“Pride” Is A Thinly Veiled Colour Revolution To Destroy Western Civilization

“Pride” Is A Thinly Veiled Colour Revolution To Destroy Western Civilization

by tts-admin | Jun 29, 2023 | 20 comments

Brandon Smith – alt-market.us June 27, 2023

The term “color/colour revolution” is often associated with covert efforts among US and European interests to foment civil unrest within enemy nations (and sometimes allied nations) as a means to destabilize their societies and governments. It is essentially 4th generation warfare, a concept expanded on by Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino (a self professed satanist) in a white paper titled ‘From Psyop To Mindwar.’  The goal is straightforward – To go to war against a foreign country (or one’s own country) by attacking the citizenry rather than its armies. Or, to exploit the target population as a weapon to trigger instability.

Color revolutions have been instigated for decades around the world. One such psy-op led to the Euromaidan Revolution in Ukraine in 2014 which caused the overthrow of pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych. This singular event was the primary trigger for the eventual Russian invasion of Ukraine this past year, as Vladimir Putin declared he would no longer tolerate color revolutions among Russian allies.

One can debate the wider implications of that war and who it actually benefits in the long run, but the fact remains that Euromaidan was a NATO supported color revolution that initiated a powderkeg event that brings us closer to world war. If chaos was the purpose, then the purpose has been achieved.

I would suggest, however, that even Euromaidan and its effects pale in comparison to a much larger and more destructive color revolution now underway in western nations in the form of the “Pride” movement. In fact, it has become clear in the past several years that Pride is a definite color revolution; a political destabilization effort.

In the past the Pride movement was seen as a separate and broad and leaderless entity focused on LGBT issues. But this is changing rapidly. Now, the Pride flag is being used as a symbol to encompass all woke concepts into a single organization, including everything from Antifa to BLM to trans trenders. The flag no longer represents a civil rights effort. Rather, it is a purely political emblem and a totem of cult worship.

LGBT groups are widely supported by every power center in our society. Major banks, corporations, globalist think-tanks and governments all inject incredible amounts of funding into woke projects. Rebels don’t get support from the establishment power structure, only useful idiots do.  And this time the establishment is using leftist activist idiots to target the western world with the same tactics it has applied against other nations.

But how does Pride really undermine our civilization?

First, the basic mantra of Pride is…well…pride. Pride is a failing and a weakness, not a virtue. I’m not sure why someone should have any pride in their sexual proclivities. Being gay does not make you special. It makes you a minority, but it’s not an accomplishment that deserves a parade or an entire month on the calendar. The saying “Pride comes before the fall” exists for a reason; self aggrandizement based on zero accomplishment and delusions of entitlement lead to a path of self destruction.

Second, Pride activists are rebels without a cause. There are no rights under the law in the west that gay and trans people don’t have. Zero. Zip. Zilch. In other words, they must now create reasons to rebel from thin air. So, what is all the whining and rage about? What do these revolutionaries do after they have already been given equal rights?  As far as I can tell, the LGBT+infinity movement is now dedicated to targeting and indoctrinating (grooming) children. https://www.youtube.com/embed/7NXNKnT28Kc

Nearly every law recently passed in conservative states dealing with LGBT issues specifically protects children from ideological brainwashing in public schools, or prevents the chemical and surgical mutilation of their bodies in the name of gender politics. Trans activists refer to such laws as “genocide.”

Why? Perhaps because they know that in order to perpetuate their numbers they MUST groom kids into the fold. A large percentage of LGBT devout have no children and will never have children. So, the only way they can continue their cult is to hijack the minds and bodies of other people’s children.

This is the hill leftists have chosen to die on, and for good reason – Any successful color revolution requires the support of the youth. If you can turn a society’s children into soldiers for the cause, it is much more difficult for that society to fight back. The natural inclination of most adults today is to bend to the whims of their kids, not go to war with them. The problem is that many kids are generally ignorant and inexperienced. They are easily manipulated and easily used, and are more likely to be exploited for ill purposes by evil people.

Third, the primary tool for pursuing and brainwashing western youth has been the public school system, and more specifically the teachers and teachers unions. The speed at which public schools are now openly embracing far-left ideology is shocking, and it is all due to the teachers. Understand that public schools have your kids for half the day, while you might be lucky to get a couple hours with them per day on average. Most parents work hard, and don’t have time to keep track of their kid’s personal lives and who is influencing them.

Only in the past couple years have parents in the US started to wake up to the woke indoctrination process in schools, and hopefully it’s not too late.

Leftist teachers argue that sexualized discussions in class should be protected as a form of civil rights activism. They say it is discriminatory to block lessons on LGBT issues and gender identity issues. This is obviously nonsense. There is absolutely no reason for teachers to be talking to students about sexual subjects, whether gay or straight, and there is zero concrete evidence to support gender fluid theories. Again, this is ideology, not science.

In a strange method of circular defense, leftists often argue that children are far more at risk from religious “groomers” such as Catholic priests.  As if to say, “Hey, they do it, why can’t we?”  It’s a common retort, but a false one.

According to studies cataloging child sex crimes Public School TEACHERS are 100 times more likely to sexually abuse children than Catholic priests. And guess which political party teachers unions give 94% of their donations to? Yes, the Democratic Party.

Surveys show a massive imbalance of leftists in education. Among English teachers, there are 97 Democrats for every three Republicans, with the proportion being even more one-sided among health teachers, with 99 Democrats for every one Republican. Among math and science teachers there are 87 Democrats for every 13 Republicans. The bottom line? The woke problem among children in the US is primarily a teacher problem. Get rid of the leftist teachers and you get rid of the problem.

Fourth, the basis of the Pride movement, beyond pride itself, is exaggerated sexuality for gays in an era of oppressed sexuality for straights. Have you noticed that straight people (especially straight men) are now heavily admonished for any expression of desire, while gay people are allowed to flaunt their sexuality in the streets, even in front of children? There is a grotesque double standard being put in place which glorifies gay sexuality while straight sexuality is attacked.

The “male gaze” and masculinity in particular have been singled out for erasure in western society as dangerous and “toxic.” But, if you are a gay man or a man that “transitions” into a woman’s costume you can do whatever you want and you will be applauded. Clearly, straight sexuality is treated as unacceptable in the new normal.

Is this perhaps an attempt to condition the straight population to embrace gay sexuality so they no longer feel oppressed? After all, according to trans activists, being gay or straight is no longer an inborn and unchangeable dynamic. According to them, sexuality is a “spectrum” and anyone can be made gay given the right environmental circumstances.

The elephant in the room here needs to be addressed, which is that a society that is conditioned to be increasingly LGBT, or that transitions people from childhood using indoctrination, surgeries and hormones is going to have collapsing population numbers. And maybe that is one of the establishment’s goals – To make the west infertile.

Fifth, the philosophical crux of the woke color revolution and trans activism is the idea of subjective reality. If identity and biology are subjective and a matter of perception, then what else is a matter of perception?

How about morality and conscience? If identity is a social construct, then surely moral compass is a social construct, too. And as leftists commonly claim, social constructs they don’t like are “fascism.” In my view this is what the Pride movement is really all about – The creation of a morally relative society that treats right and wrong as subjective guidelines rather than ancient and inborn rules for life. And, in a morally relative society, collapse is inevitable.

We are already seeing it today with double standards being applied within the law in favor of leftists and leftist minority groups over conservatives and moderates. And, when the law starts to apply double standards, civil war is imminent. Maybe the point is to start a war the establishment thinks it can finish. Or, maybe the point is just to create more chaos and then swoop in to take over once the dust settles. Either way, the Pride movement color revolution is a clear psy-op that can only lead to the deconstruction of the west if it’s not stopped in its tracks.

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Ursula Haverbeck, Former German Political Prisoner & Skeptic About the Hollywood Version of WW II Age 94, in Hospital After A Fall — Send A Card

Ursula Haverbeck, Former German Political Prisoner & Skeptic About the Hollywood Version of WW II Age 94, in Hospital After A Fall — Send A Card

From her attorney RA Wolfram Nahrath:
Ursula Haverbeck fell heavily down a flight of stairs and being seriously injured with five broken ribs and severe bruises, she is now in the hospital [this is its address below]. Yet by comparison, as ever, she has sustained her unbreakable spirits.

Ursula Haverbeck
Renntormauerstraße 1 – 3


Telefon: 05221 5930
Station 4a Zi. 443

Best wishes,

Lady Michèle Renouf

The Hate Crime Purging Of “Antisemites” Is Underway!

The Hate Crime Purging Of “Antisemites” Is Underway! by Philip Giraldi

Saying anything about Israel’s misbehavior can send you to jail

June 20, 2023

Philip Giraldi Archive: https://earthnewspaper.com/category/philip-m-giraldi-phd

There have recently been a number of incidents that would be of interest if one has concerns about the sorry state of free speech in Europe and the United States, the so-called “democracies” who tend to boast about their freedoms and the rights of their citizens. The chosen weapon in the US and elsewhere in the Anglo-sphere has been the designation “hate speech” which also covers “hate writing,” “possessing hate literature or films,” and even “hate thinking.” In Europe, where “hate speech” is often referred to using the English words, the expression is often preceded by the word “illegal” to make sure that the point about consequences is made and the potential penalty is clearly understood. Some Europeans have in fact been convicted and sent to prison when they have falsely believed they were exercising free speech.

Though the “hate” designation was originally coined to discourage racist language and other forms of expression it has increasingly been exploited by Israel and its associated Jewish support groups to criminalize any criticism of Israel or of Jewish group behavior. It has extended its reach by moving into subsets, notably “holocaust denial” and “antisemitism” which are also regarded ipso facto as hate crimes in a context in which Jews are always regarded as victims, never as perpetrators of violence.

Much of what is going on might be described in fairly simple terms: Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians and its unprovoked lethal attacks on its neighbors might reasonably be described as “deplorable” or even genocidal in the case of the Palestinians. Beyond that, Israel, which pretends to be a democracy, operates a system of control over the Christian and Muslim minority within its own borders and also in the area it illegally occupies that is describable as “apartheid,” where the minority is compelled to accept limited resources and consistently harsh treatment from the dominant Jewish population. More to the point, the extremist government coalition headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made the situation even worse for those non-Jews that it controls, with talk of introducing mass expulsions and imprisonments. The death toll of Palestinians at the hands of the Israel Defense Forces has also been going up, with more than 150 Palestinians killed this year, including 26 children.

To be sure, Israel has become a home for Jews that can no longer tolerate anyone else. Some ministers in the new government are particularly vile in their views but it is to be assumed that Netanyahu and others in his administration are genuinely supportive of turning Israel into a truly and even exclusively Jewish state, which is in fact how it legally defines itself. The one minister most cited for his cruelty and racism is Itamar Ben-Gvir of the Jewish Power party. Ben-Gvir has been charged with crimes 50 times, and convicted on eight occasions, including once for support of a Jewish terrorist group. He is a former supporter of the now deceased right wing fanatic Meir Kahane, and, like Kahane, envisions an Israel that is as Palestinian free as possible and centered exclusively on Jewish interests. He has called for deporting Arabs who aren’t loyal to a Jewish Israel, annexing all of the West Bank and exercising full Israeli sovereignty over the Temple Mount, where the Muslim venerated Al-Aqsa mosque is located. He supports legislation defying international agreements to “divide” the Al-Aqsa site to permit regular Jewish worshippers and there have even been suggestions that the Israeli government will seek to rebuild the so-called Biblical Second Temple, destroyed in the First Century by the Romans, in that location.

Ben-Gvir is notorious for his provocations directed against Palestinian Muslims and Christians. He has led marches of armed settlers flaunting Israeli flags through Arab quarters of cities and towns and has even brought settlers and other extremists to the al-Aqsa mosque during Ramadan and to interrupt Friday prayers. To cap the irony, he has been since November 2022 the National Security Minister, which gives him authority over the police, to include the so-called Border Police as well as the police forces located on the illegally occupied West Bank. Indeed, as a practical matter, Ben-Gvir is seeking to have the Knesset pass legislation explicitly conferring legal immunity on all Israeli soldiers for any and all killings of Palestinians. He has also pressed the parliament to institute a formal, judicially administered death penalty for “terrorists”, which would mean any Palestinian who physically resists the Israeli occupation.

Another extremist who has obtained a major ministry in the Netanyahu government is Bezalel Yoel Smotrich who has served as the Minister of Finance since 2022. He has recently completed a controversial trip to the United States where he met with American Zionist leaders. Smotrich is the leader of the Religious Zionist Party, and lives in an illegal settlement in a house within the Israeli occupied West Bank that was also built doubly illegally outside the settlement proper. Smotrich supports expanding Israeli settlements in the West Bank, opposes any form of Palestinian statehood, and even denies the existence of the Palestinian people. He demands a state judiciary that relies only on Torah and Jewish traditional law. Accused of inciting hatred against Arab Israelis, he told Arab Israeli lawmakers in October 2021, that “it’s a mistake that David Ben-Gurion didn’t finish the job and didn’t throw all of you out in 1948.”

The increasing brutality of the Israeli government and its security forces have produced a reaction among many observers worldwide, so the supporters of Israel have engaged in their own first strike frequently using the “hate crime” weapon. They have basically turned the hate crime legislation to their advantage by convincing many nations to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of the “hate crime” antisemitism to automatically include criticism of Israel as being equivalent to hatred of Jews. When that doesn’t work the powerful Israel lobby can also resort to much more brutal threats. When Iceland sought to make illegal infant circumcision five years ago, regarding it as genital mutilation performed on an unconsenting child, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) threatened to unleash Jewish power to destroy their economy and international reputation as punishment for making their country “inhospitable to Jews.”

Now that the “hate crime” genie together with the associated links to holocaust denial and antisemitism have been released from the bottle, they are being used regularly to silence anyone who even indirectly criticizes prominent Jews like George Soros. Conservatives including Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk have recently been on the receiving end of the antisemitism label after referring to Soros and his “Globalist” agenda. It is my belief that Tucker was fired at least in part due to Jewish pressure on FOX as he had been very critical of groups like the hysterical ADL and its hideous director Jonathan Greenblatt.

Roger Waters, the former lead singer of Pink Floyd, has emerged as a powerful critic of Israeli treatment of the Palestinians. As a consequence, he has been hounded by authorities in Europe, has had his concerts canceled, and has been threatened with legal action to make him shut up. The Biden Administration’s antisemitism Czar Deborah Lipstadt has also attacked him, saying “I wholeheartedly concur with [an online] condemnation of Roger Waters and his despicable Holocaust distortion.” She was referring to a tweet stating that “I am sick & disgusted by Roger Waters’ obsession to belittle and trivialize the Shoah & the sarcastic way in which he delights in trampling on the victims, systematically murdered by the Nazis. In Germany. Enough is enough. Holocaust trivialization is criminalized across the EU.” The State Department, speaking for the White House, then piled on adding that Waters has “a long track record of using antisemitic tropes” and a concert he gave late last month in Germany “contained imagery that is deeply offensive to Jewish people and minimized the Holocaust… The artist in question has a long track record of using antisemitic tropes to denigrate Jewish people.”

One might observe that the depiction of Waters is basically untrue – he is a critic of Israeli crimes against humanity but does not hate Jews. One might also add how the fact that the United States State Department actually has a Special Envoy to Combat Antisemitism speaks for itself and tells you exactly who is in charge in Washington. I wonder how much it costs to run Lipstadt’s mouth from a no doubt well-appointed office in Foggy Bottom each year? Maybe someone should do a cost/benefit analysis and give Debbie her walking papers.

Beyond that, several other recent stories show how it all often works in practice to confront and silence critics. Swedish pop star Zara Larsson is facing what is obviously a coordinated backlash on social media after criticizing Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. In an Instagram message to her 6.3 million followers, the 23-year-old declared the ongoing cross-border violence, which is killing mostly Arabs, was a “crime” against Palestinians. Her effort to be somewhat even handed was ignored, in the message, which she later deleted, where she wrote “We have to stand up for Jewish people all over the world facing anti-Semitic violence and threats, but we must also call out a state upholding apartheid and KILLING civilians, funded by American dollars.” She ended the message with the hashtag “#freepalestine.”

Larsson was hardly calling for targeting Jews or anything like that, but the reaction to her comment was symptomatic of the typical overkill response engaged in by Israel and its friends whenever anyone challenges the standard narrative of Israeli perpetual victimhood. Two other instances of comments about Israel leading to an overwhelming response to punish the perpetrators took place during the past month in the United States at college commencement ceremonies. The first was on May 12th, at a graduation ceremony for the law school of the City University of New York (CUNY), where Fatima Mousa Mohammed, a Queens native who was selected by the graduating 2023 class to speak during the May 12 ceremony, praised CUNY for supporting student activism, citing in particular the acceptance of student groups protesting against Israel’s brutality towards the Palestinians. She said “Israel continues to indiscriminately rain bullets and bombs on worshippers, murdering the old, the young and even attacking funerals and graveyards, as it encourages lynch mobs to target Palestinians homes and businesses. As it imprisons its children, as it continues its project of settler colonialism, expelling Palestinians from their homes. Silence is no longer acceptable.”

The response to Mohammed was immediate, including a scathing news report in the New York Post, a call by several Jewish groups to cut funding to CUNY and demands that the law school dean be fired. And the controversy again made news when a second student spoke out at a commencement at El Camino community college in Torrance California. Jana Abulaban, 18, strongly criticized Israeli government policies during her speech on June 9th.

Abulaban, who was born in Jordan in a family of Palestinian refugees, reportedly felt “inspired” by the speech of Fatima Mousa Mohammed and she told the audience “I gift my graduation to all Palestinians who have lost their life and those who continue to lose their lives every day due to the oppressive apartheid state of Israel killing and torturing Palestinians as we speak.’’

There was, of course an immediate reaction to the Abulaban speech coming from a variety of West Coast and New York pro-Israel sources. Brooke Goldstein, a claimed human-rights lawyer founder of The Lawfare Project, said, “This is yet one more example of the systemic Jew-hatred we’re seeing on our college campuses. When a student gives a commencement speech targeting Jews, trafficking in modern tropes of antisemitism, it’s clear that there has been a complete failure in that school to promote social justice for the Jewish people. If any other minority group were targeted like this, there would be consequences for the bigot. The Jewish community deserves no less.”

Of course, both women only spoke the truth about what is happening in the Middle East. Neither attacked the Jewish religion or Jews per se and only criticized Israel’s appalling behavior. When I last checked, Israel was a foreign country with both foreign and domestic policies that are considered very questionable by most of the world, so why should it be protected from being challenged in the United States? The two women were brave to speak up as they did, surely knowing that they would be targeted by the Jewish state’s many friends and supporters. Those of us who continue to speak out on Israel’s genocidal policies can likewise expect no less, particularly as both the federal as well as many state governments and also the media are now on a witch hunt directed against those who seek to speak the truth. But we must persevere. As Fatima Mousa Mohammed put it, “Silence is no longer acceptable.”

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is https://CouncilForTheNationalInterest.org, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is inform@cnionline.org

Source: https://www.unz.com/pgiraldi/the-hate-crime-purging-of-antisemites-is-underway

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Pride & The Season of Hubris

   Throne, Altar, Liberty

The Canadian Red Ensign

The Canadian Red Ensign

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Pride & The Season of Hubris

Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.  And they were haughty, and committed abomination before me: therefore I took them away as I saw good. (Ezekiel 16:49-50)

A couple of decades ago the degradation of our culture and civilization had only proceeded so far as to devote a parade once a year to honouring the worst of all sins, the sin that brought the judgement of fire and brimstone down upon the cities of the plain, Sodom and Gomorrah, in the nineteenth chapter of Genesis.   The parade became a day, the day became a week, and now the entire sixth month of the year is dedicated to the celebration of this sin.   This year Captain Airhead, the dolt who for eight years has disgraced the office of Prime Minister of His Majesty’s government in Ottawa, somehow clinging to power despite scandal after scandal each of which should have been career destroying, and who never opens his mouth without sticking his foot in it, informally extended the period to a “season”.

As can be seen in the Scriptural passage that I have used as the epigraph for this essay there are several sins for which God’s judgement fell on Sodom.   Until a few generations ago, however, reference to the sin of Sodom in the singular would not likely have caused confusion because the name of the city was associated with a single sin of a sexual nature, the sin highlighted by St. Jude in his reference to the judgement on the cities in his epistle and which appears in the list in the Ezekiel passage as the last item referenced.  While this sin is, obviously, a huge part of what is being celebrated this month, it is not this sin that I am talking about but the first sin in Ezekiel’s list, the sin after which the celebration has been named.

I have often made the observation that when the name of this celebration was reduced to Pride, they abandoned the lesser of two sins – sins of a sexual nature fall under the heading of the least of the Seven Deadly Sins, Lust – and kept the worst of all, Pride.

Pride is the worst sin of all.   The concept of the Seven Deadly Sins goes back to the fourth century of Christianity.   St. Evagrius Ponticus was a disciple of the Cappadocian Fathers, first of St. Basil the Great then of St. Gregory Nazianzus whom he followed to Constantinople on the eve of the Second Ecumenical Council before withdrawing first to Jerusalem then later to Egypt, to live a monastic life.   In Egypt, he encountered the teachings of the Alexandrian Neoplatonist monks who, dividing the human being into body, soul, and mind, identified for each a trio of λογισμοί – literally, this is the plural of “calculation”, but is probably better rendered “thoughts” in this context – that influenced the components in bad ways.   This made for nine in total, which were arranged in a hierarchy proceeding from those which afflicted the body to those which afflicted the mind, with the ones affecting the body being the lowest and least, the ones affecting the mind being the worst.   St. Evagrius reduced this to a list of eight sins or rather vices if we distinguish between sins as acts and vices as behavioural patterns or habits.   St. John Cassian, who brought the monastic movement out of the deserts of Egypt by founding a monastery in Gaul or France as it is today, popularized St. Evagrius’ list in his writings.   It was further revised around 590 AD by St. Gregory the Great, Bishop of Rome, in his commentary on Job entitled The Book of Morals.    Technically, St. Gregory retained a list of eight sins because he separated Pride from what he called the “seven principal sins”, declaring Pride to be the source from which these seven flow.   The seven were Vainglory, Envy, Wrath, Melancholy, Avarice, Gluttony, and Lust.   This was later revised so that Vainglory was folded up into Pride and Melancholy was replaced with Sloth, producing the list that found its way into St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologicae and Dante’s Divine Comedy in which the seven levels of Purgatory correspond to the seven.   This is the list that we know as the Seven Deadly Sins to this day.  The order represents their ranking.   In The Book of Morals they are listed in descending order from worst to least, in the later revised version they would be listed in ascending order.  Although his criteria for determining the hierarchy of sin differed from that of the Neoplatonists the result was largely the same.   Subsequent lists of the Seven Deadly Sins have varied the order.   Sometimes they are listed in ascending order, sometimes in descending, other times whether in ascending or descending order there are slight changes in the ranking reflecting differences of opinion as to what is worse than what.   Consistently, however, from the Neoplatonists and St. Evagrius to St. Gregory the Great to Dante to us today, Pride has been considered the worst of all.

While the Seven Deadly Sins are a later theological construct and so are not listed as such in the Bible it is difficult to argue with the contention that the ranking of Pride as the worst of all sins is Biblical.   A search of the Bible for a use of the word that is positive or even neutral yields little in the way of fruit.   The first occurrence of the word and the only occurrence in the Pentateuch is found in Leviticus 26:19 in which the LORD, telling the Israelites what He will do to them if they do not obey His commandments, says that “I will break the pride of your power”.   In the historical books, David’s brother claims to know David’s Pride (1 Sam. 17:28)  in what is clearly not intended as a compliment and Pride is what King Hezekiah has to repent and humble himself from (2 Chron. 32:26) .   In the Psalms Pride is consistently the characteristic of the wicked (10:2,4; 36:11; 59:12).   In Proverbs Pride is hated by the LORD and those who fear Him (8:13), brings with it shame (11:2), contention (13:10), destruction and a fall (16:18), is in the mouth of the foolish (14:3) and will bring him low (29:23).   In the Prophets Pride is something that brings the judgement of God upon a people whether it be Israel (Is. 28:1, 3 – Ephraim, from which tribe the ruling dynasty of the Northern Kingdom came, is used here as it often is to signify the schismatic Kingdom as a whole), Moab (Is. 16:6), or Judah (Jer. 13:9).  In the book of Daniel it is what brings judgement on Nebuchadnezzar (5:20). There is only one verse in the Old Testament in which the word Pride could possibly be taken in a sense less negative than those we have already looked at.   We shall consider it after looking at the New Testament references which are few.   In the New Testament, Pride is absolutely, unambiguously evil.   In Mark 7:22 it is one of the evil things that come from within a man and defile him.   In 1 John 2:16 the “pride of life” is one of the three things that make up “the world” in the sense of the system organized against God.   In 1 Tim. 3:6 St. Paul warns St. Timothy against the ordination of a novice “lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil”.   Here the Apostle associates Pride with the devil, a traditional association which is the reason why the one verse in the Old Testament that could possibly be taken as neutral probably should not be so taken.   The verse is Job 41:15 which begins with “his scales are his pride”.   His in this passage refers to Leviathan.   Leviathan was the name of a creature conceived of as a sea serpent or sea dragon.   When the Old Testament speaks of him it is invariably speaking about Satan.   The enemy of God makes his first appearance as a serpent in Genesis.   In Revelation the Dragon is identified as that serpent of old, the devil and Satan.   In Isaiah 27:1 Leviathan the sea serpent is clearly Satan.  There is no reason to think that the Leviathan of Job is any different, especially when the chapter goes on to describe him as “king over all the children of pride” (Job 41:34), and the structure of the book as a whole rather demands that a reference to Satan be made precisely at this point.   The reference to his Pride in verse 15, therefore, cannot be taken as an exception to the rule that Pride is always a bad thing in the Bible.

The verses we looked at in the previous paragraph are verses that use words rendered “Pride” in our Authorized Bible.  The related adjective “proud” is used slightly more often than the noun.   The noun can be found in 46 verses, the adjective in 47, but these support the picture of Pride that one gets from the verses that use the noun.   Several of them, for example, use the adjective as a substantive, “the proud”, who might as well be called “the wicked” as they are always referred to as people whom God “resisteth” or hath otherwise set Himself against.   Needless to say verses that use synonyms that are translated “haughty”, “arrogant”, and the like, provide additional support.

Now it might be argued that all of this merely proves that Pride is bad, not that it is the worst of evils.   The traditional view that it is the worst of sins was derived in a number of ways.   To the Neoplatonists it was the worst because it was the ultimate sin of the mind, the sins of the mind being worse than the sins of the soul, which in turn are worse than the sins of the body, because the mind is higher than the soul which is higher than the body.   For St. Gregory the Great it was the worst because it offended the most against Love.   One can only image what St. Gregory would have thought if he could have looked ahead in time to the day when multitudes would march under the banner of Pride chanting the tautological mantra “love is love”.   Scripturally, Pride’s being the worst of sins is derived from it literally being the Original Sin, the source of all others.   There are two ways in which this is the case.   The one, clearly found in the Bible, is that Pride led to the Fall of Man.   The serpent’s temptation of Eve in the Garden was temptation to Pride.   “Ye shall be as gods”, i.e., like God Himself.   That the serpent – the serpent of old who is the Devil and Satan – would tempt man with Pride, provides support for the traditional view that Pride is what was behind his own Fall.   In the traditional view, the devil started out as Lucifer, a high ranking angel in heaven, who became the first liberal, or Whig to use Dr. Johnson’s parlance, urging his fellow angels to support him in his rebellious bid to overthrow the Sovereign King of the universe, God, and establish a cosmic democratic republic with him as its head.   His rebellion failed but the Cosmic Cromwell became the cruel tyrant of all who followed him in rejecting the King of the universe, setting the pattern for all subsequent human liberal democratic republicanism.   There is no explicit account of the origin of Satan in the Old Testament as there is of the Fall of Man but it is inferred from passages in Isaiah and Ezekiel where human rulers are spoken to in such a way as to suggest that the supernatural evil behind them is who is truly being addressed.   The explicit account is found in the twelfth chapter of the book of Revelation.   The point is that Pride is believed to have been what motivated the rebellion.   This is based on St. Paul’s words to St. Timothy and what can be inferred from Isaiah 14.

In the Septuagint, the translation of the Hebrew Scriptures into Greek made by seventy Jewish scholars for Ptolemy II Philadelphus of Egypt and which became the Christian Old Testament,  the Wisdom of Solomon says that “through envy of the devil came death into the world: and they that do hold of his side do find it” (Wis. 2:24).   This is not discussing the cause of Satan’s Fall but his motivation in tempting man.   Envy, however, is closely related to Pride.   It refers to hating someone else for having something you don’t or being something you aren’t so much that you seek to destroy that person. In the standard list of the Seven Deadly Sins it stands next to Pride.     On the one end of the list are the vices which are classic Aristotelian vices – ordinary human appetites indulged in to excess.   Lust, Gluttony, Avarice, and Sloth fall into this category.   On the other end of the list are the vices that are Satanic in nature.   Pride and Envy fall into this category.  Wrath either belongs with Pride and Envy or is the middle ground between the two categories.   Some have produced lists in which Avarice rather than Envy stands next to Pride.   I suspect this to be the result of crackpot left-wing ideas infiltrating theological circles.   Avarice is the vice associated with capitalism.   Envy is the vice associated with socialism.   One can be a businessman, or at least one used to be able to be a businessman in the days before globalism, multi-national corporations, tech giants and media conglomerates, without succumbing to Avarice.   One cannot be a socialist without embracing Envy for Envy is the essence of socialism, its sine qua non, the spirit that moves it and motivates it.

Many would say that there is a good Pride and a bad Pride and that everything said above pertains to the bad Pride.   This is an Aristotelian concept, at least if we regard Pride as a proper translation of μεγαλοψυχία from book four of his Nicomachean Ethics.   That this is a proper translation is rather doubtful.   Liddell and Scott give as their first definition of it “greatness of soul, highmindedness, lordliness” and even “generosity”.   “Greatness of soul” is what you get when you split the word into its components and literally translate each of them.  Unfortunately, what you get when you transliterate the word is megalopsychia, which sounds like it describes a mental condition that will get you locked up in an asylum for the criminally insane.    This is not the word translated Pride in the New Testament.   In Mark 7:22 the word is ὑπερηφανία, in 1 John 2:12 it is ἀλαζονεία, in 1 Timothy 3:6 the phrase in which it occurs is in Greek the single word τυφωθείς.   ὑπερηφανία, a compound formed from the word for “over” and the word for “shine”, basically means self-promoting arrogance.   This is the word that is used for Pride in the early Greek versions of what would become the Seven Deadly Sins.   Its adjectival form occurs five times in the New Testament, in three instances being used substantively to mean “the proud” and in the other two used as “proud” in lists of attributive adjectives, all of which are negative.  The primary meaning of ἀλαζονεία is “false pretension, imposture” from which the meaning of “boastfulness” is derived, which is its meaning in the Scriptural text.   Τυφωθείς, rendered “being lifted up with pride” in the Authorized Bible, is a passive aorist participle form of the verb τυφόω which in the active voice means to “delude”, but when it is used in the passive voice indicates that the subject of the verb is “crazy, demented”.   Liddell and Scott give as more specific versions of the passive meaning “demented, rendered vain” and “filled with insane arrogance”.  Aristotle’s μεγαλοψυχία does not appear in the New Testament and it would be difficult to take the word as he uses and describes it as a synonym for any of the New Testament words for Pride, although it would also be difficult to argue that it is consistent with humility, which both Testaments stress is something God insists upon among the faithful.   Liddell and Scott do give a second definition, noting that the word can be used in a bad sense, in which case they render it “arrogance”, which of course, would be a synonym for the New Testament words for Pride.   Those today who would distinguish between a good Pride and a bad Pride seldom have anything like what Aristotle meant by μεγαλοψυχία in mind.   What they think of good Pride is something along the lines of “an honest and non-inflated sense of achievement or accomplishment” or “thinking well, but not too highly, of oneself”.

The Pride that our civilization has decided in its apostasy and decadence to celebrate every June, however, bears no resemblance to either these more modest redefinitions of Pride or to Aristotle’s μεγαλοψυχία.   Observe the way in which those who celebrate Pride now demand that everyone else do so as well.   Public figures, even if they do not actively speak against Pride but merely do not speak in favour of it, do not march in its parades, do not wave its flag perverted from the sign God gave the world as a token of His Covenant never to send a world-destroying Flood again in defiance of Him and ignorance of its full implications (1), and are basically deemed insufficiently supportive, find themselves in a position eerily similar to the person in the Soviet Union who was the first to stop clapping after one of Stalin’s boring harangues.   This “you must support us or be destroyed” attitude is hardly consistent with either a modest rather than inflated positive feeling about yourself and your accomplishments or Aristotle’s μεγαλοψυχία which can be translated “generosity” or “magnitude”, i.e., the opposite of the attitude in question.   It is, however, very consistent with another Greek word that is often associated with Aristotle, albeit with his writings on rhetoric and Greek tragedy more than his Ethics.   This is the word ὕβρις.   Transliterated as hubris this word continues to be used in English today.

The primary meaning of ὕβρις provided by Liddell and Scott is “wanton violence, insolence”.   They provide an explanation of this definition in which they clarify that the violence arises out of the Pride of strength or of passion.   Think of someone who thinks that because he is strong he can walk all over those who are weaker – a bully would be a good example – and you have a pretty good picture of what is meant by it.   Aristotle identified it as foremost example of a character flaw – interestingly he used a word that has the basic meaning of “failure, fault” that in the New Testament is the primary word for sin – that in tragedy, brings about the fall of the hero.   ὕβρις is not used often in the New Testament.  It occurs three times and in our Authorized Bible is translated “hurt”, “harm” and “reproaches”, i.e., designating the acts that spring from the attitude rather than the attitude itself.    In the LXX, however, it is frequently used for Pride.   It is used alongside ὑπερηφανία in Leviticus 26:19 when the LORD says that He will break the “pride of your power”.   Rather fittingly considering its association with a fall in Aristotle and popular ancient Greek thought it is also used in the LXX of Proverbs 16:18 and is the Pride those who fear the Lord are enjoined to hate in Proverbs 8:13.

This word so appropriately describes the attitude that is on display in the celebrations of Pride that I humbly suggest it be used instead to clarify more precisely what is being celebrated.

 (1)   The “bow” in “rainbow” is not the bow you tie around your neck or in the strings of your shoes but the “bow” that an archer uses.   The Latin word for bow is arcus, from which the words archer, arch, and arc are derived.  Arch is an architectural device that shares the shape of the weapon which is also the shape of the sign that appears in the sky after it rains.   An arc is a curve in geometry.  The kind of artificial rainbow that is sometimes produced by passing light through a prism is often called an arc.  Welding arcs and electrical arcs are also so-named for their curved, bow-like, shape.   When Genesis records the LORD’s covenant with Noah and His placing His “bow” in the sky as His promise never to destroy the world in a Flood again, the word for “bow” is קֶשֶׁת which denotes the weapon and which like its English equivalents is derived from a verb meaning “bend”.   The significance of this sign is that LORD was hanging up His bow, i.e., putting it away never to use it again.   Also implied, however, in the use of the image of a weapon as the sign, is a warning not to behave in the way that brought the judgement of the Deluge in the first place. — Gerry T. Neal
: Aristotle, Dante Alighieri, Dr. Johnson, Justin Trudeau, Neoplatonism, Pride, Seven Deadly Sins, St. Basil, St. Evagrius Ponticus, St. Gregory of Nazianzus, St. Gregory the Great, St. Thomas Aquinas

Winnipeg Trustee Francine Champagne Punished by Being Docked Three Months Pay for Remarks Critical of the LGBTQ Agenda

Police called after anti-LGBTTQ+ group upends school board meeting

Maggie Macintosh Local Journalism Initiative Reporter
By: Maggie Macintosh Posted:


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Police were called to a Windsor Park school board meeting after a ruckus was raised by a group of people who made anti-LGBTTQ+ comments and demanded answers about a trustee’s recent suspension on Tuesday.

Elected officials in the Louis Riel School Division unanimously voted to discipline St. Boniface representative Francine Champagne earlier this month.

The rookie trustee was found to have breached internal policies on respecting human diversity and social media usage.

School trustee Francine Champagne was suspended for three months without pay, owing to recent anti-LGBTTQ+ activity on her personal social media page.
LOUIS RIEL SCHOOL DIVISION School trustee Francine Champagne was suspended for three months without pay, owing to recent anti-LGBTTQ+ activity on her personal social media page.

“The sexualization of our children in schools is all part of the agenda (insert angry face emoji),” she recently wrote on Facebook in one particular post linking to stopworldcontrol.com — a conspiracy theorist website.

More than two dozen of Champagne’s supporters showed up to the board’s latest public meeting before it was scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. to question her three-month suspension without pay. At least one person wore a Freedom Convoy 2022 T-shirt.

All individuals were allowed in the boardroom at 50 Monterey Rd., despite the LRSD’s ongoing request that anyone who wants to attend a virtual or in-person meeting register in advance. The majority of attendees showed up unannounced.

When division staffers realized they were overcapacity and raised the fire code issue, visitors began shouting in protest of anyone being kicked out. They made slurs, many of which were directed at trustee Ryan Palmquist.

Palmquist, who represents South St. Vital, has been subject to harassment since he came out as bisexual on social media — an act he said was in solidarity with the LRSD’s LGBTTQ+ community after his board colleague’s online activity was brought to light.

On Tuesday, attendees called him everything from “pedophile” to “groomer” to “f—-ing faggot.”

“There was a definite feeling that this situation could spiral even further out of control at any second,” Palmquist said, noting one individual made threatening throat-cutting gestures at him.

“This crowd was riled up and these people really, truly, honestly believe, I think, that children are being victimized in our schools and they are acting accordingly. They have been fed a diet of propaganda and vitriol by social media and that has detached them from reality.”

Amid the chaos, the board declared a brief recess, after which members reconvened with a shortened agenda of priority items that had to be addressed before the end of the 2022-23 school year.

When it came time for the standard 15-minute forum where trustees take questions, various participants took the mic to demand why Champagne was penalized for “expressing a point of view.”

Board chairwoman Sandy Nemeth told attendees that trustees determined the code of conduct had been breached and followed protocols in line with legal obligations set out in the Public Schools Act.

“(We) hold each other accountable, which all of us — Francine included — agreed to,” Nemeth said, noting all nine board members signed an oath of office when they assumed their positions for the 2022-26 term.

Trustees must “refrain from expressing opinions and/or sharing information through social media that would discredit, undermine or compromise the integrity of the board,” per LRSD policy.

Division documents state its facilities are inclusive environments wherein students, staff and visitors are expected to demonstrate respect for human rights.

Throughout the June 20 event, attendees heckled the board and senior administrators. “Wake up, you people!” someone shouted at one point.

One speaker — a 16-year-old who said she used to attend the LRSD before starting homeschooling during the pandemic — accused city schools of sexualizing students and confusing children about their gender, popular claims made by anti-LGBTTQ+ groups.

Wayne Sturby described himself as a former corrections officer in Headingley who was terminated because he refused to declare his COVID-19 vaccination status or submit to regular testing at the height of the public health crisis.

“I have seen nothing but abuses made by our provincial government, the civil service and I’ve seen what appears to me – what appears to me – may be a blatant abuse of power on the part of this school board, too,” Sturby said, after which the room erupted in applause.

Winnipeg police confirmed it received multiple reports and updates about disturbances at the site, the first of which came in around 6:30 p.m.

Const. Dani McKinnon said the dispatch unit asked the usual questions about risks and given there were no reports of assaults or injuries, officers did not immediately go to the scene.

Three police vehicles arrived around the time the meeting was abruptly adjourned after the question-and-answer session and tensions had largely simmered.

As far as Palmquist is concerned, the people who showed up pose a threat to students and division families at large.

“The way that they spoke to me in a public setting, the homophobic slurs they threw out my way — in a completely public meeting that was filmed and that they were filming — begs the question of what they might be capable of,” the trustee said.

As of Wednesday afternoon, roughly 750 people had signed an online petition calling for Champagne’s resignation. A mother with a child in the LRSD launched the appeal on Change.org last week.

Champagne did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Provincial legislation equips school boards with the power to censure, temporarily bar or suspend a member from their duties for up to three months if they breach a code of conduct.

A board can only declare a seat vacant due to a trustee death, resignation, disqualification, move to reside outside the division or failure to attend three consecutive regular meetings without authorization.


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Successful Freedom Protest At Kelowna City Hall Against Attempts to Ban Freedom Rallies

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Please forward

Rally’s and Events

Kelowna Protest Success!

One could not have asked for a better day. The rain stopped and the sun even came out shortly before 2:00 at the start of the rally today. About 200 freedom loving people from all over B.C. joined us in not only opposing the Petition by the City of Kelowna but demanding that they abandon it too. There was solidarity in numbers. Claudia Van Emmerik Global News did a pretty good report on their website today for which I am grateful:

Thank you again so much to Bruce and Leo for their incredible efforts to preserve the history of these Lawful Protests.

A whole batch of new signs were made for this protest and ongoing until the City backs down:

City Council was having a special public meeting in council chambers with respect to a local golf course, whose supporters occupied almost all of the gallery. I attempted to enter with one of our new signs expressing our demands to withdraw and abandon their Petition to ban our rallies, but security and RCMP (whom someone in the City called) refused, claiming that the City has a long-standing policy of not allowing any signs in their meetings. It appears that the City officials simply think that the RCMP is their own private police force to call upon when ever their baseless fears get to them.

So, in I went in person – and sure enough, within seconds, all sitting council members just glared at me. You know if you take actions to violate people’s rights and freedoms, we are no longer going to sit back and do nothing. They were fixated upon me during my short time in council chambers, and I hope that they have had discussions now to end this unconstitutional Petition that they have filed.

We made ourselves known to every Councillor as they entered into the building, showing them our signs. Some of us talked to these councillors, but without fail, they refused to say much. Councillor Mohini Singh was clearly worried about our presence during her very brief discussion with one of our supporters on her way into City Hall.

Legal documents will begin to be filed next week, and there is much yet to do. We will post them on the CLEAR site as they are filed.

When they are filed, I will be sending a copy to each councillor as well, so they don’t just take the word of their lawyer, and see that we have an extremely strong case.

I will discuss this more at our Canada Day rally on July 1.

Our newsletter on this will be out early next week as almost every minute right now is focused on getting this material done for next week.

Thank you to everyone who came here from out of town…your sacrifices were important and very much appreciated. Remember – if we were having no positive effects – legal action would not have been taken, especially with the Province pressuring the City to so do. What happens is going to affect all of us…and so we move ahead now knowing that City Council has our position – as do all the golfers!!!!

In freedom



Penticton 4 Freedom Weekly Newsletter


–      Rallies and local events

–      Updates on events this past week

–      Stop the Government…from taking your Natural Health Products. A simple action for an urgent cause.

–      Fundraiser for Dr. Charles Hoffe


–      June 20th Kelowna Protest Rally News report

–      Help a Mom Initiative

–      Geoengineering July 29th Kelowna  10 am – 5 pm

–      Freedom Rising Newsletter – 49 – “Residential School Memorial Pole”

–      Druthers The June edition is online and now available at our rallies! Donations are always appreciated.

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In case you missed events this past week …

Saturday, June 17 – Freedom Frequency Fun Event & Potluck at Skaha Lake Park

About 80 adults and children attended this super event with music, impersonators, speakers, potluck and fun.

Thanks go out to Naomi, Laureen, Julia and the many volunteers from the Freedom Frequency group.

Sunday, June 18 – Penticton4Freedom’s Family Freedom Event at Lakawanna Park

Lots of cheering for all the Wins of the Week. Open Mic. Sarah shared about the difference in the meaning of love in our lives since the beginning of the     COVID plandemic. Paula listed the things anyone can do to reduce toxins in your home environment, and how to eat more healthily, even if you can’t afford organic foods all the time. It was a rousing round of “one more things” for anyone wanting to come to the mic. Lots of laughs, cheering and heart-felt hugs followed by 13 of us going out for dinner together proudly wearing our “Resistance” hoodies. (It was chilly that day. )

Monday, June 19 – “Unacceptable” documentary at the Oliver Theatre

Thanks to Gary, Laureen, and a nudge from Shar, we were treated to one of the most moving and inspiring films about the lasting legacy of the 2022 Truckers Convoy. There were tears; there was applause; there was booing and hissing at certain points and cheering at others, and the message that love conquers all came through in a most powerful way through the brilliance of Benjamin Haab, the producer of the film. Watch for it on line in the coming months. You will find heroes there. True heroes.

Tuesday, June 20 – Protest at Kelowna city hall against a petition to ban CLEAR events in downtown Kelowna

About a dozen of us carpooled in 5 vehicles and met up with The Resistance convoy in West Kelowna to make a very welcomed, high energy, high-five circuit or two, cheering on, then joining the large, colourful crowd already gathered in front of city hall. David Lindsay and Ted Kuntz gave rousing speeches to the crowd, with police and bylaw officers standing by. The few anti-protesters soon ran out of steam. Best of all, Klaudia, the Global News reporter provided a very fair picture of what the protest was all about. .

June 20th Kelowna Protest Rally

News report

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FAMILY FREEDOM EVENTS – Penticton4Freedom – every Sunday at 1.

Now being held at Lakawanna Park during the summer months

Please arrive early to help set up the canopy and the tables.

Moving to Lakawanna Park giving our events a more family-friend name and environment is part of reaching out to the community around us. Lots of families at the beach.

Laureen’s table important information and a petition to end BCs Bill 36.

Elsie’s table with Druthers and Crazy Times newspapers, Vaccine Choice Canada handouts and other important materials for parents and curious others.


We welcome musical entertainers, and volunteers to manage a Kid’s Corner and help at information tables.

This Week we are organized a little differently ~ The Peach City Cruisers are in town and the roads will be blocked off and packed with people. So, let’s meet at Main and Warren at @12:45 to leave at 1 pm to carpool down to Lakawanna Park. Show a symbol to celebrate you are Canadian.


There will be Canadian flags, buttons, and other items available at Main & Warren for those who don’t have their own with them.

We might not be able to set up our equipment because of the big car show, in which case, we will just mingle with others along the Lakeshore and hand out Bill 36 brochures and invitations to join us at our weekly events.

Miss a week and you miss a lot!   New Summer Location  image.png
Fighting for freedom is more fun with friends. Bring a few. Suggest a topic or a speaker, and we’ll be happy to find someone to share their knowledge with us.   ——————————- o0o————————————-   OTHERS’ EVENTS   ·      Kelowna CLEAR Rallies – 1st Saturday of each month at noon – Stuart Park, Kelowna         ·       Oliver Rally – in front of city hall – Saturdays at 12:30 p.m. ·      
 Local Action4Canada – Tuesdays at noon, in front of Richard Cannings’ Office – 301 Main Street   
                      ~ Next Planning Meetings July 4 & 18 at 4:30 p.m. – Winepress Church ~ ·       First & Third Tuesdays, Penticton Council meeting at 1. City Hall, Penticton. Check online for school board meetings and city council meetings in your area.     ——————————- o0o————————————-    

ACTIONS OF THE WEEK Stop the Government… from taking your Natural Health Products. Get involved and contact your MP to stop Health Canada from taking your Natural Health Products TAKE ACTION OTHER ACTIONS We also have a simple SOS postcard to help with the initiative. See Elsie at the P4F table at Sunday’s rally. 😊 We also ask you to take an extra postcard or two and help spread the word.   Visit your local health food stores to show your support and send a postcard to your MP. The deadline for voting on new legislation is fast approaching. In essence, it is a huge step toward shutting down the natural supplements industry in Canada – a draconian attack on health freedom. JUST SAY NO!!!   ——————————- o0o————————————-  
Fundraiser for Dr. Charles Hoffe  Dr. Hoffe is being attacked by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC. We need to help finance a solid legal defense and expose the CPSBC for what it is.  TO DONATE ——————————- o0o————————————-  

Global Walkout START PREPARING FOR DIGITAL CURRENCY CONTROL-GRAB Step 24  (Quoted from the website)   Everyone on this site is already aware that part of the globalist agenda is to phase out cash and bring in digital currencies like Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). If they succeed, they will know exactly when, where and what you spend your money on. They’ll also have the ability to restrict your spending for whatever reason they want. Do you remember when Trudeau froze people’s bank accounts just for donating to the Canadian truckies? That’s a small insight into the type of control these power-hungry globalists want.   I have one very simple thing to say…THE KEY IS THAT WE ALL SAY NO TOGETHER!!! No matter what they try, we must say “NO” at the same time!   I am not an expert on money or bartering! However, it can’t hurt to at least start thinking and talking about what you would do in this scenario.   Assuming you refuse to get any form of digital ID or digital currency and you can no longer work or go grocery shopping…what would you do? You don’t have to know the answer right now, but there’s no harm in thinking and talking about it. Doing this will provide you peace of mind and prepare you so you can say “NO” when/if this scenario plays out.   Start planning: Even if this scenario doesn’t play out, what harm is there in planning?   If you have spare money to purchase gold and silver, consider that. The smaller pieces could be very useful for bartering. What is something you can grow or make now that would be good for bartering? Maybe start becoming an expert in just one vegetable or one type of alcohol, Or start to stock up on an item that might be good for bartering like coffee, tobacco, tea etc.  Network locally with people who are already growing their own food or have a skill that will be useful in this scenario. Help them in exchange for knowledge. It can’t hurt to grow your skill base regardless of what the future holds. Use this as a motivator to learn a new skill.   Everyday Tips!   Use cash as much as you can. See step 1 for more info on this. Fiat currency has its flaws, we know! But this is still a good way to show them that we’re aware of their ploys. Delete all payment methods from your devices (apple pay, digital bank cards etc). If enough people stop using these convenient services, it will send a message. Talk about it…raise awareness. The cash and digital ID topic is a very good conversation starter.

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WORTH A LOOK Help a Mom Initiative “When did it become illegal to ask questions? Especially in the courtroom?” This is the opening line of a decision by Justice Pazaratz in the case of J.N. v C.G., released in February 2022, in which the Court granted decision-making authority over Covid-19 vaccination of two children of the marriage to the mother – J.N. Read more in VCC EventsZOOM LINK – TUES, JUNE 27 – 4 pm PT/7 pm ET image.png

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July 29th Kelowna  10 am – 5 pm Geoengineering image.png
    ——————————- o0o————————————- Action-Packed Freedom Rising Newsletter  Issue #49 – “Residential School Memorial Pole”  HERE   We realize that some dates in the weekly Freedom Rising newsletter might have already passed but we include this link because of the wealth of information in each of their editions. We publish the link within 24 hours of receiving it. And we encourage you to add https://freedomrising.info/ to your online favourites for an extensive list of freedom-related organizations (including Penticton4Freedom), events, interviews, documentaries and other updates.   ——————————- o0o————————————-  image.png
Please read… From the Druthers.net website, from the publishers: “I truly believe Druthers is the single most potent tool we have for defending our freedoms in Canada and getting more people to join us, so please, help this fundraiser along. It’s important that we keep the information flowing to our fellow Canadians.” And I agree.

etransfers: admin@druthers.net If you prefer to make a cash donation, come to one of our P4F rallies and we will be happy to include your donation in our next e-transfer. In the past six months, through your support, P4F has been able to sponsor over 17,500 copies of Druthers and distribute over 7,000 of them in South Okanagan alone. Thank you! So far in June, we’ve collected about $150. Let’s top that up at our next rally.   Read The June Issue Online And pick up print copies at our Penticton4Freedom rallies Covering news and information that mainstream media won’t. DRUTHERS was able to print an extra 5,000 copies for the Okanagan because of our donations last month. Thank you for being an everyday hero by donating, reading, sharing and distributing Druthers copies in your area. ML Read DRUTHERS

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Want to join the fun in one of these initiatives or suggest another more important to you?

Just reply to this email or call 780-908-0309 to offer your help and suggestions.

Better yet, show up at our rallies, meet some fellow freedom lovers, and pitch in where your interests lead you.

And receive lots of ((( FREEDOM HUGS! ))) (if you want them)

Remember that Freedom Hugs are available at ALL our Penticton4Freedom events!

Let’s make this weekend AMAZING!!

Mary Lou Gutscher



Kimberly Murray –A dangerous attempt to shut down free enquiry

Kimberly Murray –A dangerous attempt to shut down free enquiry

Indian graveyard
An early 20th century photo of the cemetery associated with the St. Mary’s IRS, Kenora, Ontario, showing wooden grave markers of students that were allowed to disintegrate over time, proving that students were given a proper Christian (Catholic) burial.

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“We must protect the truth.” That’s what Kimberly Murray gave as her motive for demanding those she called “residential school deniers” be criminally prosecuted or subjected to civil liability for raising questions about unmarked graves and other related topics that Murray and her colleagues find uncomfortable. Murray believes anyone who questions claims made by anyone who attended a residential school about unmarked graves, or who claims that anything positive came from residential schools should fall into this criminally and civilly punishable “denier” category.

But there are problems with this.

In the first place, if saying that anything positive came from residential school attendance is a crime, it would put many indigenous people who attended residential schools in legal jeopardy — even the people who wrote the Truth and Reconciliation Report. Because even that report contains a section titled “Warm Memories” that contains only positive accounts of indigenous residential school attendees who remember their years at residential school fondly, and credit their school attendance for their success in life.

That section is short, but there are hundreds of other personal accounts — and even entire books — of people who speak of how their attendance changed their lives for the better. The best book written by a residential school attendee is “Permanent Astonishment” by acclaimed indigenous playwright, writer and pianist Tomson Highway. In the book, Highway describes his experience at the Guy Hill Residential School in northern Manitoba as “nine of the best years of my life” during which he not only acquired the skills he needed to become an internationally acclaimed author, but learned to play the first piano he had ever seen, and developed his skills to a professional level. Many other important indigenous leaders received the educations that equipped them to succeed at residential schools.

So, if merely stating the truth — namely that some people benefited from their residential school experience — becomes a criminal offence, expect to see some of Canada’s most successful indigenous leaders in the criminal dock.

But there are other problems as well, because Kimberly Murray wants to criminalize anyone who raises questions about what residential school “survivors” have claimed to be the truth. Readers will recall that two years ago the Kamloops chief and her colleagues claimed that 215 graves had been discovered containing the remains of 215 children who had died under sinister circumstances at the school, and who had been secretly buried — with the forced help of six year olds. Almost immediately copy-cat claims followed, with allegations that there were thousands of such “missing children” buried all across the country.

Senior indigenous leaders weighed in with allegations that there were “tens of thousands” and “25,000-maybe more” such “missing children.” ‘Survivors’ claimed they had personally observed priests clubbing indigenous children to death and throwing them into pits; that dead indigenous children were hung on meat hooks in barns; that the bodies of indigenous children were “tossed into rivers, lakes and streams,” and even that Queen Elizabeth herself had kidnapped ten indigenous children from the Kamloops School.

But if Kimberly Murray gets her way, and anyone who questions any of these claims becomes a criminal, they had better start building more jails. Because there is not a single shred of evidence that would stand up in any court that any of those fantastical claims are true. Never mind “thousands” there is no credible evidence that even one single child was murdered or secretly buried at any residential school. And it is now almost certain that the 215 “soil disturbances” detected at the Kamloops school were not graves at all, but were from previous excavations on the school grounds.

The “survivors” who made the false claims might believe that they are true. But they are not. And the fact that these stories have circulated in indigenous communities for years does not make them true.

So, Kimberly Murray’s demand that anyone who refuses to accept her odd version of reality must become a criminal will go the way of most expensively produced government reports — sitting on a dusty shelf.

Murray is right about one thing — “We must protect the truth.” Indeed. But we do that not by making criminals of those who ask questions. Instead, we welcome those questions.

And we do our best to answer them

Leave Our Rallies Alone

Special Penticton4Freedom Bulletin

TONIGHT – June 19, 7 p.m. – special showing of the documentary “UNACCEPTABLE” at the Oliver Theatre, 6387 Main Street, Oliver.


Tickets – $15 – if you haven’t already purchased, there are still plenty of seats available. Pay at the door. Bring friends.

Please support the Oliver Theatre concession as a sign of our appreciation for showing this important film. Most theatres would not rent us space for this.

Meet, greet and eat – at The Firehall Bistro, 34881 Okanagan Highway, Oliver. (250) 498-4867

–    Freedom Frequency women’s group will be there by 5 and welcomes other women to join them when you arrive OR

by calling Lynn in advance   OR

book on your own OR

Just show up! 😊

Bring friends.

Car Pooling – Call a friend if you need a ride. Offer a ride to some friends if you have spare seats. If you have run out of friends with seats available, call Mary Lou at 780-908-0309 and we’ll see what we can do to help you.


TOMORROW, TUESDAY – June 20, 2023 – 2 to 4 p.m.


Kelowna City Council meets at 3 and is voting on a bylaw to shut down the CLEAR/Freedom rallies in the city. This is an attack on all freedom public events, and if passed, it could roll out to other BC cities quickly, and then go across Canada. IMPORTANT to have a significant crowd there with appropriate signs. Please make the effort to be there.


Carpooling: Two options:

–    Attend the A4C Cannings Rally from 11:30 to 12:20 at 301 Main Street, Penticton and connect there OR

–    Meet and park (free parking) at the vacant parking lot at Main Street and Warren Avenue no later than 12:15 and WAIT THERE. Derrick will arrive with his truck and billboard trailer and lead the convoy/carpool from there around 12:30.

Resistance Convoy (see poster below and pass it on to your friends) – leaving 948 McCurdy Drive, Kelowna at 12:45 – we will meet up with them plus others from the south and west, at the parking lot of Tim Hortons and the Landmark Cinema at 525 Hwy 97 S, West Kelowna – leaving for City Hall at 1:15. PLEASE NOTE the new location.

Signs and Banners –Canadian symbols on buttons, metallic vehicle signs, flags, ponchos and other forms will be available at Main and Warren and at the West Kelowna meet-up location, to decorate ourselves and our vehicles. Donations will be welcomed.

Bring appropriate signage for the protest.

We hope to see you at both events. Bring Friends.

Love and Cyberhugs,

Mary Lou Gutscher