The U.S Post Office is Killing American Free Press

The U.S Post Office is Killing American Free Press

Even the Butterfield Stage Had Guaranteed Delivery

Recently, AFP has received an increasing number of complaints that delivery of our newspaper has gone from taking 4 or 5 days to arrive to sometimes as long as a month until the postman shows up with your AFP. It’s difficult for you to stay on top of the news when the paper is in the mail a month, but we hope that the overwhelmed U.S. Postal Service (USPS) gets back on track as quickly as they are projecting.

The delays, postal representatives insist, are to be blamed on Covid staffing shortages, a reorgan- ization of the processing systems at the USPS to handle packages as opposed to publications and letter mail and, of course, the huge number of mail-in ballots that flooded many post offices in November. Add to this the summer of rioting, USPS spokesmen say, and we have had a perfect storm for delayed delivery. We prefer solutions to excuses, so we will stay on top of the postmaster to make sure delivery of AFP gets back to normal, ASAP. This does bring up a possible solution.

In 1858, the Butterfield Overland Mail Company was formed. The stage traveled from Memphis and St. Louis, mean- dering through the southwest and ending up in San Francisco. The entire route was 2,800 miles and you were guaranteed to have your mail delivered within 25 days or your money back. Back then they didn’t have global pandemics and mail-in voting. They had tornadoes, flash floods, blistering heat, rattlesnakes, bandits, and hostile Apache Indians waiting to waylay the Butterfield stagecoach.

Note that the 25-day delivery time is better service than some of you are receiving from today’s automated USPS! The only problem was, it cost $50 to have your letter delivered from St. Louis to San Francisco. Today that would be $1,587. A bit too pricey for most people, but nice to have if you really needed a parcel delivered on time. Today, the Butterfield Overland Mail Co. is out of business and the U.S. Post Office (and the postal employees’ union) is king.

Of course we know our readers are as upset about this as we are, but we are at the mercy of the USPS. And, it is just not the newspaper that is being delayed. Your book orders have also been delayed. We were told by the Capitol Heights Post Office that they still have some of our orders—yet to be shipped from Dec. 9.

SO, not only is this killing those of you who are waiting patiently for your AFP and your book orders to arrive, the delay has hurt us financially. As we watch our bank account dwindle, we know, somewhere out there, are the hundreds of payments and donations we must have to survive.

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PAUL ANGEL, Managing Editor

Big Corporations Are No Friends of Free Speech: Wells Fargo Cancels AFP’s Credit Card Processing With No Notice

Big Corporations Are No Friends of Free Speech: Wells Fargo Cancels AFP’s Credit Card Processing With No Notice


Day after day, it seems, this popular, unattributed quote becomes more appropriate. . . . “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.”

By AFP Staff

First they came for the “fringe, radical right” and the so-called “haters.” Now they’re coming for anyone who is simply politically incorrect.

Who will be left if you don’t take a stand today? Will all politically incorrect publications be railroaded out of business?

Let’s be honest: That is the true goal of those behind this outrageous assault on the independent media and American Free Press in particular.

And it is a concerted effort involving the wealthiest corporations on the planet and the most powerful, well-funded pressure groups. It is a direct attack upon the very principles on which our nation was founded.

Understand, what the powers that be are doing makes any alleged book burnings in all of history pale in comparison. And that’s no exaggeration.

On June 22, when AFP staffers checked the orders first thing in the morning, they noticed something was strange. The online credit charges beginning at midnight had all come back as unsettled. A “general error” was listed as the reason for the processing problem.

After calling AFP’s merchant service provider, the company that processes our credit cards, we were told in no uncertain terms that our account had been closed.

“The risk department sent over the closure notice yesterday afternoon,” said “Jacob,” the poor guy from Colorado who was being paid close to minimum wage by an answering service to field the phone calls. “I guess it went through at midnight.”

In 2013, AFP had set up an account with USB Payment Services, a merchant service provider based out of Baltimore, Md., for the sole reason that we preferred to do business with an independent company that was not beholden to shareholders at some mega-bank.

For four years, that company took a percentage in “fees” of all of the credit card sales that AFP made.

A few months ago, however, USB was bought out by banking giant Wells Fargo.

And with no phone call, letter, or email, someone at Wells Fargo just decided to cancel AFP’s credit card processing account, and they were not even going to tell us about it.

Doing business with banks is bad enough, but in 2017 you unfortunately have to hold your nose and do it if you want to make it easy for your supporters to help fund your organization.

The truth is, we knew it was only a matter of time before it happened to us. Already, more controversial publications and organizations had lost their merchant and PayPal accounts.

So far, AFP’s PayPal account is still active, but we’re not holding our breath in anticipation of what’s to come.

Despite the fact that Wells Fargo does business in countries that jail and kill religious heretics, gays, and political dissidents, selling books that tackle important topics like race and war from a truly conservative and politically incorrect perspective was apparently too much for them.

AFP is in the process of contacting other merchant service providers so we can get back up and running. However, we ask, until further notice, that you Continue to buy books and DVDs from us; and Print out your order and mail us cash or a check.

And please take a moment to send in a donation to help keep us going as well.

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. The big banks, radical pressure groups, and the entrenched establishment are working together, day and night, to crush free speech and free thought in this country—and across the world.

Take a stand today to support the First Amendment by helping AFP. But remember: cash, checks, and money orders, or Paypal only!

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