Arthur Topham, R.I.P. by Political Prisoner Monika Schaefer

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Arthur Topham – Rest in Peace

  • 26 March 2024
  • by Monika Schaefer

Arthur Topham

25 February 1947 – 23 March 2024

Sadly, we have lost a great thinker, writer, teacher, courageous truth-teller, and brave warrior who always fought for what is right. Arthur Topham passed on after an illness with cancer on the 23rd of March, 2024 in Quesnel, BC. He was 77 years old.

Many people will remember Arthur through his brilliant writing and creation of memes and articles in the Radical Press. This began in 1998 as a print publication called The Radical with a subtitle “Digging to the root of the issues”, and a few years later he switched from print to solely online production. The subtitle was a direct reference to the etymology of the word “radical” – the root. Digging to the root of the issues was what Arthur Topham did brilliantly. He had long been an activist who wrote frequent letters to political figures and to editors of newspapers, and over the years, as he dug down deep to learn about true history, his writings became ever more dangerous to the “establishment”. There were complaints from Jews about the contents of his Radical Press website, and a dozen or more years of legal harassment, persecution and conviction followed.

I (Monika Schaefer) was first introduced to Arthur Topham in about 2013, and I became an avid reader of his Radical Press on-line publication. In subsequent years Arthur published several articles in which he featured contents from me. Later when I was thrown in jail, Arthur worked tirelessly to publicize my case. He created memes and posters, he informed the public about whom they could write letters to on my behalf, and he himself wrote excellent letters pushing for my release. He was so effective in fighting for me, in fact, that at some point he was accused of breeching his own sentencing conditions which resulted in more years of legal harassment for him.

This was how Arthur finished one of his emails to me a number of years back, before my incarceration. I include it here as a message of inspiration to all of us.

“Be strong my friend and keep on loving, living, making music and speaking the truth! And may God protect you always. (My theme has always been Psalm 23 since I began this quest and I find great comfort in it. The table is just about prepared!)

Mehr Licht!”

[More Light!]


George Orwell Free Speech Award, 2023

                In 2021, the Canadian Association to Free Expression (CAFÉ) revived the George Orwell Free Speech Award, started in the 1980s by the late Doug Christie, the “Battling Barrister.” The last one was awarded in 2013, the year one of Canada’s most outstanding defenders of free speech died. In 2021, with the permission of Doug Christie’s widow, we revived the award. Because of the generosity of a special donor, the award is accompanied by a $1,000 prize. It is awarded alternately in Eastern and Western Canada. In 2021, the winner was political prisoner and editor of Your Ward News, Dr. James Sears. The award was presented in Toronto. In 2022, the award winners were brother and sister political prisoners Alfred and Monika Schaefer. The award was presented in Vancouver. This year, the award was presented on October 12 in Toronto to Jurgen Neumann.

                The award read: The Canadian Association for Free Expression Presents The George Orwell Free Speech Award for 2023 For Outstanding Courage In Challenging Censorship and Defending Freedom  In Pursuit of the Truth And for Outstanding Talent as a Freedom Communicator & Videographer who has collected and preserved so many vital historical speeches, events, and discoveries online for future generations to Jurgen  Neumann.   Presented in Toronto,  October 12 , 2023 Continuing a Tradition Begun by the late Douglas Hewson Christie, The Battling Barrister & the Canadian Free Speech League.”

                Adding his congratulations was Christian Klein, President of the Association of German Expellees and himself a longtime supporter of the late Mr. Zundel’s struggle for free speech and historical truth.

                We received a number of congratulatory messages. One came from fellow videographers Diane King and Jim Rizoli:On our last trip to Canada about five years ago or so, one of the most important things we had to accomplish was to meet up with Jurgen Newmann to acquire all of the Ernst Zundel and any other Revisionist videos that he had. This was particularly significant since both Ernst and Ingrid had died and the estate was relegated to Ingrid’s son who would have nothing to do with the revisionist community whatsoever. What Jurgen possessed was an immensely valuable archive of information dealing with the truths about The Third Reich and WWII. Jim spent time with Jurgen acquiring these videos, which we have been able to promote and display on BitChute and other formats and will continue to do so as long as we are able. We could not have accomplished this without Jurgen and his dedication to the truth concerning and on behalf of the Germans in WWII and The Third Reich.”

                You can watch this year’s George Orwell presentation here:

CAFE Director Paul Fromm Presents 2023 Winner Jurgen Neumann With the George Orwell Free Speech Award
Christian Klein, Committee of German Expellees, Salutes Jurgen Neumann


Free Speech Monika

~ Exercising My Human Right to Speak Freely!

Monika Schaefer

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Monika Schaefer Visited by the B.C. Political Police – the “Hate Squad”

  • 8 September 2023
  • by Monika Schaefer

The following is the message that I sent out via email late in the evening of the 1st of September, 2023 (for those who have already read this message, please scroll down for my follow-up email to the RCMP “hate squad”).



Today I received a visit from the BC Hate Crimes unit [Major Crimes Section] of the RCMP. Two officers drove all the way to my home near McBride BC from the lower mainland, Vancouver area, to come and talk to me. They have received a “complaint”, anonymous of course, about me. The complaint is about the contents of the Truth and Justice for Germans website, that it incites HATE. These two men spent two days travelling (one day here, one day back) to follow up on this complaint. Imagine that. Do you think they might spend their time and money more wisely? Like maybe go after pedophiles or something?

We spent 2-and-a-half hours talking, just outside my door. I think they received quite an education from me. I hope I gave them food for thought, like that perhaps they should seek a career change. An acquaintance happened by at one point, and this was really good, as he contributed very nicely to our conversation, raising some excellent points, for example invoking George Orwell. This acquaintance was unable to stay long, but I was glad for having him witness at least part of the interaction.

One of their purposes was to inform me about the new law in Canada about “holocaust denial”. Do those blots of toner on paper mean that suddenly I will think and say the holocaust did happen after all? Very funny.

I won’t go into detail with this short message to you all, but felt I needed to get the word out that this has happened.

sincerely,  Monika Schaefer


Two days later I followed up with the Hate Crimes unit and sent them an email.

Hello Elvis Musinovic and Greg Keall,

I hope you had a good drive back to the lower mainland, with lots of time to reflect on our 2 & ½ hour conversation on Friday, September 1st. I would like to follow up on a couple of points, related to your statement that this is Canada and these things don’t happen that way here, after I told you about the way “speech crimes” are handled in Germany, and also after I mentioned the new Florida law criminalizing pamphleteering.

To the first instance of “this is Canada…”, you’ll remember that I was telling you about the prohibition of evidence in our trial, and then I told you what the judge said at the end of Ernst Zündel’s trial in Germany in 2007. Just to remind you, the judge said to Herr Zündel, “It does not matter if the holocaust happened or not, the only thing that matters here is that it is against the law to dispute it and you broke the law.”

You assured me that this was Canada implying that wouldn’t happen here. I neglected in that moment to tell you what the Canadian judge said to Ernst Zündel at the end of his 1988 trial in Toronto, so I will tell you that now. The judge’s words had essentially the same meaning as the German judge’s words, only expressed slightly differently. The Canadian judge told the court that truth was no defence! Now I do not know the precise words that he used; it may have been closer to this: “Truth shall be no means of defence in this case.”

This is indeed Canada. And that was decades ago. Things have deteriorated since then, in terms of what we are allowed to say and not allowed to say. Political correctness has run amok.

To the second instance of “this is Canada, that does not happen here”, we were talking about the Florida laws criminalizing pamphleteering. There really is not much difference between the Florida situation and BC’s Hate Crime squad making a trip to see me, dedicating 2 officers for 2 days to this task, for an anonymous complaint about a website. Pamphlets in the one case, a website in the other case. Even just the existence of a “Hate Crime” division is extremely Orwellian.

To underline my point, these sources of information, whether pamphlets in Florida or websites in Canada, these sources of information, i.e. words, are being criminalized without anyone disputing the facts that are presented. The makers and enforcers of those blots of toner on paper, also known as “laws”, talk about “inciting hate”, in other words, emotions. Hurting someone’s feelings.

The purpose of our Truth and Justice for Germans website is to enlighten the reader and to tell the truth about Germany, after Germany has been much maligned for decades by the use of atrocity propaganda, admitted to be lies by the British Chief of ‘Black propaganda’ Sefton Delmer. Here is what Delmer said after the German surrender, in 1945, in conversation with German professor of international law, Dr. Friedrich Grimm:

“Atrocity propaganda is how we won the war. And we’re only really beginning with it now! We will continue this atrocity propaganda, we will escalate it until nobody will accept even a good word from the Germans, until all the sympathy they may still have abroad will have been destroyed and they themselves will be so confused that they will no longer know what they are doing. Once that has been achieved, once they begin to run down their own country and their own people, not reluctantly but with eagerness to please the victors, only then will our victory be complete. It will never be final.

“Re-education needs careful tending, like an English lawn. Even one moment of negligence, and the weeds crop up again – those indestructible weeds of historical truth.”

I would encourage you to read and reread that quote many times, to fully grasp what is being said there. It is a clear admission of lies. “Atrocity propaganda is how we won…. we will continue… we will escalate….” and then that final statement is really quite astonishing in its revelation, “Re-education needs careful tending..” (like with endless Hollywood films, and mandatory holocaust education). “Even one moment of negligence…” (like if we don’t crack down on people who are starting to figure things out), “…and the weeds crop up again – those indestructible weeds of historical truth.

Indeed, the truth is indestructible. No amount of toner on paper will change the facts about what actually happened or did not happen during WW2. You can jail the entire population of Canada over this if you want, and that would still not change the facts about what happened in the past. The truth is the truth is the truth, and ultimately, the truth always wins. I am happy to be on the winning side.

Monika Schaefer
President, Truth and Justice for Germans Society


As of 8-September-2023, I have not received

Monika Schaefer Visisted by the B.C. Political Police — the “Hate Squad”

Today I received a visit from the BC Hate Crime Unit of the RCMP. Two officers drove all the way to my home near McBride BC from the lower mainland, Vancouver area, to come and talk to me. They have received a “complaint”, anonymous of course, about me. The complaint is about the contents of the Truth and Justice for Germans website, (, that it incites HATE. These two men spent two days travelling (one day here, one day back) to follow up on this complaint. Imagine that. Do you think they might spend their time and money more wisely? Like maybe go after pedophiles or something?

We spent 2 and a half hours talking, just outside my door. I think they received quite an education from me. I hope I gave them food for thought, like that perhaps they should seek a career change. An acquaintance happened by at one point, and this was really good, as he contributed very nicely to our conversation, raising some excellent points, for example invoking George Orwell. This acquaintance was unable to stay long, but I was glad for having him witness at least part of the interaction.

One of their purposes was to inform me about the new law in Canada about holocaust denial. Do those blots of toner on paper mean that suddenly I will think and say the holocaust did happen after all? Very funny.
I won’t go into detail with this short message to you all, but felt I needed to get the word out that this has happened. 
SIncerely, Monika

German Political Prisoner & Thought Criminal Alfred Schaefer Raided

Alfred phoned me this morning from his landline to tell me the latest. The thugs in uniform came en masse at 6 am his time today, ding-dong-ding-dong-ding-dong-ding-dong!!! so, his wife opened up and let them in. Good thing too or they would have busted down the door to the whole building (others live in the same building too). Alfred has proof of that because he overheard one of them reporting back to headquarters that they “did not have to resort to force to enter”. So, these uniformed thugs raided his home once again, stole all his electronic equipment, every last bit of it including his cell phone, took Alfred to the police station in Starnberg, did whatever they do there, and released him.

In his usual fighting spirit, Alfred lectured them non-stop, and the last thing he said to the police chief is “I’d rather be DEAD than be doing what you are doing now!”

He says they were “polite”, but of course showed zero response to his talking at them. His wife heard them commenting on their way out the door how neat and tidy and clean their place was. The normal conditions of the past (neat and clean and tidy German homes) are evidently becoming a thing of the past, according to these guys’ experience.

Monika Schaefer

94 Year Old Ursula Haverbeck Ordered Back to Prison – and her Rebuttal to this Order

Free Speech Monika

~ Exercising My Human Right to Speak Freely!

Monika Schaefer

Ursula Haverbeck Ordered Back to Prison – and her Rebuttal to this Order

  • 13 October 2022
  • by Monika Schaefer

Ursula Haverbeck, born on November 8, 1928, has been told she must turn herself in to the prison within two weeks of having received the order, to serve her one-year sentence. This would mean presenting herself at the gate by October 25, 2022. The nearly 94-year-old German woman is guilty of none other than asking inconvenient questions about “the Holocaust” and where those alleged murders took place. After years of asking questions and never receiving answers, she drew “politically incorrect” conclusions.

With the help of an online translator and a few of my own corrections to it, this is my best effort to present an English version of her letter which she submitted to the court authorities. Frau Haverbeck’s original letter in German follows the English version. If bilingual readers find errors in interpretation, please put those in the comments.

It is simply astonishing with what chutzpah the so-called “justice” system in Germany operates, in order to keep the official narrative going. Someone – I wonder who – must be very afraid to let the truth emerge about what really happened in Germany during that chapter in history commonly referred to as World War Two.

For previous articles about Ursula Haverbeck on my website: please see this and this, both articles from December 2020 and this one from November of 2020 just after she was released from her 2&1/2 years in prison.

Here is the letter from Ursula Haverbeck:


District Court Tiergarten
10548 Berlin
Business reference (251b Ds) 231 Js 1640/16 (54/16)
Objection to your communication of 07.09.2022
Notification to the Regional Court of Berlin

October 11, 2022

Dear Sir or Madam,

The judgment of the District Court Tiergarten of December 4, 2020 cannot be final, as the trial took place without charge. As a defendant, I had no idea what the trial was about. I was released from prison 12 days before the trial, had to find my way around my house, where there was water damage, and only at 4 p.m. the day before the 1st day of the trial (November 17, 2020, 10 a.m.) received the message that I had to attend in Berlin. I arrived in Berlin completely tired out and confused. I also do not have the Charges. That is why I could not prepare. On the 2nd day of the trial, the judge told me that I did not have to appear on the 3rd date on December 4, 2020, as only two witnesses were to be heard. On December 4, 2020, however, these witnesses were not heard (although present), but in fact a verdict was announced, without my presence and without the Last Word of the Accused. I still do not know the verdict of this case. Could you be so kind as to send me the indictment and verdict? Thank you!

Thus, the judgment of the Regional Court of April 1, 2022 is also invalid, because it states there and in your communication of September 7, 2022 quite clearly that the first judgment of the District Court Tiergarten of October 16, 2017 in conjunction with the second judgment of December 4, 2020 had been combined to a total penalty. Without the second trial at the Tiergarten District Court, the overall sentence would not have been possible. The sentence of six months would have remained or the appeal would have had to be upheld: i.e. no penalty.

How is it at all possible that a “judge at the district court” (cover page of the judgment of April 1, 2022) makes a judgment in the regional court – in a complicated and publicly known case?
With this multitude of procedural errors, why was my appeal simply rejected without any justification? Even legal laymen can see that something is wrong.

I request the termination of the proceedings and the annulment of the judgment of the Regional Court of April 1, 2022. I would also like to point out that I am no longer in a position to serve a prison sentence due to my health.

Awaiting an early reply and
with kind regards,
~Ursula Haverbeck ******************************** Here is the original letter in German from Ursula Haverbeck to the District Court and to Berlin. ********************************

Amtsgericht Tiergarten
10548 Berlin

Geschäftszeichen (251b Ds) 231 Js 1640/16 (54/16)
Einspruch gegen Ihre Mitteilung vom 07.09.2022

Nachrichtlich an das Landgericht Berlin


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

das Urteil des Amtsgerichts Tiergarten vom 04.12.2020 kann nicht rechtskräftig sein, da der Prozeß ohne Anklage stattfand. Ich hatte als Angeklagte keine Ahnung, worauf sich das Verfahren bezog. Ich bin 12 Tage vor dem Prozeß aus der Haft entlassen worden, mußte mich im meinem Haus zurechtfmden, wo ein Wasserschaden war, und bekam erst am Vortag zum 1. Prozeßtag (17.11.2020, 10 Uhr) um 16 Uhr die Mitteilung, daß ich mich in Berlin einzufinden hätte. Ich kam völlig übernächtigt in Berlin an und war vollständig verwirrt. Ich habe auch keine Anklage. Daher konnte ich mich auch nicht vorbereiten. Am 2. Prozeßtag sagte mir der Richter, daß ich zum 3. Termin am 04.12.2020 nicht erscheinen müsste, da nur noch zwei Zeugen zu vernehmen wären. Am 04.12.2020 wurden aber diese Zeugen nicht vernommen (obgleich anwesend), tatsächlich dann aber ein Urteil verkündet, ohne meine Anwesenheit und ohne das letzte Wort der Angeklagten. Ich kenne das Urteil dieses Verfahrens bis heute nicht. Könnten Sie so freundlich sein, mir Anklage und Urteil zuzusenden? Danke!

Damit ist auch das Urteil des Landgerichts vom 01.04.2022 hinfällig, denn es heißt dort und in Ihrer Mitteilung vom 07.09.2022 ganz eindeutig, daß das erste Urteil des Amtsgerichts Tiergarten vom 16.10.2017 in Verbindung mit dem zweiten Urteil vom 04.12.2020 zu einer Gesamtstrafe verbunden worden sei. Ohne das zweite Verfahren am Amtsgericht Tiergarten wäre die Gesamtstrafenbildung gar nicht möglich gewesen. Es wäre bei der Strafe von sechs Monaten geblieben oder es hätte der Berufung statt gegeben werden müssen: keine Strafe.

Wie ist es überhaupt möglich, daß eine ,,Richterin am Amtsgericht” (11. Deckblatt des Urteils vom 01.04.2022) ein Urteil des Landgerichts fällt – in einem komplizierten und öffentlich bekannten Verfahren?

Bei dieser Vielzahl von Verfahrensfehlem: Warum wurde meine Revision einfach verworfen, ohne jede Begründung? Da können selbst juristische Laien erkennen, daß etwas nicht stimmt.

Ich beantrage die Einstellung des Verfahrens und die Aufhebung des Urteils des Landgerichts vom 01.04.2022. Zudem weise ich daraufhin, daß ich mich heute gesundheitlich nicht mehr in der Lage sehe, eine Haftstrafe anzutreten.

In Erwartung einer baldigen Antwort und

mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Ursula Haverbeck

A Response & Appreciation of the George Orwell Awards to Monika & Alfred Schaefer in Vancouver, July 30 by Timothy Cuish of the Daily Rake

Today I went to the Schaefer-Fromm Convention in Downtown Vancouver

theTDCtheTDCJuly 30, 2022

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I announced my intention to be heading into downtown Vancouver in support of Paul Fromm and Monika Schaefer on this site. I didn’t announce the time and location on this site, because I wasn’t sure if Paul wanted that information known. In our interview he clarified that no, he would very much appreciate the event to be known only to private individuals, because they’ve had problems with antifa types before. Even if they don’t show up, often they call the hotel or other institution hosting the event and tell them that they’re hosting “KKK HuWhyte Supreemacists,” or whatever, and that there will be trouble. Going to the RCMP has, in his experience, been of next to zero utility, so it’s easier to simply have a small, privately known about event.

As a result, I found myself surrounded by about a dozen other people in a small conference room n downtown Vancouver. After a bit of trouble parking, due to an unrelated event happening in the area, and then much more trouble finding the conference room, due to it being in a part of the hotel that appeared to be marked off for the general public, I got myself in there mingling with the crowd.

I’m not sure if I can say who I met there. While no one did anything wrong in coming, just the opposite, I don’t want to violate anyone’s privacy. I will say that I saw Monika Schaefer and Paul Fromm of course, with Alfred Schaefer making a guest appearance from Germany through Skype. He was there the entire conference, listening along, before giving a speech at the very end, just after Monika had finished talking.


Alfred had just gotten out of prison on July 1st, and his speech was optimistic and to the point. He believes, as many of us do, that in Europe the upcoming hard economic times, especially if Russia cuts off oil and gas deliveries, is going to make for a situation very ripe for populist politics. The difficulty is of course logistical and legal, in getting out in front of the public and offering them the solutions.

At some point about an hour in this guy showed up who seemed weirdly familiar to me. Making things a bit odder, he was the only non-White person there. Turns out it’s Frank Raymond, author of the highly regarded fiction work “Sweet Dreams and Terror Cells.” Here you can see him slapping some cuck back into shape.

Imagine if Dinesh D’Souza was actually based, and you’ve got Frank Raymond. He showed up a bit late, but spoke some words to us there in attendance praising Monika and especially Alfred for their perseverance in the face of massive oppression.

I didn’t think it appropriate to take pictures of this event, for obvious reasons, but Paul Fromm started off the event with a very nice speech. As is something of a running theme with my interactions with Paul Fromm, there were some technical issues which delayed the event for about thirty minutes or so, but eventually we got going. While this is not a speech review, I did appreciate that his speech, while serious, wasn’t some sort of Hollywood stereotypical “we here the White Race must be deadly serious at all times in the face of Schlomo, the physical manifestation of the devil,” type stuff. Although to be honest, if someone actually said that verbatim, I’d instantly support them with all my heart.

In particular I liked his comment on 911. Of course we know all about the dancing Israelis, or Lucky Larry Silverstein, but I’d forgotten about the third tower that mysteriously fell. As he put it:

And why’d that third tower fall anyway? Perhaps it was due to emotional attachment to the previous towers. It decided to show solidarity with them and collapsed.

Most of his speech was directly relevant to the lampshadocaust, which he identifies as a state religion. After all, beliefs that have no evidence are religious beliefs, not factual ones. As the TRS guys have shown, you will never get the holocaust lobby to debate you. That’s because the truth is on the the skeptics’ side, and only censorship can keep this ludicrous slander alive.

Fromm’s speech was quite long, and I didn’t want to be on my phone the entire time making notes, but he did mention two lawyers, Doug Christie, the defense for Ernst Zundel, and John Rosen, a lawyer for the CJC and someone I believe was on the other side of that very trial. Rosen also defended Paul Bernardo, a notorious violent rapist who raped and murdered three young girls in the 1980’s. And yet Rosen never had any doors close for him in the legal profession, as opposed to Doug Christie.

Lawyer Doug Christie.

Christie had a clear in with Con Inc, as a hotshot young up and coming lawyer. He was told explicitly that he was on a fast track to the judiciary, and he was approached by the B.C. Conservatives to potentially lead the entire party.

Instead, he defended Ernst Zundel. And he didn’t just defend him, he destroyed the opposition in those trials. While Zundel ultimately lost both cases, before winning both on appeals, Raul Hilberg, the lead “expert,” testifying on behalf of the holocaust lobby, ragequit from doing trials ever again after getting destroyed by Christie up on the stand. 

I can’t find the TRS episode where they go into this trial, although this Strike and Mike might be a good listen. I remember them going into an exchange that was something like this.

Christie is cross-examining Raul Hilberg.

Doug Christie: Do you have literally any physical evidence of these supposed gas chambers?

Raul Hilberg: Gee I’m just pulling a blank here. I mean I don’t know what to say. I’m stumped. I just, gosh, not really sure there is any evidence.

Fromm passed the baton to Monika, who went into her own speech, mostly delving into Alfred’s life, as well as their relationship together. I did appreciate her point about Alfred getting lost at sea in his youth, due to a broken rudder, at which point he was forced to find a way, however hopeless, to save himself. I don’t want to cover too much of Monika’s speech, because I don’t have it recorded, and she retreaded much of the same ground as she did in her interview with yours truly. 

Monika and Alfred together.

Political Prisoner Alfred Schaefer Freed From German Jail

Dominion Day brought good news for supporters of free speech. Alfred Schaefer, born and educated in Canada, but now a German citizen was released after more than three years in prison in Germany for questioning the Hollywood version of World War II — a crime under Germany’s nebulous Sec. 94 of the criminal code which prohibits “racial incitement of the masses.”

His sister Monika formerly of Jasper, Alberta served nine months in a German jail under the same section of the criminal code for a video Sorry, Mom, I Was Wrong About the Holocaust.

A few hours ago, Monika sent out this message: “Friends, my dear brother Alfred is out of prison!!!! Even Alfred did not know until two days ago if he would be let out today July 1st, or Monday July 4th, or if they would pull a hat trick and find some excuse to keep him caged. I just spoke with him, and he is so excited! All the wise and beautiful butterflies are flying, and his wonderful dog is jumping for joy. He can hardly contain himself. Which one, you ask, the dog or Alfred? Both!”

“Canada’s many supporters of free speech rejoice with Alfred and his wife in his regaining his freedom today,” said Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression. Alfred is a brave and passionate man who changed his views as he studied history over the past two decades. He had been fearless in sharing his new knowledge and beliefs with others It is to Germany’s everlasting disgrace that it has jailed the Schaefers and thousands of others for the non-violent expression of their political/historical opinions. Why send arms to fight for freedom in the Ukraine when there is little in Germany and not a great deal in Canada?”