CBC Reveals Canadian Jewish Lobby Groups Involved In & Applaud Arrest of Revisionist Monika Schaefer In Germany

CBC Reveals Canadian Jewish Lobby Groups Involved In & Applaud Arrest of Revisionist Monika Schaefer In Germany

In its story on the arrest in Germany, January 3, of Canadian revisionist Monika  Schaefer, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (January 5, 2018) revealed that the League for Human Rights (but not free speech or thought) of B’nai Brith may well have instigated Miss Schaefer’s arrest. B’nai Brith even boasted of its network of contacts in Germany: “Monika Schaefer, a Jasper woman who has denied the Holocaust ever happened, has reportedly been arrested in Germany.  Monika Schaefer was arrested in Munich earlier this month, B’nai Brith Canada, said in a statement Thursday. The Canadian-based Jewish rights advocacy group  … praised German authorities. B’nai Brith officials said the group had filed complaints against Schaefer with German officials because of her ‘anti-Semitic incitement.’ Holocaust denial is a criminal offence in Germany. Under Germany’s Incitement to Hatred laws, those found guilty of denying the Holocaust could face a maximum of five years in prison. ‘German officials should be commended for taking action against Holocaust denial,’ said Michael Mostyn, chief executive officer of B’nai Brith Canada, in a statement. ‘We will continue to work, even across borders, to ensure that racism and bigotry find no haven in Canada.'”

Every bit as much as Saudi Arabia is a theocracy that enforces Islam, post World War II Germany is a secular theocracy ruthlessly enforcing the new religion of holocaust.

Not surprisingly, according to the CBC report, another Canadian Jewish lobby  group rejoiced in the 58 year-old Alberta musician and former Green Party candidate’s arrest. “The Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center said it confirmed through the Bavarian State Police that Schaefer had been arrested on charges related to Holocaust denial. The Toronto-based …  organization, which is committed to countering racism and anti-Semitism, commended German police for the arrest. ‘Holocaust denial and revisionism continue to prevail across social media platforms in Canada and across the globe,’ Avi Benlolo, chief executive of the centre, said in an emailed statement. ‘Such perversion of the truth must be confronted through the use of the deterrent tools available under the law, as well as through education.'”

Monika Schaefer

Monika Schaefer in happier times with Green Party leader Elizabeth May. Monika was four times a Green Party candidate.

Warman & Jewish Lobby Groups Protest CAFE’S Alison Chabloz Tour

Warman & Jewish Lobby Groups Protest CAFE’S Alison Chabloz Tour

The Canadian Association for Free Expression’s 4-Province, 8-city, 9-meetings, two dinner events tour for English revisionist satirist, song writer and chanteuse is really stirring up the forces of thought control and repression.

In a near hysterical story, the NATIONAL POST‘s Stewart Bell (March 3, 2017) records the anger of various Zionist groups that any opinion but their own might be heard in Canada. Stewart Bell is one of the go-to guys when the Zionist lobby wants a story planted. Note that he did not solicit the opinion of CAFE, the organizer of the tour.

The article begins: “Canadian Jewish groups are asking why the federal government allowed a British woman accused of Holocaust denial into the country to speak at a neo-Nazi event.

The racist group Blood & Honour said on its website that Alison Chabloz would be the “special guest” at a $10-per-person event it was hosting in Calgary on Thursday night.

“B’nai Brith is disappointed that Canadian authorities have allowed notorious British Holocaust denier Alison Chabloz to enter this country, especially when the express purpose of her visit is to propagate her anti-Semitic views.”

B’nai Brith Canada said it had notified Calgary Police. The incident comes amid concerns over rising hate crimes, including Holocaust denial posters at the University of Calgary.”

Well, B’nai Brith has no idea what Miss Chabloz will be speaking on. She is telling her story.

Notice, the approach: We don’t like your views; so, you shouldn’t be allowed to speak in Canada.

One of the sad results of the 50-year-long assault on free speech in Canada is the politicization of our police. Why should the police be notified about a speaker? Miss Chabloz arrived in Calgary March 2 and could have had nothing to do with any postering there weeks ago.
And notice the verbal overkill and drama: a poster is not a ‘hate crime.’!

See, what I mean about hysterical?

The article continues: ““This news is particularly unnerving during a week when swastikas were found at York University (in Toronto), and Chabloz is scheduled to speak in Calgary tonight — just days after Calgary‘s Jewish Community Center was evacuated due to bomb threats,” said Avi Benlolo, president and CEO of the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies.”

Again a swastika at York University and a bomb threat to Calgary’s Jewish Community Centre preceded Miss Chabloz’s stay in those cities. There is simply NO connection. A swastika? It may be offensive to some people, but so what? In a diverse society almost anything can offend someone and which group has most pushed the “diversity” agenda?

Oh, yes, right in there seeking to shut down opinions he doesn’t like is Richard Warman: “:Ottawa human rights lawyer Richard Warman, who first raised concerns about her visit, said Chabloz should be removed from Canada if she was not forthright with immigration authorities.” This chronic meddler and complainer is erroneously identified by this sucky hit piece as an “Ottawa human rights lawyer.” Well, Ottawa is correct. In the Orwellian world of the “human rights” industry, freedom of speech is brutally erased from the natural rights of man and replaced by the coddling and protection of the feelings of privileged minorities.

Jewish groups upset ‘notorious British Holocaust denier’ allowed into Canada to attend neo-Nazi event

Stewart Bell | March 2, 2017 | Last Updated: Mar 2 6:16 PM ET
More from Stewart Bell | @StewartBellNP

Alison Chabloz allegedly posted a mocking song about the Holocaust on YouTube last year, prompting a court action. She has denied the allegations.


Look at Which Organized Group is Seeking to Squelch Free Speech … Again!

 Look at Which Organized Group is Seeking to Squelch Free Speech … Again!

Frederick Fromm's photo.

Jewish Groups Denounce Choice of Antisemite to Headline ‘Freedom to Read Week’ Event in Toronto

FEBRUARY 14, 2016 9:20 PM 35 COMMENTS


Self-described anti-Zionist author and journalist Max Blumenthal. Photo: Wikipedia.

Two major Jewish groups gently ripped into the Canadian branch of the international organization PEN — which campaigns on behalf of writers persecuted or imprisoned for expressing themselves freely – for inviting a highly controversial author to headline an event it is co-sponsoring, theCanadian Jewish News reported on Sunday.

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) and the Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center asked PEN why it is headlining the event, to be held on Feb. 24 at the Toronto Reference Library, with self-described “anti-Zionist” Max Blumenthal, whose fringe positions on Israel have earned him the label of antisemite.

Blumenthal, author of The 51 Day War: Ruin and Resistance in Gaza and Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel, was invited by PEN Canada, in conjunction with Independent Jewish Voices and Another Story Bookshop (as part of “Freedom to Read Week”) to be the star attraction at the event, titled “Embattled Truths: Reporting on Gaza.” His co-panelist will be Toronto Star foreign affairs reporter Olivia Ward.

“We thought this is an odd choice,” CIJA spokesperson Martin Sampson told the CJN. “Why would they do that? Why would they put their reputation at risk by associating with Blumenthal? I think his extreme positions disqualify him for being a rational, reasonable contributor in the discourse about Israel.”

Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center CEO Avi Benlolo told the CJN: “Max Blumenthal represents the radical left’s extremist belief that Israel is the embodiment of all evil and has no right to exist. His most recent book – [which has been] dubbed the ‘I Hate Israel Handbook’ – supports the mainstreaming of growing antisemitic attitudes by conflating Israel with Nazi Germany. While shunned by conventional media outlets, the book is popular on major antisemitic, neo-Nazi and conspiracy theory websites such as Stormfront and David Duke’s Rense, where his work is used to promote anti-Jewish hate. I’m not sure what PEN is trying to achieve by giving Blumenthal a podium from which to spew his hatred, but if its goal is to contribute to increasing antisemitism in Canada, then I guess they will succeed.”

According to the CJN, PEN spokesperson Brendan de Caires responded by saying that the group’s mandate is to “raise difficult subjects… We are a free speech organization. We embrace an open exchange of ideas.” And “the whole premise of our discussion is that this [Gaza] is a hot topic.”

De Caires added, “We have no stake in the content of what Mr. Blumenthal says. [But] we support his right to say it.”

According to CJN, Toronto Public Library stakeholder relations manager Ana-Maria Critchley said that, in spite of the controversy, the event will be going ahead as planned. “Blumenthal has been invited very clearly not because of his personal views, but to speak on his experience as a journalist,” she said.

Max Blumenthal’s name came to the fore recently, when the latest batch of emails released from the server of Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton revealed correspondence with her former adviser, Sidney Blumenthal, the author’s father. In these exchanges, Blumenthal senior sent Clinton links to a number of anti-Israel articles written by his son.

Hollering for Dollars for the Wiesenthal Centre

Hollering for Dollars for the Wiesenthal Centre

  • One of he most committed enemies of free speech in Canada is the Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre for Holocaust Studies (FSWC). Going back to the mid 1990s, they made war on any Canadian ISPs brave enough to host controversial “rightwing” websites. They have been  interveners for Internet  censorship in a number of key cases, including Sabina Citron and the Toronto’s Mayor’s Committee on Community and Race Relations vs The Zundelsite and Richard Warman v. Marc Lemire. For almost 20 years they have been warning of 5,000, 7,500, now 15,000 “hate” sites available on the Internet. (Gosh, the outlets for dissent unacceptable to the Wiesenthalers just gets worse and worse. Send money!!!) CAFE has been studying two years worth of fundraising letters fired out by a guy with the handle Avi Benlolo. He’s the president and CEO of the Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre. His pleas for pennies, well, actually dollars, follow a pattern: The Nazis are coming, the Nazis are coming, people who don’t like Jews are speaking up. Send money and we’ll try to shut them up.
  • His fundraising letters ere undated. Here are some recent samples. One from 2012 asserts: “Fight back against anti-Semitic hate worldwide. A respected university poll suggests that more than  150-million Europeans hold intensely anti-Jewish views. … A study presented at the Bundestag reported 20% of Germans still harbor anti-Semitic attiudes. A banner reading ‘Adolf Hitler was right’ and a swastika were displayed at a Madrid building. Italian winemakers are selling bottles of wine with labels portraying Adolf Hitler and other Nazi leaders.” [To be fair, the same Italian wine bottler also has labels extolling the Italian Carabiniere and  another the Alpine fighters. French bottlers  feature labels with Marilyn Monroe and another with a frog and the name “Fat Bastard”.  So what?] So, “FSWC is exposing the dark undercurrent of anti-Semitism and demanding Europe’s leaders confront the anti-Semites in their midst. Indeed our partners at the Simon Wiesenthal Center … have just achieved what the New York Times called ‘a major victory’ when they presented a hard hitting report exposing the German pulp magazine Der Landser — in print for over 50 years — violated German laws prohibiting the glorification of Nazism [but not the glorification of communism, it might be noted]. The publisher was forced to pull the plug on the magazine.” Avi Benlolo is not long on introspection, but it might occur to a person less fixated on shaking shekels out of his supporters that, if 20% of Germans have a less than rosy view of Jews, it might be as a result of seeing them as meddlers trying to censor and shut up people with whom they don’t agree.
  • The Wiesenthalers are very concerned about anti-Israeli Apartheid committees organized on many Canadian campuses. An undated 2012 fundraising letter reports: “FSWC has been active in helping campus communities combat anti-Semitism, identify and confront hate speech and promote dialogue among diverse viewpointsl We are also pleased to commend those universities who recognize that anti-Semitism has become a growing problem for both student and faculty on campus, and for taking steps to address the issue head on,”  Don’t let the talk of “dialogue among diverse opinions” fool you. Shutting up the critics of Israel is the agenda.
  • Avi Benlolo, CEO of the Friends of the Simon  Wiesenthal Centre, and Ontario’s Liberal lesbian Premier Kathleen Wynne.
  • Earlier this year, the National Post (April 12, 2013) reported: “University of Manitoba Students Union voted Thursday to strip the group Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA) of official club status. … For several years, pressure from Jewish groups including B’nai Brith has been put on the University to ban  … ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’ (IAW), but the University has refused demands to cancel or censor this annual event. On Friday, in a statement titled ‘first victory in Canada,’ B’nai Brith applauded the motion as a win for the democratic process.” Victories are seen, not as dialogue or “diversity of opinions” but in silencing opponents. The chatter about “hate speech” is mischievous because it is never defined. Legally speaking, however, no one on a Canadian campus has been charged, let alone convicted, of violating Canada’s “hate laws”, repressive as they might be.
  • In another fundraiser, Benlolo proclaims: ” Israel Apartheid Week persists in promoting a racist ideology targeting a minority group with little oversight from the campus authorities, or concern for the ongoing intimidation of Jewish students.” The accusation of “racism” is incomprehensible, as the IAW is accusing the Zionists accusers of racism, Readers will see a familiar “human rights” industry  notion that criticism of a privileged group (in this case Zionists) is a form of “intimidation. Anyway, the Wiesenthalers will rush to the rescue, if you’ll just send money: “You can count on FSWC to be on the front lines working on your behalf to combat anti-Semitism and hate 365 a year, wherever and whenever the rights of the Jewish people and the State of Israel are concerned.”
  • In yet another fundraiser, Benlolo  proclaims: “When you see your child .. off to university, … what you do not expect is that new students will be subjected to harassment, intimidation and a storm of anti-Israel hate. …. You know that FSWC will never stand idly by as anti-Israel fanatics poison young hearts and minds against the Jewish State.” There is an irony here that likely escapes Benlolo. Israel is identified as “a Jewish state,” but were one to argue that Canada should remain a Christian and European land, true to its founding/settler people, one would find oneself denounced as a ‘racist’ if not an ‘anti-Semite.’
  • In a later 2012, begging letter, Benlolo writes: “Combat anti-Israel, anti-Semitic hate and pro-terror activity on the Internet. As you know, FSWC is one of Canada’s leading experts on Internet hate and terrorism, Our groundbreaking Digital Terrorism and Hate project has found 15,000 problematic social networks forums, blogs and Twitter accounts, and our app has become a key support for Canadian law enforcement officials as they track and analyze extremist activity on the World Wide Web.”  Another fundraiser adds: “Our Digital Terrorism and Hate annual reports, specialized app for police and intelligence forces, and high level leadership training on four continents is combatting the growing use of the social media and Internet technology in the service of bigotry, anti-Semitism and terrorism.” Thus, the Wiesenthalers are helping direct police forces, including Canadian police forces, in their spying on the expression of political opinions on-line by their fellow Canadians. Now, that certainly deserves a big old cheque as support.  
  • Note the dog’s breakfast of villains — “anti-Israel,” “hate,” “extremist,” “problematic.” The Wiesenthalers, who, of course, have a strong political agenda seem to have convinced establishment agencies  that they are somehow neutral experts. Freedom suffers. In a 2013 fundraising appeal, Benlolo complained about the co-chairman of the Finish Governments Foreign Affairs Committee who noted of the U.S.: They have a large Jewish population who have a significant control of the money and the media. … This is a sad truth about U.S. politics.’ Many of his peers rushed to defend him from our protests.” Of course, Benlolo and company would see the Finn as “anti-Semitic”. However, was he wrong? Do Jews in the U.S. not have a huge and disproportionate control of the media — heading most of the major news networks and Hollywood studios? Over half the donations to the Republicans and over 70% of the donations to the Democrats come from Jews, who constitute just over 2 peer cent of the U.S. population. Most of the “hate” and “anti-Semitism” denounced by Benlolo are merely truths uncomfortable to the Zionist lobby,
  • Still another achievement for the FSWC was “we … reported Toronto’s East End Madrassah for teaching extreme forms of anti-Semitism to thousands of students, launching a full police investigation into the school” (which Benlolo doesn’t tell his donors did not result in any charges.) FSWC called investigators’ attention to a school syllabus that referred  [to] ‘Jewish plots and treacheries’ and lumped Jews together with Nazis.” Canadian law wisely accords wide latitude to religious beliefs as opposed to actions. Mr. Benlolo might be forced to do some nimble legalistic dancing to explain away some of the hateful, anti-Goyim (non-Jewish people) passages of the Talmud, taught widely to Jewish youth,