Randy Hillier, Maxime Bernier & Derek Sloan form END THE LOCKDOWN CAUCUS

I’m happy to announce that I have joined other representatives from all three levels of government to form the End the Lockdowns Caucus. This national caucus is a non-partisan effort to bring forward and represent the views of Canadians who know that lockdowns cause more harm than the virus. 

Together, we will be giving a voice to the millions of people on the other side of the COVID debate in an organized fashion. There will be more to share in the near future as we begin this new journey, and we invite you to build a powerful voice and opposition.

If you are in elected office, join our caucus and have a voice; if not, contact your local representatives at all levels of government and of all political stripes to encourage them to speak for you by joining together. You can also sign our petition to support and endorse this great initiative here. Be sure to share this with your friends and family and encourage them to sign and share it as well.

I’d like to welcome our four newest members Paul Hinman, Mayor of West Lincoln Dave Bylsma, and Alberta councillors Glen Carritt and Jason Alderson. Already in a day we have doubled our caucus.

Within days of our announcement, the Ford government has now said that they will be easing restrictions in the coming days. They know we are organizing and they’re afraid. They don’t want to defend this in the courts, they don’t want to defend this in the legislature because they know they will lose.

Together we will speak loudly, clearly and end the lockdowns. 

Randy Hillier

Several former and current politicians have banded together to form a non-partisan organization calling for an end to lockdowns, which they claim violate Canadians’ fundamental Charter rights. 

The End the Lockdown Caucus was first announced on Thursday in association with the Liberty Coalition Canada. 

So far, the group includes Ontario MPP Randy Hillier, former Conservative MP Derek Sloan, former MP and People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier, Perth East Councillor Darryl Herlick and Centre Wellington Councillor Steve VanLeeuwen. 

“After careful examination and scrutiny of mitigation measures undertaken by all levels of government, it is now evident that the lockdowns cause more harm than the virus and must be brought to an end,” claimed a statement signed by the group. 

“We devote our energy and efforts to the just and compassionate objective of reopening our businesses, schools, places of worship, recreational facilities, along with the full resumption and expansion of efficient medical services. We desire to restore dignity and respect for all Canadians by safeguarding our representative democracy and its institutions, defending our Constitution, personal freedoms and responsibilities, whilst implementing focused protection for the most vulnerable.”

Ralph Klein’s niece opens her barbershop in defiance of Kenney’s lockdown

Ralph Klein’s niece opens her barbershop in defiance of Kenney’s lockdown

Bladez 2 Fadez, a barbershop in central Alberta, first opened its doors in August 2020. It’s a tough economy to open any small business, but especially now, during a time of ever-evolving pandemic restrictions on retail and services.

Bladez 2 Fadez was, until yesterday, a recently closed barber shop. Premier Jason Kenney made a mid-December decision to ban all personal care services, including hair and nail salons as well as barbershops, as part of his latest swath of COVID-19 restrictions on business.

However, Tuesday morning at 9:00 a.m, Bladez 2 Fadez owner Natalie Klein served her first client in a month. Klein, despite the looming threat of fines, is opening her doors to the public. If that last name sounds familiar to you, it should. Klein is the niece of late, great Progressive Conservative Alberta Premier Ralph Klein.

I was on hand to talk with Natalie, her first customers and the locals from Innisfail and its surrounding communities — including Glen Carritt and Haley Wile of United We Roll, and Tracy Walker — a Red Deer salon owner who came to us at Rebel News’ IWillOpen.com with her own story of lockdown defiance.

Natalie told me that people have a right to support their families, and she knows she can work safely in her shop.

I promised Klein that if she received a ticket for her act of survival and civil disobedience, Rebel News would help her fight it at FightTheFines.com.

The day ended with no fines issued, but with intense pressure from Facebook tattletales, Natalie expects one to come soon.