Democracy is dead in Canada by Patriot Gus

Democracy is dead in Canada by Patriot Gus

Democracy is dead in Canada as proven by the Canadian Nationalist Party (CNP). When I first learned of CNP with its “Canada First” and “Traditional version of Canada” policies and directions, I immediately wanted to support it and joined as a member.

In 2019 the members were seeking Party registration with Elections Canada and once eligible, a group known as which is government funded and seeks to profit by squelching political opposition to the current government, threatened to release publicly the names and addresses of CNP registrars as is their right to do so for those names and addresses were public record and made available to anyone who asked for them.

As reported by CBC news, even former Winnipeg Police Chief warned that trying to publicly shame CNP members could incite violence not only for CNP members but for their families and children by those who don’t agree with CNPs political opinions. Despite the consequences of Elections Canada and actions, they did not heed the Police Chiefs warning.

The news report can be seen here:

Canadian Nationalist Party concerned about release of members’ identities
Furthermore shortly after Party registration, CNP sought to rent publicly funded spaces such is in local Legions, libraries and University campuses for meetings but were denied without reason.

Now ask yourself do you still think we’re living in a Democracy?

Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron Demands CBC Uphold Journalistic Mandate of Fairness

Patron Demands CBC Uphold Journalistic Mandate

Our public media broadcaster is no longer acting in the public interest. Back to Blog


Feb 2021 Patron Demands CBC Uphold Journalistic Mandate Our public media broadcaster is no longer acting in the public interest. Canadian Nationalist Party Activism

Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron visited the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Headquarters in Saskatchewan on Friday to demand they uphold their journalistic mandate after completely neglecting coverage of their claim that the Government Of Canada has failed to uphold the democratic mandate.

The Canadian Nationalist Party was unconstitutionally excluded from the most recent 43rd Federal Election after requesting and being denied (ubiquitously and without exception) the liberty of hosting a public event and communicating their policies to voters after the issue of the writ (September 11th – October 21st, 2019). Not a single request made was honoured.

We maintain that this represents a failure of the Government Of Canada to uphold their democratic mandate.

In the resulting constitution lawsuit before the Court Of Queen’s Bench For Saskatchewan, the Court has ordered that Patron is not allowed to represent the federally-sanctioned political party he founded and continues to lead. The Judge has ordered that until someone other than Patron is appointed to represent his party, no further action can take place, and that failing to appoint someone else within 90 days may result in the outright dismissal of the claim.

The Court Of Appeal For Saskatchewan has now recently held that this order does “not dispose of the rights of the parties, in a final and binding way, with respect to any substantive issue in the action”.

The Canadian Nationalist Party has no intention of retaining someone other than Patron to represent them in the court of law at this time and to dismiss or delay a claim of such national importance would be an egregious denial of justice. It would also violate the inherent dignity of the human person and damage confidence in social and political institutions which are created to enhance participation in our society.

Last year, the Canadian Nationalist Party submitted a formal complaint with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Ombudsman, where we proposed an interview to discuss these matters and which has yet to receive any redress whatsoever.

By completely neglecting to cover these developments, Canada’s public media broadcaster has departed from their journalistic mandate and is acting in violation of their article of incorporation – specifically, The Broadcasting Act, 1991.

In response to this, last month we submitted a request with the Canadian Radio & Television Communications to revoke their broadcasting license rather than renewing it during the public consultation process.

The Broadcasting Act 1991, states clearly that the broadcasting system shall be effectively owned and controlled by Canadians, shall provide a public service essential to the maintenance and enhancement of national identity and cultural sovereignty, and should serve to enrich the political fabric of Canada. Additionally, where any conflict arises between the objectives of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, it shall be resolved in the public interest, and where the public interest would be equally served by resolving the conflict in favour of either, it shall be resolved in favour of a shared national consciousness and identity.

As a federally-sanctioned political party that has touted the importance of national identity since our very inception, we view neglecting to inform the public of our lawsuit which claims the Government Of Canada has failed to uphold its democratic mandate as a violation of The Broadcasting Act of 1991.

In recognition that this act is binding on Her Majesty The Queen, we also submit that the willful violation of these policies is grounds for civil asset forfeiture.

You can watch the Friday encounter at CBC Regina below: Video Player00:0007:04Video Player00:0009:07Video Player00:0004:10Video Player00:0001:55

We will continue to put pressure on our public media broadcaster until we are confident they are abiding by a journalistic mandate which is in the public interest and in alignment with The Broadcasting Act, 1991.

Read More:

The Tax-payer Funded Militantly Anti-Free Speech Canadian Anti-Hate Network & Other Sworn Enemies of Free SpeechWant Travis Patron Charged for “Hate” for Expressing Political Opinions


Posted on July 16, 2020



July 16, 2020

Canadian Anti-Hate Network

In June 2019, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network filed a criminal complaint with the RCMP in Saskatchewan for an antisemitic video posted by Travis Patron, leader of the neo-Nazi [false] Canadian Nationalist Party. The RCMP says they launched an investigation. A full year later the RCMP has not made any further statement on the status of that investigation, despite Patron escalating his antisemitic calls to arms. It’s turning into international news.

Given the most recent incidents, CAHN board member Richard Warman filed a renewed criminal complaint with the RCMP and CIJA and the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center followed suit, filing their own complaints.

If you support our work against the neo-Nazi [false] Canadian Nationalist Party, help us out at Thank you!

The video that prompted our June 2019 complaint deals in antisemitic tropes, calls Jews a “parasitic tribe,” and says they need to be dealt with once and for all; any reasonable person would understand the video as a call for deportations and genocide.

At the time Patron claimed it wasn’t about Jews:

“Unless you self-identify with the accusations in the video, then it doesn’t concern you. But if you choose to be offended by it, ask yourself WHY? Is it wrong for Canada to rid itself of a parasitic relationship that has only served to suck us dry? #Zionism #cdnpoli”

Patron has a social media history of supporting “historical revisionism,” a term Holocaust deniers [false — skeptics] use to self-identity, liking posts quoting Hitler, and promoting the writings of Quebec fascist Adrian Arcand, a Hitler supporter who was arrested and interned during WWII.

Despite his barely veiled neo-Nazism, [false] our promise to name their members should they not renounce their support, and the pending investigation, Patron’s Canadian Nationalist Party was ultimately recognized as a federal political party with all the inherent benefits in time for the 2019 election. Unsurprisingly, Patron and his two candidates received almost no votes.

In November 2019, Patron was charged with aggravated assault and assault causing bodily harm for allegedly attacking two women who wouldn’t get in his car. Those charges are pending.

Since then Patron has made nonsense arguments that he isn’t subject to Canadian law and dispensed with any pretense that he isn’t targeting Canadian Jews. He has posted a video giving a Nazi salute, which he calls a Roman salute, and published a flyer with the transcript of the first antisemitic video, adding:

“The people we speak of are not truly ‘Jews.’ They are liars and deceivers attempting to shield themselves from criticism using a false identity. Let us be aware and expose them for what they are: a tribe of parasites.”

Patron has since made other videos in the same vein, and is also dealing biblical antisemitism, including sharing an infamous bible passage saying Jews are of the “synagogue of Satan.”

CAHN believes the evidence is more than sufficient for the RCMP to criminally charge Patron with the wilful promotion of hatred against the Jewish community who have every right to be protected from Patron and the poison of his hate propaganda.

It’s been over a year since the first criminal complaint. How much longer do we have to wait?

Travis Patron & the Canadian Nationalist Party Protest Anti-democratic Ban by the Royal Canadian Legion

Letter To The Legion

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By Canadian Nationalist Party Post date

Patron Writes Letter To The Legion

Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron has wrote a letter to the Royal Canadian Legion following their decision to exclude his party from their branches leading up to the most recent 43rd Federal Election last year.

Read the letter Patron wrote today addressed to the Royal Canadian Legion:

Royal Canadian Legion – Saskatchewan Provincial Command,

I write you in response of your letter served to our organization last year leading up to the most recent 43rd Federal Election in which you communicated your decision to exclude us from using any of your branches. You also used the letter to condemn our speech and actions as well as falsely-accusing us of promoting hate “based on nationality, religion, and sexual orientation”.

I will have you know, dear Legion, that perhaps more than anything our political constituency hates cowardice and, unfortunately for you, your organization’s affiliation with us thus far reeks of this.

As a federally-sanctioned political constituency, and the only one headquartered within the province, your decision to exclude us from your branches is inherently against democratic association your bylaws claim to represent!

Your rash actions come in response to our event held at the Redvers Legion Branch #293 on June 14th, 2019 when we communicated our electoral policies to voters. If the purpose and objectives of the Royal Canadian Legion are to support democracy, as your bylaws seem to suggest, than this decision is counter-intuitive by its very nature!

I will have you note, dear Legion, that this address to the community on June 14th, 2019 at your branch seems to have been well-received despite your apparent reluctance to defend the national sovereignty our veterans fought so valiantly to defend!

Due to these poor decisions, not to allow federal political parties to speak at your venues, among other reasons, many of your branches are now lying desolate, on the brink of insolvency, and collecting dust. This is a disgrace to many of those who served and continue to serve in upholding our national identity and ideology, the very thing our political constituency espouses!

You dishonour us with your words and ill-conceived condemnations. Your cancellation procedures are abrupt and given on extremely short notice. We speak not only of your provincial command here in Saskatchewan, but nationally, in other areas of the country as well/ Kindly pass this letter onto your National Headquarters as well so that they may be informed of our displeasure in how the once respectable Royal Canadian Legion is being run today!

Many of us, myself included, have ancestors who fought in the Great Wars so that their descendents may enjoy basic freedoms such as the ability to express and advocate for oneself – values your contemporary command seems to run afoul of!

You disappoint us, dear Legion, as your branches no longer support the ability for people to express themselves, but censor an conceal themselves in a false veneer of patriotism! You cower under the pressure from the mainstream media narrative and nameless hooligans to cancel events which take time, money, and patience to organize. How exactly do you expect to gain in popularity from such a thing? You will quite likely not!

I will have you know, dear Legion, that if you continue to surrender the sacrifices our nation has made, and which are imbued in the history of your very branches, than some other organization will step in, with our without your consent, to defend their sacrifices and carry forward the torch for generations yet to come!


Mr. Travis Patron
Canadian Nationalist Party Leader

The decision to exclude the party came shortly after Patron hosted an event at the Redvers Legion Branch #293 on June 14th, 2019, which can be viewed below:

We thank those who attended and those who continue to support our organization.

If the Royal Canadian Legion continues to softly surrender the sacrifices our nation has made in times past, which are imbued in the historical legacy of these very branches, than some other organization will step in, with or without their consent, to carry forward the torch for generations yet to come!

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Government-funded Militant Anti-Free Speech Group, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network Wants Sec. 13 (Internet Censorship) Back

Government-funded Militant Anti-Free Speech Group, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network Wants Sec. 13 (Internet Censorship) Back

Hatemongers Don’t Face Serious Enough Consequences in Canadian Courts

While Canada has clear legal definitions of what does and does not constitute hate speech, enforcement is lacking. In the cases when known peddlers are actually brought before a judge, the trials are delayed, extended, and lack consequences. It’s time to bring back section 13. Posted on December 30, 2020

Elizabeth Simons 

Canadian Anti-Hate Network


We need to do away with the myth that hate and racism aren’t issues in Canada, especially online. We produce hate speech and internationally recognized hate figures at a disproportionately high rate — in many measures we’re worse than the United States on a per capita basis. 

As it stands now, we do not have the legal tools needed to reverse this trend.

On 4Chan, we represent almost 6% of posts made to the worst message board on the site, and earlier this year UK based think tank Institute for Strategic Dialogue identified 6,600 online channels where Canadians posted hateful content.

Before we begin, let’s quickly debunk the central bad faith argument against our hate speech laws. “Hate” is not impossible to define or undefined — the Supreme Court has clearly defined it and endorsed a guide to determining what is and isn’t criminal hate speech. Our laws have been challenged and upheld by the Supreme Court as Charter consistent.

The laws strike a good balance between freedom of expression and criminalizing what is dangerous hate speech. Unfortunately, they aren’t enforced and they don’t have sharp enough teeth to be a deterrent. The very worst actors continue spreading hate largely with impunity.

Police services across Canada are the main roadblock. A few do take it seriously and act, but most are reluctant in the extreme to investigate hate-related charges against individuals — whether that’s hate speech, continuous harassment, and even death threats. Sometimes, overwhelming community pressure on the police works — but shouldn’t be necessary.

Even if the law is applied correctly, it’s not strong enough to be a deterrent. Some hatemongers make a mockery of it and use the opportunity to grandstand. 

James Sears, the discredited former medical doctor who served as editor for Toronto-based Your Ward News, was sentenced to the maximum one year in prison in 2019 for promoting hatred against women and Jews. The crown proceeded with the charge as a summary offence.

Ontario Justice Richard Blouin wished he could hand down more, saying at the time “It is impossible, in my view, to conclude that Mr. Sears … should receive a sentence of any less than 18 months in jail.” 

Sears hasn’t seen a day in jail yet. He was allowed to stay out, pending his argument that his lawyer misrepresented him by not giving him an opportunity to deny the holocaust and call notorious antisemites as “expert witnesses.” He regrets nothing.

Hate vlogger Kevin Johnston was initially charged with a single count of wilful promotion of hatred in 2017. Johnston has still not been tried. In 2019 he lost a $2.5 million judgment to Toronto philanthropist Mohamad Fakih for his role in racially motivated defamation against Fakih in which he repeatedly accused him of being a terrorist. 

Ontario Superior Court Justice Jane Ferguson called Johnston’s attacks on Fakih “hate speech at its worst.” 

Travis Patron, leader of the overtly neo-Nazi federal Canadian Nationalist Party, has been “under investigation” by the RCMP for over a year for a video in which he claimed Jews are a “parasitic tribe” and called for their expulsion from Canada. Patron continues to make antisemitic posts and flyers and do photo ops giving the Nazi salute.

It’s an open and shut case. What could possibly make it take this long to lay charges? 

In 2018, a warrant was issued for Gabriel Sohier Chaput, aka Zeiger — called one of the most prominent neo-Nazis in North America, and writer with The Daily Stormer, a white supremacist website — for spreading hatred. Having been on the run for two years, in August 2020 Chaput reappeared and is awaiting trial in Montreal. 

Chaput is one of the ideological leaders of the newest generation of neo-Nazi terrorists — his hands are soaked in blood. It’s a travesty that the most he’s likely to get is a year. It’s uncertain whether he will even spend it in prison, given the pandemic. 

Neo-Nazi Paul Fromm was under investigation by the Hamilton Police Service for posting the manifesto of the Christchurch killer, titled “The Great Replacement” — a nod to the white supremacist conspiracy theory that white people are being replaced —  in full on his website in 2019. Fromm had stated, “[The shooter’s] analysis of the crisis we face is cogent.”* 

They decided not to charge him.

British Columbia’s Arthur Topham, convicted in 2015 of one count of communicating online statements that wilfully promoted hatred against Jews, and again in 2017, had been sentenced to a six month conditional sentence, two years probation, a curfew, and was banned from posting online. 

In early 2020, Topham was again before the courts for breaching his probation order and spreading online hate. 

Some of these people just won’t stop — not as things are.

Our hate speech law,  s. 319 (2), is crafted to balance freedom of expression while criminalizing the worst hate speech. Unfortunately, it’s not a deterrent for the most vitriolic offenders because the police won’t enforce it, and some hate mongers laugh off the consequences. 

It feels like we’re banging our heads against the wall filing criminal complaints.

Before 2014, members of the public could file a hate speech complaint under s.13. Credible complaints went to the Human Rights Tribunal, and a panel of judges could order hatemongers to stop. It was relatively fast, gave communities the power to defend themselves legally, and it worked. It gave us direct access to justice

If they refused to stop, they were in violation of a standing court order and were relatively quickly thrown in jail. Eventually, most of them learned their lesson.

Earlier this month we met with Heritage minister Steven Guilbeault and a number of social justice organizations to discuss legislation surrounding online hate. We argued that reinstating s. 13 is fundamental to successfully dealing with the problem. We were joined by numerous voices in support of these measures — the Mosaic Institute, the National Association of Friendship Centres, the Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice, and others — and we are committed to a coalition to realize a better solution for today.

Every single anti-racist and human rights group we know of wants it back.

Bring it back.

Follow Elizabeth Simons on Twitter @esimons_

_____* This viciously anti-free speech group utterly distorts my posting of the Christchurch Manifesto. Yes, I said his analysis of the dire position of Europeans, betrayed internally and being replaced by an elite-organized Third World invasion_was correct. BUT, and this is a huge BUT, I added that his solution — shooting up two mosques and killing 31 people was NOT the solution._________________________________________

Halloween Is Over. Take Off Your Mask

Halloween Is Over. Take Off Your Mask

Unless the Government Of Canada can produce substantial evidence that public demand exists for mandatory masks, the Canadian Nationalist Party will not comply.

By Travis Patron Post date

If and when the Government Of Canada attempts to mandate medical facemasks on the population, in public spaces there must be lawful grounds to do so. The local authorities cannot enforce masks on the citizens unconditionally without the public’s approval or consent. As it stands right now, neither has been earned by the Government Of Canada.

In March of this year, the Canadian Nationalist Party served the Provincial Government Of Saskatchewan a notice of objection to their declared state of emergency regarding COVID-19 due to having “a high probability of causing undo suppression of our economic conditions – especially in rural areas of the province.”

We believe those words to be self-evident today.

This declaration of emergency was unnecessary to begin with. It may or may not remain that way, but ultimately the cost of such an alarmist reaction can be seen and felt on the streets of our towns and cities – where small business has taken the greatest hit and many storefronts have been boarded up and closed down. Meanwhile, the Globalist Elite buy up properties for a fraction of the price they would otherwise fetch on an open market, unrestricted by these very COVID-19 emergency measures.

Unless the Government Of Canada can produce substantial evidence that public demand exists for mandatory masks, the Canadian Nationalist Party will not comply.

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By Travis Patron

Canadian Nationalist Party Leader

Nationalist Party of Canada Accuses CBC of Anti-Nationalist Bias: CBC Failing To Uphold Journalistic Mandate

CBC Failing To Uphold Journalistic Mandate

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By Travis Patron Post date

CBC Failing To Uphold Journalistic Mandate
*Disclaimer: the following is a follow-up to the recent Canadian Nationalist Party complaint submitted to the Office Of The Ombudsman alleging a violation of their stated mandate of Journalistic Standards and Practices – code of ethics and practice.

Office Of The Ombudsman,

My main point of contention lies with the idea that CBC, as a publicly-funded media broadcaster, has paid no attention whatsoever to the fact that a federal political party espousing the ideology of nationalism has been (for all intents and purposes) excluded from the democratic channel during and leading up to the recent 43rd Federal Election. It is unacceptable to justify this lack of coverage by claiming that the Canadian Nationalist Party is a “small party” and therefore does not warrant this kind of coverage when the subject-matter at hand demonstrates it is essentially impossible to grow any party who is not permitted to host public events and communicate their policies during an active election. This is a fundamental violation of our constitutional rights and self-determination.

In terms of mandate, the CBC is obligated to report on current affairs within the country which are in the public interest. The aforementioned claim is indeed in the public interest because Canadian citizens are not only being kept in the dark about the electoral policies of a federal political party but they are being denied meaningful representation when it comes to the ideology of nationalism. To not report on the exclusion of the ideology of nationalism from democratic proceedings in Canada is contrary to the public interest.

The Canadian Nationalist Party currently has active lawsuits in court regarding these claims. This too is in the public interest to know about – yet no coverage whatsoever has been brought to these very important issues which relate to the democratic and constitutional integrity of our society.

The willful lack of coverage of these developments, combined with the track record of CBC ubiquitously reporting negatively-oriented information about the same political party, provide reasonable grounds to conclude that our publicly-funded media broadcaster has departed from its mandate of journalistic integrity and balanced reporting

Therefore, unless they can make amends and keep Canadians informed of these very serious violations against our democratic and constitutional integrity, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation cannot be said to be acting in the public interest and should not expect the support of taxpaying citizens.


Travis Patron, Canadian Nationalist Party Leader

Pandemic! What Pandemic?: Statement by Travis Patron, Leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party

What Pandemic?

The recent declaration of emergency from the provincial government has proven to be unnecessary and economically debilitating.

Citizens of Redvers,

The recent “pandemic” has impacted all our lives in one way or another. Local businesses especially are feeling the pinch due to restrictions which many believe are becoming intolerable. We ourselves, the Canadian Nationalist Party, served the provincial government of Saskatchewan a notice of objection to their declared state of emergency in March of this year (, claiming it was “unprecedented and unnecessary” and that these actions have a “high probability of causing undo suppression of our economic conditions – especially in rural areas of the province”.

We believe those words to be self-evident today.

What we need to do is aggressively lift restrictions and get people back to work. No amount of “stimulus” cheques can replace millions of workers who are now unemployed across the country. We need government that is capable and willing to stand up to regional, provincial, and federal agencies who limit access to public utilities, essential services, and private functions. This needs to stop. I don’t believe I’m alone when I say I PREFER NOT to wear a mask. I personally have yet to meet basically anyone who has contracted this illness. Fortunately, for those who DO contract it, there is a ~99% survival rate.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the people who’ve infiltrated our government/media are attempting to collapse our economy, extinguish our national identity, and usher in a world government surveillance state using a combination of social media data mining, artificial intelligence, and facial recognition technology. We oppose this and we hope you’ll join us …

C – O – R – O – N – A         = 6
3 – 15 – 18 – 15 – 14 – 1   = 66
                                               = 666, NUMBER OF THE BEAST, (manipulation)

“Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” – Revelation 13:8

“The numbers of the beast shall be sixty-six, and six hundred and sixty-six, and the parts thereof. Because in the coil of the cycle, behold the distances are two-thirds of a circle (2/3), whether it be a hundred or a thousand or three times a thousand.” – God’s Book Of Ben

It may be necessary to disconnect from social media and the television entirely if we are to regain control of the cultural narrative. Regardless, if the good people of Redvers are not having their voices heard by their current elected officials, I am confident they will look to other local political bodies for representation – with or without the approval of the ballot box, with or without the approval of our increasingly untrustworthy media apparatus.

Our citizens demand accountability from their leaders and will not support an administration which is no longer serving their best interests.

In your service,

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Mr. Travis Patron

Patron Banned From Library After Petitioning To Discontinue LGBT Promotions

Patron Banned From Library After Petitioning To Discontinue LGBT Promotions

Decision follows shortly after Patron began campaigning to discontinue publicly promoting homosexuality.

Sep 2020 Patron Banned From Library After Petitioning To Discontinue LGBT Promotions Decision follows shortly after Patron began campaigning to discontinue publicly promoting homosexuality. Canadian Nationalist Party Activism, News

Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron has been banned from his local library after he began forming a petition to discontinue publicly promoting LGBT.

On Saturday, August 30th, a video emerged on social media of Patron advocating against “drag queen storytime at the library“. Video Player00:0007:21

In response, the local librarian has stated that they are “intrigued at the idea” of having a “queen scheduled to show up at the library”.

The local authorities have informed Patron that he is not to visit the local library and that he is now effectively banned. Local authorities have restricted his access to the Redvers library (Tuesday, September 1st, 2020): Audio Player00:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

Patron has inquired with the regional headquarters as to why he is banned from Redvers library (Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020): Audio Player00:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

Upon receiving the news, Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron had this to say:

Libraries should be a place of learning and inclusion, not used to endorse LGBT or exclude those who may campaign to discontinue the public promotion of transgenderism and homosexuality. It is fundamentally against the nature of academic honesty to exclude those who do not share the same beliefs as those in a position of authority. It is also entirely hypocritical to advocate for “inclusion” while excluding those who share different views from accessing public utilities. Most Canadians are not interested in living in a LGBT dictatorship. This development within our community demonstrates that LGBT advocates sometimes resort to bullying and intimidation in order to silence the opinions of others.

– Travis Patron, Canadian Nationalist Party Leader

CAFE Calls on Elections Canada to Investigate Bullying & Intimidation Tactics of Canadian Anti-Hate Network Aimed at Registration of a New Populist Party

Canadian Association for Free Expression

Box 332,

Rexdale, Ontario, M9W 5L3

Ph: 905-289-674-4455; FAX: 289-674-4820;


Paul Fromm, B.Ed, M.A. Director


For Immediate Release

CAFE Calls on Elections Canada to Investigate Bullying & Intimidation Tactics of Canadian Anti-Hate Network Aimed at Registration of a New Populist Party

REXDALE, July 15, 2019. Today the Canadian Association for Free Expression is filing a formal complaint with Elections Canada demanding an investigation into bullying and intimidation of voters by a group of anti-racist extremists calling themselves the Canadian Anti-Hate Network. In July 10 Twitter postings, this group has threatened to publicize the names and addresses of persons who sign up as member of the newly formed populist Canadian Nationalist Party, in order to qualify the party for official recognition as a party in the upcoming October federal election.

In their July 10 statement this group of anti-democratic fanatics stated:  “The Canadian Anti-Hate Network will publish the names of 250 members of the neo-Nazi Canadian Nationalist Party if they are successful in becoming a registered political party. We plan to publish these names and their cities of residence as soon as they become public, and will encourage local media to run stories naming neo-Nazi supporters in their communities. … This kind of naming and shaming is part of our mandate of exposing hate groups to make sure communities are well-informed, and to ensure that there are significant, nonviolent social consequences for supporting hate groups.”


“This ugly bullying threat is libellous,” says CAFE Director Paul Fromm. “The Canadian Nationalist Party are traditional Canadians and populists, not National Socialist wannabees. CAHN, who boasts longtime anti-free speech campaigners like Bernie Farber and Richard Warman as board members, seeks  to intimidate citizens from their right to vote as they choose.”


CAFE Calls on Elections Canada to Investigate Bullying & Intimidation Tactics of Canadian Anti-Hate Network Aimed at Registration of a New Populist Party

 “The list of signators  ti register a political party is public ONLY for the purposes of establishing the bona fides of party supporters,” he adds.

In a further tweet, the hitmen of political correctness gleefully anticipate the loss of jobs for people participating in this democratic process. In a July 10 tweet, Canadian Anti-Hate Network Board member Evan Balgord, a former assistant to Toronto’s anti-free speech Mayor John Tory, enthused: “Employer concerns are a natural consequence of supporting a neo-Nazi party. Practically, however, we won’t have the time to research 250 individuals. Local media might. I’d note they can avoid that consequence by emailing Elections Canada and withdrawing their support. – Evan”

Then, as a further to interfere with the secret ballot and the right of citizens to freely choose the party they prefer, the CAHN offers a carrot:  “If any of members of the Canadian Nationalist Party want to avoid being named and facing the social consequences of supporting a neo-Nazi party, they can email Elections Canada at to withdraw their support.”

The threatening tactics of the CAHN are no different than posting goons armed with clubs outside polling stations reminding voters not to vote the “wrong” way, says Mr. Fromm an activist with 48 years experience battling the forces of censorship and speech constraint in Canada.