The World from Fort McMurray — Commentary By Former Political Prisoner Brad Love

The World from Fort McMurray — Commentary By Former Political Prisoner Brad Love
On a rare day off I attend Burger King for a 25-cent coffee and I am served by a 12-year-old East Indian boy.  I asked his age.  This town of For. McMurray (Ft. Mac) is awash with temporary foreign workers. Land at the newly opened airport and the facility is awash in Filipinos cleaning and serving.
The costliest hotel in town (where politicos constantly meet) is the Saw Ridge Inn which is owned by a native ban,although, no natives seem work there. Its staff is all Third Worlders, some of whom, despite the vast profits this hotel rakes in, are housed in local subsidized housing.  Corporate welfare?  Of course.  The workers who did interior renovations at this hotel were all mainland Chinese.  I asked.  

Downtown streets are awash with strolling Africans and Muslims and all of the women seem to be enormously pregnant.  Not good.  While our hospital and other social facilities hold nonstop charity drives to buy equipment, our mayor spends $20 million on a footbridge that will cross a rarely used river.  And tens of millions more will go  on a downtown arena and outdoor rink near city hall.  The bridge and the rink will be deserted come our -40-degree winters.
No one asked for this stuff.  Is our city government  simply rewarding their contractor pals with borrowed dollars?  Our delicate media dare not ask hard questions … nor do I.  Despite the billions that Harper wastes on Afghan/Africa/Haiti, our door-to-door mail service gets cut off in 60 days. Meanwhile, I work 80 hours weekly, the government steals half so Harper can fly all his pals to Israel.  I know, BUT DON’T SAY ANYTHING!!!
Back in Ontario, which I also subsidize, almost 2 million souls wile away their days on welfare or ODSP while here in Ft. Mac, a steady stream of temporary foreign workers lands at the airport.  No one gets this. 
In the parking lot of our downtown mall, dozens of homeless and disoriented natives sleep on lawns and in doorways.  At night, they actually lock the doors on our heated bus shelters to prevent vandalism and sleepovers. No one ever asked for these costly shelters either.  Our local radio DJs will utter “fart and boob” comments but will never talk about what I’ve written and I dare not call them to prompt them either. They might complain of “harassment” again.  Juvenile cowards, all of them!
Here’s a prediction:  When Harper/Kenney/Baird leave office, how much you wanna bet that these three stooges for Israel find great jobs with companies like Gerry Schwartz’s Onex Corp for their undying obedience to Jewish causes.    Not a coincidence. Trust me.  No one will question this. 
Obesity is a huge problem here.  Too many dollars and nowhere to go. So, they eat fast food like you wouldn’t believe. This will jam up our depleted healthcare in the years to come, Yet, let’s not offend self-inflicted fat people who don’t know what to do with their dollars.  I’ve met grown men who don’t even know what an RRSP is.  ‘Course, they’ve never ever voted and would understand nothing of this letter’s contents.  A 300-pound woman covered in tattoos is not pretty to look at!
Now that the holocaust of Gaza is all but complete, certain media types and politicos here mouth off about Israeli’s right to defend itself.  Now of course, if you ever mentioned Canada or Canadian’s “right to defend themselves” or such similar nationalistic themes, especially when it comes to immigration, illegals, foreign aid, etc., these same brash Israel-firsters will be the first to accuse you of being “closed minded and racist” and will set upon you like only the B’nai Brith knows how.  What is good for racist Israel is NOT good for or in Canada. If this same tribe continues to shut down free speech as they’re doing then they should not be surprised when no one speaks up when they come for them again.  They’ve dug their own graves. 
Brad Love arrested at Toronto free speech meeting in April, 2009 for “breach of probation” for writing more letters.. The eight-man take  down squad of Metropolitan Toronto thought police brought a Globe and Mail reporter in tow.
Political prisoner Brad Love was hammered, in 2003, with the harshest sentence ever — 18 months — under Canada’s notorious thought crimes law, Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code for writing opinionated non-threatening letters to elected officials. His probation conditions have been repeatedly tightened over the intervening years so that, at one point, a Judge Hogg (no kidding) ordered him not to write to “any person” without their  express consent. This order was issued, not in North Korea, but in Canada. In 2012, he was convicted of breach of probation for sending information packages to several Jewish groups who had, in fact, consented. He received an additional 18 months and now labours under a further ban not to write to political media or religious groups. Again, this Orwellian trampling of free speech occurred , not in North Korea or the Congo, but in smug, self-satisfied and increasingly repressive Canada.