Social Justice Warriors Seek the Total Ruin of Dissidents

Social Justice Warriors Seek the Total Ruin of Dissidents

Discussing writer  Douglas Murray’s new book the Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity, Barbara Kay (National Post, November 20, 2019) writes: “The interpretation of the world through the lens of ‘social justice,’ ‘identity group politics’ and ‘intersectionalism’ is probably the most audacious and comprehensive effort since the Cold War at creating a new ideology.” Christianity has been spurned, but the religious impulse is inherent and abhors a vacuum. The ‘religion’ of social justice, Murray observes, poured itself into the handy campus vessel of Marxism with remarkable speed.  One of the hallmarks of Marxism – not a bug, but a feature – is its ruthlessness. I was particularly struck by Murray’s quite poignant chapter, “On Forgiveness.” Normal religions offer redemption to sinners. But there is no forgiveness or statute of limitations for thought crimes in the religion of social justice. A mural of Rudyard Kipling’s “If” – voted Britain’s favourite poem – was painted over at the University of Manchester in retroactive punishment for Kipling’s now politically incorrect views on empire. The past, Murray says, is “hostage — like everything else — to any archeologist with a vendetta.

This new religion gives permission to those of ‘oppressed’ status — women, people of colour, indigenous peoples, LGBTQ — to hate their oppressors: heterosexual white men, racists, transphobics. (Gay himself, Murray refuses to play the LGBTQ card as the sole, or even most important marker of his humanity.) For many unlucky people, a silly joke tweeted, an incorrect opinion on Facebook or an inadvertently touched knee can be the kiss of death to career and reputation. Murray provides plenty of examples of good people cut down without mercy — indeed with unseemly relish — by relentlessly vigilant activists. Toby Young, for example, once divided his time between journalism and the New Schools Network, where he worked to help disadvantaged children get a better education. Long story short, a few naughty references to ‘boobs’ on Twitter, excavated by the usual suspects, lost him a government appointment and all his writing gigs in a fusillade of opprobrium.”

YOUR WARD NEWS Appeals “Hate” Conviction & Sentence

YOUR WARD NEWS Appeals “Hate” Conviction & Sentence

Dr. James Sears is spending the Christmas time  poring over the transcripts of his conviction and sentencing to a year in jail for telling jokes about Jews and women in the satirical YOUR WARD NEWS which he edited from 2016 to 2019. He is working hard to perfect arguments against this blow to a free press. The publisher Leroy St. Germaine is also appealing his conviction and sentencing to a year’s house arrest. The factum or argument is due January 20. The date set for the appeal is March 23 in Toronto. Among other things, Dr. Sears will be arguing that the judge gave insufficient reasons and explanation in convicting him. He is seeking a new trial.

OCLA’s 2019 Year in Review

OCLA’s 2019 Year in Review

Dear OCLA Supporter,

This email is to give you an update on the Ontario Civil Liberties Association (OCLA)’s work and activities in 2019.

2019 OCLA Civil Liberties Award – Kelly Donovan

Kelly Donovan, a police whistleblower and public-protection advocate, was this year’s recipient of the OCLA Civil Liberties Award.

Ms. Donovan is a former police constable and use-of-force instructor with the Waterloo Regional Police Service. Her efforts to report bias or arbitrariness of disciplinary measures against police officers who sought improvement or redress were met with gagging measures, further discipline, and publicly-funded tribunal litigation against her person. But she never gave up, and in 2019 as a self-represented litigant, she won a matter at the Court of Appeal for Ontario, reinstating her right to sue both the Board and the Police Chief.

Kelly was also recently awarded her litigation costs in both the appeal and the case in the lower court, a rare and important accomplishment for a self-represented litigant.

Full details about the award, including Kelly’s acceptance video, are posted on the OCLA’s website here, and an excellent media report in Brant.One is available here.

Research report “Geo-Economics and Geo-Politics Drive Successive Eras of Predatory Globalization and Social Engineering”

OCLA researcher Dr. Denis Rancourt authored a 78-page research report about the influence that two large-scale, post-WW2 geopolitical transformations had on individual rights, democracy, and societal organization in Western countries.

The report seeks to demonstrate how geopolitical and global economic conditions are at the root of many of the erosions of civil liberties that have been underway in Western societies during the past several decades.

The report can be read here, and a media summary published in CounterPunch is available here.

OCLA opposes the international campaign to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Association (IHRA) definition of anti-semitism

In June 2019, the OCLA endorsed the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA)’s expressed opposition to the international campaign to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Association (IHRA) definition of antisemitism, and we issued our own public statement opposing the campaign.

The OCLA’s position, which can be read at the link here, repeats our previously expressed argument (detailed in our July 2018 letter to the Attorney General of Ontario) in opposition to the “hate speech” provisions of the Criminal Code.

OCLA interviews Tony Heller on social media censorship

One current area of severe censorship is any questioning of the “climate emergency” or of the dominant mediascape view of “climate change”.

OCLA researcher Dr. Denis Rancourt recently interviewed climate activist Tony Heller about the need for freedom of expression amid censorship by mainstream and social media corporations. The video interview is available here.

OCLA Executive Director earns PhD

OCLA Executive Director Joseph Hickey completed his PhD in Physics in 2019. His thesis, “A Complex Systems Study of Social Hierarchies and Jurisprudence”, studied simple models of the formation and evolution of social hierarchies, with implications for the role of individual freedoms in maintaining the stability of societies. The thesis also contains a statistical analysis of the citations between Canadian judicial decisions, which explores possible reasons for the explosion of family litigation that occurred in Canada in the 1990s.

Joseph’s thesis is available online here.

Media coverage

2019-07-04: “In Canada and elsewhere, freedom of speech is on the endangered list”, LawNow

2019-07-16: “Patients flagged as potentially violent wait months for appeal” London Free Press

2019-09-07: “Man under deportation order due to terrorist links to speak at University of Toronto” Canadian Jewish News

2019-09-25: “‘Nasty’ digital warnings from authorities putting chill on FoCo bashes”, London Free Press

2019-12-01: “Debate on the ‘Take Back the Toronto Public Library’ Protests”, Stranger Tides Podcast

How to stay connected and donate to the OCLA
Twitter: @oncivlib

North Korea has nothing on The People’s Republic of Formerly England

North Korea has nothing on The People’s Republic of Formerly England

Colin Todd (left) with his Rhodesian flag.

[Colin Todd is a British writer, who, in 1996 formed the Chesterton Trust to republish and keep alive the works of the late British Patriot A.K. Chesterton who exposed the subversive and anti-nationalist machinations of international finance. For years Chesterton led the League of Empire Loyalists.]

—–Original Message—–
From: Rob Black <>

Colin has asked me to circulate this message on his behalf:

“Dear All,

Political punishment for non-political offence

I am going to be released from prison on 1st January. I will have severe bail restrictions including travel, living in a bail hostel, curfews, signing on each day, etc.

I will be taken from prison to the bail hostel by the police.

I can have no contract with Nationalists, Candour or anyone in the movement while the restrictions last. Obviously this includes my presence on marches, demonstrations and meetings.

“Voluntary” tagging and other restrictions may be lifted much more slowly, and no doubt other restrictions will be added. I will have to sign a license upon my release and if I break the conditions I will return to prison for the rest of my sentence until the end of 2020.

I am releasing these details before signing the licenses, and before I know full details of my restrictions.

Candour will clearly be delayed further and I would like to thank subscribers for their patience.

Happy New Year to all.

Colin Todd

29 December 2019″

Sweden’s Gulag: Anti-Sharia Activist, Åsa Westerberg, Arrested & Abused By Secret Police (Video)

Sweden’s Gulag: Anti-Sharia Activist, Åsa Westerberg, Arrested & Abused By Secret Police (Video)

Sweden’s Gulag: Anti-Sharia Activist, Åsa Westerberg, Arrested & Abused By Secret Police (Video)

Sweden is being swept by a strong wave of murder, violent assault, rape, gang rape and sexual assault, in addition to the ever-present terror threat. Instead of using its limited resources to protect its citizens from the violent onslaught against them, Sweden is waging war on its citizens for daring to speak out against the same violent onslaught from which the state is failing to protect them.

Sweden’s War on Free Speech

Åsa Westerberg is a Swedish free speech activist who has been arrested and terrorized for speaking out against the intolerance, abuse and misogyny under Sharia.

Westerberg has been the target of harassment campaigns by migrants and their open border leftist supporters for sharing the effects that Sweden’s suicidal mass-migration crisis has had on her country. These campaigns include harassing Westerberg’s family and friends, trying to brand her as a hateful racist, bankrupting her, trying to ruin her career and mass reporting her to police for ‘thought crimes’.

Special anti-“hate” government goon squads have responded to the lefts request with stunningly totalitarian tactics. Westerberg was first subjected to a house raid.

The three police officers, two men and one woman, systematically went through her apartment and rooted through her belongings. They photographed in her wardrobes, bureaus and in the apartment which caused her to start questioning the police’s actions. While a police officer was photographing her lingerie , she asked what this had to do with her Facebook posts.

A number of mobiles and a computer were taken by police from Åsa’s home and when they left the scene a police officer threatened that he could easily start burning her apartment, which another police officer responded by pointing out that his colleague is a fire investigator.


After the home raid, police went to Westerberg’s workplace, where they conducted another search, and confiscated a computer owned by the company she works for.

Westerberg was also subjected to a brutal arrest by police who broke into her home and abused her during the arrest. She was then taken to a gulag-esque detention center and thrown into isolation for several days, where she was pressured to undergo a DNA test with the threat of further isolation.

Despite being stalked arrested and physically attacked, Westerberg has refused to stop giving a voice to Swedes suffering from the effects of the radical left’s policies of mass Islamic and third world immigration.

Support our work at RAIR Foundation USA! We are a grassroots activist team and we need your help! Please consider making a donation here:

Asa Westerberg’s Speech — Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation;

The black man from Skåne, Sweden who encouraged the killing of all the whites and to take over — He continually talked about the white race and the black race and how much he hates the whites. But he is still not a racist! But I am!? 

I criticize ideologies which are misogynistic to the core, which sanction pedophilia and hatred, threats and violence; in short it is a disgusting ideology. This makes me a racist!? Because I criticize such ideologies.

The police have drilled my door on two occasions.It was carried out by the new Swedish Opinion Police in which there is a large investment.

The same police don’t have resources to investigate gang-rapes, mass shootings, thefts …There aren’t resources to investigate them? 

But if you dare to criticize a pedophile and a false prophet who 1,400 years ago spread a lot of dung to secure his now perverted interests — How dare you criticize him!? Then bang! The police will suddenly show up out of the blue!

Especially if you have become a target for another pedophile and animal-abuser who brags on the media about mass-reporting 1,500 normal Swedish citizens for so-called “incitement to racial hatred”.

For such cases, they have an unlimited amount of resources and come immediately. 

The first time [I was arrested for opinion expression] was in April 2016.

Back then I had my Facebook account and followers.

A group of people who were employed by the police authority came early in the morning to my house.

They banged on the door as if there were a fire in the building. They rushed into my apartment and they said that they had a search warrant,

I didn’t get it; I was lost! I didn’t know what it’s all about. I said,

“I haven’t committed any crime, you must have chosen the wrong person.”

The officer said, “You expressed racist views on gypsies and Muslims.”

Oh, hold on a second!

I criticize ideologies and criminal lifestyles.I haven’t expressed any racist views. Are you guys joking or what?!

They were in the apartment searching everywhere, carelessly making a massive mess. I suddenly realized that this is not OK.

I wanted to know what I’m accused of, but they couldn’t disclose that information. They asked me to follow them to my workplace and to let them in.

I didn’t know what my workplace has to do with “incitement to racial hatred”. They couldn’t answer that question, either! I got angry! They sneaked around and took pictures of every drawer and even my underwear.

To spell it out clearly, they behaved in a very vulgar and rude manner.

I got angry and I locked the door and I said to them, “I start working at 12:00 today, what about you?” One of the guys became very angry and he said, “for f***’s sake, behave yourself, otherwise this house might catch on fire.”

It was revealed later that he was a fire inspector who was employed by the police in Västberga (Stockholm), and he had nothing to do with accusations of “incitement to racial hatred”.

And the next day, I went to the police station with a friend. When we got there, the authority said that there is no preliminary investigation against you and not even the issue of a search warrant for your house.

“You must have been fooled.” I had the name of the man who threatened me with “this house might catch on fire.”

I can’t say his name; if I do, I might get into trouble as I once did before, so I won’t repeat it now.

The bottom line is there wasn’t actually any preliminary investigation issued, and there has never been a search warrant for the house.

What they did was completely [illegally] done out of their own initiative.

The police didn’t have any right at all to drill and break in through your [apartment] door. What they have done is worse than the “crime” they are accusing you of.

In normal circumstances, the search warrant would be illegal.

On the other hand, there is the case of the illegal search warrant for a house in 2016.

So I let [the police] open the door and I was sending the footage online to YouTube

Those guys who arrested me then were at least civilized.

They took a sample of my DNA without providing any explanation why the prosecutor required my DNA.

Considering that the “crime” I was accused of was “expressing my views on the internet”, “How would they use my DNA?” Would they use it as a search tool to learn what I have written on the internet?

I don’t think there is any of my DNA there!

Anyways, the second incident was a little bit more violent.

It started with the pedophile animal abuser who runs a terror-hate network Who is an ex-police officer, and I can’t name him [because of the police], but you still know who I mean.

He is obsessed with me, and he runs a mass-reporting campaign. Because of his continuous accusation I was apprehended by the police.

On the second occasion, they came in by drilling my door. I was waiting for them to come in. I intended to follow them completely willingly.

I was filming it while the security cameras were on as well.

They rushed into the apartment with pointed batons, they knocked me down onto the floor. They literally beat me so harshly until I bled here on my jaw.

When one of the police officers slammed me against the wall, he slammed me against the kitchen cupboard until it burst. They handcuffed me from behind; they literally kicked the s*** out of me.

I was taken to the same prison in Kungsholmen [Stockholm].

I was interrogated by the “Common Ethical Foundation” police authority. I said that I will report this arrest to the police because of aggressive violence, and asked for a doctor to check me out.

But they refused!

The policewoman who was there… she looked very “feminist”; she was also working for the “common ethical” police.

She asked the officers who assaulted me to mention that I violently refused to comply. Which I absolutely didn’t!

And I had the security cameras filming all of this; the system was controlled by my phone, which they confiscated when they arrested me.

After a lengthy series of ifs and buts, I was able to eventually meet my lawyer. I asked them to “give me the phone first so I can show the footage to my lawyer, and then you can do whatever you want with it.”

They refused! I said, “I hope the videos are still on my phone when I get it back!”

She said, “Yes, sure; we aren’t allowed to delete anything from your phone.” I know, but I still hope that they remain on my phone when I get it back.

Do you think they remained in my phone when I got it back? No! I’m also suspicious that they have probably bugged my apartment, even though I don’t have any evidence; it’s just a feeling.

Because when they knocked me down on the floor, two of the three big fellows, two of them seemed to be from the “baseball league” (violent and secret dirty cops).

All the police officers had their badges on and showed their names

except those two who knocked me down. One of them discovered the security camera and asked me, “Do you have cameras?”

I said, “Maybe,” and I smiled a little. Suddenly, he became mild and nice after being brutally violent.

I asked him if I could see his ID badge. This is very interesting; if someone knows what it is, there are many police officers around here who can probably explain later.

They showed their IDs. The only visible parts were their images, the police label, but their names were completely redacted.

I don’t know what their names were; there were some sort of numbers, but I don’t know who they are.

These are not the normal and usual police who are assigned to such cases.

I thought right away of “the baseball league” (violent secret dirty cops) when I first saw them.

I have also published a video on YouTube explaining the first break-in and door-drilling and how weird it was.

It’s very remarkable that they use such means to ‘counter crime of expressing opinion’ while the [same police authority] is incapable of arresting gang-rapists, but is capable of arresting ‘criminals of expression’.

The police won’t drill into house of the pedophile and animal abuser who mass-reports people like me; they can’t drill through their doors.

They don’t even drill the doors of child-rapists and animal killers. But they can certainly drill my doors!

This is what I mentioned as remarkable!

Germany to Force Internet Providers to Hand Over Data, Passwords of People Accused of “Hate Speech”

[Don’t ever let them tell you Germany is part of the free world. Thought control is a live and well.]

Germany to Force Internet Providers to Hand Over Data, Passwords of People Accused of “Hate Speech” December 21, 2019

Angela Merkel’s government is preparing a new bill that will force Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to hand over data, including passwords, of those accused of engaging in “hate speech” online. Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht, a member of the Social Democrats (SPD), is preparing the bill, which will force service providers, email hosts, online retailers, and others to give the government the usernames, passwords, IP addresses, and more of suspects, MDR reports. Lambrecht was slammed by many over the proposal, with Hamburg’s data protection officer Johannes Caspar calling it an attack on privacy.

“The fight against the ugly phenomena of right-wing extremism and hate crime apparently acts as a door opener for a comprehensive expansion of state control powers,” he warned.

The German minister defended herself and the bill, claiming that the passwords and data would only be requested as part of a court order and only in serious cases.

“It is not a question of asking for passwords en masse, it is a completely wrong representation and not at all the point and purpose,” she said.

Populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) politician Joana Cotar said the proposed legislation was a “fight against the free Internet” and argued it would be used to silence citizens critical of the German government. The far-left Die Linke agreed with the AfD, accusing the government of setting up a surveillance state.

Germany already has one of the most draconian sets of laws concerning “hate” on social media, including approving legislation imposing fines of up to 50 million euros on social media companies who do not remove hate content in what the government considers a timely manner.

The German authorities are also known to engage in large-scale raids of citizens accused of spreading “hate speech” online, with a 2016 raid seeing 60 homes searched across 14 states.



17 December, 2019 By Rev. Ted Pike

President Trump’s recent Executive Order IS THE TEXT of the Jewish ADL’s “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, S852, recently rejected by the US Senate for Committee consideration. See the Senate Bill here:, and See the Executive Order here:   S852 can make a “hate criminal” of any student, teacher, administrator or even employee of U.S. Public Education who strongly criticizes Israel. It says they can be arrested for the crime of “anti-Semitism&lrquo; and “intimidation&lrquo; of Jewish students on campus. They then can be punished under the harsh “anti- discrimination” rules of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


But S852 also has Christians as its primary target. It contains eleven examples by which the U.S. Government can identify and prosecute any Christian in Public Education who is deemed an “anti-Semitic hate criminal”. Making such a determination is simple according to S852’s example 9. It says that any Christian who agrees with the frequent New Testament “claims of Jews killing Jesus” is guilty of “Classical Anti-Semitism”. Most Jews believe that the Christian charge that the Pharisees persuaded the Romans to kill Christ smears Jews as “Christ killers”, leading directly to the “Holocaust™”. Since the “anti-Semitic” New Testament led to so much Jewish suffering, S852 must presume that anyone distributing such “hate literature” should be prosecuted.

Remember, S852 is no longer just another Jewish ADL hate crimes bill, designed to entrap Christians.
Rather, S852 and its insidious intentions toward Christians is now Federal Law. It must, by command of the President, be considered to provide the fairest, most enlightened and workable standards by which not only the U.S. Department of Education, but all levels of Government help him, as Pastor John Hagee vowed, “to root out and destroy” the curse of unrestrained criticism of Israel.


Unfortunately, most Christians are unaware that President Trump has destroyed our First Amendment free speech rights to criticize anyone, Including Jews and Israel, without fear of arrest.
Yet, aside from prayer, there is one very effective way to begin to reverse what Trump has done. It’s by many hundreds of “TruthTeams” — groups of lovers of freedom bringing the whole truth to Trump’s massive soft underbelly, Evangelical Churches.
You and your friends can reproduce this article on 8.5 x 14 paper, preferably by the thousands. Then select the first Church you will visit. Call beforehand for the exact time Church usually ends. When you arrive station yourselves (with hundreds of extra flyers) to cover all exit points to the parking areas. Be neatly dressed and smiling. Tell them: “We are very concerned that President Trump’s recent Executive Order outlawing speech critical of Israel in public education violates our First Amendment rights. Would you like to learn more?”

Below is a tear off petition to Trump which millions of Christians can be persuaded to sign and mail to the White House.

If you are the only person in your area to undertake this project, don’t be daunted. You can always come back repeatedly. Once one Church has been reasonably reached, by a single person or group, go on next week to another Evangelical Church until you have covered all in your area. Thus, as a result of only one hour a week, hundreds, perhaps thousands, may be weekly awakened to Trumps dictatorial ban on free speech. Think of the result if hundreds of “TruthTeams” visited churches in America weekly!

Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/Conservative watchdog group. An international authority on ADL hate crimes legislation Rev. Pike’s many writings and radio and YouTube broadcasts have played a powerful role in defeating the “Equality” and “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act” this year. His activism is chronicled at Truthtellers. org and he may be contacted at

Print this 8.5 x 14 flyer: there is a tear-off petition to mail in to the White House.

You may also view this email in a web browser at the following link:

Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/Conservative watchdog group.An international authority on ADL hate crimes legislation Rev. Pike’s many writings and radio and YouTube broadcasts have played a powerful role in defeating the “Equality” and “Antisemitism Awareness Act” this year. His activism is chronicled at Truthtellers. org and he may be contacted at

Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization. 

TALK SHOW HOSTS: Interview Rev. Ted Pike on this subject. Call (503) 631-3808.

The freedom-saving outreach of Rev. Ted Pike and the National Prayer Network is solely supported by sale of books, videos and your financial support. All gifts are tax-deductible.

National Prayer Network, P.O. Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97

The left’s attack on free speech

The left’s attack on free speech: deplatoforming, firing, doxing. “You Have the Right (Duty) to Remain Silent.” : deplatoforming, firing, doxing. “You Have the Right (Duty) to Remain Silent.”