Freedom Events in the Okanagan, February 29 – March 15: David Lindsay’s Appeal; Rally, March 2; Professor Bruce Pardy

“It Ain’t Over”

Freedom activists are critical thinkers!

Our society is so dumbed down and indoctrinated that anyone who is a

critical thinker is labeled as a Conspiracy Theorist.

Did you know: The term ‘conspiracy theorist’ was first coined and 

                    used by the CIA to ridicule anyone who opposed the 

                    gov’t narrative?



The closer the collapse of an Empire, the crazier its laws.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Truly, those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities


Kelowna Courts

Falsified assault charge

Kelowna Courthouse

R v David Lindsay s. 266 Criminal Code Assault

Next Provincial Court Hearing Date: April 12, 2024 – Sentencing

I will provide more specifics and updates in the coming weeks. Not much happening until then, except the Crown Persecutor, David Grabavac, wants two years in jail, three years probation, a firearms weapons ban, and a DNA sample. Unbelievable. From those who have seen the video, this is nothing more than political harassment and intimidation by Mr. Grabavac who is abusing his powers and should be removed from the office of a Crown Prosecutor immediately.



Next Supreme Court Hearing Date: April 22, 2024

Notice of Conviction Appeal

In the B.C. Supreme Court on Jan. 29, 2024, I appeared before Justice Weatherill. I was ordered to file my Constitutional Challenge to the payment of transcripts fees, and s. 265 of the Criminal Code (assault – as being far too broad), and serve them on the AG of Canada and BC, by April 5, 2024. Next hearing date is simply to see how to proceed with the appeal after that.

City of Kelowna v David Lindsay et al

Petition to Stop Rallies

ORIGINAL hearing date – The week of Feb. 20, 2024


In response to the City of Kelowna’s Petition for a permanent injunction banning our rallies from downtown Kelowna unless we pay for an obtain a permit from the very people we are protesting against, we have filed a SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) Application, seeking to have the Petition dismissed on the basis that it is either intended to stifle and stop freedom of expression or will have that effect – or both. The City and Province has tried for two years now to stop our rallies (protests/demonstrations) against COVID-19, vaccinations, and upcoming threats to our freedoms.

Public visibility is hated by these govt’s who do not want their activities becoming public unless they control the narrative.

This was originally set down for a three (3) day hearing this past week. In Kelowna, they use this archaic “Assize” system to set hearing dates in the Supreme Court, where the schedulers call you late on Friday afternoon the week prior to your hearing, to tell what days you will be heard on. This presents numerous obstacles and burdens upon all parties, from lawyers having to leave a whole week open to may be heard on one day, to litigants who are self represented having to tell employers at the last minute that they cannot work, to the public who have a Constitutional right of access to watch court proceedings and must also try and reschedule all their plans to be heard at the last minute.

As a result of there being no available judges, this hearing has now been pushed back to the week of JUNE 17, 2024 to be heard over three (3) days.

I will not be notified until Friday June 14, 2024 what specific days of the following week we will be heard, and who the judge will be.

My documents in this case are located on our website at:

All City of Kelowna documents and pleadings are now placed on our website for public viewing:


Attorney General of Canada v Canadian Civil Liberties Association, et al

Emergencies Act Notice of Appeal

On Feb. 22, 2024, the Attorney General of Canada filed its appeal from the decision of the Federal Court, striking its orders under the Emergencies Act.  The Respondents are the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, Edward Cornell and Vincent Gircys, and the Canadian Constitutional Foundation.

Additionally, the Canadian Frontline Nurses and Kristen Nagle have also filed an appeal from the decision of the Federal Court Judge refusing to give them standing.  

A copy of these appeals can be found on our website at: 


Bruce Orydzuk — March 19, 2024 – 9:30 a.m. – Judgment

Cause Disturbance at Vaccine Protest – s. 175(1)(a) Criminal Code

Bruce has been a committed activist for freedom the entire COVID-19 Con and continuing to the present against ongoing threats to our rights and freedoms.

Please support Bruce at court when judgment is delivered by Judge Ruse. Those who have witnessed this proceeding will, again, agree that no disturbance was caused and the Crown is simply prosecuting for improper purposes.


Sunday Paper Delivery

Next delivery day:

March 3, 2024

(Weather Permitting)

Add your name to the delivery list and make sure to check your email on Sunday mornings for confirmation that our paper delivery will take place that day

Make sure you arrive before the designated time so we can all get going ASAP!

Every Sunday at 11:30 am

March 3, 2024

  • Sign-up on the Newspaper Delivery list so that you get an email confirming the deliveries for each Sunday. With winter in mind, we will only do this if roads are bare and it’s not snowing. The advantage of delivering this time of year is that nobody is hanging out in their front yards except for the odd snowman.
  • We meet at the Capri parking lot between A&W and De Dutch Pannekoek House
  • Bring a large bag for carrying the papers if you want
  • Grab a free small Kelowna mapbook that can help you get situated. Your cell phone will be tracking and tracing you. Learn how to read maps again
  • You will be provided with a printed google map of the area you will be delivering to. Bring a yellow marker to indicate which streets you completed. You may run out of papers or you may end up with extra
  • We ask that with every paper you deliver, you remove the inserts and place them in the mailbox in front or behind the paper. That way, someone who may hastily throw out the paper will still be forced to see each individual flyer
  • Please deliver only one paper per mailbox, regardless if you have different papers (we usually have a combination of different papers and editions). Some houses may have up to 4 mailboxes; put one paper in each as they are for different tenants
  • Sign up as a Volunteer to participate in one of the many focus groups we are working to organize. Most people are too busy to commit to fighting for freedom. I guarantee you will have plenty of extra time after Canada becomes a full-fledged communist country and your jobs & businesses are gone. Time to add freedom-fighting to your list of priorities. Much of the help needed can be done at home and even one hour per week will be helpful. Even if you don’t want to join a specific group, maybe you have something you can offer to help out. Let us know!
  • Contact Linda at CLEAR

3 Simple Things Freedom Activists can do to WIN this War:

1. Spread the Word by delivering papers and flyers everywhere. Knowledge is power!

2. Replace your cell phone with a flip phone. Think of your apps as TRAPS!

3. Use CASH: Hand out the “Use cash cards” and “pay cash” business posters.


New Credit Card Fees & Lack of Privacy

It is starting – Use cash as much as possible – use credit cards or digital only if there is no other alternative.

Companies will not use digital currency if we are not using digital currency! It will cost them too much in lost business.

Here is an awesome poster you can distribute to all businesses to put on their entrance doors, advocating for the use of cash. Print on 8 1/2 x 11 glossy hard stock for best results.

BC Transit launches tap payment in Victoria

Use cash for all transit!!!!

For Business owners:

The dangers of digital gov’t ID and currencies are here… you need to use cash as much as possible. As recognized by Freedom Rising, there are many inherent dangers of using digital currency. What do you do, not if, but when:

The internet is down

There is a power outage

The card reader malfunctions

Your phone battery dies or doesn’t work for other reasons


Your phone is stolen

Your passwords are co-opted

Your credit/debit card strip is damaged – needs replacing

There are errors in relation to the quantum of $$ on your card

Gov’t limits your purchases/CRA liens the balance on your card


CLEAR has promoted the non-use of digital currencies and credit/debit cards as much as possible, for years.


Withdraw money on Saturday/Sunday from the bank or bank machine, and then leave your money at home if you are scared to carry it with you, and just carry the amounts of cash for each day’s purchases for the week.


USE CASH $$$$$$$$$

Do you want to be the next person to be “unbanked” because of your political beliefs???

Get these cards below at the CLEAR booth to give out everytime you use cash – or print your own to hand out!

Make Business sized cards to hand out at all your cash purchases!

Thanks Nadia for this link:

Find out which institutions near you

Support Digital ID

The Digital ID System is being supported by a rapidly growing number of provincial and federal governments, financial institutions, networks for payments and for identity verification, technology service providers, strategy and integration experts to name a few…


Ed Kallio


Since January 8th 2024 the German farmers are protesting. Almost all European countries have joined and make their voices heard. Germans help Poland and blocked the border, French and Luxemburg farmers broke through the blockade around the European Parliament. And the protests continue. European farmes are holding the line.



Freedom of expression threats coming from the Municipal Governments now

Edmonton City Council was proposing a Bylaw that would fine people for participating in or organizing a protest without a permit if 50 or more people attend. More inspiration for us to win our case here in Kelowna….the Provincial and Federal Governments are using the local governments to use their Bylaws to shut down freedom of expression…or severely curtail and limit it to being non-effective.


Nova Scotia

Help Druthers

Druthers #40 It’s hard to believe that we have been doing this every month for 40 months now. Wow, time flies! And wow, people are waking up faster and faster! So exiting to see 🙂 Plus, what’s even more incredible is, this project is entirely funded by concerned Canadians who wish to make a difference. With no government funding or corporate sponsors, they have no influence on what we print. It is vitally important to keep independent media, independent. We have a day and a half to raise $10k more for the 225,000 copies of Druthers that are being printed right now for March. Please help if you can. =========== Etransfer to: Or visit our fundraising page to use a credit card or payal. =========== Three years in and these papers are still costing just 10 cents each for printing and shipping them on skids all across the country. That means for every $100 raised, we print AND distribute 1000 newspapers all over the country through our massive & passionate volunteer team. Your donations are very efficiently and effectively used for helping wake up more of our fellow Canadians and inspire them to stand for what is right. It’s working. We are making a difference, and it really is because of you. We must keep planting these seeds of thought. Please give what you can, IF you can. P.S. I know many are struggling with finances these days and if that is you, please know, this message is not for you. Please don’t send us your rent or food money. This message is for those who are able to use some of their available resources to help save this country. Much Love to you ALL <3 Shawn JasonDONATE HERE
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Elected P.E.I. Councillor Challenges Being Suspended and Fined From Elected Job for A Sign Critical of Residential School Hysteria


Elected P.E.I. Councillor Challenges Being Suspended and Fined From Elected Job for A Sign Critical of Residential School Hysteria
Voters’ choice is under attack by woke elected bodies. It’s happened to at least two school trustees in Ontario and others in Alberta and Manitoba. The elected official makes a statement the leftists on council or the school  board don’t like and they suspend him, thus denying the voters the services of the person THEY hired. Only the voters, at the next election, should be able to dismiss an elected official. The latest example is Murray Harbour Councillor John Robertson in P.E.I. The Canadian Press (February 23, 2024) reports: “Between late September and early October last year, coinciding with the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, the councillor displayed a sign on his property with the message, “Truth: mass grave hoax” and “Reconciliation: Redeem Sir John A.’s integrity.”  The thought police on council nuked him. “The councillors then decided to impose a $500 fine and suspend him from his municipal post for six months. Robertson, elected in November 2022, was also removed as chair of the maintenance committee and ordered to write an apology to the mayor, council and the Indigenous community.” To his credit, Councillor Robertson has taken the matter to court and is seeking judicial review, arguing that the other councillors’ actions infringed on his right to freedom of speech, expression and belief. — Paul Fromm

P.E.I. councillor punished for posting sign questioning Indigenous unmarked graves seeks judicial review

Murray Harbour Coun. John Robertson claims fellow councillors exceeded their authority and violated his Charter rights by fining and suspending him

Author of the article:The Canadian Press

The Canadian Press

Michael MacDonald

Published Feb 23, 2024  •  3 minute read


The former Kamloops Indian Residential School.A makeshift memorial is seen outside the former Kamloops Indian Residential School in Kamloops, B.C., after the possible discovery of 215 unmarked graves on the property in May 2021.Photo by Cole Burston/AFP via Getty Images/File

CHARLOTTETOWN — A village councillor in Prince Edward Island is asking a court to quash sanctions imposed on him after he displayed a sign on his property questioning the existence of unmarked graves at former residential schools.

In documents filed last week with the P.E.I. Supreme Court, Murray Harbour Coun. John Robertson claims fellow councillors exceeded their authority and violated his rights on Nov. 18, 2023, when they decided he had breached the council’s code of conduct.

The councillors then decided to impose a $500 fine and suspend him from his municipal post for six months. Robertson, elected in November 2022, was also removed as chair of the maintenance committee and ordered to write an apology to the mayor, council and the Indigenous community.

The councillor’s application for judicial review, dated Feb. 16, says those sanctions were unreasonable because they failed to account for his fundamental rights to freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, as guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Robertson argues that he shouldn’t be punished for stating personal opinions that have nothing to do with his role as an elected member of council.

Between late September and early October last year, coinciding with the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, the councillor displayed a sign on his property with the message, “Truth: mass grave hoax” and “Reconciliation: Redeem Sir John A.’s integrity.”

Macdonald, Canada’s first prime minister, is considered an architect of the residential school system because he championed policies of assimilation and violence toward Indigenous people.

In May 2021, the Tk’emlups te Secwepemc First Nation announced that ground-penetrating radar had revealed the possible remains of as many as 215 children around the former Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia’s interior. Since then, many other First Nations across Canada have searched for unmarked graves at school sites in their territories.Recommended from Editorial

“The subject of Mr. Robertson’s impugned statements included questioning the reliability of news reports of a political nature and providing an opinion respecting a political figure and did not relate to any function undertaken by Mr. Robertson as a member of council,” the application says, arguing the other councillors employed an “overboard interpretation” of the code of conduct.

The document says Robertson has resisted requests to resign, “asserting that the expression of his personal opinions on political topics were not properly the subject of the council’s oversight.” Terry White, mayor of Murray Harbour, population 282, could not be reached for comment Friday.

Bill C-63– Trudeau’s Internet Censorship Bill

The fight is on! Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party just tabled their latest censorship law, Bill C-63. It’s a shocking piece of legislation that claims to target “hate speech” and “hate propaganda,” but in reality, it’s just another attempt by Trudeau to seize control of the Internet and silence his critics. While Jagmeet Singh and the NDP continue to prop up the Liberals, there’s a good chance this bill will become law — and that could be the end of Rebel News and independent journalism in Canada. Click here for the latest and help us fight back!

What exactly is “harm” and “hate speech” according to Trudeau? They’re not real crimes — they’re thought crimes — a way to shut down and punish anyone who questions the official government narrative. And there’s nothing Trudeau hates more than prickly journalists willing to ask him tough questions.
We all know about his admiration for Communist China’s “basic” dictatorship. And as we saw during the Freedom Convoy, he won’t hesitate to act like a tyrant when given the opportunity. (Imagine what would have happened to the Freedom Convoy if Rebel News wasn’t there to tell the other side of the story.)
We’re prepared to fight this in court all the way. In fact, we’re already working behind the scenes with our lawyers to prepare for what could be one of our biggest fights yet. That’s why we need your help. This is a matter of survival — we’re up against the full resources of the state. So if you can spare $5, $50, or $500, we promise to put everything we have into winning this fight. If you can donate towards our legal fees, please do. Simply click here or go to Yours truly, Ezra Levant
Rebel News

CAFE Endorsed & Supported Freedom Fighter Adam Skelly’s New Year’s Even Toronto Fundraiser

CAFE Endorsed & Supported Freedom Fighter Adam Skelly’s New Year’s Even Toronto Fundraiser

The Canadian Association for Free Expression had a number of associates, including Director Paul Fromm, at a Scarborough fundraiser for freedom fighter Adam Skelly New Year’s Eve.

The City of Toronto and Province of Ontario came down on Adam Skelly like ten tonnes of bricks.  The government brought six, separate legal proceedings against him for daring to dissent.

Why? To single him out. To make an example of him. To punish him for just saying NO. Adam was the first person in North America to be arrested for disobeying public health orders. In the age of COVID-19 tyranny and totalitarianism, dissent and debate are no longer permitted.

The government hit. And we hit back.  Last year, CCOC helped Adam retain new counsel. We are determined to be heard – and will be heard. 

We are challenging the Reopening Ontario Act, its lockdown regulation 82/20, and Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health authority on legal and            constitutional grounds.   Here is a link to our Notice of Application:

We retained six PhD experts to submit evidence that strongly challenges the Great Lie. This evidence has yet to be heard in court.  It is irrefutable.  All the legal documents, including the expert evidence, are as follows:

FREEDOM NEWS IN THE OKANAGAN: Rallies, Petitions, Coutts 4, Dr. Hoffe, Planning meeting, Student income opportunity, and more..


Penticton 4 Freedom Weekly Newsletter


 A quick scan of the index will save you time and bring you up to date. Each index item will appear in order in the email with pertinent details. Please pay special attention to those with dates to remember and any action items (petitions, etc.) that can be handled within a very few minutes.

1.     Rallies and local events

o   P4F weekly rally details – this Sunday, February 4 Main & Warren

o   Kelowna Freedom Rally February 3rd

o   Next Planning meeting – next Monday, Feb 5 at noon

o   BC Rising weekly updates Wednesdays at 7:30 pm – Link for February 7 – email

o   February 15 – A Worldwide Rally and Awareness Campaign to demand bail and due process for the Coutts Four. They stood up for Canadians, and now we need to stand up for them! February 15th Penticton Court House

2.     Action of the Week

o   Sign the pledge – 2 links – Score Card and pledges – enter in your browser

o   CPSBC Discipline Hearing for Dr. Charles Hoffe call and write – keep the college prosecutors on their toes.


3.     Worth a Look – links

o   Paid Student internship opportunity deadline coming soon

o   Freedom Rising newsletter: issue 62 link.

o   Druthers February Issue


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FREEDOM RALLIES – Penticton4Freedom – every Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m.


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Wins of the Week

The “miracle” of last week’s Rally

Why Rallies are More Important Than Ever

The future of Townhall meetings in our Communities.

Open Mic

Miss a week and you miss a lot! Surprise guests are a common occurrence.
Fighting for freedom is more fun with friends. Bring a few. Bring your signs or borrow one of ours. Suggest a topic or a speaker, and we’ll gladly find someone to share their knowledge with us. ——————————————- o0o———————————————— PLANNING MEETINGS   Quick update from the January 31 planning meeting: 1.     Roles and volunteers have stepped up in support of a citizen-led non-partisan Townhall in Penticton in early March
2.     Purpose: Create awareness of violations of BCers property, bodily autonomy, parental and democratic rights
3.     Townhall subjects: Bills 31, 36, 44, 46 and 47 as the most dangerous legislation in BC at the present
4.     Resources: Townhall Committee of BC Rising preparing templates, checklists, tips, training and other resources 5.     Meanwhile, building a team of 30 volunteers to fill the important roles to ensure a successful town hall.  ——- o0o —————-
our skills and enthusiasm are needed!! Townhalls are our best tools to Turn BC Around! Join us at our next planning meeting on Zoom this Monday, February 5 at Noon Discussion Points:   1.   Progress reports from team leads 2.   Unique email and other communication systems for Community Awareness 3.     Penticton townhall date and venue 4.     Next Steps in preparation 5.     Open Discussion 6.     Next meeting date   Add your name for an update on the Community Awareness Program. Email ——————————————- o0o———————————————— Kelowna Freedom Rally February 3rd Stuart Park, Kelowna 12:00 Noonimage.png

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ATTEND: Wednesday, February 15th @ 9am – Penticton Courthouse Protest

WRITE: Email the Crown Prosecutor

WRITE: Your MP, MLA and others – email templates and other support here:


Imagine if it were you or your family member! We need to join forces to support the Coutts4, our fellow citizens who have been torn from their families to suffer dearly in a Remand Centre for “Standing 4 Freedom”!!!

“The average length of stay at any Remand Centre in Alberta (and across Canada) is from 18-30 days. As of February 1, 2024, the Coutts Four have been in Remand for 717 days without bail or due process.

Remand is the purgatory of the prison system where you are placed in a small cage to await a bail hearing before being processed and moved to a place that is more fit for human survival. Two years locked in one spot for an accusation cannot and should not be the way our legal system works! What these four courageous men are being put through is a form of torture and a human rights issue to the core. By default, their incarceration has deemed them Guilty Until Proven Innocent for their time already served. If proven innocent, this time will not be reimbursed.” (by Kyle Cardinal, Druthers Newspaper, Issue #39, February, 2024)

A Worldwide Rally and Awareness Campaign has been organized across Canada to demand bail and due process for the Coutts Four. They stood up for Canadians, and now we need to stand up for them!

Please help with the following: 

-Print the attached poster, in colour or black & white, to distribute throughout the Okanagan/Shuswap. Post it at as many places as you can find (mailboxes, poles, businesses, message boards, etc) and share it on your social media platforms. 

-Spread the word to as many people as you can.

-Distribute and/or finance the distribution of the February Edition of Druthers newspaper which has the Coutts4 article on its cover page. The cover page can be distributed online through social media  Print copies of Druthers should be available at the courthouse event. The online version is always ready on the first of publication month, but printed versions become available around mid-month following a last-minute fundraising effort.

-Although the main tool we’ll use to make the public aware of the injustice done to the Coutts4 is the Druthers newspaper, brochures may also be available at the courthouse rally.

-ATTEND the Nationwide Rally on February 15th with signs specific to the release of the Coutts4 who are being held in a Remand Centre unjustly for 2 years without bail or due process. This Rally is only about the Coutts 4. No vulgarity. We need to act professionally and stick to the point to be most effective. Bring others with you to the rally.

-Email the Alberta Crown Prosecution to respectfully ask or request for the Crown to give Jerry Morin, Tony Olienick, Chris Carbert and Chris Lysak due process and to release them on bail while they await trial

——————————————- o0o————————————————


CPSBC Discipline Hearing for Dr. Charles Hoffe image.png

There is an upcoming CPSBC Discipline Hearing for Dr. Charles Hoffe on March 4-15. Dr. Hoffe has requested that as many people as possible call the College of Physicians & Surgeons of BC at 604-733-7758 to request access to the virtual discipline hearing for him starting March 4. They will tell you where to find the form on their website. It must be downloaded, printed out, signed and then emailed back to the College. Dr Hoffe says people do not need to be available to watch the virtual hearing. What’s important is that the College gets inundated with requests from the public. DEADLINE TO REQUEST ACCESS TO THE LIVE EVENT IS FEBRUARY 23. THERE IS TIME TO PHONE (604-733-7758 OR 1-800-461-3008), EMAIL ( ), AND SEND A WRITTEN REQUEST (See link below) PLUS OTHER FOLLOW UPS, AND FLOOD THEM WITH REQUESTS TO WATCH WHAT THEY ARE DOING. You might also write in support of Dr. Hoffe for saving so many of us from the harm of the COVID shots, by courageously researching, publishing and speaking out about his findings, despite the threats of the College. Thank you for doing this and sending this info on to others who will hopefully also do it. Dr. Hoffe has been such a courageous, stalwart hero that it would be lovely if this simple act on the part of many of us could make a difference.   The link below takes you to the specific instructions, but PLEASE also call the CPSBC at 604-733-7758 to register your request. The biggest fear of those who prosecute innocents is that they will be seen for what they are: Tyrants! A bombardment of calls and emails is our best warrior activity. More Information

——————————————- o0o————————————————

DEADLINE TO SIGN CANADIAN PETITION TO EXIT THE WHO AND UN – FEBRUARY 7, 2024 Currently over 84,000 Signatures Lets Reach 100,000 or MORE! Sign and share this official Parliamentary petition (#4623), supported by MP, Dr. Leslyn Lewis, to have Canada EXIT the United Nations and EXIT the World Health Organization.    IMPORTANT NOTE: When completing the petition, make sure you complete all fields and…after you sign the petition, be sure to check your email to verify your signature.

Do you think Trudeau is behind the gun ban?  NOPE! The UN is.
Do you think Trudeau is behind SOGI 123?  NOPE! The UN is.
Do you think Trudeau is behind mass immigration?
Do you think Trudeau is behind Gender Ideology?
Do you think Trudeau is behind Net Zero?
Do you think Trudeau is behind __________? You fill in the blank.
The ANSWER is NO… The United Nations or one of its subsidiaries is.
Send a Letter to Your MP
In addition to the petition, Prevent Genocide 2030 has created a template letter that will help us send letters to legislators urging them to support Petition #4623. We must push for their support to help Canada Exit the WHO / UN and all related organizations and obligations (including the International Health Regulations).    Sharing your voice could not be easier… Your voice matters! Access Letter
Contact the Canadian Representative to the WHO Executive Board Mailing Address: Ms. Christine Harmston
Director General
Office of International Affairs for the Health Portfolio
Public Health Agency of Canada
Ottawa, ON Phone: 613-286-4684 Website

  ——————————————- o0o————————————————
WORTH A LOOK   STUDENT OPPORTUNITY   Attention Students The ILS Summer Fellowship program provides students with a ten-week internship working with non-profit organizations in areas like public policy analysis or educational programs. In addition to their work placement, Summer Fellows take part in weekly webinars and attend Freedom Week. The program is open to undergraduate and graduate students in any field, as well as recent graduates (within two years). Work placements may be remote or in-person. Past placements have included: ·  The Alberta Institute ·  The Canadian Constitution Foundation ·  The Macdonald-Laurier Institute ·  The Montreal Economic Institute · ·  Liberty Fund ·  The Institute for Liberal Studies Placements will run from early June until mid-August and will conclude with our Freedom Week conference, tentatively scheduled for August 11-17, 2024 in Montreal. Fellows will be paid either $15/hour or minimum wage in the province in which they reside (whichever is higher) and receive travel assistance of up to $400 to attend Freedom Week. We expect to conduct virtual interviews in March and successful applicants will receive offers of placement by the end of April. Please note that previous participants in the Summer Fellowship program are not eligible to participate again. However, students who applied last year but were not accepted are encouraged to apply again. Applications are due by February 22, 2024.   Apply Now      ——————————- o0o————————————-  Action-Packed Freedom Rising Newsletter Issue 62 Breaking the Oath: Unauthorized Exposing Medical Murder HERE