CAFE protested outside the Maplehurst Detention Centre for political prisoner Leslie Bory who has been inside for 381 days, without bail, for allegedly posting threats against privileged groups on a podcast. His trial may not occur until next January. He will have been in two years  Meanwhile violent criminals, mostly black, get bail. It’s political discrimination.

Canada’s Highly Politicized “Justice” System Keeps Political Dissidents in Prison & Grants Threats-Making Thugs Bail

Canada’s Highly Politicized “Justice” System Keeps Political Dissidents in Prison & Grants Threats-Making Thugs Bail

It’s a tale of two sets of threats. On February 12, in an on-line broadcast, Les Bory, a self-described politician who has run numerous times in his home town of Brantford, did another of his hard hitting outspoken commentaries. Police alleged that he made general threats against several groups, including Canada’s most privileged minority of all — Jews. Two days later, he was arrested leaving work at gunpoint. At the same time, his home was being raided by rifle-toting cops, the street had been cordoned off, and his wife was handcuffed, although not arrested.He has been in jail ever since. Numerous efforts by his lawyer Ian McCuaig to attain bail for Mr. Bory have been obstructed by the Crown. Les Bory is White, he’s a nationalist, and he’s a populist.Now, nearly four months later, Mr. Bory languishes in prison in Maplehurst Detention Centre in Milton.

Junior Francois Lavagesse is Black. On June 1, he allegedly made threats against Toronto mayoralty candidates In fright several candidates’ debates were shut down. Lavagesse was arrested soon after and charged with uttering threats, while apparently holding a firearm. A mere five days later, he was released on bail. Our legal system bends over backwards for Blacks because in their woke delusions Blacks are over-represented in prison and that must be proof of discrimination. Also, whatever Mr, Lavagesse’s politics are, they were not populist and, therefore, in woke Canada worthy of special persecution.

Suspect who threatened Toronto mayoral candidates released on bail: police

Aisling Murphy, Web Content Writer
Published Wednesday, June 7, 2023 1:15PM EDT
Last Updated Wednesday, June 7, 2023 1:39PM EDT

A 29-year-old man who was arrested last week after allegedly threatening Toronto mayoral candidates has been released on bail, police confirm.

It is not immediately clear what conditions, if any, have been ordered by the court.

Junior Francois Lavagesse, of Toronto, was arrested and charged on June 1 after police say that he made multiple threats against Toronto’s mayoral candidates.


Junior Francois Lavagesse, 29

Junior Francois Lavagesse, 29, is wanted by police for allegedly making threatening remarks. (Toronto Police Service)

Police allege that Lavagesse walked into a location near Mortimer and Greenwood avenues in East York on the morning June 1, where he brandished what appeared to be a firearm and made threatening remarks about mayoral candidates.

His arrest came hours after police notified candidates about the threat, prompting a number of them to cancel campaign events over safety concerns. A debate was also scrapped that night after some candidates pulled out.

Police said Lavagesse’s arrest was made “without incident” on the evening of June 1.

However, given the nature of the accusations against Lavagesse, some candidates are expressing concerns about his release.

Candidate Brad Bradford said in a video on Twitter that this situation is “emblematic of a story that happens time and time again across the city.”

“Violent offenders are out on bail in our communities, and there are very few checks and balances to keep folks safe,” Bradford continued.

Former police chief Mark Saunders also questioned the decision to release Lavagesse on bail, saying the matter reflects the bail reform issues he’s discussed during his campaign.

“It’s a problem with our justice system,” he said.

Mitzie Hunter, meanwhile, said she personally feels safe, and that her campaign has reviewed its safety protocols while she continues to canvas across Toronto.

“I have every confidence in the Toronto Police Service and they wouldn’t have released him with there being a risk to public safety, and we have faith and total confidence in the court system,” she said in a statement.

Frontrunner Olivia Chow and former deputy mayor Ana Bailao have not yet commented on the situation.

With files from Joshua Freeman