#4 – Intro – History is Written by the Victor (Intro)  and (Jim Rizoli Interview) or WWII from the German Point of View part 1/3 (Jul 2016) 


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Diane King
The Shrine to German Bashing (Intro) is a metaphoric depiction of the rotten structure erected to scold, castigate, misrepresent, prosecute, condemn and execute a people to the tune of upwards of 20 million killed. This rotten edifice (shrine) is constructed on a putrid foundation largely involving NINE BRICKS. This introduces the subsequent discussions. Also the forbidden (in his small town) interview with Jim Rizoli, perhaps the major revisionist in all of New England




Eli Wiesel was one of those high priests of the New Religion of Holocaust. He claims to have been in Auschwitz, yet would never show his tattoo. He hated Germans. Yet, when Auschwitz was evacuated, he chose to head west with the hated Germans, rather, as was his option, wait for the Soviets.

Nevertheless, he was able to parlay his stories into a fortune and a Nobel Prize and into a role as senior philosopher of this new religion.

He was an admitted German hater who, nevertheless, was seen as some moral prophet. He wrote: “”Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate — healthy, virile hate — for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German. To do otherwise would be a betrayal of the dead.

Elie the Wiesel is dead (32 seconds):



Preview YouTube video Elie Wiesel Tribute July 1 2016

Elie Wiesel Tribute July 1 2016
Preview YouTube video Holocaust Survivor Jim Rizoli June 2016

Holocaust Survivor Jim Rizoli June 2016

Let him rot in Hell……


by Diane King (1999)THE FOURTH OF JULY is a sentimental time which builds strength in the national soul. This is reinforced by the memorials – the Vietnam Memorial, though long overdue is of great comfort to the bereaved (were you in Vietnam?) I have a second cousin whose name is on that wall. And eventually there will be a D-Day Memorial (though I am somewhat
ambivalent about this prospect).
And the U.S. isn’t the only nation which enjoys the reaffirmation of their National Spirit by celebrating their nation’s holidays, remembering events of the past with festivities, parades, signs, banners, flags, music, memorials, and portraits. Others such as Canada whose citizenry just celebrated Dominion Day this weekend, enjoyed their holiday. But there is one nation which is prohibited from enjoying what every other nation enjoys. In fact, it is against the law for them to do so should they choose to celebrate it in the same fashion that we all enjoy and take for granted.

GERMANY has no such national holidays marking historic events. There is no Chancellor’s Day to remember the birthdays of former Chancellors. Or a day for remembering the Kaiser or any other of the royalty. There are no parades, no flags or banners. Men in military uniforms do not march before an adoring and appreciative citizenry which line the streets. There is no Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day or memorials to remember those who fought on behalf of the Fatherland. There is no Veteran’s Wall to touch the names of those who have fallen, no D-Day Memorial of those defending the shores of the Fatherland. And except for the National Anthem there are no songs reminiscent – no reminder of the years Germany ruled Europe. Well, that’s understandable you say, they don’t deserve it (?) When Germans did such things, they nearly conquered Europe.

And that’s supposed to be a bad thing. But if that’s the criteria for denying a people their national identity, then the Russians should not be allowed to express their communist sentiments or memories on May l with the huge banners of Lenin and Stalin and the Communist Flag (and that awful anthem that I can’t get out of my head) as they march in mass down various Russian streets in remembrance and celebration of the most vicious and barbaric system known to the history of man (so far). Nor should Red China be allowed to celebrate their tyranny and oppressive regime nor even those who might be considered renegade nations … or used to be.

Why the inequity? Why the oppression against one peoples and preference for another? (The victors write the history books. They also determine international agendas). You have probably observed how the enemies of free speech andthought attempt to associate – at every opportunity – the free thinkers and usually “right” with the dreaded “Nazis”. That’s supposed to be insulting and degrading, to demonize the motives and actions of conservative people who oppose those enemies in and out of political office. WELL, I OPPOSE THEM! They are vicious, malicious, and dangerous. And had theframers of the constitution been forced to live under them, you’d have heard a strong call to abolish the government that is run by them – to scrap it and start over, as is provided by the Constitution.


One of the tactics of the enemies of free speech and expression is to cover, obscure, attempt to destroy, color and otherwise misrepresent the truth. And one of these ways, first of all, though ranging from subtle to blatant attacks, is the attack on Germans with a clear anti-German bias in the media, the entertainment industry, and the literary world. For you see, because of German history, any Nazi-bashing is also German-bashing, so I reject both. I’ve boycotted the History Channel as the yellow journalism it is because of its ardent anti-Nazi (and consequently anti-German) position. Nearly every reference to Germans in the Media is with disrespect or hostility. It would be one thing if this posturing were accurate, but they are sorely lacking in the simple truths discovered since WWII. The Germans are still suffering from it as are we. No one wins in National character assassinations, especially on this scale.

So, what is at the foundation of this national mudslinging? This hostility? What is the one thing of which the Nazis areaccused and eternally found guilty? What is the one word that describes it all: THE HOLOCAUST: The alleged state-ordered, planned and executed extermination of European Jewry to the tune of 6 million – the most barbaric act in all humanity – that is the indictment. And maybe it would have been … IF IT WERE TRUE!

THE SHRINE TO GERMAN-BASHING illustrates this very point with the Jewish Holocaust as the foundation composed of 8 “bricks” (not in any order of significance) This information was gleaned from the Zundelsite, the Institute for Historical
Review, CODOH, the work of Germar Rudolf and many others who have availed much crucial information and truth in many forms to include the incredible work: DID SIX MILLION REALLY DIE? By Richard Harwood. These eight components of the foundation of the shrine are:

l. The number of 6 Million.
2. Mass murders/cremation
3. Death Camps-Auschwitz
4. The Hitler Order
5. Warsaw Ghetto
6. Wannsee Conference
7. Diary of Anne Frank
8. Einsatzgruppen

To study the “shrine” you have to study each of the integral parts – dare to go where few have thought to go? Ask the
questions, read the evidence. You too may never be the same. For me, it was the next step, the final conclusion to my
search and research and studies. Some questions remain unanswered, of course. If not “beyond all shadow of a doubt”
then “beyond a reasonable doubt” until we learn more and what is available out there. The consequences of finding these
discoveries … You will never be the same! But you will know, without apology, why you bristle at anti-German comments, and why you would and should love Germany, the people, and their history even more. And then you will KNOW without a shadow of a doubt what you had suspected all along about Germany and its history: A heritage of which to be proud.

Remember that not all nations have the privilege of enjoying their national heritage. That there is one nation for which it is illegal to do so and in fact suffer a national character crisis: GERMANY!

The future of any nation is in the nurturing and training of its children. German children are unclear and confused about
their history and their identity as Germans. Of course they are confused. They are born into a world universally hostile
towards their Germanness and their heritage.

In the LIFE WORLD LIBRARY book on GERMANY (1965), one statement was made: “Nazis personify the known power of evil ….” This is the prevailing international opinion. In another place, the author attempts to identify the cause of emotional unrest in Germany, especially among the young. He says: “The undercurrent of uneasiness in Germany … (in the mid 1960’s and still in the 1990’s) can be traced largely to the fact that while a great many Germans would like to forget the past, most are unable to do so. To them, the past means the uncertainty, the fear, the shame of the Nazi era. And that uncertainty, fear, and shame still intrude relentlessly into their comfortable presence …. difficulty of escaping the past.”


In another place, they say concerning Eichmann’s capture that no one spoke on his behalf in Western Germany (no doubt since sympathies with the “Nazis” was punished harshly — it is understandable in war-destroyed Germany). But the author
states that the trial and execution of Eichmann was helpful for the Germans:

“Indeed, (they) accelerated a national soul-searching and did much to bring home to the Germans the full horror of what the
Nazi’s had done.” (Really, that’s what they want us to believe because that’s what they’ve told us despite the contrary.)

They state that it is difficult for the German to evaluate this time period and all that was involved because it is still being thrown up in his face even though this matter should be settled.

“Even the great majority of Germans who agree that the holocaust (a major part of the reason for their problems) must never be forgotten must wonder whether they’ll be required to examine it from a fresh historical perspective with every publishing season (when books like HITLER’S WILLING EXECUTIONERS – about the German people – come out) … and how many times (do) Americans or their puppet masters plan to revisit the holocaust?”

These sentiments and all of these difficulties forced upon the Germans for time immemorial “… approach a kind of
reverse racism.” (Kind of!?)

“And to take it a step further since the end of WWII, it’s been open season on National Socialists specifically (or anyone who is “unfortunately” decried or labeled as “NAZIS”) and Germans in general. Anyone, no matter how disreputable, can and are encouraged to say whatever he wants to whomever whenever about the National Socialists of old, and byassociation, the Germans. This is malicious RACISM which often takes its form in hate crimes – institutional and otherwise – against Germans.

Now, the elderly and middle-aged Germans still suffer today from a guilt complex. They further state that “there is probably as much unhappiness of mind among millions of Germans who failed to oppose Hitler as among the millions who actively supported him: (because they couldn’t do anything to stop him).” It seems that this is what they are told and the guilt is how they are supposed to feel. It perpetuates the national guilt.

So, with all of these attacks from all sides, directed toward the German people, it is no wonder that the children along
with their parents are in a quandary about who they are. The editors/authors of LIFE’S GERMANY stated:

“Grave difficulties exist for German parents who are called on to answer their children’s questions about the country’s
past.” Parents avoid it. “Young Germans declare, “It’s no good asking Father about what happened under the Nazis. He
just says the subject is too complicated to discuss.”

The parents have lost faith and trust with their kids because the kids believe that (the parents) didn’t stop what they saw
happen to the Jews and others. (What did they actually see? The deportations? There is a great leap of logic without
evidence to move from the deportations to deportations for the purpose of extermination. But then that’s what they and
we have been told.)

School teachers suffer the same problems. “Better history books are being written today,” about the true perspective on
the holocaust. Now would be the time to inject some balance in this fact-finding and reporting and teaching mission about
the Third Reich. It is fairly certain how the Third Reich will be depicted. And in the attempt to re-educate and “help”
by giving the internationally accepted anti-Nazi, anti-German view, the authors and editors of these learning materials
will only succeed in confusing these children further.

But maybe it is too late. Maybe the new generations since the war have no interest in their German roots. Or maybe, again,
that’s what they have been told concerning how they should feel and how they should think. Again in LIFE’S GERMANY, “(The youth) are more internationally minded.” Perhaps they have already been programmed to think from a world view rather than as Germans. And yet there is a generation coming up that just might not accept this very old and badly preserved diet of hostility and hatred against their nation and against themselves.

Tragically, the children are affected by their history, their lack of understanding from not being taught, and they are
robbed of their perspective, even over two decades later. Again from LIFE’S GERMANY, (of the youth):

“There seems to be a lack of intellectual sparkle about them, a serious-mindedness conditioned by steady concentration on
material objectives. This is at least partly due to uncertainties of mind, which are due in turn to lack of candor on the part of the parents and to an uneasy awareness of the shadows of the past. One thing is certain about young people in West Germany – the vast majority of them reject the traditional ideas about German grandeur and glory, and about an overbearing German role in Europe, and they are skeptical about any “mission” other than the modest one of being a loyal partner to the western democracies.”

In essence, they are so concerned about saving their lives, what they have, that they are actually losing their lives. And this doesn’t sound too promising. Evidently, lack of knowledge and “correct” education have formed a vacuum. So the only opinion they hear, the only teaching they receive is from the international Weltanschauung which is the one which includes and even requires the typical German (Nazi) bashing curriculum. Whether or not this damage can be undone remains to be seen.

The Army evokes similar concern. Whereas before, the Wehrmacht historically represented and depicted the most powerful army in the world, now its successor, the Bundeswehr has resigned itself to a subservient position.

According to NEWSWEEK, July 25, 1994, “The Bundeswehr is back in business.” It sounds good, energetic, national, promising, a hint of its grandeur, strength, and discipline of times past. But that is not what this new army portends. The former allies cringe at the sight of a revived German army in spite of constant reassurances that the Bundeswehr has changed and is not the army it was in the past. And the powers that be need not be concerned with the new Germany Army; the new German Army has a different agenda, a different look. In the same article, “Now the military faces the challenge of training “good soldiers” instead of blind followers …. Germany has reinvented the concept of the military …. They have chafed under the country’s inability to play a wider international role.”

They want to participate on the international playing field. But can the German military compete or even participate and
should they? German soldiers aren’t required necessarily to obey orders. “Student officers aren’t required to train physically at all – or even wear their uniforms to class.”

Instead of classes entitled: Military Strategy or Great Battles in History or Great Field Marshals in German Military History being the most popular classroom topics, “Peace Ethics” rises to the top of the list of popular classes. That is shameful! Perhaps the current German Military is more interested in participating in international affairs than being militarily fit to do so. But perhaps playing on the international field doesn’t require the traditional discipline and skills of which the Germans of the past have been particularly skilled and famous.

Others have come to this same conclusion. Chile’s General Augusto Pinochet “irked Bonn by declaring the Bundeswehr an
army of ‘drug addicts, long-hairs, gays, and union members.'” He seems to suggest that the new German army is far from the ideal military tradition of the crack Prussian tradition of the past and is hardly prepared for the hardships of war.
Additionally, former East Germans whose army copied the Wehrmacht “right down to the goose step,” called the new
Bundeswehr a “second-class army.” Tough stuff!

And a final note on the new Army and how the new officers consider its function. They “look forward confidently to the
day when they can further demonstrate their mettle — by helping the UN defend democracy.” This is an ominous cloud on
the horizon of our future. That the German military rather than having an identity of its own will be assimilated into
the UN/NATO peace-keeping forces for their purposes and oppressive use.

Why??? – Why the confusion for the parents and the children of the Reich? Why is their history maligned? Their education
robbed of its power to teach and inspire from correct history, the animosity toward Germans in general, and their history in particular, and why is the German Army groveling and forfeiting their national honor and their very soul to serve at the despotic UN/NATO’s feet, stained with the blood of their victims. Is it worth this price in order to play on the international playing field? This is all very clear when one understands the foundation and structure of the SHRINE erected to GERMAN BASHING.

So, on the 4th of July, when we see the “rocket’s red glare” and “bombs bursting in air” the symbolism of our nation’s
struggle for nationhood in the past, the parades, the red, white and blue, the flag with the stars and stripes, the soul-
stirring music, we should remember that there is one nation that cannot enjoy such celebrations and who has been beaten
down and robbed of their national soul. Is not the American spirit to champion the cause of those oppressed? Can we not
export a freedom-loving spirit instead of our own brand of terrorism to the nations of the world? Should there not be a
call to arms, in a way, to fight the forces against free thought and expression so rampant now? Should we not renew ourown “declaration of independence”against such blatant hostility? For then we will have the right to have “the land of the free” because we are the “home of the brave.”