Report on the First Two Days of David Lindsay’s Trial in Kelowna

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Court Update

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

To begin, and most importantly…I am so grateful to all those who came out from all over the Okanagan for these court proceedings over the past two days….and even to those couldn’t be there but sent me messages and love and support.

Thank you so much for all your kind support.

I am sorry that many of you had to wait all day for court to start, and worse, that many had to leave without seeing anything. This unfortunately is the nature of court in B.C. where they double and triple book courtrooms without your knowledge or consent.

The two charges of assault originate from a protest outside the Interior Health building in Kelowna, on Aug. 19, 2021. Yup, that long ago.

The Crown is alleging I assaulted two guards by pushing into them to enter the building, after I was allegedly banned from the building.

Court began on Wed. March 1, and it was nuts from the beginning. About 50 wonderful freedom supporters showed up.  Sheriffs immediately set up a table outside of courtroom #9 to search people’s bags b/c the Chief Sheriff said more people arrived than last time. I objected and asked everyone not to go in. I initially refused to enter the courtroom and have my bags searched, and so the Judge issued an unendorsed warrant while was in the hallway. Crown Prosecutor Grabavac was apparently smiling to the gallery while he demanded Judge Cathie Heinrichs issue a warrant, which she so cheerfully did.

Sheriffs were going to use physically force on me to force me into court from my place in the hallway if I refused, so, being in this catch-22 situation, I went in and told the Judge we were not being searched, including myself. 

Case was adjourned due to some in custody hearings unexpectedly put on the Judge’s docket ahead of mine, from 9:00 – 10:30 – 12:30, then 2:30.   I had arguments with the Judge on the searches and she did not want to talk about them and claimed to have no power to stop them, which, being an inferior court, is likely correct.  However, the Chief Sheriff did tell me that he would obey any judicial order to let us in.

I am going to now have to look at filing another challenge in the near future so that we don’t have to be searched to go into courtrooms without reasonable and probable grounds to believe someone is carrying something.  In reality it is pretty stupid – I could be carrying a knife on me personally and they would never know because they are only searching bags. Me and my friend Gordy challenged these types of searches in Winnipeg and were successful.

After court started today the Judge trapped me – I could go into the hallway and get my stuff without bringing bags into the courtroom.

I told the Judge she could “talk to the hand” and that I was not going to participate in the court trial at all if I had to be searched.  Now, any appeal would have lost as an appeal judge would have claimed I could have got my material out of the hallway and not needed bags.  This however is wrong as I need to carry them to and into court in something from home…but I saw the trap coming, so went outside and got my stuff out of my bags. This only worked because I had people outside to watch my bags.  I told people to try and avoid coming into court with bags today and not be searched and gratefully they for the most part they agreed.  After lunch most people left their bags in their cars, and came in without being searched.

This was sad and took away valuably needed focus on the actual trial. This is so frustrating having to give up Constitutional rights and freedoms, to exercise other Constitutional rights and freedoms.

Crown put first cop on the stand today by video.  I begin cross examination tomorrow (Thursday).  Then Crown will put other cops and security guards on the stand right after – six in total.  Not sure if we will get done tomorrow so there may be another date set.

A brief respite from the seriousness of the situation happened when some shagged looking woman with a face diaper on in the front row, decided to let a ripper go and grace the front row with her foul odours. This sounded like she was sitting on a wooden chair and the sound was heard virtually throughout the courtroom. I saw this woman on Thursday talking to the Crown, and have some suspicions that she was there in some capacity for the Crown or Gov’t.

CBC reporter Brady Strachan asked for an interview. I set the boundaries up front…no pejorative name calling, labels etc. If he was going to interview a lawyer, he had to do one from our side as well. I believe the interview went well, though once again, his online article repeated previous myths about me without mentioning successes.

Castanet BS reporter Nicholas Johansen continued with his ongoing attacks against me without my side of the story of course. I attacked him in court during a break today for his ongoing writing lies and misrepresentations. He claims I have a “long, unsuccessful history in the Canadian court system”, without considering or reporting on people I have kept out of jail, 50+ charges I have had thrown out including nine (9) s. 238 Income Tax Charges 30 months ago in Ottawa, a successful s. 11(b) Charter application, a successful Constitutional challenge to courthouse security searches, many of the wonderful comments from the judiciary, sentence reductions, and further ignores the ongoing attacks by the Crown to keep me out of the court system from exposing their criminal activity. It is much easier to quote a corrupt judge(s) and other prosecutors, than examine facts.

I will keep you posted tomorrow night what happens!


Thursday, March 2, 2023

Things today began to look ominously repetitive of the previous day, when a supporter noticed at 9:15 a.m. that there were four other cases listed in my courtroom.

Fortunately, within 10 minutes they were transferred to other courtrooms.

Court began with myself beginning to cross examine a police officer who was barely involved in the incident. After being told by court staff that all I needed was a laptop and they had all the cables, I discovered that I needed MS Teams as this cop was down under vacationing at our expense.

Needless to say, ½ hour later, we got the video working but not the audio. After trying to cross examine without audio, I finished with the agreement that we would have him appear on another day when he returned, as we would not be finished today in any event. My cross examination took up virtually the entire morning in large part because of these digital issues.

Finally, the Crown brings on its first real witness, Taj Smith, a Palladin security guard who was one of three guards blocking me from entering the IH building on Aug. 19. I caught Mr. Smith wearing an ear piece behind his neck, which he said he forgot to take off this morning. It was not directly in his ear (getting messages as we caught a Federal witness doing last year with headphones), and he said he could not get messages from it. On we went.

I expressed some reservations to the Judge about having to give up my defences so early, but it appeared I had no choice. The Crown was objecting to every hearsay question I tried to get in. Other objections were on relevance, which I believe time will confirm that these questions were relevant to my defence.

The Crown had a silent interior IH video they put as an exhibit. Questions then flew around about what was happening in the video, which was clear, but the people were so far away it was difficult to see clearly unless it was directly on your computer screen.

I then put our first video into evidence. I began to run this video showing Mr. Smith and the other two guards, and what was happening. Mr. Smith confirmed that I was not violent, said no threatening words or made any such gestures, etc.

Then we get to the part where I introduced the video taken by Leo, one of our group volunteers. Despite the threats of initial objections, the Crown conceded to it being an exhibit.

This incredible video shows the truth, it was actually the guards who assaulted me. It was so visibly obvious that gasps from the gallery were immediately heard throughout the courtroom, who witnessed this video for the first time, even from 30 feet or more away.

Taj Smith tried to deny the video evidence, but my analysis of this video, second by second, clearly showed otherwise. When he continued to insist otherwise, I asked if he wished to take a break and go and obtain a quality pair of glasses to assist his vision (remember, he was only 5-7 feet from the screen).

The Crown jumped up quicker than an update by Microsoft needs to be patched, yelling I was berating the witness etc. to which the Judge of course agreed. But I did not back down and repeated that clearly, he couldn’t see the video because it was clear they assaulted me, or was deliberately lying.

This witness had to back down and/or agree with me on several other points of importance as well.

Smith further confirmed that if not for the order allegedly banning me from entering the building, I had a right of entry and he could not stop me, despite being authorized to use force under provincial legislation.

Shortly after we were done with Smith, the Crown’s second witness Jason Davis sat his lying butt on the witness stand. He began by repeating what the previous witness had stated when we ran out of time.

A date has been set next week for myself and the Crown to obtain another 2-3 days of trial time. If I were to lose, then my Constitutional Challenge that the RCMP have no jurisdiction in B.C. would be heard, including a further disclosure application, subpoenas and another minimal 3-4 days of trial time. This could conceivably take almost two weeks of trial time for something which, even if proven, is nothing more than brushing against someone on the bus, as everyone in the courtroom discovered for the first time today.

People are going to be really mad when they see how much money is being spent on this case and the politics behind it.

Examinations and cross examinations on this witness, the Interior Health witness, and three police officers, is going to be interesting for sure.

Thank you to everyone for your kind support in this waste of time, money and resource trial.

The best is yet to come!

I will advise next week of the further dates to be set.

In freedom


Freedom Events in the Okanagan, November 5&6: Kelowna, Kamloops, Oliver, Osoyoos, Penticton; The Castanet Cowards (the Fake News Media); C.L.E.A.R. Webinar; The Doctors’ Tour

Castanet is without doubt one of the most evil, negligent, and gov’t biased reporting services going.

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Rally’s and Events

“It Ain’t Over”


Saturday, November 5, 2022

Trudeau threatens a return to restrictions if vaccine uptake doesn’t increase

Oct. 17, 2022 – Western Standard


Ontario’s top doctor urges mask wearing, warns mandate could return

Oct. 13, 2022 – Global News

Justice for the Vaccinated Tour – Kelowna

Dr. MalthouseDr. Hoffe

Dr. Hoffe with the Tour Bus

The Tour Bus at Kelowna City Hall, Sat. Oct. 26, 2022, supported by The Resistance!

Thank you Sarah for this incredible poster!

We were so excited to have Dr. Hoffe and Dr. Malthouse join us at the Sat Freedom Rally in support of the presentation that evening in West Kelowna.

Their presentation was simply amazing. Dr. Hoffe has incredible and professional statistics presentation and information he shared with us and Dr. Malthouse provided some great humour and a wonderfully hopeful message for the future.

And a very grateful thank you for all the volunteers who assisted on Saturday night.

Plans are being made for a future tour to the East as well!

Almost 800 people showed up to see the Doctors just throughout the Okanagan!!

We do support truth and freedom in B.C.

The MSM however is a different story.


Monday, Oct. 28, 2022 – CASTANET

See this link for the wonderful video of the Doctor’s attempts to talk with The Castanet Cowards.

The Doctors and their crew came back to Kelowna to stop at the office of Castanet on Monday morning. Their objective was to expose their false allegations in their articles about the Doctors, and to have them interview the Doctors to obtain the truth, including the harm done in the experimental injections.

Spineless cowards in Castanet refused to come out and do an interview, despite being caught on video waving to the Doctors.

I personally called Castanet officials to let them know that these Doctors wished to talk to their reporters. I was rudely told twice that they did not wish to talk to them. Clearly these reporters are wimps and cowards – they will attack people from behind the desk but when it comes to face- to-face meetings, even peaceful ones, they cower under their tables for cover.

A wonderful member of our local rally group contacted Castanet as well. A newsroom official, who declined to release his name provided his lame response was that Castanet reporters would not talk to them because they are not doctors. Dr. Hoffe is presently still licenced to practice medicine in British Columbia. I do not believe Dr. Malthouse is, however, I believe he has simply retired.

The Castanet rep further claimed that people had adverse reactions and were sick before the experimental injections, ignoring of course SADS (sudden adult death syndrome) which has never occurred in the past at all.

Castanet is without doubt one of the most evil, negligent, and gov’t biased reporting services going.

Please call Castanet at 250 420-5575 and demand to know why they continue to write untrue stories about these doctors and others who oppose the gov’t vaccine actions, but refuse to interview them to hear both sides of the story.




We need a truly independent inquiry – not some committee where the arbitrator is appointed and the terms and conditions set out by the Prime Dictator of Canada.


Years in the making…

Next Webinar is on Nov. 10, 5:00 pm PST

Many myths and much disinformation have circulated for

years about our common law, our Constitution, our rights and freedoms, and other important topics.

This incredible Webinar series will finally provide irrefutable documentation confirming the true source of our property rights and the supremacy of God in our Constitution – and why we should be thankful they are NOT in the Charter!!

  • If you want answers to what your common law and Constitutional rights and freedoms are
  • Definitions and applications of the most important words in our law
  • Where your Constitutional right and power of civil disobedience to all unlawful statutes and orders originates
  • How Gov’ts and judges use “legal fictions” to steal your fundamental rights and freedoms from you
  • What limited rights, powers, and duties Gov’ts truly have

And much, much more…this is the Webinar series you have been waiting for!

We provide all sources of our research for verification purposes!!

By registering to this Webinar series, you will have

downloadable access to each presentation you have registered to watch!

Never forget important information again!

For more information, go to:

For registration information, email us at:

The Death Trap (AKA Kelowna General Hospital)

I don’t know about you guys but time seems to be going by at warp speed! And if you’re actively fighting this war, that’s a good thing! If you’re busy doing something, anything, to help expose and share the truth, you are being productive for the cause and you’re making a difference!


Every little thing you do to fight back against the lies and deceit is having a positive effect, even if you can’t see it. Some places like the hospital have not been challenged much and that is why they continue to successfully enforce their anti-health rules. After all, hospitals are “ground zero” for the deceit that fueled the whole plandemic. It’s a tricky place to deal with. I don’t know how any good and decent people are able to continue working there with integrity, but if there are, God bless them. But most doctors and nurses there are now seasoned serial killers. They’ve been getting away with murder while being handsomely compensated for their efforts for almost 3 years now. They have become desensitized to the genocide they are contributing to. Although it’s a waste of time to try and comprehend what kind of beings work in that environment, and getting harder by the day to blame ignorance for their actions, God is clearly more patient and forgiving than us.

Most of us are avoiding the place like the “Death Trap” it is. And the only time one of us might end up in that ominous establishment is if we find ourselves suffering from a serious health crisis or to visit an unfortunate loved one. In the event either situation comes to pass, be prepared. Use the documentation provided by Action4Canada to protect yourself and dig in your heels. These people are bullies whose power comes from your unwillingness to stand up to them. They are on a greed-fueled power trip only because no one has called them out. They know nothing about health. They know lots about drugs. They feel that their $40,000 education and the fact that they memorized 5,000 drug names makes them experts on how to heal people. They are Big Pharma minions and their souls are on the line. Your courage to stand up to these sanctimonious drug-pushers is required to jolt them into reality and the fact that they are crapping all over their Hippocratic Oath.

Although you are stressed out at having to go there for whatever reason, the fact is you have a legitimate reason for being there, which puts you on the front lines to stand up for freedom. The rest of us can’t do it for you as we would likely be forcibly removed. This is a heavy burden that you need to find the courage to bear. But Action4Canada has many tools you can use to back you up. You will feel empowered and justified with these legal forms in hand to make your case:

  1. Make sure you carry the “Covid Advance Medical Directive” in your wallet at all times. Doctors are using protocols designed to kill you. This card stipulates you do not want these treatments and it is legally binding:
  1. Missing from this card is a stipulation about blood transfusions. Canadian blood is tainted by the Covid Jab. At the bottom of the Medical Directive, write down in red ink “No Blood Transfusions” in the event one is required. For surgeries, you can save up your own blood beforehand. If case you have an accident, find an un-jabbed friend who shares your blood type who would be willing to donate and add his/her contact info next to this card in your wallet.
  2. Have a “Mask Notice of Liability” with you. Not only are masks useless for protection, they cause harm. Every experiment conducted in hospitals indicated the transmission of viruses was higher where doctors wore masks during surgery as opposed to those who didn’t. Mask-wearing is nothing more than a cult-based symbol of compliance with zero science to back it up.

  1. Forced Covid Testing? Don’t acquiesce! False positive results are the reason Bonnie Henry keeps justifying this plandemic. Keep this Notice of Liability with you:
  1. Rapid Antigen Tests? Just another means to violate your body. Say “no thank you” and give them this Notice:

  1. Bring a “Vaccine Notice of Liability” with you. Make sure you give it to a Nurse/Doctor to attach to your file. These people are either pure evil or brainwashed cult members. They are dangerous. It’s up to you to protect your body from harm:
  1. While in hospital or a care home, you may need someone to speak on your behalf or vice-versa. Here is a “Representation Agreement” that allows you access to your loved one and gives you authority to make medical decisions on their behalf. This can provide peace-of-mind for anyone who may be incapacitated and need someone to be their “lifeline.”

These forms represent just the tip of the iceberg from Action4Canada. Use them to educate people when you have the opportunity to do so. Remember, you are doing a favour to everyone you serve a Notice to. Knowledge, Truth and Facts have power and everyone deserves them to make informed decisions. All who ignore this information will be subject to very serious repercussions, legal and spiritual. Wear God’s armour and stand firm in truth. Not only are you on the right side of history, you’re on the winning side of history!




New Credit Card Fees & Lack of Privacy

Recently it has been announced that as of Oct. 6, merchants will be allowed to charge customers a fee for paying by credit cards.

The dangers of digital gov’t ID and currencies are here… you need to use cash.

Withdraw money on Sunday from the bank machine, and then leave your money at home if you are scared to carry it with you, and just carry the amounts of cash for each day’s purchases for the week.




Hands-on Help!!!

Each Sunday, for as long as we can, we are delivering Druthers/Pandemic Papers Publications, including CLEAR rally cards and other important inserts such as our Masks/PCR brochure, and the recently released UNITY Health & Sciences brochure, for door-to-door delivery to all the mail boxes in Kelowna

See these inserts below

Though labour intensive, the outings are enjoyable and productive

But we need YOUR help!

There is simply no other way we can reach so many people who have believed the Gov’t/MSM narrative/lies

Join us each Sunday by signing the CLEAR Newspaper Delivery Sign Up Sheet at the CLEAR table & providing your EMAIL address to Linda & Nikki.

We need about 8-10 people to deliver about 100 flyers each – only about 90 min.

Each Sunday we will meet at a specified location to be announced by email on Saturday night. Start times will be 11:30 a.m.

Many recipients continue to thank us for delivering these to their doorsteps!

Contact Unity Health & Sciences Team to volunteer to distribute their professional brochures and Medical Doctor Packages throughout your home area, and to your medical doctor!

Not every doctor, analyst, and specialist is on the gov’t side and many have strong science and personal experiences opposing the gov’t narrative.





From Vaccine Choice Canada

Please obtain a copy from Tom at Saturday’s Kelowna Rallies and pass along to informed and uninformed alike!

Or watch here:


Public Emergencies Act Hearings


Location: Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa

Live streaming

To make submissions, go to:

You may also wish to view some further instructions at:

Commissioner Paul Rouleau said in a statement that he intends to hold the government to account and wants the inquiry to be as “open and transparent” as possible.

Hearings will be livestreamed online and members of the public will have opportunities to share their views, with a final report expected early next year. For live streaming, see:

Thank you to the Koot family for these updates!




Crisis as excess deaths soar to levels higher than during Covid pandemic

Excess deaths are stubbornly high and show no sign of slowing, despite a fall in coronavirus cases. 

More evidence of damage from vaccines.



RCMP opens investigation into extrajudicial Chinese police stations in Canada

Will China instruct the RCMP to come up nothing after their investigation?

Freedom Rallies

It ain’t over till it’s over”

Kelowna, BC

November 5, 2022

+3° – Partly Cloudy  (subject to change without notice!!! Lol – dress warm)

12:00 noon

+ The CLEAR Information Table

Stuart Park

Because It Ain’t Over!


November 5, 2022 12:00 noon

Vernon Freedom Rally

12:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. @ Polson Park

Join Darren for the Largest rally in the North Okanagan, and growing weekly!

North Okanagan Shuswap Freedom Radio


November 5, 2022 11:30 a.m.

OK Falls Freedom Rally

11:30 a.m. Across from Esso Station

Join the OK Falls freedom activists continuing their local Freedom Rallies!


November 5, 2022 12:00 noon

Oliver Freedom Rally

12:00 p.m. Town Hall

Join the Oliver freedom activists who are continuing their local Freedom Rallies!


November 5, 2022 11:00 a.m.

Osoyoos Freedom Gathering

11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Town Hall


Kamloops Freedom Gathering

November 5, 2022 10:00 – 12:00 Noon

Valleyview Centennial Park


November 6, 2022 1:00 p.m.

Penticton Freedom Rally

1:00 p.m. Warren & Main St. in N.E. lot

Join Mary Lou for the largest rally in the South Okanagan, and growing weekly!

Freedom Rallies in Penticton, Kelowna & Oliver, January 26 to February 5, 2022

Don’t miss these important dates! And Remember to bring two friends with you!   PENTICTON EVENTS & INITIATIVES  

Gooooo Truckers!!!! Amazing convoy of HOPE!         Sunday, January 30th Penticton at 1:00 PM start and we will hit the streets with our signs after the speaker  We had 300 join us last week, let’s Hold the line!!! Keep showing up!   To view the speakers from the World Wide Rally, go to You can also follow The Mad Watcher TV on many platforms.    
  BRING FRIENDS!!. They will leave inspired!  Other things available at this rally:
– Come visit our literature table and get ideas on ways to defend yourself and hold the perpetrators accountable! Meet your local Action4Canada reps. Pick up the most recent editions of Druthers, Common Ground, and the special edition of Pandemic Papers.


Meet in the parking lot at the NE corner of Main St and Warren Ave across from Tim Hortons. BRING TWO FRIENDS! Lots of extra parking at BCAA garage, the strip mall adjoining our regular parking area, Winners (across the street), or overflow mall parking opposite the Warren Avenue entrance to Cherry Lane Mall.
 Sign Making Event Thursday, February 3rd – 4 p.m. Come down, make a sign or two. We are so thankful we have signs for everyone at the Rally’s However we are GROWING, and we need more signs. Join us before the planning meeting, bring a dish to share and get creative.    image.png

Planning Meeting Thursday, February 3rd – For those who already know the location, please carpool directly there. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Meeting start at 7:15. For those who do not know the location, please call 780-908-0309 before 5 p.m. on Thursday for directions.  Finger food potluck. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES PLEASE! Water, coffee, and tea will all be available.    Agenda To be announced- If you wish to be on the agenda, please contact Mary Lou directly.  

KELOWNA EVENTS Weekly on Saturdays – Kelowna C.L.E.A.R. Rallies @ Stuart Park at the Bear 12:00 noon- Every Week! Show up  

January 26/22 at 11 am Media Rally in front of Castanet
455 Lawrence Ave Kelowna
Please mark this on your calendars and BE THERE!
OTHER INITIATIVES   Prayer Day for Freedom –   

Feel the Freedom! Mask Off Day.  

Wednesday, February 2


OLIVER Takes OFF with their 1st Rally!!!

Saturday, February 5 from 1 – 2 PM. Bring friends and signs, let’s support OLIVER


Location: In front of City Hall in Oliver  If you are in a neighbouring community, join them, support them, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!  

Mary Lou Gutscher


Freedom Rallies in the Okanagan in January: Kelowna, Penticton, & Vernon

Freedom Rallies in the Okanagan in January: Kelowna, Penticton, & Vernon

Common Law Fundamentals Fundamental principles cannot be set aside to meet the demands of convenience or to prevent apparent hardship Let’s begin by first announcing two extremely important rallies upcoming in the next few weeks. Regular rallies are listed at the bottom as per usual. Your support and presence, especially at these next two rallies, is critical to maintaining our exposure to the world, of the gov’t and media corruption.

World Wide Rally and MEGA Rally is coming to Kelowna!

January 22, 2022

Stuart Park 12:00 Noon

Including downtown Kelowna march, and Hwy Rally to follow!

Hosted by Singer/songwriter Jacquelyn Rose

Christy Derksen – From Vancouver singing O’Canada

Presently scheduled speakers:

Marcus Ray

Supporting and rallying local businesses for freedom


KGH nurse, forced to be vaxxed unwillingly, Jennifer will discuss the life altering side effects of this vaccine assault

Ted Kuntz

One of the most inspiring speakers in Canada on vaccines, and co-founder of Vaccine Choice Canada


Blackout Mainstream Media Rally

Ongoing lies, misleading comments, omission of material facts, admissions that the B.C. Gov’t have told media to not give people who love freedom or are opposed to Bonnie the Commie a “platform”, libelous and defamatory statements, and representing freedom lovers as the enemy, has required more vigilant activities to expose the media fraud in the Okanagan.

Colin Dacre of Castanet has been one of the more vocal criminals in this regard, intentionally portraying freedom activists as conspiracy theorists and other false labels. Many of his comments truly amount to nothing less than pure libel. Other reporters have reported in a similar manner.

Almost all rallies in Canada have been peaceful, yet the media continues to falsely label us being associated with racist and violent groups and spreading misinformation. No one is immune, as Maxime Bernier has learned.

We would not be in this position had the media asked the appropriate damning questions of our Governments and Bonnie the Commie right from the beginning. The primary reason for the destruction of our rights and freedoms, and the ignorance of Canadians, lies directly with the compromised media.

We would not be here if the media correctly reported that the problems at hospitals lie not with the number of cases, but with the number of nurses and doctors who have quit or resigned rather than be vaxxed.

Lies include:

that the injection is a vaccine when in fact it has no actual viral particles in it – it changes your DNA

that activists are violent right-wing people, who are racist and extremists. Nothing is further from the truth. We never see pictures of violence at Canadian rallies – just peaceful marches and demonstrations

reporting gov’t press releases with no verification of statistics – most of which are direct lies or lies by omission

that we need to wear masks, when it is physically impossible for masks to prevent viral transmission (and not telling the public Bonnie the Commie has admitted this under oath)

refusing to inform the public that the PCR test is not the gold standard for COVID-19 testing, but fool’s gold, does not test for live viruses and has a 97.5% false positive rate at gov’t testing cycles

that vaccines do not prevent viral transmission, but, if and when they work, only reduce the symptoms

deaths are reported as COVID-19 even if people die from other causes

hospitals have been routinely seen to be empty – not overfilled

any problems at hospitals are because medical personnel are quitting en masse, rather than be subject to the experimental jab

that we don’t believe in science, when everything we promote is scientifically based and in fact, we do believe in science, just not their junk science….and…

Castanet has criminally published letters from people advocating those infected with COVID-19 to come to our rallies and intentionally infect people!!

…and on it goes



CASTANET 11:00 a.m.

455 Lawrence Ave. Kelowna

Bring your signs exposing media corruption.

Bring your A4C media Notices of Liability to serve on Castanet.


Keep on Trucking!!

Following on the heels of the Quebec Government’s decision to back off from firing all non-vaccinated nurses, and the New Brunswick Government’s decision to back off their threats prohibiting all non-vaccinated people from shopping even for food, the Federal Government has now retreated from its decision that all truckers had to be vaxxed before January 15, 2022. With at least 12 000 truckers refusing to vaccinate, the Federal Government had no choice but to retreat or face serious supply chain problems.

Next time you see them on the road, or at your diner or hotel, thank your truckers!!!


Anti-Vax Tax

Recently Quebec Premier Legault, pictured demonstrating the size of his brain, has declared that it will impose a tax upon the unvaxxed. In politics nothing happens by chance. Less that one day before Quebec announced its recent health tax, the Minister of Health, who clearly knew this was coming, resigned.

In other words, if you don’t agree to let your employer or the State commit the criminal offence of assaulting you, they will tax you for refusing to be assaulted.

Our concern is that these types of cases begin in Quebec, under their civil code. Then the adverse judgments are applied in all common law provinces. For example, in response, Ontario has recently declared, that they will not follow suit.

British Columbia will not follow Quebec, the province’s Health Minister, Adrian Dix, said on Tuesday.

I can say, definitively, we will not be proceeding with a similar measure in B.C.,” he told reporters at a briefing.

Alta has recently opined that it will not follow La Belle Province either.

In Manitoba, in a carefully crafted statement, the Gov’t said: “We’re certainly not looking at something like that now.” The implication is clear – it will be coming just not right now.

These and other provinces are merely waiting to see what happens with the inevitable Quebec challenge under the civil code, to then comply with adverse court rulings, passing the buck onto the courts. It won’t be the last time during this falsified pandemic, that gov’ts have stated a position only to reverse it months if not weeks later. This time, they will simply claim they had to follow the court’s decision.

Quebecers need to oppose this unequal tax on your right to choose what goes into your body.


Constitutional Creep – Declare all provincial offences to be administrative and charge fees to defend yourself

Fundamental principles cannot be set aside to meet the demands of convenience or to prevent apparent hardship

The common law principle above herein, could not be more appropriate to the present situation in our country – on all fronts. Constitutional creep is now the new norm. Beginning in 2013, Alta. began this administrative creep by denial of court protections for drinking and driving. Now they are expanding this to all driving tickets. YOU will be presumed guilty and have to pay to challenge these tickets!!! And if you lose…more administrative penalties. The Alta. Gov’t further intends to expand this to all provincial offence tickets. Drinking was easily sold to the public due to the effects this caused which meant all of us had to forego some of our rights and liberties, (appropriate for China maybe).

Instead of an independent judge, you appear before a gov’t appointed biased adjudicator, with significant limitations on what evidence you can submit, and no appeal process only a limited judicial review. And YOU have to pay for this hearing!

Make no mistake, judges are one of the foremost lobbying force behind these changes. They simply want to see these ‘piddly’ little cases taken out of the courts so they don’t have to deal with them, though the publicly stated reason is to: “make …roads safer while restoring justice system capacity.” Please tell us how stripping you of your fundamental procedural and Constitutional rights to natural justice and procedural fairness, will make the roads safer? By having less people win in court?

This is a cryptic way of stating that due to gov’ts in the past penalizing every action on the highway, mismanagement, judicial laziness, and COVID-19 fear mongering, the courts were backlogged.

Every time changes are made for expediency or for ease, or safety, YOU lose your fundamental Constitutional and/or procedural guarantees. NEVER forget this. It’s like a new menu at your favorite restaurant – you just know the prices are going up despite any new products being offered. Menus are not changed, with corresponding costs, for nothing. Similarly, changes to the system only occur for your detriment. When was the last time you read a statute and said to yourself: “Wow, I’ve just gained more rights or liberties!”?

Don’t think for a moment this won’t come to your province. All courts are backlogged in every province and they will use this as a scapegoat to screw you and make YOU pay up front for it.


CLEAR Telegram

With over 600 members now, join us in our C.L.E.A.R. Telegram group! Please remember: no foul language or vulgarity for any posts, keep posts relevant to today’s freedom issues, humour is fine, be respectful at all times, no government officials, agents or rep posts are accepted. Help us ensure all posts are verified for correctness. This is a private group for trusted people and friends only. Our rules are simple:

CLEAR Telegram Group


Rallies and events

Freedom is a multi-generational struggle. Our objective is to retain more rights and freedoms each year for our children.

Our attendance is our display to the world, of our belief and commitment to freedom.

Weekly Rallies

Bring at least two friends who care about freedom!


Saturday January 15, 2022 12:00 Noon Stuart Park

Join the largest Freedom rallies in the Okanagan!

Dress Warm – We will be going back to the Highway this weekend!!


Sunday January 16, 2022 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Main & Warren St.

Say hi to Mary-Lou, supporting the largest Freedom Rallies in the South Okanagan!


Saturday January 15, 2022 12:00 Polson Park

Say hi to Darren, supporting the largest Freedom Rallies in the North Okanagan!

Flash Protest Against Kelowna False News Media, March 11

The date is:       Thursday    March 11, 2021  


For our CLEAR group members in the Okanagan and vicinity.  We are having a morning Media Rally, as previously discussed, at the offices of Castanet and the Kelowna Courier as a result of all the lies they continue to promote as well as

the ongoing letters of hatred they permit to be written in the Letters to the Editors column, on line.
We urge as many of you as possible to join us.  Please feel free to make up your own signs opposing the MSM propaganda and gov’t narrative.  We will have some of our own signs there as well.

Castanet:            455 Lawrence Ave.  Kelowna  9:30-10:30 a.m.

Kelowna Courier:         2250 Leckie Rd.  11:00-12:00 noon

Kelowna Online Media Castanet Publishes Letter Wishing Infection on END THE LOCKDOWN Protesters

COVID hysteria drives followers insane.

A letter calling for the infection of END THE LOCKDOWN protesters, was published by the Castanet media in Kelowna, which has refused to cover the protests.

” I believe we need an infected person to go find this group of idiots that think the virus is fake and give all the protesters a hug.If someone has the virus please go into a protest and shake hands with every protester and hug people

.Let’s see if the protesters get sick and disappear. See if the protesters believe after they get sick.Most of us know someone who has it, had it or been tested for it.To see a protest against this horrible virus makes me sick to my stomach.

I like the idea the Germans have about a COVID party. Maybe Kelowna needs one as well but except like Germany don’t ask for volunteers, use the COVID protesters.”

See everyone on Wednesday, August 5, 2020 9:00 a.m., at Stuart Park – for our first Media Rally! Protest Media Censorship

See everyone on Wednesday, August 5, 2020  9:00 a.m., at Stuart Park – for our first Media Rally!

We need as many people as possible

for this all too important media rally!

If you have been unable to make it out to previous rallies, NOW is the time to come out!!!!  Everyone has complained about MSM, now is YOUR chance to do something!

Bring at least two friends and forward to all your email lists!!! Our attached Media Rally Poster can go up on all FB sites too.

Hi everyone. 

Previously, I raised the issue to our group of taking a ½ day during the week to rally at several downtown local media establishments, including the Courier, Global News, Castanet, CBC and CTV, in response to their lack of fair media attention to both sides, with respect to the unfair and almost complete denial of coverage of our opposition to the lockdown, the restrictions of our liberties, and social re-engineering of our society, based on falsified statistics and misrepresentation of the seriousness of the COVID-19 virus.  This is exactly what Vaccine Choice Canada and others are doing in the Claim filed in Toronto recently.

Response from the group was overwhelmingly positive to say the least. Now we need to show up!

There are many negative actions taken by MSM on issues of freedom – ignoring us as much as possible, misrepresenting our position, using footage of extremist elements and falsely targeting everyone, or using psychological warfare by using leading comments and questions to get answers they want from “experts” they have cherry picked to get these answers.  All methods have been utilized against us at some point during this COVID-19 Scamdemic.

As also noted previously, I have described more negative and inflammatory actions by the B.C. media against us, including Castanet reporter (if I dare call her that) Sarita Patel out of Kelowna, after she did a short interview with a woman named Grace Anderson, a downtown retail worker who claims to be an essential services employee, and found a brochure one of our committed freedom activists left at her business.

Ms. Anderson bemoaned our brochure, claiming that it was false, without of course specifying any errors, and which Ms. Patel reported in her story. No attempt was made to email us or solicit our viewpoint on the matter.  Ms. Patel told me that they would hear my side of the story prior to our Saturday rally by a different reporter as she was not working, but her supervisor Colin reneged on that guarantee and refused to interview me on the basis that he disagreed with our position.

This of course without either of them actually reading our brochure or doing any investigative reporting, because Ms. Anderson destroyed our brochure after taking pictures of it. Of course, Ms. Patel made no attempt to read it on Ms. Anderson’s phone.

Previously, “Erin” at Castanet gave me her word that we could pay for an ad on Castanet, and the only obligation was to provide the wording to her, which she would then review for publication, for purposes of space only.  Subsequently, she and her supervisor Colin, backed out of this agreement because they didn’t approve of our beliefs in relation to the Scamdemic known as COVID-19.

In the past, Global TV informed me that they were not doing interviews, and subsequently did an interview minutes later with a group member, despite my assurances that I had the statistics to support our position to give to him. Of course, none of our supporting evidence was televised to expose the gov’t lies on this same media network.

Other media such as the Kelowna Daily Courier, CTV, and CBC have completely ignored us and our rallies, and refuse to advance our position (as supported by tens of thousands of others in B.C.), on their newscasts.  (And we are not the only ones – despite over 1000 people, Toronto and national MSM provided no coverage of their rallies either).

A recent TV news interview a couple of weeks back, illustrates the psychological component of their FAKE NEWS with the following opening CBC News anchor’s comments:

Why are some people reluctant to wear a mask when health experts clearly say it is the right thing to do.”

Putting aside the facts that “health experts” are undefined and are usually gov’t paid medical staff, and the conflicting fact that only months ago they said wearing masks was not required (clearly medical expert gov’t doctors are confused on the matter – the issue is not settled), this type of wording from the start, labels us as anti-social, anti-gov’t, anti-mask, anti-everything, and portrays US as the bad guys, and of course, no one interviewed US to get our side of the story.  But they did interview a psychologist, Saunia Ahmad – as if she has any knowledge on the physics and medical efficacy of masks of any kind.  But no matter, she is an “expert” from the CBC.

Individually and collectively, this has had the detrimental effect of keeping the masses ignorant of the true underlying facts, statistics and gov’t agendas in relation to the ongoing restrictions of our rights, liberties, privileges and powers.

Now is the time we need to make the MSM know that we will not continue to accept their propaganda journalism, over investigative journalism that should be done.

Hearing only one side of a story and reporting it – is pure propaganda, not investigative reporting.

Starting at Stuart Park at 9:00, on Wednesday August 5, 2020 we will walk to the Kelowna Daily Courier, then to CTV, Castanet, Global News and then CBC, and back to Stuart Park.  Times for each media outlet will vary depending on weather, and responses from each media outlet. But we will start at 9:00 a.m.

1.  Kelowna Courier              550 Doyle St.

2.  CTV Kelowna                  1443 St. Paul

3.  Castanet                          455 Lawrence St.

4.  Global News                    342 Leon St.

5.  CBC News                       243 Lawrence St.

We have set aside Wednesday, August 5, 2020 to meet at Stuart Park.  We will then walk to each of these new media outlets for about 30-45 minutes each.  We will have several brochures and our Fact Sheet to hand out and hopefully get an interview with at least one of these MSM gov’t propaganda outlets.  We will also have all our signs available to get their attention.

Let’s swarm each of their offices with our presence and demand that they hear our side of the story and to put the really damning questions to Government officials!!

Also attached are a couple of cases where nurses have won the right NOT to wear masks, even as recently in BC as Dec. 2019.  I only have the BC news article not the actual agreement yet.  But I am working on getting it. I do have the Ontario arbitration board hearing attached however.

You will find the Ontario tribunal’s findings that masks don’t work at all, very informative.  Starting on p. 44.

In freedom


See everyone on Saturday, August 1, 2020 12:00 noon at Stuart Park! END THE LOCKDOWN RALLY IN KELOWNA

See everyone on Saturday, August 1, 2020  12:00 noon at Stuart Park! END THE LOCKDOWN RALLY IN KELOWNA

Hi everyone.  Let me begin by saying what an awesome event we had this past Saturday in Kelowna. With about 35 people in attendance, we had a wonderful walk down Bernard St. which is now closed to vehicles.  There was certainly a noticeably less amount of people there, primarily because of more fear mongering from Bonnie Henry two days earlier, where she issued another unreasonable, fear based order restricting activities in bars, pubs and restaurants.

However, whether some people agreed or not, with our huge signs and number of supporters, we definitely got everyone’s attention walking down the street.  This is something we will do again at some point in August. I think likely the 22nd, to allow time for people to ignore Henry’s ridiculous directives.  See the attached pix of some of our supporters!

During this rally, I described more negative and inflammatory actions by the B.C. media against us. Castanet reporter (if I dare call her that) Sarita Patel out of Kelowna, did a short interview with a woman named Grace Anderson, a downtown retail worker who claims to be an essential services employee, and found a brochure one of our committed freedom activists left at her business.

Ms. Anderson bemoaned our brochure, claiming that it was false, without of course specifying any errors, and which Ms. Patel reported in her story. No attempt was made to email us or solicit our viewpoint on the matter.  Ms. Patel told me that they would hear my side of the story prior to our Saturday rally by a different reporter as she was not working, but her supervisor Colin reneged on that guarantee and refused to interview me on the basis that he disagreed with our position.

This of course without either of them actually reading our brochure or doing any investigative reporting, because Ms. Anderson destroyed our brochure after taking pictures of it. Of course, Ms. Patel made no attempt to read it on Ms. Anderson’s phone.

Hearing only one side of a story and reporting it – is pure propaganda, not investigative reporting.

Consequently, I raised the issue to our group on Saturday of taking a ½ day during the week to rally at several downtown local media establishments, including the Courier, Global News, Castanet, CBC and CTV, in opposition to their lack of fair media attention to both sides.  This is exactly what Vaccine Choice Canada and others are doing in the Claim filed in Toronto recently.

Response from the group was overwhelming to say the least.

We have set aside Wednesday, August 5, 2020 to meet at Stuart Park.  We will then walk to each of these new media outlets for about 30-45 minutes each.  We will have several brochures and our Fact Sheet to hand out and hopefully get an interview with at least one of these MSM gov’t propaganda outlets.  We will also have all our signs available to get their attention.

Let’s swarm each of their offices with our presence and demand that they hear our side of the story and to put the really damning questions to Henry, Dix and………dare I say it, Fartworth!!

We need as many people as possible

for these rallies  especially for the media!

If you have been unable to make it out to previous rallies, NOW is the time to come out!!!!

Bring at least two friends!!!

I have started working on a Youtube video to set out all the info that I am aware of hopefully on all aspects of the COVID Scam, from the intentionally false initial models, to the testing procedures, to the statistics that are kept, and the masks issue.  This will be something that I hope will clarify for all those ‘on the fence’ to jump on board and see exactly what the Gov’t IS NOT TELLING US.

I am unsure how it will take to prepare as I will be doing a Powerpoint presentation, but I have started and will continue to work as I can to get it done.  I expect in about two weeks to be done (estimate only!!!).


A new group opposed to masks has set up in Ontario.  They have a few Youtube videos up as well.

I will try and reach out to them.


I want to bring to your attention a chart from the WHO, circa May 12, 2020.     

As you can see, the flu is markedly worse in many symptoms than COVID. So why Bonnie Henry, do you continue to impose unnecessary restrictions on our liberties and our social activities when this was never done for the flu even in its worst years?

In an article in today’s Vancouver Sun, Health Minister had this ominous quote attributed to him:

As we approach our B.C. Day long weekend, let’s acknowledge right now that it can’t be like any B.C. Day long weekend we’ve ever had.  This is our first B.C. Day celebration in our B.C. new normal.”

Use ‘Covid sense’ to stop the spread and stay safe

Van. Sun July 27, 2020  p. A11

Reading between the lines provides a frightening look into the future: there will be many more B.C. Day long weekends under similar circumstances as we see now, ie: this is permanent and will never end.

We cannot permit this to happen. Which leads directly to the real new normal that WE will practice.

The Real New Normal from now on, is:

Live normally and just say NO!

Do not fall into the trap of believing that it is only because of the Gov’t’s social distancing/masks demands that stores can now begin to slowly open.  To the contrary, it is directly because of the Gov’t’s actions that we have sustained tens of billions of dollars in economic losses, permanent job losses, unknown deaths and needless suffering from cancelled surgeries, and incurred further health care costs resulting from these cancelled tests and surgeries, and actually placed thousands of people’s health and lives at risk.  Communist PM Trudeau, Premier Horgan, Health Minister Dix, and Public Health Officer Bonnie Henry are the true cause of these problems and short of a public apology and immediate cancellation of the lockdown and social distancing policies, must be voted out of office next election, or fired for Ms. Henry.

 See everyone on Saturday, August 1, 2020 12:00 noon at Stuart Park!


B.C. Doctors Interview?

We need to get some B.C. doctors/nurses who are willing to speak anonymously, both visually and in audio, as to what is truly happening behind the scenes, from a medical perspective and a political perspective in the medical community.  We need to have local doctors/nurses providing accurate facts in relation to this issue.

If you know any doctors or nurses who would be willing to be interviewed anonymously, and with guaranteed power to review the interview prior to release, please contact me as soon as possible, and let’s see what we can arrange.  U.S. doctors are still medical professionals, but we need local facts to support our cause.

Doing a video of BC medical people would really strengthen our demands on Premier Horgan and allow us to attack them – instead of waiting while they attack us.  

If you know anyone “in the system” who can provide us anonymous tips and/or documents, we need all the help we can get.  Please let me know.