent 43rd Federal Election after requesting and being denied (ubiquitously and without exception) the liberty of hosting a public event and communicating their policies to voters after the issue of the writ (September 11th – October 21st, 2019). Not a single request made was honoured.

We maintain that this represents a failure of the Government Of Canada to uphold their democratic mandate.

In the resulting constitution lawsuit before the Court Of Queen’s Bench For Saskatchewan, the Court has ordered that Patron is not allowed to represent the federally-sanctioned political party he founded and continues to lead. The Judge has ordered that until someone other than Patron is appointed to represent his party, no further action can take place, and that failing to appoint someone else within 90 days may result in the outright dismissal of the claim.

The Court Of Appeal For Saskatchewan has now recently held that this order does “not dispose of the rights of the parties, in a final and binding way, with respect to any substantive issue in the action”.

The Canadian Nationalist Party has no intention of retaining someone other than Patron to represent them in the court of law at this time and to dismiss or delay a claim of such national importance would be an egregious denial of justice. It would also violate the inherent dignity of the human person and damage confidence in social and political institutions which are created to enhance participation in our society.

Last year, the Canadian Nationalist Party submitted a formal complaint with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Ombudsman, where we proposed an interview to discuss these matters and which has yet to receive any redress whatsoever.

By completely neglecting to cover these developments, Canada’s public media broadcaster has departed from their journalistic mandate and is acting in violation of their article of incorporation – specifically, The Broadcasting Act, 1991.

In response to this, last month we submitted a request with the Canadian Radio & Television Communications to revoke their broadcasting license rather than renewing it during the public consultation process.

The Broadcasting Act 1991, states clearly that the broadcasting system shall be effectively owned and controlled by Canadians, shall provide a public service essential to the maintenance and enhancement of national identity and cultural sovereignty, and should serve to enrich the political fabric of Canada. Additionally, where any conflict arises between the objectives of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, it shall be resolved in the public interest, and where the public interest would be equally served by resolving the conflict in favour of either, it shall be resolved in favour of a shared national consciousness and identity.

As a federally-sanctioned political party that has touted the importance of national identity since our very inception, we view neglecting to inform the public of our lawsuit which claims the Government Of Canada has failed to uphold its democratic mandate as a violation of The Broadcasting Act of 1991.

In recognition that this act is binding on Her Majesty The Queen, we also submit that the willful violation of these policies is grounds for civil asset forfeiture.

You can watch the Friday encounter at CBC Regina below: Video Player00:0007:04Video Player00:0009:07Video Player00:0004:10Video Player00:0001:55

We will continue to put pressure on our public media broadcaster until we are confident they are abiding by a journalistic mandate which is in the public interest and in alignment with The Broadcasting Act, 1991.

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Roussin’s Victims

Throne, Altar, Liberty

The Canadian Red Ensign

The Canadian Red Ensign

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Roussin’s Victims

The province of Manitoba in the Dominion of Canada, one of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Commonwealth Realms, is my home.   We have seen two types of protests directed against the provincial government in recent months, both objecting to the province’s response to the spread of the Wuhan bat flu.   One type of protest, such as that which took place in Steinbach on the 14th of November, expresses opposition to the public health orders as trampling all over our basic freedoms of association, assembly and religion and our prescriptive and constitutional civil rights.   The other type of protest expressed the views of the socialist opposition party, its leader Wab Kinew and his health critic, and their far left echo chamber in the media which features such automatons as the CBC’s Bartley Kives and the Winnipeg Free Press’s Dan Lett and Ryan Thorpe.   Those involved in this type of protest take the position that the government’s public health orders have been too few, too light, and too slowly enacted, and that the government by not imposing a harsh lockdown the moment the case numbers started to rise in the fall, is responsible for all the deaths we have seen since September.

My sympathies are entirely with the first group of protesters, as anyone who has read a word I have previously written on the subject already knows.   I should say that my sympathies are with the protesters’ basic position.   I don’t much care for the rhetoric of civil disobedience, rebellion, and populism in which that position is often expressed at those protests.

While the second group of protesters are certainly entitled to their opinion and the free expression of the same, a freedom that I note many if not most of them would prefer to deny to me and others who take my side of the issue, their position is easily debunked from an ethical point of view.

When a virus is spreading, government is not required to do everything in its power to slow or stop the spread.   Indeed, it has a moral obligation NOT to do everything in its power to slow or stop the spread of the virus.   This is because the government has the power to do tremendous evil as well as good.

Let us agree that saving lives that are at risk from the virus is in itself a good and worthy goal.   Stopping and slowing the spread of the virus may be a means to that end, but whether it is a good means to a good end or a bad means to a good end is debatable.  Slowing the spread of the virus increases the total length of the pandemic, stretching out the time we have to deal with this plague over a much longer period than would otherwise be the case.   That can hardly be regarded as desirable in itself.   Quite the contrary in fact.   Whether this is an acceptable evil, worth tolerating in order to achieve the end of lives saved, depends upon a couple of considerations.

First it depends upon the effectiveness of the method of slowing the spread of the virus in saving lives.   If the method is not effective, then the evil of artificially lengthening the period of the pandemic is much less tolerable.

Second it depends upon the means whereby the stopping or slowing of the virus, considered as an end itself, is to be accomplished.   If those means are themselves bad, this compounds the evil of stretching out the pandemic.

Neither of these considerations provides much in the way of support for concluding that a longer pandemic is an evil made tolerable by a good end, such as saving lives.

With regards to the first consideration, it is by no means clear that any lives have been saved in this way at all.  Indeed, at the beginning of the first lockdown, back when everyone was repeating the phrase “flatten the curve” ad naseum, the experts advising this strategy told us that it would not decrease the total lives lost  but merely spread them out so that the hospitals would not be overwhelmed at once.   This, in my opinion at least, was not nearly as desirable an end as saving lives and not one sufficient to make the lockdown measures acceptable.

This brings us to our second criteria.   The means by which our government health officials have tried to slow or stop the spread of the virus are neither morally neutral nor positively good.   On the contrary, they are positively evil.  They inflict all sorts of unnecessary misery upon people.  Advocates of the lockdown method sometimes maintain that the damage inflicted is merely economic and therefore “worth it” to save lives.   This would be a dubious conclusion even if the premise were valid.   The premise is not valid, however, and it is highly unlikely that those who state it seriously believe what they are saying.  

Telling people to stay home and avoid all contact with other people does not just hurt people financially, although it certainly does that if their business is forced to close or their job is deemed by some bureaucrat to be “non-essential”.  It forces people to act against their nature as social beings, deprives them of social contact which is essential to their psychological and spiritual wellbeing, which are in turn essential to their physical wellbeing.   Mens sana in corpore sano.   The longer people are deprived of social contact, the more loneliness and a sense of isolation will erode away at their mental health.   Phone, e-mail, and even video chat, are not adequate substitutes for in-person social contact.

All of this was true of the first lockdown in the spring but it is that much more true with regards to the second lockdowns that are now being imposed.   The first lockdown was bad enough, but the second lockdown, imposed for at least a month, coming right before Christmas in the same year as the first, will be certain to pile a sense of hopelessness and despair on top of the inevitable loneliness and isolation.  The government has kept liquor stores and marijuana vendors open, even though the combination of alcohol and pot with hopelessness, loneliness, and despair is a recipe for self-destructive behaviour, while ordering all the churches, which offer, among other things, hope, to close.    This is evil of truly monstrous proportions.    It can only lead to death – whether by suicide, addictive self-destruction, or just plain heart brokenness.   

The protesters who accuse Brian Pallister and the government he leads of murder for having re-opened our economy from the first lockdown and not having imposed a second one right away when the cases began to rise are wrong-headed about the matter as they, generally being leftists, are wrong-headed about everything.   The government does not become morally culpable for deaths because it refrains from taking actions which are extremely morally wrong in themselves in order to achieve the goal of saving lives.   Not imposing a draconian lockdown does not translate into the murder of those for whom the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus becomes one health complication too many.

Where Pallister does bear moral culpability for deaths is with regards to all the people who will kill themselves, or perhaps snap and kill others, drink themselves to death or accomplish the same with drugs, or simply give up on life in hopeless gloom and despair because he has allowed Brent Roussin, once again, to impose these totalitarian public health orders.

Roussin has been going on television as of late, showing pictures of people who have died, and lecturing Manitobans on how these are not just numbers but people.   This is a kind of sleight-of-hand, by which he hopes to distract the public from all the harm he is actively causing, and he knows full well that lockdowns are themselves destructive and lethal for he admitted as much a couple of months ago thus compounding his guilt now, by manipulating their emotions.

Does Roussin realize that this street runs both ways?

What about the young man, Roussin, who would otherwise have had decades of life ahead of him, much more than those whose deaths you have been exploiting to justify your bad decisions, but who killed himself because you cancelled his job as “non-essential”, took away  his social life, and left him with the prospect of long-term isolation?   Do you not realize that he is a person as well?

In the end, those who die from the lockdown may very well turn out to outnumber by far those who succumb to the bat flu.   In which case all that Roussin will have accomplished will have been to exchange a smaller number of deaths for which he would not have been morally responsible for a larger number of deaths that leave his hands permanently stained with blood. Posted by Gerry T. Neal at 1:30 AM

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  1. Bruce CharltonNovember 26, 2020 at 4:41 AM“In the end, those who die from the lockdown may very well turn out to outnumber by far those who succumb to the bat flu. “

    From what I can tell from the numbers William Briggs provides, this point has already, several months since, been surpassed in the UK; and the toll continues to mount.

    Plus the severity of intense and chronic human misery – perhaps especially nasty among children, teens and young adults – is clearly appalling but the extent is only known to the immediate circle of neighbours and family.

    …As would be expected from an illness with such a modest mortality rate – even accepting all the inflated and false counting – such as including all influenza deaths, and many other dishonest methods to numerous to list the inflated-rate seems to be considerably less than 1 in a 1000 and very concentrated among the old and already ill who would have a short life expectancy anyway.

    (The non-Christian’s terror of his own death, and the desire to delay it a short while at any price, has a lot to do with this.)

    Here in the UK many of the most basic aspects of medical care, such as actually meeting a doctor, diagnosing and treating lethal cancers etc, have been almost abandoned.

    However, nonetheless, there is a widespread passive acceptance and even embrace of the response – and there is no doubt that poeple-as-a-whole deserve what they are getting – since they keep asking for more of the same; and most of those who don’t like it have ne better justification for their objection than hedonism – which does not sustain courage, and offers no motivating alternative.

    This has been long coming, long building (pervasive and worsening sub-fertility among the most intelligent, wealthy and high status people being an index) – but we are now seeing an accelerating process of civilizational suicide – caused, obviously, by the denial of God (denial of any God – not only the true God).

    Even without our extraordinarily evil and psychopathic global leadership our civilization would be doomed (as I wrote in Thought Prison, 2011) – just more slowly than is happening now

    Men cannot live without God/s – even at the basic biological level; since all human societies evolved with religions, and depend upon religion for much that is basic to survival. ReplyReplies
    1. Gerry T. NealNovember 27, 2020 at 6:37 AMBruce, that we have long ago passed the point where the numbers dead from the lockdowns exceeds those dead from the virus is my understanding as well. I worded it more cautiously here because I was focusing on the local situation in Manitoba where the statistics about deaths from causes such as suicide for this year are suspiciously difficult to obtain.

      We have the same situation with regards to basic medical care here. My father has had to come into Winnipeg annually to see specialists for several years now, but both visits were cancelled this year. One of the specialists was able to do a kind of online videochat examination through the small rural hospital closest to him, but the other just postponed the visit since it has to do with an eye condition that requires an in-person examination. Someone I know who had been waiting for important surgery for years which had finally been scheduled had it postponed due to the virus. I could mention several other specific examples of this sort.

Nationalist Party of Canada Accuses CBC of Anti-Nationalist Bias: CBC Failing To Uphold Journalistic Mandate

CBC Failing To Uphold Journalistic Mandate

  • Post author

By Travis Patron Post date

CBC Failing To Uphold Journalistic Mandate
*Disclaimer: the following is a follow-up to the recent Canadian Nationalist Party complaint submitted to the Office Of The Ombudsman alleging a violation of their stated mandate of Journalistic Standards and Practices – code of ethics and practice.

Office Of The Ombudsman,

My main point of contention lies with the idea that CBC, as a publicly-funded media broadcaster, has paid no attention whatsoever to the fact that a federal political party espousing the ideology of nationalism has been (for all intents and purposes) excluded from the democratic channel during and leading up to the recent 43rd Federal Election. It is unacceptable to justify this lack of coverage by claiming that the Canadian Nationalist Party is a “small party” and therefore does not warrant this kind of coverage when the subject-matter at hand demonstrates it is essentially impossible to grow any party who is not permitted to host public events and communicate their policies during an active election. This is a fundamental violation of our constitutional rights and self-determination.

In terms of mandate, the CBC is obligated to report on current affairs within the country which are in the public interest. The aforementioned claim is indeed in the public interest because Canadian citizens are not only being kept in the dark about the electoral policies of a federal political party but they are being denied meaningful representation when it comes to the ideology of nationalism. To not report on the exclusion of the ideology of nationalism from democratic proceedings in Canada is contrary to the public interest.

The Canadian Nationalist Party currently has active lawsuits in court regarding these claims. This too is in the public interest to know about – yet no coverage whatsoever has been brought to these very important issues which relate to the democratic and constitutional integrity of our society.

The willful lack of coverage of these developments, combined with the track record of CBC ubiquitously reporting negatively-oriented information about the same political party, provide reasonable grounds to conclude that our publicly-funded media broadcaster has departed from its mandate of journalistic integrity and balanced reporting

Therefore, unless they can make amends and keep Canadians informed of these very serious violations against our democratic and constitutional integrity, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation cannot be said to be acting in the public interest and should not expect the support of taxpaying citizens.


Travis Patron, Canadian Nationalist Party Leader

The Destruction of Stockwell Day

The Destruction of Stockwell Day

Be very clear: Canada is in the midst of an unthinking, hysterical cancel culture reminiscent of the insanity and destruction of Mao’s Red Guards. Active collaborators in this Cultural Marxist insanity are many  in businesses and government. There is a party line of approved victimhood from which no one may deviate. All that is missing is Mao’s Little Red Book. And let there be no doubt, no one, no one is safe.

From corporate director, corporate advisor and CBC commentator, former Alberta Treasurer and later Canadian Alliance Party Leader Stockwell Day, within 24 hours was out on the sidewalk — purged. Of course, no trial, no hearing, no due process.

“A former Conservative cabinet minister resigned from both the Telus board of directors and a business law firm after comments he made on TV about racism in Canada. Stockwell Day was on a CBC Power & Politics panel Tuesday discussing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s response to protests over the police killing of George Floyd, a black man in the U.S. Day said systemic racism was not an issue in Canada and compared people’s experiences of racism here to him being mocked for wearing glasses as a child.

Wednesday afternoon, Telus released a statement announcing it had accepted Day’s resignation from the board. ‘The views expressed by Mr. Day during yesterday’s broadcast of Power & Politics are not reflective of the values and beliefs of our organization,’ Telus said in a statement. Day had been on the board since 2011.” And what values would those be, pray tell. Making money? Clearly not defending free speech or diversity of opinion. Mr. Day, incidentally, was elected by Telus shareholders. He must have been put under intolerable pressure to resign.

“Soon after, Teresa Dufort, partner and CEO at McMillan LLP, released a statement saying the law firm had accepted Day’s resignation as a strategic adviser. ‘At McMillan LLP, we believe that systemic racism is real and that it can only be addressed when each of us — as individuals and organizations — commits to meaningful change,’ she said. ‘Yesterday, Stockwell Day made comments during a televised interview that run counter to this view.’” (Vancouver Sun, June 4, 2020) So, Stockwell Day, who was representing his own opinions, not McMillan or Telus, had deviated from the new party line of White Guilt. Does McMillan mean it too is actually racist? Is Teresa Dufort prepared to give up her position to some worthy Negro or Indian? But Stockwell must be punished.

Later, the CBC announced that Day had stepped down from his role as a commentator on Power & Politics,


When asked about systemic racism, here’s what the former Reform Party MP actually said: “We have to recognize that our system is not perfect in Canada. Yes, there’s a few idiot racists hanging around but Canada is not a racist country and most Canadians are not racist. And our system, that always needs to be improved, is not systemically racist. … Should I have gone through school and been mocked because I had glasses and was called four-eyes and because of the occupation of my parents?” Day asked. “Should I have been mocked for all that? No, of course not. But are Canadians largely and in majority racist? No, we are not.” (CBC, June 3, 2020) These comments were, of course, considered heresy. Straight White men are not allowed to feel pain or exclusion. Only privileged minorities are allowed this narrative.

CBC — Taxpayer Propaganda Agency — Tries to Set Kids Against Their Truth Seeker Parents

CBC Instructs Kids on How to Shut Down Their Parents’ “Conspiracy Theories”

Despite the “conspiracy theory” in question literally being true.

on 16 April, 2020

Paul Joseph Watson

A CBC News report gives kids advice on how to shut down “conspiracy theories” voiced by their parents about coronavirus being created by China in a lab.

Because apparently that’s the media’s job now.

The presenter laments how somebody’s Dad may drop a message into chat blaming China for “manufacturing the coronavirus” with a “link to a site you’ve never heard of” (translation – a link that’s not, God forbid, mainstream media).

The piece then features a woman from a group that combats “misinformation online” who urges the son or daughter not to get confrontational with their Dad but to accuse him of being accurate and stirring fear.

At one point in the piece, the reporter even suggests that conspiracy theories can be “just as dangerous as a virus.”

“Maybe send an article from a legitimate source quoting credible scientists on why the virus wasn’t manufactured,” states the host.

The suggested article unsurprisingly comes from the CBC and is entitled ‘No, the new coronavirus wasn’t created in a lab, scientists say.’

In reality, as Fox News sources confirmed last night, the coronavirus was indeed leaked from a laboratory in Wuhan, so to say it was “manufactured” isn’t even much of a stretch. The virus was literally created in a lab.

The irony of all this of course is that virtually nobody trusts the mainstream media, so when they attack conspiracy theories it just makes more people believe them.

When social media giants then get involved to censor information about the same conspiracy theories, that also bolsters the notion that they’re accurate because powerful interests are trying to stifle them.

Take the news report below as an example.