“Anti-racist consultant” Laith Marouf suspended from social media again following antisemitic outbursts

[While CAFE has no use for this ungrateful, anti-White, parasite off taxpayers’ grants we oppose Internet censorship. See his comments. It’s clear that anti-racism is a code word for anti-White.]

“Anti-racist consultant” Laith Marouf suspended from social media again following anti-semitic outbursts

By Cosmin Dzsurdzsa – November 17, 2023 FacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsAppLinkedin

Laith Marouf, a former anti-racism contractor for the Canadian government, returned to social media following Hamas’ attack on Israel to attack Jewish people online and has since left a trail of deranged hatred in his wake. 

Marouf, the son of a Syrian diplomat, has a long and storied past making dehumanizing statements about Jews and Israel. 

The former disgraced “anti-racist consultant” had previously been embroiled in controversy for receiving more than $600,000 in government grants despite a history of hate speech and extremist views. https://platform.twitter.com/embed/Tweet.html?dnt=true&embedId=twitter-widget-

Marouf’s latest suspension on X follows a string of troubling posts in which he launched explicit antisemitic attacks against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Canadian Jewish community. 

Posting from his home in Lebanon, Marouf wrote, “Go drink the sea of Gaza, you little Zionist b—h,” Marouf posted.

“Zionism is Nazism, and Apartheid Canada was a model for both of them. As soon as we liberate Palestine, we will be aiding our Indigenous relatives to liberate theirs. We will bring you to trial for your crimes.

Laith Marouf post

He also made threats against University of Ottawa law professor Michael Geist and former chief of staff to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Norm Spector, suggesting the formation of “Zionist-Hunter squads” and calling for trials in an imagined Hamas-occupied Jerusalem. 

“Shut up little Jewish White Supremacist turd. We will crush your Jewsader Colony … after, we will be hunting down all Zionists and bring them to stand trial in liberated Palestine,” said Marouf.  https://platform.twitter.com/embed/Tweet.html?dnt=true&embedId=twitter-widget

The antisemitic posts come more than a year after Marouf’s government-funded role as an anti-racism contractor was exposed.

The Canadian federal government, under Trudeau, granted him $133,000 to lead an “anti-racism strategy for Canadian broadcasting,” a decision that sparked widespread criticism once past X posts surfaced. .

At the time, Marouf expressed vile viewpoints comparing the Palestinian offer of peace to Zionists to Saladin’s offer to Crusaders. Marouf further made inflammatory remarks, stating that life is too short to entertain “Jewish White Supremacists” and suggesting violence, including a reference to a “bullet to the head.”

“You know all those loud mouthed bags of human feces, aka the Jewish White Supremacists; when we liberate Palestine and they have to go back to where they came from, they will return to being low voiced bitches of their Christian/Secular White Supremacist Masters,” posted Marouf.

Additionally, he claimed that once Palestine is liberated, the Jewish population would be expelled to “go back to where they came from,” accompanied by derogatory language against Jewish individuals.

Despite being severed from government-funded initiatives, Marouf has continued to make headlines for his extremist views and recently resurfaced online to harass his critics

Although his latest X account, KingofLionKings, has been suspended, he still managed to deliver a stream of taunts and violent threats against Canadian commentators before once again being blocked by the platform.

The Trudeau government’s handling of the Marouf scandal has also faced scrutiny, with conflicting statements from officials about their awareness of Marouf’s background. Former Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez claimed he was not informed about funding an antisemite, a statement contradicted by reports suggesting otherwise.

CAFE Protests The Anti-White Race Hucksters of the Kojo Institute Which Led to the Death of a Toronto Principal After a Maoist Style Struggle Session

CAFE Protests The Anti-White Race Hucksters of the Kojo Institute Which Led to the Death of a Toronto Principal After a Maoist Style Struggle Session

TORONTO. Friday, August 18, 2023. A dozen supporters of the Canadian Association for Free Expression and the Canadian Nationalist Patriots gathered today outside the south Etobicoke offices of the Kojo Institute to protest the suicide death of retired Toronto high school principal Richard Bilkszto.
Bilkszto attended several “anti-racism” seminars put on by the Kojo Institute and its director Kike Ojo-Thompson in 2021. “Toronto school principal Richard Bilkszto was bullied by an anti-racism trainer over ‘his whiteness”’ — his questioning of her assertion that Canada is a more racist place than the United States. In July, he took his own life. … Bilkszto, a Toronto District School Board (TDSB) principal, was berated in a DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) training session after pushing back on the trainer’s belief that Canada was more racist than the United States. (He agreed with the trainer that Canada had a racism problem, but pointed out that marginalized people have better access to education and health care north of the border.)

A week later, Bilkszto’s “resistance” was referred back to as an example of white supremacy in a session the next week. Humiliated, he took sick leave for more than a month (and was awarded compensation by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), which found he had suffered bullying in the workplace). Despite his stellar performance record, TDSB revoked work from him when he returned. In May of 2023, Bilkszto sued TDSB over the matter; last month, he took his own life. Friends and family said that he had been anxious over potential fallout from anticipated media coverage.” (National Post, August 16, 2023)

“Anti-racism is a fraud. Anti-racism is a code word for anti-White,” CAFE Director Paul Fromm said. Most people have a poor opinion of their neighbours, either on an ethnic or racial basis, he added. “The Japanese detest the Koreans and vice versa. I know: I’ve been there. In Africa, in Rwanda the small black Hutus hated the tall Tutsis and, in 1994, genocided about a million of them. So, most people are, to some extent, racist — a fuzzy word invented in the 1930s by communist Lev Davidovich Bronstein, known as Trotsky. However, it is only Whites who are the targets of these race hucksters!”

“The Kojo Institute and Kike Ojo-Thompson must be held accountable for the death of Principal Bilkszto,” Mr. Fromm added. CAFE will be contacting Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce who has promised an inquiry into the incident. “We want the police to investigate whether the Maoist style struggle session and humiliation of Mr. Bilkszto constituted reckless endangerment, or criminal negligence causing death.” Ojo-Thompson and the Kojo Institute hold themselves forth as professionals and experts. As such, her remarks denouncing Mr. Bilkszto for White privilege and, by implication racism and White supremacy are outrageous.

“|The Kojo Institute has made denouncing White people for big bucks —  a profitable endeavour,” Mr. Fromm added.

The Kojo Institute website boasts: ” Kike Ojo-Thompson is an award-winning equity thought leader. She is renowned for her work and expertise as an anti-racism and anti-Black racism educator, speaker, and organizational change facilitator. As founder and principal consultant of equity consultancy, KOJO Institute, Ojo-Thompson has spent 20 years guiding public and private organizations across a broad range of sectors towards more equitable outcomes. Notable clients include Canada’s largest school board, the TDSB; the nation’s biggest grocery retailer, Loblaw Companies Limited; top 10 North American bank, TD Canada Trust; and global relief organization, World Vision.

Race Huckster Kike Ojo-Thompson

Hear Paul Fromm protest KOJO institute Aug 18th 2023 https://youtube.com/watch?v=M3KR9HT2YVo

CAFE & Canadian Nationalist Patriots Protest Race Huckters Whose Bullying Led to Toronto Principal’s Death

Gus Stefanis alongside Paul Fromm and his Canadian Association for Free Expression supporters (About CAFE http://cafe.nfshost.com/?page_id=4) protested the KOJO institute August 18th 2023.

KOJO institute Anti-Racism instructor Kike Ojo-Thompson (Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Consultancy – KOJO Institute https://kojoinstitute.com/) consulted Toronto Principal Richard Bilkszto before his suicide.

‘Your Job in This Work as White People Is to Believe,’ DEI Instructor Tells Principal Who Later Committed Suicide https://link.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/world…

Former Toronto principal accused of ‘white supremacy’ during ‘diversity training’ commits suicide – Rebel News

What Anti-Racism Instructor Told Toronto Principal Richard Bilkszto Before His Suicide

We surprised them with our presence and gave them hell with the megaphone!

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Paul Fromm protests KOJO institute Aug 18th 2023 https://youtube.com/watch?v=M3KR9HT2YVo

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“Anti-racist” (anti-White) Cancel Culture Bans Another White Author: Fight Upper Canada School District’s Cancelling of Agatha Christie

Fight Upper Canada School District’s Cancelling of Agatha Christie

“I know poetry is not dead, nor genius lost: nor has Mammon gained power over either, to bind or slay: they will both assert their existence, their presence, their liberty and strength again one day. Powerful angels, safe in heaven! they smile when sordid souls triumph, and feeble ones weep over their destruction. Poetry destroyed? Genius banished? No! Mediocrity, no: do not let envy prompt you to the thought. No; they not only live, but reign, and redeem: and without their divine influence spread everywhere, you would be in hell–the hell of your own meanness” – Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

The Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB), which oversees 79 schools comprising 27,000 students in the counties of Lanark, Leeds-Grenville, Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry, and Prescott-Russell, has ordered principals to ban teachers from assigning Agatha Christie’s classic mystery novel And Then There Were None (1939). A spokesperson for the school board declared that the book contains “offensive content”, and that given its publication date of 1939, it is “no longer relevant or engaging to students”. According to the spokesperson, the UCDSB regularly culls its book selection to ensure that it only offers “fresh, engaging, timely and relatable materials to students” rather than classic historical works. The UCDSB, like all major Canadian institutional power structures, operates on the unexamined belief that everything that came before our present era is automatically suspect, parochial, and “no longer relevant or engaging”.

The UCDSB claims to be following the Ontario College of Teachers Professional Advisory on Anti-Black Racisma radical Left document which condemns the introduction of “predominantly Eurocentric (i.e., white, patriarchal) teaching materials in all subject areas of the curriculum”. This same document defines “whiteness” as “a dominant cultural space with enormous political significance, with the purpose to keep others on the margin”.

Rather than encouraging teachers to inculcate a love and knowledge for Western history in their students, the Ontario College of Teachers calls on teachers to examine how their privilege helps “maintain systems of oppression and colonialism”, and to use their privilege to “dismantle those systems”. We can conclude, based on the UCDSB decision to cancel Agatha Christie, that this dismantling will entail a wholesale Cultural Revolution style elimination of the Great Books written by that most maligned race: dead white men and women.

Agatha Christie (1890-1976) was “one of the best-selling novelists of all time, having written 66 mystery novels and 14 plays in the early 1900s”, including Murder on the Orient (1934) and Death on the Nile (1937). Over 2 billion of her books have been sold in over 100 languages; this is only surpassed by Shakespeare and the Bible. Europeans invented the mystery novel, beginning with Wilkie Collin’s The Woman in White (1859). Europeans, starting with the Ancient Greeks, invented the novel itself. European civilization reached the highest heights of human achievement by exhibiting a prolific, continuous creativity and restlessness of the imagination. Canada, Europe’s ethnic and cultural heir, rather than taking pride in this and creating yet more great works, is cancelling European culture in our schools.

The Council of European Canadians is calling on parents in the Upper Canada School District to protest, and on our readers to contact the following organizations and individuals, with the purpose of eloquently denouncing their complicity in the replacement of EuroCanadian culture in schools:

  • Upper Canada School District Manager of Communications: communications@ucdsb.on.ca
  • Upper Canada School District General: inquiries@ucdsb.on.ca, or (613) 342-0371, or 1-800-267-7131
  • Ontario College of Teachers: 416.961.8800 and Toll Free (Ontario Only): 1.888.534.2222



TORONTO, February 22, 2018. It was billed as a town hall meeting to discuss anti-racism. Called by Beaches-Woodbine MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith and local MPP Arthur Potts, the sponsors invited two anti-racist heavyweights, Pakistani Moslem MP Iqra Khalid, who introduced the notorious M-103, anti-Islamophobia motion last year which sparked outrage across the country, and Michael Coteau, the Minister Responsible for Anti-racism — no kidding there really is such a position in lesbian Kathleen Wynne’ cabinet. And just to be ever so diverse and politically correct, the meeting was held in the basement of  the Grant African Methodist Episcopal Church on Gerrard Street,
About 150 packed the steamy church basement. There was standing room only.
It was Orwellian to hear four politicians who have deeply drunk the poisoned Kool Aid of equality. For them if results are not equal, then there is a systemic problem and government must fix it to make results equal.
Organizer Erskine-Smith told people with cellphone cameras: “Film us politicians but not the audience.” Everyone ignored him, includiing the media,.
Things went badly for the anti-racists almost from the beginning. The opening speaker was lanky Lisa Kinsella, who, with husband Warren, has led a three-year anti-free speech jihad to try to drive local satirical newspaper YOUR WARD NEWS out of business. Lisa Kinsella, apparently, is trying to use her freshly burnished anti-free speech and anti-racist credentials to secure the trendy leftist vote in a run for the local councillor’s  Ward 32 seat left vacant by the retiring Margaret-Mary McMahon.
Mrs. Kinsella ticked off the various things she and her husband had done to try to suppress YOUR WARD NEWS. Long-time Liberal party activists, they had pressured the then minister in charge of the Post Office, Judy Foote to issue a rarely used bit of police state power — an Interim Prohibitory Order to deny both the editor, Dr. James Sears, and the publisher Leroy St. Germaine the right to send ANYTHING, not just YOUR WARD NEWS, through the mails. 
“Isn’t that denying government service to people?” a man in the audience demanded to know.
She ignored the question and droned on: “We shall do whatever it takes to shut down this hate rag.”
A squeaky voice  called out a propos of nothing: “Paul Fromm, get the fuck out of here.”
No one seemed to notice. Kinsella concluded: “There is no place for a publication preaching bigotry and hate in this community.” Acknowledging YOUR WARD NEWS‘ fighting spirit and determination to keep publishing, she added that the battle to silence YOUR WARD NEWS is “a marathon not a sprint.”
Then, master of ceremonies Erksine-Smith introduced Iqra Khalid, the bubbly smiling well made-up sponsor of M-103. Referring to hostile messages she had receive for promoting the anti-Islamophobia motion, Erskine-Smith marvelled : “As a White man, I would never be subject to such comments.” [I wondered whether he had ever read some of the hateful things said about White nationalists or people who question political correctness.]

A middle aged man, reminded Erskine-Smith; “It’s OK to be white.”
Iqra Khalid smiling said: “Yes, it’s okay to be white or black or yellow.”
She tried to downplay the threats to free speech implied  in M-103. Canada is so wonderful because of its “diversity” and “inclusion” she said. We just have to improve on it.
“Define Islamophobia.” a member of the audience demanded.
Another reminded her: “You wouldn’t answer this question in Parliament.”
A brown man, perhaps East Indian shouted:’ “Don’t vote Liberal. Vote Conservative.”
He was menaced by several white anti-racists who sprang up shouting at him: “Racists out!”
Miss Khalid resumed her sunny ways generalities about promoting diversity,
Another member of the audience demanded:  “How does Islam treat minorities?”
Another asked: “How does Islam treat women?”
Eventually a definition was given of Islamophobia. It is “the irrational fear of or hostility to Moslems.”
“But what is irrational?” a member of the audience wanted to know.
To give the panel complete control over questions, people had to submit them in writing.
Several persistant members of the audience were not to be silenced. Finally, MP Erskine-Smith gave two the microphone for short questions. A woman with a purple hat asked: “Does political Islam exist with the imposition of sharia law as its goal?”
Iqra Khalid dodged that one — her family has close ties with the radical Moslem Brotherhood: “I am not here to talk of ideology or religion.”
“You’re a fraud,” a man yelled at her.
Things were spiralling out of control The politically correct group-think of the Cultural Marxists was being challenged from many quarters and by people of various colours. Organizer Erskine-Smith explained the lack of police presence: “We did not want the police here as some people were disturbed by a police presence,” he said, referring to Negroes. Actually, although the event was held in a Negro church, only about 10 per cent of the audience was Black. The Jewish Defence League, listed in the U.S. as a terrorist group by the F.B.I.’ had promised to attend. Warren Kinsella had tweeted in advance that he was attending: “But now that an Islamophobic hate group is coming, I’ll be there in full Peaky Blinders mode.” Peaky Blinders were a vicious English street gang from the 1930s. It’s not clear who Kinsella had in mind as a “hate group.” Also, I saw no evidence of the JDL.
To try to ease the fears of some members of the audience, MP Erskine-Smith said it wasn’t “Islamophobic” to criticize a religion for, say, not treating women equally or being against LGBTQs, the alphabiet soup of the sexually weird. What was wrong, he clarified with a burst of fog, was to oppose a person just because of his religion.
MPP Arthur Potts added: “Everyone’s opinion is valued. It’s all about being tolerant.”
The final speaker was Michael Coteau, the cabinet minister in charge of anti-racism. Traditional voters tend to oppose government preaching at us and telling us what to think, but, then, this is Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario. Coteau was born in England in Yorkshire of an English mother and Grenadan father. He grew up in Flemington Park, an area with a lot of Negroes and a lot of welfare housing.
He has the gift of the gab. “We spend $68-million per year to police and incarcerate people in Jane/Finch” a heavily black, high crime area in northwest Toronto. If Negroes could achieve better, this money could be spent elsewhere, he explained. “We have to identify the causes of disproportionate outcomes,” he said. [One possibility Is the catastrophic 82 per cent illegitimacy rate among Negroes which leads to poverty, children being brought up by single mothers and often drifting into gangs.]
Then, in an unusual leap, he predicted: “Nigeria will be number 10 in terms of wealth by 2050 and Canada will be 25th.” Where he came up with this nonsense he didn’t say. He seemed to be arguing that, if we could improve the living standards of Negroes in Canada, we wouldn’t fall behind Nigeria.
MP Erskine-Smith worried: “The fastest growing proportion of the prison population is Black.” That’s true, but his implication was that somehow this was unjust or unequal. Despite our perrmissive legal system, that Blacks end up in prison in numbers much greater than their proportion of the population is no mystery. They commit more crimes!
“There’s a very scientific process to address disparity of outcomes,” Mr. Coteau insisted.
A member of the audience challenged the notion that only Whites are “racist.”
MPP Coteau agreed. “Go to Peel Region and black kids are fighting against brown kids and Chinese are fighting black kids.”
“Separate the races,” shouted a member of the audience to some applause.
“If the First Nations (Indians) had done that you wouldn’t be here.” This illogical silliness struck a small but loud cadre of supporters as a brilliant piece of wit and they gave sustained applause to the Minister in charge of anti-racism.
MP Erskine-Smith and the other politicians began to talk out the clock.
The crowd was told that “the UN praises Ontario as the world leader in anti-racism.”
“What does that have to do with M-103?” a member of the audience wanted to know, trying to get the meeting back on topic.
MP Erskine-Smith said he had been shocked when he learned recently that “90 per cent of children apprehended by Children’s Aid in Manitoba are aboriginal. There’s a great deal of racism,” he insisted — the old belief in equal outcomes blinding him to the more obvious conclusion: that there is a disproportionate degree of child abuse and neglect among many Indians!

While MPP Potts may have spoken of valuing everyone’s opinion, that was not the case with Warren Kinsella. The next day, the writer, lawyer and improbable public relations man with a manic obsession with Nazis offered this example of “inclusion” and openness to “diversity” (of opinion): “And then the pigs got up on their hind legs and started squealing. They started squealing and screeching, their little pig eyes all red, about ‘sharia law’ and Muslims ‘raping’ children and the need to ‘separate the races.’ The pigs looked human, but they weren’t. They were racists and anti-Semites and haters who roughly resembled humans, but weren’t human. They were pigs.” — Paul Fromm

“Low Grade Racial Terrorism” in Oregon –Words Have No Meaning

“Low Grade Racial Terrorism” in Oregon –Words Have No Meaning

The following story needs some analysis. It’s a good example of the useof propaganda to muddy serious discussion of racial issues. Be very careful andskeptical next time you read a heavy breathing report fuming about terrorismand White supremacy.
The facts:
·       Someone leafletted cars on a street in Milwaukie, Oregon with leafletsin Spanish and English opposing White genocide and adding that anti-racism means anti-White. ·      Some busybody White – it’salways a self-hating White who will do us in – one Dinah Davis decided towaddle along and take the flyers off car windshields. [So much for freedom ofspeech.] ·      For reasons not explainedDavis concluded the flyers were “White supremacist literature.” ·       A racism “expert” Prof. Randy Blazak proclaimed: “Thisis a form of low-grade terrorism, and this is meant to terrorize people whohave been victims of violence,”
The Reality:
1.   Watch the video. It is clearthat the leaflets say very little beyond what the story quoted.

2.   Note that opposing the destruction of your own people, if you are White, means you are a White supremacist and “low-grade” terrorist.

3.   The leaflet does not suggest that other races should be exterminated or ruled, only that White genocide should be opposed. Would a call to stop the genocide of a small Indian tribe in the Amazon be “Indian Supremacy”? Of course not.

4.    To most people terrorism means acts of violence – bombing, beating,

murder, kidnapping, arson – against innocent people, against civilians. These are leaflets, not bombs, saying no more than Whites don’t want to be exterminated.

5.   Note also that neither busybody Davis, who claims to speak for the neighbourhood, nor expert Blazak deals with the  flyers’ accusation:  “”Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.” Ironically, their words and actions prove the point. If they are anti-racists, they are clearly anti-White in that they think calls for White survival are evil

MILWAUKIE, Ore. – A neighborhood was blanketed with racist fliers on Thursday and people there say they won’t tolerate the hateful propaganda.
The group handing out the fliers has a very specific target since they’re only partially in English and are mostly in Spanish. The only two words in English: “white genocide.”
Many people who park along Southeast International Way got one on their windshield.
Dinah Davis, who works on the street, took action after reading the flier.
Davis drives on the street every day to get to work and on Thursday she noticed something out of the ordinary.
“I know enough Spanish to recognize that it is white supremacist literature. I was horrified,” she said.
Someone left them on nearly every parked car.
“Perhaps they think this is a suitable neighborhood. I’m here to tell them, no, it’s not,” Davis said.
She spent the rest of her morning walk going up and down the road picking up the fliers off windshields. She collected a stack of them.
Racism expert Randy Blazak, a professor at Portland State University, translated the words. The letters in red: “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”
“This is a form of low-grade terrorism, and this is meant to terrorize people who have been victims of violence,” he said.
The fliers trace to a website called the White Genocide Project.
Blazak said the web has become a popular place to spread intolerance.
“There’s sort of a 24-hour Klan rally happening on the Internet,” he said.
Davis knows this country’s history with hatred has lessened but it hasn’t gone away.
Her main question about the fliers: “Why have it in Spanish? I don’t understand that,” she said.
Blazak explained: “In the 1920s the Ku Klux Klan in Portland was primarily against Catholic immigrants. So this is just another version of targeting the immigrant population.”
He said it’s targeting by intimidation.
Blazak said he was familiar with the White Genocide Project website, but he’s never seen that group active in the Portland area.
He said even though it’s a hate message on paper, it’s still hate and not something to take lightly.