Banned In Regina — The Deplatforming of Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore: I was banned from speaking in Regina over this alternative CO2 point of view

There is no doubt in my mind that on balance our CO2 emissions are 100 per cent positive for the continuation of life on Earth

Commercial greenhouse growers around the world inject CO2 into their greenhouses to double and triple the concentration compared to present atmospheric levels.
Commercial greenhouse growers around the world inject CO2 into their greenhouses to double and triple the concentration compared to present atmospheric levels.Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty Images files

Late last Friday I was deplatformed for the first time in my 45 years of giving keynote speeches at conferences around the world. The City of Regina, which through my speaker’s bureau had signed a contract with me to kick off their Reimagine Regina Conference in May, caved to local activists and told me I should stay home.

In its announcement regarding my banishment, the city said it did not want “to spark a debate on climate change.” It said the stated goal of the conference is “to make the city’s facilities and operations 100 per cent renewable by 2050.” In other words, municipal officials wanted me to say what they wanted me to say and not what I wanted to say to them. That’s just not how I operate.

Regina is one of at least 54 cities and towns in Canada that have declared a state of “climate emergency.” This is political virtue-signalling at its disingenuous best: the only people fleeing any emergency from these cities are doing so to escape the frigid winter by flying to a warmer country further south. Not a lot of Canadians from our southern regions are heading to Yellowknife or Inuvik, N.W.T, to escape global warming. The climate emergency is at best a bad joke. It might even be amusing were it not threatening to ban the primary energy sources — natural gas, oil and coal — that provide 85 per cent of global energy and make our civilization possible.

Of the 195 countries recognized by the United Nations, Canada is the coldest, with an annual average temperature of -5.35 C. (Russia is number 2 only because it doesn’t have islands situated near the North Pole.) It strikes me as odd that the world’s coldest country worries more about warming than the people of India, Brazil or Saudi Arabia, where it really is warm. These countries don’t have carbon taxes that punish farmers for fuelling their tractors or policies that are aimed at destroying much of their country’s natural resource sector.

Why do I believe CO2 emissions from using fossil fuels to power modern societies are not “pollution” that will bring about the apocalypse? Let me count the ways.

First and foremost, CO2 is the most important food for all life on earth. On both land and in the sea all the carbon for carbon-based life, which is all life, comes from CO2. All green plants on land and all plants in the sea, phytoplankton and kelps, combine CO2 with H2O and by photosynthesis produce the sugars that provide the energy source for all life, including ours. The increase in CO2 due to our emissions has resulted in a greening of the planet and an expansion of forests. This is not contested.

Second, during the hundreds of millions of years since modern life evolved from primitive, single-celled life in the sea, CO2 in the atmosphere and oceans has steadily declined. This is primarily due to the advent of calcifying marine species that use CO2 and calcium dissolved in the sea to make protective shells of calcium carbonate (limestone) for themselves (corals, clams, mussels, shrimp and many planktonic species, etc.). As a result, CO2 in the atmosphere fell from at least 0.6 per cent to 0.018 per cent only 20,000 years ago at the last glacial maximum.

Third, both cement production and our use of fossil fuels are putting CO2 back into the atmosphere and the oceans. Both its very long-term depletion and the return of CO2 to the atmosphere by our burning of fossil fuels and production of cement were inadvertent. There is no credit or blame, just pure scientific facts.

There is no doubt in my mind that on balance our CO2 emissions are 100 per cent positive for the continuation of life on Earth. Commercial greenhouse growers around the world inject CO2 into their greenhouses to double and triple the concentration compared to present atmospheric levels. By doing so they increase the growth and yield of their crops by 20 to 60 per cent. This, too, is uncontested.

I realize this is a hypothesis that not many people have heard about, thanks to the wall of “denial” that has been created by the climate emergency crowd. But I know that this analysis of CO2 history will eventually win the day, as it is a provable fact. I could have presented my ideas to the Regina audience — after all, science is about continual discovery — but they turned me away rather than listen to an alternative point of view.

Patrick Moore, a past president of Greenpeace Canada, is chair of the CO2 Coalition in Washington, D.C

SHOCK VIDEO: I just saw Omar Khadr on my flight — and police threatened to arrest me if I didn’t shut up about it! — Ezra Levant

I heard that Dalhousie University had invited Omar Khadr, the Al Qaida terrorist, to speak to students.

I thought that was appalling, so I flew from Halifax to Toronto this morning to attend the event tonight.

Little did I know that Khadr would be on the same plane as me, just a few rows ahead of me.

He was sitting first class — that’s what you can do when Justin Trudeau gives you $10.5 million.

I didn’t recognize him when I boarded the plane because he hid his face from me. But I recognized him when we landed and he stood up.

I asked the flight attendant about it. Why was an Al Qaida terrorist allowed on a plane? Why wasn’t the no-fly list being enforced? I asked the co-pilot the same question. Neither had any idea.

When I got off the plane, I saw Khadr with a group of his local fans who had come to meet him at the airport. I went up to him and asked if I could talk with him. I recorded the video:

Can you believe it? Police threatened to arrest me. Not Khadr, the Al Qaida terrorist — me. They called me a danger. I didn’t touch him or block him or swear at him — I tried to ask him some basic questions.

The police literally grabbed me and pushed me. What a disgrace.

Canadian police protecting an Al Qaida terrorist’s “right” to fly on a passenger plane and threatening to arrest a peaceful journalist for asking about it.

We have to pursue this further. Why is a terrorist being allowed to fly? Is that a special favour that Trudeau did for him?

Khadr belongs in jail. Please sign our petition now, that I will deliver to the public safety minister: visit

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. I was truly stunned with the “normalcy” of a terrorist swanning around an airport, after flying first class on a passenger plane. What is going on in Canada?

P.P.S. I’m going to make this an important project. The CBC is on Khadr’s side — they literally threw a champagne party for Khadr on TV last year. They try to white-wash his crimes. I promise we’ll get to the bottom of this. If you want to help us pay for our independent journalism, please chip in a few dollars, by clicking here.

Senate Ethics Committee Recommends Sen. Lynn Beyak Be Suspended Again & Sent Back to Political Re-education Camp

Senate Ethics Committee Recommends Sen.  Lynn  Beyak Be Suspended Again & Sent Back to Political Re-education Camp

Senate Ethics Committee Recommends Sen. Beyak Be Suspended Again & Sent Back to Political Re=education CampThe following story shows just how far down the Cultural Marxist road we have come to Stalinism. The Senate Ethics Committee is recommending that Senator Lynn Beyak be again suspended (no pay, no benefits) because, it seems, her apology for posting letters critical of natives and offering another view of the residential schools was not abject enough. During her previous suspension she was to take a political re-education “anti-racism” course, at her own expense. Well, it appears that she did not change her views. She resisted being re-educated. The report scolds: ” Sen. Beyak failed to exhibit any willingness to learn and because of this the training provider did not provide the agreed-upon instruction in its entirety.”In other words, she did not change her views.

Make no mistake about what this means. Should the full Senate endorse the committee’s recommendations, they will effectively have subverted the career of a duly appointed Senator,. They will have un-appointed her or sidelined her because they do not like her political views. She will have been neutered — the Stalinists would have called it “liquidated” — and prevented from doing the job she was appointed to do. the implications of being sent off for  re-education are chilling. The Senate was established as a chamber of “sober second thought”, not as a rubber stamp for the social justice warrior fads of the day or the endless White-bashing that constitutes Ottawa approach to Indian issues.

Global News (January 31, 2020) reported: “

Sen. Lynn Beyak says the bad aspects of the residential school system has overshadowed the good.
Sen. Lynn Beyak says the bad aspects of the residential school system has overshadowed the good. Senate/

Sen. Lynn Beyak should be suspended again without pay, the Senate’s ethics committee recommended Friday.

Beyak’s colleagues ousted her from the upper chamber temporarily last spring after condemning as racist several letters she had posted to her website.

The Ontario senator had published letters supporting her view that some Indigenous people had had positive experiences in residential schools, which the Truth and Reconciliation Commission concluded caused generations of First Nations, Metis and Inuit children to suffer abuse and alienation.

READ MORE: Racist letters about Indigenous Peoples removed from Sen. Lynn Beyak’s website

Some of the letters went beyond that, suggesting Indigenous people or their cultures are inferior.

Beyak’s suspension ended automatically when Parliament was dissolved for the federal election last fall.

Attempts to reach Beyak through her lawyer and her Senate office weren’t immediately successful Friday. In November, Beyak said she had met all the conditions to return to work.

She had removed the letters the ethics committee found most objectionable from her website, taken a briefing on the role of a senator, completed education programs on Indigenous history and delivered an apology, she said.

“I deeply respect the Senate and love working with my Senate colleagues. I pledge myself to uphold the highest standards of conduct and look forward to working hard for all of the people of Ontario and Canada,” Beyak wrote in a statement at the time.

But the committee concluded in a report released Friday that Beyak did not meet the conditions set out for her return, calling an apology she delivered insufficient and her participation in educational programs on racism towards Indigenous Peoples in Canada incomplete.

The committee agreed that the letters had been taken down and that Beyak had been briefed on her duties as a senator. But it wasn’t satisfied that she had taken her education on Indigenous history seriously.

“On the one hand, Sen. Beyak can rightfully assert that she attempted to complete the training that was provided to her,” the report says. “On the other, the training provider indicated that Sen. Beyak failed to exhibit any willingness to learn and because of this the training provider did not provide the agreed-upon instruction in its entirety.”

The committee also found that Beyak’s one-sentence apology for having been found in breach of Senate rules wasn’t good enough. The senators “cannot accept an apology that fails to show awareness of the wrong, fails to accept responsibility for the wrong, fails to sincerely apologize, fails to atone for past actions and fails to commit to take action in order to rectify the situation,” they wrote.”

CAFE Supports Patrica Zammit & Demands Dropping of All Charges

ST. CATHARINES. February 3, 2020.The Canadian Association for Free Expression held a protest outside the Robert S.K. Welch Courthouse, (59 Church St.)  here this morning.

          This was the first appearance in Court for Patricia Zammit, a Hamilton woman who got into a dispute over a parking space in a crowded Boxing Day Mall with a Chinese woman. She made some remarks critical of immigrants and used some salty language.

          “If it had been two White men giving each other the finger and swearing, this incident would never have escalated to police charges,” says Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression.

          “The prosecution of Ms Zammit is clearly political. She is being prosecuted because her remarks criticized an immigrant in a Boxing Day dispute over a parking space. The Canadian Association for Free Expression demands that all charges arising against Ms Zammit from the parking lot incident be dropped immediately.This is unfolding as a major free speech case,” Fromm says.

The case was remanded to March 2.

Mother of Transgendered Serial Litigant Jonathan Yaniv Tries to Assault Reporter Sheila Gunn-Reid

I received a very credible tip that Jonathan Yaniv was going to be in court yesterday for something we couldn’t find out about — despite hiring lawyers to hunt down why!

It turns out that this vexatious and violent transgendered “activist” was supposed to be in court for some special unknown reason… I just had to check it out.

So, I hopped on a pre-dawn flight to Vancouver, hired two security guards and headed to the courthouse.

I had to be careful. Yaniv has a history of violence and has already viciously assaulted two of my colleagues, David Menzies and Keean Bexte.

In fact, we’re suing Yaniv in civil court for these attacks — please v to read more and to help us fight this case.

After arriving at the courthouse, I waited and waited before I finally had my chance to ask Yaniv about him punching my colleagues and friends.

Here — check it out:

Did you see that?

When Yaniv had an actual woman asking him tough questions, he ran away. He was scared of me. He must still know that it’s wrong for a man to hit a woman.

Now, as for Mama Yaniv, I’m really grateful that I had those two security guards to stop her from ripping my face off.

But here’s the really crazy part: despite catching the whole thing on my phone camera, my GoPro and an overhead security camera, Yaniv still called the cops and said we were to blame. The cops then fell for it and detained me — if you can believe it!

Thank goodness I had it all on video, and a lawyer by my side, because the cops eventually let us go.

Yours truly, 

Sheila Gunn Reid

P.S. We’re incurring a lot of costs to expose this madman for what he is an abuser of the system.

Since Yaniv has assaulted both Keean and David, I was the one who had to fly out to Surrey to catch him at the courthouse. 

And I had to do it with two security personnel and a lawyer to keep me safe… Yaniv has four inches and 100 lbs on me! 

So now I have legal costs as well.

If you can help us carry out this public-interest journalism, please visit to chip in — thank you!

Congratulations to Monika Schaefer, Former Political Prisoner, the New President of Truth and Justice for Germans

Truth and Justice for Germans Society


The name tells the story, and it is long overdue. It is high time for there to be Truth and Justice for Germans. The lies, deceptions, vilification, demonizing and slander against the German people began long ago and has continued non-stop to this day. Not only did Germany suffer the physical devastation of two bloody “world wars”, they suffered the total ‘re-education’ and indoctrination of themselves and a world who falsely blame the victim (the Germans) for the wars and for a fantastical genocide which they never committed. They are not permitted to grieve their own losses, and are criminalized for speaking truth about their history and achievements. Everything has been turned on its head. The pain of destruction is one thing, the pain of being falsely turned into villain is on an entirely other level. Germany has been brought down to her knees, and the war against her has never ended. 

I came into contact with the Vancouver-based Truth and Justice for Germans Society after my June 2016 video “Sorry mom, I was wrong about the holocaust” was released. It is hard to put into words how much it helped me when I was occasionally able to join them at their gatherings. It was a sanctuary of sanity for me, a strength and sustenance-giving sojourn, in between facing the battle front in Jasper on a daily basis at the time.

They have now invited me to become president of their organization, which I am honoured to accept. ~ Monika Schaefer



We are dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending the honour, dignity and reputation of the German people and their descendants, both in Canada and abroad, from slander, insults, false news, and biased and incomplete reporting, which has led to discrimination, fear, hatred and Anti-Germanism in the public realm. We hope our efforts will foster a better understanding of German history, culture and accomplishments, and a more accurate and complete view of world history as it relates to the German nation and people. We believe that through countering the war propaganda which continues to be regurgitated to this day and by replacing the historical lies with facts and evidence that have been systematically ignored, that a measure of justice may be achieved for the German people, and that a Third World War may also be averted.


The founder and first president of the Truth and Justice for Germans Society in 2015 was Wayne Prante. In his introductory essay, he described the background for his motivation. Reading this moved me deeply. In his story lies the essence of what has happened and what our current situation is and the critical importance of our mission in bringing truth and justice to the German people. Here is his story. 


By Wayne Prante, May 2015

Many of you, I am sure, are shocked by the scenes portrayed in Hellstorm and had a hard time watching it and processing it. I feel for you. This is the reality I have lived with since I was a small child. I wasn’t there, but my parents were, and they described these things to me clearly, and their memories became a part of me, and have also motivated me, and continue to do so.

My father was about 16 towards the end of the war. He was learning to fly in gliders, hoping to become a Luftwaffe pilot, and being trained for the flack artillery. He wanted so desperately to shoot back, but they didn’t let him. Towards the end, he became so fatigued from the day and night terror bombings that he finally said “to hell with running to the shelters. I just want to sleep. If they kill me, they kill me!” And so he stayed home in bed and slept through it, and survived, while many others he knew did not.

My mother and her family survived many near misses. The apartment building next to hers was completely destroyed and she lost numerous friends. She told me about the scenes of the smoking stumps of people who got stuck in the burning asphalt, and of the people who were cooked alive in their basement shelters, of close friends of hers who perished in a place where she was supposed to be, but was prevented from being there by other circumstances. To this day, my mother just trembles at the sound of the Lancaster engines in TV films, or real prop planes overhead such as those used by search and rescue teams, or forest fire crews.

And both told of the horrible starvation in the aftermath, and the brutality of the occupiers, how they would burn their leftovers from their mess halls to make sure the Germans got nothing. How US soldiers would eat sandwiches etc in front of them and starving children, and then mash their leftovers into the ground in front of them and laugh, or growl and shoo them away. They taught me to be grateful and not wasteful.

They also told me about how wonderful, orderly and peaceful things were before the war. How good it was, compared to what their parents endured after World War I. They were not hungry, though not well off, but they felt secure and hopeful, and part of a vibrant society and culture, who were proud to be Germans, working together for their common good, as a free people, in spite of the world wide boycotts. There was rationing, even before the war because of the boycotts and no hoarding. It was good and honourable to be German. They were happy to be part of the Hitler Youth and had fond memories of it. They could not understand why the world hated them. They were proud of their leader and the form of government, and what it had accomplished for all Germans.

They also told of the influx of ethnic German refugees from Poland (former German territories) and the unspeakable atrocities these people had recounted, all of which the world ignored. But it was no secret in Germany.

During the war, my mother also enjoyed being part of a girls choir that would sing in the hospices for the wounded, recovering German front soldiers of WWII and putting together packages for those on the front lines. It was a duty, an honour, and a joy.

I don’t do what I do because I have white skin, but because I am German. Not German because I am a BRD citizen (though I am), but because of my German blood, and the history, culture, heritage and honour it carries with it, which courses through my veins, and because of the DNA in each of my cells. My family has its roots in the midst of the Teutoburg Forest where Herman the German (Arminius) defeated the Romans in 9 AD. I have living blood relatives there today.

Yes, I am German, and proud of it, though not superior to anyone else. But I also carry this pain of my forebears; this burden of the voluminous lies told about us, and the weight of the horrific crimes perpetrated against us on the basis of a pack of lies. While I have no children of my own, I will not go to my grave without having done all I could to correct the historical record and to have sought justice for my parents, my forebears, and for future generations of Germans.

But, as I have always said, it goes beyond this and what happened to Germany. It is a struggle for all of humanity. For this same Modus Operandi is still being used today against other peoples, and still more people are still being sucked in by atrocity propaganda and bogus threats to go off and fight needless wars, and commit still more atrocities, which benefit the same elite few who fomented and benefited from WWI and WWII, to the detriment of us all.

This must stop! And WWII Truth is the key.

  [….]  I didn’t start this by having all of the answers. Nor do I have them all yet. This is the culmination of a life long quest for the truth and the facts which have been suppressed, and for the vindication of people. I am still learning from my own research, from the many other brave individual historians and investigators who have gone before me, some who have suffered greatly, as well as many contemporaries who share my passion and realize the importance of cutting through the decades old lies and propaganda, and establishing the true facts. Not only for the sake of the German people, but the world at large, today. For it impacts us all, regardless of nationality, here and now.

    I was born in Canada, the son of two German immigrant parents, both of whom grew up in National Socialist Germany under Adolf Hitler and who survived the war and hell on earth. From the time I was a small child, they shared with me and my siblings the facts as best they knew them, and their own experience: the good, the bad, and the unspeakable horrors and indignities which they, like all other Germans of that era had experienced, some though worse than others, and of course, many did not survive to tell their stories. I had no relatives in Canada, only German family friends whom my parents became acquainted with en route to this country. Surrogate relatives, so to speak. They too shared their stories. Thus, even as a child, I had a far different view of the war than that which was presented to us on television, motion pictures and in school. Of course, I did not have any books such as those which are available today and there was no internet back then for me to really do my own fact finding and checking. But I knew enough to know that there were two sides to this story, and the German side was never presented. I also knew about allied propaganda, and I knew who controlled the media. So even as a child and especially later as a teenager, I did my best to speak out in school to defend my people as best I could with what I did know, or where I could at least cast doubt about the sources of the material. I also had more than a few school yard fights with those who called me a “Nazi”. There were always some things, however,  which I could not challenge as I simply had nothing to go on and so I had to accept them as fact, until much later in life.  My passion for this struggle never left me.

    I was an activist and researcher on many issues over the years, and with the advent of the internet, it eventually brought me back to this fight for truth and justice for my people. And in the process, I discovered many facts which allowed me to discard even those things which I had previously accepted as fact, and, armed with this new knowledge, I was finally prepared to go public, […] certainly not to win any popularity contests. Nor for any other political agenda.  Indeed, I made many enemies early on and endured many nasty and vicious attacks from others whose agenda I did not endorse, though they assumed I would. My agenda, however, has always been clear, and I am still here. It was always my hope that my efforts would lead to a grassroots movement, primarily for Germans or those of German descent who also shared my early experiences, and of other honest truth seekers. The response I have received over the years, in spite of the lunatic fringe and a few nasty, severely brainwashed individuals has been overwhelmingly positive.


    As painful and distressing as it was to hear the horrific stories that my parents and the others told me as a child, it was important for them to share it with me and my siblings. It was also essential to hear their pre-war experiences in The Third Reich under National Socialism, and to understand what was destroyed. The question was always “why?”.  My father is long gone, as are most of the others, but my mother is still alive and I cherish the moments I can talk with her now one on one and can finally explain to her “why” these took place and for whose benefit. I can tell her, that I am proud to be German, as she should be too, and that we have nothing to be ashamed of. I can tell her and show her that there was no good reason for the war, that it could easily have been avoided and that Hitler did all he could to avoid it; that all of the horror, misery and death wrought by the allied powers, political whores and their financiers, was pure jealously and greed and born of their desire to rule the world and over all mankind. It is a satanic agenda and simply, pure evil. Nothing could ever justify what was done to our people and the lies which are perpetuated to this day.  It has only served to solidify and perpetuate the power of an elite, self-chosen few, who continue to use the same model today against any other nation or people which dares to stand up to them and to assert their sovereignty and financial independence, free of the International Bankster Gangsters, and who happen to call themselves International Jewry. Those who refuse to see through the lies and propaganda and glory in their own national mythologies are either well paid shills or blind sheeple, being led to their own destruction, by those who rule over them. For the world is not “safe” and not “free” today, nor “democratic”, and we are all slaves to the global banking cartel that Hitler and National Socialist Germany tried to resist, and for a time, did so successfully.

    I can also tell my mother, and my fellow Germans, that there are many thousands of people worldwide who are finally waking up to this truth each day, that I have played a part in this awakening, and so has she, as did my dear father, and all of the other survivors who told us their stories. Moreover, there are many others each day joining this battle and sharing this information globally, in books, films, websites and radio shows, and even many more others daring to share the information on the internet through many social networks, as well as local meetings.

    This is the battle for all of humanity and the future of this planet, and I salute all of you who have has summoned the courage to look for answers, find the facts, to speak the truth and to share it any way you can. We do not know what the future may hold as a result of our efforts, but we need only to look around us to see where it is going if we do nothing and say nothing.

    We can never undo the destruction, misery and death, and the suffering on all sides, but maybe, just maybe, we begin to put an end to their beast system (aka the New World Order), put an end to the needless wars being waged today,  bring the true war mongers and war criminals to justice, and then build a sane, fair and just world, where all nations and peoples are truly free of international tyranny for the benefit of the few.

The Canadian Nationalist Party has filed a civil lawsuit against the City Of Saskatoon, claiming an infringement of constitutional rights to peacefully assemble and freely express themselves during the recent 43rd Federal Election:

The recent 43rd Federal Election has fundamentally demonstrated that our right to self-determination, as Canadian Nationalists, is being suppressed by the current administration. Under these circumstances, our ability to assemble publicly and speak our policies to Canadian voters has, and continues to be, denied to us.

The right to self-determination represents the ability for a people to form their own state and choose their own government. Under the current conditions bestowed upon us, this is essentially impossible, as our ability to assemble publicly and communicate our policies as a federal party has been prohibited to us before and during general elections. Therefore, we will not acknowledge the authority of the Federal/Provincial/Municipal Governments involved given that they have violated these constitutional rights as well as suppressed our self-determination as a unique nationality.

Since we began our campaign in 2017, our candidates have been physically attacked, have faced a concerted attempt to sabotage our efforts to attain federal registration as a political party, a systemic effort to censor our ability to communicate policies to the voting public, and a coordinated effort to tarnish our reputation from a number of media outlets.

Our supporters have been called into the offices of their workplace and school, questioned on why they support our movement, and in some cases, have been dismissed from employment.

We have been falsely accused of violating hate speech legislation and trademark infringement.

Public institutions such as City Halls, University Campuses, Public Libraries, and Convention Centers which operate from our tax dollars have been prohibited to us (since 2017) for reasons never justified.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.

Fundamental Freedoms:
2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:

(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
(c) freedom of peaceful assembly

The institutions in Canada which have prohibited us from accessing them without reason include, but are not limited to:

Every one of these institutions receives operating grants from various levels of government. These operating grants are enabled by the tax codes we as citizens abide by. Canadian citizens abide by tax laws because we trust that these institutions, which we fund, will be made available to us when we wish to assemble and express ourselves.

This desire to utilize public resources and exercise our constitutional rights has been violated consistently and without reason, including after the drop of the writ during the 43rd Federal Election as we were actively nominating candidates. The exclusion of our political party from public spaces and prohibition from booking publicly-funded venues has directly affected our ability to both nominate candidates and inform the public of our policies. Even today, we consistently come across Canadians who have never heard of our party. We believe this ignorance of us as a viable political option would be less pronounced if we were able to access the same democratic channels as other political parties.

The City Of Saskatoon has consistently denied us a permit to assemble despite the fact they have granted one to competing political parties in between our requests for access. The stated reason of denial has been that our organization is ‘denominational’ in nature, something we find baseless because the City Of Saskatoon regularly allows ethno-religious groups to use the same space. Our organization does not explicitly endorsing any particular religious orientation. We are not a denominational group. At least once we were denied a permit after the writ had dropped for the 43rd Federal Election.

After the Ontario Provincial Government mandated free speech at universities, only 1 event was not allowed to go ahead: ours. It seems the idea that Canada is a unique nation is an idea too dangerous for the public to handle. The University Of Toronto claims the ideology of Canadian nationalism poses a “significant safety risk to their students”.

The Toronto Public Library refuses to grant us space on the grounds that advocating “maintaining our European-descended demographic majority” is discriminatory and therefore unacceptable.

Both the Toronto Metro Convention Center & TCU Place cannot honour our booking request due to concerns that our opposition might vandalize their property. These are issues outside our control, but our tax revenues do indeed go towards funding law enforcement that is tasked with keeping the peace at such events. When even basic services such as constitutional rights and protection on behalf of law enforcement are not permitted, the financial return on our tax dollars is non-existent.

A number of the venues which we request space from justify denying us access by referencing “media reports” which negatively portray our party. One such example is a recent event we held in Winnipeg at the Belgian Club where local media presented a blatantly one-sided narrative of the event and the masked hooligans who attempted to disrupt it. These “media reports” cannot be used as grounds to disenfranchise federal parties from campaigning, as they lack any accurate or balanced reporting of our activities.

To date, our constituency has violated no hate speech legislation and initiated no violence. Yet, from the very outset of this campaign in early 2017 to the end of the 43rd Federal Election we have experienced systemic discrimination on the basis of nothing more than our political stance of Canadian nationalism. This denial of the Canadian Nationalist Party, a federally-sanctioned political party, to receive publicly-funded services demonstrates that our government is engaging in taxation without representation.

The message to us is clear: the current government in Canada is opposed to the nationhood of our country and does not support the constitutional rights of a federal political party to assemble on public property and communicate their policies to Canadian voters. This is a political ideology that resonates with millions of citizens, yet our government continues to deny our requests for public permits. It seems in Canada, we have (quite literally) no rights to speak of.

These types of transgressions are intolerable to us and paint the picture of a democratic channel that is made available only to political narratives which support the “post-national” dictatorship our current Prime Minister has vocally endorsed.

If the injustices and complete lack of self-determination afforded to us by the current government administration is not corrected, our very livelihood will suffer.

We encourage supporters of our party to join us in non-compliance. We have no interest nor obligation to obey an authority so brutish it collects tax revenues from the populace while simultaneously violating their constitutional rights. Not permitting a federal party to assemble publicly and communicate its policies to voters only demonstrates that our democracy in its current state is an illusion.

If the Canadian Government prohibits a federal political party from exercising their ability to assemble and speak then it only follows that that federal party prohibit the Canadian Government from speaking on its behalf.

Travis Patron
Leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party

We’re suing York Regional Police after its officers assaulted me — can you help me?

We’re suing the cops! 

The York Regional Police Service to be precise

And we need your help, folks.

You may recall what happened to me last month in Vaughan, Ontario when I had the temerity to practice journalism.

You see, I was trying to put my questions to ex-Coach’s Corner sidekick Ron MacLean at a taping of Rogers Hometown Hockey

News had just broken that Hockey Night In Canada’s ratings had plummeted since the unceremonious axing of Don Cherry. 

But when I tried to ask Mr MacLean questions on a public street, several York Regional Police officers responded with violence.

I was pushed, shoved, put in a bear hug… And my crime was practising journalism in the public square? Seriously.

Check it out:

What those cops did was against the law, contrary to my Charter Rights, and even in violation of a recent Supreme Court of Canada decision that prohibits the police from acting this way.

But as I said, we’re fighting back

We have just served the York Regional Police Service with a lawsuit. You can see the full lawsuit by visiting

Now, we’re definitely not anti-cop here at Rebel News. Quite the contrary, in fact. But these were cops behaving badly — and we have to take a stand.

Police officers are sworn to uphold the law. But not even agents of law enforcement are entitled to break it.

So, we are standing up for ourselves and other law-abiding journalists and citizens with this claim. And we really need your help, folks. You see, this is not about the money, but rather, the principle. Yet it is going to cost us tens of thousands of dollars to enact justice. 

So, will you help me in my quest for justice? 

If you can, please click here or visit to make a contribution to my legal fight — I’d greatly appreciate it!

Yours truly,

David Menzies

P.S. This is a vital cause when it comes to freedom of speech and the practice of journalism, something that’s increasingly under attack in Canada today. And, to make matters worse for the little guy, the York Regional Police Service has the taxpayer trough at its disposal; we only have the generosity of you, our cherished viewers. So, if you can, please click here or visit to help me out — I’d truly appreciate it! Thank you.