Ex-Political Prisoner & Freedom Fighters Arthur Topham Takes on the Mask Maniacs at Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire: Skidding Out of Control?


Canadian Tire: Skidding Out of Control?

A Critique of Customer Service in Quesnel, B.C. Canada


Arthur Topham

November 22, 2021

A couple of weeks ago on November 7, 2021 I was in Quesnel to do some shopping and one item on my list was to stop off at Canadian Tire and pick up another 5 gallon pail of Shell Rotella T4 15W-40 oil for my Ford diesel pickup. I’d been purchasing it there since I bought the truck and have always been satisfied with the service even though during these heady times of covid mania I’ve become a lot more skeptical of the big box stores like Costco, Walmart and Canadian Tire. 

Being adamantly opposed to all the NDP government’s bullshit “mandates” and “lockdowns” propaganda I usually do my shopping in outlets who don’t make a big fuss over normal folks who prefer to not wear a diaper over their face while doing business in town. Having been my own mechanic since I first started driving 58 years ago I’m well aware of the fact that it’s not a healthy practise to breath in exhaust fumes from one’s engine and so by simple extrapolation (or deductive logic if you will) it’s also not advisable to block off your ability to expel your own CO2 exhaust fumes by placing a rag over your nose and mouth.

But also because of Murphy’s Law on Unexpected Fecal Fulmination: Corollary #1 – “Shit Happens!” I usually wear my bandana in town for those extra special occasions when logic, reason & common sense cease to be effective (see image above).

As I said I’ve purchased my oil at Canadian Tire before so when I entered the store via the Automotive Parts Dept. entrance I walked past the service counter where a couple of employees were standing talking to each (with their masks on) and proceeded down the aisle to where the oil was. When I got to the spot I was relieved to find that there was still one pail left of the regular oil. The synthetic brand was double the price and out of my budget at the time. I proceeded to pick up the pail and then carried it down to the service counter. The two clerks were still engaged in conversation so I sat the pail on the floor and waited until they were done talking. A couple of minutes later one left to go into the garage and the other fellow fellow turned and saw me and asked me if he could help. I wanted to make sure of the price so I told him the make and model of my vehicle and he looked it up in the book and said it was the right oil and gave me a price. I said “great” and picked up the pail and carried it down to where the guy’s cash register was and sat it down so he could scan it. 

As he was doing the scanning and I was getting my wallet out to get my debit card he started chatting with me and we carried on like that until I’d paid for the oil and got my receipt. Once the transaction was completed he then offered to carry the pail out to my truck for me but I declined saying that I was a placer miner and used to carrying heavy objects and it wouldn’t be necessary. I thanked him for his help, picked up the pail of oil and exited from the store and put it in the back of my pickup. At no time throughout the whole process was I wearing my bandana and at no time did the sales clerk ever make so much as a hint that I ought to be wearing a mask.

I was about to get in the truck when I remembered that I also wanted to check on another item in the store. Some years back I had bought a flashlight there. It was one that you can carry in your pocket the brand name being “Coast G20”. It’s about 6 inches long and about 5/8” in diameter. It’s been a mainstay for me and living out in the country I’m never without it as it comes in handy for so many different occasions when you need to shine a beam on something to either open a lock or check out some dark corner in one of your outbuildings or even find your way around the house at night when you’re stumbling down the hallway to let the dog out to its thing. I thought to myself maybe they still sell this particular model and mine was beginning to act up whenever I would push the rubber button to turn it on. I recalled that it was guaranteed for life but I didn’t have my original receipt with me but I figured it wasn’t that costly an item so what the heck why not check and pick up a new one. 

I walked back into the store through the main doorway and proceeded to go down to the isle where I remembered the flashlights were. Much to my surprise and satisfaction they still had the same model and it was priced at around $15.00 so I decided to purchase a new one. When I went to take one off the horizontal hook I realized that they were locked on with a tab that required a key and when I turned to my left toward the main isle there was a clerk walking by so I asked him if he had a key for the lock. He kept walking and said no but he’d let someone know down at the paint department counter and they’d come and open it up. 

While I was waiting I happened to glance down the main isle to the south end of the store and it was then that I saw Don walking about where the guns and ammo section were located. I already knew that was his department because he is a neighbour of mine who lives out in Cottonwood on the Barkerville Hwy where I do. I gave him a wave and he waved back.

When I turned to see if the clerk with the key was coming from the other direction I saw an older, fairly big man with his red Canadian Tire shirt on approaching me. He walked right up to me and stopped about 2 feet away and immediately asked me if I had a mask. In his left hand he was carrying a box of the standard blue masks. I told him I didn’t and that I don’t wear the blue masks because they’re laced with magnetic particles of graphene that aren’t healthy for people. In like a split second he literally jumped back from me to what I imagined would be the 2 meter social distance requirement as if he’d suddenly realized I was hold a chunk of plutonium in my hand and he was in grave danger of losing his life! As I observed his behaviour and countenance I could see that he was going to be a problem. He then immediately responded to my remark about the blue masks with a haughty half shriek of exasperation and told me in no uncertain terms that he couldn’t serve me and that I would have to leave the store IMMEDIATELY OR ELSE HE WOULD CALL THE COPS! 

There wasn’t anyone else around us in earshot and I looked at him and said, “Oh for fuck sakes man just open the lock and I’ll buy my flashlight and leave.” The fact that I used the “f” word only intensified his already overly, in-your-face, aggressive response to my refusal to kowtow to his demand to obediently put on the little blue diaper and do what I was told. He then came closer to me again demanding that I leave NOW. 

Around that point my neighbour Don, seeing that things were going awry, came walking up from the gun department with the likely intention of trying to settle whatever was going on. He walks right up to me and stops no more than two feet away and says to me that I should just put on a mask and not start any trouble. As he’s telling me this I’m observing him as well. There he is well within the “safe” 2 meter distance standing directly in front of me with his mask dangling off the end of his lower chin. His mouth and nose are totally uncovered. I say to him, “You gotta be kidding me Don. You’re standing here right in my personal space, practically face to face, with your mask hanging off your chin and telling me that I should put a mask on!?” He replied by saying something about how they are only following orders.

Meanwhile Bozo Bill is standing there fuming like a volcano ready to blow its top and coming closer demanding that I leave before he calls the police. At that point I decide that the best thing to do would be to just calmly walk away and depart without my new Coast G20 flashlight. As I’m walking back up the main isle Bozo Bill is right behind me making sure I don’t dash down another isle and escape. I stop and turn and ask him if he’s been jabbed adding that I have found that people who’ve been given the bio-weapon tend to become more aggressive as the poisons in it work their wonders on the body. He proudly declares to one and all (by then some other staff are around him and a curious customer or two) that he’s had his two shots and his booster to boot! Gad zooks I’m thinking to myself as I continue walking away this fellow is likely shedding spike proteins by the bucket full by now given his state of agitation.  

As I walk out my neighbour Don follows me through the check-out counter and out to the front exit making small talk about event that just occurred. As I’m leaving I turn to him and ask him if he’s been jabbed too. He tells me that he’s had his first two shots. I look at him and say, “Take care Don and good luck” and continue walking slowly to my truck which is parked directly ahead of me across from the main entrance. I turn to look back and I can see a small crown of staff and others milling about near the front entrance. Whether Bozo Bill actually called the cops or not I don’t know as they never showed up before I left. I opened the door to the truck and reached into my camera bag and took out my Nikon and then walked a bit closer to the store and took the photo that you see in the header accompanying this article. I then departed to Extra Foods where I knew that I would be welcome to shop in peace without a mask and be treated like a normal human being. 


Due to other work commitments I didn’t get around to finishing this article for close to two weeks but just a couple of days ago on Saturday, November 20th I had a rather unusual email from a local friend of mine that became the catalyst necessary to complete the story. He had sent me a video titled “Will you fight?” which I posted on my social media FB page. That wasn’t anything unusual as I get multiple people sending me videos on a regular basis both on FB and via regular email.

Inside the body of the email was the url to video and a short text message that read: “Was in Canadian tire this afternoon. Someone was in there without a mask and he asked them to call the cops [he didn’t want to leave]. Getting crazy. Some people have had enough!” When I read the message I chuckled to myself and immediately thought he was referring to my little run in with Bozo Bill back on the 7th of November. I wrote him back and told him to call me thinking that he didn’t know who that “someone” was. 

He did call and when I told him about my experience there he was flabbergasted and said, “No! Really? Well, that’s pretty weird because I was referring to an incident that took place today the 20th of Nov. and then proceeded to tell me that he was in Canadian Tire shopping when some person came into the store and headed down toward the paint department. The person was a male and dressed in overalls and looked like he was working somewhere and likely needed some supplies and that’s why he was there. He then went on to describe what happened and it was basically a replay of the same scenario I describe above. It was even the same bad actor Bozo Bill who was harassing this worker and threatening to call the police. The man apparently responded to the threat by telling Bozo B to go ahead and then quoting something to him about the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. When I heard the story I realized that incidents like the ones I’m now relating are likely occurring on a regular basis in the Canadian Tire store in Quesnel and because no one is reporting them on social media or via the alt media the general public is oblivious to the fact. It’s a definite for sure that local residents won’t be reading about incidents like this in Quesnel’s Cariboo Observer


What were seeing here in the Canadian Tire example is a case of one department in the store (the Automotive Dept.) behaving in a civilized manner toward its customers and then in a different department seeing employees behaving like bullying, undisciplined goons toward customers who, for whatever reasons, are unwilling to wear the tainted, poisoned blue masks that the company is so quick to offer to them. At no time throughout my encounter with Bozo Bill did he ever ask me whether or not I had an exemption card or anything to that effect.

What therefore does this signal to the general public? Are we dealing with schizoid, power-tripping personalities working in some areas of the store and in other areas mature adults with common sense who are treating their unmasked customers with the same respect that they do the masked ones? One thing for certain that’s becoming plainly evident is that the disgraceful, disgusting, aggressive behaviour on the part of the Bozo Bills working for Canadian Tire sure as hell aren’t helping the company to make a profit and stay in business and be competitive. After what I experienced trying to buy a $15.00 flashlight after just spending a hundred bucks on another product with no issues attached there’s no way that Canadian Tire will ever get another penny out of me and no way that I’ll ever be able to offer anyone positive advertising were they to ask me whether or not Canadian Tire was a decent place to spend their hard earned money.

Large corporations like Canadian Tire may see individuals like myself and the fellow in the work coveralls as merely collateral damage and chances are they’ll likely ream out the good staff members in the Automotive Department for not demanding that I wear a poisoned rag in their establishment while shopping. If they threaten them in any way I do hope that they’ll contact me and let me know about it. 

It’s long past time to end the lockdowns and the illegal mandates and the forcing of untested jabs of poison on the populace be they adults or young children. If these draconian measures don’t end soon I imagine that one day I’ll be driving by the store on my way to Extra Foods and the sign over the door will be reading “COMMUNIST TIRE” instead of CANADIAN TIRE.

Priest Wants to Kick Worshippers Out of Church for Not Being Masked

Priest Wants to Kick Worshippers Out of Church for Not Being Masked

John McCash & friends went to 5:00 p.m. mass at St. Basil’s Church Toronto today. They were accosted by a priest & several ushers who insisted they wear masks or provide their vaxx passports. They refused. The priest grabbed McCash. They stayed. Four cops arrived at the end of Mass & said they could be cited for trespass if they attend next week. They SHALL. John “the Evangelist” McCash promises to show up with 100 worshippers next Saturday. Churches should be open to all who wish to worship respectfully, “I won’t be bullied by tyrants,” says Mr. McCash.

The People’s Party of Canada Platform on COVID Tyranny & Fire Theresa Tam http://cafe.nfshost.com/?p=6704

The People’s Party of Canada Platform on COVID Tyranny


The unprecedented government response to the covid-19 pandemic has had massively negative repercussions on Canadians’ physical and mental health, economic well-being, as well as their rights and freedoms.

The standard approach to pandemic management had always been to protect the vulnerable and allow the rest of the healthy population to go about their regular lives while building herd immunity. Lockdowns of entire populations were never part of any pre-covid pandemic planning.

This experiment was largely ineffective in reducing the spread of the virus, but caused significant collateral damage. The vast majority of covid victims were elderly patients with comorbidities in nursing homes that governments failed to protect. Lockdown measures will cause even more deaths in the longer term due to stress-related illnesses, depression, postponement of surgeries, drug overdose, suicide, domestic violence, etc.

Governments don’t want to admit that they were wrong and are imposing increasingly authoritarian measures on the population, including vaccine passports. Both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated will suffer under a regime of segregation, constant control, and surveillance. It is illusory to believe that the virus can be eradicated. We have to learn to live with it, without destroying our way of life in the process.


Lockdowns, mask mandates, school closures, and other authoritarian sanitary measures have not had any noticeable effect on the course of the pandemic. Regions or countries that implemented strict measures have been as impacted as those that did not.

Both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated can get infected and transmit the virus, which negates the rationale for segregation and vaccine passports.

Section 1 of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that reasonable limits to our rights and freedoms can only be imposed if it has been demonstrated that they are justified in a free and democratic society. Such a demonstration has not been made for covid restrictions, most of which are arguably unconstitutional.


Although most of the measures in response to the covid pandemic have been implemented by provincial governments, Ottawa has an important coordinating role to play at the national level and can influence provincial policies. The federal public health agency coordinates policies with provincial agencies. Ottawa also encouraged and supported lockdown policies through the transfer of tens of billions of dollars in financial aid to provinces and territories.

A People’s Party government will:

  • Promote a rational and scientifically based approach to the pandemic that focuses on the protection of the most vulnerable, guarantees the freedom of Canadians to make decisions based on informed consent, and rejects coercion and discrimination.
  • Fire the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada Theresa Tam and replace her with someone who will work with provincial agencies to implement a rational approach to the pandemic, instead of following the recommendations of the World Health Organization.
  • Repeal vaccine mandates and regular testing for federal civil servants and workers in federally regulated industries.
  • Repeal vaccine passports for travellers.
  • Oppose vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and other authoritarian measures imposed by provincial governments, and support individuals and groups that challenge such measures in court.
  • Support emergency provincial measures to protect the most vulnerable, but stop bailing out provinces that impose economically destructive lockdowns.
  • Support medical research and development of therapies to treat covid-19 and other viral diseases.

Mask Enforcers at Book City Discriminate Against the

Mask Enforcers at Book City Discriminate Against the Handicapped

Another store that discriminates against the handicapped. I tried to shop at Book City on the Danforth this evening. “You must wear a mask,” a scold demanded. “I can’t. I’m exempt.” I was told to leave, “So, you discriminate against the handicapped!” I retorted. My friends and I were outraged at the heartless totalitarian behaviour. Medico-Stalinism at work! — Paul Fromm

The Medico-Stalinist Police State at Work: WATCH: Double-lung transplant recipient arrested in Vernon hospital for refusing to wear mask

WATCH: Double-lung transplant recipient arrested in Vernon hospital for refusing to wear mask

Ryan Bentson, 53, was arrested and ticketed at Vernon’s Jubilee Hospital as he claimed his face shield was enough protection.


Published 34 mins ago

on February 10, 2021

ByDave Naylor

A Vernon man who underwent a double lung transplant has been ticketed for not wearing a COVID-19 mask in hospital.

Ryan Bentson, 53, was arrested and ticketed at Vernon’s Jubilee Hospital as he claimed his face shield was enough protection.

RCMP Const. Chris Terleski said the officers were called to the hospital about 2:45 p.m. on Sunday but the Bentson had left the facility. He called police at 6:40 p.m. to discuss the situation and was told if he returned to the hospital and didn’t war a mask, he would be fined.

But Bentson did come back about 9:45 p.m. wearing a face mask. He recorded his interactions on a cellphone and posted it to social media.

The video shows him telling the admitting clerk he has a medical exemption from wearing a mask after a double-lung transplant in 2011 and that his shield was enough protection. The clerk responds it’s the hospital’s policy for everyone to wear a mask.

He alleged the security guards had thrown him to the ground in the afternoon incident.

An RCMP officer is then seen walking towards Bentson and tells him to leave if he won’t abide by hospital rules.

The volume goes silent as another staff member seems to be explaining the policy to him. The RCMP officer finally moves towards Bentson, grabbing his cell phone, as the video ends.

“When it became clear the individual was not going to abide by the requirements, the officer arrested the man and removed him from the property,” RCMP said in a statement, adding he was handcuffed, given a pair of tickets and driven home.

“Our health-care professionals have a responsibility to ensure that regulations mandated by the provincial health order are followed in order to safeguard all patients and members of the public,” Terleski told the Abbotsford News.

“Our emphasis has always been to encourage compliance of COVID-19 restrictions through education and awareness. However, when required we will take the reasonable and necessary enforcement action to support the Public Health Order and safeguard members of the public.”

Bentson was supposed to go back to the hospital on Monday for a breathing test but opted out.

“I don’t feel safe going to the hospital anymore,” Bentson told the News.

Dave Naylor is the News Editor of the Western Standard
TWITTER: Twitter.com/nobby7694

Heather Mallick — Cheerleader for the Medico-Stalinist Tyranny:Anti-maskers think the rules aren’t for them. Time to send a few to jail

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in the U.S., sets a fine example by wearing an N95 mask with a cloth mask overtop, Heather Mallick writes.


Anti-maskers think the rules aren’t for them. Time to send a few to jail

Heather Mallick

By Heather MallickStar ColumnistSat., Jan. 30, 2021timer4 min. readupdateArticle was updated 2 days agoJOIN THE CONVERSATION

If Canadians will not be vaccinated until fall — some say it may be even later — we will have to live in a different way. Life is large. It means economic life, social life, personal life, coffee shop life, outdoor life, a quiet life, a public life.

Stores cannot possibly remain closed until fall. People cannot be told to live a half-life until then. If this happens, something or someone will snap in ways we can’t anticipate. Canadians need different rules, and energetic police enforcement.

Pandemics are new to us a century after the last one and we don’t know how bad it will be when people riot, go bankrupt, lose homes, and lose hope. Once people sneak ahead in line for their vaccination — it is human nature to test opportunity — other people will find their own way of raging.

Look at the latest American mess. Look at Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who says the California wildfires were caused by a secret Jewish space laser and that Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi should be executed. She was just promoted.

I don’t know if that kind of madness will pop up in Canada, but we have to keep a lid on things.

That means enforcing compulsory face-masking and in a very public way. It might mean actually applying the laws that make it a criminal offence to go without a mask outside your own home. Punishment might be heavy fines, post-pandemic community service, or even jail, but it should be carried out rather than threatened.

But I don’t see police on Toronto’s streets and I don’t see constables on the TTC, never have.

In England people can be fined $350 for not masking in public. Repeat offenders face even bigger fines. In Manchester recently, a woman who had been warned not to hold a party after her brother-in-law’s funeral did so anyway. She invited 35 people and was shocked to be fined $17,560.

“We had been at the graveyard and we were frozen,” she complained. “And we just wanted to bring my mum and sister back and give them a bit of food. It wasn’t a party, it wasn’t a wake.”

In Saskatchewan, the owner of a Regina bar, Mr. D’s Stats Cocktails and Dreams, fined $14,000 for not distancing patrons at a cage-fighting event (presumably virtual), complained she was “targeted” by police. Yes, she was.

These two speak for fools planetwide. Anti-maskers, whether they call themselves that or not, are all saying the same thing. The rules shouldn’t apply to them.

Life cannot restart as long as the anti-maskers keep popping up, and not just in their mini-parades and invasions of Shoppers Drug Mart where people with cancer are patiently waiting for prescriptions. As COVID-19 variants spread, the one guy in every subway car who refuses to mask is the person who will keep us at home even when stores reopen.

There should be no exceptions, so it’s worrying that nobody really knows what the medical exceptions are in Ontario. You just say you have one. The man who smashed up a Downsview convenience store on Tuesday after being asked to cover his face just with his shirt claimed he had a medical exemption. At this point, if you’re healthy enough to venture outside, you can do it in a mask even if you find it uncomfortable mentally or physically.

If people are allowed to avoid masking, lockdown can’t end. But it has to end, not if we’re going to have some version of an approximation of normal life throughout the summer. Imagine it. If everyone wears a mask at all times, not under their nose or chin, not a scarf, not up and down, life could restart fairly safely. I’m thinking picnics, movies, Fuwa Fuwa Japanese pancakes, drinks at 7 …

I don’t just mean a cloth or medical mask. Everyone should wear an N95 with a cloth mask over that, as Dr. Fauci does. It would be simple for Dr. David Williams, our plodding high school principal and chief platitude officer, to wear such a mask while he speaks. He doesn’t.

We hear that front-line workers living in crowded communities are at great risk. Would this be true if they had long ago been given two masks to wear on the way to work and if this, plus distancing, had been enforced on public transit? People shouldn’t have to police others.

All-masking-at-all-times sounds like a simple solution. It’s not a solution at all, it just keeps us functioning until vaccination for all with a network in place for the next pandemic. It might get us through the summer.

We have pinned our hopes on glorious shiny vaccines. I idly think of how to pass myself off as an 84-year-old lining up for vaccination. You’re as young as you feel, they say, and in this Toronto mid-winter, I feel a sprightly 87.

Ontario doesn’t want a holding pattern. It wants better than that as the months pass and we wait for rescue, aging in place.

Mask-exempt Parksville customer goes on HUNGER STRIKE after Pharmasave denies prescription http://cafe.nfshost.com/?p=5715

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Mask-exempt Parksville customer goes on HUNGER STRIKE after Pharmasave denies prescription

Remember when discriminating against people based on their medical, physical, and cognitive conditions was a bad thing? I miss those days. Back before mask mandates, lockdowns, and snitch lines were a thing. It’s all but a distant memory now. These days, it seems like it’s the “new normal” to discriminate against people if their health condition makes them mask-exempt. 

That’s precisely what happened to Ela Tanase, a Parksville, B.C., resident who was refused service at a Pharmasave when she went in without a mask to pick up her pain medication.  Ela is mask exempt because of an underlying health issue, and as per B.C.’s human rights laws, she’s not required to divulge what that issue is to justify her mask exemption. But that didn’t matter to Pharmasave. They refused to listen and kicked her out of the store!

 If that wasn’t humiliating enough, the police were called, and when they arrived, they issued Ela a $230 ticket. It wasn’t until Ela embarked on a 6-day hunger strike that her pharmacy finally relented and allowed her to pick up her medication!\
Isn’t it ironic that a place that is supposed to help citizens with their medical needs is the same place ignoring their medical mask exemption? Why bother outlining mask exemptions in the law if it can just be ignored? 

Lucky for Ela, she doesn’t have to worry about paying that ticket. We set her up with one of our top-notch lawyers to challenge her citation.Hiring lawyers to defend a $230 ticket may sound strange, considering it will cost way more to fight the ticket than to simply pay it off. But this isn’t about the money — it’s about standing up for what’s right and sending a message that Canadian civil liberties are worth defending. 

No Frills Imposes Communist Style Snitch Society to Force Masks on Customers

No Frills Imposes Communist Style Snitch Society to Force Masks on Customers

If you missed communist East Germany where 1 in 3 were STASI informants, visit (& then boycott) No Frills Oshawa, which is turning Canada into a snitch society. CAFE supporter reported: ” I did not go in the store, but people were wondering what I was doing & staying at least 6 feet away from me.” SNOWFLAKES!!!!! Call these corporate collaborators what they are — “FREEDOM CRUNCHERS.”

Protesting Mask Madness at Hamilton Goodlife Fitness

Protesting Mask Madness at Hamilton Goodlife Fitness

December 9, 2020

ATTN: George, mgr. @ Goodlife Fitness, Jackson Square

Hello George,

The purpose of this letter is to address our phone conversation which took place on November 6, 2020.

Unfortunately, yes it has taken me over a month to be able to address this matter; as I am very busy with working at 2 concurrent jobs + have had numerous other important responsibilities and deadlines to meet.

This is regarding 2 of your arrogant, rude young female employees demanding that I leave for daring to briefly breathe through my nostrils without obstruction while engaging in cardiovascular exercise at your facility; a practice which is expressly permitted according to the City of Hamilton by-law: “A person who is actively engaged in an athletic or fitness activity” https://www.hamilton.ca/coronavirus/face-coverings-and-masks-by-law, and what you told me on November 6, 2020 over the phone. You stated that Hamilton Public Health supplied your business with a letter which advised that ‘all people should be masked at all times inside all businesses’. (As an aside: It would certainly be interesting to see how that advisory would be applied at restaurants).

I had since been in direct phone contact with Hamilton Public Health regarding the letter which you told me had been issued. The employee at Hamilton Public Health read the letter to me. She stated that the ‘all people be masked at all times inside all businesses’ portion was a recommendationnot a requirement. That is a significant distinction, George.

Furthermore, please refer to the enclosed World Health Organization (WHO) advisory regarding face coverings; notably, the highlighted portion.

You can also freely access many other sources of similar health warnings.

You had additionally told me during our phone conversation that although you agreed with me about the risks involved with mask-wearing during physical activity, you wanted to “keep your business open” and “keep your staff in their jobs”. So you have imposed this draconian ‘masking at ALL times’ as the absolute rule within your facility; irrespective of the clearly-delineated health risks by empirical sources (including the WHO, as per the enclosed), which demonstrates that the health of your members is of no consequence to you. And no, the maintaining of good health is about far more than merely avoiding Covid-19; which has a 99.3% recovery rate.

Compared to Covid-19, your members are far more likely to experience considerable damage to their health while being deprived of oxygen, repeatedly inhaling their own carbon dioxide, and the breath vapours + bacteria forming on their face covering during physical activity; especially during cardiovascular exercise. I felt unwell with a very hoarse throat, dizziness and lightheadedness for days after trying to adhere to the vicious, relentless demands of your staff that my mouth & nose be completely covered 100% of the time no matter what while working out at your facility on November 5, 2020. But evidently, a member’s (or perhaps just ‘my’) physical suffering is of no consequence to you or the staff working at your facility that evening.

I have been a member of your gym for more than 3 years. The snotty, condescending attitude of some of your employees and the increasingly reduced, inconvenient hours have been discouraging. But the wide variety of equipment there to exercise all muscle groups has been the main motivation for continuing my membership, and set it apart from other gyms. That said however, it certainly seems that your business model places a far greater priority upon virtue-signalling authoritarianism rather than reducing obvious health risks of your members & staff alike; or even adhering to the clearly stated by-law outlined by the City of Hamilton or applying sensible, balanced interpretation of the recommendations (not requirements) you received from Hamilton Public Health.

Following your demonstrated pattern of prioritization, it is predicted that you will soon be imposing a requirement of proof of Covid vaccination from all your members in order for them to be permitted to keep utilizing your facility.

As an FYI: The Pfizer Covid vaccine ingredients have been disclosed publicly today. They are posted on the Health Canada website. I have read about each of the ingredients. One is a polyvinyl acetal resin (normally used in the plastics industry), and is patented by MONSANTO… the GMO pesticide company. If that weren’t bad enough: One of the other ingredients is potassium chloride…. which is one of the active ingredients in LETHAL INJECTIONS to STOP THE HEART. No need to take ‘my’ word about this. Look it up.

Incidentally, my ex-husband was an MD. He turned against most mainstream medicine after learning first hand of the serious hazards from vaccines and many pharmaceutical drugs.

Furthermore, I can count myself among the segment of the population which is knowingly vaccine-damaged. Vaccines have always caused me a variety of serious reactions, and have easily reduced my natural lifespan by a few decades. It was only after my first year of regular, intense gym workouts and following a strict diet of low-carbohydrates + whole foods that my recovery from vaccine damage began. It has been improving ever since. (Unfortunately, my being overweight with disproportionate fat accumulations & very easy weight gain is still an ongoing yet unrelated problem to this particular matter).

Hopefully the aforementioned will supply you with what you might consider to be worthwhile food for thought.


R. Whyte

Member of your gym since September 2017