CAFE Supports Patrica Zammit & Demands Dropping of All Charges

ST. CATHARINES. February 3, 2020.The Canadian Association for Free Expression held a protest outside the Robert S.K. Welch Courthouse, (59 Church St.)  here this morning.

          This was the first appearance in Court for Patricia Zammit, a Hamilton woman who got into a dispute over a parking space in a crowded Boxing Day Mall with a Chinese woman. She made some remarks critical of immigrants and used some salty language.

          “If it had been two White men giving each other the finger and swearing, this incident would never have escalated to police charges,” says Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression.

          “The prosecution of Ms Zammit is clearly political. She is being prosecuted because her remarks criticized an immigrant in a Boxing Day dispute over a parking space. The Canadian Association for Free Expression demands that all charges arising against Ms Zammit from the parking lot incident be dropped immediately.This is unfolding as a major free speech case,” Fromm says.

The case was remanded to March 2.