May 31 North Bay Rally Cancelled; Randy Hillier Must be in Legislature to Vote AGAINST Doug Ford’s Motion to Extend Police State Dictatorial Powers Until December 31

No More Lockdowns Canada We regret to inform everyone our originally planned Rally in North Bay has been cancelled due to scheduling conflicts.

On Monday May 31st, it is expected that Doug Ford will be asking the Provincial Legislature for an extension on his emergency powers under Bill 195.

This is known as the Reopening Ontario Act.

It has been requested to be extended until December 2021, where it most likely will be extended, yet again.

MPP, Randy Hillier will be in the Legislature to vote against this unjust law that has done the most harm to our families, our children and our province over the last year.

We look forward to future opportunities in North Bay and appreciate your understanding as we work tirelessly to defend your freedoms.

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Chris Sky, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson headline Alberta’s largest anti-lockdown protest — 3,500 outside Alberta Legislature

Rebel News
Chris Sky, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson headline Alberta’s largest anti-lockdown protest — 3,500 outside Alberta Legislature

Chris Sky, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson headline Alberta’s largest anti-lockdown protest

  • By Rebel News
  • |
  • May 29, 2021

Wednesday evening in Edmonton, Alberta, 3,500 people rallied at the Alberta legislature against the COVID-19 lockdown measures.

Speakers from all across Canada and from all walks of life, including Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, Mark Friesen and Chris Sky, told the enthusiastic crowd that ending the COVID-19 restrictions on freedoms and civil liberties begins with them and their peaceful resistance to public health regulations.

The atmosphere was festive, with musicians, games for the kids, and even face painting.

There was a heavy police presence on hand but no tickets were issued for violating the COVID-19 restrictions that limit outdoor gatherings to just five people.

Rebel News reporter Daniel Day was on hand and he waded into the crowd of Alberta’s largest anti-lockdown protest yet to ask them why they continue to fight for freedom in the face of enormous lockdown fines.

Rally to Support Sharky’s Athletic Club — Open Despite Medico-Stalinist Edicts — Sarnia, Ontario, 1:00 p.m.

No More Lockdowns Canada
If you are reading this email, then you are close to the Support Businesses Supporting You Rally happening TODAY, hosted by No More Lockdowns Sarnia! Bring your family and friends in defence of your community business.

TODAY – Saturday May 29th @ 1 PM

Sharkys Athletic Club
1596 London Line
Sarnia, ON

Don’t forget to bring your friends, family, and neighbours.

Come togather and help defend your community!

See you there!

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Whistle Stop lawyer set to grill Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health

The Whistle Stop-led Alberta Restaurant Rebellion is headed back to court

Fight the Fines lawyer Chad Williamson plans to examine Chief Medical Officer of Health Deena Hinshaw on her affidavit that convinced a judge of the necessity of a secret restraining order that resulted in the arrest and imprisonment of the Whistle Stop owner, Chris Scott, for three days.

That restraining order prevented the promotion and organization of and attendance at “illegal public gatherings.” At the time, public health restrictions limited gatherings to just five people outdoors, and those events had to conform to masking regulations and social distancing protocols. The order named Chris Scott and Glen Carritt specifically, but also included a blanket restriction for unnamed Jane and John Does to limit gatherings as well.

Scott was arrested for contempt of court at the Whistle Stop after holding a protest attended by 1,500 people. He was held for three days before his release.

Scott first reopened his Mirror, Alberta restaurant in defiance of the restaurant lockdown way back in January, and he hasn’t closed since, despite summonses, court orders and his restaurant and gas station property being chained up and confiscated by Alberta Health Services and the RCMP.

Williamson is fighting the validity of a secret court order obtained without proper notification to his client. He’s going to argue the merits of the order, and when he does, he’s going to examine Chief Medical Officer Deena Hinshaw on her sworn evidence that was presented to a Calgary judge by AHS that ultimately led to an order limiting the assembly rights of 4.4 million Albertans.

Williamson and Chris Scott cannot do this alone. They are up against the limitless resources of the Alberta government which seems hell-bent on punishing entrepreneurs in the province for refusing to go bankrupt.

To all of you who donated to get this court case this far: thank you. We couldn’t do it without you. The government must be made to explain how and why they came to the decision that locking up political dissidents was a necessity to keep Albertans safe from a virus that kills so few.

If you’d like to continue to help us help Chris Scott put the government back in its place and off the neck of small business owners, please donate today at All donations there now qualify for a charitable tax receipt through the registered Canadian charity, The Democracy Fund.



Hello, Friends! I hope you all had a great long weekend with an opportunity to get some R&R or join us at the CLEAR rally.
photo 2021-04-12 12-56-48 resistance is not futile Next Kelowna Rally Saturday, May 29th @noon in Stuart Park
photo 2021-05-25 18-18-23 Kelowna Volunteer Recognition! Thank you to Bruce who has been collecting video history of all CLEAR events since October 2020. Not only does Bruce show up early but he stays and gets entire event content, then shares it on social media. Bruce is also always right there with his camera, when we need to hold nonsense behaviors accountable. We love you Bruce!!!!
Penticton Rally last Sunday had a great turnout as 150 people showed up. Thank you to David Lindsay, Ted Kuntz, Beatrice Weir, and Priscille for coming and sharing their passion.
photo 2021-04-29 23-52-58 OKANAGAN RALLIES DATES & TIMES Vernon Saturday, May 29th @ noon in Polson Park
Kamloops Saturday, May 29th @ noon in Riverside Park
Penticton Sunday, May 30th @ noon at Warren and Main Street (next to Cherry Lane Mall)
NOTE: If you would to join our CLEAR Telegram group, click on the CLEAR logo above.
logo-nobackground-5000 2 BBS would like to thank the volunteers for collecting signatures throughout the week as we have 500 accountable signatures so far! Remember there is strength in numbers, so tell your friends to come and sign the petition located at the CLEAR table Saturday.
If you wish to become a monthly supporter or give, please complete the form at the table.
Thank you in advance for your generous support!
Hope you have a great week and we will see you on Saturday!

The New Cultural Marxist Snitch Society for School Kids

Bias Form” Encourages School Kids to Report on Each Other for Opposing Marxism.

Loudoun County in Virginia is sparking controversy by encouraging parents and students to report on other students’ “biases” through an anonymous form.

Loudoun parents who recently formed themselves into a political action committee named “Fight for Schools” called the new, anonymous “Bias Reporting” form an “Orwellian move from Loudoun County Public Schools.” The committee of parents see the form as a symptom of cancel culture, saying it “asks students to anonymously cancel each other.”

How Ready Are You

The form allows students to “denote if they wish to have the incident followed up at their respective school.”

“The specific reason behind this action step is to utilize it as a means to amplify and elevate student voice,” claimed a Loudoun spokesperson via email, adding that a 2019 “Systemic Equity Assessment” had “revealed some students who felt marginalized or had experienced bias.”  According to the Washington Times:

“The results reportedly will be used to identify ‘staff professional learning opportunities’ and to generate ideas for discussion at meetings hosted by school Student Equity Ambassadors.

The Fight for Schools PAC was created by a local parent in April, and its advocates have been at odds with school officials for months.”

The group began a petition campaign earlier this month in order to remove six out of nine Loudoun county school board members who the PAC says are pushing critical race theory in schools. Interim Superintendent Scott Ziegler denied that critical race theory is being used as a “framework for staff to adhere to” in the county. Critical race theory is a Marxist-influenced way of viewing American history mostly through the lens of race.

The National Pulse previously reported on the targeting of parents who opposed critical race theory in schools by a group that included six members of Loudoun’s school board.  The latter group, led by school board member Beth Barts, was sharing the personal information of anti-critical race theory parents in the district.

Critical race theory (CRT) is sparking outrage across the country while schools continue to push the CRT agenda.  Last week, a group calling themselves “Parents Against Critical Theory” hosted a “Save Our Schools” rally at a local middle school in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Maryland’s largest school system, Montgomery County Public Schools, is currently working on an “Anti-Racist System Audit” which is costing them over $454,000.  The audit, begun in November, is being conducted by the Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium, which declares itself dedicated to “increasing access to a high quality education for culturally, linguistically and economically diverse learners.”

A spokesperson for the Montgomery County Public Schools told the Washington Times that the audit is meant “to examine systems, practices, and policies in school culture that create barriers to equitable outcomes for students, staff, and families.”  Conservative watchdog Judicial Watch, however, uncovered evidence from the audit that a recent curriculum for at least one school in the district, Thomas Pyle Middle School, focused heavily on what were termed white supremacy and “White privilege,” the latter being partly defined as having a good relationship with police.

Meanwhile, President Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” was listed as “covert White supremacy,” just below actions and words such as “lynching” and “the N-word” during a lesson for the middle school.  A school district spokesperson denied knowing about the middle school’s social justice course and refused to comment.

New Book Just Out by Freedom Fighter Chris Sky — JUST SAY NO: “Guide to Asserting Your Rights and Preserving Your Freedoms.”

You can now get a limited edition copy of Chris Sky’s “Guide to

New Book Just Out by Freedom Fighter Chris Sky — JUST SAY NO: “Guide to Asserting Your Rights and Preserving Your Freedoms.


You can now get a limited edition copy of Chris Sky’s “Guide to Asserting Your Rights and Preserving Your Freedoms.” This is the 2nd edition that has limited copies available exclusively here.


They have done everything they can to try and suppress me in this battle to restore our rights and freedoms, both in Canada and around the world. I’ve been charged and arrested multiple times in the last year.

My home was raided by dozens of police in the middle of the night without a warrant. My verified Instagram with nearly 250k followers was removed.
My personal website was attacked and taken down.
My phone was mysteriously “disabled” before going live at the largest freedom rally in Calgary. And most recently, they tried to stop our freedom convoy that went from Vancouver across to the East Coast by slapping me with a bogus warrant so that they could arrest me on the day it was to start.

All of these attacks on me have been manouvers of desperation, and this shows me that the momentum is shifting in a big way…
I’m not going to give up. We’re not going to give up.
There were HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Canadians marching through the streets on Montreal with me in solidarity, to JUST SAY NO.
We need to keep pushing. Harder. Now is the time for us to make it absolutely clear that we do not accept what they are trying to implement.

Let’s win this fight.

-Chris Sky-

Spirited Weekly END THE LOCKDOWN Rallies in Brantford

Spirited Weekly END THE LOCKDOWN Rallies in Brantford

Every Saturday since the fall, there has been a spirited END THE LOWDOWN Rally complete with music and megaphones to inform motorists as they stop at the busy Colborne and Clarence Street light in downtown Brantford. Some dedicated freedom fighters even man the corner for a few hours daily during the week.

Lots of copies of the very informative tabloid DRUTHERS are given out to motorists.

Of course, there is some opposition. On May 16. some brave masked motorist in a late model car burled a rock at protesters. It missed. On May 23, an angry motorist, stopped his car and wanted to fight and then thought better of it.

CAFE is proud to have had a strong presence at recent rallies in Brantford and elsewhere across this Dominion.

Democracy is dead in Canada by Patriot Gus

Democracy is dead in Canada by Patriot Gus

Democracy is dead in Canada as proven by the Canadian Nationalist Party (CNP). When I first learned of CNP with its “Canada First” and “Traditional version of Canada” policies and directions, I immediately wanted to support it and joined as a member.

In 2019 the members were seeking Party registration with Elections Canada and once eligible, a group known as which is government funded and seeks to profit by squelching political opposition to the current government, threatened to release publicly the names and addresses of CNP registrars as is their right to do so for those names and addresses were public record and made available to anyone who asked for them.

As reported by CBC news, even former Winnipeg Police Chief warned that trying to publicly shame CNP members could incite violence not only for CNP members but for their families and children by those who don’t agree with CNPs political opinions. Despite the consequences of Elections Canada and actions, they did not heed the Police Chiefs warning.

The news report can be seen here:

Canadian Nationalist Party concerned about release of members’ identities
Furthermore shortly after Party registration, CNP sought to rent publicly funded spaces such is in local Legions, libraries and University campuses for meetings but were denied without reason.

Now ask yourself do you still think we’re living in a Democracy?