Some Common Sense on the Globalists’ Radical Gender Ideology From the Christian Heritage Party

Some Common Sense on the Globalists’ Radical Gender Ideology From the Christian Heritage Party: Quit Whining and Do Something!

Tue, August 15, 2023   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 30    Issue 33 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Have you ever reacted to something you’ve read by thinking that everything you hear from that writer is negative . . . “This is wrong . . . That is wrong.” Always something to complain about. Is there nothing that the writer sees in this world that is happy, worth celebrating, or positive?

I understand that! When we look at the shape of our country, as far as the status of women and children, we tend to see a lot of problems: flawed laws; immoral laws; gender confusion; men entering women’s shelters with evil intent; the list goes on. The scary thing is that is only the topic of women and children. There is so much more in this country that Canadians should be aware of—must be aware of.

It would be really, really nice to say that all is well in Canada. We live in a perfect country . . . a little bit of heaven on earth.

But, wouldn’t that be denying reality? Wouldn’t it be like saying, “peace, peace, when there is no peace”? (Jeremiah 6:14)

When God looks at the condition of Canada . . . our Canada . . . the one for which we are stewards . . . does He say that things aren’t too bad? That His people should just live and let live? That His people should just cede the territory to Satan and keep a low profile while we’re here? Does He care about the roles of women and men?

Or does He look at His past words, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him,” (Genesis 2:18) and wonder why the suitable helper is being tossed to the wolves? Why are men pretending to be women? Why can’t people define what a woman is? It’s not hard. God Himself clearly says that He created only two sexes, “…male and female He created them.” (Genesis 1:27) Why are our women and girls being hung out to dry by our ‘woke’ elected representatives and by those who aren’t standing up to protect them?

The loss of recognition of women’s distinct role in society, sadly, reflects a reversion to more primitive times when women were mere chattel. “What is a Woman?” is such a simple question. The proof is biological! Men and women are distinct, and there are only two options.

Yet, by confusing things and taking away women’s right to be distinct, our society has abandoned women. Yes, we can still vote, but we no longer have recognition of who we are or protection from those who seek to harm us.

Women who experience violence at the hands of their stronger partners have no truly safe place to go. There used to be women’s shelters, but today, these have been become bogged down in a culture war that allows biological men access to women’s shelters. We need only look to such examples as Cody D’Entremont, who entered a Windsor, ON, women’s shelter as a ‘trans’ and now is charged with sexually assaulting a woman there. Or perhaps Shane Green. Or perhaps Christopher Hambrook.

These were just the women’s shelter assaults that came up on a quick search. How many more are there? Women are tossed out as fodder to satisfy a myth that a biological male can become a woman. The only password needed is “trans.”

It’s time for women to stand up for women’s rights and the men who love them to stand up and protect their beloved wives, mothers, sisters, and friends.

A woman’s washroom or change room is not a spot for biological men. It is a place for women. Women are vulnerable in these gender specific locations, which is why society has segregated men from women in these facilities in the past.

Our children and grandchildren in public schools are being required to share washrooms and change room facilities. Check out this Toronto Star article for some of the harsh realities young girls are faced with in washrooms—urine on the toilet seats, dealing with menstruation in a crowd of boys, boys peeking under the stall doors, boys flashing the girls. How can we allow that to happen to our daughters?

CHP Canada recognizes that men and women are not the same. In view of the confusion in the world about what a woman is, we provided a webpage to help people. But there is more to this battle. It’s not just about women and girls having no protection in women’s shelters, washrooms or change rooms, it’s about protecting those we love from obviously dangerous situations. This involves every Canadian.

Supporting—with your money or your vote—mainstream political parties that have surrendered to the ‘woke’ gender ideology, only approves their foolish notion that a woman is anything but an adult female. It approves young girls being humiliated in school. If these political parties will not protect our girls, then they do not deserve to be your elected representatives. They are not representing the best interests of young girls, or women, or the men who love their families. It’s time to stop the nonsense by telling them, with your vote, that you will not support the humiliation of our mothers, wives and daughters. It’s time to learn what’s going on; forget the whining phase; and do something.

If you don’t have a CHP candidate, it’s time to start an association and build before the next election.

Our children deserve better! Let’s do our best to deliver it to them.

Video: Christian Heritage Party Leader interviews Political Prisoner Bill Whatcott and Mr. Hoogland update

Video: Christian Heritage Party Leader interviews Political Prisoner Bill Whatcott and Mr. Hoogland update

Dear Friends,

Rod Taylor and I just did an interview together and I am quite happy with it. We discuss King vs Whatcott as it pertains to freedom for Christians to speak to the moral and political issues of the day. We also talk about how I became an activist for the cause of Christ and my life as a criminal before coming to Christ. We also talk about how the Canadian judicial system responded when I was an actual criminal, hijacking buses, committing robberies, etc…. and how it responds today to non-violent speech and “thought crimes.”

Update on Rob Hoogland: Praise the Lord! Canada Post walked back from terminating their reliable 20 year plus employee over a Facebook Post he made on the company page criticizing their promotion of homosexuality and transvestite pride.

Seeing as Mr. Hoogland is returning to his job Tuesday, I closed the fundraiser I made for him and sent the money I raised ($100) to help him a little bit with groceries for the couple weeks he spent suspended without pay. One other friend notified me he sent some cash directly to Rob to also help him out. Kudos to that friend for being kind enough to help a man of no social stature, for no other reason than to be an unconditional blessing to a guy in need. It is sad that there is fear in Canada of incurring punishment or job loss for helping Christian/conservative causes and individuals.

I pray this video edifies you and thank you those who chipped in a little to help Rob out and those who prayed for him during his time of need.

In Christ’s Service, Bill Whatcott

Where each party stands on life, family, and freedom

Where each party stands on life, family, and freedom

CitizenGO legally cannot tell you which party to vote for, and we cannot tell you which candidate to vote for.

We will, however, say that it’s very important that you let your voice be heard on Monday, and do what you can to vote for the candidate that best represents your values.

It’s been the aim of CitizenGO from the very beginning to fight for the common good and for the dignity of every human person. We strive to protect life from conception to natural death, the recognition of family and the most basic and natural unit of society, and freedom.

For this reason, we think it’s important to break down the platforms of each federal party, so that you know how each party winning could affect our country when it comes to issues of life, family, and freedom:

Liberal Party:


  • Plans to revoke charity status to pro-life organizations, including crisis pregnancy centres who provide care and counseling to women who have chosen life
  • Plans to penalize provincial governments who refuse to fund abortion outside of hospitals (such as in the case of New Brunswicks’s Clinic 554)
  • Plans to give legal protection to any business or organization in Canada that demands that all their employees be vaccinated
  • Plans to ban all forms of conversion therapy, banning the work of groups such as Courage International, who non-coercively help people ro live chaste lives in accordance with the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality


  • Almost every Liberal Party MP voted for Bill C-7, which radically expanded Canada’s euthanasia law, allowing euthanasia for reasons of mental illness alone, and for the incompetent who cannot provide consent but have signed an advanced directive (Source)
  • Every Liberal Party MP (in attendance) voted against Bill C-233, which would have banned the barbaric practice of sex-selective abortion (Source)
  • The Trudeau government introduced Bill C-10 and Bill C-36, both of which aimed to censor Canadians on the internet (Source)

Conservative Party:


  • Plans to repeal Bill C-7, a bill which expanded Canada’s euthanasia law, allowing euthanasia for reasons of mental illness alone, and for the incompetent who cannot provide consent but have signed an advanced directive
  • Plans to ban conversion therapy, but clarifies that non-coerceive conversations will not be criminalized
  • Though the platform claims to support the conscience rights of medical professionals, Erin O’Toole has since clarified that he believes in effective referrals. This means that if a patient wants to be killed through euthanasia, but a medical professional objects to killing them, the medical professional must still violate their conscience by referring their patient to a doctor who is fine euthanizing the patient (Source)


  • O’Toole says that a Conservative government would not interfere with New Brunswick’s decision to not fund abortions that are not in hospitals (Source)
  • Though the majority of Conservative MPs voted for Bill C-233, which would have banned the barbaric practice of sex-selective abortion, Erin O’Toole voted against it. He has repeatedly referred to himself as pro-choice. (Source) (Source)
  • Every Conservative MP (in attendance) voted against Bill C-10, a bill which threatened to censor Canadians by applying broadcasting regulations to social media users (Source)

New Democratic Party:


  • Plans to interfere with provincial governments who refuse to fund abortion outside of hospitals (such as in the case of New Brunswicks’s Clinic 554)
  • Plans to increase access to abortion in rural areas and in the North
  • Plans to ban all forms of conversion therapy, banning the work of groups such as Courage International, who non-coercively help people ro live chaste lives in accordance with the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality
  • Will use the government to crack down on what the NDP believes to be the spread of disinformation and “fake news”


  • Every NDP MP (in attendance) voted for Bill C-10, a bill which threatened to censor Canadians by applying broadcasting regulations to social media users (Source)
  • The NDP supported Bill C-7, which expanded Canada’s eiuthanasia laws, but opposed it and voted against it when the Senate added multiple amendments to it (Source) (Source)
  • Every NDP MP (in attendance) voted against Bill C-233, which would have banned the barbaric practice of sex-selective abortion (Source)

People’s Party of Canada:


  • Plans to repeal C-16 and M-103, and oppose C-10, and C-36, which are all bills that either censor Canadians or compel/condemn the speech of Canadians who express politically-incorrect views
  • Plans to ensure that Canadians are not discriminated against because of their moral convictions
  • Plans to withhold federal funding from any post-secondary institution shown to be violating the freedom of expression of its students or faculty
  • Opposes vaccine mandates and vaccine passports

Bloc Quebecois:

  • Every Bloc Quebecois MP (in attendance) voted for Bill C-10, a bill which threatened to censor Canadians by applying broadcasting regulations to social media users (Source)
  • Every Bloc Quebecois MP (in attendance) voted against Bill C-233, which would have banned the barbaric practice of sex-selective abortion (Source)
  • Every Bloc Quebecois MP voted for Bill C-7, which radically expanded Canada’s euthanasia law, allowing euthanasia for reasons of mental illness alone, and for the incompetent who cannot provide consent but have signed an advanced directive (Source)

Christian Heritage Party:


  • Plans to protect innocent life from conception until natural death
  • Plans to restore traditional marriage
  • Plans to repeal euthanasia and assisted suicide
  • Plans to protect free speech
  • Plans to defend the conscience rights of all Canadians, and especially those of medical professionals

Green Party:


  • Plans to ban all forms of conversion therapy, banning the work of groups such as Courage International, who non-coercively help people ro live chaste lives in accordance with the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality
  • Plans to legalize prostitution
  • Plans to expand programs in “reproductive health, rights, and in sexual and reproductive health education”

Whatcott legal update and commentary on Trudeau’s blackface

Whatcott legal update and commentary on Trudeau’s blackface

Postby Bill Whatcott » Thu Sep 19, 2019 10:14 pm

Canada’s Prime Minister committing no crime, other than not quite growing up when he was 29 years old

Dear Friends,

The last month has been quite busy. I got this e-mail from Mr. Yaniv (the fellow who charged 16 female estheticians with discrimination and dragged them before the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal (BCHRT) for refusing to wax his “female penis.”)

Jessica Yaniv <>
Sep 15, 2019, 10:25 PM (4 days ago)
to <,>


The deadline for the Respondent to provide a response to expedite process was August 26, 2019. I received no response, therefore, I did not reply as per the directions given by the Tribunal. It is now September 16, 2019.

What is the Tribunal’s decision in the matter regarding expediting, given the reasons listed in my application?

Miss Jessica Yaniv

Anyways, the BCHRT in quick fashion (hours after Yaniv sent his e-mail) sent me a mediation agreement to sign, seeing as they would like to see if me and Mr. Yaniv could come up with a mutually acceptable agreement to remedy the alleged loss of dignity he suffered when I briefly mentioned he is a biological male who dragged 16 vulnerable women to the BCHRT during a preaching session in front of the BCHRT during my trial there in December of last year.

Here is the BCHRT mediation agreement they want me to sign. I didn’t sign it yet as I would like the meeting to be face to face and not subject to a confidentiality agreement:!Avrh8Zy7sQqXiBW50qi7_BQq5wN9

Yaniv wants me to pay him $35,000 and my position is I am broke and have no money to pay him, but I will give him the Gospel which is far more valuable free of charge. Whether we can bridge our differences remain to be seen.

On the $104 million dollar lawsuit we are heading to appeal court soon where a judge will decide if I have to reveal the names of my friends who helped me launch the Gospel guerilla operation against the Toronto homosexual shame parade in 2016. My position to the courts is much the same as it was last year and the year before that. I’m broke and I have no money to give them, if they take stuff by force of a court order, my second hand furniture, second hand car, whatever they find in my bank account, etc…. I have no power to stop them.

As for my friends, I believe it would be a sin to reveal their names and I prefer to sit in jail indefinitely rather than do it. Some of them have dependants and all of them have modest means to defend themselves against this lawsuit. They did nothing wrong in helping with my charitable Gospel stunt, so it is my duty to do what I can to shield them.

On the criminal hate crime case, we will be going to trial on January 6, 2020. I believe the trial is going to be held in the Ontario Superior Court at 361 University Park Ave, Toronto. How long the trial will last I am unsure. The lawyer I have representing me on this case is now John Rosen.

As for the election,

I was blessed to spend last weekend helping the Scarborough Christian Heritage Party (CHP) candidate Mark Theodoru collect signatures so he could run. Over the course of an hour or so we collected signatures standing in front of a condo complex in the far east end of Scarborough. The people we asked were mostly Muslim and East Indian. Most declined to sign Mark’s nomination papers, but some did and they were mostly polite and friendly.

One Muslim fellow is quite memorable and I had an interesting conversation with him. The Muslim appeared to me to be either Pakistani or Bangladeshi and he smelled of alcohol and was somewhat inebriated. Our conversation went like this:

Me: “Will you sign Mark Theodoru’s nomination papers so he can run in your riding this election?”
Intoxicated Muslim: “What party is he with?”
Me: “Christian Heritage Party”
Intoxicated Muslim: “What do you think about Muslims?”
Me: “Muslims are human beings”
Intoxicated Muslim: “Do you think returning ISIS fighters should be pardoned?”
Me: “No, I don’t believe returning ISIS fighters should be pardoned, they should stand trial for their crimes”
Intoxicated Muslim: “Sorry, if you do not support a pardon for returning ISIS fighters than I can’t sign your nomination paper”

With that the intoxicated Muslim handed me my clipboard and pen back and walked off. I was a little startled by the candid opinion of my intoxicated Muslim friend, but quickly I got into conversations with other riding residents and the intoxicated, apparently ISIS supporting, Muslim was out of sight and out of mind.

Ten minutes later the intoxicated Muslim came back, grabbed my clipboard and pen from me and asked:

Intoxicated Muslim: “What is your opinion on Syria?”
Me: “I am speaking for myself and not the party. I don’t think the United States belongs there.”
Intoxicated Muslim: “What about Russia?”
Me: “Actually, I personally think the Russians have done more good in Syria than the Americans.”

The intoxicated Muslim abruptly shoves my clipboard and pen at me again and proclaims: “I was thinking about signing your sheet, but for sure I can’t now!”

With that the intoxicated Muslim storms off down the sidewalk and is soon out of sight again.

Mark was observing the spectacle in awe and I just looked and Mark and shrugged my shoulders and said “I can’t make everyone happy” and got back to work engaging passerby again.

Five minutes later the intoxicated Muslim showed up again roughly telling me, “give my that clipboard” and before I could respond he grabbed my clipboard and pen.

Intoxicated Muslim: “I’m going to sign your paper. Where do I sign???!!!”

Me: “right here, and please print your name and address and then sign”

The intoxicated Muslim correctly gave his name and address with some help and then he handed back my pen and clipboard and said: “I’m pro-Israel”
and walked off…..

Me and Mark looked at eachother again, wondered where “I’m pro-Israel” came from and then got back to our work….

As for my riding I have no CHP candidate to vote for, so after talking to my People’s Party of Canada (PPC) candidate, I got a few names in my riding for his nomination paper and informed him I will be voting for him. While the PPC lacks an understanding of Canada’s need to repent and turn back to the God who created us, the party at least believes moral issues can be discussed and Christians can run and be themselves without being thrown out of the party every time the media says “boo,” unlike the so-called Conservative Party.

Disturbingly, two Conservative MP’s have publicly endorsed the “Morgane Oger Foundation” and one Calgary Conservative Member of Parliament, Michelle Rempel, hosted a fundraiser for the foundation last year. The sole purpose of the Morgane Oger Foundation as far as I can tell is to prosecute Canadians who publicly disagree with Oger’s (and apparently Rempel’s) warped ideas about gender. The PPC is the only party besides the CHP that has the courage to allow their members to question whether children should be force fed propaganda in grade school about being able to switch their gender. Scheer on the other hand has disqualified candidates this election for publicly saying children should not be forced fed transgender propaganda in our public schools. The Conservatives moved too far away from their conservative roots for me to vote for them. While my first loyalty is with the CHP and their Godly vision for Canada and I am happy to be helping my friend Mark with his campaign in Scarborough, in my riding I have decided the PPC is at least conservative enough and tolerant enough of Christians that I can vote for them in good conscience without feeling I wasted my vote….

Now here’s my thoughts eight days into Canada’s Federal Election campaign:

Whatcott thoughts on Day 8 of Canada’s election campaign

Speaking as a Canadian, I don’t actually care if my Prime Minister wore a blackface, or a brownface, or any other coloured face, at some party twenty years ago. It is well known Trudeau is a party boy who to this day has never grown up. Trudeau was and continues to be ill prepared to lead the country and as Prime Minister he is frankly incompetent.

Putting on costumes depicting Arabians, blacks, or natives, is as far as I can tell harmless. The two Sikhs in the above picture don’t seem too traumatized by Justin Trudeau’s costume and the fact Justin is posing and smiling with them leads me to to conclude our Prime Minister probably wasn’t harbouring malicious Ku Klux Klan thoughts that day. The fact this is Justin’s behaviour that set off a media storm causes me to shake my head in wonder.

Canada’s national media being the near homogenous partisan Liberal hacks they are, I fully expect they will quit covering this story as soon as they feel they can and they will likely create a faux scandal and attribute it to the conservative leaders (Scheer, Bernier) in the coming days. I don’t actually feel sorry for Trudeau getting roasted for his silly costume mind you. Trudeau after all is a disingenuous “feminist,” “anti-racist,” “progressive;” the sort who would thump his chest in faux outrage and demand a conservative resign if a similar twenty year old photo surfaced of the said conservative wearing a “racist” costume at some long forgotten party. I don’t like the mob frenzy that the media whips up with these so-called “racist” twenty year old incidents, but if we must endure the media mob, I suppose if Trudeau is the one targeted by it, that is some sort of justice at least.

Actual bigotry by Trudeau that has mobilized me to work against his re-election this election season would be his government’s decree that Canadian businesses, charities, and non-profits who were unwilling to sign a statement of support for abortion, same sex marriage, and gender identity, would be ineligable to partake in the Summer Jobs Program. Of course this decree targeted businesses and charities run by conservative Christians, as we are the ones who would be unable to sign such a statement of support. The media is all good with that sort of actual bigotry that caused harm to pro-life/pro-family Canadian taxpayers, who were forced to pay for the program but were barred from participating in it because of their moral and religious values.

Trudeau early in his Prime Ministership once candidly told a Baptist pastor “Evangelical Christians are the worst part of Canadian society.” Once again Trudeau displayed actual bigotry and said this while sitting in office. The mainstream media while sanctimoniously beating their chest about silly decades old costumes is silent about this.

The SNC Lavalin affair is so serious it should have forced the Prime Minister to resign and face criminal prosecution, but the media is already not covering this scandal. For those who don’t know what this scandal is, our Prime Minister was tape recorded pressuring his former Justice Minister to terminate a proper criminal prosecution against a Quebec engineering company known as SNC Lavalin for corruption and get them a deferred prosecution deal. The Justice Minister refused to do such a thing as it would be illegal and unethical to do that as the corruption was serious and involved billions of dollars in illegally obtained construction contracts. Trudeau then fired the Justice Minister for doing her job honestly and the now former Justice Minister blew the whistle on Trudeau and provided the taped convesations she had with him which clearly exposed our Prime Minister committing a criminal offense by pressuring her to drop the criminal proceeding against a company that donates money to the Liberal Party and hires employees in the Prime Minister’s riding.

This next reason to not vote for Trudeau while maybe not criminal like SNC Lavalin, is still bad. The Prime Minister has allowed hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to cross Canada’s border and collect benefits. The sheer scale of Trudeau’s open border policy (legal and illegal) has aggravated the already severe tax strain on working Canadians and has exacerbated an affordable housing crises in all Canadian cities. Canadians who are homeless are far more visable now than ten years ago.

The Prime Minister is a chronic attender of “gay” pride parades and Trudeau added gender identity to our nation’s hate crime legislation meaning we can be criminally prosecuted if we criticize cross dressing now. The Prime Minister also added gender identity to the nation’s human rights code forcing biological women to share bathrooms, sports competitions, and federal prisons with biological men.

The next reason to not vote for Trudeau might be criminal as I can see no rational reason for our government to wave their own tariffs and give the work to China (a hostile nation who is illegally holding two Canadians in detention) without a bidding process. But we will never know what sort of corruption enabled China to build our LNG plants and dump their steel on us as the national media is silent and not investigating or asking questions. Trudeau’s government has waived tariffs and is allowing China to dump $42 billion dollars worth of their cheap and highly subsidized steal on Canada to make our LNG plants in BC. Worse yet, the Chinese are not even sending us raw steel, but rather fabricated steel as they are making our LNG plants in China. The components of the LNG plants will be made by module in Chinese factories and shipped by boat from China to Canada. This decision by the Liberal cabinet will deprive Canada of more than 60,000 jobs as we have the steel mills and trades to provide the product and do the work, but Canadian businesses were not even allowed to bid.

The Liberals harmed our oil industry with carbon taxes, government mandated gender analysis, and onerus red tape that has made it impossible to get oil projects built or product shipped to market. Hundreds of thousands of good paying jobs are gone in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan due to Liberal ideological hatred of our natural resource sector.

The Prime Minister has spent multiple millions of Canadian tax dollars promoting abortion in third world countries that don’t want it.

These are the reasons (and many more) why I won’t vote for Justin Trudeau. As for his childish 20 year old make up stunt that the national media is in a frenzy over? I don’t care……

“There is one body and one Spirit—just as you were called to the one hope that belongs to your call— one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.”
Ephesians 4:5,6

Christian Heritage Party Thinks the Fix is in For More Repression in M-103 Hearings


The Writing on the Wall

Tue, October 03, 2017   |   Author: Ron Voss   |   Volume 24    Issue 40

The Heritage Committee has started to meet as required by parliamentary M-103. I listened to the first hour of the hearing on September 20th, when Tarek Fatah, a secular Muslim, and Michel Juneau-Katsuya, a former officer in both the RCMP and CSIS, appeared as witnesses.

We have a former federal police officer basically toying with the censoring of the media and the prosecuting of individuals when “things go too far.”

On the other hand, in a subsequent article in the Toronto Sun, Fatah, reflecting on his experience appearing before the Committee, concluded that it was “evident” to him that “this was not a ‘hearing,’ but an exercise to rubber stamp a pre-determined outcome.”

The testimony by Juneau-Katsuya, presumably an “expert” hand-picked by the Liberals, brought to mind a more malignant version of Winston Smith who worked at the Ministry of Truth in Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984. Winston Smith’s job was to overwrite the truth, replacing the history of what really happened with a revised version. Juneau-Katsuya sketched out an alarm about the supposed rise and threat of a “radical right,” which voice—he said—needs to be silenced. As if our Charter right to free speech should be forfeited because Juneau-Katsuya’s imaginary enemy might…well…do something.

Juneau-Katsuya started his opening 10-minute segment saying, “My comments today…will focus on the rise of the right which, to my mind…represents a greater threat than radical Islam…a greater threat because it creeps into the thoughts of our fellow citizens so much so that it distorts reality and eventually, over time, withstands dispassionate and measured debate” A greater threat to whom, he doesn’t tell us. He contends that the right of free citizens to hold opinions is more dangerous than the death, maiming, and fear created by Islamic radicalism, despite the almost daily accounts of terrorist activities? With this opening statement by Juneau-Katsuya, the revisionism underway is very detectable.

Most of what he said, as in the following examples, makes sense if you invert what he said, for example, substituting the real threat of the “radical left” (like Antifa) and Islamic terrorists, for his imagined “radical right.”

Juneau-Katsuya tells us, “The rise of the right already has many victims and we are pretty close to being on the eve of domestic terrorism far more severe as a threat.” If we take away the “Ministry of Truth” snow job and look at the facts, we see that since 9/11, in the name of Islam, there have been 34,102 attacks worldwide, with 220,173 killed and 301,002 injured across some 59 countries, as of October 2, 2017, that we can confirm.

Juneau-Katsuya continues, “…the discourse of the English-speaking extreme right in western Canada is much closer to that of neo-Nazis and so-called conventional white supremacists.” Here, he regurgitates the leftist mainstream media narrative and misrepresents the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (Nazi) as being on the “extreme right” when they were actually on the “extreme left” (socialists) along with their communist cousins.

His misrepresentation of truth continues with, “I deplore the current lack of leadership and concrete measures by our political leaders, from all parties and orders of government, to offer a counter-discourse to the allegations and outright lies perpetuated by agitators on the right.” The lie that “Islam is a religion of peace” is easily ignored along with the various terrorist activities having no connection whatsoever to Islam.

Juneau-Katsuya’s rejection of our freedom of speech continues with, “While respecting the right to free speech, perhaps it is time to examine the degree of acceptability of the aberrations of certain opinion leaders or agitators.” He was very short on specifics throughout his presentation, but he gave some hints as to how he would propose drawing the line, for example, suggesting that the licenses be withdrawn for “trash radio” stations in Quebec, whose viewpoint he considers as being responsible for the attack on the mosque in Quebec City. As well, when asked by a Liberal committee member, “On the Anglophone side, would you perceive Rebel Media (an online news and commentary source offering the ‘the other side of the story’ from a conservative perspective) to be amplifying the message of the extreme right?,” Juneau-Katsuya unhesitatingly answered, “Absolutely.”

Unfortunately, there was no push back from the Conservative MPs present with respect to this fanciful storytelling with its implications of totalitarian overreach on free speech. Liberal MP Arif Virani (himself a Muslim) bluntly told Tarek Fatah, who also addressed the committee, “I disagree with virtually everything you’ve said in your opening discourse and response to questions,” which is what the Conservative MPs should have told Juneau-Katsuya. Virani when he cited the example of an innocuous tweet, by Fatah (again a secular Muslim), related to the attack on the mosque in Quebec City without referencing its author as being Fatah. Chillingly, Juneau-Katsuya declared that the author of such a tweet should be “denounced and if possible prosecuted.”

In just these few examples, we can see how the Liberals are choreographing the desired outcome of these hearings.It appears (ominously) that “the writing is on the wall.”

CHP Canada is the only federal political party willing to stand against these encroachments on our freedoms. If you are concerned then it’s time to join your voice with ours by becoming a member and supporting the Christian Heritage Party. The time to fight is short…join today!