Paul Fromm Interviewed by James Edwards for American Free Press

What follows is an interview conducted by James Edwards with Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression. It was originally published by the American Free Press.

James Edwards: As one of Canada’s most internationally well-known dissident activists, you have spent a lifetime fighting at the intersection of free speech and immigration reform. How did you first arrive at this destination?

Paul Fromm: Forty years ago, I saw planned massive Third World immigration as a policy to replace Canada’s European founding/settler people. In 1965, just as immigration laws were changing in Canada and the United States, the Canadian government began to consider “anti-hate” legislation. I could see that, among other things, as Canadians woke up to what was being done to them, it would be used to quell or silence opposition to the great replacement. Thus, for over 20 years, I’ve introduced myself to audiences as being about free speech and immigration: not enough free speech and too much immigration. The Canadian Jewish Congress had lobbied Ottawa for several decades for a “hate law”; that is legislation, to mute or silence criticism of them. By 1965, their lobbying power pushed then Prime Minister Lester Pearson to strike a Royal Commission to inquire into “hate” propaganda. It was stacked so that it would deliver the desired opinion. Its chairman was Dean Maxwell Cohen of McGill University Law School, a former head of the Canadian Jewish Congress, and Saul Hayes, also a former head of the Canadian Jewish Congress. A third member of the seven-man Royal Commission was a then-obscure leftist professor from Montreal, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, an admirer of both Mao and Castro, who would become Prime Minister in 1968. In 1965, the newly created Canadian Nazi Party gained a lot of headlines and short-lived notoriety. It was heavily influenced by operatives from the Canadian Jewish Congress. The Cohen Commission had trouble finding much “hate propaganda” in Canada. So, the sudden appearance of a “Nazi” party with young Canadians, not old European immigrants, was convenient to provide a “justification” for limiting free speech. The Cohen Commission’s report provided the outline of what would become the “hate law” (Sec. 318 & 319) of the Criminal Code which would be introduced as legislation by Pierre Trudeau and passed into law in 1971.

Edwards: A particularly alarming and Orwellian piece of legislation has been proposed in Canada. What is the so-called Online Harms Bill?

Fromm: John Carpay, Director of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, calls this proposed law “a full-on frontal assault on free expression, the worst in Canadian history. Full stop.” Current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has longed to further censor the Internet. He blamed the Internet as a source of misinformation. He was outraged at the Trucker’s Freedom Convoy protest which lasted for three weeks in Ottawa in early 2022. The Liberal elite despises working class Canadians and describes White working-class men and women as “deplorables”, backward, bigoted ignorant people. That these much-despised people organized such a formidable protest drove the globalist elite crazy. They invoked the Emergencies Act (a war measures act) piece of legislation which stripped people of their civil rights and allowed the tyrants to freeze bank accounts. Trudeau saw that much of the organizing occurred over the Internet. Also, both the Zionist lobby and the increasingly shrill Moslem lobby are complaining of “hate” on the Internet. The Online Harms bill seeks to make Internet service providers responsible for censoring people. The Act adds Stalinist era punishments for online “hate”. In Stalin’s Soviet Union anti-semitism was punishable by death. Canada pretends to be more civilized. So, advocacy of “genocide” – whatever that is – can get you up to life imprisonment for mere words! Also, any branch of the Criminal Code, say assault, if motivated by hate against a privileged group (but not Whites), religion (but not Christianity), sex, or sexual orientation can increase the sentence to up to life in prison.

Edwards: This bill has received global attention and a significant amount of pushback. Has this surprised you and, in your opinion, how likely is it that this might become law?

Fromm: International attention is welcome. Many foreigners are surprised how, under Trudeau, who like his father also admires Red China, Canada has become such a totalitarian state. The likelihood of passage is a good question. Groups like my own Canadian Association for Free Expression, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association are determined to fight it right from the get-go. The Parliamentary agenda is crowded, and the hope is that, if we can alert enough freedom-minded Canadians, the bill may never get to a vote.

Edwards: In what ways would this potential law further stifle free speech and expression in Canada?

Fromm: Well, a person who fears that another person may commit a “hate crime” can go before a judge and seek an order that could force house arrest, the wearing of an electronic bracelet, prohibition of drugs or alcohol, forced testing for such substances, and restriction on movement. This would all be preemptive. We know the anti-Whites portray themselves as endlessly afraid and vulnerable. This could result in massive abuse of our liberties. In addition to the Criminal Code provisions, the Canadian Human Rights Commission could now receive complaints about online expressions of “hate” as being a discriminatory practice. At human rights tribunals, really kangaroo courts, where the appointed member (judge) is chosen for a special sensitivity to human rights (they don’t include freedom of speech), and the truth is no defense, the victim has little chance. Also, if the accuser is fearful of retaliation, his/her/its identity may be kept secret from the defendant and the press. In other words, a millennium of Anglo-Saxon individual rights – in this case, the defendant’s right to face his accuser – would be tossed out the window.

Edwards: How would you compare punishment for so-called “hate speech” violations in the United States and Canada, and even European nations like the United Kingdom and Germany, where dissidents receive harsh prison sentences for having politically incorrect points of view?

Fromm: When it comes to speech, America is still a largely free country in terms of legal sanctions. Canada is now attempting to join wretched thought-control regimes like Germany in its eagerness to jail dissidents.

Edwards: Immigration is your other signature issue. Compared to the United States, how advanced has the Great Replacement become in Canada?

Fromm: America is worse off than Canada but we’re catching up. Our population is still 78% White, but massive Third World immigration engineered and enabled from the top is replacing us fast. Toronto, 98% White in 1960, is now majority Third World, as is Vancouver. This is the result of a cold-blooded and deliberate policy of replacement, collaborated in by all political parties except the populist People’s Party of Canada, and by big businesses and banks which have eagerly adopted the anti-White policies of diversity (fewer Whites hired), equity (inferior results and mediocrity), and inclusion (but not of White Christians).

Edwards: What interests drive the open border policies of the United States and Canada?

Fromm: There are several motives. One cabal wants to see Whites replaced. Greedy businessmen always bemoan a labor shortage. They mean a cheap labor shortage. They don’t care whether the potential worker is legal, illegal, Black, Yellow, or Purple, as long as he’s cheap.

Edwards: Though 90% of the population lives within an hour of the border, to many Americans, Canada still appears to be the Great White North. Does homogeneity exist in some of the more remote provinces of your expansive continent more so than in places like multicultural Toronto?

Fromm: Rural areas and small towns are still relatively White, especially in Quebec and the Maritimes. Most of the Third Worlders flock to the big cities – Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Hamilton, Calgary, and Edmonton.

Edwards: I read that the Canadian courts recently ruled that many of the overreaches during the Covid-era were unconstitutional. What can you tell us about that?

Fromm: Yes, in a stunning pro-freedom ruling, the Federal Court ruled that many of the federal government’s COVID restrictions were a violation of individual rights.

Edwards: As an avid observer of American politics, what are your thoughts on the upcoming elections in the United States?

Fromm: I pray for the election of Donald Trump to make America great again. I hope he has learned from his first term the bitter opposition and vile tactics of the deep state and will move swiftly and with determination to build that wall and deport, as Dwight Eisenhower did, millions of illegal aliens.

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Paul Fromm is Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression.

It Never Was About “Hate” — It Was Always Meant As a Gag on Nationalist Opinion

Federally-funded “anti-hate” group only covers hate from “extreme right,” founder says

[Cosmin Dzsurdzsa and the folks at True North may be surprised that the massively federally and BMO-funded Canadian Anti-Hate Network have had no time to denounce extremists and hateful comments from the left over the Israel-Hamas war because they were focused on the “extreme right”. We at CAFE are not surprised. The war on an emotion — hate — was never really about hate. It was about suppressing nationalist opinion and shielding Jews and privileged non-White minorities from serious criticism. The pernicious “hate law”, Sec. 318 & 319 of the Criminal Code were introduced by supposed civil libertarian Pierre Trudeau in 1971. In its sordid 52 year history, no Jew, no non-White, with the exception of Indian Chief David Ahenakew, was ever prosecuted for of convicted for hate. Thirty years of agitation by the Canadian Jewish Congress led to the stacked Cohen Commission on hate propaganda in 1965. This was a key year. In this year, dark forces were changing our immigration laws to eventually let in hordes from the Third World to replace Canada’s European founding/settler people That being the goal, they changed our flag from the Red Ensign which celebrated our European origins the the present rather vapid Pearson pennant. If you’re going to imposed the brazen flim flam of replacing the founding/settler people, you can anticipate some opposition. Hence, the speech suppressing hate” and similar provincial anti-free speech clones. Still, it’s refreshing to have Mr. Anti-hate Bernie Farber, a longtime operative of the former Canadian Jewish Congress admit that “anti-hate” is basically anti-White. — Paul Fromm

By Cosmin Dzsurdzsa – November 7, 2023 FacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsAppLinkedin

A federally-funded “anti-hate” organization says its relative silence on weeks of antisemitism has been because it only has the resources to focus on hate from the “extreme right.”

Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN) founding chair Bernie Farber made the admission on X in response to a post criticizing the organization for its silence on the recent wave of antisemitism following a terrorist attack on Israelis.

“It’s been a month since the terrorist attack on Israelis. This is the first post from anti-hate since then. I know your views because I’ve grown up knowing you. But it’s not just me calling this out,” posted the user, Ariella Kimmel.

“Ariella, focuses on the extreme right. That is what it does. I wish we had the resources to do more. We just don’t,” replied Farber.

The organization has faced weeks of criticism for its sparse reporting on the ongoing anti-Israel protests engulfing Canada. 

Farber’s admission sparked a backlash on social media. True North’s Andrew Lawton criticized Farber’s selective focus.

“Canada’s leading anti-hate activist, Bernie Farber, says (CAHN’s) silence on a month of antisemitism has been because they only focus on the ‘extreme right.’ Thanks for admitting this is all coming from the left then, Bernie!”, posted Lawton. 

True North founder Candice Malcolm also joined in the criticism pointing to the fact that anti-Israel rallies across Canada were staged by the extreme left. 

“As Andrew Lawton points out, the boss over at ‘anti-hate’ let the cat out of the bag. The reason they’re not covering the anti-Israel hatefests throughout Canada is because those rallies are led by the Left (including Islamists) not the scary Right,” wrote Malcolm.

The accusations against CAHN come amid nationwide demonstrations by supporters of Hamas. Major anti-Israel demonstrations have been held in cities such as Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Montreal following Hamas’ attack on Israel.

Despite the rise in antisemitic incidents during these protests, CAHN has not published any reports or public comments on the threats faced by Jewish communities from the far-left specifically. 

The issue of antisemitism is not confined to Canada. In the United States, a 69-year-old Jewish man died following a confrontation with pro-Palestinian demonstrators in suburban Los Angeles. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.

Remembering A Free Speech Martyr & Christian Author, Malcolm Ross

Remembering A Free Speech Martyr & Christian Author, Malcolm Ross

A friend gave me his treasure trove of tapes and book and pamphlets among which are many recordings of CAFE meetings

I listen to a tape in short segments. 
I am most of the way through the talk given by Malcolm Ross June 25th 1998 “My 10 Year Battle for Vindication.”
I’m pretty sure I bought Ross’ book from you at some point. [The book is Cross-Examination: Christianity on Trial –– BY Malcolm Ross fired for his religious writings on abortion and other issues appealed to Canada’s Supreme Court in 1990. This rare book is available for $25.00 plus $10 postage from C-FAR Books, P.O. Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, CANADA.]

I will be turning the tape-recording in to a transcript. His explanation of the implications of the ruling of the Supremes is shocking a quarter of a century later — astonishing not a scintilla of genuine “evidence” that any real person felt they were in a “poisoned environment” in his classroom. Yet, the Supremes figured out that it was only reasonable to draw the inference  of such !!

This, I fear, is what’s going to happen to Bill Whatcott, if he goes through the meatgrinder again. The Bible itself becomes ‘hate literature’ if published anywhere outside some little ‘safe space’ of a building properly registered with the gov’t as a ‘charity’ for purposes of income tax receipts

Ross cites a book to do with the doctrines of modern Juda-ism in which the “Holocaust” is understood to be an essential part of that religion.

There isn’t one person in a million who grasps that. I sure didn’t

What that means for Canada, is,    after the recent amendment to section 319 of the Criminal Code, a person can be prosecuted for ‘blasphemy’ against the state-sanctioned religion,  if some one of the Jud-aic persuasion, feels his or her dignity has been impugned by his questioning the Hollywood version of World War II.

Gordon Watson

New Brunswick Village Wants to Restrict Meetings on Action4Canada

[The following report is from the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, one of Canada’s most militant anti-free speech groups. Apparently, the village council of the obscure village of New Maryland, NB was shocked it had rented space to the Christian pro-freedom Action 4 Canada for a meeting of its leader Tanya Gaw. The town now wants to ban meetings of groups ” One east coast village is looking at changing its policies to forbid events held by organizations that target marginalized groups after an anti-2SLGBTQ organization held a talk at a local community centre this week.” Let’s be quite clear, the town’s space is taxpayers’ property. It belongs to everyone. Any censorship of views in abhorrent. Note the mantra “marginalized groups.” The LGBTQ crowd are scarcely marginalized. They received buckets of money from various levels or government, privileged status in “anti-hate laws and fawning publicity from the mass media, especially the rabidly anti-Christian, taxpayer funded CBC. Advertizing yourself as “marginalized” is a way to insist on freedom from criticism. The Jewish lobby are masters at this so that under Trudeau’s law, snuck through Parliament as a budget item, disbelief in the holocaust story is now a criminal offence. — Paul Fromm]

Village Council Reviewing Rental Policies After Speech By Founder Of One Of Canada’s Largest Anti-2SLGBTQ Groups

The village will be “reviewing our facility rental policy” after Tanya Gaw of Action4Canada spoke at a municipal venue. Posted on August 1, 2023

Peter Smith
Canadian Anti-Hate Network

Source: Twitter

One east coast village is looking at changing its policies to forbid events held by organizations that target marginalized groups after an anti-2SLGBTQ organization held a talk at a local community centre this week. 

On Monday, Action4Canada (A4C) founder Tanya Gaw was a guest speaker during an event in the Village of New Maryland, NB, about 10 km outside of downtown Fredericton. 

A broad Christian nationalist organization with chapters across the country, A4C lends its voice to a variety of social issues. Regularly pushing Islamophobic, conspiratorial, and anti-2SLGBTQ+ theories about the problems plaguing Canada and Western nations, the group is well-resourced and extremely active since its founding in 2019. 

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network has previously reported on the history and advocacy of A4C, the most recent of which has been campaigning against family-friendly events featuring drag performers. Many drag events intended for adults take place in age-restricted venues and do feature sexualized performances and themes. Family-friendly drag events feature performers in colourful costumes and high-energy performances that are suitable for children.

The organization makes regular claims about a network of child groomers, using 2SLGBTQ issues – all 2SLGBTQ issues – as a means of subverting the county’s Christian values. A4C also publishes a wide range of bizarre takes relating to subjects from 5G cellular phone technology, cannabis legalization, “political Islam,” and more. 

“Unbeknownst to us,” the village council wrote in a statement released on social media, “event organizers have invited a guest speaker that has previously openly and publicly expressed points of view that are not consistent with what our Council nor what we believe our community would support.”

According to the statement, these views include that the struggle for 2SLGBTQ rights has been hijacked by radical activists who are attacking the core freedoms and rights of all Canadians, that there is a “harmful Marxist agenda” to destroy Canada’s foundational Judeo-Christian principles, and that “political Islam” is a threat to the “sovereignty and security” of the country.

“Our staff and Council will be reviewing our facility rental policy to ensure these types of activities are avoided in the future,” the statement adds. 

In a statement of her own, Mayor Judy Wilson-Shee apologized for the upset the rental had caused in New Maryland, adding she understands the impact it had on many residents. 

“We had rented the space in good faith and later, and closer to the time of the event, learned the event was not what was presented,” she said in the statement. “Moving forward in a positive manner, Council will be meeting with senior staff and seeking legal advice so as to be better prepared to respond to similar situations arising in the future.”

The group distinguished itself during the pandemic by providing printable Notices of Liability, which it encouraged members to deliver to public officials and law enforcement. A4C claimed the notices provided a type of legal protection against health mandates and opened up future avenues of legal recourse against a variety of levels of government.

In February 2023, A4C was banned from speaking during school board meetings in Mission, BC, after board Chair Shelley Carter told City News that Gaw used the meeting to spread hate propaganda.

Lawyer John Rosen Convinces Political Prisoner Bill Whatcott to Appeal to Supreme Court of Canada

Lawyer John Rosen Convinces Political Prisoner Bill Whatcott to Appeal to Supreme Court of Canada

The old Supreme Court of Hungary located dowtown Budapest, close to the Danube River

Dear Friends,

After a discussion with my lawyer John Rosen, I have reluctantly decided to return to Canada to appeal my latest Ontario Court of Appeal decision to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Prime Minister Blackface (Left) and Justice Lorne Sossin he/him (Right) believe in gender ideology and despise freedom of speech.

To see Lorne Sossin’s he/his corrupt decision that will likely get him an appointment to the Supreme Court of Canada by Prime Minister Blackface himself go here: Advertisement

I was adament that appealing to the Supreme Court of Canada was a waste of time and that appealing to the Hungarian government for asylum as a persecuted Christian made sense, given my personal circumstances. (Prosecutor wants 18 months incarceration for a flyer that doesn’t likely violate any law in Hungary and definitely didn’t violate any law in Canada a few years ago.)

To see the flyer Justice Sossin he/him and his two fellow Trudeau appointees think might be hate speech of a sort that harms vulnerable homosexuals marching in the Toronto shame parade with silhouettes of Christ on their crotches by causing “emotional distress,” or that might have caused some Joe Sixpack to have feelings of “detestation, and villification” towards the pink speedo brigade after reading it go here:

Anyways, Mr. Rosen and his assistant lawyer, a young lady by the name of Mindy I think, countered that they can see “significant errors” in the judgment and that I really should appeal it. Looking at the flyer from the the point of view of common sense, according to how I see the world, I agree there are “significant errors” in the ruling. I actually see how a homosexual activist like Nick Mule’ could prejudice a judge or jury to find me guilty of so-called “hate speech,” but I don’t see how Mr. Mule’ can help a judge or jury come to an honest decision regarding my flyer’s legality.

Mr. Mule when under cross examination demonstrated that he could pick apart my sentences and photographs, deny what they actually communicate, and read all kinds of nasty motives into my literary work. The problem with this is Nick Mule’ is not me, and he cannot get into my head to read my motives. His idea that my flyer contains “tropes” to spread “hatred” is not true.

Even under intense scrutiny from the LGBT activist infectious disease specialist Mona Loutfy who discredited herself by being less than honest under cross examination, and who tried to mislead the court in her personal crusade to have me convicted of a “hate crime; it was found most of my flyer was substantially true (prevalence of hepatitis amongst homosexuals, prevalence of HPV of the rectum, etc….) and the parts that came up less than 100% accurate were only dated, (more homosexuals died of AIDS at an earlier age when I was a nurse than today thanks to modern anti-retrovirals that were not available when I was practicing); no evidence came out that I was lying (unlike the Crown’s infectious disease specialist).

Sadly, Mr. Mule’ and it seems the Ontario Appeal Court that ruled we need to hear from him, has no interest in the truth of my flyer. The truth won’t likely matter so much as the impugned motivations of alleged hatred and ill will that I am alleged to have, this will be discussed as the driver of my flyer. Advertisements Report this ad

To see the flyer that is heading to the Supreme Court of Canada go here:

However, Mr Rosen and Mindy weren’t looking at the appeal from the angle of Bill Whatcott’s common sense. They see significant legal and technical errors in the Ontario Court of Appeal judgment and they believe there is a good chance the Supreme Court will feel compelled to address these errors.

My initial thoughts, while listening to Mr. Rosen was, I didn’t actually care if there are appealable errors. The Supreme Court is very expensive and 100% of pro-family lawyers thought I was winning the 2013 Whatcott decision and they were wrong. Being out of Canada has it’s down moments. I don’t know Hungarian and I don’t quite know what to do here. If I elected to stay in Hungary and ask for asylum, there is no guarantee the Hungarian government will accept my claim and for months I would be compelled to reside in a somewhat spartan, semi secure, refugee centre. But the streets of Hungary are clean, you see no drug addicts, garbage, needles, etc… littering the capital city’s streets.

The streets of Hungary are safe everywhere, people seem more honest, and crime is much lower than in Canada. No Hungarian kids and almost no adults are identifying as homosexual, gender confused, bisexual or furry. Cancel culture doesn’t appear to be a thing here. You won’t lose your job for saying Bruce Jenner is a man. People here are normal and the past three weeks has convinced me the Canadian government, academia, justice system and media are actually really spiritually sick and corrupt.

Our media and government has a religious devotion to so-called harm reduction, critical race theory, gender ideology, climate alarmism, etc…. Our broken justice system likes to pontificate a false and harmful narrative that non-white criminals are chronic victims of systemic racism and therefore somehow merit ridiculously light sentences that fail victims and law abiding taxpayers. The false “harm reduction” narrative is an absolute disaster for Canadians. Overdoses have never been been more common, whole cities are being turned to garbage as junkies and discarded needles litter the streets, emergency wards are swamped with opiate and meth overdoses and normal patients suffer. Hungary and Singapore are testimonies that safe, clean streets, and normal people is possible. I have not seen a single drug addict shooting up on a sidewalk or dude in a dress demanding that I should call him a woman in either Budapest or Szeged.

Anyways, I thought God wanted me in Hungary and I prayed for His guidance in regards to this matter and when the negative decision came down from the Ontario Court of Appeal, I really thought God arranged for me to be in Hungary and that I am meant to live out the rest of my life here. But now I am confronted with new information. So, I prayed again, maybe God does want me to fight another round in our courts, though I have no confidence in their neutrality or sense of fairness when it comes to socially conservative Christians. Advertisements Report this ad

I talked to one of my long time friends and supporters in Vancouver. She appreciates John Rosen’s work on my case and offered to donate some money to the Supreme Court appeal, if I decided to come back and appeal the Ontario Court of Appeal decision. Mr. Rosen agreed to launch the appeal for $10,000 with an understanding there is no guarantee I can raise anything close to what an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada costs in the future. There really is no church, lobby group, legal group, etc… backing my court battle.

Most “respectable” Conservatives prefer to fight safer battles, such as gun control, Blackface’s insane spending habits, vaccine mandates, etc….. Those fights are all worthwhile, but Romans 1 and Leviticus 20 is clear God is opposed to homosexual perversion. It really is not about two consenting adults in the privacy of their bedroom. The harm this sexual agenda has caused to children, our healthcare system, our education system and indeed to our civil liberties; not to mention truth its self, is tangible and severe. This Ontario Court of Appeal decision that I must go on trial again is clear evidence that speaking truthfully and in good faith about the LGBT agenda is fraught with serious and life altering risks. Truth is no longer a solid defense in Canada when it comes to so-called hate crime cases.

I am a controversial and less than perfect Prophet that has been given this calling. It really seems only God and a handful of loyal friends has walked with me through this long seven year trial. It also seems clear God has persevered me this far, but I have no answer how, and it often seems precarious, though He is faithful.

O God, you know my folly;
    the wrongs I have done are not hidden from you. Let not those who hope in you be put to shame through me,
    O Lord God of hosts;
let not those who seek you be brought to dishonor through me,
    O God of Israel.
For it is for your sake that I have borne reproach,
    that dishonor has covered my face.
I have become a stranger to my brothers,
    an alien to my mother’s sons. For zeal for your house has consumed me,
    and the reproaches of those who reproach you have fallen on me.
When I wept and humbled my soul with fasting,
    it became my reproach.
When I made sackcloth my clothing,
    I became a byword to them.
I am the talk of those who sit in the gate,
    and the drunkards make songs about me. But as for me, my prayer is to you, O Lord.
    At an acceptable time, O God,
    in the abundance of your steadfast love answer me in your saving faithfulness.”
Psalm 69:5-13

I will be back in Canada soon and if God so desires and enables it, we will see what happens when this case reaches the Supreme Court of Canada.

In Christ’s Service, Bill Whatcott

“Since we have these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from every defilement of body and spirit, bringing holiness to completion in the fear of God.2 Corinthians 7:1

The NDP is high on censorship: NDP MP calls for hate speech law to combat residential school ‘denialism’

Social Sharing

Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Marc Miller interested in reviewing proposed bill

Olivia Stefanovich · CBC News · Posted: Feb 18, 2023 4:00 AM EST | Last Updated: February 18

A growing memorial outside the former Kamloops Indian Residential School in B.C. following the May 2021 discovery of suspected unmarked graves. (Ben Nelms/CBC)

WARNING: This story contains distressing details.

Some Indigenous academics and activists say they’ve become the targets of a growing backlash against reports of hundreds of unmarked graves at former residential school sites — and they want Parliament to do something about it.

They say they’re being flooded with emails, letters and phone calls from people pushing back against the reports of suspected graves and skewing the history of the government-funded, church-run institutions that worked to assimilate more than 150,000 First Nations, Inuit and Métis children for more than a century. 

They call it “residential school denialism” and describe it as an attempt to downplay, twist and dismiss the facts to undermine public confidence in the Indigenous reconciliation project.

CBC News: The House13:11What is residential school ‘denialism’ and should it be banned?The discovery of possible unmarked graves on the site of several former residential schools shook many Canadians, but some Indigenous academics fear it has also led to a backlash: people misrepresenting facts or dismissing the harms of residential schools. CBC’s Olivia Stefanovich has a special report on what’s being called residential school denialism — and whether anything should be done about it.

NDP MP Leah Gazan, who got the House of Commons last October to unanimously recognize that genocide occurred at residential schools, now wants to take the issue a step further by drafting legislation to outlaw attempts to deny that genocide and make false assertions about residential schools.

“Denying genocide is a form of hate speech,” said Gazan, who represents the riding of Winnipeg Centre. 

“That kind of speech is violent and re-traumatizes those who attended residential school.”

A woman speaks at a news conference.
Leah Gazan, the NDP MP for Winnipeg Centre, wants to craft legislation to outlaw what she calls “residential school denialism.” (Spencer Colby/The Canadian Press)

Gazan’s proposal is causing controversy, even among those who want the facts about residential schools widely known. But the Office of Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Marc Miller said he would be interested in reviewing the proposed legislation.

“Residential school denialism attempts to hide the horrors that took place in these institutions,” Miller’s office told CBC News.

“It seeks to deny survivors and their families the truth, and distorts Canadians’ understanding of our shared history.”

‘People are responding … with fear’

More than 130 residential schools operated across the country from roughly 1883 until 1997. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission found the federal government created them for the purpose of separating Indigenous children from their families and indoctrinating them into the culture of the dominant Euro-Christian Canadian society. The goal, said the commission, was to weaken Indigenous family ties and cultural linkages.

The commission said that many children at the schools were subjected to physical and sexual abuse. It described conditions at the schools as “institutionalized child neglect.”

Michelle Good, author of the upcoming book Truth Telling: Seven Conversations about Indigenous Life in Canada, said she believes denialism is rooted in Canada’s shifting power dynamics.

“Indigenous people are experiencing a very important renaissance, a resurgence,” Good said.

“As we are returning to our strength as nations, as peoples, people are responding, I think, with fear.”

Michelle Good is the author of the 2020 Governor General’s Literary Award-winning novel Five Little Indians, which is about the residential school experience. (Silk Sellinger Photography)

Good, who also wrote the 2020 Governor General’s Literary Award-winning novel Five Little Indians, said declaring denialism hate speech would send a powerful message that the era of oppression and racism is over.

“My mother watched her friend Lily haemorrhage to death from tuberculosis at the Onion Lake Residential School,” said Good, a member of Red Pheasant Cree Nation, 153 km northwest of Saskatoon.

“To have people respond to our lived experience as though it never happened is devastating, and our country should be beyond that at this point.”

Busting myths

Crystal Gail Fraser, a Gwichyà Gwich’in assistant professor of history and Native Studies at the University of Alberta, said she would welcome the opportunity to engage in fair dialogue with denialists.

She said she receives messages every week from people arguing that residential schools were established with good intentions, or that Indigenous communities are concocting claims about unmarked graves. Some of these messages, she said, come from missionaries working overseas.

“For people who do this as a part of their jobs, their professional lives, that is very disturbing,” Fraser said.

“How is it that we can better educate everyday Canadians so we don’t have to be at the point where we’re directing efforts to bust more myths about Indigenous peoples in Canada, and we can really redirect and return our attention to the truth and reconciliation part?”

Métis archeologist Kisha Supernant taking readings using ground-penetrating radar. (Submitted by Kisha Supernant)

Kisha Supernant, director of the Institute of Prairie and Indigenous Archaeology at the University of Alberta, said she received an email challenging her own family history after she identified 169 potential graves through ground-penetrating radar in March 2022 at the former Grouard Indian Residential School in northern Alberta.

Supernant, who is Métis, also shared messages with CBC from people threatening to dig up suspected burial sites. 

“I’m already dealing with the emotional toil of spending my time walking over potential graves of children who went missing, and then for that to be called into question makes the work a lot more challenging,” she said.

Supernant said expanding hate speech law to cover residential school denialism is an idea that should be explored but she doesn’t think it will silence the “denialists.”

“If nations decide to exhume, which some may, and they do find the bodies of children, they will still not be enough for denialists,” she said.

“They’ll still find ways to excuse it. Because it’s not actually about the facts.”

‘This is totalitarianism’ 

Some academics have experienced consequences over their stances and statements on residential schools.

Frances Widdowson was fired last year as a professor at Mount Royal University in Calgary, in part for her criticism of what she called “dominant residential school narratives.” 

A speech she planned to give at the University of Lethbridge last month was also cancelled after students protested. 

She said using hate speech laws to criminalize some opinions and views on residential schools would cross a dangerous line.

“This is totalitarianism,” Widdowson said.

The announcement of 200 possible unmarked graves in Kamloops, B.C. sent shockwaves around the world. (Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press)

Unlike the House of Commons, Widdowson doesn’t believe the institutions were genocidal. She gained notoriety for saying the institutions gave Indigenous children an education that “normally they wouldn’t have received.”

But Widdowson said she’s not a “denialist.”

She said she acknowledges residential schools caused harm and children died, but takes issue with the reports of possible unmarked graves at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School site in B.C., which she said caused “hysteria.”

“The only way that you are going to determine whether in fact there are burials there is to do excavations on that site,” Widdowson said.

“I’m completely, you know, open to the fact that I could be misguided and wrong. But the answer to that is not to make what I’m saying illegal, which is ridiculous.”

Countering ‘denialism’ with education

Richard Moon, a law professor at the University of Windsor who specializes in freedom of expression, said any law targeting residential school denialism would invite a Charter of Rights challenge.

“We want to be very careful about regulating claims about historical events — even if we think those claims are misguided, ignorant or hurtful,” he said.

“The Supreme Court has said only a very narrow category of extreme speech is caught by hate speech laws, and that’s all they should catch in order to reconcile the regulation of hate speech with our commitment to freedom of expression under the charter.”

Eldon Yellowhorn, professor and Indigenous Studies department chair at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C., said he knows that many sceptics are demanding that suspected unmarked graves be dug up for proof.

He said that’s controversial because it crosses many taboos about the treatment of the dead in Indigenous cultures.

“People like myself are working hard on finding a resolution to this and to making the evidence stronger so that we can be more confident in the statements that we make,” said Yellowhorn, who is from the Piikani Nation, 200 km south of Calgary.

“You can’t legislate stupidity away.”

A man in a suit poses outside for a photo.
Sean Carleton, an assistant professor of history and Indigenous studies at the University of Manitoba, wants governments to educate the public about how to confront mistruths about residential schools. (Submitted by Sean Carleton)

Sean Carleton, an assistant professor in the departments of history and Indigenous studies at the University of Manitoba, said he doesn’t think hate speech legislation would be the best approach either. 

“It takes the responsibility out of Canadians’ hands to challenge the people in their lives,” Carleton said.

“It risks … giving denialists more of a platform to say, you know, look at the heavy-handed approach of the government. What do they not want us, Canadians, to really understand?”

Carleton said his preference is for governments, churches, schools and community associations to counter lies and misinformation about residential schools with education.

“We need to get to that point where denialism is seen as people who deny gravity or say the earth is flat,” he said. 

Jewish Groups Furious That Lawyer for A Man Charged With “Hate” Allowed to Question the Holocaust In Court

[For more than 30 years, Jewish groups lobbied and arm-twisted to induce Canada under Pierre Elliott Trudeau to introduce a speech control law to shield them (and some other privileged minority groups) from sharp criticism. This is Canada’s notorious “hate law”Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code. A Quebec man Gabriel Sohier Chaput is the latest victim of minority thought control. Yet, his lawyer Helene Poussard argued for his acquittal on the grounds that he Crown had failed to prove a link between Nazi ideology and the deaths of many Jews in WWII. Jewish groups are apoplectic that any shred of doubt can be shone on the Globalist elite’s new religion of holocaust. — Paul Fromm]

The hate-speech trial of Gabriel Sohier Chaput concluded in Montreal with his lawyer raising doubts about Nazism and the Holocaust

November 28, 2022

By Janice Arnold

Gabriel Sohier Chaput (Credit: B’nai Brith Canada)

The lawyer defending an alleged promoter of hatred against Jews told the judge hearing his case that the fact that the Holocaust was the consequence of Nazism cannot be entered as evidence without proof.

Hélène Poussard argued that her client, Gabriel Sohier Chaput, who faces one count of wilful incitement of hatred against an identifiable group, cannot be found guilty because the prosecution did not provide sufficient proof of a direct link between Nazi ideology and the eventual murder of millions of Jews.

At the final day of Chaput’s trial on Nov. 25, Poussard said the very definition of Nazism remains vague and the use of the term today may be different from what it was in the 1930s and ‘40s.

The extermination of Jews was not part of the Nazi regime’s original plans she asserted but was adopted for “economic” reasons later on.

She further argued that not all Nazi party members were in favour of the extermination of the Jewish people and, conversely, many German soldiers who were not Nazis killed hundreds of thousands of Jews because they were ordered to do so.

She noted that the Nazi regime considered other ethnic groups as inferior to Germans, implying that Jews were not unique.

Poussard raised doubts about the exact number of Jews annihilated, citing a historian named Jack R. Fischer who she said estimated it at from 4.2 million to 7 million.

She was countering the final argument of Crown prosecutor Patrick Lafrenière who maintained that Quebec Court judge Manlio Del Negro should take the genocide of 6 million Jews by the Nazis as a matter of judicial notice, that is, a fact so well established that it is unnecessary to prove it before a court.

Lafrenière suggested the judge could readily verify that from such reliable sources as the Encyclopedia Britannica.

The arguments by both parties at this final single day continued in a similar vein as they had when the trial broke off in July, after having opened in March, years after Chaput was charged.

The case against the 36-year-old Montreal man is based on a single article he posted on The Daily Stormer, a far-right U.S.-based online publication, in January 2017 headed “Nazis Trigger Jews by Putting Up Posters on Ch—k Church,” using a derogatory term for Asians and referring to an incident in British Columbia.

The piece called for “a year of action” in which “no SJW (social justice warrior) or Jew can remain safely untriggered.” Chaput urged “non-stop Nazism everywhere until the streets are flooded with the tears of our enemies.”

It was accompanied by a drawing of a guard about to activate a gas chamber and other Nazi imagery.

Chaput, who testified he contributed between 800 and 1,000 articles to The Daily Stormer under the pseudonym Zeiger, said that the article in question was satire meant to mock the political correctness of the left.

While acknowledging the article was in “bad taste” and that The Daily Stormer is “scornful and vexatious” in its representation of minorities and women, his lawyer contended Chaput was within the freedom of expression guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the article would not lead “any reasonable person” to hate Jews.

Lafrenière countered that there can be no doubt Chaput’s words could be interpreted as hateful and even violent, specifically against Jews, and that The Daily Stormer is “clearly hate propaganda.”

In any event, a satirical intention does not absolve one from a hate speech conviction, he said.

In July, Justice Del Negro halted Poussard after she “went too far” in some of her suggestions on why the Holocaust took place, while reproaching Lafrenière for not bringing in an expert witness to back up his assertion that Nazism led directly to the persecution and murder of Jews.

This time, when Justice Del Negro questioned Poussard on whether she was contesting the extent of the Holocaust, she denied doing so.

Justice Del Negro said he would deliver his verdict on Jan. 23. If convicted, Chaput faces a maximum sentence of two years in prison.

The turn this trial has taken to becoming a debate over the link between Nazism and the Holocaust has alarmed the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) and B’nai Brith Canada, which in 2018 filed the complaint against Chaput which led to his eventual arrest.

Earlier that year, the Montreal Gazette ran a series of investigative articles, largely based on information from local anti-fascist groups, that identified Chaput as Zeiger and that he was influential in the neo-Nazi movement.

At the trial’s conclusion, Emmanuelle Amar, CIJA’s Quebec director of policy and research, said Canadian jurisprudence recognizes the Holocaust as a historical and uncontestable fact. Moreover, since June it has been a criminal offence to deny or minimize the Holocaust.

“The Holocaust is the most minutely documented genocide in the world. It is documented by its perpetrators, by their victims, by bystanders.”

CIJA said this trial points to the need for mandatory education on the Holocaust and antisemitism in Quebec schools.

Just ahead of the trial’s final day, CIJA’s Quebec vice-president Eta Yudin issued a statement: “The Nazi regime’s genocidal intent was clear, and courts have long accepted the lived experiences of millions of our people as proof of this historical fact… Poussard should be careful not to go down the same path as her client.

“Poussard should have known she was out of bounds when she presented her denialist  line of argument… We hope the trial can resume after this frivolous interlude so that her client, Sohier Chaput, can be judged for the hate he spewed online and the impact it has had on Jewish people in Quebec, Canada, and around the world.”

B’nai Brith has called on federal Justice Minister David Lametti and his provincial counterparts to ensure Canadian judges have a thorough understanding of the Holocaust.

“Every Canadian should be appalled,” said Sam Goldstein, B’nai Brith’s director of legal services, referring to Justice Del Negro’s handling of the hearing in July. “We don’t expect Holocaust denial and distortion from our courts. The prosecutor does not need to establish that the Holocaust happened. No expert witness is needed. The Jewish community is outraged.”



On February 3, former political prisoner and editor of the satirical tabloid YOUR WARD NEWS Dr. James Sears was arrested at gunpoint in the parking lot having just seen his parole officer for his regular visit. He is charged with “breach of probation”, but has not yet (as of February 12) received the particulars or the paperwork. He will have a hearing by telephone on February 17.

As part of our mission to support freedom of speech and the victims of tyrannical censorship laws, the Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE)  held a protest outside the Toronto South Detention Centre located at 160 Horner Ave, Toronto, ON M8Z 0C2,  Sunday afternoon, February 13. Whew, it was cold.

The website of the poisonous taxpayer-funded Canadian Anti-Hate Network suggests that the issue may be comments he made in jest about Teresa Tam in his talk after CAFE gave him the George Orwell Free Speech award soon after he got out of jail. We have a strong suspicion we know which liberty-hating individual in Ottawa made the complaint.
Those of us who cherish freedom owe it to our values  to demonstrate and support Dr. Sears. These protests matter. Guards told him last fall that they knew for a fact that CAFE’s protests — six in all last year — were a factor in his being granted early parole.

* Amnesty International defines a  “prisoner of conscience” or political prisoner as  a person punished solely for the non-violent expression of their political, religious or cultural views. Both Dr. James Sears and Leroy St. Germaine are political prisoners — jailed because they criticized politically powerful minority groups. Free speech activist Raychyl Whyte has been lobbying Amnesty to adopt Dr. Sears as a “prisoner of conscience”

* A lasting disgrace is that only one mainstream media writer has  criticized this attack on freedom of the press, which they regularly condemn if it occurs in Hong Kong or the Philippines.

JAMES SEARS PROTEST February 13 2022 1.JPG


Dr. James Sears, Political Prisoner,
Toronto South Detention Center,
160 Horner Ave,
Toronto, ON
M8Z 0C2
_______________________CAFE (The Canadian Association for Free Expression)P.O. Box 332,Rexdale, ON.,M9W 5L3

Bill Whatcott “Hate Law” Verdict for Criticizing the LGBTQ Agenda to be Delivered December 10

Dear Friends,

An important prayer request and a reminder. The verdict for my so-called “hate crime” trial will be rendered at the Ontario Superior Court in Toronto, ON on Friday, December 10th at 11:00 am, Eastern Standard Time, which is 8:00 am Pacific Standard Time.

Pray that Justice Goldtein renders a just verdict based on the evidence and that his judgment is free of political interference and personal self interest considerations.

Those who wish to attend in person can do so at 361 University Ave, Toronto. Those who wish to hear the verdict on Zoom will be able to do so. Mass Resistance California’s Director Arthur Schaper can provide Zoom links to those who wish to hear the verdict online. Please try to send your request for a link to Arthur 24 hours in advance.

Arthur Schaper’s e-mail is:

In Christ’s Service,
Bill Whatcott

Political Prisoner Dr. James Sears Released from Prison on Parole

Political Prisoner Dr. James Sears Released from Prison on Parole

TORONTO, October 1, 2021. The six protests organized by the Canadian Association for Free Expression outside the South Toronto Detention Centre played a definite role in political prisoner Dr. James Sears’ release on early parole this morning. “Believe me, those protests helped you get early parole,” a guard had told Dr. Sears.

Dr. Sears emerged bearded and very thin, but cheerful,  after serving four months of a 12 months sentence (the maximum) for writing satire of Jews and radical feminists, contrary to Canada’s notorious “hate law” (Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code).

He told supporters who hugged him and gave him a bouquet of flowers that he had gotten on well with fellow prisoners and most of the guards. The prison food was, he said, “garbage better than hospital food, but not as good as army food.”
“Freedom of speech is dying in Canada and will die because too many people just don’t care. People may have to leave this country for freedom.”
A new generation of free speech activists will have to join the fight, he explained.
“People should not be afraid of prison,” he told his supporters. I’m 58 years old and survived,” he said. In prison, he wrote 300 pages of several books, including a fictitious  prison romance, based on reality, he grinned, between a political prisoner and a female guard.

Several bad things happened to him in prison. “I was kept for 27 days in isolation. That was illegal. The maximum is 15.” Even worse, prison authorities never gave him the legal papers he needed to argue his appeal. They ended up in his property bag.

He said, as part of his probation, a propaganda course on anti-social behaviour. He looks forward to this as he hopes to convert the teachers.
“I was a first time offender,” he said, “but I was sentenced to a year in prison — the maximum! One of my  cellmates, who wished me the best of luck as I left, had been sentenced to  nine and a half weeks. He’d stabbed a man, stolen a truck and had been found with a quantity of fentanyl.” Just as in the old Soviet Union, common criminals are seen by the state as a sympathetic class. On the other hand, political dissidents receive the harshest treatment of the law. “Hate speech,” he said, “is considered the worst of the worst.”

It was a warm sunny Autumn morning: “I have been released from one prison into a COVID prison,” he said to applause from the free speech supporters.

He promised that he’d be writing about  “the toxic culture” among the prison guards.
Video, courtesy of Leslie Bory.