8 Tips To Defend Against Censorship & Violent Repression by Leftists

8 Tips To Defend Against Censorship & Violent Repression by Leftists

by William Gheen
President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

December 19, 2018

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Across America and the world, voices opposing illegal immigration and the open borders globalist agenda of the elites are being silenced by totalitarian tech companies while terrorist groups like ANTIFA are free to threaten, raise funds, and organize armed revolutionary cells on Facebook, Twitter, and Patreon.

If you are like me and oppose socialism, illegal immigration, and Amnesty in America 2018, they are coming for you along with Charlie Brown, Rudolph, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” and Candy Canes!

These left-wing insurgents are actively working to censor, silence, intimidate, and destroy any individual, journalist, blogger, or organization that stands in the way of their George Soros funded open borders global government plans. Please give my warnings and recommendations close inspection because the wealthiest people and corporations in America, along with their ground troops, are coming to ruin and wreck your families and marriages, friendships, education, businesses, jobs, and livelihood, and their terrorist groups like ANTIFA are forming armed cells and openly discussing ambushing and assassinating you on Twitter and Patreon because of your political creeds and views.

While you are likely to be censored or banned from Twitter and Patreon for conservative views, the domestic terror organization ANTIFA openly plots violent revolution against you on American soil with full protection and privileges from these biased corporations.

Today, I’m writing this detailed article about these problems not only to provide Congress and the media an update to our 12-page report entered into the Congressional Record in 2018, but to offer some suggestions, strategies, and help to the online journalists, bloggers, content creators and individual activists facing the electronic knives of the H1B visa worker henchmen working for the Silicon Valley Robber barons curtailing our freedoms.

I pray that my recommendations will help many of you and our movement to protect the safety, security, and Civil Rights of non-leftist Americans.

Keep in mind that these online incidents of intolerance towards non-socialist Americans, Republicans, Christians, conservatives, Trump voters, and many others are not confined to the electronic world. The Silicon Valley corporate cabal is imitating and expanding upon abusive practices and censorship of the old print and TV media.

The recent crusades against conservative students like Columbia University student Julian von Abele and Denver University student Addison Puffer illustrate this is a system wide attack and purge against anyone opposing globalism, socialism, illegal immigration, multiculturalism, or social justice warrior dogmas.

Leftist mobs stand ready to try to ruin your life for the slightest afront to their fragile and ridiculous political dogmas that depend on censorship to exist and thrive.

The Alex Jones of Infowars Precedent

Alex Jones of Infowars is the victim of cross-platform banning most Americans are familiar with listed on our tracking list of banned conservative voices at ALIPAC (View). This list is being updated to keep up with the rapidly growing list of victims of the Silicon Valley purge!

In a clear act of corporate collusion that is supposed to be illegal in the United States of America, numerous companies conspired to silence Alex Jones within the same 24-hour period while citing vague claims of “hate speech,” but when pressed to provide specific examples failed to provide such evidence and if such evidence ever existed, it is no longer available for the public to review on the platforms of Apple, Facebook, Google/YouTube, Spotify, and others!

When the left wing globalist socialist media played this smear game with candidate Donald Trump in 2016, they would run out with their latest false claim (e.g., Trump calls all Mexicans rapists) and the public would go and review the video of what Trump actually said and side with him. In the case of Alex Jones and the thousands of anti-socialist voices like him online, these Silicon Valley firms plan for you never to be able to locate what was actually said or done.

There are two main reasons of note I believe led to Alex Jones being banned across seven or more online platforms simultaneously and both should be of great concern for American patriots.

One, Alex Jones continued to evade and circumnavigate all attempts by Silicon Valley to shadowban him and sandbag his communications with the public. The Infowars online structure and strategies combined with an extensive network of activist show supporters thwarted efforts by Facebook, Google, and Twitter to silence Jones.

In fact, many of the tips and recommendations I have for recently banned content providers like Gavin McInnis, Laura Loomer, James Woods, Ann Coulter, CJ Pearson, and many others are based on strategies used at ALIPAC and Infowars to prevent our existence and operations from being at the mercy of these totalitarian and hostile global corporations.

I believe numerous companies engaged in illegal collusion tactics to try to electronically murder Alex Jones online because his Infowars organization kept thwarting their more subtle ways of suffocating him.

Two, shortly before Alex Jones became a victim of the San Francisco based electronic vigilante mob, Jones issued one of his most dire warnings of all time. Facebook, Twitter, and Google want everyone to believe that Alex Jones called for violence as the media’s headlines read, “Twitter suspends Alex Jones for urging people to keep ‘battle rifles’ ready“, yet in truth, Jones did not ask people to use “battle rifles” against the media as the serial liars at Media Matters and the Southern Poverty Law Center claim.

Alex Jones warned his viewers in August of 2018 that ground-based socialist operatives like ANTIFA are doxing people online to put their home addresses into the public domain and then encourage violent protests and attacks on non-socialists in their homes.

Silicon Valley Giants Are Backing Left-Wing Domestic Terrorist Organizations

It turns out that Alex Jones was absolutely correct! We have seen an increase in doxing and attacks at homes like the DC-based Antifa group called Smash Racism DC trying to break down the door of conservative Fox News host Tucker Carleson as his wife hid in terror in their pantry in November of 2018. While I hope that peace and sanity can prevail, it appears the left in America is signaling they are willing and ready to go all the way to pursue their power objectives, and by “all the way,” I mean they are willing to use violence and intimidation and risk sparking a new American Civil War in response to their aggression.

There are many online pundits and researchers who believe America is already entering a state of civil war, and the crazy news and reports we are witnessing are the signs of much deeper fault lines that may lead to broader civil unrest, chaos, violence, and loss of life and property on American soil.

A new organization called Far Left Watch (FLW) is tracking many of these violent leftist domestic terrorist groups on social media and Patreon, and is finding that Silicon Valley companies resist taking them down even though they actively and openly discuss forming locally armed squads to train together and use violent tactics such as ambushes and assassination directed at American conservatives and gun rights activists.

So how should individual American activists and louder voices on the Silicon Valley conservative purge list react to all of this?

 Tips To Fight Back Against Censorship by Silicon Valley Corporations

Here are my 8 recommendations for pundits and activists alike.

1. Everyone organize: Each individual, journalist, organization, pundit, and blogger should work to build up an audience. If you are an individual activist, form your own political micro-cell by organizing an audience of ten like-minded friends, relatives, and neighbors. If you know how to build a simple website or Facebook page or Twitter account, set a goal to create a micro-cell of 100 like-minded Americans you relay information and reports to. And if you are operating on a higher level, make your audience as large as possible.

2. Make your audience mobile: The big mistake many new organizations and activists make is they put all their eggs in one basket on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, and they build up huge audiences that can be taken away by the capricious gods of Silicon Valley with the click of a mouse button. ALIPAC and Infowars and other groups that predate the emergence of social media are more hardened and mobile in this fight because we had to use older technologies. Any significant pundit, blogger, activist or group must have a website no matter how low your web traffic may be and that website must A. Collect email addresses; and B. Collect donor/supporter information including real names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Remember that campaigns and organizations all existed and operated long before the Internet became a thing in the early ’90s. In the face of these new threats to our freedoms and livelihoods in 2018, go old-school and build a mailing list, an e-mail list, and a phone list that makes your supporters and audience mobile. That way if you log into Facebook, Google, or Twitter one day and find they have sent you to the Infowars gulag, you can still reach your audience and direct them to your new platforms, websites, and content. Always put your content up to your own website and out to your e-mail list first as a reward to your most ardent supporters and then upload to a diverse range of social media secondarily.

With all of the spam going on out there, treat anyone who trusts you enough to give you their email like gold!

And even if you do build up a healthy e-mail list that you can mobilze or take with you to new locations, you are not out of the woods yet. Constant Contact and Mailchimp services could also throw you off their platform and there are huge issues with e-mail deliverablity these days because big tech is doing all they can to shut you down.

3. Diversify your access points: Rely on your own website, email, phone, and mail lists that you fully control first and foremost but then upload your contents to a wide range of social media sites.

Don’t put all your eggs in one or a few baskets and make sure you upload to the censoring platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter last. Upload first to the anti-censorship platforms and upload your videos to websites that represent emerging markets where non-socialists are migrating such as Bitchut, GAB, Vimeo, and others. Use your own website, phone line, P.O. Box, and lists as a base, and then upload articles, videos, or audio podcast to numerous contact points to build your audience or organization. (See step 1)

4. Communications & Coalitions: At ALIPAC I have a personal press list that we send articles like this and formal press releases to about 1-2 times per week. The list contains many media sources, journalists, bloggers, content creators, and organization leaders.

If you are on ALIPAC’s Silicon Valley censorship list and I do not have your best e-mail, please contact me. I never share your emails, and I simply want to make sure you are up to date on what we believe is the cutting edge of the illegal immigration fight in America.

While not having to openly march down main street together, it is important for a wide range of leaders and personalities to be able to reach each other. Using these tips and strategic suggestions, a mass migration is possible to any new technology upstart that could offer us better treatment and services than Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, PayPal, Apple, etc.

What if one morning we all woke up and found all major media and Internet companies blocking an important story about a broad scale coordinated attack on homes in the night by leftist domestic terror groups like ANTIFA, Redneck Revolt, or the John Brown Brigade that resulted in fatalities? What would or could we do if we can’t even reach other like minded American leaders?

Increased communications between grass roots personalities who oppose socialism and open borders in America could make us all more dynamic, efficient, prepared, forewarned, and able to act and react to our political opponents and mutual enemies.

5. Never give up Never Surrender: If Facebook bans you and you no longer have your large pages under your own name or certain titles, don’t give up and quit. Reconfigure, reinvent, and reemerge. If tomorrow Facebook banned me and my William Gheen President of Americans for Legal Immigration page with 22k followers which control 12 other pages with 600,000 followers I would simply wait a few weeks, set up a new computer on a new internet connection or IP address, set up an alias name or spokesperson with a real identity and a “Real ID” that Facebook demands when you reach a certain level of popularity, and I’d keep broadcasting. The same thing for Twitter and YouTube, if they knock me down under my name William Gheen or ALIPAC, I’ll just make a new account and start over. Diversify, have a home base, be mobile, and never quit because Americans don’t run. We fight to make things better here in our nation.

6. Let your supporters do the walking: So if you follow my organizational and strategic advice, and you have built up your own lists around your own website that then relays your content to a diverse range of outlets, and you have established communications and dialogues with other grass roots leaders, constantly ask your supporters to relay your broadcasts.

YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter can ban Alex Jones and Infowars, but it is almost impossible for their armies of workers and algorithms to ban large groups of followers from posting contents or mentioning contents.

So if Facebook wipes out your millions strong page, they can’t wipe out a few hundred or thousands of your supporters uploading your videos and posting your links! Even if they eventually take down your videos from every point on their platform, more people will notice, and the more you get people on your email, mail, and phone lists engaged, the stronger you and your team will be.

7. Call for new leadership to emerge
: Many of the recent online bannings involve journalists and content creators who have either A. Recently entered the realm of public personalities; or B. Recently started making the socialists in the media and Silicon Valley angry with their contents.

The censorship and abuse from these leftists are designed to create fear and intimidation to discourage others from speaking out. We all need to constantly encourage and call for new leadership to emerge because one of our big keys to victory is to get more and more people doing what we do! Speaking out, educating and organizing others, and taking action to save our freedoms, security, and nations.

8. Get better online products: So AOL and Yahoo emails providers keep putting your favorite email alerts in the spam folder no matter what you do while Gmail scans and reads all of your emails? Ditch them and go to Protonmail.com or another service provider with superior services and better privacy. Stop using Google.com and start using DuckDuckGo.com which has a strong privacy policy. Stop using spyware web browser like Internet Explorer and Google’s Chrome and use privacy based Firefox instead.

As an individual or online leader, you need to do all you can to make sure you can reach other people and they can reach you, and that your communications, movements, associations, and strategies are as protected as possible in the age of Big Brother and Thought crimes.

We all get into certain habits of convenience online, but we all need to be able to evolve and improve. If you don’t like the political actions of a company, then only use the services you have to for your job or don’t use them at all.

Prime Examples

Two examples I’ll mention that illustrate how these eight tactics could help are James Neighbors, the founder of Overpasses for America, and Gavin McInness, the founder of the Proud Boys.

James Neighbors once had a sprawling and influential grass roots organization that worked with ALIPAC to once conduct more than 300 protests nationwide in 24 hours. While James did eventually build up a website with some ad revenue, 90% of his organization was on Facebook. James spent a lot of time in what we call “Facebook Jail” where Facebook would only let him read the posts of others leaving him unable to run his own organization.

I encouraged James to collect emails on his website and start to engage his organization supporters through emails but he never really felt comfortable in that arena. Facebook recently took down the main Overpasses for America page with more than half a million supporters on it, and while I’d love to see them make a comeback, Overpasses appears to be destroyed or dead in the water.

Something similar happened to Proud Boys founder and former CRTV pundit Gavin McInnes who also appears on our List of Conservatives Banned by Silicon Valley. McInnes recently when on set with Alex Jones and said that after being banned from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in response to some Proud Boys members successfully defending themselves from violent attacks initiated by ANTIFA terrorists in New York, that he was “destroyed.” He’s been fired from CRTV, banned from Facebook and Twitter where all Proud Boys pages have similarly been nuked, and while Gavin’s video channel remains up on YouTube for now (HERE), he is banned from posting anything new there.

Gavin McInnes has a website he stopped using many months ago called Street Carnage. I hope he will immediately build a new website under his name or titled “Get Off of My Lawn” and start posting regular updates, videos, and podcasts and asking all of the Proud Boys supporters to join his email and donor lists. Instead of announcing his defeat and destruction, I hope Gavin will get back into an online cockpit of his own creation and start rebuilding his support base on his own site on his own terms.

Once you have become a target of the left wing smear machines, you can never stand down or go away or retire. Where there is life, there is hope and if you retreat you incentivize, reward, and encourage their dirty deeds.

Update 12/26/18: We’ve just learned that Gavin McInnes has been able to post a new video to his recently locked Youtube account and it contains many important messages including a link where you can join his e-mail alerts! Way to go Gavin! Keep up the good fight.

VIDEO:GET OFF MY LAWN: Final Episode? (Watch Here)

Practicing What I Preach

To practice what I preach, ALIPAC is going to start uploading a more diverse range of content that will hopefully include more videos and articles like this to a broader selection of outlets online in 2019.

I also want to ask our supporters at ALIPAC.us who have been kind enough to read this article to the end to please help me establish direct e-mail contact with the following Silicon Valley targets.

And if your name is on this list, please e-mail me at WilliamG@alipac.us so we may correspond on matters of mutual interest such as how we may all best fight against the civil rights violating censorship we face today.

I hope that this message and these suggested strategies find you and that I may hear back by e-mail from Ann Coulter, Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, Diamond & Silk, Laura Loomer, Lauren Southern, James Allsup, Stephan Molyneux, Stephen Crowder, Mike Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson, Jack Posobiec, Mark Dice, Brigitte Gabriel, Ann Corcoran, Candace Owens, Nick Loeb, Kathleen McKinley, CJ Pearson, and any other journalists, reporters, researchers, pundits, or content creators who are interested in the topics of globalism, illegal immigration, and the global fight against silicon valley censorship.

We must move swiftly and decisively because time is running out since the UN Compact on Migration that passed in Morrocco last week sets up a legal framework for the 150 nations that signed the document to not only ban any speech online or offline that opposes the “migration” of legal and illegal immigrants, but makes such speech a crime punishable by fines and imprisonment.

Please help circulate my eight recommendations to those who need them most and put them to good use on your own accord. Please locate every person, group, leader, or pundit you can find standing up against globalism, socialism, illegal immigration, and open borders and support them with your funds, attention, and volunteerism!

Corrupt Canadian Courts Seek to Bankrupt Faith Goldy to Make Bell Media Quasi-Monopoly Even Richer

Corrupt Canadian Courts Seek to Bankrupt Faith Goldy to Make Bell Media Quasi-Monopoly Even Richer


I have 30 days to come up with $43,117.90 to cover Bell’s legal fees. The establishment is trying to make an example of me, to intimidate other Nationalists. I won’t be intimidated. But today I need your help. Canadian Courts Are Corrupt: My Big Bell Bill


Report on Day 4 of the BC Human Rights Tribunal Ronan, the Transgendered, versus Preacher Whatcott: Abolish the Human Rights Commission!

Report on Day 4 of the BC Human Rights Tribunal Ronan, the Transgendered, versus Preacher Whatcott: Abolish the Human Rights Commission!


Judge Moore’s Decision Acquitting Dr. James Sears in the Kinsella’s “Uttering Threats” Vanity Prosecution

Judge Moore’s Decision Acquitting Dr. James Sears in the Kinsella’s “Uttering Threats” Vanity Prosecution



CITATION:  R. v. Sears, 2018 ONCJ 866

DATE:  2018 12 10

COURT FILE No.:  Toronto 4811 998 17 10000304 01







— AND —





Before Justice D. Moore

Heard on October 23-25, 30, and November 6, 2018

Reasons for Judgment released on December 10, 2018



  1. Giovinazzo………………………………………………………………………….. counsel for the Crown
  2. Murphy…………………………….  s. 486 counsel for the defendant Leroy St. Germaine[1]
  3. Gray …………………………………. s. 486 counsel for the defendant James Sears

The defendant James Sears…………………………………………………………. on his own behalf


  1. MOORE J.:

[1]           Mr. Sears is charged with “Threatening Death” contrary to s. 264.1 of the Criminal Code.   Although there was no formal admission, it was not seriously contested that Mr. Sears wrote the purported threat in an article that was published in the summer 2017 edition of “Your Ward News” a publication which lists him as the “Editor in Chief”.

[2]           The alleged threat is contained in an article[2] about an investigation of Mr. Sears by the Children’s Aid Society wherein he is extremely critical of the Society, to put it mildly.  In the article Mr. Sears theorizes that the cause of the Children’s Aid Society investigation was either the complainant Lisa Kinsella herself, or someone associated with her, or perhaps someone who had read an article she published online in the Huffington Post that was critical of Mr. Sears and Your Ward News.[3]  The alleged threat is the following passage:

I have not told our story to anyone until now.  My close friends will first learn of it in this article and wonder why I kept it from them.  No offence, but Colette and I remained silent because we have more morals than Lisa and Warren Kinsella.  You see, if I told my friends, thousands of people on my mailing list, and hundreds of thousands of readers of Your Ward News [emphasis in original] about it, while a CAS investigation was active and our son could still have been kidnapped, there was the chance that some hothead who cares deeply about me and my family, would lose it and do something illegal, like bludgeon the Kinsella’s to death.  No matter how little respect I have for them, as a Christian, I chose to turn the other cheek and let enough time pass for the people who love, would give their lives for, or would go to jail for, me and my family, to react with cooler heads.[4]

[3]           Is the above passage a threat to kill Warren and Lisa Kinsella?  This is the central issue for me to determine.  In R. v. McRae[5] the Supreme Court of Canada set out the law as follows:

10     … The question of whether words constitute a threat is a question of law to be decided on an objective standard…

11     The starting point of the analysis should always be the plain and ordinary meaning of the words uttered. Where the words clearly constitute a threat and there is no reason to believe that they had a secondary or less obvious meaning, the analysis is complete. However, in some cases, the context reveals that words that would on their face appear threatening may not constitute threats within the meaning of s. 264.1(1)(a) (see e.g. O’Brien, at paras. 10-12). In other cases, contextual factors might have the effect of elevating to the level of threats words that would, on their face, appear relatively innocent (see e.g. R. v. MacDonald (2002), 2002 CanLII 14251 (ON CA), 166 O.A.C. 121, where the words uttered were “You’re next”).


15     Thus, while testimony from persons who heard or were the object of the threat may be considered in applying this objective test, the question in relation to the prohibited act is not whether people in fact felt threatened. As the Court of Appeal for Ontario put it in Batista, witness opinions are relevant to the application of the reasonable person standard; however, they are not determinative, given that they amount to personal opinions and “d[o] not necessarily satisfy the requirements of the legal test” (para. 26).

16     To conclude on this point, the prohibited act of the offence of uttering threats will be made out if a reasonable person fully aware of the circumstances in which the words were uttered or conveyed would have perceived them to be a threat of death or bodily harm.

[4]           I find that the plain and ordinary meaning of the words in the impugned passage do not constitute a threat to kill the Kinsellas.  In R. v. Clemente[6] the Supreme Court of Canada cited the Oxford English Dictionary definition of a threat, “A denunciation to a person of ill to befall him; esp. a declaration of hostile determination or of loss, pain, punishment or damage to be inflicted in retribution for or conditionally upon some course; a menace.” [emphasis in original]  A threat must thus be forward-looking, not a comment on something that could have or even should have happened in the past if certain conditions had been met.  For this reason, coupled with the stated desire in the passage that Mr. Sears timed the article to avoid the risk of someone bludgeoning the Kinsellas to death I cannot find on this first step of the analysis that a threat is made out.

[5]           That does not end the matter, of course.  I must now consider whether contextual factors give the passage a threatening meaning not apparent on a plain reading.

[6]           Warren and Lisa Kinsella gave evidence over the course of three days.  To say that their “relationship”[7] with Mr. Sears is an extremely hostile one would be a vast understatement.  The “relationship” commenced several years ago and consisted of writings by Mr. Sears and others published in Your Ward News about initially Warren and later Lisa Kinsella with accompanying photoshopped images and graphics.  The articles and images are derogatory, demeaning, insulting, rude, crude, and designed, according to Mr. Sears, to incite and provoke a response from Mr. Kinsella in order to bring attention to Your Ward News (as Mr. Kinsella has a significant public profile).[8]  In addition to the personal attacks the content of Your Ward News generally is deeply offensive to both Warren and Lisa Kinsella.  In response they participated in, organized, and/or commenced a variety of legal and political actions aimed at exposing, opposing, and/or shutting down Your Ward News.  They wrote articles, held press conferences, lobbied politicians, and commenced this proceeding by laying a private information, amongst other things.

[7]           I completely accept their evidence that they perceived the reference to “bludgeon the Kinsella’s to death” as a call to action and a real threat to their personal safety that they took seriously.  I also find that their negative views of Your Ward News and Mr. Sears are completely understandable, justified, and sincerely held.  However, I find their interpretation of the alleged threat to be of little assistance to me in assessing on an objective basis how a reasonable person would interpret the words written, since when it comes to Mr. Sears and Your Ward News they are the opposite of dispassionate and unbiased.  They perceive everything in the worst possible light.[9]

[8]            The Crown submitted that my interpretation of the alleged threat should be guided by a review of a number of other articles and graphic depictions in Your Ward News and to that end filed Exhibits 3 and 4, containing the June, July, and November, 2015, February, Spring, Summer and Fall, 2016 editions of Your Ward News in addition to the Summer 2017 edition which contains the alleged threat.  These editions of Your Ward News essentially make up the entirety of the Crown’s case other than the testimony of Lisa and Warren Kinsella.

[9]           I certainly agree that due to:

  •     the history of animus in the articles by Mr. Sears in Your Ward News directed at Warren and Lisa Kinsella,
  •     the history of animus in the graphical depictions of Warren and Lisa Kinsella in Your Ward News (which although Mr. Sears likely did not create them as Editor I find he must have had some control over them, particularly when the graphics accompany an article by Mr. Sears[10])
  •     the occasional use of “coded” or symbolic language in Your Ward News by Mr. Sears
  •     the article containing the alleged threat was about what Mr. Sears portrayed as a significant threat to the safety and wellbeing of his infant son and not a more general political issue;
  •     the article blaming Lisa Kinsella for directly or indirectly causing this threat to his family
  •     Mr. Sears’ statement in an article unrelated to Warren or Lisa Kinsella in 2015 that, “I do not believe in vigilante justice unless someone is threatening the life or wellbeing of me or my family.”

it is possible to reasonably interpret the impugned passage as a threat to kill.  This interpretation results from focusing in on “some hothead who cares deeply about me and my family, would lose it and do something illegal like bludgeon the Kinsella’s to death…people who love, would give their lives for, or would go to jail for, me and my family” and ignoring other portions of the passage as being there for the purpose of creating plausible deniability or as “window dressing” for “veiling” the threat.

[10]        While this possible reasonable interpretation was certainly sufficient to justify the laying of the charge and the initiation of process on the standard of reasonable and probable grounds,[11] the standard I must consider is proof beyond a reasonable doubt.  That latter standard requires that I must acquit Mr. Sears unless the evidence satisfies me that the only reasonable interpretation of the passage is that it is a threat.  A finding that a threat to kill is a possible, or even the most likely, reasonable interpretation must lead to an acquittal.[12]

[11]        Having considered all of the evidence I am unable to find that the threat to kill interpretation set out above is even the most likely interpretation, let alone the only reasonable interpretation.  In my view a reasonable person looking at all the evidence would find that the most likely interpretation is the plain and ordinary meaning of the words and the contextual evidence does not justify displacing that meaning for the more sinister one of a threat to kill.

[12]        Had I found that the words did indeed constitute a threat to kill I would have concluded that Mr. Sears did intend them to be so, since in my view the evidence clearly establishes beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Sears chooses his words very carefully and deliberately, and there would not have been a doubt about there being a secondary, innocent meaning between these very hostile parties.[13]

[13]        I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Giovinazzo, Mr. Murphy, and Mr. Gray for providing tremendous assistance to me in what has been at times a very difficult, emotional case.  All three conducted themselves in the finest traditions of the Bar and I commend them.

[14]        I find Mr. Sears not guilty of threatening to kill Warren and Lisa Kinsella and order that an acquittal be entered.

Released:  December 10, 2018





Signed: Justice D. Moore

[1] On October 25, 2018 I granted a nonsuit application brought by Mr. St. Germain at the close of the Crown’s case and accordingly dismissed the charge against him.

[2] Exhibit 4 Tab 2 p. 6-7, J. Sears in Your Ward News Summer 2017, “Children’s Aid: Righteous Crusade or Greedy Charade”

[3] Exhibit 20, article by L. Kinsella from the Huffington Post, “I’m Fighting to Keep a Neo-Nazi Paper Out of My Neighbourhood”

[4] Exhibit 4 tab 2 p. 7

[5] [2013] S.C.J. No. 68 at paras. 10-16

[6] 1994 CanLII 49 (SCC), [1994] S.C.J. No. 50 at para. 7

[7] I use quotation marks as the Kinsellas had apparently never been in Mr. Sears’ presence until this trial.

[8] Exhibit 3, Tab 1, Your Ward News, June 2015, p. 1-2 “I Love Pulling Warren Kinsella’s Strings!” article by James Sears

[9] Because I have decided to give little weight to their perceptions of the alleged threat due to their admitted bias (something not seriously contested by the Crown during submissions) I will refrain from conducting a detailed credibility analysis.  Suffice it to say that Mr. Murphy and Mr. Gray were extremely effective in their cross examinations.

[10] Exhibit 3, Tab 4, Spring 2016 Edition of Your Ward News, p. 3 “Message from our Editor-in-Chief” by James Sears, “I must dedicate two solid weeks per month to prepare each issue.  I must direct our talented graphic artist Robert James on exactly how I want the paper laid out and what images I want created”.

[11] As I had earlier found in dismissing Mr. Sears’ and Mr. St. Germain’s application for a stay of proceedings, oral reasons on September 20, 2018

[12] The Crown conceded this was the correct interpretation of the law.  Although not directly on point see the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in R. v. Villaroman 2016 SCC 33 (CanLII), [2016], 1 S.C.R. 1000 at paras. 16-43

[13] Also see Exhibit 3, Tab 1, Your Ward News, June 2015, p. 1-2 “I Love Pulling Warren Kinsella’s Strings!” article by James Sears

ALISON CHABLOZ: Appeal Fiasco Is a Reflection of Shambolic English Court and Criminal Justice System

ALISON CHABLOZ: Appeal Fiasco Is a Reflection of Shambolic English Court and Criminal Justice System
by Alison Chabloz – December 11, 2018

At Monday’s Southwark Crown Court hearing for mention and fix for my Appeal, the listing clerk apologetically explained that she had requested the presence of two magistrates for the scheduled December dates as early as September 30th. She was notified only late afternoon Friday that none were available.

The Court eventually did however manage to find enough jurors for the Legal Argument part of my Appeal to go ahead by having surplus jurors sent over from the Old Bailey. Mid-morning, I was contacted by my barrister who said that the Legal Arguments might proceed if I was still able to attend.

I refused.

Did the Court want a hearing without media attention and without supporters or counter-protesters? I certainly wasn’t going to be able to organise security at such short notice, not to mention the worry of being arrested outside court as happened in October 2017, when I was 
handcuffed, thrown into the back of a freezing police van and held in custody for 48 hours – for singing songs!

A couple of supporters who for some reason had not received my update did turn up in Southwark. Yesterday’s events as described to me by one of them confirm the impression of yet another scene from a satire by Molière: papers endlessly shuffled around or lost; yet another new judge who admitted not having read either of the briefs submitted; vanishing jurors… In short, a total fiasco.

The Appeal has now been rescheduled for three days starting February 11th.

Christian Activist Blasts BC Human Rights Tribunal for Calling a Transgendered She While Insisting Defence Not Call Oger “He”

Christian Activist Kari Simpson Blasts BC Human Rights Tribunal for Calling a Transgendered She While Insisting Defence Not Call Oger “He”


Daniel Varnals



Notice to Panel Members: Oger v Whatcott

Cease disrespectful and offensive language use in addressing Complainant Oger.

I will be attending the hearing again today and trust you will be respectful of those, like me and many others in the hearing room, who do not engage in a dissociative reality and refrain from trampling on the rights of women.


Please refer to the Complainant simply as “the complainant”.  The use of associative feminine related language to address a biological male is at best ludicrous from a position of logic and degrading, disrespectful and humiliating to those whose gender identity and reality is female – a Charter protected, provable state of being. I find it astonishing that special rights and privilege to the exclusion of others would be on such blatant and overtly biased display by the Tribunal members.

Please adjust your conduct to be respectful of all protected groups and people. I appreciate that Complainant Oger’s legal counsel will continue to abuse the English language and reality, that is ok, we have free speech but as impartial jurists your responsibilities and obligations include impartiality.

I would also bring to your attention that my assistant was shocked to be using, what should be a safe place for a woman-the bathroom, only to find a biological man in the same facility.  The BCHRT is there to protect the rights of woman and should be a safe place.

Please remedy this situation immediately.  Provide use of an independent bathroom for individuals who identify contrary to their biology if need be but don’t trample on my rights to accommodate another’s.

Thank you,

Kari Simpson

Executive Director Culture Guard

Tribunal enforces transgendered agenda and compelled speech. Defence lawyer Dr. Charles Lugosi repeatedly admonished for calling Oger “he.”

Tribunal enforces transgendered agenda and compelled speech. Defence lawyer Dr. Charles Lugosi repeatedly admonished for calling Oger “he.” 
Exclusive report by Paul Fromm
* Tribunal threatens to ban Bill Whatcott from his own hearing & fine him for speaking out saying ,”Stop harassing my lawyer!” 
Paul Fromm joins Brian Ruhe at the BC Human Rights Tribunal, Dec. 11, 2018. This was after the first day of…

Day 1 British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal & News Coverage

Day 1 British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal & News Coverage

Day 1 British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal & News Coverage

Postby Bill Whatcott » Wed Dec 12, 2018 1:31 am

Bill Whatcott at 8:30 am standing with supporters in front of a coffee shop next to the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal (BCHRT) on Robson St in Vancouver

Whatcott with supporters

Pro-homofascism supporters fail to show love and acceptance to Bill Whatcott

In fact they called the police on Bill and attempted to get him arrested when he started handing out his newest flyer exposing the corrupt workings of the BCHRT. You can see Bill’s newest hard hitting flyer here if you scroll to the bottom of the post here: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=10738

Anyways, a lady with the pro-homo group attempted to get me arrested by asking me when the cop was talking to me “Were you not arrested for a hate crime for handing out a similar flyer in Toronto?” I looked at her and as politely as possible asked her to “go flush your head down a toilet.” I then got back to handing out my flyers and the two cops after reading my flyer left.

Once it got close to hearing time I went upstairs and here is the last picture I was allowed to take before the kangaroo inquisition began

The kangaroo inquisition began poorly enough. My side asked for one extra chair and Mr. Ronan Oger (the transvestite complainant) interjected himself into our request and said I should not be able to have an extra chair for my side. I commented “Ronan being his usual gracious self.” I then went outside of the hearing room to stand with my supporter until he could get a chair and notwithstanding Ronan’s lack of class, my supporter was eventually given a chair in the hearing room and after that little kerfuffle, my lawyer, Mr. Oger’s lawyer, and the lawyers for the interveners, Justice Centre, CAFE, West Coast LEAF and BCTF each gave 10 minute opening remarks.

My lawyer argued for a functioning democracy to work we have to be free to criticize all aspects of a candidate’s life. Ronan Oger’s lawyer spoke nonsense that my words could lead to violence and were preventing Ronan from participating in the political discourse.

The lawyer for West Coast LEAF went on about “non-binary,” “Two spirited,” “Trans,” gender expressions needing human rights protection. She seemed to reject the notion that wishing to speak in a way that is grounded in reality should be a human right.

The West Coast LEAF lawyer also accused me of wanting to remove Mr. Oger from the political debate. She didn’t understand, Ronan could run for office just fine, but in a democracy would have to deal with the fact I don’t agree he is a woman.

The BCTF lawyer understood what was at stake, though she is on the other side. She warned this case will set a precedent that will effect the entire country.

I enjoyed the JCCF lawyer’s submission. He warned election freedom its self is at stake in this case and passionately defended freedom of speech.

Early in the proceedings Ronan’s lawyer Susanna Quail disrupted the hearing and complained my lawyer was “misgendering” Mr. Oger.

At lunch hour Mr. Oger’s lawyer complained I was posting on Facebook during the trial and clearly her client was unhappy that my Facebook posts were critical of his claims he is a woman. I was ordered by the Tribunal Chair to quit posting in the hearing room.

Ronan went on for awhile under cross examination about his alleged fear for his personal safety and how my flyer ruined his life.

When my lawyer was cross examining Mr. Oger about his subjective experiences, Oger’s lawyer repeatedly objected to my lawyer’s line of questioning and the Tribunal upheld all of her objections. My lawyer found it hard to question and while he tried to stay neutral with pronouns and mostly referred to Ronan as “The Complainant,” a couple times he slipped up and called Ronan “he,” thereby eliciting the wrath of all three Tribunal members. (Devyn Cousineau, Diana Juricevic, Norman Trerise)

After Devyn Cousineau (NDP supporter and financial contributer to tranvestite political groups) berated my lawyer harshly and warned Dr. Lugosi he “misgendered” Mr. Oger “5 times,” Tribunal member Norman Trerise accidentally refered to Mr. Oger as a “he” and promptly apologized.

I got upset and demanded the Tribunal members quit bullying Mr. Lugosi and I yelled out “The Emporer has no clothes, even Norman accidentally called Ronan what he is, a guy.”

The adjudicator Norman Trerise got upset with me for saying that and ordered me to shut up. After a short recess, adjudicator Diana Juricevic warned me if I had an “outburst” like that again I would be removed from my own hearing and ordered to pay costs.

Kari Simpson of Culture Guard who is helping my lawyer, was also ordered not to talk anymore as she asked the Tribunal to quit offending her by misgendering Mr. Oger with their pretending he is a female.

The Tribunal ended at 4:30 pm and is set to resume tomorrow.

Please pray for us…….

“They traded God’s truth for a lie, and they worshipped and served the creation instead of the creator, who is blessed forev



Please read BELOW even if you don’t sign …… You may not agree
with him but we all have a RIGHT to our Beliefs.
Without that RIGHT, we are no longer a democracy but a dictatorship!
I don’t usually sign these  Petitions but this is “overkill”  IMHO.
Sent: Monday, December 10, 2018 6:22 AM
To: Laurell
Subject: Fwd: Free Speech on Trial This Week in BC

Send  it around to as many on your list as possible.

Subject: Free Speech on Trial This Week in BC

Dismiss the Complaint Against Bill Whatcott in BC

TO: BC Human Rights Tribunal

RE: Case# 16408 (Oger v. Whatcott)

In the case of Oger v. Whatcott, I ask
that the complaint against Mr. Whatcott be dismissed immediately.

Mr. Whatcott freely admits producing
flyers that identify the complainant’s biological sex. He did this to
provide the voting public with information about a public figure
running for public office. The public has a right to know about the
lives and backgrounds of those who are elected to represent them. This
is necessary for a free and open society to function.

Mr. Whatcott’s further comments on
transgenderism are based both in scientific fact and in his Christian
faith. Science has shown that it is impossible to truly change one’s
biological sex, and the Bible teaches it is sinful to try. The
complainant may be personally offended by these statements, but they
are a far cry from being an attack on anyone’s dignity, feelings,
reputation, or self-respect, as the complainant asserts.

Mr. Whatcott produced his flyer not as
an act of hatred or hostility, but out of concern for the truth, for
God’s Word, and for the complainant’s eternal soul.

If an ordinary citizen is no longer free
to express his beliefs, opinions, and thoughts, especially when those
are well-grounded in science and Christian tradition, then our society
is no longer truly free. Our human rights code must never be used as
an instrument of suppression, but rather as a force for freedom and
liberation for all.


Dear Sally,

I have been following the “hate crimes trial”
of Bill Whatcott since the summer. This Christian activist from
Alberta was charged with the “willful promotion of hatred” against
“gays” – a very serious offence that could land him in prison for two

Bill was charged because he had the courage to
peacefully pass out some flyers during a “gay pride” parade in Toronto
back in 2016. Those flyers warned about the health hazards of
homosexuality and presented a Gospel message of hope for those who
repent and turn to Christ. There was absolutely no hatred in his
messaging – and he was certainly not calling on anyone to hurt, harm,
or harass LGBT practitioners.

Bill’s hate crimes trial is set to continue in
Ontario in the new year. (You can read more about it on our petition

Meanwhile, all the way across the country in
British Columbia, Bill Whatcott is facing another frivolous legal
battle. This week, from Tuesday to Friday, Bill will be appearing
before the BC Human Rights Tribunal in order to face a complaint
brought by a person who goes by the name of Ms. Morgane Oger.


Ms. Morgane is actually a Mr. – he is a
biological male who was once married and has even fathered children.
He also happens to be the vice-president of the BC NDP – which gives
him a certain political clout.

When Mr. Oger was running in the recent
election, Bill put together some pamphlets to advise BC citizens of
Mr. Oger’s deceptive lifestyle. They rightfully informed otherwise
unknowing voters that this individual on the ballot is presenting
himself falsely. They also shared the Biblical and scientific truth of
our human gender identity: God created us male and female – and it is
impossible to switch from one sex to the other.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with
transgenderism and its underlying “gender theory”, we cannot allow the
BC Human Rights Tribunal to close all debate on the subject. It is not
up to this quasi-judicial body to decide which groups of people do and
do not enjoy freedom of expression and religion. We ALL have the right
to share our sincerely-held beliefs – whether other people like it or
not. Without that right, we are no longer a democracy but a

Please join me in signing this new petition in
support of Bill Whatcott, addressed to the BC Human Rights Tribunal.


Yours for Freedom,

David Cooke and the Entire CitizenGO Team

P.S. If you are in the Vancouver area, there
will be a gathering of support for Bill in front of the BC Human
Rights Tribunal at 605 Robson St. on Wed. Dec. 12th at noon. Please
join in if you are able.