What’s Happening With the Trucker’s Freedom Convoys, by Paul Fromm

What’s Happening With the Trucker’s Freedom Convoys, by Paul Fromm

Paul Fromm came to Vancouver on Feb. 23, 2022 and talked to us about:

* Dr. James Sears is back in prison in Toronto for something he said in a recent video and associating with “White Supremacists”.
* The Deep State’s Black Psyop Campaign to Discredit the Convoy
* Collusion of major politicians & the Fake News media in the smear
* Mark Carney, major Globalist & possible future Liberal leader, screams for “sedition” charges

Paul Fromm has been the Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression since 1983. CAFE is dedicated to Free Speech, Immigration Reform, and Restoring Political Sanity. The website can be found at cafe.nfshost.com

Paul is also the Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee at:

Paul lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and you can contact him at
paul@paulfromm.com .

Freedom Rallies in the Okanagan, February 26 & 27; Osoyoos Convoy & Revealing First Hand Report by David Lindsay on Police Brutality in Ottawa

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Freedom Rallies in the Okanagan, February 26 & 27; Osoyoos Convoy & Revealing First Hand Report by David Lindsay on Police Brutality in Ottawa

Feb 26th Stuart Park

Ottawa Trucker’s Rally Report

It was a long trip to Ottawa, fraught with hours of snow, treacherous roads, and slow moving vehicles…but make it we did. Winnipeg has huge volumes of snow everywhere!

You can see our pix and videos at: https://t.me/+CvMdvLvR6kU4YjQ5

On Friday morning we attempted to get in via the Rideau Centre bridge, over the Rideau Canal. Hundreds of police from Toronto, Ottawa, RCMP, Quebec were present. Drones, snipers everywhere. Tow truck drivers who gave up their morals and ethics for a paycheque, were seen to bust into a camper, breaking windows and hauling out the person and arresting him. A woman attempted to stand in front of a semi-truck, as visible thrown to the ground by at least six cops and was clearly seen to be assaulted.

They then towed the camper and proceeded to haul out the semi-trucks.

Cops barricaded the bridge preventing anyone from crossing. All exits to downtown from the 417 were simultaneously blocked by police. By this time, we began to walk back to the car and try and get downtown from another entrance point. We had to drive later to Quebec and enter from one of the bridges there. And was it cold…-15 with strong winds blowing in from the Ottawa River. I think we have been acclimatized to the Okanagan too long for this type of weather!

Prior to leaving, Bettina from the World Wide Rally was scheduled to speak at a special meeting in Vernon on Sunday. Thank you to supporters at this meeting for their generous donations which we distributed to the truckers. Some of them were even locally from B.C. (Keremeos and Abbotsford). A couple of them actually looked like they were going to cry when I told them the donation was from our Vernon BC freedom activists. CLEAR and the WWR further helped out some additional truckers. There was so much appreciation from them it was hard for us not to cry. The emotional energy was amazing and inspiring, not just from the truckers, but everyone present. Several truckers told me that they were in tears driving at the support they got along the way. An insight many of us were not privy to because each driver was in his/her own truck. Those are people with true feelings.

It was amazing to talk to the truck drivers and people present – thousands. The media reports are not exaggerated – they are falsified. There is no violence of any kind anywhere. Just love – everyone says hi to each other whether stranger or not. Where else do you see that in Canada today?

We were grateful to be able to go into the heated tent area and meet more people and I witnessed actual homeless people be allowed in to eat as well. These people are not the terrorists that Trudeau and the media portrayed them to be – but we all knew that to begin with, didn’t we?

On our way back later that night, the Quebec police had set up gates and were letting people out but refusing entry. Same with Saturday morning. At this time as we were going to try and get across again, I noticed that the wood on one of the bridge sidewalks had been removed from one side of the bridge. Interesting.

So, we travelled until we got to the Confederation Bridge and were able to get across there and park about a 30 minute walk away – again in bitterly cold weather and sustained 40-50 KPH winds.

It was wonderful to see Kyle, Sarah (from the Resistance), Marcus Ray, Dan Dicks, Laura Lynn, and others, as well as local friends.

Things had changed significantly overnight and in the early morning. Almost all trucks were gone and the police had pushed everyone from the Rideau Bridge all the way to the Confederation Building, at Wellington and Bank St.

Cops would push with their batons and then stop. People tried to set up a chain but were pushed back by the brute force of these terrorist “law enforcement” officers – a difference I have said for years is much different than a peace officer.

A tank of some sort was behind the front-line cops, (these aren’t cops – they are glorified military officers in times of peace) who all had pepper spray and used it profusely on innocent people.

At some point, a large number of officers left only to cross over and come back down Sparks St., with another tank. Horses then followed up behind on Wellington St., however they too left after about 45 minutes or so. The crowd by this time, had they desired to so do, could have pushed the remaining police back – there were many more of us at this time than the police. But as a testament again to the peace loving nature of the protesters, no such attempt was made of any offensive action.

We stayed for hours again in this bitterly cold weather and wind. Many people were having to leave by this time, many with icicles on them. It is difficult to describe this cold wind – and unfortunately though we were prepared for cold, we were not prepared for this wind. Finally, after hours of a stand off, we were simply too frigidly cold to be of much use and had to leave. Shortly after, long time B.C. freedom supporter Kyle Cardinal was hit with rubber bullets which destroyed his camera.

The new Ottawa Police Chief fill in, held press conferences lying to the press that we were assaulting them. I witnessed no such assaults other than the police pepper spraying innocent protesters. Nor did anyone else.

The police meanwhile were filming everyone in attendance and the police chief fill in has warned their investigation will continue for months and more charges will be laid. For what? This Emergencies Act Order will go down in history as the largest unlawful and unconstitutional use of power in the history of Canada.

MSM of course was there, to cover only those parts to support the gov’t narrative.

No doubt Trudeau has been on his knees to Jagmeet Singh of the NDP to get his support for the passage of this Emergencies Act. If Trudeau fails on Monday in either the House or the Senate, it will be a non-confidence vote and an election will have to be called. Trudeau knows full well he will never get re-elected right now, as does Singh, and thus is likely offering Singh anything he wants.

The truckers have relocated to a location to kept silent for the time being. But they will be back – and so will we!!!

You can see our pix and videos at: https://t.me/+CvMdvLvR6kU4YjQ5

Ex post facto

Now the Gov’t and police propaganda wheels begin. They are now personally attacking the leaders. False allegations will be made, including criminal charges, in order to convince the gullible MSM public that people who love and organize for freedom, are terrorists.

Watch in the media, especially from the Ottawa police, as they begin to attack everyone attending these rallies in the public MSM, on the direct instructions from the PMO and Freeland.

Speaking of Freeland, she is using this protest as a basis to immediately give FINTRAC more powers to steal your property. The Emergencies Act Order will continue the Gov’t says, but refuses to say for how long. This is frightening as now, the alleged reasons for the Order, ie: the protests, are over in Ottawa, and the ability of the police anywhere in Canada to now steal your property and arrest and beat you without cause, still remains.

Freeland – you need to be in the jail cell next to Trudeau!

Special Thanks:

To all those people involved in the border protests throughout BC over the past few weeks. Thousands more amazing freedom loving people who refuse to believe the gov’t narrative.

Here are just a couple of pictures from the incredible Osoyoos border protest on Saturday, with an estimated 2000 in attendance. Combined with Kelowna, Penticton and Vernon, we are approaching 4000 people now publicly objecting to these lockdowns just in the Okanagan! And there are tens of thousands more who are simply unable or fearful to attend. We are the majority


From 176th St. border crossing.


February 26, 2022 12:00 noon Stuart Park Kelowna – CLEAR MEGA RALLY & MEGA MARCH!

Featuring some of Canada’s leading

advocates for freedom:

Tanya Gaw Action4Canada

Ted Kuntz Vaccine Choice Canada

Beatrice Weir Vernon Activist

Jennifer Vaccine injured speaker

Immediately after our rally at Stuart Park, we will begin the CLEAR MEGA MARCH through downtown Kelowna onto Harvey St. (Hwy 97)! This MARCH is incredibly exciting and inspiring and brings out the best in freedom supporters. It demonstrates to the entire City, Province, and to the world that we continue to be one of the largest anti-lockdown areas of B.C., and with the lowest vaccination rate!

With the longest Freedom marches in the BC Interior, you can participate in our ongoing historical opposition to gov’t tyranny. Support in the public is higher now than ever! So too is the need to public visibility.

With the Trudeau Gov’t now planning increased FINTRAC powers and ongoing rights and freedoms deprivations, and Bonnie the Commie clearly not quitting in her attempts to impose Communism under the guise of concern for your health, “it ain’t over” and we need your ongoing peaceful participation to these rallies/protests and refusal to comply with all Gov’t COVID-29 mandates.

We will return to Stuart Park after the highway for socializing and greetings!

NOTE: BC Gov’t attempts to infiltrate and ruin our Freedom Rally – and FAILS!!!

Despite recent attempts by a Provincial Interior Health official, Elliot Penner, to organize a counter rally, only about 10 people showed up, compared to 1000 in support for freedom! Attempts have been made previously at counter protests which have all failed miserably, confirming that our support for freedom remains the dominant force. Even those advocated by the Provincial Government, are wretchedly failing. Clearly Elliot Penner was not acting on his own but in his capacity as an IH official.


February 26, 2022 Vernon Freedom Rally

12:00 Noon Polson Park

Join Darren for the Largest rally in the Northern Okanagan, and growing weekly!


February 26, 2022 Oliver Freedom Rally

1:00 p.m. Town Hall

Join the Oliver freedom activists who are now just beginning their local Freedom Rallies!


February 26, 2022 Osoyoos Freedom Rally

1:00 p.m. Hwy 97 – both sides – South of Hwy 97 and Hwy 3 intersection

Join the Osoyoos freedom activists who are now just beginning their local Freedom Rallies!


February 27, 2022 Penticton Freedom Rally

1:00 p.m. Warren & Main St. in N.E. lot

Join Mary Lou for the largest rally in the Southern Okanagan, and growing weekly!

Freedom Convoy Rallies Outside Constituency Office of B.C Premier Horgan

Freedom Convoy Rallies Outside Constituency Office of B.C Premier Horgan

The Convoy payed a boisterous, not un-friendly visit to the  office of MLA John Horgan today Feb 22 2022. It was bright and very cold at noon hour as about 40 vehicles did a slow-roll through the parking lot a few times, at a little stripmall in Langford. 

Of course, the office was locked tight against listening to  ‘the rabble’.  So, folks pasted votes of NON-confidence on his window. An excellent, cheap spontaneous expression of DIS-approval.   Let’s do  that on every one of the 87 constituency offices of MLAs in B. C. !      The medium IS the message !!

I saw a poster this evening with the logos of the BCGEU and  CUPE, the big unions of gov’t. workers in British Columbia, promoting  rallies in Vancouver this week.
IF that’s  true , then the Horgan administration is in BIG trouble. The New Democratic Party being the labour movement in 3-piece suits.  If the NeeDiPpers have lost the support of unions, especially those employed by the gov’t.,   then they’re in death-spiral. 

When Carole James departed, the NeeDiPpers were at a loss. Horgan stepped in and managed to form a gov’t., doing OK as long as he contained his infamous “Irish temper”.    The Peter Principle, is people rise to the level of their INcompetence.  For at least twoyears, it’s been obvious that John Horgan was over his head, as Premier.  The presser last week  …where he peddled  the notion that “anti-vaxxers had harassed a health care worker‘,  calling  it “thuggery” … tells me he’s ready to blow a gasket.    Desperately making stuff up to deflect attention from our GATHERINGS on the lawn of the Legislature
I hope he does it publicly. It’ll be great entertainment ! A suitable climax punctuating the end of his disastrous performance.

Gordon S Watson
Justice Critic, Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians

convoy Horgan's office Feb 22 2022 001.jpg

Huge Protests Against Forced Vaccination Spread to New Zealand

Huge Protests Against Forced Vaccination Spread to New Zealand

This is me at the New Zealand protest against mandatory vaccines, in front of parliament building Wellington. There are 800 tents, including free food tents, medical tent, church tent, Hari Krishna tents and many others. There are teachers, plumbers, builders, truck drivers, farmers, preachers, people from all walks of life, all ages. The atmosphere is very friendly, calm, peaceful. About 2000 people.

The dog is ancient and I had to baby sit it ALL day. Micky is his name and he can’t hardly walk. Heaps of people took photographs and shared the love. — Lanya Murray

This is What Trudeau’s Police State Looks Like: Chilliwack Single Mom’s Bank Account Frozen for $50 Donation to Truckers & Ottawa Mayor Wants to Steal Truckers’ Vehicles

Canadian MP Details How Struggling Single Mother’s Bank Account Has Been Frozen By Trudeau Regime

by Steve Watson February 22nd 2022, 6:41 am

Because she dared to donate $50 to the truckersImage Credit:LeslieLauren / Getty ImagesShareLIVE

Canadian MP Mark Strahl related how a single mother in his district has had her bank account totally frozen by the Trudeau regime after she completely legally donated $50 to the trucker Freedom Convoy.

“Briane is a single mom from Chilliwack working a minimum wage job,” Strahl tweeted, adding “She gave $50 to the convoy when it was 100% legal. She hasn’t participated in any other way. Her bank account has now been frozen.”

The MP further urged “This is who Justin Trudeau is actually targeting with his Emergencies Act orders.”

In a follow up post, Strahl noted that the mother was attacked online by anti-freedom trolls after his initial tweet.

“I am not going to help you dox her,” Strahl asserted, adding “I know who she is and I won’t stop fighting for her.”

This is just one of hundreds if not thousands of cases, however the exact number of accounts that have been frozen is unknown because, despite the demands of MPs, the government will not provide further information.

In addition to targeting bank accounts, the mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson has suggested confiscating vehicles from freedom protesters and selling them, thus taking away their livelihoods.

“This is costing a small fortune for the taxpayers of Ottawa,” Watson claimed, adding “That’s one of the reasons why under the Emergencies Act, I’ve asked our solicitor and our city manager: How can we keep the tow trucks and the campers and the vans and everything else that we’ve confiscated, and sell those pieces of equipment to help recoup some of the costs that our taxpayers are absorbing? So that’s one of the provisions of the Emergencies Act, and we have been a beneficiary of the Emergencies Act.”

The tyrannical actions of the Canadian government are now on show for all to see. Conservative Shadow Minister for Finance Pierre Poilievre slammed Trudeau’s “unjustifiable power grab,” and specifically addressed the targeting of those who have donated to the “wrong political cause.”

Poilievre described it as “Not just an attack on their finances, but on their personal security.”

He emphasised “If your bank account is frozen, you can’t buy food, you can’t buy fuel, you can’t pay your children’s daycare fees, and you can, under this law, face that personal attack without being charged with a single solitary crime.”

Poilievre further warned “This is time limited, but his own finance minister said she wants some of the tools to be permanent. He said it will be geographically targetted, yet his own parliamentary secretary for justice said ‘the act technically applies to all of Canada,’ so the rules apply everywhere and indefinitely.”

Watch: https://rumble.com/embed/vst0gi/?pub=4

The comments came as Trudeau vowed that emergency measure will remain in place, and the Canadian parliament voted to keep them in force.

As we noted yesterday, Canada has moved to make the asset freezing part of its Emergencies Act a permanent fixture.

Huge Freedom Rally in Osoyoos

Huge Freedom Rally in Osoyoos

For the third weekend in a row, a freedom fighters convoy wound its way from Salmon Arm, picking up supporters in Vernon, Kelowna, Peachland, Summerland, Penticton and Oliver and ending up right at the American border. By then we were 2,500 strong with cars lining the sides of the highway for a mile. A farmer lent a field for RVs. A sound system was set up on a flatbed. A number of Sikhs and local Indians joined the protest as well.

It was a party atmosphere, hugs, music, flags flying, signs galore and not a mask in sight. The convoy will be even larger next weekend.

CAFE had a strong presence

What unites the freedom fighters

  1. A demand that the freedoms crushed in the name of COVID be restored.

2. No Emergency Measures Act.

3. And end to all freedom crushing mandates — forced masking, compelled vaxxing

4. Rehiring of all employees fired for refusing an intrusive medical procedure — the vaccination

Paul Fromm on Canada’s Truckers’ Freedom Rally & It’s Slide to Dictatorship Under Justin Trudeau

Paul Fromm on Canada’s Truckers’ Freedom Rally & It’s Slide to Dictatorship Under Justin Trudeau

Paul Fromm is in Osoyoos, British Columbia, in the Okanagan Valley, supporting the Freedom Convoy!Does the Convoy set the stage for a Canadian Uprising like Budapest 1956? Is there a modern Canadian leader like the Convoy set the stage for a Canadian Uprising like Budapest 1956? Is there a modern Canadian leader like Cardinal József Mindszenty? How about the Canadian People’s Party’s Maxime Bernier? Why are the freedom fighters 60% women? Is it because Justin Trudeau is condescendingly treating the people like frightened women? Is Trudeau trying to assert dictatorial powers and suspend constitutional process? Does Trudeau hate the truckers because they are overwhelmingly White?

Police Brutality – Time to Pick a Side

ProtecPolice Brutality – Time to Pick a Sideing Faith, Family and Freedom  

  Police have sworn an oath to protect the citizens of Canada and to uphold the law. Those that are in violation must be documented/recorded and held to account. See Call to Action below! Trudeau’s desperate attempt to hold on to power by invoking the Emergencies Act changes nothing for Canadians. First of all, he has not demonstrably proved that there is an emergency and in fact had to fabricate one in order to facilitate his subversive attack as he grapples to hold on to power. Secondly, even if he succeeds in prolonging the Emergencies Act it states very clearly in the preamble that the Charter of Rights and Bill of Rights are “fundamental rights that are not to be limited or abridged even in a national emergency.” Trudeau doesn’t have a leg to stand on. He knows it and this is his last hurrah. It is critical for Canadians to rise up en-masse in civil disobedience, Canada wide, to support the truckers. Officers Holding the Line and Siding with the People!

Join Tanya with special guests Daniel Bulford, former RCMP (protection detail for the PM) and Vincent Gircys, retired OPP Officer. Daniel and Vincent have been in Ottawa on the front line, supporting the peaceful assembly, holding the line and encouraging others to do the same. Daniel and Vincent have both been outspoken in holding the government to account for their draconian measures, and in support of our democracy and freedom. Register in Advance.

Daniel was recently arrested and then released without charge, like the vast majority. Trudeau, with the help of the Ottawa police, is attempting to use fear and intimidation as he struggles to maintain power. Read More.

What to Say to Ottawa Police when Stopped at Checkpoints

Hon. Brian Peckford is the last surviving architect of the Charter and in his own words he very clearly states, “Section 1 of the Charter of Rights and Freedom’s intent was to apply to war, insurrection and if the state was in peril. The Ottawa situation hardly fits into any of these categories, now does it? That’s why the Charter is in the Constitution Act and not just another Federal or Provincial Act.”

Is this Really Happening in Canada?!

The police spin was that the crowd was too close to the police line and so it was necessary to use the horses to create some space. The media spin said a bike was thrown at a horse. The reality was that an older, Mohawk lady who had a mobility walker, and who was having a peaceful conversation with the police, was brutally trampled by police on horseback. Read more.

Police Brutally Targeting Independent Reporters

Appalling Conduct by Ottawa Police

The question being asked should be:

Who are they and where did THEY come from? Police take an oath in Canada to serve and protect citizens, not a corrupt government.

If your rights have been violated or you have been assaulted by the police, file a complaint and request an investigation.

It is Effective to File Complaints Against Police

The Ontario Special Investigation Unit have commenced investigations into two police-involved incidents that occurred at the protest in Ottawa yesterday. They are seeking video evidence of the events.

Ottawa Police Chief Complicit to Treason?

There is no question, if you are not for us you are against us. If you support Trudeau’s unlawful and illegal actions, you are an enemy of the State. Is the Ottawa Police Chief being compensated well to commit these offenses against his fellow Canadians?

His announcement is meant to intimidate and instill fear. This posturing is evident when you consider that nearly all of the citizens who were recently arrested at the “peaceful assembly” were released with no charge!

An Appeal to Police to Stand with the People

Chrystia Facsist Freeland: Freezing Bank Accounts?

Banks and other financial institutions are now legally required to monitor for dissidents and freeze their assets if they suspect someone has participated in dissident activities. On top of that, they’ve become a part of the State’s surveillance apparatus — they have to tell the RCMP or the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), account details of potential dissidents. Read more.

We need to appeal to law enforcement and ask them to not participate in the illegal actions of the government.

Call to Action!

Remember: Freedom of speech, thought, belief and the right to life, liberty and security of the person are guaranteed. We do not need to beg, barter or ask for them…they are ours for the taking.

Please consider becoming a monthly donor to help Action4Canada continue to bring solutions and hope to the nation!

God bless you and God bless Canada!

The Team

SHOCKING: Trudeau’s officers shoot journalist point blank

SHOCKING: Trudeau’s officers shoot journalist point blank

Canadian PoliticsCOVID-19Vaccine Mandate Feb 19 Written By Keean Bexte

PETITION: Parliament should REVOKE Trudeau’s new power

Rebel News veteran journalist Alexa Lavoie has been shot point-blank with a tear gas canister by the faceless enforcers of Justin Trudeau’s regime, leaving her with severe but not life-threatening injuries.

According to Rebel News founder Ezra Levant, “I just spoke with Alexa Lavoie, our brave reporter who was just assaulted by Trudeau’s police. She tells me a cop hit her three times with a club and then shot a tear gas canister at her leg from point-blank range.”

“… Alexa says she was specifically targeted by a cop who saw her camera. She says he came up to her and beat her and pushed her down. She says he tried to knock the phone out of her hands, to stop her from filming.

The vicious attack against a journalist working for an independent media outlet is shocking but should not come as a surprise. Only yesterday, the Ottawa Police (who are now primarily composed of outside forces) openly threatened journalists, even arresting the YouTuber ZOT for merely doing his job and filming the ongoing brutality against peaceful protesters.h

“All media who are attending the area, please keep a distance and stay out of police operations for your safety. Anyone found within areas undergoing enforcement may be subject to arrest. There will be a media availability later today at 474 Elgin Street,” Ottawa Police wrote in a Tweet yesterday.https://platform.twitter.com/embed/Tweet.html?dnt=false&embedId=twitter-widget-

To justify this heinous act, officers contend that a bicycle was thrown at them (who rides a bike in deep snow?), which images prove is a blatant lie. She’s an old woman confined to the use of a mobility scooter, and Trudeau’s thugs trampled her.width=550px

It’s a dark day in Canada, and it appears that there is no low too low that the Trudeau regime won’t stoop to. Children and dogs have been threatened, while journalists, protesters, and even old ladies have been outright assaulted.

Support Roman Babar’s Jobs or Jabs Bill — Protecting Unvaxxed Workers from Punishment

Support Roman Babar’s Jobs or Jabs Bill — Protecting Unvaxxed Workers from Punishment
The vaccine passports and mandates were never based on science. They don’t prevent transmission and no one is putting others at risk. While passports and mandates are fizzing out seemingly everywhere, Canada’s rule of law is under assault by political and partisan thuggery. I will say more on Justin Trudeau below, but do not absolve Doug Ford. Last Friday, February 11, 2022, Doug declared a State of Emergency under the EMPCA. This is despite the Automotive Parts Manufacturers obtaining a Court Order to clear the Ambassador Bridge on the very same day. You may have missed it, but two days earlier, the Ford Government obtained a Court Order freezing the Truck Convoy’s donations as an “offence related property” (See @rpoconnor tweet).

What kind of democracy freezes donations by deeming them an “offence related property” retroactively? Do not let Doug Ford off the hook, from this day forward he should be known as Doug Trudeau. Despite preaching “health before small business” weeks earlier and being “in favour of vaccination” when asked if he supported the mandate for truckers, a week later, in a typical Doug Trudeau fashion, Doug did an about face. Doug now says that “it doesn’t matter if you have one shot or two shots, you can catch Covid” and “everyone is done with this” – as if we had amnesia for the last two years. Remind your friends that Doug Trudeau is the world champion of lockdowns. It’s becoming widely acknowledged that lockdowns and school closures did not save lives.

That’s why Ontario is ranked 4th in Covid deaths per million, among Canada’s 13 provinces and territories. Despite elimination of provincially mandated passports, Doug Trudeau will allow businesses and institutions the ability to continue to use passports. While the provincial directive to hospitals and post secondary institutions will likely be lifted on March 1, many hospitals, institutions and other employers will choose to maintain the mandates. We must continue to fight this 21st century segregation.

On Thursday, March 3, 2022, my Jobs & Jabs Bill is coming back to the Legislature for Second Reading. The protection afforded to unvaccinated employees by my Bill is retroactive to September 1, 2021. We must put pressure on Labour Minister, Monte McNaughton to support the Bill.

Given Doug Trudeau’s new position on vaccines, there is no reason to oppose Jobs & Jabs and everyone should be back at work. I ask that you help me in two ways: this week, please email, tag and call Monte McNaughton at 519-245-8696, to ask that he support my bill on March 3rd; and help us get numbers by emailing my Jobs & Jabs Petition to your entire network, to advocate for passage of my Bill on March 3rd. We are at over 150,000 signatures and we should grow this number to demonstrate electoral strength before June 2nd.  Onto Justin Trudeau. I have never been so sad about Canada’s democracy. The use of the Emergencies Act does not pass the smell test and certainly does not meet the conditions for the Declaration. The Act requires that the Emergency is a critical situation that: seriously endangers the lives, health or safety of Canadians; exceeds the Province of Ontario’s capacity to deal with it; AND cannot be effectively dealt with under any other law of Canada. Whether one supports the Truckers or not, forceful clearing of peaceful protestors with horses, batons and armed tactical police present, left a permanent stain on our country. The traffic disruption created on a handful of streets in front of Parliament could have been addressed without the Declaration of Emergency. Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act for the first time in its existence to remove a hot tub, bouncy castles and peaceful loving Canadians because he knows that he lost on the science and arguments for mandates. He is now acting like a tough guy to save his narcissistic ego. Failing to narrow the scope of the order to freeze bank accounts left a permanent stain on Chrystia Freeland, Bill Blair and Marco Mendicino. Shame on them for threatening everyday Canadians by designating donations retroactively. I have one solace. This constitutional and cultural crisis was created by Justin and political lackeys like Doug Trudeau. Canada’s spirit, kindness and respect for the Rule of Law are greater than these two bullies. We can and will overcome these challenges. I have confidence in Canada’s and Ontario’s electoral democracy – “the people get the government they deserve”. We can restore our democracy by voting them out. My greatest wish for this Family Day is the healing of divisions between family and friends. Covid grifters and bullies taught some Canadians to fear one another. Families are needlessly broken. I invite you to watch my 50 second video, including Thursday’s statement by Dr. Isaac Bogoch, that he “doesn’t treat unvaccinated people as infected until proven otherwise – that would be unfair.” Please watch and share on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. These difficult times will pass. Wishing all of you a happy, peaceful and restful Family Day.

Always yours truly, 

Roman Baber Actions Recap: Email & share the Jobs & Jabs Petition to your entire network to help my Bill pass on March 3rd; Email Labour Minister Monte McNaughton monte.mcnaughtonco@pc.ola.org and call his office at 519-245-8696 to demand that he protects employees from mandates retroactively by fully passing the Jobs & Jabs Bill on March 3rd; and Watch and share my short family day video to help families heal.