Leftists Stew About Tory Contacts With White Nationalists: The Campaign to Keep People Isolated & Not Talking to One Another

 Leftists Stew About Tory Contacts With White Nationalists: The Campaign to Keep People Isolated & Not Talking to One Another

Ontario PC candidate Donna Skelly gave a special ‘shout out’ to far-right extremists at a Christmas party for campus conservatives

May 28, 2018

An Ontario PC candidate promoted a controversial alt-right website that has a well-documented history amplifying some of Canada’s most toxic and racist personalities during an event for young conservatives in Hamilton last Christmas.

A photo from the event shows Donna Skelly, a former CHCH broadcaster turned city councillor who is currently running for Doug Ford’s Ontario PCs in the Hamilton-area riding of Flamborough-Glanbrook, waving a red hat displaying the words ‘Free Bird Media’ – an imitation of Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ hat.

Except ‘Free Bird Media’ is an alt-right website whose video archives are filled with hours of speeches and interviews featuring prominent figures on Canada’s far-right, including two men recently charged with hate crimes.

According to a Facebook event page for last December’s “Hamilton Conservative Christmas Formal,” organized by members of McMaster University and Mohawk College’s campus conservative clubs, Skelly was booked as a guest speaker alongside characters from Canada’s online alt-right, including FBM founder Alex Van Hamme.

The photo from the event, uploaded to Facebook by Cosmin Dzsurdzsa, the alt-right website’s “creative director,” is accompanied by a message that reads:

 “Thanks to Donna Skelly – Ward 7 Councillor for the shout out!”


Skelly’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment from PressProgress.

FBM purports to be a platform that promotes “freedom of speech,” yet the website that received a special “shout out” from the sitting Hamilton city councillor and current Ontario PC candidate is filled with speeches and interviews from some of the most radical and extreme figures on Canada’s far-right.

FBM’s YouTube channel includes videos featuring the following personalities:

Paul Fromm: Described by the National Post as “one of Canada’s most notorious white supremacists,” with extensive links to neo-Nazi groups.

James Sears: Editor of the racist, far-right publication ‘Your Ward News’ who was recently charged with hate crimes – according to CBC News, Sears published material that “portrayed Jews as dogs” and “glorified Hitler.”

Kevin Johnston: Anti-Muslim blogger who was charged with a hate crime after offering $1,000 rewards for videos of Muslim school children.

Faith Goldy: Former Rebel Media host denounced by Conservative MP Michael Chong for promoting “white supremacy” and “anti-Semitism” after she appeared on a neo-Nazi podcast. More recently, Goldy recommended a 1930s fascist book advocating the “the elimination of Jews.”


During an interview on CBC News in January, CBC News’ Wendy Mesley questioned controversial professor Jordan Peterson about a photo featuring himself and FBM founder Alex Van Hamme with a flag featuring Pepe the Frog – a cartoon frog used as a coded symbol by the alt-right and other online hate groups.

Van Hamme, a guest speaker alongside Skelly at the Conservative Christmas event, and Peterson were also photographed with a white nationalist who was identified as a member of a group caught plastering racist flyers on the University of Toronto’s campus.

Twitter, Facebook

The Ontario PC candidate also had a front-row seat at the Hamilton Conservative Christmas Formal as Van Hamme delivered a spirited monologue on the “testicles” of “biological male professors” at universities.

Van Hamme informed Skelly and an audience of young conservatives that academia is a “feminine environment” that leaves men “castrated.”

Dzsurdzsa, the FBM director who uploaded the photo of Skelly, also openly touts his experience serving as deputy editor of the US-based Russia Insider website.

According to news outlets ranging from BBC News to Newsweek, Russia Insider is a “Pro-Kremlin propaganda” site with a track record of promoting anti-Semitism.

Russia Insider’s archives show the FBM director published articles calling on Canada to drop sanctions and establish a “healthy trade partnership with Russia”and insinuated Bill C-51 may have been “purposefully” designed to make it a “criminal offence” to express “vocal support for Russia.”

Sad News: England Seeks Deeper into  A Zionist-Controlled Police State

Sad News: England Seeks Deeper into  A Zionist-Controlled Police State 

Chanteuse and satirist Alison Chabloz was convicted for using telecommunications to transmit “grossly offensive” material — songs satirizing the extravagant claims on Jewish “holocaust” survivors. A gloating comment by Gideon Felter,  spokesman for the well-connected and well-funded Campaign Against Anti-semitism made it quite clear that it’s ideas that are being outlawed: ” This verdict sends a strong message that in Britain Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories will not be tolerated.”

Paul Fromm

YouTuber Alison Chabloz guilty over anti-Semitic songs

Alison ChablozImage copyrightJONATHAN BRADY/ PA
Image captionAlison Chabloz had claimed the prosecution was an attempt to limit her free speech

A blogger has been found guilty of broadcasting anti-Semitic songs on YouTube.

Alison Chabloz, 54, from Glossop, Derbyshire, wrote and performed three songs about Nazi persecution, including one about the young diarist Anne Frank.

Chabloz claimed the Holocaust was “a bunch of lies” and referred to Auschwitz as a “theme park”.

She was warned she may be jailed at her sentencing on 14 June. There was scuffle outside court.

Outside the courtImage copyrightPA
Image captionThere were several heated arguments outside court

Chabloz was convicted of two counts of sending an offensive, indecent or menacing message through a public communications network.

She was further convicted of a third charge relating to a song on YouTube.

District Judge John Zani, sitting at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, said the offences were serious and “the custody threshold may well have been passed.”

When the verdict was given supporters of Chabloz shouted “shame” from the public gallery.

Chabloz was released on bail on the condition she was placed on a night curfew at her home and does not leave England and Wales.

When Chabloz left court there was a scuffle and heated arguments outside, before police arrived to keep the peace.

Outside the courtImage copyrightPA
Image captionPolice arrived to keep the peace after a scuffle outside court
Outside the courtImage copyrightPA

The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism initially brought a private prosecution against Chabloz, before the Crown Prosecution Service took over.

Gideon Falter, the group’s chairman, said: “Alison Chabloz has dedicated herself over the course of years to inciting others to hate Jews, principally by claiming that the Holocaust was a hoax perpetrated by Jews to defraud the world.

“She is now a convicted criminal. This verdict sends a strong message that in Britain Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories will not be tolerated.”

A CPS spokesman said it first became aware of the private prosecution in December 2016 when Alison Chabloz’s solicitors asked the CPS to take it over and stop it.

However, in 2017, the CPS determined the case should continue and Alison Chabloz was prosecuted.

Alison Chabloz in a video posted on YouTubeImage copyrightYOUTUBE
Image captionAlison Chabloz previously told the court she wanted put across her “political, artistic, creative point”

Chabloz, who describes herself as a Holocaust revisionist, said her music was “satire” and had previously told the court there was “no proof” gas chambers were used to kill Jewish people in World War Two.

However, prosecutors said three of Chabloz’s songs, including one which referred to the notorious Nazi death camp Auschwitz as a “theme park”, were criminally offensive.

Another song included a section set to the tune of a popular Jewish song Hava Nagila.

The defence had told Judge Zani his ruling would set a precedent on the exercise of free speech.

Chabloz had claimed many Jewish people found her songs funny and that no-one was forced to listen to them.



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With the dreary predictability expected of a tinpot police state, outspoken dissident, Alison Chabloz on May 25 was found guilty on all counts when the attractive defendant appeared before Marylebone Magistrates Court.

Alison Chabloz Portrait

This throwback to the Soviet system boasts a corporate media in perfect harmony with the prosecuting counsel. Anyone, no matter how remote, who could be relied on to debauch the dissident’s reputation was media quoted at length. In Britain and the USSR, its once ally, you get two trials; one state and one media with both outcomes being predictable.

It is highly likely that the defendant is tried and convicted, and the media pen-ready, before the trial even takes place. Like elections, the rest is a theatre for the gullible Goyim.

Arrests for political comment

The state charges that directly or indirectly the parody melodies the popular chanteuse sang were deemed to have been ‘grossly offensive’.   She has yet to be sentenced because judge John Judge Zani, (they’re called beaks, in England), called for a probation report prior to sentencing Alison on June 14.

Injustice 3

In a passage of the summing up; “this court is satisfied that the material in each of the songs is grossly offensive as judged by an open and multiracial society, as opposed to, for example, merely offensive.”

A problem for Alison, you cannot go to prison for ‘offensive’ material but you can lose your liberty for ‘grossly offensive’ material. It is unclear as to how one defines the difference. This is not of course an oversight by men in dark places who decide these things.

Injustice 2

The unarguable outcome is that in Britain there is only one opinion that is permissible, the globalists politically correct view.

Whatever one’s political convictions, one has to ask do we really want to live in a state that sends dissidents to prison for being politically unfashionable. This sums up Absurdistan today.

Injustice 1

Britain is using the state police, the courts, and prisons and the press to stifle debate on government immigration and foreign policy; it questions the right of Britons to take responsibility for their sovereignty. Read this passage again and again as it cannot be put clearer than that.

There was a strong turnout at Alison’s trial and a tsunami of sympathy and support, none of which was reported by corporate and state media (BBC).

Free speech now a hate crime

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New collage Sunweel -1




Texas Law Lays the Groundwork for Persecuting Those Who Criticize Israel (I didn’t want to believe it)



TEXAS GROUPS COMING AFTER PEOPLE (BUSINESSES) WHO SUPPORT BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) ACTIVITYhttps://www.jpost.com/Diaspora/Texas-Jewish-groups-take-aim-at-banks-BDS-activity-485230

“Chuck Lindell from the American-Statesman paper reported that the Texas Senate passed the bill opposing BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) by a 25-4 vote and that it was sent to the Texas House of Representatives for a vote. “No senators spoke in opposition to [bill] SB 29 before the vote,” the paper reported, adding that the bill’s author, Sen. Brandon Creighton, said Texas should not do business with companies that participate in the BDS movement. … Charles Kaufman, who chairs B’nai B’rith’s International Center for Human Rights and Public Policy, delivered testimony in the Austin legislature in support of the anti-BDS bill. Kaufman, who lives in Texas, said, “In another time, in another place in history, people who wanted to rid the earth of the Jewish people boycotted their businesses. Filled with fear, these good citizens, stripped of their possessions, separated from their families, would subsequently fill boxcars… and you the know rest.”  (As he trots out the holohoax when it’s financially convenient.)  NOW THEY ARE BOYCOTTING OUR BUSINESSES.

LT GOV DAN PATRICK (Traitor to the Bill of Rights)

Patrick:  “This legislation codifies our commitment to protect Texas trade and oppose discrimination against entities and individuals on the basis of their national origin, ethnicity, or religion.”It won’t play out that way ‘to oppose discrimination’ – it will be a tool to target, criminalize and penalize businesses AND individuals who criticize Israel.  Texas will NOT be a safe place. (Diane)

As of January 2018, 24 states have enacted anti-BDS laws (precursor to antisemitic laws).



My Letter to Lt Gov Patrick and Governor Abbott:

SB 29, the alleged ‘anti-discrimination’ support for Israel – giving the jews in our government the tool to target, criminalize, penalize and ultimately suppress ANY AND ALL criticism, now corporations, colleges but soon, individual expression!!!  Not even our president has that right – nor our Texas governing body.   Do you in Austin realize what you have done!  You have laid the groundwork for stripping us of our right to freedom of expression with the #1 psychopaths on the planet.  And THAT statement alone that I just made could get me in trouble, right? My opinion?  The bill of rights doesn’t count anymore? You know, freedom of expression?  I’m appalled to tears that my state should be one of the 5 who would be the first to bail, buckle and forfeit such protections.
Texas has caved – I’m ashamed to be a Texan. Now ALL states will buckle to the jewish oppressors, but I didn’t think Texas would be in the Top 5. “The bill, authored by Representative Phil King, prohibits the state of Texas from conducting business with companies involved in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel. After the bill becomes law, it ensures that certain public funds are not invested in any entities participating in this movement. Additionally, state contracts will only be given to verified businesses to guarantee that Texas maintains a strong and supportive relationship with Israel.” https://gov.texas.gov/news/post/anti-israel-policies-are-anti-texas-policies
How could you do this?! You signed away our freedom of expression in your state. The law not only prohibits criticism of the BDS movement but it also lays the groundwork for penalizing us for criticizing the psychopathic practices and government of Israel that also includes numerous activities in our country as well. I can’t believe how appalled I feel right now about you and your government. I thought Texas would stand against Free Speech encroachment but instead you’ve welcomed it with open arms. It saddens me to say I will no longer be supporting you. Nor is Texas a place to go to exercise your Bill of Rights freedoms. You have betrayed and slayed us.
Voltaire was noted to have said:  “To learn who rules over you, simply find out whom you are not allowed to criticize”  Israel is NOT our friend. — Diane King

Rogers Cable Practises Political Censorship & Withdraws Invitation to Dr. James Sears to Participate in “All Candidates'” DebateDr

Rogers Cable Practises Political Censorship & Withdraws Invitation to Dr. James Sears to Participate in “All Candidates'” Debate
Dr. James Sears, the energetic editor of the satirical YOUR WARD NEWS is running for the Canadians’ Choice Party in Ottawa Centre against Yasir Naqvi, the Liberal and Pakistani Attorney General, who after months of Zionist and other agitation, authorized charges under Canada’s notorious “hate law” against Dr. Sears and publisher Leroy St. Germaine, on November 10, 2017

A standard feature in elections is for the local cable company to allocate a certain period of time to each candidate so that they can be better known to the public. This is not only a public service but is fair, considering that the cable companies hold a virtual monopoly in an area and a licence to make a great deal of money.
Accordingly, on May 10, Dr. Sears received an e-mail of Stan Newton, a producer at Rogers’ TV Ottawa inviting him to an all-candidates debate, May 15.
—————————- Original Message —————————-
Subject: ROGERS TV – Debate for Ottawa Centre
From:    “Stan Newton” <Stan.Newton@rci.rogers.com>
Date:    Thu, May 10, 2018 17:41
To:      “Dr.James.Sears@CanadiansChoice.com

Hello James,

We have a debate for Ottawa Centre next Tuesday, May 15th at our studio,
details are below.  Could you please confirm your attendance, either way,
as soon as possible?

Thank you

Stan Newton

Rogers TV
475 Richmond Rd.
Ottawa, ON K2A 3Y8

o 613.759.8616

However, the next day he was un-invited for the most blatant political reasons. A Gavin Lumsden from Rogers informed him: ”  It has come to our attention that you have made public statements and espoused views that are entirely inconsistent with the values of Rogers TV.”

The statement in laughable. We are to believe Rogers TV has values other than making money? The Ottawa Centre candidates include a Liberal, and NDP socialist,  a Progressive Conservative, a Green Party representative, a Libertarian, a Communist and a representative of the None-of-the-Above Party. So, can we assume that Rogers’ alleged “values” are consistent with those of the Communist Party? The evil blight of communism left a trail of at least 100-million corpses in Russia, Eastern Europe, Cuba, China,Vietnam and Cambodia in the 20th Century. So, apparently, if Mr. Lumsden is to be believed, Rogers is cool with psychotic mass murder but entirely rejects Dr. Sears’ spirited defence of freedom and patriarchy.
Subject: Rogers TV Debate : Ottawa Centre
From:    “Gavin Lumsden” <Gavin.Lumsden@rci.rogers.com>
Date:    Fri, May 11, 2018 18:43
To:      “Dr.James.Sears@CanadiansChoice.com
leader@NCparty.ca” <leader@NCparty.ca>

Mr. Sears,

I am writing to follow-up on earlier correspondence from my colleague Stan

Since the invitation to the Ottawa Centre Candidates’ Debate was issued to
you, it has come to our attention that you have made public statements and
espoused views that are entirely inconsistent with the values of Rogers

As a result, I am writing to inform you that you will not be permitted to
participate in Rogers TV’s English and French candidates’ debates for the
riding of Ottawa Centre on May 15th.  Your invitation is hereby rescinded.

Gavin Lumsden
tv Rogers / Rogers tv – Ottawa
475 Richmond Road
Ottawa, ON  K2A 3Y8

CAFE has filed a complaint with the CRTC from whom Rogers holds its licence to make money and supposedly serve the public good.
Paul Fromm

If You’re in London, Come Out and Support Chanteuse and Satirist Alison Chabloz When the Verdict is Read, Friday, May 25th, at 10:00 a.m.

If You’re in London, Come Out and Support Chanteuse and Satirist Alison Chabloz When the Verdict is Read, Friday, May 25th, at 10:00 a.m.


Several arrests, multiple charges, ten court hearings, 18 months on bail and two days in jail – all for singing satirical songs alleged to be grossly offensive. Finally, the verdict in Alison Chabloz’ case will be pronounced 10 am this coming Friday, May 25th at Westminster Magistrates Court, Marylebone Rd, London.


Please do come along and show your solidarity.

Rendezvous Marylebone station forecourt from 9 am.

[At present, I have technical problems accessing the mailing lists, so feel free to forward information to those friends you know you would be interested, Stead.]



Ces femmes contre le « Nouvel Evangile » !

Ces femmes contre le « Nouvel Evangile » !
Accueil » Actualité » Actualité internationale » Ces femmes contre le « Nouvel Evangile » !


Ursula Haverbeck

Ursula Haverbeck, « la grande dame allemande », est, depuis avant-hier, incarcérée à la suite de sa condamnation à deux ans de prison ferme. Dans six mois, le 11 novembre 2018, elle aura 90 ans. Elle est arrière-grand-mère.

Elle était sous surveillance médicale. Son avocat avait sollicité un report de sa date d’incarcération. Mais de bonnes et belles personnes, notamment à l’étranger, avaient protesté et exigé une incarcération sans plus de délai.

Il faut dire que la coupable avait commis un crime affreux contre la plus vraie et la plus vivace des religions du monde, la Religion de l’Holocauste.

Michele Renouf

La Nazi-Oma (Grand-mère Nazie) avait proclamé qu’elle ne croyait pas à l’existence, durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, des « chambres à gaz nazies ». Elie Wiesel non plus n’y croyait pas ; généralement tenu pour le témoin emblématique de « l’Holocauste » (ou « Shoah »), il ira même, dans ses mémoires, jusqu’à demander qu’on n’en parle plus ; cependant, au moins nous avait-il assuré auparavant dans La Nuit qu’à Auschwitz, si les Allemands tuaient systématiquement les juifs, c’était par le feu dans des fosses ardentes auxquelles, par miracle, il avait personnellement échappé à la dernière minute. D’autres respectables témoins ont attesté de ce que la même extermination se faisait soit par l’électricité, soit par la vapeur d’eau, soit par le gaz cyanhydrique, soit par la chaux vive, soit par le gaz d’échappement de moteurs de camions ou d’un tank et même une fois, à Auschwitz, par le biais d’un essai de bombe nucléaire. Quant au Père Patrick Desbois, dont on ne parle malheureusement plus guère, il croyait soit à « la Shoah par balles » de fusil, soit à « la Shoah par étouffement » « avec des édredons » ou « avec des coussins la nuit » (Porteur de mémoires, Editions Michel Lafon, 2007, p. 306-307).

Monika Schaefer

Ursula Haverbeck fait actuellement partie de tout un ensemble international de femmes qui s’insurgent contre le Nouvel Evangile. Depuis au moins 73 ans, la bonne parole holocaustique nous est enseignée. Dans ces dernières années, elle carillonne à toute volée le matin, à midi, l’après-midi, le soir et la nuit. Mais ces femmes font montre d’une résistance méritoire. Elles se nomment Michèle Renouf, Sylvia Stolz, Maria Poumier, Monika Schaefer, Alison Chabloz, Diane King, Carolyn Yeager ou encore « Didi ». Elles s’appelaient Madame Rassinier, Keltie Zubko ou Barbara Kulaszka. D’autres noms de femmes seraient encore à citer.

Voici trois réactions à l’affaire :

1) La police allemande interpelle une « mamie nazie » en fuite (site d’Europe 1, 7 mai 2018) ;

Alison Chabloz

2) « Sur le front de la répression » (Bocage-Info, diffusion privée par courriel, 8 mai 2018) :

Ursula Haverbeck a été arrêtée et placée en détention le 7 mai 2018 à 13h30. Ursula Haverbeck espérait fêter son 90e anniversaire au mois de novembre en compagnie de sa famille et de ses amis, mais les sicaires de la police de la pensée en ont décidé autrement.

L’arrière-grand-mère allemande a gagné le respect de ses compatriotes et l’estime des chercheurs indépendants du monde entier pour ses enquêtes opiniâtres sur la fraude liée à l’Holocauste. Le régime allemand, qui est fortement impliqué dans l’escroquerie, a condamné la courageuse investigatrice à deux ans de prison ferme pour avoir enquêté sur les procès-verbaux des Alliés sur les conditions dans les camps d’internement pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Ursula Haverbeck est surnommée la « grand-mère nazie » par les médias du Système.  William Colby, ancien directeur de la CIA, et le Dr Udo Ulfkotte, ancien rédacteur en chef de la Frankfurter Allgemeine, étaient impliqués dans ces recherches. Les deux hommes sont morts dans des circonstances mystérieuses. Condamnée une nouvelle fois l’année dernière, Frau Haverbeck avait eu le temps de se préparer car elle ne s’était pas présentée à la prison de Bielefeld mercredi 2 mai, où elle devait être détenue, probablement jusqu’à ce que mort s’ensuive.

Maria Poumier

Un membre du comité juif d’un prétendu groupe de survivants de l’Holocauste qui s’appelle le Comité international d’Auschwitz a déclaré : « Il faut faire pression pour que la police la retrouve ». Le journal local Westfalen-Blatt a rapporté que la maison de Vlotho dans le centre de l’Allemagne où résidait Ursula Haverbeck semblait vide ces derniers jours, le courrier s’empilant devant la porte. La chasse à l’homme (sic) déclenchée pour retrouver une femme âgée coupable de réfléchir risque de se retourner contre les profiteurs de l’industrie de l’Holocauste. Dans une enquête récente, les deux tiers des gens ont déclaré qu’ils étaient excédés par les revendications incessantes et déplacées des profiteurs de ce système pervers : Holohoax heroine on the run.

3) Une révisionniste allemande de 89 ans jetée en prison (vidéo réalisée par Vincent Reynouard, 9 mai 2018).

Has Zionist Shill Teresa May Announced the End of Free Speech In Britain?

Has Zionist Shill Teresa May Announced the End of Free Speech In Britain?

Is “tolerance” compatible with free speech. If you oppose certain barbaric cultural practices like say, female genital mutilation, and make bold to say so, you’re not being very “tolerant”. Is Teresa May, Britain’s bumbling Prime Minister saying that henceforth only “tolerant” speech will be allowed. May is an utter captive of the Zionist anti-free speech lobby. In 2015, when the Board of Jewish Deputies set up a howl after a wildly distorted press smear on a Mark Weber talk at the London Forum, she banned him from the U.K. — a ban he did not learn about until 2017. The past year has seen a flurry of criminal charges against free speech supporters, including satiric chanteuse Alison Chaloz and activist organizer Jez Turner.

Theresa May announces the end of free speech in UK: “We value free speech…we also value tolerance to others”



🆘‼🧐🔥 UK: At last someone asked Theresa May the right questions on freedom of speech in the British Parliament.

Challenged in Parliament about why criticism of Christianity is taken for granted while criticism of Islam embroils one in societal (and legal) difficulties, British Prime Minister Theresa May answered:

We value freedom of expression and freedom of speech in this country. That is absolutely essential in underpinning our democracy. But we also value tolerance to others. We also value tolerance in relation to religions. This is one of the issues that we’ve looked at in the counter-extremism strategy that the government has produced. I think we need to ensure that, yes, it is right that people can have that freedom of expression. But in doing so, that right has a responsibility, too. And that is a responsibility to recognize the importance of tolerance to others.

This heralds the end of the freedom of speech in Britain, for May’s statement is flatly self-contradictory. Who will decide whether one’s criticism of Islam has shaded over into becoming “intolerant”? Presumably the police or some governing authorities. But the freedom of speech is designed precisely to protect people from being prosecuted or persecuted by the governing authorities because their speech dissents from the accepted line. It was developed as a safeguard against tyranny.

By introducing this massive exception, May is turning the freedom of speech on its head and emptying it of all meaning. She is also implying that the British government will now be bringing the full force of the law against those who are deemed intolerant, and indeed, that has already begun.


NO FREE SPEECH IN GERMANY: German cartoonist sacked after Netanyahu drawing

NO FREE SPEECH IN GERMANY: German cartoonist sacked after Netanyahu drawing

Previously, Dieter Hanitzsch drew Turkish president, but was defended over free speech

German cartoonist sacked after Netanyahu drawing

By Cuneyt Karadag


A leading German daily fired a cartoonist over anti-semitic views on Friday after he drew a caricature of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The cartoon by Dieter Hanitzsch showed Netanyahu carrying a missile in his hand. He is dressed up as Israeli singer Netta Barzilai, who won this year’s Eurovision contest. A speech bubble on top says: “Next year in Jerusalem.”

The cartoon led to an uproar on social media and other German media outlets.

Suddeutsche Zeitung’s Editor-in-Chief Wolfgang Krach apologized for the caricature, however Hanitzsch refused.

Speaking to local media outlets, the 85-year-old cartoonist said he wanted to criticize Netanyahu’s exploitation of the Eurovision contest for his own purposes and accused him of abusing the singer’s victory.

He added that it was not a common thing for a newspaper to fire its cartoonist over a drawing.

“You can reprimand him, warn him, but firing is not a good way,” he said.

Previously, Hanitzsch had drawn cartoons criticizing and even insulting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He was defended on the basis of freedom of the press and expression, for his drawings published in the same newspaper.